1. World War Z Nintendo Switch Review & Performance Analysis!
  2. World War Z Review
  3. World War Z For Nintendo Switch Is An INSANE Port!
  4. World War Z Switch vs PS4 Comparison & Gameplay Overview
  6. World War Z Nintendo Switch Review & Frame Rate | Best Zombie Game On Switch?
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World War Z Nintendo Switch Review & Performance Analysis!

[Music],i think i might have been one of the few,people that actually enjoyed the film,world war z but the game seems to have,had more of a popular reception over,time as its been improved and developed,but the name saber interactive the,developer have become synonymous with,producing nintendo switch ports which,have absolutely no right running on a,small hybrid console but managed to do,just that originally released back in,2019 on other systems and seeing its,november second release here on the,switch well go over the performance in,terms of frame rates well have a look,at the image quality the lighting,effects textures shadows and discuss the,resolution well examine the,connectivity on the nintendo switch,version as well as any other options,that are available and look at the,control settings weve got a copy of,this one to give away so let us know in,the comments if youd like to enter and,at the end of this video ill give my,impressions of the game based primarily,on experience on other platforms but,also on the switch version is it world,war zero performance issues well lets,find out,lets dive in straight at the deep end,then and look at the performance saber,interactive discussed recently how this,was their most challenging port to date,i think thats a combination of things,firstly theres netcode requiring four,of you to be on screen at the same time,but more taxing than that would be the,thousands of zombies on screen not only,can these climb and gather together they,can vault over surfaces there are,several different varieties and this,then has to be tracked and maintained,across four different consoles my,expectations had this been any other,developer would have been remarkably low,but as you can see from the frame rate,graphs theyve managed to lock out 30,frames per second now although i didnt,manage to capture it i definitely did,see some frame drops but id say thats,to be expected for it to be locked out,at 98 of the time at 30 with good frame,pacing is more than i could have hoped,theyve also targeted the same frame,rate for handheld mode and as far as the,nintendo switch oled goes handheld mode,offers a few benefits now next well,look at the visual quality this is going,to be the area where the switch really,looks different from other platforms,theyve really had to claw back,performance in any way they can and this,is shown with the visual quality the,switch version targets 720p with,designer dimitri grigorenko commenting,that when many zombies are on screen,they use dynamic resolution scaling as,well as temporal anti-aliasing to try,and maintain that frame rate but the,overall image quality when in motion,isnt too bad many of the locations are,quite dark which hides some of its,biggest flaws but upon closer inspection,especially slowed down the textures have,clearly seen a very large hit in quality,the models of the zombies have also seen,a drop but even with hundreds fully,animated on the screen at any one time,trying to climb walls or rip your throat,out that performance is maintained which,is very impressive shadows are one of,the first areas that are generally cut,to increase performance and the number,of dynamic lights has also been cold,certain particle effects and lighting,effects have also dropped down things,like the flames here on the floor as,unfortunately some idiot in our team,accidentally threw a molotov cocktail,into the doorway im so sorry they look,decidedly last generation just by its,nature there isnt much time to stop and,smell the roses and these arent,gameplay effecting changes if you were,after that four player cop experience,then youre gonna get that same thing,here theres no real tweak ability when,it comes to visual quality its not a,game where youre gonna be worrying,about text size in handheld so thats,not an issue which takes us onto audio,now audio quality seems good and im,very pleased to say that there is voice,chat on the nintendo switch console this,enables you to plug in a headset and you,can communicate more easily with your,team due to no one having chat in the,online session that i was in though i,cant confirm about its quality but it,is nice to see it in there while the,nintendo switch tends to lean towards,the non 3d surround sound i can say that,the audio quality as far as the bitrate,was very good the hordes of zombies,screaming in the distance or your,comrade being chomped on sounded,suitably high fidelity saber clearly,have a good grasp of their own,proprietary engine the swarm engine and,being able to get a thousand enemies on,screen on this console is impressive one,big visual downgrade that i have noticed,are that some of the animations dont,seem to be played or theres a slight,disconnect it might be to do with the,online nature but you might even be able,to see it from some of the footage i,cant remember if this was something,that affected the pc version but i,certainly dont recall it and maybe they,had to simplify some of the reactive,animations im not sure you have to let,me know down in the comments load times,are quite long youre looking at a,minute maybe even longer when youre,initially loading into a stage,thankfully its just that initial load,time thats a problem and the,matchmaking itself on the switch has,been very solid finding a game using the,quick option or just matching up with,some friends hasnt been played with the,issues we saw over on dying light but,theres the potential this changes as,more and more people pick up the game,next up then are the controls and this,is one area that i go to straight away,whenever i play anything that involves,holding a gun in a game im looking for,those gyroscopic controls and,unfortunately theyve just not been able,to implement that there are no gyro,controls in the switch version and i,sincerely hope thats something that,they consider adding in the,responsiveness is there for it to work,and the frame rate was also fine for,gyro controls as weve seen in other,shooters i know theyre not everyones,cup of tea and many of you wont care in,the slightest but i find that granular,level of aiming for headshots and things,like that is a bit of a game changer,other controls that are available are,things like changing the xy access,sensitivities as well as the auto aiming,i found with a pro controller it was,very easy to aim and you can customize,your actions to whether you want them,toggled or hold down things like aiming,down the sights as well as crouching and,running one slightly unusual element is,that when you go to the multiplayer,section of the main menu it takes you to,the the uh eshop where you can then buy,skins or the um deluxe dlc pack i didnt,know if that was locking out another,multiplayer mode or what it seems more,likely that its just a multiplayer,store where you just go and buy your,stuff final thoughts then on visuals and,performance and controls it works on the,nintendo switch i prefer playing it in,handheld on the switch oled just by the,nature of that small screen everything,looks crisper and when you consider that,there arent gyro controls theres no,real reason for me to have it on the big,screen 30 frames per second is good,enough but when spread over a 4k screen,expect your eyes to be filled with,vaseline and it is a shame honestly that,there arent gyroscopic controls as far,as the game itself youve essentially,got something akin to left 4 dead youll,have a 4-man team made up of one of the,16 characters and there are several,different classes to choose from and,improve stages play out almost like a,series of interconnected arenas with,zombies flooding in to end your lives,and perhaps some switches or other,collectible items to be gathered what it,amounts to is incredibly tense,fast-paced action that requires all of,you to work together to try and keep the,hordes at bay scattered about each area,youll find different pickups these,range from primary or secondary weapons,to heavy weapons which have a limited,use as well as med

World War Z Review

World War Z is competent but basic co-op,shooter gameplay it provides a good,venue for a group of four friends to get,together topple massive zombie herds,maybe save a few survivors here and,there and laugh about it when the,results roll in theres nothing,revolutionary or even that remarkable,about World War Z but the formula is so,readily follows is proven to be fun,comparisons between World War Z and the,left 4 dead series are more than,justified unavoidable even the 11 linear,gauntlet missions in World War Z,involved completing a series of simple,tasks that effectively promote teamwork,and communication especially during,jam-packed zombie attacks weapons,ammunition and healing items are evenly,scattered about levels especially as,rewards for those who take initiative to,explore for defensive objectives youre,given about a minute to decide where to,deploy machine guns and traps while,deliberating about your overall strategy,before the zombies come pouring out of,every opening crack and crevice,naturally there are four special types,like the pouncing lurker who pins you,down and needs to be knocked off by a,teammate much of World War Zs arsenal,of weapons come across as a bit bland,with the one exception being the fun to,use and hard-to-find crossbow its,arrows pack an explosive tip that sends,small groups of zombies flying into the,air after a satisfying detonation its a,blast to use but sadly its one of the,few items to offer an exciting way to,deal with the undead World War Z does,distinguish itself at his choice of,settings at least running through these,snowy landscapes and earring museums of,Moscow brings a refreshing vibe to the,typical undead battles the streets of,Tokyo and dilapidated subway entrances,of New York are pretty and detailed,depictions of post-apocalyptic despair,and destruction the panicked sight of,zombies floating over the rooftops of,buildings trampling over each other and,a fit of relentless motion is visually,fascinating seeing swarms of zombies,pile up and stack on top of each other,so fluidly just to get up to your,location is a sight to see especially,since its a staple of the World War Z,movie universe and one that helps it,stand out from other zombie shooters,would Rosie is very keen on making sure,youre playing with actual human players,if youre down even one person youll be,teamed up with a but and just like in,left for dead these AI dummies have a,bad habit of straying too far from the,team getting stuck and being left behind,in certain rooms that said the zombie AI,feels right and responsive especially,during stealthy moments where a missed,headshot from your pistol can alert,nearby enemies one notable area where,adds two valves tried-and-true blueprint,is a class and progression system that,lets you specialize in certain areas,like gun damage melee explosives or you,can be a medic and level up their,abilities differences in classes are,minimal and primarily dictate the,weapons you start with but they also,assign an unchangeable special item that,helps set your role within your group,which is especially important on higher,difficulties testing out different,special items and upgrading them is,alluring at first but the appeal is,slowly lost when it becomes a grind to,unlock something like an increase the,blast radius of c4,a lack of cloud saves on PC makes it,harder to commit to the long grind but,because all eleven missions can be,completed in a swift 5 hours the,expectation of playing with improved,weapons and increasing the difficulty,sadly doesnt hold for too long there,are only so many times you can wait for,the boat to reel in or escort the bus of,survivors before it gets overly,repetitive had the enormous hordes of,zombies in World War Z felt a little,less calculated and more unpredictable,like the undead and left 4 dead perhaps,replaying levels would feel more diverse,a very ordinary competitive multiplayer,mode exists outside the main campaign,one cool twist is that zombie swarms,occasionally run through maps when,youre playing deathmatch or king of the,hill surprisingly thats not a nuisance,but also not enough to keep a shooter,this simple interesting for long,[Music],the finest way to experience World War Z,is to fire up your microphone and find,yourself a four person crew to play,through the brief but fun campaign its,rare to see it go beyond the roots of,its very clear inspiration and theres,not a whole lot of variety when it comes,to the missions the special zombies or,the weapons but what is their works and,is enough to fill the left4dead shaped,hole in our hearts for a little while at,least thanks for watching for more,recent reviews check out our reviews of,Mortal Kombat xi and elder scrolls,blades and for everything else stick,with us right here at IGN introducing,the new returns to come on YouTube this,April

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World War Z For Nintendo Switch Is An INSANE Port!

impossible ports are something that we,see popping up more and more often on,the nintendo switch and more often than,not one company thats behind those,ports is saber interactive bringing,games like crisis remastered and the,witcher freaking 3 to nintendos hybrid,console isnt an easy feat at all but,time and time again saber interactive,has managed to be up to the task,with their latest game though i wasnt,quite sure how they would pull it off,that game being of course world war z,as someone who played the game,originally on the xbox one this is a,huge zombie game with literally hundreds,of zombies on screen at one time due to,the swarm engine used in the game and i,just wasnt sure how that would,translate to the nintendo switch now the,people behind world war z reached out to,me and asked if i wanted to check out,the game in a sponsored video and of,course i said,hell yeah of course first off secure the,bag but second off i was definitely very,interested to see how this game would,translate to running on the nintendo,switch natively so thats what were,going to talk about todays video if,this is your first time on the channel,be sure to hit that subscribe button be,sure to like and share the video as well,but without any further ado lets jump,into world war z for the nintendo switch,and see how this game performs,so the story of world war z is somewhat,based on the theme from the film of the,same name that released back in 2013.,the basis of the game is that theres a,massive zombie outbreak worldwide and,you and a group of three other survivors,must make their way through different,areas in order to escape and of course,stay alive,you visit four different cities across,the world new york jerusalem moscow and,japan,one thing i really liked about the game,is that the stories for these areas are,very self-contained meaning that the,characters from the new york mission are,different from the characters featured,in the japan mission so on and so forth,so you see different sides of how people,are combating the outbreaks based on the,regions they are in instead of just,miraculously appearing in these areas,after completing one of them,now i will say the story of the game,isnt really all that super deep you,know basically just survive but you do,meet different characters along the way,in each of the individual scenarios and,by playing missions with each of the,different characters you can unlock some,additional information on them via a,backstory video so if you want a little,bit more out of the story from the game,and more information on the individual,characters and why theyre doing what,theyre doing you can find it in this,game its a nice touch honestly it,doesnt try to be too overbearing and,cliche with the story but its there if,you want a little bit more,now obviously the main draw to a game,like this is the gameplay and honestly,theres a ton of different ways to play,this game,the main thing is of course the campaign,mode in which you go through and,complete the missions there are several,different missions inside of each,campaign so for instance new york has,four different missions in that campaign,the gameplay is a behind the back third,person shooter in which you have a,variety of guns at your disposal and you,must keep yourself and your teammates,alive till the very end,you can play by yourself with no,internet connection required with three,ai bought two are pretty decent,teammates or you could team up with,three other people to do these missions,online which is the more attractive,option to me and will probably be to,most people,you can either play with random people,in a public match or with friends in a,private match,you can invite people into your game as,well and honestly its done very simply,with an in-game menu so you basically,just click who you want to invite into,your game and next thing you know you,and your friends will be up and running,in no time taking down these hordes of,zombies on the battlefield you have,different sorts of things happen,one of the main things that happens,within these missions is a horde rush,which is a rush of literally hundreds of,zombies that will come and attack you,and you essentially have to defend an,area from the mall,you can find different things on the map,to impede their progress such as barbed,wire electric floor stoppers and,unmanned gun turrets to try and slow,down these waves of enemies,theres also collecting missions in the,game as well in which you have to bring,a certain number of items back to a base,in order to progress,its nothing super unique or anything,like that but in the heat of the moment,it can be very fun,whenever you complete a mission you get,a readout of how you did along with,points now these points can be used to,upgrade your character via a skill tree,that unlocks with things like faster,reloading better starting weapons and,much much more,there are a ton of different skill trees,based on different play styles as well,so the incentive to keep playing to,unlock more and more stuff in these,trees is honestly very high,you can also use these points to unlock,different guns so when you are playing a,mission and find lets say an assault,rifle on the battlefield when you pick,it up itll be the one that you unlocked,giving you a bit of a boost on the,battlefield i actually really like this,system because it keeps making you want,to play more and more and each mission,has different difficulties in which the,higher the difficulty the larger the,reward is as well,beyond the co-op campaign mode theres,also a challenge mode in which you can,unlock different cosmetic choices for,all the characters as well when you,accrue a certain number of points in,that gameplay type,its basically just going through the,same different missions that youve,played before with different parameters,set up but if you complete it you get,those points and then theres the,multiplayer,beyond the online campaign stuff that,you can play online or offline there are,dedicated online player versus player,game modes as well and honestly these,are super fun,take the team deathmatch for instance,now you would think its a standard tdm,affair right well it kind of is except,for the fact that there are zombies on,the map trying to kill you and other,players in the game which honestly adds,a whole new layer of strategy to a,common game mode that we have been,playing for years and years,i absolutely love the online modes in,this game as theyre really unique and,they all have their own sort of flair to,them such as one where somebody grabs a,vaccine and has to hold it as long as,possible without dying to win the game,and so many more different types,the online game modes have ran extremely,smooth for me as well and that also goes,the same for the campaign online too,which is pretty impressive considering,the nintendo switch usually isnt known,for its quality of online games,but of course we have to talk about the,graphics of the game because like i said,i played this game originally on the,xbox one so i sort of knew what i was,getting into and when i played that game,in the xbox one i was like i dont think,this would quite work on the nintendo,switch,but upon booting up and playing the game,i think saber interactive really nailed,this port in terms of performance,especially considering that this is,running natively on the nintendo switch,the environments themselves all look,nice and differentiate from one another,with clean atmospheres and very nice,textures,character models of all the characters,look good too with little intricacies,that you could see on their body and,they somehow managed to maintain having,an insane amount of zombies on screen at,once including the big horde piles at,the base of a structure which is just,absolutely insane to see running on the,switch,zombie arms legs torsos all go flying,when you attack them and defend yourself,from all different angles and its just,an insane experience,while it might not

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World War Z Switch vs PS4 Comparison & Gameplay Overview

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all right its kind of something unique,today all right look before we talk,about anything,i know im at seven percent,dont worry about that all right anyways,gonna check out world war z today uh,sabre interactive actually came to me,wanted to sponsor a video of world war z,on the nintendo switch also they gave me,a custom link at the very very top of,the description click that if you guys,want to play world war z on nintendo,switch yourself world war z the hit,zombie shoot with over 15 million,players has finally arrived on nintendo,switch,this is the biggest zombie game on the,switch experience swarms of hundreds of,zombies on the screen powered by the,swarm engine,its uh developed by saber interactive,the team who has also brought witcher 3,wild hunt to the nintendo switch,also played through these zombie ravaged,cities around the world new york city,jerusalem moscow and japan you can play,solo with ai teammates or co-op with up,to three players,world war z is available on the nintendo,east shopping at major retailers for,39.99 usd,world war z deluxe edition featuring 28,unique bonus items including special,character outfits is available digitally,for 49.99 usd,and one last thing the uh horde mode z,game mode and marseille story missions,will arrive soon as post launch dlc for,free very very soon alright guys love,you all i played this game before so im,very curious how to see this thing holds,up on the switch if you guys like this,video just destroy that like button,i love you all and lets get this,all right were in go ahead and check,out all the different characters kind of,see how the graphics look i think what,im most impressed is with like the,switch stuff is,everythings like an sd card like the,file sizes are so small,um oh we got dina,ethan,daniel yo i remember a lot of these,characters they added more later on let,me go to the bottom row,i dont remember some of these guys,like the medic,he just has to hit him with that,ivan so yeah okay i remember remember,this guy,yo i gotta admit im uh im impressed,all right lets go ahead and go back,im just going to jump into the campaign,what ill wind up doing is can i play,offline for this video,because im kind of far away from my uh,internet,its like im on the other side of the,house all right here we go,oh yeah i forgot theyve added some,stuff all right so what i might do for,this one,river parkway,and if they make it through that then,they will not weve got an entire,battalion of paladins just waiting on,top of the hill,just for shits and giggles we also,brought in an ones bradleys humvees,mortars and comanches,gonna be quite a show,lets just go back to new york i,remember that one ill keep it on like,the smaller difficulty because i havent,used a switch controller in a while um,should start from the beginning,god damn it bunko i will leave your ass,here,nobody is leaving anybody theyre gonna,steamroll the army and then theyll be,back this is our only chance to get out,not going into the subway youve heard,the stories,we will starve here the subway is our,only chance,we take it to inwood get to the evac,center and get the [ __ ] out of new york,or we die here,i dont like him but hes right,yo this is about to be crazy all right,here we go,final way to the building yeah i,remember this uh this whole entire,mission one thing i have forgotten is,how to play this game so it might take,me a little bit to get used to,everything,gotta make the control im using a,switch pro controller for this by the,way,dan you hear me oh my,guys on the god,were going for it trying the subway to,inward,there we go,boy actually learn lets go,all right nice oh my god,yo for as many zombies are in this game,im surprised the switch can like,hold up through this you know this is a,lot of stuff going on,this is more just kind of testing out,the graphics i think this game looks,really good on switch,ive played a lot of switch games and uh,sometimes it doesnt quite translate,oh my god the armored guy hold on one,second,this one does a great job though,too uh,i think were good right now,i dont want to heal anybody just yet,so im actually like,out of bullets,i got my pistol though,grab what you can and regroup at the,elevator,we gotta shoot him in the head hold on,as i get body shots,im actually like i can see myself on,this game in like my spare time the,reason my switch was low battery by the,way is because i i use it a lot,um,go ahead and get,lets go get a shotgun,reloading,there we go i think the shotguns hold a,lot of ammo considering everything else,we got more of those uh,equipments full think were good,elevators on its way,oh thats right we gotta hold it down,this aint your floor,forget,dan youre there,always were headed down out of food got,to go now you coming over,look i got food and boats for a month,your heads will be here by there,im gonna wait it out but ill keep an,eye out for you,oh my god theres no other way out what,do we have here please be a good gun,oh med kit,i already used it on bunko just because,healing the ai had to learn how to do,that quite often right,[Applause],what is this oh the chainsaw,hey lets go oh,wait a minute,smg uh,i think this replaces,gloves no it doesnt okay,come on,go back swing hold three things nice all,right another chainsaw,all right lets get going i prefer like,the ars and smgs in this game,shotguns um when as soon as i started,shooting and i realized oh yeah im,pretty terrible on these so here we go,this reminds me of that movie dawn of,the dead,when theyre like in the mall and stuff,rpg no thank you,im supposed to go further down wait,should i hop over here right,remember im going up let me get some,more stuff here,all right i would get these extra med,kits im not going to worry about it for,now,as you progress through the game well,find better weapons make sure okay,um i think its like the i think im,good right now,whats up here,i think im honestly supposed to just,kill all the zombies right now,yeah let me go back down i dont think,yeah im not suppose i just went a full,circle for no reason at all,this one starts shooting below me,oh theres a lot down here too,uh hold on grenade oh there we go,oh my god,uh all right,theyre climbing didnt expect them to,do all that,if we clean them out the elevator shaft,should be safe to get down theyre,climbing yo,i dont like what i should i feel like,none of this is working,um,get this,hold on i dont like this gun at all,and we got a big guy hold on,working on it,[Applause],theyre still climbing too,oh i could have shot that thing i didnt,realize that,we got zombies up here too but im just,trying to they seem to be protecting me,a little bit so,oh these guys i forgot about them,um,[Applause],all right,hey take some of this,hey this screamer where is it at,keep hearing it,oh down there i heard it behind me i was,like,there we go,look at him sliding thats so freaky i,dont know,i dont know what do you guys think is,like more scary like uh,zombies that run or walk,like the ones that walk seem to be like,take more damage it feels like ones that,run are scary to me because,theyre like extra fast because i dont,really think zombies get tired dude they,get hungry but,im just like laying into my teammates,i had to change my sensitivity just a,little bit,who shot me,dont worry about it,[Music],hang on my pc account for this i have a,pretty stacked account,i remember i played it a lot back in the,day,its cool theyre releasing this i,didnt realize the same people that,brought the witcher 3s uh extra stuff,like brought this game forward i thought,thats really cool,theyre just good at making ports i,guess,we gotta go,get me out of here,when we get outside dont stop until we,hit the subway,all right um,let me heal,one guy in the middle,because this should help keeping them,healed up,top priority i also need to heal myself,but,ill do this ill help myself really,quick,and then ill heal,ill hang on to the third one,all good,oh we got ar,um oh wait which one is i

World War Z Nintendo Switch Review & Frame Rate | Best Zombie Game On Switch?

welcome back to switch corner my name is,alex and today were taking a look at,world war c on the nintendo switch this,its a re-release of an older title now,that pits you against hundreds of,zombies at a time but can the switch,handle it and is it worth your time but,without luck hit subscribe if you love,the switch as much as we will do here,join our growing family and lets get,started,so story-wise it follows loosely some of,the offense from the movie from the,perspective of new characters from my,understanding also its nothing like the,book of the same name here we get the,running climbing variety of zombies that,are absolutely tearing a path through,this world and were gonna get to see,them through what is four stories thats,new yorkers making their way out of the,city a trip through jerusalem on the,hunt for an individual a hunt for food,in moscow that quickly turns into a,rescue mission and finally a search and,rescue through tokyo i would not come,here for story but they push things from,location to location and each other,contained four episodes pack three or,four individual missions that move,things along,so world war c its a third person,shooter with a heavy emphasis on linear,worlds and small almost sandbox,locations these are known as defensive,spots here we see the fallout running,and climbing in effect as the game,basically overwhelms you with what is,cannon fodder its frameless stuff for,the most part but also great fun and it,can be played solo or with online,multiplayer no matter what option you,choose youll always be in a team of,four whether thats friends randoms,online ai or a combination the ai for,your teammates will get you through the,easiest difficulty but after that i do,believe you will begin to struggle its,not that its necessarily bad rather,they cant quite strategize enough,around your actions and that can be,problematic when you are surrounded from,all directions rather than being a,simple run and gun experience we add,step thanks to classes leveling up,customization that also includes weapon,customization so on offer with the,switch first off we have seven classes,from a gun master to heavies to medics,to those that specialize in tech and,explosives this is where friends are,going to be the best way to play because,you can aim then for what is a balanced,team for me most of my matches we were,all gun masters running and gunning and,thats not necessarily a complaint i was,guilty too but more heads up you will,definitely get more in the way of,strategy for those harder difficulties,if youre playing with people you know,alongside this then you can use a skill,tree to progress your class of choice,for me this was adding new starting,weapons changing reload speeds,increasing health and then upping the,damage on explosives you can also,customize your weapons as well which,increases areas such as damage accuracy,handling and fire rate naturally though,to do all of this youre gonna need to,earn the in-game currency this is done,by completing missions you can also then,buy cosmetics but id suggest to leave,that to last as it has no impact on the,included 16 characters across the four,stories while the design of these,episodes then are for sure repetitive,move from spot to spar to defend the,location repeat theres still an,incredible level of satisfaction in,mowing down these sprinting enemies and,the game constantly feeds you new enemy,types from those opposing you to heavies,to those that even explode the game it,may have benefited a little from you,know maybe switching out the defensive,moments but its still impressive,watching them charge and climb walls,around you as you pump bullets into the,bottom of these towers to make them fall,to take them down as well then expect to,be collecting up ammo leveraging and,finding new health packs and,experimenting also with new weapons the,weapons in game come in three forms at,sidearms primary and special heavy,weapons think like rocket launchers and,huge machine guns outside of that though,go find locations find buttons and,levers and lock locations protect the,occasional ally and set traps one thing,i wish they had leveraged more such as,barbed wire electrocuted panels,stationary guns and even mortars one,thing that definitely helps with the,loop as well the four episodes four,different locations it goes a long way,to keeping things fresh,when it comes to extra content then,sadly we are missing the paris episode,that came with the game of the year,edition also then the recent aftermath,release i believe that was half free,half paid on other platforms thats also,absent as well the paris bit especially,disappointing here though i will say at,least we still do get some good stuff,challenge mode first off then is simple,enough you choose normal or hard it,throws you into a location its a game,of survival the twist youve got a ball,that cannot be killed chasing you you,also have asthma so sprinting makes you,lose three percent health every second,finally of course expect a whole lot of,zombies its a cool spin on things and,you earn experience by doing it and that,goes for nearly everything in game also,your class levels up and the game gives,handy recommendations for like when you,should face that next difficulty two of,the initial five being locked away,finally pvp vc online multiplayer its,packing five modes thats going to be,swarm domination youll be capturing,zones as a team we get king of the hill,swarm deathmatch which is kill everyone,kind of mode and then scavenger raid and,vaccine hunt sadly though on day of,launch i only found one match and that,took nearly 20 minutes so id definitely,be wary if competitive online play is,something youre looking for basically,though my suggestion come here for the,co-op campaign thats the magic with,this one its designed to be replayed to,have you level up to dial up that,difficulty and then build out your class,and that is for sure addictive its,constantly rewarding every single action,you take problems wise outside of the ai,for your teammates at higher,difficulties i did notice a very slight,input lag it seems to be down to its,online design you do get used to it,though the game zombie ai then that can,also be a little unusual at times you,know they get stuck in the world in,certain locations and so on and then,again like its very light on creative,ideas what you do in the first mission,is the same in the last and character,skins they cant hide that id suggest,here a few episodes here and there,rather than long intense sittings to,give you an idea as well a single run,its gonna take you about six to seven,hours uneasy and thats if you die a few,times along the way,its a frame rate and its not bad when,you factor in just how much is going on,here you know were talking hundreds of,zombies on screen at each time and at,the end of each episode as the game,calls it youll see kill counts in the,hundreds to kind of reinforce that more,enclosed locations or even larger ones,with light zombie activity is gonna be,floating around 30 with slight,fluctuations above and below in,defensive moments though when the swarm,comes it can drop as low as 20. its,noticeable but at the same time with so,much bullet fighter on screen i wouldnt,say it was awful this is less a game of,shooting accurately and more game of,mowing down a sea of zombies with no,cross play though it should not go,against you with the online competitive,mode i did only get one game and there,it seemed to be a bit more stable around,that 30 mark,[Music],so graphically its okay theres a lot,going on in this world the swarms the,zombies are still absolutely impressed,though in the locations from moscow to,new york to tokyo they each impress and,definitely stand out the trade-off,though its a very soft image when,ducked pixelation is apparent popping,for open world moments as waves attack,its noticeable but its always in the,background beyond the players reach,more showing their approach path

World War Z New Update 1.0.7 on Nintendo Switch OLED Part 3 || Gyroscope Support

so guys worldwide z has received a new,update which is version 1.0.7,so guys over here you can see thats the,latest version,which is version 1.0.7,so guys on this update uh they have,added gyroscope,support and they have also,added a new graphic option such as,bloom uh most of motion blur,and,anti-aliasing,so lets go to the settings and,lets go to lets go to the video,tab,and over here you can see,these are the three,options,which has been added on this update,so we got,anti-aliasing,motion blur and bloom,as you can see,you can set it to,high,low,or you can just turn it off,im going to set it to high,and then im going to turn off,motion blur and im gonna turn on blue,and guys over here you can see,if you go to the,controls tab,you will see the gyroscope option,over here you can enable or disable,the gyroscope,lets now lets,[Applause],play this game,keep your arms and legs inside the,vehicle or they will be torn off and,eaten,weve arrived at the ninth circle of,hell please that gather yourself,thanks for the ride stevie,do we hug kiss or should i just quietly,watch you approach your ribbon of death,silence suits you best have fun with,your trains nutcase,vicar running towards it,maybe well make it to the river,yes reloading,[Applause],you shall be stop shooting,oh,[ __ ] the streets blocked,gotta find another way,[Applause],we cant stay out in the open,we got warehouses on the right down this,ramp,uh,reloading,its a cargo terminal look for a way,through,im reloading,[Applause],[Applause],screamer take him out,[Applause],[Applause],did yeah thanks take out that screamer,ammo break look out for the football,oh [ __ ],you shot me,drop that screamer,[Applause],runs ahead oh [ __ ],who shot me,[Applause],found a tunnel between the trains,nothing like tight spaces for fighting,zeke,im hearing zeke everywhere,reloading,time to get topside,oh,[Music],good enough,ah,[Music],[Music],reloading,[Applause],[ __ ],we cant get past this fence,ill take okay okay look around gotta be,a way out,check it out the strange tracks run,right under that gate,the train might smash right through the,gate,come tomorrow this is good itll need,momentum we got to back it up first,get to the train controls and start it,up,oh,[Applause],hurry,good job now,hey,get to the train controls and start it,up,fire in the hole,im okay,hey get to the train controls and start,it up,50 caliber this will chew him up,hey,get to the train controls,going to reverse it first,holy [ __ ] is that loud,high voltage,come on,get ready,give me back,oh,hold on trains almost there,down,the trains good send it through the,board,hit the damn control,send the tray through,right through the gate lets go,theres a tunnel opening in the floor,im going,[Applause],that never gets easier,oh god,smells disgusting,sewage and rotting zeke,lets go,just keep moving weve got to be closer,to e that point,good enough,roof collapsing here,climbing out,[Music],im good,what is this place,its a museum in the park,old monastery,if they get out were screwed,and on both,[Applause],sides everybody get together and well,go,[Applause],[Applause],ah,[Music],somebody open the gate,[Music],everybody good lets move,oh my god,where are we,keep your head down and follow the fence,this isnt looking good,keep moving,i see the eback point,army left auto turrets,capture them we can use the backup,watch out,[Applause],oh my god,they have nowhere to run,we are getting out of here but look for,another way,i see a vote its close,ships tied to a witch start it up,that aint good,[Music],is working,do not let them in here,so guys thank you for watching please do,like and subscribe

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