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World War Z Aftermath Review

our ranks have grown,our skills have sharpened,and our weapons are loaded,with the aftermath expansion world war z,is a much different game than when it,debuted in 2019 and overwhelmingly for,the better with more episodes to rampage,through a greater selection of playable,classes and dozens of major quality of,life improvements theres a lot to love,about it these days that said with,ongoing online issues forgettable,stories and some gameplay growing pains,it still has plenty of room to grow,one of the more noteworthy things,aftermath adds is two excellent new,campaigns that take you to reclaim,vatican city in rome into the utterly,dismal wastes of kamchatka russia as,with previous episodes these episodes,are challenging heart-pounding nightmare,scenarios that pit you and up to three,co-op buddies against literally,thousands of zombies while setting traps,managing resources like med kits and,grenades and trying desperately not to,blow yourself up by firing a rocket,launcher at point-blank range,rome is the more by the numbers of the,two it takes a well-known destination,gives it whatever the opposite of a,facelift is and then lets you and your,friends blast your way through it for a,laugh aside from the new sight sounds,and giant flaming pits filled with,zombies though there isnt much to,distinguish italy from other,destinations the frozen tundra of,kamchatka on the other hand has some,really memorable moments like one area,where a blizzard causes you to take,damage just for being outside for short,periods so youve gotta race between,heaters while fighting off waves of,brain eaters,take down the bull,theres also some great puzzle sections,that require teamwork like one where,your crew has to use a flamethrower to,melt doors that have been frozen shut,while the others provide cover fire,compared to the fairly straightforward,design of rome it was really nice seeing,the developers have some over-the-top,fun with russia even when the new,episodes are interesting though,aftermath still disappoints with its,storytelling precisely zero characters,are fleshed out in any way and their,dialogue is campy and mostly serves as,background noise while you run around,and shoot things im all for some,mindless fun and world war z has that in,spades but telling actual stories in the,style of left 4 dead would make the,world feel more like something worth,saving,my personal favorite addition in,aftermath though is the optional first,person mode which breathes new life into,every aspect of world war z getting up,close and personal with the flesh,parades you square off against adds a,whole new level of panic from behind the,eyes of your character as an fps fan i,felt right at home taking on the horrors,of the apocalypse this way and it gave,me another reason to go back and replay,world war zs older episodes,the caveat here is that for whatever,reason aiming down the sights of your,weapon has been curiously left out of,the first person mode lots of guns have,scopes but instead of looking down them,you look down the side of the weapon,which feels very odd clunky and,downright unsatisfying its especially,weird since ads already existed in world,war z on some weapons like the sniper,rifle for all the added immersion the,first person perspective gave me i was,pulled right out of it again when i,found myself looking past my scope,during combat its right there use the,scope my dude,aftermath also adds some welcome changes,to the sandbox in the form of an eighth,character class called the vanguard and,some new melee weapon options both of,which succeed at evolving the,close-ranged combat as the name implies,the vanguard is all about getting up in,the enemys faces and comes equipped,with an electric shield that you can use,to charge through dozens of zombies or,block pathways by turning yourself into,a human barricade it takes a bit of,skill to get the hang of as i learned,from my many ill-advised dives into,piles of zombies but mastering it is a,lot of fun and can be invaluable in,keeping your team alive,the new melee options further improve,the variety and viability of close range,combat which previously was only used by,those with a nagging death wish,now featuring dual wielding weapons like,the sickles and heavy weapons like the,sludge hammer the melee system has been,completely revamped with a perk system,that helps you flesh out your play style,using the sickles for example allows you,to attack faster and less lethally than,with other melee weapons but has a perk,that heals your character when you get,killing sprees one major disappointment,is that the online experience in world,war z is still extremely rocky in,aftermath i was lucky to have a group of,friends to play with most times and,although loading into levels and keeping,a stable connection can be rough on,occasion its still mostly serviceable,when you bring your own team but if,youre hoping to matchmake with others,things go from workable to painfully,broken you should expect extremely long,wait times to get matched up with others,or sometimes just waiting in the lobby,infinitely the alternative to this is to,play completely solo with ai but this is,an equally bad time because the ais not,great so youre left to choose between,the lesser of two evils so bring your,own friends or be prepared for a,headache,any other ideas,[Music],aftermath evolves world war z in some,major ways that brought a smile to my,face kamchatka is a stellar new episode,and the improved melee options and first,person mode are great quality of life,improvements but there are still issues,with online play barely any attempt at,storytelling and bizarre design choices,such as a lack of aiming down sights in,first-person mode that are huge,disappointments,even so blasting my way through,countless zombies still has lasting,charm an aftermath makes world war z,better than it has ever been,today we claw back from the brink,today,we make a stand,if youre interested in more shooting of,bad guys as well as hoops check out our,reviews of death loop and nba 2k22 and,for everything else stick with ign

World War Z Aftermath Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?” – In Progress

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World War Z: Aftermath – Review 2022

in our review of back for blood we very,much ripped into the game from the,get-go its not as great as i hoped for,and generally that is a sentiment shared,by the majority of players making it,very clear that we approached the topic,as people who were promised a spiritual,successor to left for dead and got,something very different to be,diplomatic fanboys were mad most people,agreed and others sat somewhere in the,middle ground and while i was reading,through the comments under the back for,blood review our editor loan was,constantly mentioning there is another,zombie game but he just cant remember,the name of it until he saw the f cancer,bundle at the humble bundle store and,then the light bulb went off he was,thinking about world wars that and since,that game was at the time also promised,to us as a spiritual successor to life,for dead we thought its a perfect,candidate to have a look at and while we,just as with the back for blood video,have a lot of things to complain about,came to a rather different conclusion,than we did on back for blood,[Music],world war z is based on the 2013 movie,world war z starring brad pitt the whole,thing is based on a book of again the,same name i mean world war z not brad,pitt,i rewatched the movie for this review,and well i was a bit underwhelmed,especially the ending is miserable i,remembered it better than it actually,was the movie has some,issues,but its a zombie movie so lets suspend,our disbelief for a bit and just get on,with it because well its unrealistic,from the get-go as for the original,inspiration the book i havent read it,if you have please tell us in the,comment section what you think of it,this review of world war z is based on,world war z aftermath an expansion that,greatly enhances the experience the game,tries to translate the atmosphere of the,movie into the medium of video game and,that works for the most part so what we,have here is not what we germans call a,lead sense goku because it does enough,things right to be considered something,above trash level but below left for,dead so its still vastly superior to,beg for blood,then another jokes aside back for blood,is not that horrible,saber interactives world war z the game,is if you break it down a four-player,zombie co-op third-person shooter,consisting of running from point a to b,and having multiple standoffs with huge,horns,this description doesnt quite do it,justice though as it has some elements,that make it stand out from the crowd,and compared to the zombie co-op shooter,king left for dead it has enough of its,own ideas to not be a simple clone a,criticism that was actually levied,against world war z at the time,the first impression is rather positive,of course upon closer inspection it,isnt flawless so let us dive deeper,into it and see if its worth your money,or if the flaws overwhelm the positive,aspects and you should rather stick to,left for dead or back for blood if you,so desire,as i already mentioned in the,introduction world war z is a classic,third person shooter without a cover,system like gears of war uncharted and,so on,ever since the aftermath update a first,person mode is also introduced although,you cant really aim through the sights,aiming in closer will give you 1.6 and,counter-strike source flashbacks because,aiming does this,a cool thing only one player needs to,own the add-on to play with friends so,thats kind of customer friendly there,in these seven and three to four chapter,long campaigns two of which came with,the add-on you have to fight your way,through a world overrun by zombie hordes,and complete various objectives world,war z offers significantly more single,player or co-op content than many other,zombie co-op shooters out there it can,hold a cable to left for that one in two,not counting the workshop though,while in the first campaign your four,protagonists have to fight their way,through new york in a very classic,zombie scenario you try to protect a,scientist in jerusalem who is,researching a cure for the zombie virus,in the very next campaign,the game leads you to italy france and,russia the latter one even twice as for,locations world war z wins,there isnt a zombie game out there that,offers such a variety of locations,at least as far as i know it may be just,an impression but most zombie games and,movies take place in the united states,not that the us isnt a beautiful,country but theres an entire world out,there to be massacred by zombies,despite the often beautiful visual,diversity like these japanese suburbs,the missions always follow a strict,template we know from any other zombie,shooter you move from point a to b to c,and so on and sometimes they try to mix,it up and have you defend or escort an,npc or vehicle standard stuff where the,fun comes in is when you have to really,hold down a certain location,these places you will find boxes in them,a few gadgets that make defending a lot,easier for you,amongst these gadgets are machine guns a,mortar an automatic sentry gun barbed,wire and fences,these defenses help immensely when it,comes to holding off a horde and they,need to be placed strategically some,classes even augment the mg or mortar,and yes there are classes but more on,this later,despite the fact that these defenses can,only be set up in predetermined,locations the positioning is important,it just really bugs me that the machine,gun has a way too small field of fire,especially considering its on a 360,degree mount,these scenarios these defensive scenes,are fun but nothing groundbreaking even,with the varied locations this sort of,gameplay on its own would get pretty,boring quickly because it of course,lacks the depth to be a real zombie,defense build up thing its not a base,builder which would have been a pretty,cool gameplay shift at least for one,mission,only the very last campaign adds a,significant gameplay twist on the,established formula with the cold,weather slowly freezing you to death if,you stay outside for too long this adds,a sense of urgency to carry on that,sometimes clashes with the next gameplay,mechanic we will discuss and this makes,for pretty fun gameplay because you need,to weigh rush,or slow what im talking of for the,additional spice to be added is that you,need to be stealthy from time to time,sneaking around zombies and putting on,silences and yes the game actually calls,them silences becomes mandatory on,higher levels of difficulty because if,you have a weapon that is not suppressed,you attract more and more hordes of,zombies and you become overrun it can,really get your adrenaline pumping when,you suddenly hear the oops through the,headset because some of your teammates,have,triggered something and the next horde,is rushing in,most campaigns feature distinctive,buildings and landscapes the moscow,campaign boasts the kremlin in rome you,can see the colosseum but the really,famous places only serve as a backdrop,youre never really close to historic,buildings,in the japan mission i couldnt tell,where in japan we are right now i,recognize the architecture and the,streets are covered in japanese posters,how cool would it be to take a historic,last stand at the shibuya crossing,or talking about interacting with famous,places how about rushing the red square,in moscow climb atop the mausoleum and,punch out zombie lenin,that would make it terrific,unfortunately the fighting mostly takes,place in narrow streets that are either,painted to look like the us or some,other places,the quality of assets and props also,does fluctuate for example while the,leclark tank looks like the real thing,they somehow managed to screw up the,scaling some cars are realistically,proportioned others way too big one,thought that we had while playing is,that it would have been cool if the,developers would have gone more into the,specific locations and maybe go through,the effort of country specific weapons,for the game,for example in japan there are,significantly fewer firearms but maybe,more melee

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World War Z Aftermath Review – Without the Fluff

im not a big reviewer kind of guy but,people like to know my opinions from,time to time so i make them when i see,fit however i get bored with long,reviews like just dont drag it out tell,me what i want to know is it bug free is,it fun whats the replayability like are,there any future updates planned etc,which is why when i make reviews i try,to get straight to the point with no,nonsense this will be my first official,without the fluff review,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],world war z aftermath is an expansion to,the already known world war z game you,might actually remember it was one of,the many first to ever be an epic games,exclusive it was also part of the weekly,free games which was given out in 2020.,fast forward to 2021 and it now has,another major new update called world,war z aftermath which introduces a lot,of new features including but not,limited to weapons skins characters,first person mode and missions the best,part about this expansion-like update is,that it only costs 20 us dollars if you,already own world war z otherwise its,going to cost you 40 dollars theyre,calling it an upgrade to the base game,now there is a deluxe edition available,which comes with two melee weapons and a,few weapon skins however there is no,upgrade path for that so you either have,to pay 50 us dollars or wait until they,release the separate dlcs for the melee,weapons and skins if you owned the base,game in world war z but didnt purchase,the upgrade for aftermath you might,still have noticed some new things for,you to try out thats because even if,you dont own aftermath you still get to,use all the new weapons the new melee,combos experience the new special rat,pack enemy and play as the new vanguard,class the only thing youre getting by,purchasing aftermath are the six new,missions which come with the four new,characters and the ability to play in,first person oh and all the gaming year,the edition stuff as well if you didnt,already own that while the option for,first person is there you cant actually,select it unless you upgrade or purchase,aftermath now the most asked question,about world wars the aftermath is,whether it is a new game or an update i,dont blame anyone who asked this,question because it was not made clear,on their website or through their,marketing strategies it continues to be,a tag confusing to this day because im,still frequently asked about it through,the air think of world war z as,aftermath as an expansion to the base,game all you have to do is purchase the,upgrade everything else has already been,patched and updated this past sunday,morning if you had world war z installed,so its really just a big update to the,base game there is no separate download,which is great news because that means,all of your save progress carries over,because nothing actually changed game,wise there is no need to regrind,everything from the start keep in mind,that staying on the same platform is,required and is the only officially,supported way at this time there is no,cross save that being said while its,not officially supported the majority of,people have a hunch that will be able to,move our save files into the steam,folders ill make sure to make a video,on that as soon as possible once we find,out today for those who dont even own,world z then this doesnt even matter,and well skip ahead world war z,aftermath is an online co-op shooter,based off of the movie with brad pitt,world wars the aftermath is coming out,september 21st 2021 which just happens,to be today at 39.99 us dollars for,playstation 4 xbox one and pc and all,the next gen consoles excluding the,nintendo switch playstation 5 and xbox,series x will also have the opportunity,to play at 4k 60fps and its no longer,going to be an epic exclusive and will,be available on steam for you to,purchase world wars the aftermath,introduces two new locations each with,three new missions these all new story,episodes are located in vatican city,rome and the russian far east income,chaka in rome you will fight zombies in,close quarter combat through cobblestone,streets catacombs in the coliseum there,youll be rescuing a group of engineers,who have gone missing and are in danger,of falling to the zombie horde in,kamchatka you will unite japanese,refugees and local survivors against the,zombies and deal with the unrelenting,cold weather you will explore an,abandoned cruise ship and fight your way,through a blizzard if you didnt already,know its really cold in russia and the,game lets you know this by killing you,if you dont stand next to the nearest,heater with the new locations now added,world wars the aftermath will include a,total of 23 playable campaign missions,across seven different locations in,these episodes you will play as both new,and returning characters while using the,all-new melee system which has new,unique moves perks and dual wielding,options like the sickles and cleavers,theyve also introduced a special new,enemy type but this time its not a,zombie its actually a pack of rats and,they are absolutely dreadful to deal,with like seriously look at this,on top of all the new stuff i just,mentioned there are still new weapons to,choose from and upgrade as well as new,character skins to show off honestly if,youve ever played world war z before,then know that this is the same game but,it has new features making even better,in my opinion theres also the all new,vanguard class which is equipped with an,electric shield for charging and bashing,through zombie hordes im still getting,a feeling for the class but right now it,doesnt feel very strong but i will say,the best part about the vanguard class,is charging headfirst into a bull and,winning come on come on,you just stop him dead in his tracks,there are plenty of new melee weapons to,choose from starting with the dual,cleavers which after killing five,zombies in rapid succession fully,restores your melee stamina bar or a,sledgehammer allowing to deal more,damage in an area and provide immunity,from all negative status effects theres,also the dual knives dual sickles a,baseball bat and fire x i personally,love the dual sickles and tomahawk the,most due to their perks and feel last,but not least we have another exciting,feature that was added which is the,first person mode this mode does not,actually allow you to aim down the,sights however you will not have a red,dot a scope etc except for when using,the sniper variants its like the first,person one and a half and it feels like,a camera mod but to be honest i dont,mind it and it feels just like left 4,dead which is a good thing id say first,person mode is definitely more,challenging and immersive and i find,myself playing in that mode majority of,the time for now you can simply choose,between third person and first person in,the game menu settings however there is,no keybinding option so youll have to,hit start or escape every time to get,into the menu and change it kind of,silly if you ask me but i rest my case,so what does the future for world wars,the aftermath hold turns out there is a,plan update coming in october which will,bring new daily challenges which are,similar to the weekly including mutators,like headshots only tankier zombies or,having your sprint stamina be reduced i,enjoy the weekly challenges so having a,new challenge every day could actually,be pretty fun well have to see in,october aftermath will also be getting a,new special zombie called the booster,which we dont actually know anything,about but he does look really freaking,cool come early 2022 we know that the,new horde mode xl will come out which is,rumored to be larger and have even more,zombies on screen unfortunately only pc,and next-gen consoles well be able to,experience it sorry ps4 and xbox one,owners to wrap things up i believe world,wars the aftermath brings a breath of,fresh air to all og and new fans alike,ive been playing the base game since,its release in 2019 and i can safely say,that this new aftermath upgrad

World War Z Aftermath in 2022 Is Still a GREAT Zombie Game

whats going on guys im playing world,war z its 2022 im checking out this,game to see,how many people are still playing it i,mean i jumped into a match almost,immediately we still have a bot as you,can see here but,when i think of world war ii i think of,a fantastic,zombie shooter third person or first,person if you didnt know they had oh we,got it we got a guy right here,watching all right for him wait for him,all right he got him already,another oh big boy,oh use the bus as a safety,crazy guy on the back,all righty anyways if you guys didnt,know world war z had an update last year,that introduced a first-person mode take,a look at this just like that world war,z the once only,third person now has a first-person mode,let me tell you it looks good feels good,a little floaty but for the most part it,feels pretty good now you cant actually,aim down the sights it just zooms in,kind of like left 4 dead in a way,but if you do have one of the snipers,you can actually zoom through the scope,so not all features are lost,now theyve also introduced it a brand,new zombie type as you just saw right,there,who leaves a poisonous trail,that,actually buffs enemy zombies around them,oh my gosh i mean this game is just high,intensity all the time theres a,chainsaw over there actually im gonna,grab that because i dont have a heavy,weapon at the moment,and weve also found one of the hidden,breaching charge locations just like,that now its been a while since ive,played world war z if you have been a,subscriber to my channel for a while,world war z was one of the first games i,ever covered on the channel,it was,i focus heavily on co-op pve shooters at,this point right now especially zombies,aliens etc and world war z is definitely,one of my favorites that i always come,back to play when i want to kill zombies,especially with updates that have come,this game continues to stay fresh but,the nice thing is,sometime this year the year 2022 in the,first quarter maybe the second quarter,they did mention its going to be coming,early 2022 unfortunately there is no,date for that,we are gonna get brand new content a,brand new horde mode coming,to world war z and thats gonna,potentially make it better bigger or,completely new and different altogether,i dont know,but theyre calling it horde mode xl,now if you didnt know,oh hes got a drone so if you didnt,know theres also a drone master class,as you can see this little thing,floating here hes playing that as you,can see right here hes level 30,playing as the drone master,um im trying to figure out where i want,to put my auto turret,i think i might hold on to it for now,were also playing a custom mode,uh do we bother breaching this im going,to hold for the next one and breach,there but were playing the weekly,challenge mode would actually add some,mutations to the game making things a,little more challenging and difficult,but actually gives you in-game rewards,including some premium currencies,allowing you to buy skins in the game as,you can see there are plenty of skins,this person has a skin on right now this,person i dont think has a skin on but,maybe one of their weapons they do,and then this person does not have a,skin as either except for on their,weapon i believe,but you can see that like my character,for example if i go back to third person,this is one of the uh skins that you can,get,so definitely pretty cool i definitely,like to switch between,all right im ready lets do this lets,start this battle,now this parts pretty epic because,theyre going to send a whole lot of,zombies down this tunnel,now i have to be careful because there,is friendly fire in this game,but i cant go complete willy nilly,hoping we got a screamer,the screamer alerts more zombie hordes,to come theres a bowl somewhere behind,us an effector as well,now im playing as the gunslinger class,which every headshot i get my ammo is,refilled,i also get grenades,which feel really really good to use,i will say theres not really many,zombie games out in the market right now,that contain as many zombies on screen,at once than world war z now back for,blood,its a pretty good and fun zombie game,but then theres this one,backer blood puts like what 20 zombies,20 30 zombies at a time on the screen,this game says how about i throw 100,200 zombies at once and you have to kill,them all,oh as you can see we no longer have a,bot we have someone else that filled,that position,and now were just playing together here,but i heard something over there,truthfully world war z in the year 2022,is definitely still worth playing its,been free now in epic games,um at least once,on like their free rotation of games,there is a special somewhere around here,trying to remember where he spawns,because i dont want to get jumped by,him,i hurt i hear him there he is,and we have a crossbow here they added a,crossbow to the game,like a different type of crossbow like,the blue currency one which has,cooler new abilities,and they also added a bunch of melee,weapons if you didnt know this im,telling you if you havent played world,wars in a while definitely come back and,try it out theres new maps new,locations,new weapons,new special zombie types and take a look,at how the melee works now so im using,the sledgehammer take a look at this one,two three,and it actually does hit like that it,has an aoe effect where it kind of,knocks enemies down around it theres,all different types of,melee weapons that do this kind of stuff,now its really really cool,there we go,anyways as you can see we are here,escorting this bus passing through our,final approach,look at this guy,just defending the perimeter,oh this is one of the new ones right,there its called a booster,[Applause],you got a bullpup rebel with a special,smg thats one of the new weapons that,just came out,with the latest update,now remember theres to be more updates,coming to this game so this game is,far from dead and especially since it,was just free on twitch prime,you got a lot of people who are playing,the game again,all right now we have some rats,oh hes just going down,totally just chucked a grenade at my,teammate there that was unintentional,but well just say i saved his life,watch this watch ready,boom knocks a few of them back theres a,bomber somewhere,open a ball,we better be very very careful here,theres a screamer i can actually hit,him from here i think,cant quite get that shot looks like my,shots are being blocked here there we go,that was actually a pretty good shot,gunplay feels good,you can obviously change angles over,your shoulder,you can go for,you can go from first person to third,person i mean theres just so many,features,that this game has,compared to other games nowadays,its had so much time to develop if you,think about it world war z is actually,three years old or almost coming up on,three years it came out in what april,2019 so you got 2020 2021 and soon to be,2022 of april,which is gonna give it three years of,age and the fact that theyre still,updating the game is actually,honestly really really cool but theyre,still doing it command this is team four,we reached the gate area,[Music],all right this is where things get kind,of crazy they defend this fence and then,eventually defend this fence over here,like the gate,it gets insane the amount of zombies,that will appear on screen here,im gonna jump on this machine gun here,and light them up,theres theres just so many of them now,to be fair the challenge that were on,right now actually limits,the size of the waves right now but does,add more special zombies,on the screen,all right were out of ammo there were,gonna pop this i think that goes the,opposite way though,gonna go over there yeah we dont want,that,okay oh we got a bowl,got him,ive taken lots of friendly fire damage,that is for sure all right here we go,great,boom to the melee the new melee system,very very satisfying,theres an infector,and a bowl,actually im gonna grab some more,explosive ammo,okay here we go next wav

Why World War Z is a Better Left 4 Dead than Back 4 Blood

why world war z is a better left for,dead than back for blood thats right i,said it and from the general grumblings,id wager that not too many people are,gonna come to the defense of back for,blood back for blood is the spiritual,successor to the classic left 4 dead,series instead of his sequels mainly,because valve refuses to count to the,most basic of levels alright now say it,with me one,two holt submitted this recipe for easy,pancakes and she commented this recipe,doesnt require much thought earlier,we lost him anyways but instead of being,the highly anticipated sequel to a fps,classic it ends up being a sad,corporatized soulless husk vaguely,puppeted by the people who made the,original world war z however is instead,inspired by the classic left 4 dead,series and pays homage and does its best,to modernize and maybe even take some,steps forward instead of just making it,new with,pretty graphics in this video i will be,covering all the things that i think,remember that is the key there i think,that make world war z better than bat,for blood and how it tries to move the,genre forward as well as whining and,bitching about what back for blood gets,so wrong ill be covering,visuals,sound design enemies,level slash mission structure characters,weapons and the weapon selection and,progress this is going to be a long one,so grab a snack and maybe check the,description for time stamps so if you,need to take a break and come back,because were going balls deep into,world war z and back for blood so real,quick im going to clarify that the,version of world war z that i will be,mainly referencing is world war z,aftermath this is the most recent,version of it and if you were to buy,this from a store today it would be the,version that you get by default if you,have the original version you would have,to pay for the upgrade this upgrade,comes with extra classes more missions,more weapons when it is relevant to the,conversation i will do my best to,separate the original and aftermath the,dlc even though that technically it is,what you would get today also before we,get started even though i shouldnt have,to let me make one thing clear all of,this is my personal opinion and as much,as i dont prefer back for blood i still,think its fun i just dont prefer it if,you think that back for blood is an,instant classic and its perfect dont,let me tell you otherwise have as much,fun as you would want but if you gave,world war z a try at the beginning and,maybe just fell off i can relate to this,when world war z first came out it would,force you to play with other players,instead of feeling empty spots with bots,this meant that if i only wanted to play,with my buddy nate well we would have to,play with two randos as well later on,they fixed this and then with the world,war z aftermath on top of this it also,makes it worth another try if youre,maybe just looking for something else,that can scratch that left 4 dead itch,better than back for blood also world,war z adds first person shooter mode and,i much prefer it so lets go ahead and,start with visuals,both games thread a real fine line,between just cartoony enough to stay,away from the uncanny valley but just,real enough to make each character look,like a living breathing character both,character models are each well designed,and have a lot of detail the enemies are,varied normal zombies and ridden have,various clothes on or various wounds,already on them making you think is that,how they got infected the environment of,both games do a really great job with,textures and making it feel like a real,place but i think world war z gets the,slight advantage here because the draw,distance both games lead you down very,specific corridors whether they be,inside or outside but both find,believable ways to keep you going in one,direction things like debris piled up,cars and so on and they both even have,larger areas for exploring but at the,end of the day its a one-way in and out,but world war z goes out of its way to,show you these large vistas the world,outside the on the rails feel of what,youre allowed to play in it sets up the,scale not just for these grandiose set,pieces as you watch zombies wash over,everything like a wave but also the,scale of the world that you live in back,for blood visually does not do this each,level feels,like a level from a video game go from a,to b,rinse,and repeat rinse,and repeat rinse rinse and repeat,it doesnt help that the start of,several levels literally have you start,in the same place this is no longer a,global threat but a neighborhood threat,on one hand i can see what they are,trying to do make it feel like youre,fighting for this plot of land making,every level seem interconnected but,considering how linear the levels are,this only magnifies just how linear they,are in world war z you fight all over,the world new york to jerusalem to,russia and tokyo making it feel like,this world exists even if you werent,there i would argue that even left 4,dead did this better while you could,argue you just go from one area to the,next each area can feel different from,the last what further helps this is the,fact that left 4 dead picks a theme for,each chapter and is still able to keep,things fresh there that way even if,youre in a city on one level and a city,and another,one looks more like a california or,florida style city and another one is,inspired by new orleans by setting the,whole story in this one area it leaves,the visuals pretty samey because,logically all of this needs to exist in,the same certain amount of square miles,and the same zip code in the same area,code so lets move on to sound design,when it comes to sound there is,such a difference that you may just have,to experience it yourself you will never,understand just how much you miss good,sound design until its gone so i played,world war z right before back for blood,so i could sort of have a,baseline for a modern left 4 dead,attempt and then i proceeded to only,play back for blood for about a week i,returned to world war z and i was,greeted like an old friend i started to,weep with pure joy and ecstasy you see,the special zombies from world war z,actually make sounds and they are,different depending on what type of,zombie it is in back for blood they all,seem to make noises but i can never,really pinpoint what it is and most,importantly where it is coming from,world war z just has great 3d audio not,only can you hear the difference between,zombies but you can use that audio to,hunt them down to take down said zombie,back for blood just,doesnt considering these are the same,makers of left 4 dead i am just baffled,as to how this happened one of the only,reasons i know if its a wretch,approaching me versus a hawker is,because the character yells it out which,first off always seems to be right next,to me regardless of where my character,is and second,uh,thanks for the shout out but i just,think that left 4 dead and world war z,figured out the formula for good sound,design left 4 dead has a spawn sound an,active sound and an attack sound for all,special zombies and if you miss all of,that it still gives you plenty of,warning with this iconic chime,hear this and your ears will immediately,perk up and you will start to listen,closely for more audio cues the,direction theyre coming from and even,the distance of that noise if i hear,something in back for blood 99 of the,time its too late they are right next,to you and already attacking and while,world war z doesnt do maybe as good as,left 4 dead in the sound department it,does a great job regardless while it,doesnt have a chime go off every time a,special zombie spawns you still identify,what type where and how far away it is,keep in mind these audio cues are so,obvious and clear that you can hear them,even over game chatter over people,talking about their days then theres,the voice acting,stevie,tell me there are no more gates,boss,world war z is solid all around with,people all around the world

WWZ: Aftermath Review

[Music],world wars the aftermath is one of the,most exhilarating experiences on google,stadia from massive hordes of the undead,to intense narrow corridor pvp,experiences world war z certainly has,made an entrance onto stadia not only is,this the base game but also the sequel,we wanted from the developers sabre,interactive and it shows the story shows,the devastation that has been caused by,the initial outbreak how characters have,changed and adapted and how humanity is,changing the tide of war apart from some,design quirks some technical features,missing and an odd bug here and there,world war z aftermath provides an,amazing and refined experience that will,please anyone itching to fight swarms of,the undead,to start players can choose to play the,campaign solo or co-op or they can dive,straight into online multiplayer for,this review i spent over 10 hours in,each of the modes so i can give an,accurate representation of both i will,say though that for those who arent,always comfortable playing online the,single player experience is just as,addictive and versatile there are many,zombie infested maps to play through,each with unique missions and,randomizers that affect everything from,weapon case locations to the layout of,mission objectives this also makes,exploring the games various classes,more enjoyable as jumping into each,randomized map with a new set of skills,ended up feeling like a fresh experience,altogether so world war z aftermath,story mode is made up of seven different,locations all over the world the first,four are disconnected narrative,campaigns that came with the base game,back in 2019 with the aftermath update,bringing an additional three campaigns,that follow on with specific characters,each adventure has four distinct,playable characters which places it more,towards the books instead of the film,you will make your way through linear,locations such as japan and new york,whilst fighting for survival and,achieving goals together the story is,considerably light but it does provide,you with some context instead of,stopping you slap bang in the middle,wondering what on earth is going on you,can also find the coloring for the,narrative outside of the missions and,unlock short animated backstories for,the characters after playing with them,at least once i like how the story is,presented like this because it allows,you to absorb not only what youre,interested in but gives you a sense of,the characters deeper personalities in,terms of gameplay the third person,shooting feels great and i did not,encounter any slowdown or connectivity,issues when playing online which is a,massive impressive beat at launch the,first person mode also feels great,however i did have a couple of sluggish,moments and frame rate drops in,especially heavy encounters its all the,more impressive when you see how many,zombies are actually on the screen at,once seeing thousands of the undead,descend on you from the distance is a,common occurrence and you must often,hold down the fort while they scramble,and climb on top of each other to get to,you seeing the undead hills is scary and,firing at the base with explosives or,even just plain old bullets is always,satisfying especially as they topple,down to the ground and scramble to,regroup in these situations when you,know the horde is preparing to descend,you have more than just the weapons you,have scavenged on the way there you are,typically afforded time to set up,defenses like barbed wire electric floor,panels or turrets for some light tower,defense there are instances when youre,also exploring that you will find,breaching charges these allow you to,blow down specific doors in an area to,get more defenses or extra weapons i,will say that collaborating with a team,especially on higher difficulties to set,up the fences and then execute them to,hold back the zombies is awesome and,makes for replaying the campaigns,consistently exciting any character can,be one of eight classes in the game,which is great when you find the,character you like or trying to unlock,everyones backstory the classes dont,feel radically distinct since everyone,scavenges the same weapons instead the,class dictates your special item like a,grenade taser or a special syringe that,can boost everyones health you level up,your classes as you play unlocking,assaulted boosts and equippable passive,abilities it encourages you to find a,favorite early and stick with it which,made trying a few new classes,unsatisfying alternatively i do like how,the guns level up individually because,the weapons that youre using are,different every match so your favorites,like the explosive crossbow or the,battle rifle do get more powerful over,time along with the cooperative,campaigns which is the premier mode a,competitive mode for groups of eight to,fight each other is also present this,mode offers a change of pace and has,some depth with his five sub modes and,ten classes that can be levelled,similarly to classes in the campaign but,unfortunately it does play micah mode,from a past era the shooting feels good,and causing a firefight so everyone can,take on a sudden horde of zombies is a,cool idea but running around with your,team on a small map adapted from the,campaign trying to get 50 kills as fast,as possible is too familiar especially,in the modern age of online shooters in,terms of matchmaking times i never found,an issue finding a game for co-op mode,there seems to be some wait time before,you get put into a lobby usually around,two minutes even when certain people are,playing online with the pvp mode on the,other hand it is another story as its,very hit and miss especially when youre,trying to get a game going during,weekdays in the uk dont expect to find,the game unless its past 8pm at night,the lack of crossplay in this title is,very noticeable on the pvp side and no,doubt as the months pass this will be,unplayable for a large amount of people,on stadium in terms of co-op this is,something i would not worry about at,present i do hope that sabre interactive,add this feature as soon as possible,especially as they did promise it before,launch in terms of languages and,accessibility there is also a lot on,offer in terms of accessibility there,are difficulty levels skip challenges,dialogue subtitles button remapping,separate volume controls and colorblind,modes in terms of languages you can also,expect these to be english french,russian italian german spanish,portuguese polish japanese korean and,chinese so theres a wealth of languages,for a lot of people to get stuck into,with regards to stadia specific features,though there are currently none,implemented at launch i really would,have liked to have seen stream connect,as we did with the division 2 and break,point as it would have been a very nice,addition to see your teammates screen,resolution and performance are a strange,one with world wars the aftermath on,stadium the game runs at 1080p with a,fixed 60fps which very rarely drops any,frames at all however i did notice that,a lot of people online were finding that,this was dropping after around an hour,of play it is also noticeable that the,resolution on the ladder screen that has,no 4k output and in terms of graphics,the game has been somewhat toned down in,detail compared to the xbox version i,assume this was done to ensure the frame,rate did not drop at all which is great,to see especially as the game requires,it i do really hope that they do add a,4k mode in the future even if thats an,upscaled 4k or a 30fps mode with higher,texture details,for me world war z is a technically,proficient visually impressive,cooperative shooter that surprised me,and is a great addition for google,stadia licensed games can be very hit or,miss and the film version of world war z,is not the most exciting fictional world,but it supports the experience here very,well the core of the story and the,exhilarating combat elevate an engaging,cooperative shooting experience into,some of th

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