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WWE 2K22 Review

coming off the heels of the disastrous,wwe 2k20 2k games and developer visual,concepts smartly decided to sit one out,in order to refocus and essentially,reset the series and its a good thing,too because the resulting wwe 2k 22 is,by far the most polished and freshest,take on the franchise since it began way,back in 2013. to be clear that isnt to,say that its entirely free of bugs,awkward collision detection server,disconnects and a few other,long-standing problems but most of them,are under control now and its evident,that the team truly took many major,points of feedback to heart the controls,are less convoluted at the ground level,the wrestlers all look fantastic,mostly and there are no confounding loot,boxes ruining the career modes,progression on top of that the total,revamp of the strike grapple system is,the kind of shakeup wwe 2k has been in,desperate need of as big he would say,its a new day yes it is,its clear that one of the key focuses,for wwe 2k 22 was to simplify what has,become over years upon years of,iterations just an overwhelming amount,of systems governing the fundamental,wrestling mechanics theres no more,stamina meter no more multi-tiered life,bars no reversal stocks no more chain,wrestling minigames no more rest hold,mini-games and every character is down,to just one special payback ability that,might sound like throwing the baby out,with the bathwater but really its a,trimming of fat thats paid off wwe 2k,22s wrestling feels much faster more,arcadey and is more pick up and play,friendly for newcomers than ever theyre,almost all universally great changes and,whatevers lost in the pro wrestling,simulation department is more than made,up in the this is fun to play department,the camera does a much better job of,framing the action commentary is much,more accurate,suplex very nice hes looking a little,off balance,he had to be prepared to take some,damage,and best of all theres this giant,interconnected backstage area for,backstage brawls and falls kind of,anywhere matches the one change that im,a little torn on is the removal of,reversal stocks they were added way back,in 2k16 to eliminate the problem of,matches between two experienced players,devolving into a contest of who misses,the most crucial reversal first it can,certainly be fun to trade reversals,early on in a match,but it doesnt feel like the timing,window on them ever gets any tighter as,the fight goes on which makes actually,ending a match against a skilled,opponent exhausting because you can,basically trade finisher reversals back,and forth forever at the same time i get,that there are arguments for and against,reversal stocks so i wish there was at,least an option to turn them on or off,to let people play how they want,the other big change to the fundamentals,of wwe 2k 22s wrestling is the overhaul,of the strike grapple system which is,much more combo focused than previous,years and also borrows a few mechanics,from more traditional fighting games wwe,2k 22s combo system uses three buttons,for light,heavy,and grav and have a progression system,that allows you to continue a string by,pressing a button of equal or higher,strength with a maximum of four button,presses in any combo pressing the,highest strength button a grab will end,the combo with whatever unique move is,tied to that specific combo string this,is important to know because only the,first hit of a combo is reversible after,that you must predict what button the,attacker is going to press next and,match them before their attack comes out,to break the combo if youre wrong,youre locked out and are going to eat,the rest of it but if you can get into,your opponents head and predict their,moves its fantastically rewarding and,an extremely good motivation to avoid,falling into a pattern yourself its,essentially like a mini version of,killer instincts combo breaker system,minus you know the announcer yelling,combo breaker,another fighting game influence on wwe,2k 22s wrastlin action is a segmented,special meter that you can use for a,variety of offensive or defensive,techniques spend one bar and youll be,able to immediately get up off the mat,as though wrestling was fake or,something spend two bars and youll be,able to use your characters equipped,one-time use payback special move which,range from stealing your opponents,finisher to use against them to a low,blow to the ability to spit poison mist,in your opponents eyes,if you manage to fill up the whole thing,you can execute your signature move,which if it hits will instantly give you,a finisher charge that you can use to,attempt to land your strongest move,paybacks and signatures have obviously,been part of the series before but being,able to spend some of that same resource,that governs their use on a valuable,defensive move that lets you get,yourself out of a bad spot is a hugely,welcome addition id like to officially,welcome our newest recruit to the start,of his wwe journey,from a single player perspective the,main attractions of wwe 2k 22 are the,career and showcase modes with the,career mode seeing the most dramatic,changes my career now called my rise,ditches the linear story of prior years,in favor of a much more open-ended one,that lets you chart your own path,through the wwe theres a great degree,of freedom here you could start off on,smackdown as a crowd favorite get,wrapped up in a number of story lines,suddenly decide to turn heel get traded,over to nxt and open up a whole,selection of new storylines that werent,available to you before there are also a,number of smaller choices that you can,make to affect what wrestlers you become,friendly with which ones you make your,rivals and what match types youd prefer,to throw down in compared to prior wwe,2k career modes my rise does much more,with much less with three brands each,with their own roster and titles to,pursue unique storylines depending on,whether youre a heel or a face and two,completely different campaigns depending,on whether youre a male or female,created character my rise will keep you,busy for a long time if your goal is to,see everything and collect every title,best of all theres no awful progression,system standing in the way of you,customizing your character however you,want its super easy to boost your stats,and customize your look entrance and,move set without having to unlock,anything that you dont already have,access to outside of that mode that said,the actual story content lacks the wwes,bombastic flavor most of the dialogue is,delivered via unvoiced social media,posts and text messages there are far,fewer promos and cutscenes than weve,seen in previous years and while there,are a few amusing story lines like,riddle getting in trouble with goldberg,for the disparaging social media posts,that he actually made in real life,theres nothing that truly stands out,there are a handful of wwe superstars,that lend their voices to the story but,the majority of the performances feel,stilted and uninvested okay,easy now time to flip over onto your,back now,hey what the hell,its also clear that some of the voice,over recording happened during,quarantine because,the audio quality is kind of all over,the place whos ready to come out and,face me come on lets see what this,locker room is made of so while the,execution doesnt meet the ambition my,rise is focused on meaningful choices,and the sheer amount of content within,are definite steps in the right,direction showcase mode this time around,highlights the legendary career of rey,mysterio which is an emotional ride that,explores how closely tied he is to the,late great eddie guerrero along with,other highlights of his career whats,really cool about showcase though is how,it transitions between the wwe 2k engine,and actual footage of matches during the,big moments,[Music],as always wwe 2k 22 is overflowing with,content and that cant be understated,theres a customizable sandbox that is,universe mode the roster of more than,160 characters to the in

WWE 2K22 Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],uh,[Applause],after a brief hiatus following the,disastrous launch of wwe 2k20 developer,visual concepts has now returned to,slamming superstars across the four,corners of the ring with wwe 2k22 while,the updates to the games engine havent,addressed some long-standing issues with,the franchise the extended development,time has certainly had an effect on the,end product making wwe 2k 22 one of the,strongest entries in the franchise for,quite some time immediately upon booting,wwe 2k22 you are greeted with the,tutorial match that takes you through,the basics of wrestling gone are the,overtly complex combos of buttons and,taking their place is a simple and,effective button layout on the,playstation 5 the square button is used,for light attacks and the cross button,for heavy attacks and the circle button,for grapples you can use any,permutations and combinations of the,three buttons to achieve different,results,reversal comes in two ways using the,triangle button in a short time frame to,parry or pressing the appropriate heavy,or light attack button when tussled in a,grapple in a similar vein the health and,stamina system is also simplified,executing successful moves while,maintaining some decent variety will,fill up a three segmented special meter,once two bars are full you can execute a,special payback move or you could pummel,down your enemy until the meter gets,fully charged to unleash the characters,finisher its an effective and simple,control scheme that works well within,the context of the game and it manages,to do so without putting the unneeded,strain of remembering a bazillion button,inputs making it a lot more inviting to,newcomers than prior entries in the,franchise much like previous entries in,2ks franchise wwe 2k 22 is chock full,of varied wrestling content for players,to fulfill all their fighting desires,players can battle it out in a range of,modes including anything from a standard,1v1 to royal rumble to hell in a cell,and what have you however the biggest,highlight is definitely the returning 2k,showcase mode its a tribute to the,legendary cruiserweight champion rey,mysterio as he makes his way in,wrestling beginning from a nobody in the,mexican wrestling circle to facing the,biggest superstars that wrong and,smackdown have to offer players get to,partake in many of reys career defining,matches each starting with a history,lesson from the man himself about what,matches meant to him his opponents and,his career the showcase matches require,you to execute the same moves as he did,in those matches as objectives upon,completion the gameplay neatly,transitions to actual footage of the,match which makes these matches,immersive completing them will net you,rewards such as superstar and arena,unlocks and additional attire however,limitations on character moves in these,matches can make them frustrating at,times especially if you jump into this,mode straight away as i did on the flip,side you do get to explore the entire,width of a superstars moves which will,be beneficial when you move on to other,modes another returning mode is the mygm,mode in mygm you will be assuming the,role of a general manager at either raw,smackdown or nxt as the general manager,its up to you to select superstars from,a roster and book matches amongst them,to run the show on a weekly basis on a,strict budget the main objective is to,garner more fans for events like,wrestlemania and before the season ends,youll need to pair superstars with a,positive persona against those with,negative ones giants against,cruiserweights and so on and so forth,you can also hire legendary superstars,such as the likes of the rock john cena,brock lesnar for a handsome amount to,gain traction as the season progresses,rivalries and relationships amongst the,superstars will develop accordingly and,its your job to thrive off of them by,booking those matches on the prime spot,should you want to make these matches,even more tense youre free to play as,the superstar of your choice instead of,simulating the match its a fun and neat,little mode thats markedly different,from others on offer although it wont,likely be interesting enough for casual,fans who want to engage with it in the,long term the biggest problem i,encountered in this mode was the menus,glitching out constantly which made,making selections which by the way forms,the majority of the gameplay in this,mode an exercise in pain and then,theres my rise a standard career mode,where you create your custom superstar,and undertake a journey from the bottom,there are multiple life paths to choose,from such as the likes of an,entertainment actor or an underdog,wrestler youll be interacting with a,ton of fellow wrestlers and choosing,different dialogues will impact your,public persona and your relationships,with them character progression involves,investing points into your character,points tree which you get by completing,storylines which are basically quests,such as taking part in a match against,an iconic superstar the whole system is,not as fleshed out as a fully fledged,rpg but its serviceable for the job and,a big step up from past offerings and,then we have the my faction which is an,online mode where players have to grind,out star cards or pay up for a virtual,currency required to obtain those cards,to make their rosters more powerful i,havent spent time playing this,particular mode so im reserving my,judgment for the time being however,given the micro transaction fueled,nature of this mode fans should exercise,caution unfortunately for wwe 2k 22 the,game suffers from underwhelming visual,presentation with embarrassing dialogues,hilarious facial animations and other,graphical glitches topping the list of,technical inefficiencies these problems,have existed for a long time with the,wwe 2k games and its sad that an engine,overhaul does very little to address,these issues on the other hand the,soundtrack is composed of a sizeable,collection of appropriately head-banging,tunes tucking all the heavy strings to,the adrenaline-fueled entertainment,sport looking at the big picture wwe 2k,22 is a much needed improvement over the,disastrous wwe 2k20 the revamped control,scheme makes the entry a lot more,inviting to newcomers and the showcase,mode is a great nostalgia trip for fans,of the sport the returning mygm mode has,surprisingly deep simulation gameplay,but it caters to a very niche audience,however underwhelming visual,presentation and other glitches remain,an issue with the latest entry but it,has a solid enough foundation for whats,to come in the future,thats all for now if you enjoy what you,saw please hit the like button and if,youre new to the channel now is a great,time to subscribe we upload brand new,videos every single day after,subscribing dont forget to enable all,notifications by clicking the bell icon,thanks for watching this video and well,see you next time right here on,gamingbolt

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WWE 2K22 – Before You Buy

(retro game music),- [Jake] And were back,with another episode of Before You Buy,,the show where we give you some straight up gameplay,and our first impressions of the latest games releasing.,Today, were taking a quick look at “WWE 2K22.”,Now, weve been covering these games for quite a while now.,And last year,,the yearly franchise actually took a year off.,This newer style of 2K wrestling game was never perfect,but it felt like it was seriously starting to drop off,,with the quality and the amount of content,kind of roller coastering with each release.,”2K20″ was really rough.,Thankfully, it seems like taking a year off,did them some good because this one is much more solid.,Its not perfect, but its on its way back.,It also has a lot of micro transactions.,So, yeah, lets just dive in.,At the base level, the real meat,,you know, the gameplay,,this is where the game is much stronger.,Just base level wrestling matches are so fun to play now,,where previous games leaned hard,into realistic technical simulation,,in some aspects of the gameplay,,it wasnt always fun.,Now, it takes some of those concepts,and makes it faster and more engaging.,Grappling is more simplified and less awkward,,reversals are still in the same way,,but striking is vastly improved,,with cool combos and the ability to chain those,into insane over the top grapples.,Most of those annoying submission mini games,and like weird little extra things,you gotta worry about on the HUD,,by your health bar,,all that stuff is gone,,which is great,because I did not like a lot of that stuff at all,,and it just works to keep matches,still very much like push and pull and give and take,,but way more entertaining to execute.,I wouldnt say its dumbed down,,but slightly streamlined and a better balance,of the technicalness,and just good old arcade style brawling.,Theres still a level of mastery required,,but its much easier to just jump in,and get doing cool shit.,To me, it feels like the best playing modern WWE 2K game.,You know, that might not be saying much for some people,but I found it just way more straight up fun,compared to other reason games.,Its still not perfect.,Some aspects like positioning stuff can be frustrating.,(floor thudding),(crowd cheering),(wrestler groaning),Theres some clipping sometimes,with some weird glitchiness,,but, overall, the raw gameplay is the best part of the game.,Then of course, theres all the modes,,all the content.,Now, we dont have time to get into all them too deeply,but its notable to point out that GM Mode is back in.,Its called My GM.,Its been a while.,This lets you kind of manage out a whole WWE campaign,by picking a character,,forming a roster,,organizing fights and lineups and rivalries and marketing.,And it might be cool if youre a big wrestling nerd.,I dont know how much depth it really has for longevity,,but its there if you want it.,Then theres also Showcase Mode.,This time around,,its focusing on the complete career history,of Rey Mysterio.,Now, I love these modes.,I really love the Stone Cold one a few years back.,Showcase Mode is like a sequence of matches,based on real matches throughout wrestling history,that are broken up with documentary style clips,with Rey Mysterio actually narrating the whole thing,and talking you through his career.,The way it flips between gameplay,and classic wrestling footage,,just straight up, for me, never gets old.,And the curated matches are fun.,The only problem is that, this time around,,it really, really focuses,on like wanting you to do exact specific moves,and positions to progress,,and it kind of breaks the flow a little bit sometimes,because sometimes that stuff,is tricky or finicky to pull off.,But, still, the Showcase Mode,,even just as a concept,,continues to be pretty awesome for me, personally.,Ive kind of found myself like,,even with a lot of these games having problems,,always just looking forward to seeing,who theyre gonna highlight in the next showcase mode.,Also, My Rise is here again,as kind of like a career progression story mode,with cut scenes and decisions to make,,a morality system and customization,,and its way less cringeworthy than it has been in the past,,but, you know, its still not great.,There are now separate career paths,for both male and female fighters,,which is really cool,,and the character creator is once again here,to make whatever weird character you want.,Its not quite as deep as I was hoping,,and loading in the items takes way too long,and kills the fun a little bit, but, yeah.,Still, the ability to create a bunch of stuff,,more than just your character, is nice.,You can spend a lot of time in all that.,And, once again, if youre into it,,its mostly worth it.,Now, that My Rise mode itself, like I said,,is really for die hard WWE fans who just love the whole,,I dont know, corporation or whatever,,but its really ugly to look at.,The voice acting is okay, thankfully,,but characters are awkward and glitchy,,and sometimes, its just painful.,And thats a shame because most of the time,,like, in just regular old matches,,the visuals are pretty decent.,You know, in certain lighting,,it can still look a little off,but, mostly, characters sweat,,they get bruised,,they have muscle definition,and some really good animations,,and, yeah, every so often,,characters like will float a little bit off the ground,or clip,,but most of the time,,there are some really impressive moves going off,and seamlessly chaining together,,all while the camera angle will like sometimes shift,from more cinematic views.,The presentation is simple and good,and technically wise,,even if its got some bumps here and there,,its not a complete disaster like previous games.,Then theres My Faction mode,,which is kind of like an NBA 2K My Team mode,,I think, its called,,or like FIFA Ultimate Team Mode.,So yeah, thats what you need to know.,Its basically micro transaction mode.,This stuff, straight up, does not appeal to me at all.,Like, it just wants you to spend more money,and Im not really interested in that at all.,Micro transactions here,and like some wrestlers,being able to be unlocked in a store,,just really sours the taste here, man.,I thought we were getting better about this stuff,but I guess not, at least not for 2K.,This makes the game feel like kind of a step backwards.,And its a shame,because they finally figured out that core gameplay,and made it actually fun.,So I do think “WWE 2K22” does go beyond,being another just yearly release.,They took feedback and made a significantly better game,but it still has more to go.,The micro transactions are not good.,And as much as theres a bunch of modes,and the ability to create your own stuff,,your mileage with each individual mode or thing,will vary depending on what type of player you are.,If they keep going from here,,it can only get better,,but will it ever reach the heights,of those awesome THQ games?,You know, all those awesome wrestling games from N64,up to like PlayStation 2?,I dont know.,That is of course me as an older school fan,with different wants and expectations.,I think theres a lot of different types of people,that enjoy wrestling,and probably want different things out of the games.,So this is how a Before You Buy works,,we give you some pros, some cons,,and some personal opinion.,Now, that you know about the game,,we wanna hear from you in the comments.,Like, what are you thinking?,Did you jump in?,Have you been burned too many times by WWE 2K games,and youre still holding off?,I totally understand where youre coming from.,There has been some rough ones in the last few years.,If you have jumped into this one,,do you think its done enough,to really kind of win you back over,as a customer, as a fan, as a player, whatever?,Are you okay with the micro transactions,or do you dislike them as much as we do?,Lets talk about anything WWE 2K down in the comments.,Wed love to hear your favorite,of the 2K franchises, really anything.,So let us know.,- [Commentato

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WWE 2K22 – Does It Still SUCK?

first we need to find something hmm hang,on let me just no not you aha,found it truly a piece of history let me,just see how well this holds up ah yes,just how i remember it,can someone please call a fireman 2k20,deserves to be locked up for the,absolute atrocities its committed i,mean just look at this footage then try,and tell me that you cant see anything,wrong with it i dont know looks alright,to emmy im convinced 2k was fully aware,this game was a national health hazard,and without use to help fix it they just,shipped it out to the nearest gamestop,and then prayed to god for some sort of,miracle oh and if you dont know who ux,is they help make all these games the,phrase chad comes to mind anyway two,days later the developers were probably,peacefully hiding in 2k towers until,there was a knock at their door safe to,say people werent exactly happy the,game was undoubtedly a massive disaster,filled with more bugs than the ones,under your bed and 2k couldnt even give,the game away if they tried,fast forward one year two kids gather,together all the greatest minds to try,and figure out what to do next so these,are the issues from the last game how,about we fix all of them and actually,make a well put together what about,wrestling but with fortnite by god,youre right so they made wwe,battlegrounds and it was,crap,crap mega crap what lets fast forward,another year all right guys weve,skipped a year so how about we start,making 2k 22. wait where are you all,going come on guys ill have loot boxes,i swear however despite nobody having,any faith in 2k whatsoever they ignored,all the negative publicity and got to,work creating the next big wrestling,game then on the 8th of march 2022 after,months and months of hard work it was,finally ready wwe 2k22 but first add,time excuse me have you heard of todays,sponsor so please explain who you are,well its rage shadow legends rage,shadow legends is a free-to-play rpg,video game that you can play from the,comfort of your own phone elden ring who,needs that when you have rage shadow,legends discover the doom tower with 120,floors filled with fantastic enemies for,you to fight new bosses and heroes like,this one guy from game of thrones,theyve even got a whole new faction and,quite possibly the biggest new addition,to the game the hydra hydroclan its,also raids third birthday and naturally,were celebrating in style but raid,wants to share its gifts with you oh,arent you a good boy like new champions,new artifacts and a fully personalized,video showing everyones raid glow ups,download raid now by using the link in,the description or this obnoxiously,large qr code to get a huge b day,package worth over 40 dollars just look,at all these epic rewards you can get,misery cord romero and tiger soul plus,ten times brew xp for magic force and,spirit ooft sign me up right now what,are you waiting for go here to claim all,these epic rewards while you still can,oh thats not it though because all new,and existing players can get a bunch of,birthday gifts worth over 25 dollars,when you use the promo code for your,raid just look what i got with all this,great stuff youre not going to need any,other games all you need is raid,download it right now,i said do it right now now before the,game came out 2k obviously put together,the best trailer they could edit on,premiere pro and in fairness to them the,game actually looked very smooth and,well polished along with the graphics,making the wrestlers look like normal,human beings instead of wanted serial,killers but everyone was still pretty,skeptical i mean if marketing has taught,us anything over the past few years its,to never trust anyone so now its march,8th and everyone has bought a copy of,2k22 along with several boxes of tissues,and 5 cans of monster you know to hes,the pain of his bad i quickly ran home,installed the game and mentally prepared,myself to see the most horrifying,creatures imaginable but when i opened,my eyes and seen what was on my tv,screen i was shocked i mean if i was,purely judging this game on how it looks,itd be solid 10s all round 2k clearly,took the um constructive criticism from,the last game and made sure to make this,game look [ __ ] beautiful wow i tried,right on her i mean just look at some of,these big boys they look like theyve,been genetically engineered to fight god,and devour whole planets the game,undeniably looks fantastic and if you,think otherwise im sorry sir you have a,brain disorder my brain is injured,okay admit at least some models look,weird and certain hairstyles love a,spaghetti-like quality to them but,besides that this game still looks,pretty great as a massive improvement,from the last one which then again,wouldnt be too difficult on a reel,though the wrestlers here look like,theyve been sculpted by da vinci,himself with the lighting dynamic,entrances improved facials and lovely,sweat making me want to kiss these,beautiful gentlemen however looking,great is only one thing because as we,all know theres been plenty of games,that have stunning 8k graphics but then,play like theyve been programmed by,your uncle todd all of this just works,in saying that though i am pretty,excited to see how this,oh,well thats a great start isnt it okay,to be fair besides a few clunky moments,the gameplay here for the first time and,what feels like an eternity is actually,pretty good,i mean the bar was in hell but 2k22,easily cleared it and exceeded any,expectations i had for this game,although i will admit i didnt exactly,have high ones to begin with now the,games marketing heavily featured the,phrase it hits different and honestly,they werent wrong because its actually,fun to play being the perfect mix of the,arcade-like gameplay scene and here,comes the pain and the simulation like,gameplay scene in 2k19 creating this,handsome game see other than ironing out,a lot of the problems seen in the past,games 2k has also decided to heavily,strip this game down throwing any,unnecessary features like the sam in the,bar right out the window this results in,a game that can best be described as,chaotic as [ __ ] the pacing is,unbelievably fast paced with most,wrestlers running around like theyve,down 17 energy drinks along with two,whole bags of lsd and honestly whoever,made the decision to make the game like,this give them a raise right [ __ ] now,the frantic energy just makes matches so,much more enjoyable with every match,having a great flow to it as you inflict,some much needed brain trauma heres a,plaster for that like id 100 rather,have wrestlers moving around at the,speed of f1 cars and have them move,about as quickly as the spirit of your,granddad wait where did he go sure its,more realistic to have them getting,tired and in their inhaler mid-match,however instead of doing this wouldnt,it be funner to just fight your own,lungs,i dont know where i was going with this,uh basically slow bad fast good gameplay,is much improved with some lovely new,moves and cool combos,2k have also improved upon small details,like making the blood look like actual,blood rather than just looking like you,smeared jam all over your face and,theyve even included the thunder dome,in here which is quite frankly a,terrifying experience now obviously not,everything is perfect theres a ton of,clunky moments top rope moves have an,issue of simply not working and,sometimes matches just break take for,example this universal match thats seen,me versus two middle-aged british man,big jungus has launched a military coup,the match started off with me arguing,with an invisible presence and then i,left however the match didnt end there,and i was presented with this screen,this was slightly confusing the tables,also made me severely upset on multiple,occasions because they collapsed with,you so much as brave on them clearly,because theyre accident proof but,honestly i can look past all that [ __ ],because the raw gameplay here is by far,the best its ever been in this whole 2k,series and yeah th

Ranking Every WWE 2K Game From WORST to BEST!

foreign,its crazy to think that there have been,seven Mainline 2k wrestling games I,remember like it was yesterday when the,news dropped that THQ had went bankrupt,and 2K was becoming the publisher of the,WWE series and yo what a different time,it was it was 2013. this was back when,CM Punk was still in the WWE this was,when the streak was still alive Miley,Cyrus was tweaking this was a time where,people were actually excited that THQ,was no longer involved in the WWE games,this was a time where 2K was looked at,as this great amazing publisher of the,NBA series which was getting better and,better every single year and was about,to reach its peak so when the fans found,out that 2K was indeed going to be,taking over the WWE games everyone just,assumed it was going to be for the,better in four months its going to be,10 years since 2K officially got the WWE,license and as the wise NBA young boy,once said the ups and downs at this,Series has had makes no sense suitcase,run of this Series has somehow been,filled with games that have made people,depressed games are just flat out boring,yet at the same time somehow theyve,also made games in the same series that,were amazing and genuinely top tier,wrestling games so with seven games in,this series to date some good some bad,some so trash that you already know,whats going to be the worst one on the,list lets go back and take a look at,these games one last time as we rank the,WWE 2K Games from worst to best also,before we get started 2K14 is not on,this list that was a game that was,already in development before 2K even,got the license it was a game that was,worked on by THQ employees under the 2K,Banner basically 2K brought over the THQ,team to 2K once the deal went through to,basically finish the game that started,and by the time it was released most,people brought in from THQ were let go,and 2K began development of 15. so I,personally dont consider that a true 2k,wrestling game but with that aside lets,get straight into it,first up the worst on the list WWE 2k20,was there ever really any doubt this is,going to be the last time I ever talk,about this game on the channel as,everything I have to say has already,been said about 2k20 this game does not,get better with age this game doesnt,have a charm to it there is absolutely,nothing redeeming about this game yo,this is a game that came out in 2019 and,look like this this is a game that is,known for crashing more than a,four-year-old driving in GTA for the,first time there was and is simply,nothing good about this game 2k20 was,released in a Beyond broken State a game,that went viral for how broken it was,and even though things were fixed and,patches were made it was truly never,fixed because it was so bad and so,broken it was impossible to fix with,patches no amount of patches could have,fixed the game was being horrible the,gameplay itself just being boring and,Bland and the game just looking like an,Abomination listen its 2k20 you already,know what went down no doubt the worst,2k wrestling game ever and one one of,the worst and most disappointing,wrestling games ever now I know some,people in the comments might be like,well pav I think 2k20 is underrated I I,love 2k20 it never crashed for me it,never gave me herpes I loved it listen I,like to get thrown off my roof sometimes,but that doesnt make it a good idea and,that doesnt make this an objectively,good game if you had fun playing this,respect but there is no way anyone can,ever convince me that this game isnt,the worst 2k wrestling game at the end,of the day this game was so bad it made,2K skip a year and not even release a 2K,21 any game that causes that has to be,the worst one in the series if its not,at that point just cancel the entire,series the worst 2k wrestling game no,doubt next up on the list WWE 2K15,before there ever was a 2k20 this was no,doubt my worst and my least favorite 2K,game I hated this game for a long long,time even in my review I went in on this,game this game left me sad left me,depressed left me down Bamboozled,Hoodwinked catfish me I was so excited,for this game when it was coming out I,had just got my shiny new PS4 I was,about to get a shiny new wrestling game,for the PS4 with amazing graphics and,even though we definitely got the,amazing Graphics we also got the slow,just sluggy no content modes missing,everything missing sluggish piece of,[ __ ] but yo,Im here to say,as time has went by as the years have,gone and as Ive actually had to go back,and play this game for videos you know,get capture footage for rebooking videos,and stuff the more time Ive spent on it,the more my wounds are kind of healed a,little bit all right Im gonna say it,this game is not that bad what else is,this unlike 2k20 at least this game does,have a charm to it at least there are,some redeeming things about this game,the graphics are beautiful the lighting,and everything to this day makes the,presentation so clean and even though,the gameplay overall sucks and its slow,and its still on the bottom of the list,and it is still the second worst,wrestling game made by 2K there were,still some cool features it was so,satisfying playing this game and hitting,a tired switch in music or a tired,attitude adjustment the roster was great,the unlockables and of course it had an,awesome showcase mode and there was so,much DLC in this game it didnt make any,sense dont get me wrong this game still,sucks okay so many features were removed,so much [ __ ] is missing the career mode,is horrible Universal mode is mad the,gameplay if you leave the stamina on is,slower than my dead Grandma I dont know,it still has some good things going for,it it still has a little charm to it,maybe its just depressing Nostalgia I,dont know but I feel like Ive been too,hard on this game in the past its still,the second worst 2k wrestling game But,as time has gone by The more Ive gone,back and played it Ive learned to,appreciate it slightly a bit more its,like that ugly stepchild after a few,years you kind of have no choice but to,like it a little bit right but no doubt,still the second worst 2k wrestling game,next on the list we move on to WWE 2K17,so we are finally out of the games that,can be considered truly bad 2K17 is not,a bad game okay but its a very average,middle of the road 2k wrestling game,this was a game where 2K really wanted,to retry the simulation style once again,and it was it was fine universe mode was,solid the roster was Elite featuring AJ,Styles you know you had some crazy,realistic simulation gameplay and you,can have some really fun matches but,this game at the same time I can never,love it because it started all the,restrictions in these games this was the,game that made it a mission to put,someone on the table this was a game,where hitting some of the ladder somehow,wasnt satisfying anymore in a wrestling,game now you couldnt place a ladder or,a table anywhere you wanted this was,when the arcadeness of the game was,truly ripped out and for me that was a,huge blow this games career mode was,not that good okay it was like every,other career mode that came before this,it was just boring it was Bland there,was a total of like 30 minutes of cut,scenes and most of the time we were,probably gonna get the same one over and,over again and how can we ever forget,the legendary challenges in the career,mode how the [ __ ] do I purposely get hit,by a foreign object in a match the best,way to play this game was definitely,universe mode and making your own fun,and listen at the end of the day it had,a cool roster the game wasnt broken,brawling was back in the crowd you know,we can go backstage there was some,really cool new moves the creation was,getting better and better and its,definitely not a bad game but its not,an amazing game either its just solid,its average its just there and the,same could be said about the next game,on the list 2k18 now you can easily swap,these two games 17 and 18 are very,similar 18 got a nice little t

WWE 2k22 Is Wild

all right whats a cool wrestler name oh,[ __ ],oh i see every time i got a keyboard it,does that,um,how about something like crazy,whats like a name that wrestling fans,would really like,besides like budweiser hamburger man,what about like,grogus the odious,i want something that the crowd can like,chant,so it needs to be a short name and easy,to pronounce,it could be e coli,thats kind of cool,then we can go on like full virus,cosplay or something,what really screams like,e coli foodborne illness,this is very,tommy pickles down here,thats fine,kind of piccolo,man theres so many wow they really,improved the character creator here this,is very deep,i regret locking myself into a foodborne,illness related character but were here,now,he looks so,like prim and proper like his facial,expression is that of like a really rich,kid,looks like hes about to call his butler,jarvis get over here and bring me grapes,its not gonna make any difference all,right that looks pretty good,oh i could have just captured my face,okay well make two characters so this,will be e coli and then well make,charlie real quick,we could have him in a mocap suit,i kind of like that,fits the theme,hes like some kind of space,lord,ill just have him in christmas lights,okay he looks pretty cool,and this is how he enters the stage,im fine with that,man he goes from like,high school emo outcast to [ __ ] chad,he doesnt really look like e coli,anymore though like i kind of tried to,fit within the same theme,of making like a foodborne illness,wrestler but it just doesnt work that,well,so kind of,actor slash reality tv star yep,but youre for a real wake-up call,man the background is actually reflected,off of,e colis hair take this opportunity its,like a saying youre running back green,radioactive mirror maybe you could play,uh you can see the exit circulation or,something whats the resub skippy,hey someone else to make an enemy out of,what are you looking at punk,i mean a little [ __ ],heard you were starting man shut the,[ __ ] up big fan,what are these options man,i spent some time in minor league,baseball,yeah really ew whos sports,its not like that i deserve to be here,youll see well fight me for it the,mascot to cheer me on ill let you know,whatever,i was gonna ask you to autograph,something for me but now im not sure i,want it,its too bad because i cant see to,write it anyway,idiot,im going to injure you,im going to rip your [ __ ] tits off i,swear to god chase,all right sean i hope youve got your,life alert on,im coming in hot hopefully you didnt,leave your food sit out in the open too,long,its e coli,needs work but you see what im getting,at like i think theres a lot of wiggle,room for a wwe superstar based around,foodborne illness,oh yeah i dont know the controls yet,but ill figure it out,i also skipped the tutorial because im,not a [ __ ],all right im just gonna,im,roll my finger across the buttons,all right sean jesus christ can you stop,oh my god jesus sean oh my god this is a,crime im watching a crime sean youre,killing him,holy lord,oh my god please all right help,oh my god i give up sean i give up you,guys have my lunch money,oh my lord get up jesus christ e coli,get up,this mans immune system is nuts oh god,ah [ __ ] help help,help,john stop hes just a boy,im going home,in my home i mean right to the winners,circle,i win,i made a mistake and i regret it let me,out of the ring let me out of the ring,got me out of the ring oh god,oh i how did i not get the timing on,that it felt perfect,whoa,yeah okay good mashing from sean,on the top turnbuckle,yeah,[ __ ] here i come,ah,im popping off now sean sucks,hes washed up,yeah you like that,oh,okay,here i come,lets go pin pin him oh [ __ ] not what i,meant to do,am i winning,charge the finisher again,this dude is 80 years old,get up again i dare you,eat this meat,again,good combo i win,you took like 80 years on that second,part,all right here we go finisher this time,itll work,yeah lets lets ride lets go,thats the one,now hes looking on my sack,for my city,good move sean,youve out done it,done yourself,but youre not ready for the finisher,no the reversal,oh god oh no,okay lets try that again were running,it back,yeah,and now we finish,it oh my god this is the luckiest old,man of all time,damn it,what,three,no [ __ ] way that just happened what,after a [ __ ] 40 minute slobber,knocker,oh my god,thats the one,thats the one,this mans immortal,just stay on his torso i guess,ill try a pen again because im,desperate,oh jesus,they need to remove that that rule,charge the finisher this is the one come,on baby,thats gotta be it thats gotta be it,he has no health left thank god,jesus all right get the medic in here,because ive killed them now,stupid idiot,[ __ ] ah its an illegal maneuver,how do i get out of these grabs oh my,god im bleeding,holy [ __ ] help,ah,ref help oh my god,get up get up,youre [ __ ] out,easy game,man road dog got,blasted what,that was the longest three count in,history,what kind of baloney,okay go on turnbuckle,finish him,thats the stuff,hey what is keeping him alive,oh what a combo,finish him oh my god,get up get up,were charging it this was for the fans,what the [ __ ] was that,there we go,get the [ __ ] out of here road dog idiot,itll be years before you can step into,the ring with me,come back to me when youre like 90.,thats spanish for i got a big,opportunity for you i beat his ass so,hard that his primary language changed,stop turnbuckle here i come,ah,ill hit him both,okay im just im finding my own demons,over here,dont worry guys,lets get him chase,oh [ __ ],i slipped on a banana peel oh ow,i am absolutely slamming cheeks,get the [ __ ] out of here,where do you think youre going,oh im coming for you,oh yeah,oh,nice,what the [ __ ],oh [ __ ] were all drunk,what is happening,what was that,these matches go for [ __ ] ever,give me another chair,let me out let me out,charge finisher come on,get up,get up,get up,you [ __ ] now kid,thats it no,one,lets go game,thank god,jp is just a little too slow,that was clutch that was clutch,outplayed on every front right there,this is a reused arena from uh wwe 2k,21.,yeah oh were in our full get up now,lets go,struggling teenage boy going through a,phase,e coli,[Applause],hi up,im coming out aggressive top turnbuckle,[Applause],yeah get the [ __ ] out youre not ready,for this,yeah,yeah,im everywhere at once,[Music],oh god no mercy,the cyclone,[Applause],my feet hit him though does that not,count,get out of here idiot,im e coli,oh yeah,top turnbuckle here i come this ones,for your mother,[Music],oh get up get up all right im not done,with you ill just keep beating the,corpse here,take them home put them in the toilet,put them in this [ __ ],[Applause],thats game damn this guy got blasted,geez e coli flew down to mexico,there were no survivors my god i went,nuts in that one,keep up the good work out there hes,mans [ __ ],riding him like a horse,all right the finisher,take it home take it home,and chase get ready to kill road dog,nice,[Music],bro chase and i make such a good team,[ __ ] threw his head into the dumpster,there nice,here i come,[ __ ] you hector,top turn buckle,oh okay i couldnt quite get on the,turnbuckle,yeah double team him,chase why would you do this,my turn,ill hit his ankles,oh what a move,okay,there it is,oh god no no no no,no,[ __ ] everyones injured,get me off of the rope,[Music],let me pin him let me pin him,just [ __ ] just let me pin him,why,[Music],let it end,oh yes,thank god,oh these matches are the worst,actual worst

Is WWE 2K22 Any Better 3 months after Release?

[Music],ww2k22 has been out for some time and i,thought we could take some time today,together to go through and revisit the,game review it a little bit more from,gameplay to patches to dlc all of it and,let you know what we think about it in,its current form in its current state,lets have some fun on the show lets go,so well do our best today to go high,level across the board for wwe 2k 22. by,the way welcome to assemble im matt,good to see ya great to have you on the,show today cant believe its actually,been three months since the game came,out it feels like its been like a lot,longer than it has but i do i do a lot,of content here so its,its a lot lets kick things off by,talking about gm mode when gm mode was,announced then came out super excited,for it going back to the days of,smackdown versus raw i was really really,anticipating something cool that would,just grab me and bring me in and be,playing it just religiously and this,my gym it just has it hasnt done that,for me now since all the patches we have,seen some updates to my gm i wasnt,having a ton of problems with my gm upon,launch up until now its been steady it,works fine i like that they added the,tag team titles in there because they,were missing from when the game first,launched and theyve improved some,stability as well but my gm i think its,just kind of there its fun i want to,play more of it i hope they add things,like mid card titles to the mode because,i think thats an easy thing they can,slot in when i do get in there and i,play several weeks of it i enjoy it but,what i feel i dont enjoy as much is the,way they have structured the rivalries,in the mode youre trying to mix and,match the,roster so the matchups are not based off,of you wanting to create cool moments,cool matches and story beats in your my,gm but rather having a giant take on a,cruiserweight because thats going to,give you the most stars my gm i think is,a great addition to the game i hope they,continue to keep it there and they,evolve it over the next couple of years,because id like to see things like the,budget increase id like to see maybe,some story lines being able to add in,there but i am glad its there i,wouldnt have taken it away i think that,they they talked about it so much in,previews and then when it was released,it was hyped up quite a bit by all of us,including myself that we were hoping,this would be a revisit to days of old,and it doesnt quite hit its a little,bit on the dry side but i do enjoy the,mode overall and i hope they can add,more and i hope then im feeling,optimistic that this year we will see,some more patches and more updates to my,gm mode okay lets look at my faction,now this mug,its this thats,its again its its okay its all right,i enjoy my faction i will give it some,credit im not trying to just dog on,everything here i enjoy it at first,glance when i first played the game i,did not jump into my faction at all i,really wasnt that keen on playing a,card game card collecting game that i,felt like should have been saved for,mobile weve had the my rise characters,locked behind there theres a lot that,wasnt great about it in fact ive done,a review on my faction to tell you about,the goods and the bads of it but as i,sit here now three months later i can,see that 2k is consistently adding more,to the weekly towers they are adding,more card packs things like dx have been,in there there,are enough reasons for me to go back in,and check in on a daily basis to be able,to unlock daily rewards daily and i do,enjoy playing the weekly towers being,able to go through and just hit those,because it changes things up not always,wanting to go into universe mode or just,play exhibition i do spend a couple of,hours every single week playing my,fashion clearing out weekly towers and,trying to do some of the faction wars,theres still room to improve in there,and one of the big things that a lot of,us will critique is,not having the my faction alternate,attire superstars made ready available,in exhibition this is a big bonus,contention for everybody including,myself if 2k made those available i,think wed be a lot happier well see,what they do with the mode as they,evolve it but clearly because supercard,is such a massive success for 2k for wwe,themselves they wanted to be able to,incorporate that into their console game,so its providing a good variety right,so far from my gm to my faction youre,kind of hitting on multiple things for,different fans to be able to enjoy,the other one is the classic returning,favorite of universe mode still play,universe mode on a daily basis,setting up new seasons for myself,setting up my aew roster classic,attitude era or trying to play along,with a modern era i still really do,enjoy universe mode but it does still,have a lot of problems with it just in,terms of its stability game crashing and,its not just myself but so many people,in the community talking about how the,game still crashes loading up money in,the bank in universe mode crashes the,game custom arenas do it too having,duplicate superstars show up on your,weekly shows they have been patching it,which is a great sign but i feel like,the next patch whenever that does come,out because were seven deep in it,already i think the next big patch that,they do really needs to address a lot in,universe mode it has been the same mode,consistently year after year and thats,not necessarily a bad thing but i would,like to see them bring back promos,because we lost the promos this year,which i think is a big miss and for the,community i think a lot of you have,mentioned how you wish promos were still,added in the game because it is another,layer and its another element they can,utilize it keeps things more engaging in,your season so more cutscenes promos and,the stability factor i think need to be,addressed its not a huge diversions,from the years of old for universe mode,and where we were from launch week to,now with universe i will speak that just,on my end i find it is stable its,better than when it launched 100 they,seem to be addressing some of the issues,with it but i think universe is still,outstanding in terms of being able to,say that it is great and its been,refined i hope that the next couple of,patches of dress stuff for it the,showcase mode for rey mysterio showcase,it was enjoyable probably one of the,highlights for me for the game when it,first came out i was dabbling it a,little bit and then i went hard into,showcase mode and cleared it out thats,what he said,right guys not overly difficult i,enjoyed the transitions they did from,the actual matches to going into the,gameplay itself they did a really good,job here theyre highlighting a lot of,rey mysterios story some of his,favorite matches im a little torn on,them keeping superstars in arenas and,titles all behind showcase mode im not,sure if i like that because on one hand,i like that you have something that you,are striving for specifically in,showcase mode to complete so i am,getting those arenas i am getting shawn,michaels i am getting jbl in there but,on the other side of it if youre,getting the season pass and youre,getting boost packs and youre unlocking,everything to me technically you should,have everything unlocked because one of,the downsides was for example shawn,michaels was locked behind showcase mode,you had to finish that match to get hpk,in the game which just seems like an odd,choice to make they could have done,aware of just the alternative tires for,hpk and alternate attires for superstars,were locked to showcase mode but locking,specific stars im a little torn what do,you think but overall i did enjoy,showcase mode i hope that they continue,this way of doing it for future showcase,modes if next year we get a triple h,showcase mode game of games king of,kings or a randy orton showcase i think,they have a good formula here that they,could work on i do wish though that they,did increase the amount of matches we,had good amount but i wanted more and

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