1. Wyld Elderberry Gummie Review! 2:1 THC:CBN for SLEEP!????
  2. WYLD THC Infused Gummies Tested and Reviewed. Archive review.
  3. WYLD Gummy Edible Review!!!! (GET BAKED!)
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Wyld Elderberry Gummie Review! 2:1 THC:CBN for SLEEP!????

hello estro haze fam this is kaley,and i am coming at you today with a,special review,[Music],this is for wilds new product,which is a 2-1 thc cbn,gummy that they claim that this,all-natural gummy,made with real fruit is perfect for,sleep,now let me know how many of yall out,there,started using cannabis medicinally to,sleep or if you didnt intend to use it,that way,it it the side effects of it is you get,a bomb night asleep right,so ive been using cannabis medicinally,for,a number of years for that specific,reason so anytime im,able to get my hands on an edible that,claims that they do that,im all game to try it now wild is a,company that,is out of colorado i think that theyre,in oregon,actually start in oregon or washington,i think they might be in california this,is a primarily west coast based company,they have been making a splash in the,news because of their gummies and,how fast the company is growing so im,curious to see if this new elderberry,2 1 thc cbn gummy is,a great antidote to get some quality,sleep,what do you guys think first were going,to,unbox it that means this is the actual,box as you can see,this is around 10.42 milligrams per,serving and there,are 10 gummies in this box,it actually says this edible contains,thc cbn perfect for preparing for sleep,its like a little like watching sheep,count you enjoy,as with everything it has a thc warning,comes in a little bin such as this you,know how it goes,pop it smell delicious guys,really really really good really good,all right and ill report back,okay okay lets see if it works,whats up family im back to report on,the wild elderberry gummies,uh bottom line yall they worked i,tried them over the course of the last,few days tested my dosages,and determined that two gummies were,actually the right dosage for me,they are 10 milligrams a piece so 20 was,the sweet spot,the gummies taste good theyre elder,elderberry flavor,they dont leave a strong aftertaste,which i really appreciate,especially eating a gummy at night,before bed its not really my thing,but if its about getting good sleep,then im willing to try anything,it was a pretty fast onset around 25,minutes,which is kind of fast for me so i did,test that as well,taking it an hour before bed versus 15,minutes versus half hour,and thats how i determined that it was,around a 25 minute onset for me,i did not have any dreams,while using this product which is not,unlikely for me,usually when i have an edible im like,knocked out its just,the way it is and i enjoy dreaming so,this is perfect for those nights when,you just need a little bit of,assistance to to get down um and get to,sleep,especially if youve had a few nights of,restless restless sleep so,i felt it deeply in my body uh the two,to one,thc cbn blend was great for relaxation,again it lulled me just like those,counting sheep it really did kind of,blow me,into a peaceful uh state of being where,i was able to,settle down relax and eventually fall,asleep so,i would suggest you check these out if,you are on the west coast,and im very excited to announce that,this month we are kicking off our,partnership,with simply pure dispensary here in,colorado we will be,coming at you with more reviews on,products that are coming through the,shop,one thing that is very important to us,is to be able to,[Music],until next time well catch you on,another review,happy fridays

WYLD THC Infused Gummies Tested and Reviewed. Archive review.

[Music],hello hello hello everyone,and welcome to another wonderful,splendid review here on wheats im,surrounded by,hungry agitated dogs that are pissed off,that i havent fed them yet but you know,i gotta get to my own eats before they,get to theirs,this one seems to be pretty calm but,there are other ones around here who are,not so happy with me um anyways uh what,did i say yes,were were talking eats today here on,wheats at the back half of our name,um nothing too substantial with our eats,we are,talking uh wild gummies,now the thing is uh when i picked this,up the sticker,uh happens to be over the label of the,product,that shows the brand and im terrified,if i take off this sticker im gonna,ruin it so were just gonna do it live,here,together so we can reveal this oh ive,already [ __ ] it up,um look in the corner or no this corner,theres what the logo for wild will look,like,there it is look at it its a great logo,wild gummies,man theyre wild theyre so wild,they have a y instead of an eye why,i dont know that was great um so what,are we talking,were talking theyre wild i have no,idea what a,marian berry is m-a-r-i-o-n,berry they have it as one word but im,gonna eat it,uh this is their cannabis infused and,marion,berry gummies with the customary,100 milligrams of thc,a pretty cool little packaging here,probably a [ __ ] though to actually,store,with this trapezoidal top but it looks,pretty neat,um paper its got some cool design on it,some,i guess those are marion berries they,look like blackberries to me,um but you know all the good stuff is on,here weve got,lab tested results right there on the,side,with our 100 milligrams of thc,when it was manufactured when its best,buy,all the stuff you want and on the bottom,your nutritional,information uh this is uh,20 servings but only 10 gummies as,serving as half a gummy,whos really gonna eat just a half maybe,you are,if so good for you uh and,looks like five calories per serving so,a hundred calories or so in this,marion berry uh setup,um so lets go ahead and open it and,destroy this wonderful packaging oh no,its,origami-esque look theres just like a,little fold there,you unfold that then you unfold,this then you unfold that then you,curse the [ __ ] put the sticker on,there,then you rip the sticker then you,continue to unfold,and like a beautiful japanese,lotus flower in the spring of,something that blooms only once uh,every generation here it is,its another little plastic thing inside,of it uh with your,child proofing stuff um squeeze both,sides there,and a little bit more extra information,again hey look its got 100 milligrams,be careful,a little seal here lets crack that open,uh what i do really like to see is the,top of this container,uh is made by cooljars.com,jars with a z so uh guys go out there,this is a free plug for cooljars.com,c-o-l-c-o-o-l-j-a-r-z.com,cooljars.com they make stuff thatll get,you [ __ ] up or theyll,make stuff thatll you can put things in,that will get you [ __ ] up,cooljars.com okay so uh,pretty standard pinchy open thing there,and here,are our marionberry gummies,how premium are these very purple,um very oh i do see its kind of scored,in the center uh to indicate what the,half,serving is i dont know why they didnt,just bother to,chop it directly into but you know,thats fine with me,im not going to complain and why am i,not going to complain well because im,going to end up eating all 10 of these,ill eat the two or three here on camera,then ill have the next few,five or six or seven over,a couple of hours or so and then after i,have my last one,uh about 90 minutes to two hours after,that or so,ill come back to you guys and say wild,gummies,this this [ __ ] is,dog or wild gummies uh,these are pretty tame man i,i already have such great headlines and,i havent even,tried these yet so uh without any,further blabbering,lets give it a shot,oh wow yeah i definitely taste the,marionberry,they got the um,that really distinct marion berry flavor,just right,just like grandmas orchards i used to,just,gorge on marion berries as a kid i would,pick baskets and baskets and baskets of,them marionberry pies,marionberry other things like jams i,guess,marionberry uh weed edibles,um god damn it,my producer just let me know that a,marionberry is a type of blackberry,a cultivar how cool is that,thank you producer and of course i knew,that about marion berries because i,picked them with my grandmother is that,what i said its a child basket to them,marionberry pies its a cultivar,how did you not know that,but,i gotta say um actually,if these are indicative of what a marion,berry tastes like not bad dog these are,pretty good gummies um,in terms of taste these are,real high on the list actually um,nice sweet a kind of um,more neutral berry like a black berry,not super,tart or super sweet uh but delicious uh,great gummy,uh and very very little weed taste uh,almost none at the beginning,and even uh not too bad there at the end,these are great,well wow your marionberry,flavoring uh while it might not be,accurate,it is delicious uh so theyve got that,going for them,uh i think i had three was that right,ive got another seven of these to go,over the next,however long or so uh and then once i,finish them off ill come back to you,guys,a little bit after that and let you know,what what were my,um reviews oh the first one was terrible,these gummies are wild thats just,repeating the name thats why i said,to be ironically terrible but the other,one is great,are these wild gummies,uh un,chained until i dont know or are they,these wild gummies tame i,shut up shut up see you guys in a bit,bye,[Music],shut up i didnt accidentally fall,asleep for a couple of hours,you did and welcome back tweets guys,it has been oh more like,four hours since i last,checked in with you um in,our journey of the,wild gummies and boy guys these,wild gummies are really feral,i use the thesaurus uh,also fey thats another synonym,theyre also really good i like these a,whole shrek of a lot,um i would even say a whole shrek 2 of a,lot because thats the best shrek,i think theres ive only seen the first,in the second one,really like to see puss in boots one day,not really but you know i thought id,say that,i i i thought id be the first person to,ever say boy i cant wait to see puss in,boots one day,i i want to be the first person to ever,utter that sentence,um uh so speaking of being the,sentences never uttered before uh,marion berry gummies,are a real thing um,yeah i still dont know what a marion,berry is other than whatever my producer,said something about blackberry,and then there was some fancy word that,followed,these taste great and they are very,strong lets just get down to brass,tacks here guys,um i still cant show you the logo,because im still,this the sticker situation is still,rather perilous,but look again oh jesus christ theres,a logo wild just like this dog,um and uh theyre good,they taste good they have good flavors,they have good the strength is,very popeye-esque um,yeah i full-hearted,and throated both my heart and throat,are,full of endorsement,for wild marionberry gummies,what a deal at i believe 15,bucks uh this is seriously,seriously though uh uh a top tier,gummy edible love it,uh speaking of things i love lets do a,little cherry on top,oh this one kind of actually looks like,something youd place on top of,something so well well do that,a little cherry on top there but on top,of the dog,um and what are we gonna talk about well,this cherry on top lets do a little,video game uh lets do a co-op,game something that you can play online,with your buddies,while everybody is stuck indoors,uh well maybe maybe youre not who knows,what youre doing right now in the,middle of this pandemic uh,be safe whatever youre doing but also,play killer queen uh available,on the switch pc who knows maybe the,consoles probably,its a great game local multiplayer,online multiplayer however you choose to,play it,it is an eight player multiplayer,experienc

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WYLD Gummy Edible Review!!!! (GET BAKED!)

[Music],whats up everybody my name is sarah b,and welcome back to the haze today were,going to be doing another edible review,we are going to be reviewing the very,well known,but new to me wild edibles,so lets talk a little bit about wild in,general they are,a portland-based edible company and they,specialize in using,things that remind them of the pacific,northwest and what makes it special,and using those ingredients and those,fruits,and other items found in nature to make,these,awesome little gummies now in this box,there is a hundred milligrams,and there are ten small gummies i also,want to just talk about real quick,how the packaging is it is so,cool so you open it like this and,out comes this little,pocket super easy to open you just,squeeze on the side,like this bam pop open,and you will find these small,little sugar coated gummies these,gummies,are made all with natural flavoring i,absolutely loved these edibles they are,not overly sugary at all which is,fantastic they taste like a natural,gummy something that you will find like,in a trader joes or something like that,i started out with 40 milligrams and it,hit,it hit good too i loved it,i wasnt overly i didnt feel dumb,which some edibles can make someone feel,dumb i didnt feel dumb,i didnt feel like falling asleep was,just so,awesome ive been finding too many,edibles lately that make you just want,to,pass out and these guys kept me up kept,me going and once the,high kind of wear it off and the after,effects kind of left i still,was able to have a great functioning day,which is really nice,i love the artwork that will did,i love these little huckleberry flowers,youll see all over it,and i believe every box looks a little,different it goes with whatever the,flavoring,is which is really awesome on the inside,it gives a little message and ill read,that for you,the edible contains hybrid perfect for,preparing for lifes adventure,its a little like the perfect balance,of wearing pajamas to work,i just really appreciate the the thought,process that went into the packaging and,making of these edibles,now i believe these guys are the number,one selling edible,in all of oregon and it makes sense,theyre based in portland,but i found them also all over,california,they are a little bit more expensive,than your normal edible,but they are extremely consistent some,edibles are really great,one bag and they can taste great theyll,be,just like mind-blowing you can give a,bag to your friend,next thing you know they say it never,hits them i dont believe,this will be a problem with these guys,id say if you if you were going to be,hanging out at the house like all of us,are right now,but youre going to be studying maybe,doing something for work,id say eat one of these little guys and,youre going to be chilling youll be,chilling,youll be chilling hard yeah so if you,guys see,these little edibles anywhere i would,say pick,it up you will not be making a mistake i,promise you all right guys so that will,be it for my small little review again,my name is sarah b,thank you guys so much for tuning back,into the haze if you like this video,please hit that like please hit that,subscribe if you want to see,more reviews and if youve tried wild,please leave a comment below and tell me,what you thought about them,again guys my name is sarah b thank you,so much for watching the haze your guide,to a cannabis infused lifestyle,and i will see you guys next time,you

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I tried WYLD gummies, finally!

hey everybody,i am blunt boss kp and this is my,channel bluntbox today we have a,wonderful episode for you because i will,be getting high off of some gummies for,the wild gummies,uh you can pick these up in a couple,different states ive had some gum ive,had a lot of gummies before but ive,never had anything like these these are,probably the best gummies ive had so,far,ever these are the raspberry gummies the,sativa enhanced so they have one sativa,flavor which is the raspberry and then,they have one indica flavor uh so they,come in this package you get 10 gummies,each gummy is going to be,10 milligrams of thc these dont have,any cbd so its just thc in these,and the reason i picked these up is,because i had some dental work done,and doctors said no,no like um,no smoking or,anything like that so i,still smoked im sorry doctor i cant,lie,but,it is what it is but i am not smoking,because i i am trying to take care of my,health thats why i picked up these,gummies,so my friend said she tried these in las,vegas she said they were fire so i knew,that my dentist appointment was coming,up went to my desk appointment came home,picked up my wife my wife took me or,actually penny and went to green,solution and went inside for me because,i had,gauze in my mouth and i couldnt talk so,thank god for wives and spouses they are,beautiful things and beautiful people,and a lifesaver thank you thank you baby,so okay so were gonna try these im,gonna show you what these look like,inside heres the package and i think,this came out to,20,20 around 25 after tag so,uh you open it up here,its a little cardboard box and you can,open up,and you have a little plastic container,inside,very very cool packaging this edible,contains sativa perfect preparing for,life adventures,its a little like surfing the clouds on,a surfboard made of pure energy enjoy,wild camp heres the container,and then you open you pull the sides and,just,pop it up,and they have a little sugar on them and,this is what they look like like i said,ive already had some so this is what i,have left,and theyre just kind of,flat,they are the most flavorful gummies i,have ever had im gonna have one right,now,like when you first eat them you dont,taste any thc,and when you eat them youre like,wow the flavor in this is so delicious,you wish you could just eat a whole,container of these because theyre just,naturally so good,especially the raspberry ones i havent,had any of the other ones but these,raspberry ones are so flavorful,i cant even taste the thc,theyre just so smooth,theyre great,you can taste a little thc right at ive,been using these instead of smoking,its been helping so much,what i do say is you cannot you have to,enjoy these on when you have some time,because once you pop one of these or two,of them like i just did,theyre theyre gonna hit you uh,do not operate any vehicles,or machinery um,you know just plan your day to be chill,relax,whatever you gotta do,you know its just gonna be laid back,which,what i love about thats what i love,about gummings like edibles,but these are a game changer,so i just popped two edibles and that is,at 1 12 so its 1 12 p.m right now,on saturday,i got i have,gotten all my work done than i wanted to,thats why i popped the gummies because,im just chilling out for the rest of,the day i gotta take my buddy here for a,walk and then uh,just gonna mess around on youtube on,some videos and were gonna have chicken,pesto for dinner so should be a chill,night and uh after eating those gummies,just see where the night takes us its,gonna be its gonna be real fun,all right guys ill check in a little,bit later,peace come here spidey,sit,good boy,down,good boy,[Music],heres that last gummy i have,but before i pop it,lets find out about wild,wild was founded in 2016 to create best,in class cannabis edibles using real,fruit and natural flavors,what began as a three college friends,over a two burner stove in a tiny farm,building in central oregon is now,americas best-selling cannabis gummy,brand,for real the growth of wild from its,humble beginnings to an international,leader in the cannabis industry has been,based on our commitment to quality,operational accidents excellence and,direct partnership with our amazing,community of retailers and bud tenders,we have maintained independence and,progress in our approach to growth,allowing us to maintain our status,stringent standards for,product quality and business practices,we act with integrity intensity to keep,wild true to its origins the popularity,of wild has been built with flavors,inspired by our love of nature high,quality ingredients,consistence dosing and one goal in mind,to produce,the best tasting edibles in the world,wild has also built a reputation for,providing trustworthy,repeatable,cannabis experience,which customers can rely on not only do,our gummies have great flavor they are,designed and continuously improved by,our team of food scientists and,quality experts,we proudly offer our best in every,package of wild,wild is available in five states thats,gonna be arizona california colorado,nevada,and oregon,and they plan to launch in michigan,massachusetts washington state canada,and more in the near future,in 2019 they introduced wild cbd oh wow,hemp cbd gummings and sparkling waters,and as of 2021 wild cbd is number one,cbd gummy and sparkling water in natural,grocers,nationwide,no way i had no idea,as we have grown we have been fortunate,to be empowered to give back to our,communities participate in protecting,our ecosystems and contribute to,progressive change within our society as,a company we have made a commitment to,support promote and engage with,organizations that are committed to,social and racial justice the health and,wellness of our communities preparing,the negative and significant impact on,the war of drugs,and being stewards and protectors of the,environment while partners with local,and national organizations to uplift and,accelerate their efforts we will,continue to push for a better future and,use our success to power positive,outcomes for people and the planet,and that is something i can get behind,its great you should really try it i,didnt know they had cbd products,so here are the couple different,products they have they have the,raspberry which im trying,they have huckleberry,marin berry,pomegranate peach,strawberry pear and elderberry,the raspberries are going to be the,sativa enhanced and down at the bottom,we have the elderberry and that is the,indica enhanced,and the ones in between are going to be,hybrid,lets learn about the raspberry you know,whats really cool about this,so i,i realized this the other day you have,to um,scroll up,and look at the box moves i dont know,if you can see it but,you scroll up and then you can,anyways i thought that was really cool,so wild,thats awesome thats really cool,so our raspberry sativa gummies are made,with real fruit and enhanced by,tentacle terpenes that may assist in,creating euphoric and energizing,experiences,ideal for keeping you focused on the,task at hand refining your creative,endeavors or even better getting you out,on your next expedition,so that sounds perfect for me,they have a 100 milligrams of thc per,container,which equals 10 gummies per container i,think its delicious i think theyre,great,uh i love how i feel on them,you still get that high,without smoking which,is great in my case because of,my uh dental procedure,uh smoking is kind of tough right now so,eating the gummies really helps,and especially helps with the pain too,taking care of my teeth which is a,wonderful thing you should all do it,and here goes to,wild this ones for wild,thank you,thank you so much for making such a,great product,this gummy is so delicious you guys,really aimed for the top and you got,there because these are high quality,gummies i,i dont,i dont know ive never had a better,gummy these these are great,and i,you know i just cant say say enough,good things about them you know how i

Wyld Pomegranate Gummies With THC and CBD Review – Purchased At Universal Collective in Studio City

hey whats good everybody jay ping here,checking in respectmyregion.com here,today to do a quick taste,test edible review featuring wild,and their pomegranate pomegranate cbd,times thc,ratio gummies so these are made with,real fruit,and natural flavors i personally have,had these,ah gosh i cant even tell you the number,of times ive had these over the last,few years,so just know ahead of time these are,some of my favorite gummies i wanted you,guys,to hear it from me the solid,recommendation my thoughts,my opinions the effects you name it ive,used these at least,15 to 20 times i use it for to help me,with my sleep,and for my my back pain long drives so,lets dive right in shall we wild so,cool thing with these items uh every,gummy has five,milligrams of thc and five another grams,of cbd,there is 100 milligrams of thc and 100,cbd in the whole package,package opens up to be like a cool,flower just like that,you pop you pull out the container,super simple has the thc milligram and,the servings,serving size theres 20 gummies in each,container uh,im sorry theres 10 gummies in each,container,20 servings per container serving size,is technically half a gummy you guys,so then after this youll just go whoop,i actually eat them half a gummy at a,time during the day,and a whole gummy at night so for right,now,one bite talk about it here we go,its like its like if you sugar coated,the costco gummies and it created a,pomegranate one,and then infused it with weed so this is,what it looks like,smell-wise it smells like gummies,sugar plastic and then,when you bite into the gummy you do get,this like,like a fruit jerky pomegranates,pomegranate smell,so i think its really delightful im,going to go ahead and finish this one,here joe, it when i think of a squad of 10,for the taste test,i got to give these a solid 9.5 they,have,a variety of digitalistic flavors they,have a variety of,ratios when it comes to cbd and thc,which is important for mitigating pain,anxiety,helping with depression a bunch of,things the ratios can really help,and it also says that these are hybrid,enhanced so i would imagine these are,going to give you a very certain type,of hybrid five milligram kind of high,something thats going to give you,uh the ability to take the edge off,maybe be a little creative a slight,burst of energy but then also back to,that comfortability,a little bit of that stone effect so big,shout out to wild go visit,wildcannon.com,uh inside it says this edible contains,chc to cbd,perfect for preparing for lifes,adventures its a little like getting a,high five from your imaginary friend,enjoy 9.5 on the taste test im going to,give this,a lets see lets see lets see,im going to give it a 97.5 overall,in terms of the nutrition facts and the,ingredients sugar tapioca syrup water,pomegranate juice,concentrate pomegranate juice,concentrate gelatin natural flavor,citric acid coconut oil pectin sodium,citrate cannabis extract oil sunflower,lecithin so it does use gelatin so,because of that i am going to dock it,just 0.25,97.5 overall like i said calories per,serving five,only one gram of sugar so most things,have two grams i feel like in california,this has half of that so,big shout out to wild if you guys have,had wild gummies before please let me,know,your experience in the comments where,you got it what you thought what flavor,the ratio you name it i want to have a,conversation with you guys tap in with,me,dont forget to like follow and,subscribe smash your subscribe button,smash the like,talk some and ill see you guys on,the next review love you all,peace

CBD Gummies Review – Benefits of Wyld CBD Gummies

hey whats up its dustin and in this,video im going to be doing a review on,wild,cbd gummies so i just wanted to show you,uh the packaging,um and it comes in a box and ive got,this from a local dispensary here in,oregon,this product is created in oregon and,they say that they use cbd concentrate,derived from hemp thats made in the,united states of america,so thats cool they dont tell me,exactly where the hemp comes from,but theyre an organ-based business and,theres a lot,of hemp in oregon so im guessing,hopefully their cbd concentrate comes,from oregon because thats uh,the best place in the world to grow him,anyway so heres their bottle,and ill just tell you right now i got,the huckleberry flavor,and it is uh 25 milligrams of cbd,per gummy and ill show you what the,gummy looks like,its just a little rectangle here its,very sweet,and to be honest its extremely tasty i,love the huckleberry flavor they also,come in raspberry and theres a couple,other flavors,and this brand wild cbd they do gummies,and they do sparkling water so its,interesting because theyre,in a space in the cbd world that isnt,quite as common i mean gummies are very,common um but they dont do the normal,things like cbd tinctures,or topicals or that kind of thing they,they strictly are,gummies and sparkling water so i really,to be honest i really like the brand i,looked up the coa of,this product here and in addition to,25 milligrams of cbd per gummy,and i believe thats the same serving,size in their sparkling water as well 25,milligrams,i looked and it is a full spectrum,product,full spectrum meaning it has a little,bit of cbc,in it and a little bit of cbn i didnt,see any cbg,and they call it a thc free product,but it comes i dont think its made,with isolate i think its actually made,from,a distillate of some sort an oil of some,sort of concentrate of some sort,so they have been able to remove the thc,from that,and uh theyre left with with cbd gummy,so anyway,um a lot of different ingredients im,not going to go into all of them,its a sweet product theres sugar,obviously in it,but anyway if youre interested in,something other,than maybe a tincture or some other oral,means of getting your cbd,and you like the idea of gummies this,makes it really easy for you,this bottle right here comes with 20,gummies,and it costs 34.99 i believe 35,for the 20 gummies so youre looking at,about i dont know what is that nearly a,dollar fifty,per gummy so a dollar fifty per 25,milligrams,of cbd so i dont think its a horrible,price uh,if thats the way that you want to get,your cbd obviously theres,theres some cheaper ways of going about,it but um,they say on the bottle it takes 90,minutes to activate,so if youre eating it and digesting it,its going into,your stomach and through your system it,actually does take a little bit more,time,for cbd to absorb into your system,whereas with the tincture if it goes if,it absorbs,um using using the oil into your system,it can activate a little bit faster so,anyway all that to say wildcbd.com if,you want to give them,if you want to check them out i really,recommend them i think its a great,product,theyre giving you the cbd theyre,really upfront transparent about their,coas,theyre an organ-based business so i,really like that,and its a its a tasty product its a,good way to get your cbd well thanks for,watching the video if you want to buy,any of our cbd products you can go to,greenmethodfarms.com and be sure to use,the promo code youtube,and youll get 10 off of your order if,you have any questions about anything in,this video go ahead and put those in the,comments section below and ill be happy,to answer those questions for you,if you think this video has been good,and its been helpful for you give me a,thumbs up and be sure to subscribe to,the channel,thanks again for watching and make today,extraordinary

Wana Gummy Review, 2:1 | 1:1 | Reg

[Music],whats up guys,welcome back to another episode of world,smokes and today were going to be doing,some edible reviews,particularly,the wanna,wanna gummies i got a couple of them,to go over,not some other stuff were gonna go over,in a few other videos but,yeah were gonna sit down talk about,these three flavors talk about what i,think about them and talk about the,differences between these three and,before we get started i just want to,shout out to my buddy yoshi got your man,hi there thank you,for hooking that up for me yeah he went,all the way out to michigan to cop these,from a local dispensary out there so,that i can get you know a variety of,product thats not just illinois,specific on my channel,and uh i couldnt be more appreciative,of you doing that for me so big shout,outs to you bud,[Music],[Music],all right,so starting off with the sour mangoes,this is a,high-dose sour gummy mango sativa,gummy now in illinois,all the,dyspos,cap at about 100 milligrams per,product and in michigan there is no cap,i believe so they have edibles upwards,of like 500 milligrams and its the,dispo kind so its you know its legit,its not like your friends 500 nerds,rope that you sold you on some bunk [ __ ],no so anyway so these,go for about 20 bucks a piece and,theyre 200 milligrams,for and 10 pieces that means theyre 20,milligrams a piece versus the regular,illinois dispo which you will find,theyre usually 10 milligrams a piece 10,pieces,so you definitely get more bang for your,buck at a really really good price i,mean its literally,cheaper,than what we paid for less in our state,uh the mango ones,are delicious im gonna take little,bites off of them so i dont get too,[ __ ] today i got stuff to do,but,the nice sugar cubes which ill have,pictures of,and then ill show you guys close-ups of,in the future,throughout this video but theyre really,really nicely diced sugar cubes,with um a little bit of sugar sprinkled,on top,it does taste,slightly distillate,if youve had a lot of edibles you know,what that distillate taste tastes like,but i will say that the mango does mask,it fairly well,um this is just a 20 milligram thc gummy,and thats all thats in here,very very solid,uh the high,on these sativas are exactly what you,want it to be,its not overbearing its not it wont,put you to bed it wont kill you like,most edibles you think youre gonna be,out but because this is a sativa and,and,i dont know something about it just,kind of flows with me personally i i,rather get,nice and creative off of this,ive ive been taking these for a couple,days so ive had my time,to review them um,and i will admit like,this is the most,stable edible high ive had its a,really nice calm onset of effects,it,youll probably feel it within 10,minutes but you wont feel the full,effect until like 30 45 minutes in,but its a very nice onset and its a,very nice offset you know once youre,done with your hide the,it just flows out you know,theres not a sharp crash with these,its its very very mellow the,experience is very mellow and very,beginner friendly for anyone who wants,to try,to get into a pot but maybe doesnt want,to be smoking it or [ __ ],you know this is also,highly recommended for if youre gonna,be working somewhere because it keeps,the smell down,you know keeps you a little,low-key now moving on to my personal,favorites,my personal favorites are these,strawberry lemonade,sour gummies that are a one to one,and ive i know ive talked about,one-to-one ratios on my channel before,especially in reference to,the one-to-one,vape card that i had from ozone,or maybe it was rhythm other i think it,was rhythm either way the one-to-one,vape cards are my personal favorites,because i do like this onset of cbd,effects and this is obviously 100 this,is obviously 200 milligrams of,thc and 200 milligrams of cbd which is,awesome so again you get twice as much,as you would with the illinois,disciple at a fraction of the pr cost i,mean its literally two-thirds of the,costs because those are usually 30 bucks,and youre getting more and,and more cbd and more thc with every,bite so,totally worth it totally worth checking,these wanna gummies out,as far as,these theyre also nice beautiful,well,cut cubes,light pink in color with a little bit of,granular salt or granular sugar,sprinkled on top salt where did i get,that from,the overall smell is,light,strawberry mostly lemonade,but the taste,the taste is great,and,i would have to argue that its probably,because,of the lemonade and the acidic factor to,it,a lot of people know like if you mix,like,lemons and vodka you kill the burn,of the alcohol you know,and i think like if you mix lemons with,weed in terms of edibles you kind of,kill the weed flavor,because when i eat this it literally,tastes like candy,and i cant even tell that theres any,pot in there it is the best compliment i,can give any edible out there,i just dont taste the pot at all thats,a great flavor its a great gummy i,could eat a bag of these which would be,great it would be dangerous man,because they [ __ ] smacked,and like even by me biting off these,little pieces right now im gonna,consume probably,30 milligrams of thc and probably 20,milligrams of cbd,and or even more i dont know im not,counting but im going to be in for a,good day taking these little half bites,and ill tell you what when you get real,dyspo [ __ ] man,to an average stoner i would say,anywhere between 50 to 100 milligrams is,where youre going to be,feeling real stone and going to sleep,and so if i get at that like 40 level i,got a real nice buzz throughout the day,as im smoking and thats thats exactly,where i like to be,but going back to these,these are hybrids,the the onside effects of these is very,hybrid like,um i do,not really get tired or sleepy off of,these neither,theyre very very good,[Music],the high is long lasting,and it is very mellow and very beginner,friendly as the last one,[Music],however,this with the added cbd i think its a,better choice for your money it costs,just as much as the other gummies but,you get,the match cbd with every single bite and,i dont know about you guys but im bold,the reason why im,a med patient in the first place is,because i got pain and a bunch of other,[ __ ] around me,and so its more of like a pain,management for me,and,thats why im always indica heavy,especially and,when i can find stuff with high cbd,i i get it especially from the dyspo,because its real cbd and any kind of,onset of aches and pains and thats like,if you have arthritis and you got like,like you know,like that kind of kind of achiness which,i do um,man it just it wipes it man that cbd,just literally wipes it and those cbd,bombs work really well but,theres something about the one-to-ones,that really really work with my body,type and uh,i will die,on a hill screaming that the one-to-ones,are my favorite theyre the best and,theyre worth every penny and even if a,one-to-one product is more expensive,than a high thc product,i think personally i go with the,one-to-ones because of the way i feel,you know i dont need to be,lit up,like unfunctional all day long i want to,be comfortable and i want to be buzzing,all right and for the very last ones we,have the exotic yuzus the two ones,so this is going to be interesting the,these are technically,200,milligram thc 100 milligram,cbd,so theyre stronger on the thc side,lower on the cbd side,um again i think i prefer the one to,ones because the,the feeling of that is nicer this is way,more for the people who like to get a,little more lifted a little more,spirited and what i want to say is this,is my personal pick for the weekends,like,because it does have that nice cbd,factor to it where it will take away the,pain but you will get a little bit more,little so in fact ill usually start my,weekends eating one of these,and then eat breakfast and then after,breakfast ill take another one,and then thats how i start my day,which is not for beginners i mean i know,thats a 40 milligrams from the in the,

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