1. SILENT! 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xE Review
  2. 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Review | A More Efficient Wrangler? | Price, Driving Impressions & More
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SILENT! 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xE Review

[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],im jacob im yuri and were going for a,drive,[Music],2021 jeep wrangler unlimited rubicon 4,by e without launch control full,electric only,lots of crazy sounds have not kicked,into the gas yet,dont press too hard because youll kick,in the gas,horsepower and torque a combined 375,horsepower,470 pound-feet of torque from a turbo,two-liter four-cylinder with two,electric motors,so obviously on that launch we were not,getting those power figures yeah were,in full electric mode but if im in full,electric mode cruising about 15 i floor,it,gas engine kicks in and theres quite a,bit of lag there we go,but considering this is like the first,electrical jeep,i kind of dont expect too much out of,it i pretty much expect a direct,conversion of pacifica,hybrid minivan yeah so this is a plug-in,hybrid its not a full electric so you,can plug it in and go about 35,kilometers or 21 miles on pure,electricity which is really nice this,would be really cool if you were just,like cruising at wasega,no doors no roof fully electric quiet so,you can hear the music at full blast,and for those not from ontario or the,gta wasaga just means the beach thats,like ontarios jersey shore,sort of yeah that doesnt exist anymore,because it burned down yes well,the fun part burnt down yeah the good,part of what sega is done i remember,going to the arcades and stuff yeah well,i was kind of a kid its lock cars too,yeah yeah and if this isnt your first,jeep review that youve watched from us,its probably time to subscribe to our,channel its definitely time because,were gonna have the va one soon,hopefully,and youre gonna watch that anyways,youre definitely gonna watch it but,well get it so what do we get looks,wise that makes this different than a,regular jeep,blue badges yuri and blue toy hooks yo,blue means electric,yeah oh jeep ready ready for jeep wait,wait wait,yeah we got this uh freedom top which is,the one touch one which is,called the freedom top its called i,honestly forget what its called its,the one that you can,cross sunroof which is the best one with,the automatic button yeah,so now ill throw it into e-save to,store some battery for when you drive,okay so we have three different drive,modes yuri what are the other two,hybrid and electric this is very,self-explanatory,and i feel like toyota can take a page,out of fc or sorry stolancis book,because those are the easiest electric,drive modes ever,and then whats this electricity button,here we got so its a battery button,which is your max regen so if you press,it its like having like a paddle,shifter that just gives you max regen,so you dont have to use the brakes as,much its pretty much brake regen when,if you have it off theres no brake,regen yeah its like one pedal driving,but not quite as harsh as one pedal,driving,and since its electric what does it,sound like from the outside,[Music],and then in the infotainment if we click,on our hybrid electric pages,we can then go to esave and then within,esa we can pick battery save or battery,charge very simple electric car stuff,but theres no fun gimmicks like that,ford that had the butterflies,and the e-golf that had the really good,brake monitoring thing or whatever,no this is just function which is,realistically what a jeep is yeah but it,does add a lot,to the price tag of the jeep yeah it,does but we got a little off track lets,get back to the looks,okay we have the 4xe badge at the very,back or by e,yuri and and on the hood which actually,looks kind of cool,and i do you like it its kind of cool,im wondering what theyre gonna do when,its like a full electric,is there gonna be four by e uh theyre,gonna retire this,i dont know and then weve got the,trail rated badge in blue as well,yes so its all electric blue thats the,color code,is it actually yeah yeah i mean its,cool that the tow hooks like thats what,you should look for if youre looking,for electric jeeps on the road yeah,just look at the tow hooks and then our,headlights and everything else is pretty,much exactly the same as every other,jeep i feel like these headlights arent,as,circle brightness as the other ones,weve driven yeah they still do have the,outlines but they dont seem to be as,bright maybe its just in our heads but,okay and most importantly is there,orange wires under the hood,oh you know it next to the charging port,because yeah we got a charging port,up front thatll charge in about two,hours and it is all waterproof its all,as capable as a regular jeep,because this is a rubicon at the end of,the day and they did not put the battery,pack underneath the car,they actually put it behind these seats,so if you lift the seats which they had,to re-engineer you can actually see the,whole battery pack yeah i guess thats,kind of interesting because,most people put the battery at the,bottom for better handling and all that,stuff and lower center of gravity but,they cant do with this in the jeep,because you need to be able to crawl,over stuff and you really dont want to,puncture that,yeah but as a passenger i dont know how,comfortable i feel sitting on a large,battery pack but like in a normal car,if your battery pack goes on the floor,youre going to get roasted anyways if,you dont get out quick yeah,i guess it doesnt matter i think i,dont really know how batteries on fire,works but i know its not good no,so these wheels do they look electric,key to you or do they just look,electrically to me,yeah i think just to you i think they,just look like pretty decent looking,rubicon wheels,and what would be the continental,recommended tire for an electric jeep,the terrain contact 80.,okay so im going to end this off with a,little bit hybrid full sand into cliche,corner,okay in hybrid you get a lot more kick,out of it yeah you do,and the handling is pretty wobbly,because its a rubicon it just feels,like a jeep,and the bump took that very well quite,soft,transmission did not like that,what did the transmission do i floored,and didnt really do anything okay so,the power cut on the traction control i,dont know if its traction control,or hybrid plus electric working together,theres a lot of stuff going on but,maybe if i had traction off it would,have gone better but its pretty much,just normal jeep through cliche corner,yeah i did notice some weird stuff with,the powertrain which ill get to when i,drive,right now,full hybrid launch without traction,control,brake boost,there there it is 68 kilometers an hour,this thing starts pulling hard yeah wow,okay so theres nothing down low but,then all of a sudden it really boosts,you so on highway driving,its actually a very rewarding hybrid,system yeah because i find this engine,and overall powertrain to be kind of,coarse this is our first experience with,this two liter four cylinder,and the transition between the gas and,the battery,is kind of like its not the smoothest,thing ever so if i floor it right now,while driving and yes im in hybrid mode,im going to floor and see what happens,theres like a bunch of stuff happening,in the middle there so lets use this,oddly feeling power train to send into,cliche corner and yeah this steering is,so,vague its its still a jeep but jeeps,are fast through cliche oddly enough,they kind of are and i do have the,traction off so lets see if it does,that transmission thing you were,complaining about oh no it just,understeers,thats good thats better than uh,bogging down i guess so not maybe not,for safety but for wanting to do what,you want to do,it definitely understeers like crazy and,this is a rubicon so we do have the big,33-inch tires,kind of makes sense but okay i remember,ripping that other wrangler what was it,it was the uh the long ugly uh thing no,the,that was the big one no that one was,good the met the it was the gladiator,yeah the gladiator mojave was really,sick through cliche corner but then we,also had that blue one the diesel was,awesome,those were faster than i think a lot of,pickup trucks yeah

2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Review | A More Efficient Wrangler? | Price, Driving Impressions & More

,TRAVIS LANGNESS: Look, its a Wrangler with a plug.,This is the all new Jeep Wrangler 4 by E,or 4 x E, or four bye.,Whatever you call it.,Its the first ever plug-in hybrid version,of the Jeep Wrangler.,And if youre thinking, its more environmentally friendly,,and its going to make you feel less guilty at the pump,,you may want to think again.,For this particular Wrangler to make any sense at all,,you have to be able to plug it in every single day.,Well, not every single day.,I mean it helps.,But what were going to do in this video is take a closer,look at the 4 by E, were going to see what its efficiency is,like, what kind of MPG does it get,,were looking at acceleration and test results.,And were going to see how this hybrid plug-in power,train affects it when you take it off road.,Is the Wrangler 4 by E for you?,Do you want a fully electric version?,Or would you just rather go with the 392 V8?,Let us know in the comments below.,And four more videos like this, click Like and Subscribe.,And to get a cash offer on your car today,,go to edmunds.com/sellmycar.,Pretty simple, right?,,So there is the standard V6, then theres,the turbo charged 2 liter engine,,then theres the 392 V8, then theres the EcoDiesel,,then theres this, the 2 liter turbo charged four cylinder,with the plug-in hybrid.,Thats five powertrains and thats,not even including the mild hybrid version,of the standard V6.,Who is this specific powertrain for?,The Rubicon we have here has all sorts of off-road goodies,,stuff like disconnecting front sway bar,and locking front rear differentials, big tires too.,It can go pretty much anywhere off road.,But in this configuration, its priced closer to 60 grand.,And with all the options that we have here, its over $65,000.,That is not cheap.,So how does it do at the pump?,Does it redeem itself?,Well, thats why I say you have to plug this in every day.,You get about 20 miles of electric range,before you start using this like a traditional hybrid,,like a Prius.,Just drives with the engine and batteries combined.,But after that, its only rated at 20 MPG combined by the EPA.,Thats the third worst rating in the entire Wrangler,lineup, beaten only by the V6 with the manual and the 392 V8.,Every other Wrangler you can buy is more efficient.,So you have to plug it in every day for it to make sense.,Thankfully, to offset some of the high price of entry,,the 4 by E is eligible for a number of tax rebates,and incentives, including the $7,500 federal rebate.,But those arent price deductions.,They can depend on your tax situation.,So you wont see that discount up front.,So for this hybrid power train to work,,its got to rely a lot on that electricity,if it wants to beat out the standard V6,or the turbo charged four cylinder.,And honestly, that little bit of range,is perfect for someone like, well, me.,So the distance from my home to the Edmunds office,is about 5 miles, which means five days a week,I could drive to and from work, even run a few errands,,without ever relying on gasoline.,I could do it on electricity alone,just plugging in and charging at night,,or realistically plugging in and charging at the office,because my apartment building doesnt have any charging,infrastructure.,Thanks a lot, Los Angeles.,Electricity isnt free, but for me it,would save me a lot of money.,I mean, these Wranglers arent exactly fuel sippers.,The most efficient one in the lineup is the diesel,,and thats only ready to 25 MPG combined.,So if you want to save a little bit of coin,and feel like youre being environmental on the weekdays,and then take it to the trails on the weekends,,this might be the right powertrain choice for you.,[MUSIC PLAYING],,The 4 by E has to be more than a convenience.,It has to drive well too.,Apples to apples, when you compare an unlimited Rubicon,to this Rubicon with the 4 by E power train,,its a $10,000 price difference.,And its going to take you a lot of charges,to make up that difference when it comes to the cost of fuel.,So how does it drive?,Really well.,This thing has more power than anything in the Wrangler lineup,with the exception of the 392 V8.,And its got the same amount of torque,as the V8, 470 pound feat.,That is a lot for a vehicle of this size.,Now the 4 by E weighs a lot more too.,Its 700 pounds more than our old long term Wrangler,unlimited Rubicon.,And it tops out over 5,200 pounds, which is really heavy.,But it has the benefit of calming down,the Wranglers kind of wild steering that,wonders on the freeway.,And it gives it more stability, ironically,,makes it feel better when handling around corners.,There seems to be less body roll because those batteries are,mounted low and in the floor and that extra heft really helps,the way this vehicle drives.,Now its hard for me to tell if theres more or less road,noise in this particular model because weve,got the optional convertible top, which is a $4,000 extra,by the way helping get this one to $66,000.,But its pretty quiet.,At city speeds, you dont hear the turbo four grinding along.,Its not as noisy as the V6, especially not the V8.,And on the highway, really youre,not hearing the engine at all.,What youre hearing is wind noise over the top, wind,noise in the front, those are kind,of trademarks of the Wrangler.,And theyre compromises youre going to have to make.,Up against much less expensive vehicles,like the CRV and the CX5, youre trading comfort,for capability in this case.,Obviously standard crossovers cant even,dream of going places the Wrangler can.,But when it comes to the pricing,,those are going to be around 35, maybe 40,when theyre topped out.,This one goes into a whole different echelon.,And that has a lot to do with how many available powertrain,options you have, and just how capable this vehicle is.,Its definitely the most comfortable version,of the Wrangler I think, this 4 by E.,But that doesnt make it comfortable in the class.,Sure, its closer to crossovers.,But its still a Wrangler, which I kind of like.,,Now the interior is pretty much as youd,expect from a Wrangler.,Its not a lot of different stuff on the 4 by E. Sure,you get some blue stitching to match the blue stickers,on the outside.,There are a couple of buttons to control the EV functions.,But really, everything is what youd expect in here.,Its big chunky knobs.,Its the feeling that this interior could hold up,to abuse over time.,Its not luxurious, or plush.,But there are nice materials.,The steering wheel feels nice and chunky.,Its made out of good material.,Theres soft touch points for your elbow.,Static, the Wrangler is not an uncomfortable vehicle.,Its just when you get it out on the highway,and get it going a little bit that things get,less comfortable than average.,How it drives on the highway is all well and good,,but really this is a Wrangler.,So you know what its time to do.,Its time to take it off road.,,Look.,,Its a place with dirt.,And its really windy today.,Ah, the feeling of home for the Wrangler, right?,Its a place with dirt, and obstacles,,and its not just home for the Wrangler but for me too.,I like dirt.,Look, whatever.,The Wrangler likes it out here.,And the question is does the 4 by E,have the same capability as other Wranglers?,In short, yeah.,It does.,Ziggurat?,Duh.,,Or if you just want to leave the campsite without waking anybody,up, you can do that in V mode too.,Sleep tight, animals.,I love you, animals.,Can you put it two wheel drive mode and drift it?,Hell yeah you can.,[MUSIC PLAYING],,If you want to know what the Wrangler in Rubicon trim,can do, I mean pretty much watch any,of our other Rubicon videos, the Diesel, the regular Rubicon,,the 392.,This is one of the most capable off-road vehicles,that money can buy.,And while it is lacking in comfort on road, off road,,it actually has more comfort than you would expect.,It soaks up bumps better.,You just air down the tires a little bit,and you can go over pretty much anything.,And the 4 by E has an interesting kind of leg,up on some of its

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Ford Bronco vs. Jeep Wrangler 4xe: Head-to-Head Comparison

TRAVIS LANGNESS: The Jeep Wrangler,has been the king of off-roading for a long time,and with good reason.,It can go places other vehicles cant even dream of,,and it does so in a relentless pursuit,of being really good off road while sacrificing,some on-road comfort, no matter what Jeep Wrangler,owners will tell you.,Uncomfortable, loud?,Ill show you uncomfortable and loud.,Ill take the doors off and throw them in a river for good.,(SLOW MOTION) In a river for good.,But no reign as the king of off-roaders can last forever,,and that is where the Ford Bronco comes in.,[MUSIC PLAYING],,This thing is aimed right at the heart of the Jeep Wrangler.,It comes in 2- and 4-door configurations,just like the Wrangler, a soft top and hardtop configurations,just like the Wrangler.,These two are competing to see which,one is the best SUV for you and which one will get,all of your off-roading cash.,Speaking of cash, if you want a cash offer on your car today,,go to edmunds.com/sellmycar.,[LAUGHS] King of segue.,I bet you didnt see that one coming.,Aside from trophy truck stuff, things like the RAM TRX,and the Ford F-150 Raptor, the Bronco and the Wrangler,are the best off-roaders you can currently buy.,And why?,Well, like trucks, theyre built on body-on-frame construction.,Theyve got four-wheel drive, knobby tires, great approach,and departure angles, locking differentials,,tons of articulation.,The list goes on and on.,But these things will go places that nothing else will.,f And more than just getting to those tough places,or going up steep rock hills, we want,to know what theyre like on their way there.,Are they comfortable?,Do they soak up bumps?,But then what are they like when they get there?,Whats the articulation like?,How easy is it to switch out of two-wheel drive,into four-wheel drive?,Et cetera, et cetera.,And weve got tests for all of those things,,including that bump factor.,,These off-roaders aint cheap.,Sure, the Bronco and the Wrangler start under $30,000,,or at least thats what the brochures tell you,,but thats before you include destination, which,is part of the price of the vehicles,,and before you option them up to be able to take on any off road,obstacle you come across.,The Bronco we brought out is our first edition long-termer.,We keep it in our fleet for a year and test it.,If you havent seen our video on that,,go ahead and click the link to check it out,,but it is basically the most expensive Bronco,you can currently get aside from the Raptor, which isnt out,yet.,So to compete with it, we had to get,a pretty well-equipped Wrangler, which is what we have.,We got the Wrangler Rubicon 4XE which is the Rubicon version.,Thats the basically most affordable version,of the Wrangler, and the 4XE means its a plug-in hybrid.,Now, we could have brought out the Extreme Recon,with the 3.92 V8, but we thought that was overkill.,Plus, if you consider the price of this particular Wrangler,being around $68,000 with the one-touch convertible top,,you take that $4,000 option off, youve,got a $64,000 truck, a lot closer,to what the first edition Bronco is rocking with its $62,000,price.,,So the first of the off-road tests for these vehicles,is the world famous ziggurat of integrity.,,Were going to take both of these trucks,up to ziggurat and see how far they,go before lifting a tire up.,Essentially, its an articulation test,,and Im going to give them the best chances theyve got.,Im going to disconnect sway bars,,engage lockers, four-wheel drive low,,see how high it can get before the rear tire comes off,the ground.,And it might not come off the ground at all.,And in that case, it would be a success for both the Wrangler,and the Bronco.,But Wrangler first.,All right, sway bar is disconnected,,front and rear lockers engaged, four low, moving up,,easy does it.,,All right, now we watch the 5 foot 8 man climb out of the car,thats 12 feet off the ground.,Oh, that was fun.,So as expected, Wrangler made it all the way up.,Rear tires still on the ground.,That is a win over the ziggurat.,You can see all the fun hardware underneath here,,the body-on-frame construction we talked about, the lockers.,Theres not much different about the 4XE underneath.,And thats kind of what makes it cool,,is its a plug-in hybrid thats also still a Wrangler.,Now, I got to get back in, which is going to suck.,Does anybody have a step stool, guys?,No?,This is where you need flexibility.,The technique is, please dont die.,All right, so now were going to go for the Bronco.,Ive got the front and rear lockers engaged,,stabilizer bar disconnected, four low, same chances,as the Wrangler.,See how well it does.,,I feel that rear wheel coming up.,Ill give it a looksie.,So we have found a weak spot for the Bronco.,And as I get out of it, you see even more,that this rear wheel is off the ground, which means,youre going to lose traction.,So thats a point in the Wranglers favor,because its going to maintain traction longer.,Now, this thing is larger, wider.,It has taller tires on it, so I thought it would do better.,In this case, I would err down significantly,if I was going off road.,With 35s, make the comfort better,,make traction a little bit better.,But Im actually pretty surprised that the Bronco,didnt make it all the way up there,without keeping all four wheels on the ground.,And yeah, I can see full air underneath.,Now, it could make it up there, but the point,Im looking to prove here is which,one has better articulation.,And in this case, its clearly the Wrangler.,,Now, were going to do the “less famous than the ziggurat,but still world famous” hill climb.,This one has actually caught out a couple of vehicles,in the past, where its high centered,and we couldnt make it all the way up.,But I dont think the Wrangler and the Bronco,are going to have any trouble with it.,Im going to start out in four high.,Im not going to engage the lockers,,and Im see how far I can make it up the hill.,If theres a problem, if I lose traction,,if I cant quite make an articulation move,,then Ill start changing settings.,All right, pretty simple.,Here we go.,Up the hill climb.,Now, I try and pick the same line,every time, sort of right up the center,,do my best not to get stuck.,I dont want to give myself a problem,that I have to solve later.,Im still in four high, still in four high,,and the electric motor on this is really good at just,crawling up things.,I dont think Im even going to need to go into four low.,Oh, hey, there we go.,Big, big ditch.,Still in four high, going to make it out, though.,My high center a bit, oh, a little bit of sliding, sliding.,Stayed in four high.,[LAUGHS] Definitely got some dirt spitting out there,,but made it to the top.,,Well, that was fun.,I had to send it a little bit.,Got some dirt inside the cabin because the window,was open, but had a good time.,It was relatively easy, and I stayed in four high,the whole time.,Lets try it with the Bronco.,All right, were going up the same line.,I can actually see where the tire,tracks are from the Wrangler just a moment ago.,Im still in four high in the Bronco.,I want to treat it the same way, see,if it can make it up without any assists from the systems.,Sway bars still connected.,Ooh, four high doesnt want to do it in the Bronco.,I might have to switch to four low.,Oh, dont want to get stuck.,All right, so Im going to go into four low.,I got to go into neutral for that.,,OK, we are switched into four low.,Thats real interesting.,Did not want to go in four high.,I wonder if the–,OK, no, now Im just going to dig myself,a hole, so I got to back out of it,,give it a little bit better chance.,I think what Im going to do is engage the front locker.,It seems that the left side on that one is– remember,,this is the same line as the Wrangler.,I might have to do with the 35s, too.,OK, lockers, lockers, now that did it.,Front locker did it.,It got me out of that mess.,But now, Im on a line that I do not like.,I got dipped into a hole.,This is not as easy f

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1 Year 20,000 Mile Review on the Jeep 4xe Wrangler. The Good The Bad & The Ugly.

guys mike here with tips on the run,welcome back to the channel uh if most,of you have probably already watched our,one month review on the all new four by,e we are now about a year and a half in,with 20 000 a little over 20 000 miles,on it so were gonna talk about the,issues weve had maybe some tips and,tricks and were going to let you know,we still feel about this 4 by e so lets,get started so the first thing were,going to talk about is winter driving,and the effects that the cold weather,has on,the former e if youre never going to,drive this jeep in a winter climate or,cold weather climate this little section,is probably not for you,generally speaking still a jeep drives,like a jeep handles like a jeep great,for snow and all the off-road and all,the inclement weather perfect,uh huge plus instant heat its got an,electric heater weve talked about that,in a previous video uh,were gonna kind of focus on the,negatives we all know the positives if,youre interested in the full review,click the link above were gonna have a,full review of this entire jeep but,were gonna focus on negatives on this,vehicle for the moment uh,normally in the summer months we see,about 30 miles on full range 29 to 30,miles in the winter we see 23 24. so,there is a loss in in range on on the,battery life in the winter having said,that we do store it in a heated garage,so those numbers may vary if you keep it,outside we do also charge it in a heated,garage,so that could vary depending on your,your charging status,the other thing that you will read about,is called form fuel oil refresh mode uh,if you google it youre gonna find,endless topics on this situation um,basically what the vehicle tries to do,is if its running on electric too long,and theres multiple things were not,going to dig into the form situation in,this video it could be another hour long,video in itself but it is a negative,thing that you will read,what i will tell you is the form uh,feature function maybe not feature but,function of the jeep worked properly for,us we did not get stuck in forum,it did show up every once in a while but,we were not,stuck in form and forced to do oil,changes or forced to trick the vehicle,out of,the fuel oil refresh mode,to act normally so for us form was not,an issue and i know im not alone youre,gonna see people complaining about it,but most people dont go on the internet,and type when they have positive things,to say unfortunately the one thing we,did see,uh that might be confused with form but,its not itll say um,electric not available and even with a,full charge,we noticed at temperatures in single,digits low single digits or even in the,negatives,that until,the vehicle would actually use the,internal combustion engine or the ice to,to travel,and when the engine would warm up then,for whatever reason the,the electric portion would become,available,this was not a huge inconvenience for us,because my wife drives the vehicle and,she has a 60 mile commute each day so if,she goes to work on internal combustion,she seems to if it warms up during the,day she comes home on electric so for us,it was a non-issue we still end up going,one way or the other on on internal,combustion anyway,so,um its it wasnt an issue but it is,something to pay attention to in winter,driving as far as everything else goes,from a winter standpoint uh we love it,i you know heated seats and heated,steering wheel the question is does that,degrade battery life if it does its,very minimal its not enough to talk,about it so i think you actually lose,more from your ac in the summer than you,do from the heating uh and the heat,elements,uh in the winter jeep 4 by e is the,number one selling,p,h e v,plug plug-in,hybrid electrical electric vehicle,that that takes,toyota honda all these manufacturers,that have been doing hybrids for a while,wrangler is the number one selling phev,so that tells you a little something,about this what i will tell you is i do,feel like of all of the hybrid vehicles,this,leaves the people the most uneducated,people dont understand it they dont,know about it and because they dont,know about it i think theyre afraid,especially jeep owners myself included i,was against any kind of hybrid electric,it was not my thing,if youre interested in teetering into,that electric field that electric,you know category this is a great way to,get your feet wet and i speak from,experience im not a tesla person i,cant in my head i cant i cant do all,electric so for me,this was a great hurdle because,uh as some people might say well it runs,out of battery youre stuck well no this,this drives like a normal jeep in fact,its more seamless,than on an all gas vehicle just in the,simple fact of the way it drives so,number one plug-in hybrid vehicle the,other thing we should mention is this is,always a hybrid vehicle even when the,battery is dead so there is a reserve,capacity built into the battery inside,the jeep that allows for,you still never lose that full torque,you never lose the full power youre,never if the battery is dead,those motors still run,as theyre designed you wont notice a,difference when the when the vehicle is,dead versus when its got a full charge,obviously it wont go into full electric,mode right understand that but you will,not notice a lack of power or whatever,its always a hybrid,its always doing what its designed to,do,theyve engineered that into the battery,system so again do not think that when,the battery goes dead the vehicle is,going to drive differently because it,doesnt jeep has got that figured out,all right so lets talk about the issues,weve had this is one of the first four,by es when this came out and we,purchased it most dealerships hadnt,even had their first one yet and no one,even on the road knew what it was which,is still almost the case you still to,this day my wife pulls into into her,work and people like its so quiet i,thought it was electric and then you,tell them it is and theyre like i had,no idea so theyre so uninformed but,having said this was one of the,im not going to say first but this is,one of the early stage four by es,we have had very very im gonna say,little to no problems if you look back,at our other videos we had some clicking,noises coming from the front suspension,turns out that was a loose ball joint,that actually was an issue that was not,even for by east specific you were,finding that on standard jails and,gladiators and it was just yet a,re-torque down a ball joint,15-minute service we were on our way,the other thing people are complaining,about his loose fuses,um,just because im reading the internet,like you guys are i come in and i i,check all my fuses i had one or two that,maybe werent seated in all the way but,i never had an issue with a fuse that,left me stranded so i cant say that,that caused me any issues,um,we brought it in for a series of updates,uh,at this point its been a long time ago,but months after owning it there was,about nine updates that the vehicle came,out with,and a lot of things changed during those,updates if youre buying an uh forma e,new youll probably never know what,though,theyre coming that way from the factory,now,but,little things like the uh latch button,so when you go to push the button for,regenerative braking,that would restart every time you,restarted the car so if you like to,leave the regenerative braking on that,didnt stay not a big deal more annoying,than anything else they changed a couple,mappings with some things they changed,some things most everything in those,nine updates us as a consumer or driver,we would never notice the only thing i,did notice is the regenerative braking,changed pretty significantly it used to,be as soon as you let off the gas,it was like someone hit the brakes you,really felt that drag,now theyve kind of refined it so,imagine uh before it was from off to on,you know now when youre off the brakes,you get a little bit of a ramping up uh,on that regenerative braking so its not,as harsh uh it

10 Things I Didnt Know About the Jeep Wrangler 4xe

over the last couple years,ive been pretty casually interested in,electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles,but i think like many of you i just you,know i read a couple articles and,watched a couple videos,but it wasnt until i took delivery of,my jeep wrangler 4×8 plug-in hybrid,electric vehicle that i really started,to take a deep dive into this technology,that really separates it from a lot of,other electric vehicles out there but,specifically the other jeep wranglers,and theres a lot of big things and,little things that i have learned,recently that i think are just very,interesting and so i want to talk about,those today plus im going to give you,my opinion about who i think this,vehicle is the perfect fit for,now the first unique feature on this 4,by e is something that im really having,a hard time getting used to you know for,years and years i just go up to a gas,station and pull off the cap and start,filling up well in the four by e,you cant access it from the outside,without first making sure that you push,the little button,and sometimes theres a delay there it,can take up to 10 seconds to open that,up and i cant tell you how many times,ive gotten out and realized i just,needed to push that button before i got,over here now why does it do that well,theres actually a system thats,monitoring how much pressure is in the,fuel system before allowing you to open,this to make sure its safe i mean were,an electric vehicle the last thing you,want to do is you know have static,electricity going off so its making,sure that theres not a lot of pressure,in the system its kind of a safety,issue now what happens if that system,fails well the good news is the jeep,engineers and designed a little trap,door behind the fuel cap in the back and,you can pull on that little strap and,that will open the door manually so,interestingly this was actually the,second time that i attempted to pull,this off the first time there was a,string attached to it its somehow come,loose so what im probably going to need,to do is pull the tail light off and,reattach the string but just something,to keep in mind,okay here is where,i didnt really grasp this entire,concept this jeep wrangler 4 by e is,whats called a phev a plug-in hybrid,electric vehicle so you have,electric vehicles like a tesla where it,has a big battery you plug it in and you,run strictly on electric mode and then,you have vehicles that have been around,for a long time which are hybrid,vehicles which have a small battery and,that the engine is constantly charging,it or pulling power from it so its,constantly assisting the gas motor,this has,a 17.3 kilowatt hour battery pack right,here behind the seat its completely,sealed in fact you can still forward 30,inches of water in this wrangler but you,plug this in,and you get to use that power in,strictly electric mode for a certain,amount of miles and specifically in my,case,i can get about 24 miles running just on,electric motor and thats with 35 inch,tires which is pretty cool,but what happens,when you finish when youve depleted,that well,this vehicle is always a hybrid and so i,validated that by two different ways one,when ive gone in excess of the 24,electric miles and now im driving in,hybrid mode if i step on the gas,i can see on the dash that its still,pulling power from this and assisting,the engine and you can feel that 470,pound feet of torque which is great the,other thing that ive noticed is i have,an app on my phone that reads the data,when it charges and i can see an,absorbed,15.5,15.6 kilowatt hours,of power but wait a minute this is a,17.3 kilowatt battery which means,theres still power in this battery the,vehicle is constantly using that power,or its using the motors to recharge it,up to use that power again later so,there you go plug-in hybrid electric,vehicle i have a little bit better,understanding of this and now hopefully,you do as well hopefully i didnt,confuse you too bad,now one of the things that i guess i,didnt fully understand on the 4 by e,was,this doesnt have an alternator and,typically an alternator is attached to,the engine and its constantly charging,your 12 volt system and then your,vehicles accessories your stereo,whatnot are running off of that 12 volt,battery well this still has a 12 volt,battery like a normal vehicle but,theres no alternator in fact in its,place is one of the two electric motors,that drives this thing right along,so how does that battery get its power,well theres whats called a dc to dc,charger and so it takes the power from,that 17.3 kilowatt battery which is at,400 volts,and transfers it to this battery which,is at 12 volts so the minute you turn,the vehicle on,that system is operating to keep this,battery charged which from an overland,perspective is pretty intriguing so ive,ive kind of started running a little,experiment where ive installed a 25,liter dometic fridge in the back and i,plugged it into the standard 12 volt,outlet thats back there and ive been,running that thing for a week non-stop i,havent turned it off once now i do,drive this vehicle every day so its,depleting this battery a little bit but,the minute i turn the vehicle on the,vehicle system is instantly charging,this battery and that fridge does have a,little fail-safe option where i think if,its if this battery goes below 11.4,volts the fridge will shut off so you,can still start the vehicle but,im intrigued to see how this can,actually work in an overland setting do,i need to install a,extra battery in here like you typically,would or do i even need to bring like a,jackery or goal zero with me anymore,this might actually be a pretty good,solution for your overland accessories,i dont know i didnt really understand,that now im super intrigued to see and,i will report back on how things go with,that fridge,and since i mentioned the fridge and,over landing lets talk a little bit,about storage because well the impact of,these batteries is a little more than i,expected now i knew the batteries were,underneath the rear seat and i was going,to lose that under seat storage but i,guess i didnt really understand just,how high these seats now have to lay,when theyre laid down so from here to,here is about eight inches,across the board thats quite a bit plus,now you cant lay things flat in here,without this step off in fact how many,of you have slept in the back your jeep,i have many times theres no way to do,that unless you have some additional,platform here so,thats something that has to be taken,into consideration because this is,taking up quite a bit of space also,the way the seats lay down now it is,cool that the headrests lay flat but the,bottom seat lays up instead of folding,down completely and so now you lose a,little bit of space,this way so youve lost,storage space this way and youve lost,storage space that way so just some,things that im going to have to figure,out how to overcome as i start to load,this out on future trips,now something else that i didnt realize,that well i guess folks of electric,vehicles probably know already but that,is,on a cold morning when you jump in here,and you turn the heat on,you have instant heat because its,electric heat which is super nice you,know when youre driving and its 20,degrees outside it doesnt take you know,15 minutes before you finally start to,warm up you turn it on and you instantly,have heat that is super cool,all right next is two things regarding,charging the jeep wrangler 4×8 that i,guess i didnt fully grasp before i got,it one is the jeep does come with its,own charging kit that you can plug into,any standard house outlet but the,problem with that is its going to take,a little over 12 hours to charge the,battery doing it that way because its a,level one charger and so,its only going to be effective if you,come home in the evening and plug it in,and then youre not going to drive again,until the next morning because youre,gonna need to leave it charged in,overnight,having a level two charger makes this

2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Review // Would you buy this plug-in?

weve got jeeps first electrified,wrangler its the four by e lets get in,go for a drive,its nice and quiet andrea its a quiet,wrangler,its electrify its the four by e whats,under the hood,a two liter turbo four-cylinder engine,with two electric motors,it has an eight-speed automatic,transmission,it has 375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet,of torque,35 kilometers of ev range thats 22,miles,all right we should explain the two,electric motors so theres one big,electric motor sandwiched between the,engine and the transmission thats doing,most of the heavy lifting,now uh fca stalantis chrysler they have,what is called,e-torque available on a lot of their,different engines,this is only initial launch torque and,it helps with auto start stop,so dont think theres two massive,electric motors theres one big one and,one,little one yeah so youve got to stick,around weve got a good hot topic coming,up,im going to take the phv side and,zachs going to take the diesel,its a good one also we have questions,coffee and cars,fuel economy price pods for your,consideration,its all coming up but right now were,going to get into the key standard,features,the jeep wrangler 4 by e comes standard,with an 8.4 inch touchscreen with,uconnect 4,a 7 inch full color information display,apple carplay and android auto alpine,sound system,leather face seats leather wrapped,steering wheel,power heated exterior mirrors led,headlamps,20 inch wheels and a full-size spare,tire,there are a lot of buttons here for the,4×4 system what do we have to put it in,you have to put it in s for subscribe,and if you can hit the notification bell,youll be notified when the videos drop,and then you can watch them five videos,a week we do a ton of these,every wednesday we do this the couple,car review,every saturday we drop another couple,car review,on monday we answer your questions in,our live show,every tuesday its a comparison review,and on friday we get some cool,or collectible car its all on the,channel so you have to subscribe,and please follow andrea on instagram,its motormouth underscore andrea,she lets you know when the vehicles are,going to drop you get questions in for,the show,and for me its motor mouth underscore,auto and the links are below,this video is brought to you by car cost,canada get the dealers cost list of,rebates plus discounted interest rates,use the promo code motormouth to become,an expert member and get extra searches,the link is in the description below,but typically we do the price pause a,little bit later but because,the price and the fuel economy is so,integral,to buying a 4 by e were going to do,that first so lets get into it,the unlimited sahara starts at just,under fifty five thousand dollars,and the unlimited rubicon is just under,sixty thousand dollars,as tested seventy four thousand three,hundred and forty dollars,heres the fuel economy the rubicon 4 by,e earns a combined city highway rating,in the first hundred kilometers of 4.8,liters,thats 49 miles per gallon equivalent,when its charged,with the battery depleted it gets a,combined city highway rating of 11.7,liters per hundred kilometers,thats 20 miles per gallon now that is,expensive andrea,it sure is it adds up quickly the,2-liter,turbo gas engine is around five thousand,dollars,less than this in canada the v6 is,around 4 600 less,and the diesel engine is more 2600,more but worth it well get to that in a,moment uh all right so,theres a lot to unbox here and when you,buy an electric or plug-in vehicle a lot,of times it just comes down to a,calculation yeah but you had some,something fun happen on instagram yeah,well one of our followers,commented on the wrangler for by e post,and i was so excited,he owns a sahara and he has his own,instagram page where he likes to,you know show his vehicle and some of,the different things that hes doing and,he has a fan page on facebook that is,really blown up his name is chris hall,and he gave us a lot of valuable,information,now one of the things is that he does a,lot of short trips which is what phevs,are perfect for what does he do,he drives to work he uses mostly eevee,range he does about eight miles,and he is the kind of guy hugh is,dedicated to plugging in,he has loved the wrangler but he didnt,like what came out of the tailpipe and,then he bought himself a sahara and he,loves it he did some 0-60 tests and he,came in,under six seconds when its fully,charged and even when its not,and he towed a 2 000 pound trailer,and he came in at around nine and a half,seconds so these are,really good numbers so even when the,range is depleted it says,zero on the dash it still has capacity,in the battery to run,as a hybrid 15 in fact yeah so like most,hybrids have very small batteries so,they keep some of the battery back,to run just as regular hybrid but um one,thing about the fuel economy andrea,when its off of the plug-in,portion and youre driving just as a,hybrid the fuel economy,is worse than the diesel yeah its worse,than the diesel,chris is getting on average about 24 to,25 miles per gallon,but the diesel gets about 25 miles per,gallon as well,but chris has a very clean drive because,hes mostly running it,on ev range but also where is the fuel,coming from,is his electricity generated at a coal,fire plant we dont know,is it for example here in british,columbia or in the province of quebec,its hydro its 100,clean it really depends on where you,live yeah all right were going to touch,on,the aesthetics of this outside and,inside it looks like a jeep we know that,but you get some modifications,yeah the exterior has got the blue,electric,trim all around which i think is pretty,cool,and distinguishes it from the regular,model and the interior on this rubicon,has some blue stitching,the other models get red stitching,youve got the 8.4 inch touchscreen,and the 7-inch information display in,here,still to come that hot topic but right,now its time for questions,time now for questions coffee and cars,your questions from instagram i guess my,only question is the water crossing,abilities with all the extra electrical,components added,is it going to attract those true,off-road die-hard,types yes i think it will because,theres nothing,different this wrangler offers the same,as all the other wranglers,and you can go through 30 inches of,water,no problem at all the battery is inside,the cab,its under the rear seat so its,protected,from the elements because its inside,and its waterproof,and sealed there is a theres a case to,be made for,using saving e energy which you can do,in this,and using it for going extreme,off-roading because you have instant,torque from the electric motor,you dont have to wait for the engine to,rev up so you can crawl,over things slowly especially in low,range using the electric motor,however andrea most people that go,off-roading dont buy,brand new 70 000 jeeps they buy an old,rubicon and they fix it up the way they,want and thats what they go off-roading,well thats what i want to know how many,people are,spending this is prices tested on this,rubicon,almost 75 000 and then going,off roading youre going to put it in,your driveway and polish it for that,kind of money,yeah i would be worried about that how,long will the batteries last till they,have to be replaced and what will the,cost,be ive read a few articles on this its,around 5 500,to replace them and then batteries can,last up to,10 years and in some studies theyve,seen 12 to 15 years,you buy a diesel jeep and youre gonna,get half a million miles out of that,engine if you maintain it,like its not even close im sorry this,is the this is where this all falls down,its like yeah its great its brand new,it does this it does that but you know,what,in 15 years the jeep even with the 3.6,liter pentastar or the diesel is going,to be,the one people want well that was one of,the comments that we had on instagram,see the battery needs replaced and,youve got a 12 13 year old vehicle,whats the resale value on that and when,you replace

The New Jeep Wrangler 4xe Took Me THIS Far Using Zero Gas: Its Not What You Think!

guys when you think about off-road,vehicles you tend to think about,massive gas guzzlers like our sweet trx,or perhaps,vehicles that are not very green,but theres something that many people,havent thought of in the past until,just recently which is,green jeeps jeeps that are electrified,or in this case plug-in hybrids phev,thats right weve got a 2021 jeep,wrangler rubicon 4 by e,and today case and i are going to take,this baby out,and were going to see how far we can go,on an electric charge you can drive this,vehicle,using electricity if you look up there,you can see that its fully charged,thats what all those bars mean,down here got a green light so were,going to unplug this,its a 17.3 kilowatt hour battery thats,actually a fairly good size battery,and were going to drive it and drive it,and drive it until,the engine kicks on now heres the,important part,i cant drive it really hard which i,tend to do,but i also am not going to hyper mile,you basically have to be a little gentle,with the accelerator,that way you dont force the engine to,come on the gas engine will come on its,a two liter turbo,if youre pushing it and it needs that,extra power,all right according to this 27 miles,of electric range my experience with,electric assisted vehicles phevs is that,you can change that,especially if you drive well one thing,were doing that,is a bit of an issue and some of you,guys will yell at us is that we have the,air conditioning on,case and i do not want to swelter and,also,its our opinion that this unit will run,more efficiently with the air,conditioner on than with the windows,open because we are going to be doing,some highway driving,now this is a really good example,normally id hammer it but im just,going to take it nice and easy,its actually kind of pulls at the leash,a little bit,this vehicle independently with the,2-liter engine is already,pretty powerful but when you combine,everything together,it is one of the most powerful jeeps in,terms of torque thats out there,this vehicle puts out 375 horsepower and,thats combined,470 pound-feet of torque its,a beast when you talk about power you,can get,according to the epa 49 mpge,if you just run it with its gas engine,youre getting 20,miles per gallon bear in mind one of the,reasons why youre getting only 20 miles,per gallon when youre using that four,liter,sorry four liter four-cylinder two-liter,engine is because youre,trucking around a lot of weight it has a,very heavy battery and remember it also,has all the electronics and other,components,that go into building making this thing,into,a partially electric vehicle or phev,plug-in hybrid blah blah blah so its,heavy,but its relatively efficient its,extremely fast,but there is a caveat and roman,discovered this,when you run this thing out of juice,its not very happy all right guys,left turn time now what im trying to do,and im not hypermiling as i said before,but i am trying to be somewhat,conservative,because im going long distance with,braking nice and smooth,trying to have some of the power,regenerated because it does have,regenerative braking to go back into the,system,now heres something interesting weve,gone,10.9 miles and according to this we,still have 18 miles left,on the battery so if that keeps going,were actually going to get,more distance or a longer distance than,it initially said,[Music],[Music],[Applause],we just clicked over to 10 miles of,range there we go 10 miles all right,so so far according to this weve gone,16.9 miles,and it says we have 10 miles left thats,on electricity only,so thats really close to what it was,predicting so far which i believe was 27,miles am i right case oh yeah,we might make it i i really hope we can,go over that a little bit that would be,awesome,yeah i think it would be more fun if we,could go over a little anti-climactic if,we find out that,uh this test just told us the screen was,right to begin with,yeah but theres two things to keep in,mind one i have case in the vehicle with,me right youre here,yeah so thats an extra human being so,two human beings in this vehicle,i weigh as much as almost two and i have,the air conditioning on,so these are things that kind of go,against this vehicle in terms of,efficiency using electricity right extra,weight,and using the at hvac system,if i could speak english so i im pretty,impressed so far,i really like just cruising around in,electric mode because its actually,really quick,all right we are down to two miles and,weve gone 24.9 miles so,were at 25 miles an hour in terms of,distance,once again its its prediction is,pretty,close uh oh were down one mile,just went to one now what were gonna do,is,when we hit zero and the gas engine,kicks out were immediately going to,pull over,recalculate our distance and kind of,close this thing out,there goes there we go okay so it says,electric,mode temporarily unavailable and it went,at 26.6 miles so when we were at the,office,case i believe it was like exactly 27,miles,thats really close im im legitimately,impressed,because its really rare that youll,find any vehicle that is able to match,the prediction of its range,in this case were able to show,literally,that the predicted range is exactly what,we did,so lets pull over and lets close this,thing out and then were gonna go back,home,all right guys so,yeah i know we didnt go off-road or do,drag racing or anything else but there,are some people who are legitimately,curious to see what this thing will do,in the real world using only electricity,and we just showed it,now let me show you the one issue i have,with this vehicle and a lot of other,phevs,and its right here lets start with,this base price is 51,695 now bear in mind that is for the,wrangler rubicon this is a rubicon,total price sixty one thousand,two hundred and sixty five dollars that,is a lot of dough,for a jeep for any jeep as far as im,concerned but i know the jeep prices are,starting to go through the roof,so how do you fix that how do you get a,phev that can go off-road,well there is some good news in the,future jeep is going to electrify their,entire fleet according to them theyre,going to take pretty much every,vehicle and you will have an option to,have plug-in or,all-electric versions of many of their,vehicles,right now in europe in fact they already,have the renegade and the compass as,plug-in hybrids and theyre bringing,all of that technology over here and,then some,so youll be able to get a less,expensive jeep product,thats a plug-in hybrid or even,all-electric in the very near future so,i hope that helps it certainly doesnt,help me because,im driving a 61 000 vehicle,its so expensive but its also really,cool if youre in the right tax bracket,you can get,a very large tax credit on this vehicle,over seven thousand dollars from the,federal government and then depending on,what state youre in you can get,a couple thousand dollars as well but it,depends on your tax bracket remember,its not cash in your pocket,guys we appreciate it tune in next time,well have some more fun with this jeep

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