1. $20 Smartwatch Wyze Watch 47MM Unboxing Setup Review
  2. Wyze Watch WOW! A Comprehensive Guide & Feature Review
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$20 Smartwatch Wyze Watch 47MM Unboxing Setup Review

what is going on guys welcome to,gregels tv i have the,wise watch here this is a 20,smart watch they have a 44 millimeter,and a 47 millimeter this is the 47,millimeter,which means that it has a 1.75 inch lcd,display with a resolution of 320 by 385,300 milliamp battery and 16,megabytes of storage just right 16,megabytes,gps tracking and support for voice,assistance so lets open this up im,going to set it up with you guys,and give you some initial impressions,but,yeah 20 bucks is pretty crazy for a,smart watch youre not going to get you,know like,apps that you would expect on here its,going to be kind of a bare bones,watch experience there you go,its got a square face it kind of looks,like a apple watch in that regard,peel that off in fact looks almost,exactly like,an apple watch its pretty wild,so we see you got a button right here,it doesnt look like theres any other,buttons on there and then obviously you,put,different straps on here if need be it,comes with this one which,you know typical silicon type strap,nothing too crazy,you got sensors on the bottom there,heres the charging cable usb on one end,and then it looks like a,kind of proprietary connector on the,other end of it,i havent seen any video so im assuming,this button on the right is the power,button,its a pretty it is so its definitely a,big,power button and its giving me a little,uh,qr code there to scan so im going to,open up the wise app on my phone,all right heres the yzap im going to,hit the plus sign im going to go to add,device,im going to go to lifestyle i guess yep,wisewatch47,all right its now pairing,keep your watch within your hand alright,so its saying please choose which wrist,you where you wear the watch its going,to be on my left hand my left for sure,next on that swipe left to see,apps swipe right to see data,swipe down to see notifications swipe,up to see shortcuts swipe right,to go back long press to restart or shut,down lets add the button on the side,there its saying and,long press the screen to select the face,continue,all right enjoy your wise watch and in,here lets see what other settings,looks like its upgrading the watch,instantly so im going to let this,do its thing and beyond that you can see,its,upgrading it so ill let this uh finish,upgrading the watch and then ill come,back and,show it off so while thats doing its,thing i put the,watch on my wrist here very simple to do,if you know how to use the watch,um you know no problems with that at all,but you get an idea of uh,you know how high it is off the wrist,while its still updating,i mean its gonna be the easiest way to,uh trick people thinking i have a,apple watch but little do they know this,watch is a 20,smart watch all right so were back on i,kind of just wanted to run through this,you can go into notifications,and allow notification access if you,want,so that it can access the notifications,in here so when you do turn that on,youre gonna have to find its probably,at the bottom there,wise so im gonna turn that on allow,i guess ill allow it for this one as,well im gonna go back,here and i can allow notifications for,some of the apps like for instance phone,calls,allow allow allow,for my text messages allow for my,wise cameras because i have a bunch of,wise cameras in there,for instagram im fine with that for,facebook,for messenger twitter,spotify yep gmails fine yahoo mail and,fine,calendar theres other applications it,seems as well so,pop that open real quick um so you can,basically do it for almost,you know any app you have but those will,be thatll be fine for now,i also have notifications to stretch i,can,turn that on and itll remind me to,stretch because this does have some,fitness things in there,activity goal you can set activity goals,do not disturb you can turn that mode on,if you dont want it to,disturb you at all raise to wake,thats automatically turned on start,time at 7 00 am 11 pm you can,turn that on and off and set a schedule,for it wearing wrist left hand,uh running in the background,this is why keep running in the,background,there you go get my weather,okay im fine with that and you get,shortcuts as well here so you can,add up to 10 shortcuts so lets do,uh create a shortcut see what this is,all about,add action and i can,okay so its just stuff for my wise,products so,i know i like to look at my,street cam fairly often so i can click,on that and i can turn on and off the,camera i can upload a short video to the,cloud turn on notifications restart the,camera,okay so theres nothing terribly that,id want to,do in there for those actions so thats,good thats basically the,app in here youve got data,check your your calories burnt and your,heart rate,all right so here is the watch,turn that back on i would like to turn,the turn the watch so it stays,on longer it kind of closes so thats,got 56,battery life i can change the brightness,with a tap of a button to medium,to high for me ill probably keep it at,high but for this video ill drop it,down to uh,medium so it probably looks a little bit,better on the screen ive got this,button which turns on do not disturb,i have a button on here that will find,my device starts ringing my phone,so i can find my phone turn that off,itll stop in a second,there you go theres nothing else in,here seemingly for,for that so ill go back,swiping from the right to the left i,have all my apps and its,basically just fitness type apps,i can check my heart rate so well check,that,its checking it right now ill rest my,arm down so maybe ill get a better,heart rate i got 72 a second ago now,its at,80 but i did get that uh just a second,ago,earlier um there is i think this is like,data yep,so its just data this is a blood oxygen,level lets see what that says,give that a second to uh to go,i dont know how its testing that but,it is i guess,probably not supposed to talk when you,do it i dont know,i dont know how long it takes either,its taking a while,longer than i expected,there you go 99 i dont even know if,thats good or not,now i did the heart rate this is step,count or is it a step count what is that,okay its like to uh if youre going to,work out or something,ill do cancel that usually this is,shorter,yeah were going to end that exercise,you got your heart rate you got,your uh sleep right there if you want to,track your sleep,you get your add an alarm,you have your timer,you have shortcuts if you want to add,shortcuts,you have your weather get your weather,which is nice to get,you have your settings which i am going,to take advantage,of this right now so i can change my,wallpaper if i want really easily,go into heart rate and do continuous,monitoring if you want,you have brightness which ive done,earlier,do not disturb compliance info about,so yeah thats fine,and thats pretty much it for for that,swipe down from the top you get your,notifications i have a twitter,notification that,i can come in here and scroll through,and read i dont have the ability to,respond to it which is a little bit,unfortunate not the end of the world but,it would be nice to do that i can delete,that notification let me see if that,went away now,it didnt go away let me just tap,there you go it got rid of that,notification,one thing i notice is its not,completely,uh responsive like like i should like,yeah there you go finally went back,and then they got some data and thats,pretty much all you know the other thing,is to um,to uh if you want to change your home,screens real quick just press and hold,it,and you have a couple to choose from,there are nothing to write home about,nothing,that great but yeah that is the uh the,wise watch,in its glory glory um its not that,amazing,i would i would say you know after just,using it it seems like it needs an,update which i feel like it does need an,update so,i dont know if you want to pick it up,ill link it down below its currently,at the time making this video you cant,buy it but,maybe you will by the time uh uh you,know by the time you watch this video so,check i

Wyze Watch WOW! A Comprehensive Guide & Feature Review

[Music],[Applause],bye,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],welcome to this weeks special thursday,edition,of wise wednesday im happy to bring you,a brand new product from the wise,company,the wise watch 47 millimeter,if youre one of the few lucky ones who,pre-ordered back around thanksgiving,youre starting to just see these show,up now in your mailbox almost easter,they set a high bar for this product and,a very low price,they wanted to sell 20 000 of these and,ended up selling a record 104,000 watches by the time of this,recording and to their credit they just,posted today that 30 percent of all,pre-orders have shipped,this product was not incredibly well,advertised in its infancy,and wise already had an aggressively,priced fitness band solution,with alexa capabilities so what were,they going to make to compete with,themselves,this thing is competitive though not,head-to-head with an apple watch one,even,or a samsung gear line but with the,preconceived notion,that watches have to be expensive to be,smart,its priced so low youd pay twice as,much as it costs just in,sales tax to get your hands on an apple,device,today in my video ill show you how the,watch works and what it can do,and ill wrap up with some feedback on,my first few days of ownership,and some areas where they might want to,improve time codes are in the,description if you want to jump around,it doesnt hurt my feelings at all also,if youre not already a subscriber,youll want to consider that as,next week im going to post the 5,must-know tips,for setting up your wise watch including,how you can dress up your new watch,with an aftermarket band for super cheap,hopefully the pre-orders will have,arrived by then if not,keep it bookmark its going to be a,really good video when they do,so lets talk about what this watch can,do on its face,yes pun intended the watch can show,multiple distinct watch faces,you can preload up to three different,faces from the app,with different photographs unfortunately,youre limited to three faces total,with or without photos and the upload,process itself is very time consuming,swiping up brings up a simple yet,effective four button control panel,with battery brightness control a do not,disturb,bell icon which is kind of ironic,considering this has no speaker,and a find my phone feature that will,ring your phone even if its on silent,in this house thats worth the price of,admission right there,theres a little bug for the weather up,top which will update as long as your,phone is nearby,and has the wise app running in,background mode,more on that in next weeks tip video,swiping back down,closes that window and swiping down,again from the top brings up your,notification list,this is one of the smart features that i,believe adds value in a watch,if your phone is ringing or you get,notifications from one of your,pre-selected apps,youll feel a vibration and see a visual,notice here,tapping on the notification will show,the full notification,and itll even scroll long lists of,notifications easily,swiping in from the left of the clock,face shows you the fitness data,this data has generally been good though,the step counter can be a little,optimistic at times,when i brush out this beautiful man-made,with my left hand,i can generally count on a few hundred,extra steps great when im competing,with my wife and fitness challenges,and easier than strapping the watch on,my dog for a few hours and play,fetch like i used to do just dont tell,her i told you that,the last and largest section is the nine,icon,menu when you swipe in from the right,side these icons are easily laid out and,really understandable,you have a fitness icon tap that when,youre ready to work out and itll keep,tabs on that activity,next is the tracking data icon which,will let you know your step count,calorie burn and other pretty graphs of,this data by hour,after that is the o2 meter also called a,pulse oximeter,this is supposed to measure the amount,of oxygen in your blood,but its both interesting and a,debatable topic,the first apple watch to support this,feature was the apple watch 6,starting at 400 is it perfect,based on how this technology works using,light detectors you can get results out,of a fruit basket,and if youre all tatted up move along,it does appear to be accurate as some of,the fingertip budget readers,but the jurys still out on this one,same thing with the next icon the heart,rate monitor,its definitely more accurate than the,o2 meter but several external factors,including how tightly you wear it,or if youre in a bright or dark room,can affect your results,the next icon is the sleep icon which,tracks your sleeping habits,fortunately i gave up on sleep long ago,and i never have to worry about this one,but it does work if you wear it at night,though i havent found where you can see,or trend more than one nights worth of,data,the alarm icon is to the right of that,and features a simple alarm ui,which is easy to set up and control,unfortunately,here is a big limitation the alarm is,vibration only because this device,doesnt have a speaker,but it is continuous vibration so,eventually you should feel it if youre,wearing it,unless youre running a jackhammer then,no,on the last row we start with a timer,excellent for cooking,putting the kids in timeout or reminding,yourself to do something at a specific,interval,it also features a convenient repeat,option if youre making the perfect rib,eye little johnny seasoning three,minutes on each side,rest for 10 and eat steaks anyone,next is one of the neatest buttons or,features this has but also one of the,hardest to set up properly,the shortcuts menu this is where youll,need your phone as you can configure,10 different shortcuts to manage your,wise ecosystem,to turn things on and off like camera,notifications lights,or maybe even change the colors of your,wise bulbs,but the process does take some setup and,dont expect to be able to configure it,all from the watch,you can only activate them from the,watch last on this row is the weather,icon which will show you the current,conditions as well as a few days ahead,interestingly this is not the last icon,and it took me a few times to find the,hidden icon on this page,swipe up again from the bottom to see,the next icon,a gear to change settings directly on,your watch,i wont go into most of these but most,of us wont be playing with much in here,so thats the basics of how you navigate,around the wise watch and some of its,common features,so lets start talking about what its,missing because there is no speaker and,no microphone youre not going to,control,your alexa or other smart assistant with,it,thats not a big deal for many people,and for some wed rather our watch,wasnt spying on us all the time,open the pod bay doors hal there is no,wi-fi connection on the watch so,when youre out of range of your phone,the watch is not going to be getting its,own notification stream,youll have to enable bluetooth and be,within bluetooth range of your phone,for some of the advanced features like,notifications and shortcuts to work,so where do they nail it battery life,this is where this watch absolutely,destroys the apple watch and samsung,because they didnt have to power up a,wi-fi connection,complex accelerometers gps or any other,add-on gadgets,this watch lasts nearly 10 days i,only charge it after the fourth day and,ive been using it very heavily,and always on full brightness that was,only using sixty percent of the battery,so their claim of nine days of battery,life to me is very believable and,accurate,this is an area where it kills my apple,watch which lasts barely 24 hours of,heavy use,where i have to be without it for an,hour at least for it to come back to,life,charging is really easy and the charger,is magnetic,just like the apple watch so it doesnt,let you put it on incorrectly,so what do i think of this product,overall when i received the wise,doorbell,i was expecting features that id,already become accustomed to,and

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Apple Watch Vs Wyze Watch Part I: 3 KEY differences. #applewatch #wyzewatch #Smartwatch

hey what you got there oh i,uh i just got the new apple watch,youve got one too yeah uh no uh wise,watch oh,i uh ive never heard of it,um the new apple watch has a 44,millimeter screen,nice 47 millimeters,well this has a two day battery life,nine days well my apple watch,can track my sleep my heart rate and my,steps,can your wise watch do that uh yeah,dad can well,this just cost me 399 dollars,cool well,i mean no you dont want it no no no,seriously,go ahead tell me 20 bucks,[Music],whats up superhumans bt here if you are,new to this channel,if this is one of the first videos of,mine that you are seeing,youve stumbled upon well thank you so,much and welcome im stoked to have you,i like to create content thats going to,help you move feel and perform better,both mentally and physically so,if youre into that sort of thing if,that sort of thing floats your boat you,know,consider hitting that subscribe button,you should do it,recently i introduced you to this this,is the wise watch from a brand called,wise who make,amazing budget things all right so,budget light bulbs,budget security cameras and now a watch,and i took a poll on instagram and,youtube and i asked you,hey do you want me to do a comparison,between,the wise watch and the apple watch to,which i got,a resounding yes so today i want to,focus on the three,major key differences between the wise,watch and the apple watch,[Music],i think with any piece of technology,its meant to better your life,whether thats through like,solving a problem or making a task,easier or,just being more uh like really enjoyable,to use just through like its user,interface,and with the wise watch you can,like kind of say that it does those,things like it kind of ticks off each of,those boxes but with the,apple watch you absolutely can say that,what do i mean well for example,apple watch has siri now yes,siri has tons of faults there are many,times where i can ask her for help,and all i get are crickets uh siri is,not available right now check back in a,minute thats,super freaking frustrating but siri can,definitely,do some cool things she can answer a ton,of questions like hey siri,whats the weather going to be like this,week heres the forecast for this week,now shes just giving me for the,forecast for the next seven days,mondays supposed to be 46 degrees with,heres the weather for this week,and because i have four other apple,products youre probably gonna get siri,from the ipad youre gonna get it from,my phone thats in my pocket and now you,just got it,off of the computer behind me oh thats,so much fun,so she gets me the weather she can also,answer,other random questions hey siri who is,the number one team in the western,conference,the jazz are in first place in the,western conference,go jazz another nice feature is that she,can get,directions for you which is really cool,hey siri i need directions to harmon so,i can grab some groceries,now ive got directions to harmons and,if i needed to send a text message,hey siri can you text melissa urban hey,babe im headed to harmons do you need,anything,and then she sends it which is freaking,sweet as my wife can attest,i forget things from time to time and,the other day when i was in harmons i,forgot not only,my wallet but also my phone and i had a,bunch of stuff,already in the checkout counter well,thank goodness they had,apple pay i just held up my watch to the,apple pay thing,and it paid for it because you can store,credit cards and a bunch of other things,on a wallet,on your wrist which is amazing you can,also purchase,the apple watch with a sell your service,so you can essentially just leave your,phone,at home if you wanted to lets say go to,the gym,and you could still make calls send text,messages and listen to music,on your wrist and to me thats like,james bond,and pretty cool not to mention if youve,got any problem,at all there are like a bajillion apps,on the app store that you can download,and put right on the apple watch,problem solved so like the apple watch,the wise watch can send you,notifications,however it is very limited there are,only a few,apps that are supported by wise on this,text messages worked instagram worked,and that was about it everything,else came with a notification from other,you see that how it just says,others im not really sure where thats,coming from there is no siri,youre not getting directions on here,theres no gps,youre not playing music from here or,sending text messages or having text,message,messages read back to you because there,is no speaker,with the apple watch if i ask for,directions and im not using my phone,the different haptics will actually let,me know whether to go straight,turn left or turn right no such luck,with haptics on this again you cant get,directions but theres only,one blunt haptic theres no like,variance,you can receive text messages on here,but you cant respond so all of this,stuff that youre getting notifications,for,youre gonna have to pull out your phone,and use your phone,anyway to talk on there and when it,comes to apps like i said there are so,many apps,for the apple watch things that will,just help you make everyday life and,functions easier,there are including the settings there,are 10,app slash widgets so you have one,to start a workout you have one to read,your calories,and uh your activity your steps,youve got a pulse oximeter a heart rate,monitor a,sleep tracking you can set an alarm,there are timers shortcuts i have yet to,really,figure that out yet those shortcuts i,believe,are to the waze ecosystem so if i have,like waze cameras,or waze car or whatever i can actually,trigger those types of devices from my,watch which is pretty cool,there is a weather app and then your,settings another thing that makes the,apple watch just,so again convenient and functional are,the,complications thats what theyre called,there are these little widgets,up in the corner that allow you to do,maybe,tasks that take a couple of swipes like,just instantly so they take,the mundane tedious things and allow you,to do them very quickly,so on my watch face right now,ive got workouts in the top left hand,corner,so i just touch that and it starts to,work out ive got my weather in the top,right hand corner i can see my air,quality wind speed and the,forecast for the whole week ive got a,calculator in the bottom left hand,corner,and ive got my music selection on my,bottom right hand corner now whats cool,about,this is not only can you change the,watch face,on an apple watch like you can select a,different watch face and then,totally customize the color and like the,different fonts and everything like that,you can get pretty in-depth,but you can also change the,complications and then save that,to the watch face so if i want something,thats very workout oriented,i can have it if i want something thats,very business oriented,and maybe has more business and like,financial,based complications or maybe even a,hiking one thats got like barometer,temperature and maps gps that sort of,thing,i can save all of those and just bring,up the different watch face,the next time im doing one of those,activities youve got 10,different watch faces with the wise,watch and,four different color options of each,every single watch face kind of has a,very,like retro theme to it and im down for,that,but there are no complications and there,is no way to,add watch faces to the wise watch,whether youre on the watch,or using the app 10 total thats it you,can store,up to three different watch faces right,on the watch,for instant like changes if not its,going to take about a minute,for a new watch face to be selected and,uploaded,from your from your phone im pointing,my phone because its,its over there,as i said earlier technology no matter,the feature set no matter the cost if it,gets in your way if its inconvenient,makes your life worse youre not going,to use it,its really cool and i do firmly believe,with a massively improved battery life,and a few tweaks to its alg

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WYZE WATCH 47C: MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS | Opinionated Horsewoman

hey everybody welcome to my channel if,youre new here my name is stephanie,today you guys should have a pretty,quick video i received or purchased a,new watch from the company wise,w-y-z-e and it is a replacement to an,older watch i had bought from them uh it,is a smart watch,this is what it looks like in the box,this is their,wise watch 47,and honestly,timing was really great i broke my old,wise watch which im going to show you,guys,this is my old wise watch which is ive,already like turned for the most part,like disconnected it,um i really liked this watch this watch,cost me when i bought it i think i got,it on special it was like 19.99 i think,i got it on special,lasted me a couple of years,really really liked it has a little,sensor on it for you know it helps you,track sleep and all that heart rate,monitor on it i really appreciated it um,i liked the size honestly as a as a,woman i dont like really big watches,and really big watch faces this was,really great now the reason why i needed,to replace this wasnt anything to do,with the actual component the watch i,had no issues with it it was running,perfectly no issues with the battery,everything was normal on that what,happened was the band attachment,broke you guys can see right there,this broke so um i actually thought when,it when it came apart i thought i had,just popped the clip out which holds the,wrist strap onto the watch but,unfortunately that piece of plastic has,broken you can see the top and the,bottom there was no fixing this so i was,really disappointed when i went on the,site and realized they didnt have any,more of these they got rid of them i,think maybe a year ago,or in the last year i really did like,the size on how slim this was on my,wrist so,this is a new watch,this is the box this is the 47.,this is what the box looks like i had a,little trouble ill tell you what at the,beginning opening up the box it was,really hard to pull apart but ive,already obviously im wearing it unboxed,it um you know it comes wrapped around,this nice display,uh this is the proprietary charging,cable,obviously of the standard usb,then,this is the charging portion that goes,on to the back of the watch completely,different charging port and style than,this one,um,and then honestly its really about all,that was in the box um,its kind of it kind of is so super easy,you connect it to your smartphone by the,wyze app so,you know this video is not meant to be,an unboxing but,more of a initial first thoughts on it,so this is,the size,of the new watch compared to,putting the old one next to it you can,see a substantial size difference,in the width as you can tell and ive,mentioned before i really liked how slim,that was,so,um,nice touchscreen i do,i like the feel of it on my wrist um,it comes in a couple of color options,now unfortunately its totally i believe,sold out right now i got this through um,the fathers day sale that wise is,putting on right now,when i started to look at them,there were several color options,available,and i was hemming and hawing and by the,time i went to actually select a color,all the color options were sold out,except for the black so,i kind of was like well if i dont buy a,watch now im not going to get one and,thats exactly true before i filmed this,video i did check on their website,through the the wise app to see what was,available on the sale they dont have,the watches available anymore so,they might have been selling these on,special because they might be getting,into a new model um,honestly,i spent taxes on the cost of the watch,shipping taxes it was less than forty,dollars so i think it was like about,five dollars off for the sale,was really easy to pair now the wise app,has,um,the wise the watch 47 and then theres a,47c and honestly i connected even though,this is the 47,i added the device through the 47c,because it gave me all sorts of options,for um clock faces and,ill take it back off to show you guys,you can download and save on the app,three different face styles so you just,want to change it you just delete an old,face um,there we go thats the one i put on,you can put any style and obviously it,doesnt stay on long enough but um,so lets you do three and i it comes,preloaded with three i deleted one,picked just a random watch face that,looked really nice,and uh,you know you can um,enable notifications from your,smartphone uh really on any app thats,on your smartphone it will and its,through either,you know obviously um android smart,smart things or your apple as well so,whichever one you want to use or,whichever phone you have um,so you can add and remove any sort of,notifications you want it does have like,a sleep tracker it does have the heart,rate monitor built into the back ill,show you guys um,its built in its right here,i dont know if its gonna it just,periodically,goes checks your heart rate does that,whole body thing i havent slept with it,on yet i actually got this today in the,mail and,uh it came about 30 25 to 30 percent,charge so i did pull it out and put it,on the charger it took several hours to,fully charge,uh and i was probably wearing it from,about four oclock this afternoon on so,ive only had it on for a couple hours,it is,relatively late at night,so um yeah it does track your sleep the,old one tracked my sleep as well its,kind of nice,um,you know has like some tools and things,on it its definitely not the equivalent,of like a samsung watch or an apple,watch but honestly for like 40 dollars,its cool,again im not a real big fan of how big,it is on my wrist i think a guy wouldnt,mind this as much i really did prefer,the slim,the slim look um of the old one but they,dont sell it anymore mines broke its,not fixable,im just have to move on and uh,im cool for forty dollars so,im sure there are many unboxing videos,available on youtube i thought about,making an unboxing but honestly,its already been done right so this is,kind of an initial first impressions on,this watch,uh i am sad to say that as of right now,you cant get it so,my guess is theyre either going to,restock it or theyre coming out with a,new version of it and my guess is,theyre coming out with a new version of,it so we will see what that is,honestly i havent really been looking,ahead because um,im just not that interested in seeing,the latest new thing,i have a whole bunch of wise products i,have a bunch of wise cameras i have the,original wise cam outdoor i have some,camera some wise v2s and v3s i have the,wise cam pan um i have,two sets of their headsets and honestly,broke one of them broke on me already uh,its still usable but its very unstable,on the head because it broke right here,so,while i do like a lot of the wise,products i do realize that they are,cheaper price point and,things break on them so,you know 20 i had it for two years i,think i got my moneys worth this one is,was i think 37 and change with my taxes,and shipping and all that on it honestly,they did a fantastic job,getting it in the mail right away um i,ordered it i think it was either last,week thursday,or friday and it arrived to me today is,monday when im filming this so,they did put it in you know ups priority,or or whatever so,yeah the only thing that really concerns,me is when i was charging this this just,its magnetic obviously honestly,it was a little tricky getting it to,stay connected um this one had a much,nicer charging port which came here and,it stuck to it and i never felt like it,was going to come off the charger,this one i felt like if you just like,bumped the watch it was going to,completely come off the charger so this,is a little bit of a concern for me but,other than that less than 40,im good,so all right you guys would love to hear,your thoughts like i said this was not,meant to be an unboxing so please dont,uh hate me in the comments down below,this was never meant to be an unboxing,this is really more of my initial review,using this watch for literally about,four hours um,so far so good,so have a great

WYZE Smart Watch Unboxing, Setup & Review | Everything You Need to Know about Wyze Watch

in this video were gonna be checking,out the wise watch were gonna unbox it,and were gonna give it a review i do,like otherwise products like i do have,the smart plugs and i also have the,security system for the indoor and,outdoor i do love wise so thats why i,went ahead and went with this product,and also because i did have an eye watch,the from the very first series and it,actually um its not working anymore so,i went ahead and bought a wise watch,because theyre so affordable compared,when youre comparing it to an iwatch,its a fraction of the cost so thats,why i went ahead and went with the wise,watch and you could do a lot of stuff,when this first came out id say you,were a little bit limited but now you,could check a bunch of stuff so lets go,ahead unbox it were going to take a,look at all the features i did want to,mention that this is the 47 millimeter,there is also a 44 millimeter,and there you guys have it you guys i,just unboxed it and its just right,there,okay,not so many moving parts i like it okay,so inside the box we have the actual,watch itself we do have the charger,which is right here and we do have the,quick start guide so its a three-piece,setup right here so lets go ahead and,take this off the cool thing about the,wise watch is its either set up for,iphones or android all you have to do is,have the wise app so thats a cool thing,you could interchange okay so all i did,is push this button on the side right,here to unlock it and theres the code,and all i have to do now is scan it with,the wise app you guys can see right here,were gonna go with the wise watch 47,for the setup and all we have to do is,scan it and just like that its pairing,so it does want to know a little bit of,info before you guys get started so now,the cool thing its going to show you a,couple different shortcuts like if we,swipe left to see the apps or we could,swipe right to see the data if we swipe,down we see notifications and then if we,swipe up we actually see the shortcuts,if you swipe right thats actually to go,backwards you could restart or shut down,your watch by long pressing the button,on the side if you want to switch out,the faces of the actual watch all you,have to do is long press the screen,right you guys could see here i could,change out the different faces that they,have,and they do have a pretty good selection,of the different faces you could pick,different colors all that good stuff,here so it only lets you have three,installed faces at a time and i like,this one so i had to delete one of the,three that were on there already to add,this one right here all right you guys,so next i want to show you all the,notifications all we have to do is click,on notifications and you guys could see,everything on here you could set up for,your watch like its almost like an,iwatch like its pretty pretty close i,dont know anything that,i watch could do that this wise watch,cant do so as you guys could see if you,want notifications from phone calls text,messages from wise which is cool you got,facebook wechat instagram twitter,facebook messenger whatsapp you got the,gmail you got regular mail spotify,youtube we got everything on here uber,lyft you guys we have it all right here,so if you guys are wondering this is all,the list that it has right here and this,is just the stuff that i have but,theres so much more stuff that you can,add on here that you can get notified,with your cell phone so lets go back so,you got your set reminders you have your,activity goals do not disturb if you,dont want it to send any notifications,to you you have your rise and wake you,guys this does monitor your sleep so,thats a cool thing if you guys need to,monitor your sleep and see how much,youre sleeping and all that good stuff,it does do that uh wearing wrists its,either your left or your right we have,watch app displays we have a running in,the background and we have everything,right here you have app shortcuts right,now its just the weather so thats it,right there so let me go ahead and put,the watch on and show you guys so i do,want to show you guys how it charges,real quick so it is a regular usb,and this is what it looks like on the,other side of the usb this one goes,straight to the back of the watch and,this charges it so when you want to,charge it all you have to do you guys it,is the magnet so like when you all you,do is put it in the back and it just,grabs on just like that so its not,going to fall off if you shake it or,anything it does grip on nice and thats,when it starts charging right there so,it does come with this little protector,so all you have to do is take this off,just like that and they do sell separate,things that you could put on here to,cover it up if you guys are like worried,about scratching the surface or anything,so i do like the nice sleek design if,you guys look at the back it is like a,regular watch im gonna be buying,something to actually uh switch this out,so its more like that i watch because,its more its easier to put on you,could put it on one-handed and this is,kind of like a little bit old-school to,me but if you guys like this youre in,luck because this is what it comes with,right here,and if you guys want to put it on,all you have to do is slide it in here,and it does have a lot of holes so like,depending on the size of your wrist this,is probably going to cover it because,there is a lot as you guys can see right,there so we just have to slide it we,have to find the best fit for it its,kind of like a belt loop,and then we just slide this in,right just like that we have it and the,watch is on we could click the side you,guys can see that the watch is going on,right now so depending on how loose you,want it like that i like it right there,where is a little bit of room a little,bit of wiggle room so its nice and,relaxed fit right there so i slid it,down and you guys could see like theres,already notifications coming in from,twitter and various social media,platforms so you guys this is a,definitely way to go especially if you,think the iwatch is like too expensive,this is like your second best option,right here you guys and it does pretty,much everything an iwatch does and one,of the cool things about this watch is,it does monitor your blood oxygen level,and also i already mentioned it but it,does monitor your sleep to see how much,youre sleeping it does have menstrual,monitoring as well so for the females,you guys if youre not trying to keep,track of it this watch does help you out,with that as well,so it is ip68 waterproof fitness meaning,that you could sweat in this thing all,day and its not going to affect the,watch at all ive only had it on for a,little bit of time and i do like the the,look and the feel of this watch you guys,im impressed i definitely recommend,picking up the wise watch

$20 smart watch: Is the Wyze Watch a serious value, or just seriously bad?

if i told you this watch had fitness,tracking a heart rate monitor a blood,oxygen sensor,ip68 water resistance ios and android,support,was made of metal and had a nine-day,battery life,how much would you expect to pay for,that product,how about 20 bucks,[Music],hi everyone and welcome back to a better,computer my name is matt and today im,reviewing this,the wise watch the absurdly priced,smartwatch,to put this into a little perspective,this is my day-to-day watch its an,apple watch series 6.,it cost 800 which is a little crazy,and i could buy 40 of these instead and,even if i went with the lower end apple,watch se,i could still get 14 of these so the the,pricing is just,absurd so while i could go on and on,about how this product rips off the,apple watch in terms of design and ui,thats not really going to be the focus,of this review the apple watch is far,more capable has far better build,quality and is,far better of an experience in most ways,for most people,so with that out of the way lets take a,look at what you get for 20,with the wise watch first impressions,are a little rough,and the 20 price tag is clearly felt,right away the included watch strap is a,cheap rubber that collects sweat like,crazy and i thought the body was made of,plastic until,i read the product sheet which insists,its aluminum,i also noticed immediately that the,display is off center,with a pretty substantially bigger,bottom bezel than the top,none of this is the end of the world but,if you came into this product wondering,how did they get the price down so far,you start to see the corners cut right,away its not,horrible but its definitely not as,premium as other smart watches,the setup process is relatively easy as,you just need to install the wise app on,your phone,and add a new device it will auto detect,the watch,and pairs in less than a minute frankly,the setup was easier and quicker than i,expected it to be,lets talk about actually using the,product though so im going to talk,about,watch faces im going to talk about the,apps that come installed on it,and im going to talk about general,build quality and usability of the,product in general,first there are the watch faces and,honestly i dont think theyre terrible,theyre not what id call classy but,theyre all pretty fun,watch knobs will probably scoff but,these are some bold watch faces that,will definitely appeal to some people,there are 10 styles to choose from and,four color combos for each watch face,you can only have three loaded on your,watch at the same time and they can only,be managed from the wise app on your,phone,also adding a watch face takes literally,one full minute,and your watch is out of commission the,whole time its kind of weird and im,not really sure what could possibly be,taking so long but,it does also theres no concept of,customization with these watch faces,they all show the time but some show,activity data some show the date,you really dont have any control,basically whatever theyve set as watch,faces those are what youre going to use,i think these watch faces are generally,fun but theyre not going to beat,everyones taste,next up are the apps unlike the other,major smartwatch platforms out there,you cant install any new apps on the,wise watch you just get the apps that,are pre-installed,there are a total of nine apps and,conveniently for me that means i can go,over each one right now and give you a,comprehensive overview of what the watch,does,first up is workouts and the app just,starts a workout the moment you launch,it,theres no settings for what type of,workout youre doing it really seems,designed for walking or running though,and it tracks your heart rate and pace,as you go and even syncs that data over,to health kit which is nice,it does not auto detect workouts it does,not auto pause workouts,and it doesnt notify you of time or,distance milestones as you go,its very minimal but it does,technically work data is the next app,and it was confusing to me at first,since when you initially put on the,watch you have this mysterious,data app and screen over to the left of,your watch face,that just tells you there is no data,this is actually where you can see your,step count and calories burn stats,think of it like the activity app on the,apple watch,the blood oxygen app lets you take o2,readings just like the apple watch,series 6,and the numbers ive gotten have been,basically in line with what i get on the,apple watch when i test immediately,afterwards,the heart rate app checks your pulse on,demand and again seems pretty accurate,and pretty similar to what the apple,watch reports,you can also go into the settings and,have the watch check your pulse in the,background every five minutes,all the data gets synced over to the,health app on your iphone,the sleep app is fine as well although i,find it about as helpful as the apple,watch is built in sleep tracking which,is to say,not very alarms are what youd expect,and you can set a bunch of them easily,timers also work well and youre limited,to one timer at a time,shortcuts are an interesting idea but i,couldnt get them to work myself,mostly theyre ways to control your,other wise accessories which i dont,actually own,the final app is weather and its really,basic but it gets you the current,conditions and temperature which is,often enough,you can change the location in the wise,app on your phone too if you dont want,to use your specific location,and then we have the general experience,of using the wise watch,as youve probably noticed already the,watch is not slow necessarily but the,screen refreshes incredibly slowly,i measured this a few times and found it,updates at five times per second thats,five hertz,which is actually worse than the best,e-ink displays on e-readers today,which is really bad by comparison the,apple watch has a 60 hertz screen,that goes up and down based on what,youre doing but it always looks smooth,this it almost looks like theres no,animations most of the time,it might go without saying but this,watch does not have a noise on display,so you have to wake it by raising your,wrist,or by tapping the button on the side,theres no tap to wake which would have,been nice to have here,especially because the raise to wake is,pretty slow i think its even slower,than the original apple watch,which was already slower than id like,maybe my biggest problem with the screen,is the,fact that theres no light sensors so,theres no ambient light sensor it has,no idea how bright it is,so you have three settings low medium,and high for the screen brightness,you set it and then thats what it is,forever there is a way to change it,manually but its kind of a pain and you,really dont want to have to deal with,this,so if youre setting it to medium which,i think looks good in most places,it means its going to be a little hard,to see outside unless you change it and,you have to remember to,set it too low before you go to bed or,before you turn on a movie or something,otherwise its going to blind you in the,dark on the plus side it does have the,feature the apple watch has where you,can slap your palm on the screen to turn,it off which i actually like a lot,you also may have noticed i have not,entered a passcode at any point in this,video and thats because,the wise watch has zero security and,has no idea if its actually on my wrist,or not,this was actually kind of shocking but,yeah the watch is 100 accessible by,anyone who gets their hands on it so i,guess dont let anyone steal it,its also kind of annoying because if,you leave it on a table and you have,notifications sent into it its still,going to send those notifications when,its off your wrist,and so youre going to hear your watch,buzz on the counter table wherever,youve put it,so thats annoying too moving on to the,ui the wise watch definitely borrows,heavily from the apple watch,with a swipe down on the watch face,bringing up notifications swiping up to,bring up a control center,and holding down to change the w

Wyze Watch 48 Hours Later | Some Good Some Bad |

what is going on everybody welcome back,to phones and drones,for those of you that follow the channel,you see we did a quick unboxing and,first look,and pairing process with that 20 wise,smart watch were back basically 72,hours later,and i have some initial thoughts for you,guys and you can see i do currently have,the watch on,i have been using it intermittently and,i have a few takeaways,first thing let me go ahead and take,this off for you guys this display is,actually pretty good it does not look,bad at all its very responsive,the os itself is not,the best obviously its definitely a,home brewed operating system,the actual heart rate monitor and o2,sensor,seemed to be on par with every other,branded smart watch i was using i used a,galaxy watch the original one,a galaxy watch 3 45 millimeter one,i used an apple watch and they all came,up somewhat comparable to each other,my main call out that i want to really,show you is,a couple things about that display that,i was just praising,so im going to go ahead and actually,get into,the wise app itself,and show you a couple things so go back,to the watch and you can see i actually,created a custom watch face here,you can obviously use your photos as,well,on this watch and you can see just how,good,that resolution does look but the call,out is that this is a,47 millimeter casing and you can see,just how much bezel is left on the,bottom here,by no means should this be a deal,breaker for a 20,smart watch but i just wanted to let you,know do not assume to have this whole,display,being shown or usable i should say,additionally build quality is actually,phenomenal on this,feels really good in hand its,definitely not cheap by any means its,metal its not plastic,i think it feels really good its solid,the band itself that it comes with its,interchangeable like i said in my,unboxing,but it does feel really good beyond that,notifications they come right in as you,can see here,but you can see here in itself how,glitchy it actually looks,when swiping so again kind of on the,downfalls im not sure what kind of,processor is used in here but its,something to consider,its not silky smooth like you might be,used to with an apple watch,beyond that the actual apps themselves,are very limited,you cannot really load up any,third-party apps,you have your heart rate monitor you can,see its calling for uh,me to change my position,you have your sleep tracking you have,your you know womens cycles tracking,timer stopwatch o2 sensor,but this is it oops everything you see,here is what you get,no speaker no mic,none of that that i can find,additionally too,the haptics on this are probably the,weakest,i have ever experienced in a smart watch,again,20 price point not a deal breaker it,will nudge you,but its not the best feel that exists,out there,um now again guys this is 20,you can order it today you can have it,as soon as you know,the pre-orders are filled and the,backlog is you know,kind of watered up but beyond that,you are getting that waterproof design,you have that sleep tracking,you have a lot of basic features that,you would expect,and as were talking you can see i got a,twitter alert,but its sitting on a glass table and,you didnt even hear,any of that haptic feedback its so,brief,its like a quick and that is it,um not very easy at all to,be alerted on aside from that,getting a call you can answer it only,obviously because you dont have a,speaker or a mic,there is definitely limitations but for,somebody maybe wanting it for smart,watch or wanting it for,you know a younger person in the house,to try to keep them see if theyre,responsible enough or for tracking,um this might not be a bad deal,i personally am not going to be wearing,it as my daily driver,i obviously have enough of other smart,watches for that but for the 20,price point i think its good for the,right crowd,but what do you guys think do you like,this design obviously its meant to,mimic you know,the bigger players out there you can see,it has that lift to wake,no always on display as well but uh,20 bucks is 20 bucks let me know what,you guys think in the comments down,below,thanks for watching guys well catch you,in the next one peace

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