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Is This Game What YOU Think It Is? | Wytchwood Review Nintendo Switch

which one is a crafting adventure set in,the land of fairy tales however it might,not be the game youre expecting so i,highly suggest that you fully watch this,video to understand more hello you,gorgeous human being of the world im,miss bubbles and if this is the first,time you see me i create weekly videos,covering reviews sales before you buys,and more and even if were keeping it,bubbly we dont tolerate no bs so,without further ado lets answer the big,question is which wood worth your bubbly,cash you play as this old witch who,lives on the countryside in a very,strange atmosphere and you wake up one,day to the mess that a goat has created,all over your house so you chase down,the goat and you learn that you actually,have a contract with that goat which,also happens to have something to do,with a lady that is dead maybe your,character and yourself as a player have,no idea what is going on so youre just,starting to do these different weird,tasks for this weird goat but the,stories man oh man they are freaking,good as always i wont go much into,detail when it comes to the story since,its meant for you to explore at your,own pace without me spoiling things for,you to keep track of the story you have,a journal so you can see the different,chapters that you are doing and every,chapter will represent a different,character and the different tasks that,you have to do for them the game makes,it easy enough to navigate between,storylines so you can choose which one,you want to track and you have a small,reminder of what you need to do next and,then a pointer which will show on your,map so you can find your next objective,its very simple to follow quest lines,you just have to be a little bit patient,initially to unlock more and more,portals and to see more of the map also,i want to point out that the map is very,important like i really appreciate that,the developers saw how complex the,crafting system is so they made our,lives a little bit easier by making the,map simple to understand so your entire,journey has a purpose rather than you,playing for hours just to be bothered by,the game that is really trying to piss,you off rather than let you actually,enjoy it so witch wood focuses on a very,complex crafting system and you have,different spells as well as i think,theyre called reagents that you have to,explore how to make and gather,ingredients to create spells are usually,more easy to make they require a few,ingredients here and there however,reagents are more complex and they might,even require multiple spells as well the,entire premise of this game is for you,to use your witch eye where at the press,of a button you can scroll around the,screen and see what you can collect as,well as spells tools or reagents that,might be required to lets say capture a,creature there are plenty of tools for,you to use for example you can use the,loggers hatchet which is kind of like,an axe you can use a,net so you can catch bugs and stuff like,that so these let you acquire basic,ingredients such as lazy grass fireflies,clay and shiny stone to name a few there,are plenty of ingredients to gather here,but there are other instances where you,need to be more strategic so lets say,you want to get a meaty morse you have,to craft a snap trap and of course that,requires ingredients that you have to,find then you have to place it in front,of a squirrel or a bird and then wait,for them to take the bait this all adds,up to me telling you that summary agents,are pretty grindy and difficult to get,and i get it you might be a little bit,overwhelmed at first just give the game,some time dont be scared to look around,and read what the witch tells you to,know how to get certain items and of,course the more and more you play the,more npcs you meet the more you actually,go ahead and search for ingredients the,easier it will be for you to know where,youre going and what you need to get to,progress your storyline theres also a,survival aspect here which is very,simple and easy for you to maintain,basically you have three hearts and you,can easily replenish them by consuming a,healing potion which i have no idea how,to pronounce so lets just skip through,that and this definitely adds to the,element of you being a bit on the edge,because there are dangers around you for,example bandits can harm you deadly,mosquitoes are around as well as harmful,dogs to name a few but as i said a,simple potion or a craftable item can,fix things and make your traversal much,more simpler for example in one of the,early quests in the game you need to get,some of like a dogs hair and to do that,the dog is actually very aggressive so,you go ahead and you craft a sleeping,potion you give it to him and then you,can cut a little bit of his hair and,progress in your story now lets talk,about the world the amiens and the sound,now you are playing in a land of gothic,fables and fairy tales and the art style,mixes 2d and 3d in a very lush,environment the characters are drawn in,storybook art style which is very,charming and it never ceased to amaze me,every time i met a new character you,will also discover different portals,that lets you go from different area to,the other and these areas are pretty,much very different from each other and,it just makes things always new and,fresh for you to experience for example,if youre going to the fields they are,very different than the swamp area and,you can tell that the developers paid,close attention to give each part its,own love and art and the colors oh my,god the colors i love them and the game,looks fantastic on the oled its just,wow and the world does come with its own,fair share of different puzzles so you,can unlock different areas but honestly,if i can do it so can you in the sound,division some things to note are first,theres no voice acting just mumbling,and the use of dialogue and character,portraits to reveal the narrative as,usual this does not bother me one bit in,fact the game is so beautiful i was,actually enjoying the sight of the,avatars and the dialogue has a mix of,funny but also dark humor moments which,keeps you interested in what youll do,next second the ambience is excellent,you can hear everything from the sound,that your tools make the process of,making a potion the wind the birds your,footsteps i actually recommend that you,play this with a headset and there are,some places where you want to slap,yourself in the face dont do it im,just joking but because the sounds of,the mosquitoes around you are so,annoying youre like,let me let me,you know but uh dont do that no,play safely kids and third the music is,beautiful to listen to it is relaxing,enjoyable and it puts you in the right,mood based on where you are i lowered,the music just a bit to create the,atmosphere that i want with the balance,between music and the sound effects and,its safe to say i really enjoyed my,time exploring which would with all of,this package all together coming,together together together it was,awesome now as much as its very,important for you to know that this game,is heavily focused on a complex crafting,system you also need to know about the,performance issues that are happening on,the nintendo switch right now basically,i received the game code on the nintendo,switch about a week before release dates,but i decided to postpone my review and,this happened because the game was,suffering quite a lot on the nintendo,switch there were very heavy stuttering,issues and this gave me really bad,motion sickness i then contacted the,publisher and they in turn got in touch,with the developers and were told that,there will be a fix on the day one of,releasing the game and its true with,that the game did become a little bit,better but its still difficult to play,it still stutters a lot and i had to,talk to the publishers once again and,they talked to the developers and there,is another patch on the way to fix,whats happening i think its because of,everything thats happening on the,screen all

Which Witch Would Want Wytchwood?

hey guys josh here in todays video i,would like to talk about a new game,called witch wood which released on,november 9th for switch playstation xbox,and steam the developer sent me a review,key for this game i played it for about,five or six hours so these are just my,first impressions,rather than a full review but hopefully,its gonna help you if youre thinking,about buying this game so which one is a,cozy exploration game with some puzzle,solving and crafting,a lot of crafting so in this game you,play as a witch of course and you wake,up from a very long slumber and you,dont remember anything it turns out,however that you previously made a pact,with some strange goat that talks and,you need to find 12 souls in order to,awaken a sleeping maiden there is quite,a lot of dialogue in this game it is,pretty well written and for the most,part interesting to get to know all the,different characters you will encounter,during your quest and they will all have,different personalities different ways,of talking and different problems to,solve so i think the story is pretty,interesting and this game really does,feel like a fairy tale not only through,its dialogues but also through its art,style the hand-drawn graphics reminded,me immediately of a cozy grove or dont,starve which makes you feel like youre,inside some sort of storybook and one,thing thats a problem sometimes with,games using this hand-drawn style is,that it can be difficult to figure out,which item is interactive as they tend,to blend very well with the background,at least for me that was a complaint i,had with cozy grove but in which would,theres none of that because when you go,for an interactive item it will,highlight so it makes it really really,easy to see and thats gonna be super,important because there are tons of,items to gather in this game but im,gonna be talking about that in a second,so yeah this game just looks so,beautiful there are also lots of,different areas each with a different,color palette and theme,and its just such a pleasure anytime,you unlock a new area to walk around,everywhere see whats different all the,new characters and creatures,all while enjoying the pleasant relaxing,music and sound effects that this game,has to offer artistically speaking with,the graphics music and story,everything is extremely well done and,polished in this game,and i havent seen a lot of games like,this so im really really enjoying the,art that is present in this game now,lets talk about the gameplay to find,the 12 souls youll have to accomplish,quests most quests are pretty lengthy,and consist of several smaller quests,requiring you to gather certain items so,in this game youll have different tools,such as sheers a trowel a hatchet and a,net and youll use them to collect,simple items like grass clay wood and,some different types of bugs youll then,be able to use these basic materials to,craft a few things but soon enough,things will become a bit more,complicated im gonna give you a quick,example that will really show you how it,is to play this game so for example,lets say a quest requires you to make a,digestive tablet so to make a digestive,tablet youre gonna need a snail shell,an eye of newt and goblin snot the snail,shell can be obtained from the snails,which you can easily catch without any,tools so thats easy,the eye of newt can be obtained from,nudes with the use of a bait stick so,youre gonna have to craft a bait stick,the base stick can be crafted using a,toxic thistle a twig and a meaty morsel,so the thistle and the twig you get them,very easily with your hands and the,shears but the meaty marshall will,require you to catch a squirrel by,building a snap trap so once again one,more thing to craft youre gonna have to,make a snap trap so now lets go back to,our digestive tablet so we need one,snail shell,one eye of newt and the other ingredient,was a goblin snot so goblins nut can be,obtained by using a dreadful doll on the,goblin so to craft a dreadful doll,youll need grain a hopper leg and a,sawing kit the first two items can be,easily obtained however the sewing kit,requires a twine and a skeeter snoot the,twine youll get easily but the skeeter,smooth youll get from the mosquitoes by,using a small pellet and then chopping,the mosquito with your hatchet so to,craft a smoked palette youll need frog,slime herb and clay,which are three easy items to get but,you need all of this just make one,digestive tablet and also keep in mind,that the digestive tablet can be used on,turkeys to get a turkey gizzard stone so,just imagine later in game theres gonna,be a recipe that requires a turkey,gizzard stone so were gonna have to do,all of this get the digestive tablet get,the gizzard stone and maybe youre gonna,need two other items to make that recipe,so you can imagine that the crafting,chain,can get very long and complicated and,thats pretty much the whole game and,thats my problem with this game if that,sounds appealing to you you will love it,but for me personally as much as i like,crafting games i feel like here theres,something missing it feels so satisfying,in a game when you work really hard to,gather ingredients to make a new weapon,or a tool that will make your character,stronger or just an item that will be,used to decorate your house but in this,game except for the tools youll get at,the beginning pretty much everything you,craft will be single use and its only,purpose would be to collect another item,for example the dreadful doll can be,used to collect goblins not from goblin,right the problem is youre gonna need,to go through the process of crafting a,dreadful doll every single time you need,goblin snot so it never feels like your,character is progressing theres no,permanent reward and it makes it feel,like a chore more than anything else the,game has dozens and dozens of different,ingredients and items but they all feel,the exact same theyre all just little,keys that will allow you to progress a,bit in the main story and while of,course making progress in the main story,and getting to unlock new beautiful,areas to explore is a reward in itself,for me personally i need to have smaller,rewards and some sort of character,progression in a game otherwise im just,gonna stop playing which will prevent me,from enjoying what this game might have,to offer later on i think that little,tweaks for example having an item,becoming reusable after crafting it a,certain amount of times or maybe,progressing to a certain point in the,story could have made a huge difference,or maybe even if there was some kind of,leveling system and you would be able to,gather more items at once or craft items,for cheaper i think those could have,been great additions the game however,does offer ways to make the grindy,search for items a bit easier for,example you can easily see in which area,of the world a specific item can be,found and also if you use your witch eye,ability you will see what item is needed,in order to collect that certain item or,knock out that certain creature,there are also different warp points,which makes it easy to go from one area,to the other in addition to a map which,will show you where to go for requests,also the quests are pretty much like the,crafting system and sometimes it feels,never ending so you think youre almost,done with a quest and you can jump to,the next thing but that character keeps,asking you for one more thing and then,youre gonna have to go to talk to,another character and that other,character is gonna ask you something and,it just feels very lengthy with no,reward and a lot of grinding so theres,also nothing much to do outside of,crafting thats pretty much the only,mechanic in the game,i wish there would have been some,farming fishing decorating your house or,other activities and mini games that,would have allowed it to change the pace,of the game,but its pretty much just non-stop,collecting and crafting and then some,dialogue and then some more collecting,and crafting and

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Wytchwood Review – A Fairy Tale For Grown-ups

[Music],have you ever wished that you could,experience fairy tales just like back,when you were a child,relieve some of the fairy tales about,lords poor folk magic witches and,talking animals,to immerse yourself into an adventure,that will take you to different lands,where fables live,i did,many times,and even though i dont really have the,capacity to observe the world as a child,anymore i still feel a strong connection,to fables and stories,hence i love a good narrative especially,if it is crafted in a way that the child,inside of me starts to wake up and shout,enjoy,only a select few games could achieve,this so far like oriental blind forest,and its sequel,or the part of the witcher 3 blood and,wine dlc where gerard goes to wonderland,and now which would,so lets see what the devs at alien trap,have brewed us and lets talk about,which would,[Music],in which would you play as an old grumpy,hag,awakening from her slumber she realizes,that a goat has eaten half of her,grimoire hence all her recipes are gone,in her fury she goes after the damn,thing but soon finds out that the goat,is in fact someone else,a being she made a dark peck with which,she cant remember making and this pact,is somehow also connected to a sleeping,maiden in a shrine not far from the,witchs home and so well head out into,the world to do as the black goat tells,us and begin our adventure of collecting,magical ingredients brewing sorceress,enchantments and passing twisted,judgment upon a capricious cast of,characters and creatures,and there is a whole word for the player,to discover,our way will take us to the sunny forest,to the gloomy swamp,the eerie graveyard a small village and,more,each area contains its own unique,critters plants monsters and inhabitants,we will encounter helpless humans hunted,animals weeping maidens trolls drakes,and the list goes on,the word is filled to the brim with,things to collect characters to cursor,aid and secrets to uncover,each biome is packed and looks amazing,this word is further supported by the,lovingly rendered storybook art style,that really hits home when trying to,show a fairytale end,every landmark character planned object,is meticulously drawn every little,detail in the background and all the,effects are perfectly in line with the,art style and the whole fable vibe,when i was a child it was common to see,cartoons that went for a paper cut out,art style,this technique is heavily present in,this game as well,admittedly resulting in a head start,when it comes to waking the,aforementioned chatting me but what,really made this child jump and shout,enjoy,is the narrative,[Music],i love stories i know that i mentioned,this in every other video i make but im,a sucker for great stories and plots and,which would delivers on this front big,time,jesse mcgibney and ariane lawrence the,writers did a terrific job,i was brought up on the stories by the,grimm brothers jean de la fontaine and,esop and my heart immediately jumped,when i noticed subtle similarities to,works of these authors in some of the,plot lines this game has,but at first glance the narrative of,which would may seem bubbly and easy to,digest if you really pay attention you,might notice some of the stories have a,surprisingly deep alternative layer,they talk about topics like greed,gluttony or acedia so although i can see,how a younger audience would play and,enjoy this title id rather suggest it,to a more mature audience nevertheless,every character and the story is,compelling and im absolutely sure most,of the people will love this aspect of,the game,there are stories in here about baby,vegetables frog kings undead husbands,and many more the main characters are,animals experiencing issues and its up,to the witch to untangle the mess and,pass judgment upon these characters and,creatures after all how will they ever,learn if we dont teach them the moral,of the story,[Music],[Applause],[Music],the core gameplay loop is all about,venturing to different biomes getting,know the residents figuring out what,they want and then its all about,collecting plants creatures and,different ingredients so we can research,and concoct devious spells and sorceries,brew potions and create cunning curses,in order to craft the necessary tools,for solving certain problems the player,has to collect and craft things and has,to visit different places for different,reagents and ingredients its all about,exploration and knowing your way around,these lands,the game has some action in it however,dont expect face-to-face action which,is dont operate like that,they are more sophisticated,say theres a gnome with a peculiar hat,we have to hunt down but he is fast and,intricate enough we cant catch him but,we know that they cant resist complex,and puzzling things so a puzzle box will,do the trick,that will make him stay put and we can,snatch his hat,every character and creature has a,weakness and the player has to work,around these weaknesses,crab cage against crabs bait against,lizards and dust against fairies,it is a great system and it works very,well with the narrative and the world,building i really enjoyed the,exploration and the collection of the,ingredients even if it sometimes can,feel like a bit of a chore but then the,game pushes you to a new place a new,biome and you start exploring again and,then you enjoy the whole process all,over again it is a very vibrant system,[Music],but what is a good game without sounds,and music,ryan roth and liam sawway crafted some,beautiful and chill music that pairs,great with the gameplay the characters,and each and every place the player will,visit,the game heavily features guitar and,other string instruments the moment you,step out from the starting area a guitar,heavy melody starts to play in the,background that will slowly transition,into a bit of a more melodic vibe that,is supported by some cello and double,bass,please dont quote me on these,instruments i might be wrong on the name,of them but the feeling they create,while you adventure in the countryside,is on point so its all in all a job,well done,this game is great,i havent encountered any bugs during my,time with this game no crashes no visual,glitches,it is really hard to find any weak,points when it comes to witch wood the,only thing i didnt like was the feeling,of chore when i had to find the rarer,ingredient,i could say some voice acting would have,made this great game amazing,but that is an unrealistic expectation,so i wont use this against the game nor,the devs,all in all witch wood is an amazing game,that will bring back memories and,feelings from your childhood a relaxing,adventure game and a great story to play,through,i can but recommend this game as this,one one of the greatest game i have,played this year a true surprise so dear,devs that alien trap let me upload you,of what an amazing game you have,delivered,and this concludes this review it was a,true joy to play with this one and what,about you are you willing to give it a,try did you like what you saw type your,answers down below i want to see your,feedbacks as always the games and the,devs socials are in the descriptions,with ours as well so you can check them,out for more information and you can,follow us on other platforms as well and,if you enjoy this video why dont you,give it a thumbs up and subscribe to us,so you can see more videos like this,so thank you for watching until next,time escape pod out

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Wytchwood | Review

witchwood is a casual crafting adventure,game set in a colorful world full of,magical creatures one such creature a,suspicious black goat who can talk wakes,you up and reminds you of your contract,with absolutely no recollection of set,pact you still agree to travel around,the fairytale world and collect 12,special items for you dubious companion,[Music],like any good witch you bring your,trusty grimoire and two belts along so,you can craft potions traps and spells,with ingredients found in eight diverse,and colorful areas collecting and,crafting is how you will spend the vast,majority of your time in wedgwood,while there are many resources just,lying around waiting to be gathered,there are also objects and creatures,that require more complex approaches,with the ability to scan your,surroundings for resources you can find,out the weaknesses of everything inside,and unlock new recipes,some weaknesses are straightforward use,a net to catch fairies and frogs or,shears to cut crops but what if you need,some dog hair to craft a powerful,gemstone the little rascal would,probably bite your arm off if you just,try to take it but a sleep inducing,trait should do the trick so you just,need to dig up some clay make a pot,fetch some water chop some wood to,reveal supperific mushrooms brew all,this into a potion and mix it with some,meat easy right,now you might be wondering where you get,that meat from,we are in a fairy tale world but not the,one where its all sunshine rainbows and,unicorns but the one with wicked talking,animals monsters and blood in this case,the blood of those adorable squirrels,jumping around so you need to collect,some twigs and twines and a special kind,of knot to craft a snap trap then you,just put it down close your eyes for a,few seconds and there you go fresh meat,just waiting to be combined into a tasty,goodnight snack,just like the dogs some monsters and,animals attack you when you get too,close to them when you die you lose all,resources but they can just be picked up,again there is no sprinting and your,only fast travel option is to craft a,single use item,the game crashed a few times and,occasionally i had to restart it because,i wasnt able to interact with anything,but other than that i did not run into,any issues,on your journey you will come across,various characters each of them with a,unique personality and interesting story,some of those are references to classic,fairy tales like sleeping beauty and,little red riding hood these linear,stories combine dark subjects and witty,dialogues that are very well written,as the witch of the woods you use your,skills to help the locals and each step,of a quest revolves around fetching and,crafting stuff unfortunately this gets,very grindy over time and you have to do,a lot of backtracking i have a serious,hoarding problem in every single game,with loot so i always end up with too,much of everything but for which would,that wasnt enough i was often missing,ingredients and had to go back to,previous areas which just felt like a,chore,with how lengthy many crafting chains,are its an issue that this game fails,to make its main gameplay feature,rewarding you cant upgrade your tools,there is no way to improve your,gathering and crafting skills spells and,traps are single use and most of them,can only be used on a single kind of,creature or object so filling up the,grimoire and moving the story forward is,the only progress there is without,combat or even slightly challenging,puzzles it feels like theres something,missing here for example it would have,been incredibly rewarding to figure out,weaknesses yourself instead of having it,all spelled out for you,nevertheless im sure which wood will be,popular with people who are just looking,for a relaxing game in a beautiful world,full of enchanting fairy tale stories,thank you very much for watching like,and subscribe if you enjoyed this and,feel free to share your thoughts in the,comments below

Wytchwood Review | Chill crafting and collecting

Wytchwood is a crafting and collectathon with a strong story.,It looks fantastic and I really enjoyed it but its not going to be for everyone.,Lets start with the most important part, the story.,There once was an old witch who lived in a swamp.,Okay, thats a weird way to start this but the games story is similar to a fairy tale.,You play as an old witch in a swamp, see I told you, with an old house and old bones.,You know how it goes.,But on this particular day a goat appears, not just any goat though.,This goat is a demon trapped inside a goats body.,All theyre concerned with is getting you to fulfill a contract and unfortunately you,dont remember the contract.,Its all a little confusing and while the witch is concerned about how this is all happening,so fast they go along with it anyway.,The contract is this, the goat wants twelve souls.,Keep in mind these are twelve specific souls that the goat needs.,The goat tells you exactly who they are four at a time.,If twelve sounds like a lot then I would agree it does.,The game kind of drags on a bit, but Ill talk about that later.,So forced away from your swamp you go through the world getting these souls.,Its not so easy though because no one is just going to give up their soul.,You have to pretty much trick them out of it by an elaborate plan.,So you go find the character, find someone else nearby that was wronged by them, help,them fix their situation and therefore through your cunning get the soul you need to fulfill,your contract.,When I say cutting I mean the writing is intriguing you dont actually have to use your brain,to figure this stuff out.,However, the writing in Wytchwood is excellent and the reason you want to play.,The witch has a dry sense of humor and everybody in this world is a character if you know what,I mean.,All the situations are very silly and I thoroughly enjoyed my time investigating the world.,Its delightful and amusing.,Anyway, getting these souls translates into a to-do list.,You can only go after four souls at a time but you can have tasks from each of them happening,concurrently.,For example you might be trying to get mead for a bear at the same time youre trying,to clear up some fairies from the forest.,If you like a good to do list then this game is definitely for you.,And as the game goes on the task list gets larger and larger.,It always felt good to check items off the list and get closer to your goal.,Its nice you can measurably track how close you are to getting a soul.,This brings on feelings of accomplishment.,Now, wouldnt you know it that every task on that list requires you to craft something.,Wytchwood is centered around collecting a ton of materials and crafting.,The game starts off simply by being able to craft a healing potion with a hagshroom and,forest herb.,Then you collect even more recipes as you go however the healing potion can be an ingredient,in other recipes.,The game is constantly building on itself with more intricate recipes.,It gets a little out of hand!,Youll need to craft something that requires another thing that requires you to get a different,ingredient.,However, I really enjoyed this and it never feels like youre crafting the same thing,over and over again.,Theres always something new to craft.,If youre lucky then youll have all the ingredients in your inventory because youve been a good,gamer and have been collecting everything along the way.,If youre unlucky then youll realize you need to go back to a completely different,area of the game to collect one material.,It can be a little draining.,Your mantra needs to be, repeat after me, ABC.,It stands for “Always be Collecting”.,Collecting every ingredient along the way is the best thing you can do.,Honestly, later the collecting can become a little grating on the nerves.,I do seriously mean only slightly.,The late game crafted items rely heavily on earlier ones so youll still need all the,old ingredients.,For example, theres one point in the game where you have to walk down a path and you,hit a roadblock.,Of course you need to craft something to get past the roadblock.,Okay thats fine.,But after that obstruction theres another roadblock but this time I didnt have all,the ingredients so I had to go find them.,Then after those two obstructions theres yet another roadblock.,Ugh!,I again had to go find the ingredients to bypass that one as well.,The worst ingredients are the ones that drop one at a time and it requires crafting something,else.,Gets me every time.,There are some materials that are just too much of a pain in the butt to carry around,all the time.,The issue is quite small though.,The payoff for all the collecting, the story, is definitely worth it.,But it does become a lot of running back and forth.,You never know what youre going to need before you get the recipe.,And some things are more difficult to get than others so while youll probably pick,up everything you walk past youre not going to do all the work required to get any extra,dog hair if you can avoid it.,This issue is somewhat mitigated by the fast travel but its not as useful as you might,think.,You can use portals to go between different places in the game.,And theres an item to teleport you to the in between zone.,But it never felt fast enough to actually use it.,I used it mostly to find an ingredient quickly I knew was near one of the portals.,Only really at the end of the game when I was on that path and even then I was so focused,on running around that I probably didnt use the fast travel enough.,Side note, death isnt so bad.,Youll drop some materials on the ground and youll have to go pick them up.,Although death isnt something you have to worry about too much.,Wytchwood is pretty chill.,If your health gets low youll probably have enough to craft a healing potion.,Before we part I need to give you a word of caution, if youre looking for a point and,click game this isnt it.,You can use the mouse to get around and do everything but I dont recommend it.,Theres no logic puzzles to solve or anything like that.,Wytchwood is a very strictly having a to-do list and collecting the ingredients to craft,stuff game.,Overall, Wytchwood is good and I enjoyed the story.,Especially how a few of the souls were retrieved.,However I believe the game would have been much stronger if it were shorter.,Twelve souls is just too many and there are a few weaker stories than others.,That said the crafting is a blast, there are so many items to craft in the game.,The music and art is also fantastic!,I do recommend the game for lovers of the to-do list.,Thanks for watching.,That was the video and this is the after video where we party so hard we smack our head right,into the subscribe button.,Now its time to party and well party hard.

Cozy Demos Ep. 9 – Wytchwood – cozy witchcraft!!

hi cozy friends how are we we are,playing witchwood today im so excited,this just looks like a beautiful game i,dont know a lot about it i really dont,but it looks so beautiful and im so,excited its on switch i feel like more,games are getting love on switch and im,so excited how many times have i said so,excited look how beautiful just the,illustration also i did not get sent,this i bought this with my own money not,that it changes my game play or review,or anything of it but like that it just,shows you how excited i was to try this,and play this out because i was not,waiting on someone to send this to me,once upon a time there lived an odd,little witch in an odd little house,she spent most of her days tending to,her odd little garden and resting in her,odd little chair,do you hear the music its so beautiful,on this day however her sleep is,interrupted by an odd little noise,[Music],whos there,use a to interact okay you devil how,dare you wake a young lady from her,beauty sleep blah,shushu get out of my house you mindless,beast youre making a mess,with a swift kick in the rump,you boot the goat through the front door,okay,when did this place get so cluttered i,could have sworn i swept the her the,hearth the hearth just yesterday first,things first my old grimoire must be,around here somewhere,first things first we gotta find the,gumor,grimoire grimoire eindhoven,[Music],for more hello,are you my grimoire,are you my grandma oh is that the grimar,here it is its lighter than i recall,your quinoa contains all of your,craftable recipes you can open it,anytime by pressing x x,mending,poultice,a speckled herbal paste that heals aches,and pains inventory,map,its just so its beautiful find your,braided belt in the chest oh is that my,next thing okay,all my recipes are missing that damnable,creature has chewed up all the pages of,my book wheres my belt ill need it to,carry my things if im to go confront,the beast i must have left it in that,trunk over there,okay got the belt,got the,empire nut,empty nut,reedy twine all these words secret vine,okay,oof my poor back how long was i napping,for a good dose of medicine on a sued,these aching bones before i head outside,at least i still have the recipe for my,mending poultice,i do,okay collecting ingredients,mushrooms oh my god this is so cute,what is this wood,okay what else do i need do i need these,guys,no,oh,okay that was everything and we get to,craft can we craft here,craft there craft here craft at the,table,where do we craft,table crafting,oh with my grimoire okay,thats craft,oh you hold it down to craft use the,mending pull test to heal,nope,okay go outside,oh i like the holding down function in,this i dont know why its really,satisfying you step outside into a human,marsh and immediately stub your toe on a,twisted root,i love,i know im gonna say it until you dont,want to hear it anymore but the,illustration is beautiful,ouch close your eyes for a wink and then,next thing you know the whole yards,gone to weeds somewhere in the distance,you can hear braying through the dense,bramble whered that cross-eyed billy,get to he could at least put those,gnashers to good use on this lawn okay,open our map,okay,zoom out,oh what is this,he beckons without fingers in the goat,okay lets go find the goat,find the goat,i found him let me collect these,shroomies this is so cute,but,is that all youve got to say for,yourself,the goat coughs up a disgusting hairball,ah yes hello hello can you hear me now,apologies its been so long since ive,used a mortal vessel yuck theres dirt,in his mouth,you can talk,of course i can talk has your mind,becomes so filled with cobwebs that,youve forgotten your old friend you,wound me madam its good to see you up,and about i was beginning to wonder if,youd ever awaken though i suppose time,flows strangely in this place i dont,know what this accent is by the way,anyways ive come to collect do you have,the amount we agreed upon,amount amount of what,oh dear if you really dont remember we,should go over the contract details,again,down there they got nods its heads,towards the ancient stone gateway,looming nearby and just how am i,supposed to get through that solid rock,youre the one who sailed to last take a,closer look im sure it will come back,to you open your witchs eye with y to,inspect objects and creatures and,discover the weakness,interesting okay,ill help you out trust me,im trying to,im trying to figure this out okay stone,pillar an unusually large standing stone,wrapped with ancient engravings,weaknesses,unveiling power,dont underestimate your senses my dear,you may be old but you can see things,others cannot hidden weaknesses lying,below the surface,i can see it now there are shallow runes,etched into the surface of the stone but,theyre too faint for me to read a,powder of,unveiling ought to do the trick if you,hadnt made a snack of my book i,wouldnt have to re-transcribe my,recipes i shall not be held liable for,any losses or inconveniences incurred as,a result of fizzled possession by,inspecting objects and creatures you can,learn new recipes to craft in your,grimoire,okay so did i learn,unveiling recipe i did okay,oh i need another one of those okay i,just need the green thing i dont even,know where i got the green thing to,begin with go to boy,helped me out helped me out,where do i oh is this one,yes,yes,amazing,thank you,yay okay lets go,use it near the shrine door okay so i i,press,zr to use things oh,you smear a handful of the glowing,powder onto the ruins of the doorway a,cool blue light emanates from the glyphs,and envelops the entrance in its aura,you squint attempting to discern the,meaning of the letters they appear to be,in some obscure runic alphabet what,gibberish is this it looks like it was,carved by a frightened hen hmm must be,written in the umbrella tongue allow me,to translate the goat steps up to the,doorway and pauses hmm well what does it,say,a goat swings its shaggy head towards,you dark matted wool obscures the,creatures beady eyes,i,i cannot see,unbelievable what do you the help are,you then i didnt come here to help i,came to collect now do something about,this mop of hair would you find fine i,think i have some rusty old cheers down,in the garden i love the goat rusty old,cheese,some shears will cut these okay,well id love to find those shears if,possibly yeah yeah yeah thats great i,want to find the shears i do oh ah,yay,okay lets cut lets cut this guy,lets cut this guy,cool,oh,all right now lets cut the goats hair,because hes my best friend,with much protesting in a nicked ear you,shear away clumps of dirty hair from the,goats eyes ah much better oh my are you,always this grotesque wheres my memory,failing me as well watch your tongue or,ill give it a good snip too,now can you read the runes or not,oh yes,a space beneath she sleeps alone,tokens given up to the unknown,high cheeva fires a fool shall unroot,the stone braziers burn and await the,crone,crone whats it called a crone and what,are these tokens im to burn,perhaps you ought to take a closer look,at those braziers,braziers,oh brazier,i was like yeah brazilians will burn you,know burn the bra,braziers,okay so dog hair,blue feather frog slime and shiny stone,i dont suppose you swallowed up any of,those things while i was asleep i dont,think so but feel free to sift through,this creatures,leggings if you want to be completely,sure,however theres a whole world outside,this little swamp you know see that,gateway over there the one with the,lovely green flame the goat motions to,the far side of your yard i guess a,brisk walk in the woods would do these,creaky joints some good too much time,indoors is bad for the humors,gather ingredients to light,braziers,i just want to call them braziers okay,it feels right to me ugh the mechanics,of this game are,so satisfying,okay so we dont have,we have recipes for those things,thick tangled vines have overgrown the,ruined entrance something sharper than,your finge

Wytchwood For The Nintendo Switch-Review

recently ive been playing witchwood,i saw this game in an article and it was,kind of featured as this kind of,i dont know successor to stardew valley,or a game that is in tune with that sort,of style and i love stardew valley so i,thought well i should pick it up and as,i,wrote the review for it as i played the,game i kept thinking to myself i hope,this isnt one of those games that just,gets overshadowed by a lot of other,games and when i say overshadowed i,dont mean by the community or the media,i mean by me because,this does have a lot of components this,game that are really fun and really,great which one is,an adventure puzzle game,and if you noticed i left out a key,component when you usually hear the word,adventure action is also usually implied,but no there is a very little action in,this game,but definitely a lot of puzzles and a,lot of adventures now the puzzles that,are construed in the game are not your,typical like level puzzles or,platforming puzzles now its more about,collecting different things to craft um,different items and,potions and tinctures and,even like equipment to help you progress,through the game there is no real combat,in the game when youre dealt with like,an enemy or an obstacle that you have to,overcome you have to either like trap it,uh by creating some bait in a trap um,you know use a different like tool like,a net or a shovel um or create a potion,that like puts them to sleep or,something like that um,outside of that though there is no real,real puzzle thats like the main,mechanic of the game,um,no real combat no real action which is,fine like games dont have to be just,you know 100 miles an hour straight,action,uh and i will say as far as the game,itself you do play a witch who has,been sleeping for a long time possibly,in a coma but when you come to you are,you have full control of the witch and,um youre awoken by a goat of all things,and the goat just kind of just destroys,your little hut your little house there,and uh,you have to go catch him and confront,him,along the way youre kind of prompted to,collect a few items to create certain,things and and eventually,also get her like spell book and and,start to relearn spells you realize that,the goat has been like he has a curse on,him or,um,i cant remember exactly what the deal,was but the goat who seems like a normal,goat is actually a talking goat and is a,very intelligent goat and leads you,uh to to start this path that you go,down you discover after a few,say missions if you will quests um that,your whole goal,as this witch was to bring back this,princess whos been sleeping and that,this princess is your daughter uh and,why i say,princess i dont mean that in the like,royal sense i mean like shes you know,the same sleeping beauty kind of image,that you get and youre trying to find a,way to bring her back from uh her deep,slumber and and so the game kind of,takes off from there and theres so many,great aspects of the actual story the,writing is amazing the npcs a lot of,them are very relatable really likeable,i dont know how many times in the game,that ive actually laughed out loud the,banter between the goat and the witch,are hilarious uh theres so much like,sarcasm put out through the game like i,think the writing is top-notch i think,the,a lot of the mechanics of the game like,i was mentioning um the the kind of,twisted way that you have to solve a,puzzle i think thats also really,engaging and interesting,but my big problem with the game if im,being honest is the pacing,its very slow like it it kind of just,drags on and on,and not where you want it to because i,think the the star of the show is the,writing is the dialogue,is the story that theyre trying to tell,you,but a lot of times,you kind of get wrapped up in these,quests where youre trying to figure out,what youre supposed to do or youre,trying to find certain components,and,where a good break would be with that,would be some sort of action or some,sort of fighting to get to somewhere,there is none of that so you just kind,of find yourself roaming around looking,for um components and trying to like,really read into the quest and to,understand exactly what you need theres,very little prompts in the game i guess,is probably my biggest complaint,especially when you co when you pair,that with the lack of action and so it,really just kind of drags the pacing,down of the game i think this is a,really great game though,in so many ways its not for me,and i really do hope that,the team who developed the game is able,to expand upon this with the sequel or,maybe uh kind of a spin-off but just to,give it more light because we dont,often see this kind of creativity in,video games especially from a writing,aspect with humor so involved in the,game and its not like,that kind of humor that is typically in,video games its a very very funny kind,of writing that just yeah cracked me up,in the character development and the the,mechanics in general is super super,creative game and i i applaud them for,all of that,i would just say like this isnt a game,for somebody who enjoys action,not really a game for someone who enjoys,a lot of customization because neither,one of those are really there,i found no game breaking bugs or,anything like that my last critique,would just be the price itself i think,it sits a little bit too rich for a lot,of peoples blood with an indie game,theyve not really heard of and make no,mistake like its sitting around the,same price as like deaths door or hades,and these are tried and true games i,mean both of them,games of the year possibilities it,depends who youre at who you ask but,amazing games that,are i would say worth that and since,that echelon and im just not sure which,one does i think its a really great,game its really fun,um but i think theyre asking a little,bit too much out of it anyway guys i,appreciate you please like subscribe do,all of that stuff take care

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