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Sony X90J 4K HDR TV Review Revisited | Better This Time?

And here we go again. ,Its time for a Sony X90J review. Take two.,Welcome back, everyone, ,Im Caleb Denison, and if you missed our first stab,at reviewing this TV, it basically went like this.,When we unboxed the TV, we noted it had what seemed like cosmetic damage,to the plastic on the back. ,We pressed forward, we got into the review, and it seemed like,we could dance around what appeared to be localized performance compromises.,But ultimately, at the end, ,it became clear that the TV probably wasnt performing as it should.,Some stuff just wasnt adding up.,So we requested a replacement unit from Sony. And here it is.,This is where we dove back in and render a final opinion on this TV.,Now, I was less than enthusiastic before.,Will that change this time around? ,Before I get into it, though, I want to let you know that,if youre watching this video on YouTube, ,I have a special segment coming toward the end that you will only see here.,I want to talk a little bit ,about our review process and why we sometimes give TVs another chance,,and why you may end up seeing videos that go right up to the point,where I have to tell you, were going to have to do a second take.,Thats all coming toward the end. So stick around. ,Oh, and while were at it, hop into the comments right now and tell me,,do you like the unboxing videos we do ahead of the full reviews?,If so, tell me why. And if not, tell me why not.,And while youre down there, please smash like and subscribe,so we can continue to put out these great videos for you.,A million thanks as always. OK, here we go.,So lets just take things from the top. ,I still love how easy it is to set up this TV. Two legs, just pop them right in,,no screws needed. ,Theres only one place for the feet. ,Trust me, I scoured the underside looking for hidden spots, and there are none.,This is where the feet go. ,I also like the Google TV platform, as Ive mentioned in past videos.,Its really grown on me over the past few months, ,and its become my preferred smart TV platform.,If for no other reason, because its so easy to get logged into apps, I love that,as a TV reviewer. But also the look and the feel of it just suits me.,It feels classy. ,And I get less of a sponsored content vibe for some reason.,Hard to qualify that. ,I just do. Add to that Sony Cinema picture,preset settings are fantastic. ,Theres really nothing much more you need to do to get the best picture quality.,I think no manufacturer has more accurate picture presets across all the options,than Sony. But the Cinema Preset is especially good, and part of,that means really accurate colors without needing a calibration.,Although a white balance adjustment will make greys in some colors,look a bit better, pulls out a bit of green as Ive measured.,So color accuracy is a thing,for picture quality, but theres lots more to consider.,Im about to get to that. ,But before I do, I just have to comment on the TVs sound quality.,This is an area where my opinion hasnt changed since I first reviewed this TV.,I dont think it sounds very good at all. ,Even though Sony has added tweeters ,to the top side of the back of the TV to try to make the sound more spacious.,Now, Im not comparing it directly to the Sony A80J, A90J,,and I wouldnt ever ,compare it to the X95J either, which I do expect to have in soon.,Im comparing it to other TVs in its price class.,And while it isnt necessarily worse ,than, say, the TCL R635 or the Samsung Q80A,,which Ive only heard in passing anyway. I can say that,I dont like how it sounds, and I would absolutely be using a sound bar.,So keep that in mind when youre considering this TV,and your budget comes into play.,Now lets talk about picture quality. Some of the fundamentals didnt change,and some of them did since I reviewed the somewhat damaged X90J,a few weeks ago.,The peak brightness doesnt appear to have been affected, but the backlight,system clearly did take a hit because the black levels on this unit,are clearly better. ,The backlight control is better. ,Halo and blooming are better mitigated. ,Theres a bit less of a milky quality to the picture. To be honest,its hard to describe why, ,but this TV is noticeably better than the damaged unit I received.,And I checked that with some of my team who all agree.,So Im not just drinking my own Kool-Aid.,Mmm. Tasty Kool-Aid. Sugar free, of course.,Anyway, heres the bottom line. ,Even though this review sample is better than the last one I had,,I am still not as enthused about it as I was the X900H. ,Now, Im sure that if I put the X90J next to the X900H,,I would have to admit that the X90J is a superior TV in many respects.,So whats changed then?,Well, the market. The market is what has changed.,You have Hisense out there with the U8G, which is blowing the doors off this TV,in terms of brightness. ,And its got some solid inky blacks as well,,thanks to its almost preposterous number of local dimming zones.,Then youve got the Samsung Q80A, which is not a Neo-QLED,,in other words, it doesnt have mini-LED,backlighting, just like the X90J here, but is also a strong performer.,And then you have TVs ,like the TCL R635, which didnt start in this price class,and honestly gets pretty close ,for much less money, at least when it first came out.,And hopefully the TCL prices come down. ,Then you have the Vizio P-Series Quantum or P-Series Quantum X, depending on which,year of TV youre buying, which are cost competitive with this TV as well,,and they also get brighter. Bottom line, depending on your priorities,,there are TVs with flashier specs than the X90J,and they cost the same or less. ,So the X90J just doesnt stand out in the market,quite the same way the X900H did for me last year.,But that doesnt mean it has an identity crisis necessarily.,It has its place and will appeal to certain folks.,I just think maybe fewer folks than before.,The X90J is going to appeal to Sony TV fans.,Period. Full stop. End of story. Thats it.,Sonys processing is on full display here.,The motion on this TV is excellent.,if you leave the motion setting on custom. That gives you good smoothness,without soap opera effect. ,And if you set the motion to auto, it is exceptionally smooth motion,,but with some soap opera effect, which for gaming,,I think is less of an issue than it may be for movies.,I ran every stress test I have and the Sony’s motion,looks great on this unit, so thats a plus.,Also, Sony’s color accuracy,,as I mentioned before, looks great out of the box.,It loses saturation and intensity, though, due to brightness limitations.,And thats where I think I have to be the most critical.,This TVs limited brightness is smartly handled by Sony.,Its got a high average picture level, ,so it comes off as bright, but it lacks punch in HDR highlights.,And overall, it seems to lack a bit of contrast to. Also the colors,lose some vibrancy as a result. Accurate or no,as you get out of the mid bright colors and into some of the HDR color space,,the zing just isnt there for me. ,Also, even though the backlight is handled really well and halo and blooming are,well mitigated, I dont feel like this TV seems to hit true black very often.,I think part of that is the aggressive anti-glare coating on the screen.,Thing is without that anti glare, ,the TV would have so much reflection to overcome with brightness,it doesnt have, that the net effect would be negative.,So the TV needs that anti-glare.,And I feel like one of the tradeoffs is perceived contrast. By the measurements,The contrast is good, but in real life viewing, it just isnt what I want.,Even at this TV’s price level where it isnt going to be as good as a mini-LED,TV with two hundred plus zones, I still feel a little let down.,But you know what? ,Lets do a reality check. ,I think most folks who walk in a dark room,and see this TV would say it looks great.,And thats because this TV does a lot really

Sony X90J 4K HDR HDMI 2.1 TV | Full Review Best LCD / LED TV of the Year?

so after just a little bit longer than,first anticipated here is my full review,on the sony x90j,dont forget to hit the red button to,subscribe and give this video a thumbs,up and click the notification bell to,get my next video first,okay so forever ago it seems we did the,unboxing and first setup of the sony,x90j this is a tv that we paid full,retail value for and it was going to be,pride of place in our living room and so,therefore what happens next is all the,more frustrating anyway we did the,unboxing video and that went fine and,ill leave a link in the description but,then it coincided with the european,championships and i dont know whether,you remember those of you in the uk,definitely will that england got to the,final and i thought ill have some,friends around and ill bring down my,projector screen so this is a 100 inch,screen,and that wasnt a good idea because when,i put it back,as you can see,for some reason in transit in fallen and,unfortunately the screen was broken,as this was quite an expensive tv i,think i paid around eighteen hundred,pounds or seventeen hundred pounds for,it at the time i decided to claim on my,home insurance and i had to wait for,that to be processed then i had other,projects and things and so therefore,there has been a delay and i do,apologize and many of you in previous,videos ive done recently have commented,on where is this video so here it is,so one of the first reasons for getting,this tv was the fact that its reflection,handling was supposed to be pretty good,and it is,this room that the tv is in now has got,patio doors directly opposite it it also,got a window to the left and behind the,camera theres a window to the right so,its a really really bright room that,suffers incredibly badly from,reflections and oled tv just would not,cope in this room believe me ive tried,it and i love oleds ive got quite a few,of them and so therefore its all about,location on where you put the tv which,depends on what type of tv is right for,what room so one of the best bits of,advice i can give if youre considering,buying a tv is really consider the,environment that youre going to be,putting it in and oled is great in a,darker room not opposite of window but,if you have got brightness in the room,well then consider something like this,one of the differences between this tv,and last years x900h is the fact that,youve now got two different positions,to put the feeds thats providing you by,the 55 inch or bigger the 50 inch model,still only has the single position so do,bear that in mind and i think some other,reviewers have not noticed that and,therefore thought that it only had one,position but it does have two providing,youre getting 55 inches or above,in my opinion when it comes to design,well this tv isnt going to win any,awards the x90j just feels almost a,little bit like the last generation of,tv certainly when you compare it to,oleds sure the back has got a nice,pattern on but whats the point of that,the tv almost feels a little bit too,thick,hence why im wall mounting mine and,its just about acceptable in terms of,the bezels although again they are quite,thick when you consider what else is,available this tv does feel and look,just a little bit dated but its only in,the casing and the design when it comes,to the picture its very very different,connections on the back well there are,four hdmi ports two of these have 4k at,120 hertz although do bear in mind that,the third one which is a 4k at 120 hertz,also has to double up as your e-arc or,your audio return channel sony are,renowned for producing exceptionally,color accurate tvs and with this va,panel the x90j well its no different,the colors are exceptional pre and post,calibration figures were almost,identical there wasnt a lot in it and,as you can see from this imagery there,is like a different richness a different,quality without it being oversaturated,whats your thoughts how do you think,this tv looks as i mentioned this is a,va panel and so therefore you do get,some darkening once youre off on,extreme angles but believe me you need,to be really extreme for it to be,noticeably different and providing your,sat in normal room youre not going to,have any problems with this tv,overall screen uniformity on the sony,x90j is very good indeed although the,same thing happened with the x900h from,last year the four extreme corners do,seem to suffer and they are noticeably,darker than the rest of the screen,now the reality is in a normal scene you,dont tend to notice only in a few when,it came to dsc there is no obvious,banding its a pretty clean screen im,very happy with this va panel,with full array local dimming albeit,with just 24 dimming zones this tv,definitely handles black levels better,than its predecessor the x900h,however in my opinion i think it suffers,from blooming a little bit worse so it,depends on whether youre susceptible to,that but black levels for me probably is,more important than an odd little bit of,blooming on only very rare occasions and,so therefore i would take that certainly,that coupled with the extra hdr,brightness which is around about 800,nits is definitely overall a better,package than its predecessor,now in just a second ill give you an,example of blooming at its worst but,please do bear in mind that weve,cranked the iso up on the camera and so,therefore it is definitely far more,exaggerated than what it would be in,reality you can see from these normal,scenes there isnt really a problem,theres a touch of blooming that you can,pick up however if i was to run this,test it looks absolutely awful but,please be rest assured it is nowhere,near as bad as this it just obviously is,accentuated on this little test,sony this year have moved to google tv,which is pretty much the same as android,tv although i think i like it a little,bit more certainly i think some of the,other reviewers have noticed and i,certainly did was that this is,definitely less gimmicky with adverts,that some of the other operating systems,seem to be moving more and more towards,there is the option where you can have,personalized ads turned on or off but,the general home screen didnt feel like,theyre just trying to push something,towards me how are you feeling about,that guys because it does seem to be,something that is moving more and more,into these tv home screens great that,weve got this operating system like it,is but when theyre just trying to push,things towards you its a real turn off,for me,for a number of years now sony have had,one of the best ways to adjust the,picture almost absolutely every single,setting is there and very easily explain,what it does and also what it will do,when you change it so you can go in and,really customize the picture exactly how,you like it now if you would like a,dedicated video on my exact setup,without going through calibration give,me a shout in the comments let me know,and im happy to do that for you,like with most of these tvs the sound,isnt particularly great i definitely,recommend a 5.1 system or a soundbar,heres an example of what i recorded,coming from it,[Music],so i know its difficult to tell unless,youre listening to it with some good,earphones on but it gives you an idea,overall it just sounds a little bit,tinny because its not able to generate,very good bass the x90j has sonys new,bravia processor the xr processor and it,does an incredible job when it comes to,picture upscaling standard definition,looks like high definition and high,definition looks like 4k i dont quite,know how sony do it but its absolutely,amazing it looks brilliant no matter,what youre putting into it another,thing that i really like is the motion,handling watching sports events are an,absolute joy theres no judder theres,no stutter its smooth continuous and,looks brilliant,now the one thing that i wasnt as keen,on or certainly didnt notice as good an,improvement was hdr content certainly it,looked if anything slightly weaker or,slightly more washed out th

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Sony X90J TV Review (2021) – Better Than The X900H?

You guys have been waiting for it,  and its finally here: the Sony X90J!  ,Its this years follow-up to  the to the very popular X900H.  ,Today well see what it brings to the table  and how it stacks up against last years model.,Hi, I’m Brandon, a test dev at RTINGS.com where  we help you find the best product for your needs.,First well look at the design of the TV  and then move on to the picture quality.  ,Then well look at the motion  handling, inputs, and sound Quality.  ,Afterwards well end with our verdict and  compare it to competing models on the market.  ,Also, stick around afterwards, since well be  answering some of questions you had for us.,If you’d like to skip  straight to our test results,  ,then see the links in the description below.,We bought the 55 the inch to test, but its  also available in a 50, 65, 75, and massive  ,100 inch model that goes by the name X92J. For  the most part, they should perform similarly,  ,except the 100 inch model has a different speaker  configuration and most likely sounds different.,So lets get into it! First, the design. From the  front, it looks almost identical to the X900H.  ,Its simple and minimalist. Pretty  on par with previous Sony TVs.  ,The bezels are nice and thin, but the glossy  plastic might not be everyones style.,Like the X900H, the stand is wide-set, so  theres plenty of space for a soundbar,  ,but you might need a wide table.  To attach the TV to the feet,  ,it just slides right on from above,  no screws required, which is nice.,Looking around the back side, and this is  where the X90J diverges from its predecessor.  ,The back now has a grid-like pattern to it, which  looks pretty good, although there is a lot of flex  ,in the back panel and around the borders. And  there isnt much in the way of cable management.  ,Just clips on the feet to keep your cables out of  the way. The ports are in a cut out on the side,  ,and well go into more detail on those a  bit later when we get to the Input Section.,All in all, its a well-built  TV, despite some wobble.  ,Its all plastic, and its not the thinnest  on the market, but it should still look good,  ,whether you prefer to have it  on a stand or wall-mount it.,With design out of the way, lets check out the  smart features. This year, Android TV has been  ,replaced with Google TV. Its essentially just a  new version of Android, but improves on it in a  ,couple of ways. First, its much easier to get set  up and logged in. Its also a little smoother and  ,more streamlined, with a hub that organizes  content from all your apps into one place. ,Unfortunately, ads and suggested  content have carried over as well,  ,and if anything, theyre even more obtrusive. They  show up on the home page and in the app store.  ,Sadly, theres no work-around to disable  them, like there was on Android TV,  ,but you can opt-out of getting  personalized ads at least.,You just have to Settings, and  then go down to Privacy. Go to Ads. ,And here you can see “Opt  out of Ads Personalization”.,On the upside, Chromecast is built-in, so as  long as your devices are on the same network,  ,you can seamlessly cast content  from your phone to your TV.,The remote is similar to previous  Sony models, with dedicated shortcut  ,keys to apps like Youtube and Netflix.  Theres also the voice assistant button,  ,but you need to have bluetooth enabled on  the TV to use the voice command feature.,With Bluetooth enabled, you can use the  the Google assistant to launch apps,  ,search for content, and ask for  info like the time or weather.,Open Youtube.,Close Youtube.,Change to HDMI1.,Alright, lets move on to picture  quality. Well be comparing the  ,picture quality of the X90J to other  TVs that are available right now,  ,but the competition may change as new  TVs are released throughout the year.,For an updated comparison with new  models as we buy and test them,  ,see the review page on our  website which is linked below.,First, lets look at contrast, which is one of  the most important aspects of picture quality.  ,Simply put, its the ratio between the darkest  black and the brightest white that a TV is can  ,produce. The contrast ratio on the X90J is  fantastic, so darker scenes wont look washed out,  ,even in a dark room. Its a bit of a step  up from the X900H, and its made even better  ,by the local dimming, which improves perceived  contrast by dimming sections of the backlight.,And speaking of: the local dimming on the X90J is  great! It uses full-array local dimming, although  ,the 24 dimming zones are somewhat large, so you  might notice some blooming around text or other  ,small objects. That said, its more noticeable  on our test pattern than with actual content.  ,Theres very little black crush, so you  dont lose much detail in darker scenes.  ,You can see here in the shot of the Earth  and Space, most of the stars are maintained.  ,And good news: there isnt much of difference  with local dimming when the TVs in Game mode,  ,so you can play your favorite games  without taking a hit in picture quality.,Lets move on to brightness. This is especially  important if you have a bright living room that  ,gets lots of light. The TV needs to be bright  enough so you can still see the image over any  ,sunlight or glare. And the great news is that  the X90J has impressive brightness in SDR,  ,more than enough to overcome glare in most  rooms. Its slightly brighter than the X900H.  ,Even so, we still dont recommend placing it  directly opposite of a window or light source,  ,since its reflection handling is only decent. To really get the brightest highlights to pop  ,in an HDR movie or game, a TV needs to be able  to hit some pretty high peaks of brightness.  ,And this is where the X90J really improves  upon the X900H. Depending on the scene,  ,it can hit up to 600, or even 700 nits, which is  very good. And it performs virtually the same in  ,Game mode too! Its slightly dimmer according  to our measurements, but it really shouldnt be  ,noticeable, and its pretty normal behavior since  brightness can vary a bit between testing runs.,Now onto the uniformity. Starting with the gray  uniformity– which is the evenness of solid  ,colors–ours was a step down from the X900H.  The corners are noticeably darker and theres  ,some unevenness throughout. However, uniformity  is something that can vary from unit to unit,  ,so its hard to tell if we got a poor  performing set, or if this is the norm.  ,As for Black uniformity– which is how even an  all black image looks–its very good with local  ,dimming turned off, although it has a slight  cloudy blue tint. With local dimming turned on,  ,its alright and about on par with the  X900H. It gets rid of all the blue clouding,  ,but now theres blooming around the center cross  because of the low number of local dimming zones.,If your living room is set up so that  youre looking at the TV from off-center,  ,its important to get a TV with wide  viewing angles, so the image stays accurate.  ,Unfortunately, this isnt that TV. It uses a  VA panel, so the image starts to lose accuracy  ,and look washed out as you move off-center.  But this is very typical of most VA panels,  ,and some people dont find  this as bothersome as others.,Moving on to color accuracy. Sony is well-known  for having great accuracy out of the box,  ,and the X90J is no exception. In fact, its  one of the most accurate TVs that weve tested  ,pre-calibration. Any inaccuracies with white  balance and color are very minimal, and gamma  ,is pretty on-target. While accuracy can vary  between units, the X900H also had great accuracy  ,out of the box, so this bodes well for other  units. After calibration, everything looks even  ,better. If you want to see our recommended picture  settings, then you can check them out right here.,Now, lets talk about color gamut. We were  a little surprised to find that the X90J  ,falls just short of our testing criteria to be  considered “”wide”” for HDR co

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Sony Bravia X90J Real time Review | Better Than X90K | Best FullArray TV with Deepest Black Ever

[Music],hi everyone welcome to my channel,last week i bought this tv this is sony,bravia x90j and this is you know this is,a 2021 model and i bought this in 2022,um sept august um im going to tell you,why i bought this now and,um the,tv how it works,the main reason i bought this,tv over oled is the room brightness you,can see,the balcony the balcony is over direct,opposite to the tv and it covers a full,one side of the wall so the room is used,to be always very bright so,oled i thought it is not suitable for,this room so i bought this tv so this,model produce,over brightness so that will satisfy,this,brightness,so let me show you how this tv works in,the in this bright environment,so you can see that now the sunlight is,fully covering this room but still this,tv is uh how bright it is,let me show the breakness level,see it is still in 35 only so you can,make it to 40 45 and max,so even if you are in a very bright room,like this tv can satisfy you,but still you can see some sunlight you,will be get used to it initially you it,may look strange but over a period of,time you will get used to it and if you,just look into the picture and you you,can get to know the picture quality so,this is uh seems not a no issue because,we cannot do anything this lower,brightness otherwise we got to close the,curtain and you can,so here you can see how it is showing in,the um in the day time so,you if you open the open your curtain,and you are watching the tv then the,picture quality will look like this and,it is not at all bad,because this room is very brighter so in,this room itself it is showing this much,so it is really good,and i will close the curtain and i will,show you how it really looks,[Music],so now you can see that i have closed,the curtains still it produced some,lighting but see how it looks,im playing the same content,uh maybe my phone is not recording um,with the full quality,but,this looks very nice,in real time um this mostly you have to,go to the,um,showroom and you go to watch it,you can feel the sound,how good it,is,so for,um,for normal users uh the sound is really,good for normal purpose,if you like,to listen very high quality sound then,you have to go for any sound bar,like,im using this marshall so,like that you can,opt for any solver,[Music],so in real time actually this looks very,good and the black level is very nice it,is,similar to oled tvs,now i i know im keeping the pizza motor,in standard,um so,if you want more color and more,brightness then you can make it to a,vivid,but standard is more than enough,you can see that,color reproducts and the colors are very,accurate and enjoyable,the motion flow is very good,the color reproduction is really good,let me show you from the distance,um okay you can see,now,now im 20 feet away,but i can see it very clearly in record,it is not clear,because of my phone quality in real time,it is very much clear,the main part of this tv is um,picture upscaling even if you watch a,content in a very low quality this tv,will upscale that and will show you in a,very decent um,quality,so,the main reason is it is processing and,nowadays,for todays,this is the number one uh processor from,sony so,there is no advanced processor than this,so,the picture upscaling is really good,since it is a full array tv so the black,level are very good it is uh similar to,oled you can see that,black level is very accurate,um you cannot get this much black level,in any other tv,any other led device,the colors are very much accurate,so,the conclusion is,if you want to go to led tv then this is,very best option and in market currently,it is ex 90k,and the 90k is minimum,20k above than this one so selecting 9pj,is a very good option,and in offshore you can get it in a very,good place actually i bought this around,92 000,so you can check you were off so places,for a very good deal,and you know online it is now it is,showing um one lakh ten thousand but um,if you if there is any offer then you,can go for that one,and the only negative i can say is if,you come to side and side view then it,is little bit dull compared to the front,view so that is the only one time is a,negative,while comparing with oil led because in,y led when you even when you go to side,view you will get full quality but it is,here it is reducing quality a little bit,so,um but that is not at all a major,concern,so if you are willing to go for led tv,because oled tv we do not know how,long that will come so,in safer side my option is we can go for,led tv and in led,this is the best and today so,we cannot say any,any tv is better than this one,let me show you how it looks from from a,distance,okay now im almost 20 feet away from,the tv so still you can see how good it,is and the level of black how it is,so it can produce very good picture,quality and a very deep black,and coming to remote,still they are giving this,big size remote so it is it is a smart,remote but they are they have provided,all the buttons separately so you this,remote can work in bluetooth so you no,need to show the remote each time in,front of tv so you can even you can keep,you can be in other room and you can,activate,but if you,or suits on and suits of tv that for,that you got to show it in front,otherwise for,all other functions you no need to show,the remote in front of tv you can,operate from anywhere i think within a,10 meter distance like that,coming to speaker this knight tc and 90k,both are using same speaker that is 20,watt speaker so here you can see um in,bottom there are,placement for speakers,[Music],in bottom both sides they have placed,speakers and in top,uh,top both side they have placed with,twitter in left side one twitter and,right side they have placed on twitter,so it can produce the surrounding effect,but i can say for bass lovers these,speakers cannot satisfy them so we,cannot find get um very good bass from,this speaker this speaker is a decent,and to get a,good um audio quality not for,bass lovers,and this tv comes with two hdmi 2.1 port,so it is very good for gaming um let me,show you some gaming example,so this is my xbox,one,so if you have any 4k con,gaming console then that is very good,for this tv so this tv can produce 4k,content very well,so this xbox can produce for 4k content,so let me show you,so im going to game now i have,connected with my xbox,and let me turn it on,yeah,yes some more 4k games some are not 4k,um i just to show you a simple game,[Music],so i go for another roll,[Music],i think the game is a very easy mode,[Music],this is a simple game but even if you,play any high quality game um it is,really good you can,see the full quantity of the game,so that is the best thing of this tv now,i am showing you this,for its black level so you can see it,this black level is very accurate and,you cannot find any um any lighting in,other places its just showing the,picture and all other places are full,black so it is similar to oled tv and,any new person cannot,identify whether this is led or led so,that much level it is accurately showing,the black levels and the blacks are also,very deep and,it is showing the picture also in a very,clarity and,um the color reproduction also very good,and,actually in this video the clarity may,not be good it is because of my,um,phone quality otherwise in real time it,is really good and if we compare this,with,latest model that a 90k,so the 90k is good but,um that is not good in the black level,so,in 90k that is producing more brightness,so for more brightness they have reduced,the black levels,and we do not need that much brightness,because this tv can produce sufficient,brightness so we need this much black,level only so this,tv is um,producing everything that um the proper,brightness and the proper black level,everything so if if you have options to,go with a 90k and an dj then,my suggestion you can go with 90j,because this model producing deep black,if you have any question about this tv,you mentioned in the comment section i,will

LG C1 OLED vs Sony X90J LED TV – Which one should you buy?

[Music],hey im daniel from ratings.com today,well be comparing the performance of,the popular lg c1 and the sony x90j,well be evaluating both of these on our,standardized test bench to see how they,compare and which one you should buy,we bought and tested the 55 inch model,of both the c1 and the x90j we expect,both of these sizes to be representative,of the other sizes in the range,the lg c1 is a versatile oled tv with,many of the pros and cons that come with,having that type of panel but how does,it compare to sonys new x90j led tv,lets find out,the stands of both tvs are very,different the c1 has a stand almost as,big as the tv itself and is a long piece,of metal thats pretty short to the,ground,the x90j is more of a classical tv stand,with feet on either side it takes up a,bit more space on your entertainment,cabinet but it also has a bit more room,to fit a sambar underneath,the inputs of both tvs are located on,the left hand side the range of ports is,similar with 4 hdmi ports usb ports and,optical analog connections for an,external sound system,the sony x90j does have a composite in,but it requires that you have an adapter,already that said its a nice inclusion,for people who want to use older devices,on a new tv without much hassle,something worth mentioning is that the,lg c1 has four hdmi 2.1 ports whereas,the sony x90j only has two while this,might not matter for everyone it does,give the c1 more freedom for hdmi 2.1,port availability in the future,the x90j would only ever be able to,support two of these devices at a time,each of these tvs has a different style,back and includes visa mounting holes if,you want to put them on the wall,the c1 is almost half as thin as the,x90j but both will still stick out a bit,from the wall,the build quality of both tvs is great,but the c1 is definitely the standout in,this aspect it is more solidly put,together with some better materials and,a full metal stand,both tvs have some flex near the inputs,but the x90j has a bit more,that said we dont expect people to have,an issue with either tv,before we get into the test results its,important to note that these are two,completely different tvs,the c1 has an oled type panel and the,x90j has a va lcd panel,the difference between these two types,of panels can be staggering and is,definitely the cause of most of the,performance differences oled panels have,an incredible contrast but lack,brightness they can also suffer from,burn-in where static images can burn,into the screen permanently weve done,extensive testing on this and while,there can be a risk of burn-in if you,use your tv for varying activities then,you shouldnt really run into any issues,within a reasonable lifespan,the high-end va tvs on the other hand,tend to get significantly brighter and,theres no need to worry about any sort,of burn-in its a good idea to consider,how youll be using your tv and if,either panel might suit your needs more,than the other,so lets compare them in our tests a,high contrast ratio results in deep dark,scenes which is good if you want to,watch movies in a dark room like a home,theater environment,when it comes to contrast and showing,deep dark scenes there is nothing better,than an oled panel and the c1 is no,exception,since each pixel is self permissive the,display will be able to completely dim,individual pixels instead of zones or,areas of the screen,it doesnt get much better than that,however the x90j is nothing to scoff at,either,while it isnt going to be as impactful,as the c1 it still has an excellent,contrast ratio which can be further,improved with local dimming local,dimming is a feature to further improve,dark scenes for a better movie watching,experience and the x90j has a great,implementation of this,it helps to improve the contrast and,noticeable amount and in most scenes,helps to improve the image quality,however there are only 24 dimming zones,so its not immune to blooming,especially around text,on the other hand if you want to use the,tv in a bright room then a high peak,brightness is important to overcome,glare the brightness of the x90j is,significantly more than that of the c1,in both sdr and hdr content,while not the brightest weve seen it,does help a lot in a brighter room to,combat reflections and make an image pop,in most environments,on the c1 the brightness of the display,isnt going to be as helpful,theres also the issue of automatic,brightness limiter or abl on the c1,basically the brightness of the display,varies depending on the content and in,large bright scenes it cant get very,bright overall this can lead to a,distracting change in brightness for,things like hockey games but its not,that noticeable overall,as mentioned before good reflection,handling is important for a bright room,especially when watching dark scenes,where the brightness cant compensate,the c1 has a glossy anti-reflective,coating that does an excellent job at,reducing the intensity of light although,it does leave a purple tint across the,screen,the x90j on the other hand uses a,semi-gloss coating that struggles to,reduce the light reflection in the room,if youve got a wide seating arrangement,or like to watch tv with family and,friends then good viewing angles help to,ensure no ones left with washed out,colours or crushed details from the side,the lgc1 is an excellent option if,viewing angles are important it stays,more accurate at wider angles than the,sony x90j,however this is to be expected since the,x90j is a v8 panel and they arent,exactly known for their viewing angle,performance,an overall uniform screen brightness and,color is important when watching sports,or playing video games to avoid the,appearance of clouding known as the,dirty screen effect,this does vary between units but the,models we bought are in line with what,we expect,the c1 has a good uniformity with very,little dirty screen effect however in,very dark scenes there are faint lines,on the screen but its pretty hard to,see unless youre really looking for it,the x90j is decent for grey uniformity,but you can see some issues in the,corners of the photo,the black uniformity of the x90j is also,good but not quite as good as the c1,with local dimming enabled it gets a bit,worse but its mostly due to the light,blooming around the cross in the center,of the photo,if your plan is to watch newer high,dynamic range or hdr content then vivid,colors are important to produce,highlights that really pop,the lg c1 has a better color gamut and,is tone mapped quite well the x90j cant,produce as vivid colors in most cases,this probably isnt too noticeable,though,its only relatively rare saturated,highlights in high dynamic range content,that these vivid colors are shown,something to note as well is that sony,tvs tend to come better calibrated out,of the box,this case is no exception the x90jj was,excellent right out of the box and,wouldnt have required much extra,calibration at all,rc1 was particularly bad but it might be,that it varies between units and some,could be better,now some people are interested in sony,tvs for their renowned processing,one area that benefits from better,processing is the gradient performance,where good gradient performance results,in smooth display of changing colors for,example a sunset scene in a movie,both tvs perform excellently however the,sony x90j is better which will translate,to more smooth display in the same scene,when playing video games a fast response,time is important for the clearest image,without distracting blur,the lg c1 is an oled which are renowned,for having near instant response time,this will result in a clear image,without much blur,while the x90j is also great its just,not as fast when compared to the oled,however the near instant response time,of the c1 does cause a more pronounced,issue known as stutter this appears as a,jarring start stop movement mostly in,panning shots,a low input lag is also important for a,responsive feel when playing video games,both tvs have exce

Sony Bravia XR X90J TV Review: Most Underrated TV In 2021?

is the sony bravia xr x90j the most,underrated tv in 2021,lets take a look and find out,[Music],hi guys its jonathan from smart home,sounds a home audio visual retailer,based in the uk,today were taking a look at the sony,bravia xr x90jtv,now there are already some great reviews,out there on the x90j which go into a,lot of detail on the spec,but our aim in this video will be to,simplify things down to what you really,need to know,our experience with this tv and cover,some key comparisons with other options,on the market,to help you decide if this is going to,be the right tv for you,ill pop a link to our website below if,you want to check it out and youll also,find the most up-to-date pricing and,offers there too,dont forget we do offer free delivery,and sonys five-year warranty,and our team is always here to have a,chat if youve got any extra questions,make sure you comment your thoughts and,questions down below and weve got,plenty more content,including a full comparison of sonys,2021 lineup coming soon,so dont forget to subscribe so you,dont miss that right lets get into the,video,so in this video well be covering the,x90js design,and setup key features visuals sound,performance and gaming capabilities,im then going to cover comparisons with,other options out there including what,youre missing out on without,oled how this compares with last years,models including both the xh-90,and the xh-95 which i know weve had a,lot of questions about,and how it compares with similar models,in this market,i think there has been a lot of hype,about oled at the moment with a lot of,focus,on the top of the range oled offerings,from sony lg etc,or their new master series tvs and yes,oled does offer an exceptional,experience,however not everyone has the budget for,oled or maybe even the desire,to be dropping that kind of money on a,tv i think non-oled tvs can be a bit,overlooked in favor of the more exciting,tvs on paper,so i wanted to review the x90j as a good,alternative,and to see if its worth considering as,a dark horse this year,first of all before we get into any of,the features can we just take a moment,to appreciate how stunning this beach,footage looks,this is in hawaii and i would love to be,there right now,right enough of the fantasizing lets,kick off the video with the,need to knows about the x90j so the x90j,is sonys new for 2021 full array led tv,replacing last years xh90 model as,always ill break the name down into,simple terms so the xr at the start,refers to the new bravia xr processor,which is powering this tv,the 65 is the screen size x is the model,class which is full array led,90 is the specific model reference and j,signifies that this is a 2021 tv,as you can see it sits in the middle of,their new 2021 lineup with the new x95j,coming later this year being the,flagship full array led option,and then youve obviously got the step,up to oled or down to led,ill be covering comparisons later in,the video but that gives you an idea of,where this tv sits in the sony range,its available in a range of sizes and,prices but a quick disclaimer these the,rrps which have actually,increased slightly since launch but you,might find pricing changes as it always,does with tvs,so the sizes start at 249 pounds for the,50 inch,1399 for the 55 inch 179 for the 65 inch,which is the model weve got here for,testing,and 2 599 pounds for the 75 inch,so moving on to the design then so its,not too different from last years xh90,model,although there are a few tweaks to,highlight so as you can see its got a,really nice thin,bezel around the edge of the screen and,while the tv unit isnt the slimmest,it still offers a sleek appearance in my,opinion,as with all sony tvs it was nice and,simple to get out of the box,even in this larger 65 inch size though,you will need two people,the legs were surprisingly easy to slot,on you literally just sit the tv on top,of the legs,no screws or tools are required you can,of course,warm out this tv or you can adjust the,stands now the standard position is,great for wider tv units and it fits a,wide sound bar comfortably between the,legs,you can also opt for the narrow position,if you have a narrow stand,but this option isnt available in the,50 inch size,taking a closer look the tv is mostly a,durable plastic material,and it doesnt have the same premium,feel as the a90j,but that is to be expected with the,price difference it does still retain,a decent visual appearance overall and,the back panel has this new grid pattern,which i prefer,over last years design the cable,management,isnt as good as the models higher up in,the 2021 range but at least it offers,cable management with the clips on the,feet,to keep it all looking nice and tidy now,in terms of height its perfect for a,sound bar,but obviously cant sit flush with your,tv stand the remote is fine theres,nothing,hugely of note its not their premium,backlit design,but it does have handy buttons here to,jump to the most popular apps,which includes an extra disney plus,button over last years model,and you can actually use this remote for,voice control of the tv,for hands-free control which is a nice,feature if you like using your voice for,control,in terms of setup this was quick and,simple to get going,google tv has replaced the 2020 android,tv interface,and it is noticeably quicker and more,responsive its more,just intuitive to use and allows you to,access your choice of apps and content,and you can really personalize the tv,for you theyve got a huge choice of,apps theyre actually over 5 000 so its,got everything that you could possibly,need,there are some ads though which are a,bit annoying but you can turn off,personalized ads in the settings if you,want to do that,i still much prefer the apple tv,interface but this isnt bad at all and,it is a big upgrade from previous years,having said that there was a recent ui,update on older sony tvs from 2020,which has made some improvements and,thats the great thing that you get with,software updates you also get built-in,chromecast with this tv which is,something to highlight too if youre a,user of that,and you can also access sonys new,streaming service bravia core with this,tv,and you can actually get five free,credits to spend on movies,now weve been generally impressed with,this service it offers something,different to the likes of netflix,as sony has such a huge catalogue of,movies and also includes,exclusive behind the scenes and,backstage footage and interviews which,is worth checking out if youre,interested in that sort of thing,you can also access imax enhanced,content too right lets cover some of,the,key features of this tv then so the x90j,features dolby vision,dolby atmos and support for dts x,it also offers a netflix calibrated mode,which is a nice plus if youre a netflix,binger like me,and means the tv is optimized for the,content that youre watching,now the main thing to highlight with,this tv is that its the first model in,sonys 2021 range,to offer the new bravia xr processor a,step up from the x1 processor in last,years models,so that means that you are accessing the,same processing power used in sonys top,of the range,master series oled tvs and their 8k tv,in models far lower down in the range so,bravia xr uses cognitive intelligence,and its supposed to replicate how we,see and hear to make your visuals and,audio,more true to life and natural if im,being honest i was a little bit,skeptical whether it would be that,different to real life viewing,however the first tv we saw in person,with a bravia,xr processor was the a90j which we,tested against my a8,with the old processor in and although,very subtle at the start,over time you do notice that smaller,details and colours are a lot more,realistic,and it does enhance the overall picture,so the processor is obviously the brains,behind the tv and it powers the picture,audio and everything else like that,again theres a lot of jargon and,technical terms being thrown around such,as,xr contr

Sony Bravia XR X90K – 4K HDR LED TV Unboxing & Review | Sony X90K vs X90J

Today I have brought you an in-depth review of the Sony Bravia XR X90k 4k TV.,This is the successor model of Sonys last year TV X90j.,I have already reviewed that model, its link is there in the description box,,if you wish you can watch that video.,Sony X90K TV comes with Full Array Local Dimming and has Sonys cognitive processor XR, ,which is an artificial intelligence processor that thinks like humans, ,and, imitating them tries to produce that picture and audio quality, which humans want to see and listen to.,Sony X 90j was an excellent TV, and now, lets see whether X90K comes with some improvements or not.,Watch this video without skipping because in this video I have done its dimming test, ,and brightness test, and, have demonstrated how to play VRR-enabled 4K HDR games through PS5 PlayStation.,Sony X90K is available in the 55, 65, and, 75 inches variants.,The price for the 55 inches TV is Rs 1,23,990, whereas, the 65 inches variant is being sold at a price of Rs 1,70,990. ,The purchase links of both these TVs are there in the description box, both have similar picture quality, whichever suits your budget go for that.,Friends if you are new to this channel, I would like to apprise you that ours is the first Indian channel,that started with a dedicated review of TVs. We carry out a detailed in-depth review of all TVs. ,There is hardly any other Indian channel that reviews TVs the way we do.,If you want to see in-depth honest reviews of all electronic products, then do subscribe to this channel.,To provide you with the right guidance, we put each and every product to rigorous testing, so that we can tell you about it in detail.,Without succumbing to any companys pressure, we tell you only that which is true.,So now, lets start with the unboxing of this TV. ,This is the 65 inches Sony X90K TV, which is the successor to Sonys last years model X90J.,Inside the box, you get a power cord, 2 pieces of the metallic tabletop stand, a remote, 2 AAA+ batteries,,4 bottle-shaped screws, which are used for wall mounting this TV, ,an instruction manual and a warranty card.,Its metallic silver-grey stands come in a blade design,This time there is a provision to increase the height of the TV, in order to place a soundbar below it. ,This provision went missing in the last years model Sony X90J.,You just need to push these two pieces of stands inside the space provided for the stands. You do not need any screw to fix them.,The TV is almost bezel-less from three sides and on the bottom, too, there is a very slim bezel. ,This time, instead of the center, Sonys logo is placed on the left bottom.,On the back, there is a grid pattern and the placement of the ports is given on the left side. ,The side profile of this TV is also ultra-slim.,The design and builds quality, are pretty decent. Overall, this TV looks smart and elegant,Its construction quality and rear design are a tad better than Sony X90J.,The built quality of the remote is decent. It is different from Sonys last years model X90J.,The number buttons have been removed from the remote, and because of this, the size of the remote is reduced, making it pretty handy. ,On the remote, apart from the Google Assistant button, you get direct buttons to YouTube, YouTube Music, Netflix, and, Prime Video.,Coming to the connectivity options, this TV has 4 HDMI ports whose HDCP version is 2.3. ,The HDMI 3 and 4, have 2.1 specifications, are eARC specific, and come with variable refresh rates with support for Auto Low Latency and 4K [email protected] 120 Hz.,You get HDMI CEC on this tv, so, you can operate multiple compatible devices connected to it through a single remote.,Apart from 2 USB ports, this TV has an Ethernet port, a digital audio port, 1 RF input port, and, a headphone jack.,It comes with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v4.2.,Now lets talk about the companys mentioned features and specifications.,The company claims that this TV of theirs is future-proof, which comes with all the latest technologies. ,According to the company, the Cognitive Processor XR thinks like humans ,and produces the same picture and audio quality as liked by humans.,X90K comes with a 10-bit VA panel along with Full Array DLED backlighting that exhibits local dimming.,Apart from this, it supports HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision.,For clarity enhancement, it has dual database processing, XR 4K upscaling, and, XR super-resolution.,For color enhancement, there is Live Color Technology, XR smoothening, and XR Triluminos Pro.,For contrast enhancement, it has a dynamic contrast enhancer, XR contrast booster 10, and, XR HDR remaster.,For motion enhancement, there is XR motion clarity.,For gaming, there is auto HDR tone mapping and auto genre picture switch. ,The auto switch Mode ensures that when you are playing games or watching any movie you get the correct mode automatically.,This TV also comes with a connectivity option for Bravia cam. You can buy a Bravia cam separately and make video calls through it on this big screen.,For audio, it has 10+10 Watts, 2 full-range bass-reflex X-balanced speakers and 5+5 Watts acoustic multi-audio sound positioning tweeters.,This TV supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio along with DTS. ,This TV calibrates sound according to the room size and the viewers positioning in the room. ,Apart from sound zoom 2, it undergoes 3D surround sound upscaling., The company claims that the sound setup on this TV is designed in such a manner that it appears the sound is coming directly from the screen,, where the action is taking place, rather than any speaker. According to the company, this TV is directly capable of producing 5.1.2 channel audio,,in which the TV acts as a central speaker. Analysing your positioning in the room, this TV gives you the best picture and sound quality. ,This is an Android TV that also has a Google TV UI on it. ,The TV has a light sensor, which according to the lighting condition of the room, optimizes the brightness of the TV.,Apart from Chromecast and Google assistant, you get an Apple Home kit and Apple Airplay on this TV. ,Apart from the remote, you can directly control this TV with your voice command. ,The Bravia cam allows you the flexibility to control the TV through your gestures.,Apart from this, you can download the Google Android application on your phone and operate the TV through it., Dish TV comes with 16GB storage however the company has not revealed its Ram and the applications which are being employed, nowadays, to access the RAM do not give correct readings for TVs.,So all these were the company-given specifications, now let us talk about its real performance.,The Sony X90J TV impressed me much with its performance and this TV is better than that in certain aspects.,If you go through the specification of both these TVs, they are almost similar, but still, overall, X90K performs a tad better than X90J TV. ,So first of all, lets do the local dimming test of this TV. ,For this, you need to keep the contrast, Local Dimming and Peak Luminance at their highest. So now lets count its dimming zones. , In the upper horizontal row, there are 6 dimming zones, whereas, in the vertical row, there are 9 dimming zones.,Therefore, this TV has a total of 54 dimming zones, which is much more than the last years model X90J, which had only 24 dimming zones on it. ,X90K has a VA panel with Full Array DLED backlighting that exhibits local dimming.,On X90K you get more than double the dimming zones present on X90J. ,Its local dimming certainly plays a major role in increasing the contrast ratio of this TV. ,The brightness of this TV is also a tad better than X90J. Because of full-array local dimming and more zones,X90K displays excellent detail clarity in HDR and Dolby Vision videos.,The brightness of X90k in a 25% window is 1026 Nits and in a 100% window, the peak brightness is 887.2 Nits. , The SDR Peak Brightness of the TV is 590 Nits, and its HDR peak brightness is approximately 870 Nits. You get to see very deep

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