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Worth (2021) Netflix Movie Review

whats the value of a human life the new,netflix drama worth looks at that very,question amidst the backdrop of the,casualties from september 11th its a,tough subject to tackle in a movie but,is it worth checking out,[Applause],an attorney in washington dc battles,against cynicism bureaucracy and,politics to help the victims of 9 11.,worth stars michael keaton amy ryan and,stanley tucci now as you can imagine,this is a heavy movie its not a light,or casual watch in the slightest michael,keaton stars as attorney ken feinberg,who became the special master in the,settlement case to determine the amounts,of compensation that would be paid out,to the victims families of the september,11th attacks amy ryan is his partner at,the law firm and while shes good in,this i wanted to see more of her on,screen she gets to soften keatons,character and bring some humanity to him,even though hes not some cold and,detached monster hes doing his best to,keep emotion out of the equation so he,can do the job and i love that we,definitely see it affect ryans,character she feels the burden of their,undertaking as well as the sorrow and,grief that comes from listening to,peoples testimonies the standout for me,though was stanley tucci hes a man who,lost his wife in the attacks and is now,fighting to make sure that everyone is,treated fairly and with dignity in the,compensation process he finds massive,problems with the original formula to,determine a victims worth and his whole,drive is to have keaton correct it i,love that he understands that keatons,character is not really the bad guy but,hes just doing a job but i also love,their conversations as hes able to hold,keaton to a higher standard making him,question the job hes doing and if hes,truly being impartial as he believes and,there are powerful interactions that,take place through the two hour movie,sometimes portions do drag as we watch,montages play out or our characters sit,in contemplative moods but it doesnt,really take too much away from the,weight of the story the pace is slower,than you might anticipate even for a,drama and i did wish it moved a bit,faster during some portions just to move,the narrative along while not,sacrificing the heart of the story there,are portions that could be cut or even,shortened to get us back to the more,pertinent elements faster this has the,potential to frustrate and anger you and,i think thats part of its goal while,im not sure how many liberties were,taken with this story the truth that,its based on is still present and the,story is crafted in a way to get under,your skin i found myself shaking my head,and even talking at the tv a few times,because what seemed so obvious to me is,the right thing to do sometimes evaded,what the characters were thinking the,formulas are appalling but i also,understand the flawed logic that was,used to determine this really is a human,story driven by character accounts as,ryan and some of the other attorneys,conduct family interviews the content is,heartbreaking i wondered multiple times,if i were actually watching some of the,real families portray themselves because,the emotion was so raw and powerful its,hard not to tear up while hearing the,stories they are very impactful while i,was familiar with the september 11th,victim compensation fund i was unaware,of many details and also what all went,into crafting it and even the larger,government motive behind it so for me,this was eye-opening as the story moves,towards its climax there is a large,growing sense of urgency there is a time,limit the attorneys are up against as,well as an opt-in number the film does a,good job of building the tension and,anxiety to make the outcome very,dramatic because of the dour content i,can certainly understand why this wont,be on most watch lists the story is,touching and handled in a way that,brings light to the topic rather than,overly congratulating or condemning the,attorneys for what they did the real,reason though to watch this if you do,decide to check it out is for the,interactions between stanley tucci and,michael keaton there is a very powerful,quietness that exists between them when,they share the screen the characters are,at odds and yet its not personal all,the while being completely personal,their conversations and the deliveries,are spectacular to watch as two very,accomplished actors use their restraint,to craft dynamic and compelling,exchanges overall worth is a touching if,not slightly depressing drama that is,carried by amazing performances from,keaton ryan and tucci the story content,has the potential to put us in the bell,jar and leave us very saddened but the,humanity that is discovered and,expressed especially in the final act,helped to pull the narrative out of the,mire and leave us in a slightly more,positive and hopeful state than the,trajectory led us to believe while i,really enjoyed the performances and the,story is compelling this isnt something,i ever see myself revisiting the content,is just too heavy even though it is,interesting theres no sex or nudity,some profanity and descriptions of,horrible violence i give worth three and,a half out of five couches has this one,been on your radar to check out do you,gravitate towards the heavier dramas or,do you prefer to stay more in the,light-hearted realm let me know in the,comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like also dont,forget to share and subscribe im chris,this is movies and munchies thanks for,couching with me

Netflix’s Worth Ending Explained

[Music],worth is based on the true story of how,a washington-based lawyer kenneth,feinberged battled cynicism bureaucracy,and politics to help the victims and,families of those affected by 911s,[Music],with barely enough time to get the,requisite 80 percent of the victims on,board the government representative,realizes that he must change his tactics,but does he succeed,i will,and do the victims families accept what,the fund offers lets dig into the,dramatic ending of worth spoilers ahead,do the victims and their families accept,the fund faced with the overwhelming,pressure to collect the requisite 80,percent of victim signatories for the,fund to work and stave off economic,disaster and with only months left until,the deadline for families to sign up ken,finally holds a meeting with charles who,has rallied significant support in his,motions against the fund home after,drinking with the boys and i would say,had that three alarm go charles merely,tells ken that something needs to change,and the latter finally realizes that he,will have to look at the victims cases,individually instead of seeing them all,as numbers ask here if she was suffering,from any medical disabilities,rallying his team ken begins to study,and reach out to each of the victims,families but is only able to bring the,signatories up to 36 percent with a mere,three weeks left until the deadline i,want to sue the hell at everyone,but youre not the only ones left behind,the lawyers of wealthy victims led by,another attorney named lee quinn,meanwhile pressurized ken to raise the,amounts being granted to their clients,when ken sutley points this out to,charles the widower finally decides to,support the fund and begins to spread,the word that the fund has begun to take,the victims request seriously,cant kiss me goodbye,overnight there is a reversal of opinion,and kens office is flooded with signed,commitments from victims families,bringing the total to slightly above 95,percent the film then closes with,captions about how over seven billion,dollars were dispersed under the fund,and that ken and camille went on to work,on many other landmark compensation,cases,30 maybe 40.,me too,in the end thanks in no small part to,charles wolfes support an overwhelming,number of victims and their families,decide to support the fund and sign up,for it only everyone wants to have a,private meeting,why closing captions state that about 97,of them signed on to it far exceeding,the 80 benchmark needed for the fund to,succeed only 94 people out of over 7 000,who were eligible decided not to sign on,to the fund as is repeatedly emphasized,in the film most of the grieving,families are not concerned with the,amounts being offered but are instead,angered by the cold and calculated,approach taken by ken and the government,in response to their overwhelming loss,its strange mr feinberg is that fair,they also see right through the strategy,and realize that the fund has been,established to save airline companies,and not as a sympathetic gesture,therefore as ken realizes near the end,they overwhelmingly want to be treated,with dignity and respect which the,attorney finally does by handling each,case and its nuances individually,instead of merely looking at them in,terms of numbers okay,what have you got does charles wolf,commit to the fund what happens to,fixthefin.org in the end charles wolfe,does sign on to the fund though he also,points out that the typos on the forms,have still not been rectified are you in,front of fold 1984 you had,hair then,the empathetic approach employed by ken,near the end makes all the difference,and convinces charles that the attorney,is on their side and that he is,genuinely listening to the needs of the,victims as opposed to putting on a,sympathetic face for the benefit of the,government,so hard until he said another factor,that seemingly sways charles is his,deposition with lee quinn the attorney,leading the charge for suing the airline,companies charles realizes that lees,motives are much more self-serving and,that his only concern is to get as much,money as possible for his clients at the,expense of the fund failing and many of,the victims families possibly not,receiving any compensation,this system to treat us all with dignity,compared to that when ken admits that he,was partly driven by civic duty to do,whats right and begins to look at each,victims case individually charles,realizes that the fund should be,supported,dont be an idiot,can what is kenneth feinbergs formula,does he discard it in the end kens,formula which is one of the first,aspects of the fund he works on helps,him calculate the monetary value of the,compensations that each victims family,should receive seemingly made using life,insurance company payables and possibly,other indices the formula is widely,criticized by the grieving families as a,cold and discriminatory practice that,puts differing values on people,depending on their backgrounds,i know theres been an issue with in one,scene we actually see the formula at,work with ken calculating that the,family of the cfo that perished in the,tragedy would be entitled to over 14,million dollars in compensation while,the family of a janitor would get about,350 000.,as ken repeatedly tells his team and,anyone who questions his methods he has,a responsibility towards taxpayers whose,money the fund is essentially made of,and therefore has to use a clear and,objective method to calculate the,payouts he holds this principle till the,end and hence doesnt discard the,formula however he also realizes that,each case needs to have a personalized,approach and begins to examine the,victims circumstances individually this,involves him attempting to expedite,payouts in some cases or even,transferring them directly to college,tuition accounts for victims families,that need the money to pay for college,these facts and materials to a copy,center are you near one of those,you

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Annihilation Movie Review – Is the Challenging Watch Worth It?

hey everyone welcome to another Collider,video movie review Im Perry Nemiroff,and I am so happy to welcome a member of,the collider comm staff Hayley foutch to,the studio to talk about Alex Garlands,latest it is annihilation so for those,of you who dont know this is based on a,book and it stars Natalie Portman as one,of five scientists in this movie who,venture into an area called area X and,they are meant to explore strange,happenings going on there both of us,have read the book so Im gonna start,off with this how did what we get at the,beginning of this movie compared to what,you got from the book I really like,garlands adaptation of the book its,clear that hes not doing a straight,adaptation of course hes playing a,little free and loose with it and I like,what hes doing Ill just say as a book,fan it was a little hard for me to let,go of a couple things I really wanted to,see but I think if you are a book fan if,you can let that go once you sit down,and go with his version of it youre,gonna have a really good time I would,say I really appreciated the fact that,you could watch this movie you could,read that book and get similar but,vastly different experiences I was,shocked by how different the movie felt,compared to the book and really I think,that goes into what our next topic is as,the horror elements of the movie – so at,the beginning of the movie what I liked,most is it almost has a a disaster movie,type vibe where it sets up this build,before Natalie Portman goes into the,Shimer,then once we got in there then we got,some borderline horror genre type scare,sequences and you know ultimately kill,sequences thats not really a spoiler,because one of the interesting things,about the structure of the plot in this,movie is that they really lay out a lot,right at the beginning so you kind of,know where youre heading to a degree,yeah did that take away from the,suspense for you I wanted to talk about,this as well the structure of the film,tells you straight up in the first 15,minutes whos gonna live whos gonna die,and for me that works because garland is,creating an onscreen nightmare and,knowledge is fluid in a nightmare,the few kill sequences that we did get,were incredibly well shot riveting and,downright horrific there,one in particular and it is just such a,nightmarish eerie slow burn kind of,feeling before you actually get to the,violence and there are some visuals in,this movie one in particular that comes,to mind that can be extremely upsetting,for someone who is a little squeamish,for me that moment in particular really,got in my head so when you apply that,visual to whats happening to these,characters throughout the rest of the,film it is highly effective so even,though it is largely dialogue and,exploration based just the memory of,that and knowing what could be happening,beyond what you could see with your eye,yes highly disturbing well I think he,does this incredible thing were sure,the creature designs themselves are,fantastic and the sound design oh yeah,oh but I think what youre speaking to,is theres a psychological element of,the horror thats not just these people,are getting torn apart or wounded in,certain ways it messes with your head,its not just violence its its,internal violence as well you mentioned,the creatures and for the most part I,would say the VFX are on point here this,is a much bigger challenge than lets,say an ex machina which had exceptional,visual effect work but I think it was on,point for something like 75 percent of,the movie and it does go to the nature,of that landscape to where those colors,and the way that they do stylize some of,that stuff feels appropriate to the,setting that they give us its just it,felt a little unrealistic and this could,be me mirroring what the movie is all,about is that my brain cant entirely,process something that is so out of the,realm of possibility for us right I,think some of it comes across especially,towards the end as like an art piece,more than something you can readily,digest and you cant look at some of,this stuff and just go oh thats a scary,monster youre like what am i seeing,right now what am i seeing and what am i,hearing yeah oh that was a technical,technical unit the soundtrack the way,they transition between acoustic music,and you know crosby Stills and Nash and,then this really tech-driven,wah-wah-wah thats been in my head all,night so one of the last things we need,to discuss right now is just the,challenge of a movie youre probably,gonna hear that,a lot if you look up any kind of,information on annihilation another,annihilation review is that this isnt,an easy movie to watch this isnt a sit,back and relax and have the story and,whats going on fed to you,it requires engagement and Ill kick it,off you know we saw the movie together,last night and I walked out a little,frustrated where I couldnt quite wrap,my head around it and I didnt have some,sort of little something special at the,end to really take with me and to,understand and to chew on that I was,comfortable with but again it goes back,to what we were saying before that this,is something of another world this is,something that isnt natural on earth,that third act is going to be hugely,debated and I have to give Paramount all,the credit in the world for doing the,one-two punch of mother in this movie,thats like some swing and brass balls,and kudos I enjoy being challenged so I,like that this is not a third act that,hands it to you and says this is what,happened however I like having some idea,of what Im seeing happen and I havent,figured what that means for me yet I,still have a journey with this movie I,need to take I need a second rewatch I,think this is at least a two time,watching movie so were constantly,talking about that lately or at least to,me it feels like we are where some folks,are thinking you shouldnt have to watch,a movie more than once in order to,understand it that shouldnt be a,requirement but every so often you get a,movie where I think that adds a really,interesting unique layer to and I think,this might be the case I think if you go,into it the first time not demanding,answers demanding an experience if you,want to be scared or you want to have,your mind expanded or challenged a,little bit great one watch will do it if,youre the type of person who wants to,figure out what that means to you figure,out what it meant to the director and,what hes trying to say youre gonna,need time alright so I dont treat my,guests nicely pressure on you first what,is your score to then I think you really,hit the nail on the head that its,probably going to change for right now,its its right at maybe an eighth but a,second viewing may bump that up to a,nine may take it down to a,yeah right now I think Im in that seven,thats seven space and yeah it could go,up could go down Im very curious to,find out so there is no doubt I will be,seeing this again Im going Thursday,night really yeah yeah I might be there,with you briefly where can everyone find,you on the internet I am on Twitter at,at hey Leif ouch,I am on instagram at haystack made,groovy and highly recommend checking all,that out you guys know you can keep an,eye on the channel for more reviews news,coverage everything so please like and,share this video and we will see you,soon with more movie reviews,[Music]

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Is Juno Worth Remembering?

i think its safe to say that juno is a,cultural touchstone of the 2000s the,film released in 2007 under searchlight,pictures a subsidiary of fox at the time,who focused on producing independent,films and giving them wider releases,they had a string of successes in the,2000s with films like napoleon dynamite,little miss sunshine and 500 days of,summer and sandwich between all those,was juno i personally was born just a,little bit too early for juno so i,didnt see the film when it first came,out i barely knew anything about it,beyond the iconography of sunny d and,bleekers track outfit i didnt see the,film myself until 2014 and the only,reason i watched it is because my,girlfriend at the time was head over,heels for it while i can honestly say i,really enjoyed it and found it charming,it didnt really leave much of an,impression on me beyond that but for,whatever reason,juno climbed its way back into the,forefront of my mind over the course of,the past year i really wondered how well,the film had aged and whether or not it,could still resonate today or whether we,should just leave it as a relic of its,time whether or not it was even worth,remembering so i rewatched the film and,now i feel like i can confidently say,that,yeah it is worth remembering and im,shocked that people dont talk about it,more i will admit the first 10 minutes,or so had me worried that this film aged,like milk like the amount of quirkiness,right off the bat hits with the force of,a frying pan to the head and to be fair,this film was a part of the era of,independent filmmaking that helped,define the aesthetics and overall,feeling often associated with the words,indie film you know films about strange,characters from small town america who,have oddly specific tastes in music so a,certain level of quirkiness is to be,expected going into a film like this and,i feel like giving it a bit of a break,might be warranted considering how,seminal it was for its time i loved the,music choice and i didnt mind the,graphics in the opening credits it was,just that every time characters started,talking the dialogue was outlandish and,immediately off-putting this is one,doodle that cant be undid home skillet,what on this blog ive taken like three,pregnancy tests and i am for shiz up the,spot im not sure if i just settled in,more as things moved along or what but,thankfully this gets ironed out pretty,quickly as the plot gets going in fact,its weird to think that those first 10,minutes are even a part of the film at,all given how great the filmmaking is,otherwise the directing is confident,featuring sweeping shots some longer,takes and some clever visual,storytelling that ill talk about later,all this on top of the naturalistic and,often warm cinematography makes the,world of the film feel both unique and,immersive it makes complete sense to me,why people would find this world so,captivating especially when it released,a lot like the cinematography the,performances here feel very natural,across the board everybody just sort of,slips into their characters regardless,of some of the more recognizable faces,in the cast but of course the standout,performance comes from elliott page as,juno in a recent interview elliot page,talked about how the height of his juno,fame was a particularly dysphoric time,for him which i i literally cannot begin,to comprehend what feelings he probably,harbors for juno given what was going on,in his life at the time and just for the,plain fact that juno was his breakout,role especially given the film subject,matter but i think knowing that is,really just a testament to how good his,performance is outside of junos,clothing which i now know is just stuff,that elliot paige mostly picked out from,second-hand stores thanks to that recent,interview i just referenced its hard to,tell how much of juno as a character is,written or ad-libbed how much the,character is performed or authentic and,i dont think theres a higher,compliment you could give an actor than,that especially since a character like,juno is really easy to make unlikable,shes extremely witty and almost never,takes her situation as seriously as she,probably should but i think this is an,example of that kind of character done,right juno is portrayed with a lot more,nuance than this type of character,usually gets her wittiness isnt purely,utilized for humor its also very,revealing there are scenes where shes,cracking funny jokes for the sake of the,audience but in some scenes it gives us,a glimpse into how naive she is and in,others it shows how this wit is often,used as a coping mechanism how it,abruptly appears in tense moments so she,doesnt have to dwell on negative,feelings and how she uses it as a veneer,so she doesnt have to be emotionally,honest with the people she cares about,this nuance made it very easy for me to,get emotionally invested in juno and,again a lot of this is due to the,performance but i think this subtle,nuance is present in every aspect of the,film and the way it tells its story much,like junos character its easy to,picture how the entire concept of,telling a story about a pregnant 16 year,old could go horribly wrong especially,in the 2000s hell wed only have to wait,two years after junos release to see,just how bad that could get with things,like mtv16 and pregnant and its,spin-off teen mom i think the absolute,highest praise i can give this movie is,that it is restrained it is a simple,lighthearted and widely appealing story,that doesnt ham up its subject matter,to try and pry out every last drop of,emotion it can from its audience it is,much more methodical and like i said,subtle but that doesnt mean the film is,devoid of substance the film is simple,but deceptively so in fact not only does,this film have some genuinely,emotionally impactful moments but i,think it manages to give a lot of,poignant commentary on the subject of,teen pregnancy through visuals and,implication alone stuff like junos,beat-up van juxtaposed against wealthy,suburban houses or her interaction with,a rude clinic employee and the deafening,sounds of anxious ticks all around her,or a shot of her walking through a crowd,which when first shown displays that,juno is struggling to get through its,very claustrophobic and later that shot,gets repeated when shes eight months,pregnant showing her parting a sea of,people or stuff like the adoptive,fathers slow change of wardrobe,throughout the film or a horrible,conversation between said adoptive,father and juno that has some really,dark implications and allows the,audience to imagine how much worse it,could possibly get if no one intervenes,which is so tense and powerful the fact,that the film manages to balance heavy,themes without sacrificing its fun and,good-natured tone really speaks to how,well done this film truly is and i think,the glue that tonally holds these puzzle,pieces together is the soundtrack what,else is there really to say about juno,soundtrack its an excellent selection,of songs which are utilized to near,perfection the songs,capture the essence of the film so well,that you really cant picture the film,without them theres a reason why this,soundtrack was so massively successful,even beyond the immediate popularity of,the film and thats because its just so,damn good if i had any major complaints,about juno it would be those clunky and,downright embarrassing first 10 minutes,of dialogue and the fact that we never,really get to know much about the,adoptive mother as a character shes,very integral to the storys ending in a,way that i wont spoil here but given,where she ultimately ends up it would,have been nice to know something about,her other than that she desperately,wants to be a mom with how well the film,handles characterization in other areas,it sticks out like a sore thumb that a,character this important feels so one,note but overall i can not stress enough,how easily this film could have come out,shallow blunt manipulative stigmatizing,and or overly dramatize

The Overlooked: Firefox – Movie Review Worth Checking Out

oh what a beautiful day this is nice,[Music],[Music],the Internet has lots of sites and,channels dedicated to two types of,movies the really good or the really bad,either the classics the cream of the,crop or the long-forgotten terrible,straight to VHS garbage that are so bad,theyre good but what about the decent,the solid movies the ones that people,like but never really became classics,these are this is a group of movies I,just like some of them are really good,movies that just arent well remembered,and some of them are just for me,these are movies you may not have,thought about in decades or it may be a,secret favorite or youll take the time,to write a 20-point screed in the,comments telling me why Im so wrong if,so get some therapy up on the docket,today is Firefox no not that you kids,dont know nothing about movies or,browsers everyone knows the best one,right now is Chrome,all hail our Google overlords Firefox,was produced and directed by Clint,Eastwood in 1982 this cold war-era story,of the u.s. stealing a futuristic jet,from the Soviets was made on a budget of,about 21 million and 20 million of it,was special effects while those effects,are certainly dated today there is a,certain charm about them John Dykstra,was really able to give you a sense of,speed and that was difficult at the time,Clint Eastwood who also directed and,produced the movie plays Mitchell Gant a,former Vietnam vet who got shot down and,captured over North Vietnam as he was,being transported in a bamboo cage he,sees a little girl who smiles at him,moments later as hes being rescued the,Americans napalm the area he watches the,girl get roasted before its eyes,so he has issues hes probably the best,pilot ever earned speaks Russian thanks,to his Russian mother the first part of,the story details Gants infiltration,into Moscow with the help from,dissidents to get him to where the plane,is located this part of the film is,taught and it takes its time at first he,enters the country impersonating an,American businessman when he meets the,dissidents along with the real,businessman to make the switch the real,guy is immediately killed by the,dissidents and dumped into the river,with Ganz papers ganz is understandably,unnerved and his PTSD isnt helping,matters constantly dodging the KGB hes,tracked by a Soviet colonel played by,Captain oh excuse me Admiral Piett he,switches I daddys a few times and,finally gets to where the plane is being,stored and upgraded,[Music],[Music],the various scientists that built it are,Jewish and they know the Soviets are,only mildly nicer to Jews than the Nazis,rather than good whatever hellhole they,know theyre going to send them they,decide to help the Americans by getting,damp to the plain even though they know,it will mean their lives,once the gantt gets to the plane the,second half is a fun ride through the,wintery Ural Mountains a different kind,of cat and mouse game ensues as Gant,attempts to fool the Russians say hes,going south and then heads north to meet,up with a submarine to get refueled on,an ice floe and finally culminates into,a dogfight with another firebox this,movie is steeped in Cold War intrigue,and doesnt pull any punches on the loss,of life people get murdered executed or,just commit suicide all defeat the evil,commies remember when Hollywood knew,communism was evil now they pay the bail,of those commies that burn down cities,anyhow the special effects were done by,Star Wars legend John Dykstra after,working on the Empire Strikes Back and,seeing the issues with trying to make,spaceships look okay against a light,background he came up with a new method,called reverse blue screen as I,understand it he coats the model with a,special paint and then filmed it under a,blacklight causing it to glow and make,the perfect matte there would be a blue,Matt against a black background rather,than the other way around this allowed,him to film the model against the blue,skies and white clouds not to mention,the snowy mountains without having to,make the jet transparent the results,were really great for the time,the movie is a perfect Flints character,has very little character art the PTSD,has never really addressed other than,something that flares up occasionally,like sciatica for the first half of the,movie he doesnt have much agency other,than accepting the mission he gets West,from place to place hiding from the KGB,and basically laying the distance to all,the work for him it isnt until he gets,in the cockpit that he can really move,the story as the protagonist he does,make a mistake when he knocks the pilot,out to take his place he decides not to,kill this pilot and that proves a,problem when the pilot comes after him,in a second fire box theres a nice,little dogfight but of course Clint wins,blows him out of the sky it takes the,plane to freedom I like that the,dissidents lost their lives trying to,make this happen,the stakes are clear the story is,straightforward,this isnt Clints best but you can do a,lot worse so if you want to watch,something different you might give it a,try its a solid movie you just need a,couple more story and character beads to,make it something special well thats,all for this weeks overlooked tune in,next week when well I can say its,strong to the finish,[Music],you

Worth | Michael Keaton | Netflix | Deadline.com Film Review

looking right,now oh my god,[Music],well the 20th anniversary of the attack,against the world trade center and the,pentagon and this country is coming up,on september 11th and among the many,programming and other things youre,going to see,is finally the premiere of a movie that,appeared first at the sundance film,festival in 2020 a year and a half ago,or even longer it is baffling to me,having seen it now why it has taken this,long but netflix is going to release,this on september 3rd a few days before,the anniversary of 9 11 and it seems,like a very appropriate time for this,movie finally to get its spotlight and,spotlight it deserves it is a,sensational movie it really is good,among the producing entities producers,of best picture winners like 12 years a,slave and spotlight and you can see that,there is a lot of intention here of,telling a heartbreaking story really and,a fascinating story in a way thats got,a human touch that will leave you,thinking about this movie and also,appreciating what it has to say about,human beings and their ability to come,to the table as it were and be a good,person and that is who is at the center,of this ken feinberg this is all based,and inspired by his 2007 memoir he is,played here magnificently by michael,keaton this is a perfect role and he,really understands this guy ken feinberg,was assigned hes a lawyer and a,mediator assigned to run the september,11th victim compensation fund now a,movie about a victim compensation fund,doesnt exactly sound compelling at the,outset but boy is this one ever here is,a story about a guy whos dealing with,numbers dealing with calculations,basically having to decide what is a,life work based on what they did what,they made in their lives what became of,it these victims of the 9 11 attacks,what does their families get and can you,put it in in the term of numbers my wife,died that day and everything about this,formula offends me sorry to hear that,but we cant bend the rules for every,case why not congress gives you broad,discretion but when seven thousand,citizens ask you not to be treated like,some numbers on the spreadsheet you act,like that law came down from sinai,well he comes in basically as a numbers,guy calculating all of this and how this,will be done now he has many many months,actually it started shortly after the,attack and it went right to the end of,2003 when he finally had to make this,fund work and its quite suspenseful as,they try to get more and more families,to sign on to this which is not easy and,the movie very smartly focuses a lot on,the survivors the people left behind on,the people who died in it we hear their,stories many from the real people,themselves the film director sarah,colangelo and writer max bornstein,includes many of the stories from the,real people and we see them on screen,here and thats effective here too,although a lot of the characters that,are played by actors here are composites,that were dealt with by uh ken feinberg,in real life but to protect them and,protect their names they have been,fictionalized in that sense but really,powerfully done here,i know the rules,state law says we were nothing to each,other,but im the one he called,before the end,so its their stories that are weaved in,and out and it is the evolution of the,thinking of ken feinberg and his,associate here amy ryan plays camille,barros and they have been through this,before with other things and theyre,sort of like the bureaucracy as they,start but then they really see the angst,and what goes on here and maybe it is,too soon to treat these people as,dealing with numbers really good acting,all the way down the line here as we see,this play out here not just from michael,keaton but i was really impressed with,stanley tucci playing charles wolfe now,he is a real character here a community,organizer who lost his wife on 9 11 and,is really standing up to ken feinberg,here wanting a lot of changes in the,plan here and really pushing him and,developing a following to see that he is,someone himself that is far more trusted,than ken feinberg was by these people,who feinberg needed to cooperate in this,effort here to complete the fund tucci,is just great and his scenes with,michael keaton are excellent amy ryan is,excellent in this too as is janori,ramanathan who plays priya another,associate who is really looking to,instill in ken feinberg a kind of human,touch to get him to have empathy here i,was most impressed however by laura,benanti the great broadway star who was,playing a heavily dramatic role of karen,donato the widow of a fireman who died,on 9 11 and man is she really good and,she and her brother-in-law here nicely,played by chris tardio as frank they are,against this whole thing and they are a,standing up basically to ken feinberg,and and and just want no part of this of,putting it all into numbers and,particularly tardios of frank donato he,knows more than he should know and it,gets more complicated there its just,one of the very human stories that we,see in this but one that you will not,forget and you will not forget this,performance of laura benanti who just,knocks it out of the park here many good,actors also in this movie from talia,blossom and mark maron and tate donovan,exceptional cast exceptional story,really powerful story i do not,understand why it took a year and a half,for this to finally come to light but it,does it just shows you its not easy out,there folks making independent movies,and getting them sold and getting them,seen well worth is definitely worth the,wait no question about that and worth,having been made here really impressed,with this movie i really liked it its,one of the years best as a matter of,fact and i urge you to see it,it will be on netflix,september 3rd check it out i say watch,[Music],you

WORTH is a disrespectful cash grab movie from Netflix! – Movie Review

worth an attorney in washington d.c,battles against cynicism bureaucracy and,politics to help the victims of 9 11.,the film stars michael keaton amy ryan,and stanley tucci and its a netflix,movie if youve been on this channel,before you know ive been saying for a,long time netflix generally dont make,good movies they just dont they make,okay movies and terrible movies thats,what theyve done all year long so can,worth book the trend before we jump into,the video id really appreciate if you,give me one little favorite jump below,this video hit that subscribe button,maybe even a notification bell as well,for new content every tuesday thursday,and saturday and all being said lets,jump into the review so this movie is,centered around the aftermath of 9 11.,more specifically the families of the,victims of that tragic event its based,around the guy who was trying to put,together a formula,to come up with the compensation,for the families of the victims just,straight away the story if you only look,at it as a story for a movie you say,thats a weak story in the first place,its not a whole lot to build an entire,movie off but my other issue with this,movie its similar to what i said about,that new movie about ted bundy not too,long ago in a certain aspect 911 was one,of the most tragic events thats ever,happened in my lifetime an event that,even though i was a kid when it happened,it sent shockwaves around the world and,i will never forget the tragic events of,that day but it gets to the point with a,movie like this where you have to wonder,is this movie,disrespectful to those families now i,know its about their struggle,afterwards but,now were getting to the point where,were,really stretching out that event,in terms of movie making were now going,to the bare balls of what can we still,make a movie about about this event that,will make money basically thats what,this movie is its trying to make money,off the back of a tragic event which is,kind of just despicable i know theyre,trying to highlight,an,interesting event afterwards of how they,came up with the,remuneration for for the victims but,is that a story that needs to be told is,there a big audience going oh i wonder,how they calculated the money for the,victims,of that event its such a weird thing to,go into on a movie if you look at it,just as a movie just from a story,perspective the story is very,very weak and stretched over two hours,the basic of the story,is,this lawyer is assigned by the president,to come up with a way to figure out the,value or the worth of someones life and,the families of the victims of 9 11,are not happy when they come up in a,formula which just makes everybody a,number but michael keaton then when he,sees some people,face to face,his heart grows i guess and then he,starts treating people like people and,then everybodys happy its a week week,story which is propped up heavily,by great performances from all the,actors involved michael keaton amy ryan,stanley tocci in particular theyre all,very good in their particular roles at,what theyre given so as ive said,story was weak it wasnt terribly told,but it wasnt a whole lot to tell the,performances are good the filmmaking in,general was,there was a lot of abrupt cuts there was,a really droning music throughout the,background of almost every scene the,opera scene was weird overall i didnt,particularly think the filmmaking itself,was particularly good either but id be,very very interested to know your,opinions on worth am i crazy for,thinking this is disrespectful to the,victims of the event thats just netflix,trying to cash grab let me know your,thoughts in the comment section below so,when it comes down to a rating i wasnt,a big fan of this one its not the worst,movie ive seen its definitely not the,worst movie netflix ive made but for me,its a 3 out of 10 movie with all it,being said and done thank you so much,for watching

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