1. The Nicest Laser Engraver This Year? The xTool D1 Review
  2. xTool D1 Pro 20w Review | The Best Laser EXCEPT… (1 month later)
  3. Watch This video Before You Buy the xTool D1 Pro!!!!!
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The Nicest Laser Engraver This Year? The xTool D1 Review

so this is the x tool d1 and it might be,the nicest diode laser ive ever tested,lets jump in and see why,[Music],what is up i am brandon and welcome to,my shop weve got lots of lasers in here,and real excited because we get to check,out this brand new one from x tool the,make block d1 this is a diode laser they,have a 5 watt and a 10 watt version this,is actually the 10 watt overall this,thing is really nice,so on the assembly side of things this,actually comes in a pretty small box it,basically comes in five major sections,all the electronics and stuff are,already built into it and then plug in a,few of the wires to control the stepper,motors as well as a wire to actually,control your laser but you can see from,taking it out of the box to actually,having it running it maybe took me 30 to,45 minutes and a lot of that was because,i was filming it too so it took me a,little bit longer okay so lets talk,about the construction overall so first,off the biggest thing that i noticed,thats going to be a common trend,throughout this entire review is this,its just built really really well,putting this together and this isnt,like a lot of the other laser companies,where a diode machine is really the only,thing they sell you can see because,theyve built a lot of things in the,past theyve built co2 machines before,they are bringing a lot of that,manufacturing know-how and putting it,into a unit like this case in point the,entire frame is actually steel theyre,still using belts and stepper motors to,actually drive everything but actually,the wheels are solid steel and they,actually run on these steel rods so this,movement is actually really smooth i,really like that their belts for the,most part are hidden on a lot of other,machines youll have those like on the,top and theyre exposed but actually,these are on the insides as well as some,rods youre right in the front to drive,the whole machine so overall this runs,off of two stepper motors youve got one,right here that is moving it in the x,and you actually have another one that,is on the inside right here that is,driving it along the y,axis this is not an automatic z-axis,there are a couple of diode machines,that will auto focus so theyll actually,move the laser head up and down one of,the coolest features that i found with,this right off the bat is how they,actually focus it because with any laser,focus is going to be a really big deal,and so to focus this guy there is a,screw on the side right here you just,unscrew it and slides up and down but,you still need to figure out how far to,actually have this above your material,some other machines will actually give,you a distance and then youll usually,have to measure it or youll have to cut,out a little jig to figure it out but,this one is really nice because theres,actually,this little guy right here,that pops down you can see it goes down,just a little bit further,than this protective covering around the,laser you drop that to the material,where its touching then you screw it,down then you just pop this right back,up,and then that is at the right distance,for this material and you can see this,actually has a pretty good range in,terms of the z-axis so you can get some,really thick material you have a good,bit of movement you can really just tell,a lot of thought was put into the design,for something like this which doesnt,seem like a lot but makes a really big,difference and its super convenient to,give you a really good result and you,know what theres even like a little,magnet that closes the shut on the top,and the bottom so thats real cool,now the only drawback ive seen so far,is that this cabling right here runs,underneath the machine and they give you,some zip ties to make sure the cabling,is snug up against the frame so its not,getting caught when this thing is moving,but this one you really dont have,anything right here and so you just need,to make sure and tuck it away because,you definitely could,get the laser on top of it,which would not be great but really,thats the only thing ive seen on the,actual mechanical side of stuff that is,a potential drawback and really thats,not even that big of a deal because you,can just move the cable out of the way,all right so lets talk about some,overall specs so the max speed that you,can run this is 10 000 millimeters per,minute which widens up being close to,167,millimeters per second um which is at,the top end of a diode machine um the,only other one that i know of that is,that fast is the o2 laser master,engraver 2 pro and well actually talk,about that one more in a minute and ive,actually done a full review if you want,to check that one out as well for the,laser this is a 10 watt unit they also,have a 5 and a half watt unit and so,obviously the price changes depending on,which one you get but the one were,actually testing is the higher end 10,watt now not only does this 10 watt unit,give you a lot of power it also gives,you the smallest laser dot but with this,one instead of a single diode emitter,theres actually two theres one thats,shooting down and theres another,shooting from the side that gets bounced,off a 45 degree mirror so actually this,laser module is bigger than anything,that ive seen and obviously this is,more powerful than anything ive tested,as well in fact,this is actually just a cheaper add-on,for like a cnc router style this one is,only two and a half watt but you can see,the size comparison just between these,two how much of difference that makes,and even when you step this one up to a,five and a half watt its not nearly as,big as this guy,and because of that cooling is going to,be a bigger issue and they have a pretty,good sized pc fan here at the very top,its not,super loud as i actually power this up,now when i edit the video some of this,will probably get taken out but if i get,close,really the only sound that youre going,to hear even when this is running is,going to be that fan youll hear the,stepper motors a little bit so this,isnt completely silent but compared,especially like a cnc router this is,very very quiet when its actually,running,now both on the 10 and the five and a,half watt version the actual laser dot,is going to be .08 millimeters theres,actually the smallest that ive seen on,any of these diode modules and that,again just has to go into some of the,crazy optics that they throw into that,but usually youll see 0.08 in one of,the directions but not in two usually,you get like a rectangular dot versus an,actual square and really at the end of,the day what all of that means is youre,just going to get a more precise image,youre going to get better raster and,graves so like actual picture images and,then youre going to get better cutting,capability because the actual focus,point is smaller,and then on the work area side of things,youre looking at 432 by 406,millimeters which is about 17 by 16,inches and in general with these style,machines thats usually one of the,biggest benefits is just how,big of a work area i mean thats like a,really really good size you can see also,it doesnt weigh,very much its really easy to pick up,but that big work area means that you,can put really big pieces inside of here,and engrave um so this is just like a 12,by 12 sheet of plywood and so that is,going in there fine again theres plenty,of space for this this isnt the best,setup but therell be footage on top of,here so you can see whats going on also,another nice feature about this is you,can see it is raised up on these little,legs so because of that you could,actually put material through here that,may be too big either long or wide for,this machine so you can just slide this,through and youre still going to be,good to go and then that actually gets,us to controlling the machine now to,actually tell where this is going to,fire if i turn this back on you can see,youre getting a red laser like a,crosshair and this is actually like a,red laser pointer and then when we throw,it into the software thats

xTool D1 Pro 20w Review | The Best Laser EXCEPT… (1 month later)

in this video im going to share the,seven new upgrades to the d1 pro ill,demo this 20 watt laser head with air,assist,well see just how deep it can cut,through walnut in one pass and i also,did some cuts on the worlds most,expensive wood pine from the big box,store,whats new with the d1 pro well first,the name as far as i can tell there will,be no more d1 when the d1 pro first came,out there was a moment where you could,get both the d1 and the d1 pro on xtools,website but now you can only get the d1,pro but it seems like moving forward the,d1 pro is now the d1 standard,obviously theyve added a second color,this is like a red and gold iron man,motif i personally like the gray because,my favorite color is black,i have a therapist im working on it the,best new thing about the d1 pro is,theyve added limit switches to this,thing i did a review of the d1 a few,months ago and my number one complaint,was that it doesnt have limit switches,why you would want limit switches is say,you have your laser positioned here,and then you move it and then you tell,it to move this way in the computer it,has no real understanding of where it is,in space sometimes and ive had times,where this thing has crashed in or even,pulled on the cable,and that can destroy your machine if,youre not careful,also imagine thinking its in one,position when its in another and you,have material there you fire the laser,and its not in position at all because,of a mix-up so,limit switches while you dont,necessarily need them theyre a nice,kind of safety net to have they could,have done cheap limit switches that have,like the little spring metal that breaks,after you know 100 uses,they did,contactless limit switches i dont even,know how they work like some sort of,magic theyre like proximity so as soon,as they get close enough to each other,some sensors go off apparently and they,stop its brilliant and it means theres,going to be less mechanical parts to,touch that need to be replaced but the,biggest reason why i love the limit,switches is you can now auto home your,machine or home your machine through,light burn i havent been able to do it,in excel software but if you use,lightroom you can home your machine and,basically why you want to do that is say,in your site hustle or,your small business you need to batch,produce a bunch of coasters for example,you could set up a jig and you could get,all of your alignment set once,and then batch produce and every time,you reset you go to home it moves out of,the way it comes back and you could,efficiently work through a ton of stuff,the old machine you really couldnt do,that or you had to do a bunch of things,to get close to the accuracy so i love,that theyve upgraded this by just,adding them huge win theyve added flame,detection and a flame sensor in this,unit its so sensitive that ive,actually had to turn it too low and ive,considered to even turn it off because,when ive done some tests on some,materials that flame easier like,basswood,this 20 watt unit is so powerful ive,done two speed tests that have failed,halfway through because this thing,just lights the stuff on fire and so it,does its job in in protecting you and,your house so love that but it can be a,little annoying you just need to babysit,it you can change those settings im,kind of surprised that thats not,mandated by law to be on every machine,because like this thing could burn your,house down if you left it unattended it,could catch something on fire if,conditions are right this could cause a,lot of damage so,i like that they included that sensor,and that function although,it is kind of annoying when youre,running at full power on wood thats,easily combustible but maybe thats my,fault and not the machine theres now,three head options one of the cool,things about this is you you can buy the,frame and then you can swap out these,heads,this is what the 10 watt looks like this,is the 20 watt and you can get a 5 watt,you can go to xls website and look at,why you would want each different one,ill give you my take on it they say,that the 5 watt is for people who are,gonna do fine laser engraving but really,not need to cut anything and that would,make sense,but i did some,fine engraving of my own ill show you,some close-ups with the 20 watt and i,was blown away,i,wonder if our eyes can actually see the,difference between these laser spots,between the 5 and the 20.,the engraving that ive done thats been,super,intricate ive gotten awesome results,with the 20 watt so,i think if you,are seriously looking at a laser,for me the baseline would be 10 watts i,wouldnt even consider the 5 watt,because i think its about 100 more you,can just get double the power with the,10 and i dont know why,if youre going to spend the money on a,laser,why you wouldnt spend an extra 100,bucks to get the 10 watt i think that,makes sense and the 20 watt is just,twice as powerful i think the jump is,four to five hundred dollars more so,its quite a bit up there but you are,getting,twice the power of laser heads so,theyve changed the knob on the regular,d1 theres just a little round knob you,you turn on the pro theres a,more of a lever so you can get more,leverage but on the 20 watt theyve,added a second micro adjust you set the,focus of the laser using the integrated,kickstand and then if you need to cut,you can lower the head even further,based on,your measurement of the wood and,everything so thats pretty nice you get,a little bit more accuracy with the pro,theyve also changed the design of,whats this light shield on the d1 its,just a square,and what happens ill show you um some,close-ups of this what happens with the,regular d1 is a lot of like pollution,gets built up because debris isnt,directed anywhere but with the pro,theyve added kind of a an angled piece,to direct the airflow and it seems to be,working and ive also noticed that it,gets less smoky around the laser because,its funneling the air and the smoke in,a certain direction so thats a nice,improvement to help with the,functionality there seems to be a new,style of motherboard the motherboards,look similar but theyre not identical,who knows but thats different and xtool,just updated their software with the d1,you could get a free software called,laserbox which was,it worked but it was,a lot like using windows movie maker or,microsoft paint its just,it did the job sort of but was really,clunky and you would want to use light,burn if youre going to get serious into,this anyway,with the pro,theyve released the new software called,creative space and its a lot better,its still in beta,theres some things that i have not been,able,to do,framing is when you,do like a preview of your thing before,you turn the laser on and in creative,space when i first got the machine it,wouldnt do that function it would just,error,in light burn it would so i knew it was,the machines fault it was the software,and then the process of doing this video,they put out an update and lo and behold,framing now works so,their new creative space software is,free and its still in beta development,and i would assume that all those bugs,are getting worked out but its a much,better experience i still have some,problems with it i dont like how they,do text and its a little clunky not as,intuitive as i think it should be,but,the d1 pro works great with light burn,and if youre going to spend the money,investing in something like this you,should spend the 60 or 100 and buying,light burn and using it because,its just a better program ive seen,places where people claim that the d1,pro is twice as fast as the d1 the speed,specs on this are crazy fast um ive not,really done a whole lot of testing on,that in comparison but what i would say,is i like that its faster but i,wouldnt run it at its peak because,youre going to run the risk of putting,more wear on your materials and the,machine than needed which is going to,eventually require more maintenance than,the line so,but i like that its faster,im more or less

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Watch This video Before You Buy the xTool D1 Pro!!!!!


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تجاري عن طريق حفر صور الأشخاص في تلك المربعات. إنه صانع أموال ،,لذا كانت xTool كريمة بما يكفي لإرسال صندوق مواد إليّ ولديها بعض,الأشياء الجيدة حقًا هناك ومعها قائمة بما عليك القيام به لقطعه.,لذا ، فلنستخدم بعضًا من هؤلاء. لقد حصلوا على بعض بطاقات الكلاب … نعم ، دعونا نجرب علامة كلب أو اثنتين,، صنعت حوالي عشرة من بطاقات الكلاب الخشبية هذه. أضع مجموعة من التصاميم عليهم. كان الفيديو طويلاً لذا قمت بقصها.,كما ترى ، لقد تعلمت شيئًا واحدًا منذ أن بدأت باستخدام الليزر والطابعات ثلاثية الأبعاد. أنت مقيد,فقط بخيالك ويمكنك فعل أي شيء تريده إلى حد كبير باستخدام هذه الأدوات,، أعني أنني أردت أن أضع شعاري على شبكة عنكبوت وأقول عيد الهالوين عليه,وقد فعلت ذلك. الآن أنا أقول أن هذا ما هو جيد بالنسبة له؟ لا أنا لا أقول,ذلك. ما أقوله هو أن خيالك هو الحد. تحصل على برنامج CAD أو شيء ما,لتصميم هذه الأشياء التي تريد وضعها على الليزر الخاص بك وتقطعها,ويمكنك بيعها من أجل الربح. هذا كل ما في الامر. إذن ما سنفعله الآن,هو أننا سنقطع علامة قرع أنه يمكنك تعليقها على الحائط,ويبدو أنه حدث خطأ لأنه كان بعيدًا جدًا ولم يكن بعيدًا بما يكفي على هذا النحو.,تأكد من التوسيط قطعتك أفضل من كين. لا تكن كين,، لقد استخدمت طلاء الرش لطلاء القطع ، ثم استخدمت رابطة البداية للصقها معًا.,حتى هنا هو عليه. استغرق الأمر مني كل 40 دقيقة للقيام بذلك. لقد قمت بلصقه مع,غراء Starbond CA وكان الطلاء مجرد طلاء متبقي لدي والآن يمكنني بيع,هذا على موقع الويب الخاص بي مقابل حوالي 30 دولارًا. هذا يشمل الشحن. لذلك لديك طرق,لكسب المال باستخدام أداة xTool هذه. ولكن هناك شيء آخر كنت أرغب في تجربته,، كنت أرغب في أن أكون قادرًا على نقش الزجاج والبهلوانات ولدي زوجان هنا وسنقوم,بتجربته. لم أنجح في القيام بذلك على أي من أجهزة الليزر الخاصة بي حتى هذا التاريخ.,لذلك دعونا نرى ما إذا كان هذا يعمل بشكل جيد. لدي بهلوان معدة. حاولت تركيب زجاج ، لكن,لسبب ما لا يمكنني جعله يدور بشكل صحيح. لذا حتى أكتشف ذلك ، دعنا نمضي قدمًا ونفعل ذلك,، لقد استغرق الأمر مني القليل من التدريب لمعرفة الاتجاه على الصورة ، لكنني اكتشفت ذلك.,ذلك هو. تم التنفيذ. بهلوان بلدي الأول. ليس في الواقع ، كان لدي شخص آخر أفسدته,بشكل سيء. لكنك لست بحاجة إلى رؤية ذلك. كانت الصور مقلوبة ، لكن ها هي.,إنها كاملة. هذه الأشياء تكلف هذه البهلوانات حوالي 6 دولارات لكل منها. يمكنك بيعها مقابل 15 إلى 20 دولارًا لكل منها.,يمكنك عمل أي شيء تريده للهدايا أو لعملك.,هذه هي الأداة الدوارة ولقد واجهت الكثير من المتاعب في الحصول على هذا لأن لديهم,هذا الشيء الصغير ذي الذيل الذي يرفع الجزء الخلفي من الزجاج لأعلى ، ويتيح لك …,أثناء تدويره ، يتيح لك نحت الأشياء في الزجاج. لكن هذا يبدأ بالذهاب ويمكنك أن,ترى أنه يتحرك مرة أخرى هنا ويستمر في الانزلاق للأمام. لذلك كان لدي فكرة لأخذها,وإحضارها إلى الخلف وجعلها هكذا ولكن لا يمكنني رفع الليزر عاليًا بما يكفي,فكرت xTools في هذا وأرسلوا لي قطعة أخرى أرسلوا لي مجموعة الملحقات الدوارة,و لديها فكوك بداخلها. لذلك دعونا نجعل هذا مثبتًا,، هذا كل شيء. هذه هي كل القطع التي يجب أن نربطها بها ، ذلك.,هناك بعض الإرشادات الجيدة حقًا هنا والتي سنستخدمها,. كان هذا بسيطًا للغاية ، لكنني أعتقد أنني أحب البكرات الدوارة للبهلوانات بشكل أفضل.,قبل أن نبدأ نقش الزجاج على هذه النظارات. يجب أن يكون لديك طلاء على هذه.,طلاء أغمق . حتى تتمكن من عرض الصورة. لذلك أستخدم طلاء تيمبارا برانج هذا وهو طلاء قابل للغسل,وما سنفعله هو أن لدينا بعض الماء والطلاء,الذي سأقوم به وأفرغ هذا الطلاء في هذا الطلاء سريعًا ونرى كم لدينا بالفعل .,حسنًا ، لدينا أربع أونصات. لذا سأستمر في تفريغها هنا,وما أملكه هو ثمانية أونصات هنا وسأستخدم أربعة منها فقط,احصل على أكبر قدر ممكن من هذه الأشياء لأنني على وشك خلط هذا إنه واحد لواحد,ثم تقوم بخلط هذا ، إنه واحد لواحد فقط قم بخلطه جيدًا قدر الإمكان وبعد ذلك,بمجرد الانتهاء من ذلك ما ستفعله هو أنك ستأخذ,كوبك وتغطس في الداخل مباشرة ولفها حولها وستعمل على طلاء هناك وسيكون ذلك,مثاليًا. لذا ، اتركها يجف لبضع ساعات ويمكنك إخراج الأكواب مثل المجنون,، حسنًا ، لقد تم إعدادها بالكامل ، لكنني لست متأكدًا من أن هذا سيعمل,إذا لم يحدث ذلك ، فقد يؤدي ذلك إلى تشقق الزجاج وقد يؤدي إلى تقسيم الزجاج لا يجوز حتى حفرها.,لقد تم ضبطه على 90٪ من الطاقة و 40 للسرعة. لذلك دعونا نرى ما إذا كنا سننجز هذا,، فأنا بحاجة إلى ضبط الليزر بشكل أقوى قليلاً,أو إبطائه بعض الشيء لأنك لا تستطيع رؤية عيد الهالوين ولكن يمكنك رؤية غرفة الحنفية جيدة جدًا,دعني أخبرك بما لا أفعله لا يعجبني هذا الليزر أولاً وهو شيء واحد فقط. شيء واحد فقط,لماذا لم أحصل على هذا الشيء عاجلاً؟ رائع! لقد قطع هذا الليزر تمامًا كل ما فعلته,طالما كانت الإعدادات صحيحة. كان لدي هذا الهالوين الصغير هنا الذي رأيت,أنني فعلت ذلك لأول مرة. لم أقم بالتركيز بشكل صحيح هنا ولهذا السبب فعلت ذلك.,على هذا فإن الحفر في الزجاج مستطيل قليلاً. ذلك لأنني لم أضبط العرض,أكثر قليلاً. عندما تقوم بالدوران ، فإن الشيء الكبير هو ، عليك أن تضبطه على نطاق أوسع قليلا

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The Ultimate Desktop Laser Cutter Engraver The XTool D1

i have had and have run my fair share of,lasers,but i havent seen anything like the x,tool d1 by make block lets take a look,at what makes this laser different than,all the rest first impressions are,always very important and you can tell,that make block took the time to,consider their packaging and it was a,really pleasant experience to unbox this,and see how they perfectly machined the,foam to fit each and every particular,piece for the x tool,even all the way down to the manual its,very nicely done though the company has,also provided an instructional video on,their official youtube channel that is,where i went im gonna pull up my phone,follow along with their video to get my,machine together,it is a nicely done video it is quite,quick i would recommend that you watch,it all the way through one time and then,go back and follow along to get your,machine together it comes together quite,easily theres probably only about 16 or,so screws that you need to put in they,even provide a allen wrench here for,getting all those pieces in,and everythings machined so well after,getting everything nice and tight the,machine comes together very square im,going to go ahead and turn on the power,to the machine and heres a little,listen to how it sounds,after i get the machine powered up i was,eager to test out the phone application,so i got that installed and was,surprised to see that i had no issues,with it crashing or anything like that,it seemed pretty stable overall now i,really do love that i can run the,machine through the wi-fi and not have,to worry about any cables so it makes it,real simple and if i was doing just a,real simple engraving on a box or on a,cutting board i dont even have to pull,out my laptop to do something like that,i can just use my phone so this first,test is gonna be run with just my phone,and were gonna see an example of what,it looks like right here on some baltic,plywood,straight from the phone through the,wi-fi to the machine and now lasering,onto the piece of wood,now anytime youre using a laser inside,of an enclosed space you want to think,about how are you going to extract the,smoke fumes out from the space that,youre working in now since i am just in,the garage im just going to open up one,of the windows and put a box fan in and,have that extract the fumes out of my,workspace,now even though i am using my phone for,the first engraving here you can also,use a laptop and you can use their,proprietary software which is fine and,basic and free it comes with the machine,but you can also get light burn which i,would highly recommend as it is the,industry standard and it is really great,to see that xtool has incorporated that,software to be useful with their device,okay that engraving has finished now im,just going to take a little bit of,isopropyl alcohol and wipe off any,leftover laser residue,and we can see that the laser is doing a,fabulous job and getting some really,high quality,engravings here,all right now i am running the laser,with my laptop using light burn and here,we are engraving on a slate coaster that,has been sprayed with lacquer,and on these coasters i can run it at,full speed which i believe is about 180,millimeters a second and it only took,about four minutes to do this four by,four coaster for my friend adam over at,uncle sam metalworks which not to name,drop or anything but is a forged in fire,champion and is sending me a billet of,his handmade damascus for a project that,i look forward to making,all right next up we have this stainless,steel dog tag,and im going to be,showing you also how easy it is to set,the focus with the x tool all you have,to do is line it up over the top of the,material that youre going to engrave,you pop out this little,tab of metal that holds in place with,some magnets and then after you have,that down you just loosen the thumb,screw on the left side and you lower it,down until it touches your material then,you tighten it up nice and tight and,then lift the little metal mechanism,back up out of the way,now here i am on light burn getting it,set making sure its centered and then,im going to send it from the computer,also remember to wear your safety,glasses with these you can damage your,eye by looking,at the brightness of these lasers even,though it is behind that shield you want,to be extra safe,on xtools website they have recommended,speeds and powers and for the stainless,steel they recommend 10 millimeters a,second at full power so you can see in,real time kind of what that speed looks,like stainless steel does take quite a,bit of power and slow speed to really be,able to get a high contrast but i was,really impressed to see how dark i was,able to get it with the engraving it did,a lot better than any previous lasers,that ive used for stainless steel,engraving,so here you can see nice solid black up,against the the brightness of that,stainless steel,next up were going to test this little,piece of synthetic leather,now i thought this would be a good,opportunity to make a little identifying,keychain for my wife as shes pretty,good at misplacing her keys from time to,time now again nice dark engravings here,and i use their recommended settings,from their website for it and also it,was able to cut out with just two quick,passes,here we can see,how dark it came out and how nicely it,cut out,i put it on my keys now i did clean this,with the alcohol and i dont recommend,using alcohol on synthetic leathers as,you can see it discolored it,now next i want to try out the rotary,and i know we need to use these little,extender feet to get it raised up high,enough so that we can fit the rotary and,any cups or round objects underneath the,machine so these just screw in real easy,heres a look at the rotary device and,what i really love about this is its,already calibrated to the machine itself,i didnt have to do any calibration in,light burn or anything like that you can,basically just plug in this rotary and,its ready to go heres a quick little,test and i believe this first one i just,used the phone app to get it sent on,here and you can see i was just able to,engrave this really simple,heart onto this round rolling pin,now im switching over to my laptop and,im going to use light burn to run the,rotary and i thought this would be a,good chance to test out this cookie,school logo that i do for a local,business now ive probably made,over hundreds of these for the company,and i normally use my large industrial,sized co2 laser but its great to see,that the x tool is producing just as,good of quality as that five thousand,dollar machine does and you can see how,crisp the design comes out right here,and here is what the rolling pins look,like after theyre cleaned up and oiled,really professional looking results,next were going to attempt engraving,this large painted tumbler now we should,be able to run this at a pretty quick,speed as removing the paint on this,surface with a 10 watt diode laser,should come off pretty easily now the,height of this cup is going to require,that i use the second legs to get this,thing raised up even more so youre,gonna see me putting those on right here,now with the tapered shape of this cup,im just going to take some wooden shims,and place those underneath the rotary so,that it is a nice flat,level surface where the engraving is,going to happen,to also help keep the cup on the rotary,i just put a,spray can of shellac to help weigh it,down to keep it in place as it rolls,over,and it worked perfectly,and here you can see the laser running,in real time and the quality of the,engraving again is just coming out,perfectly and you can see that with this,tool you could even wrap all the way,around the cup and engrave the entire,thing im going to take a little bit of,alcohol and wipe it off just to get it,cleaned up so you can see how nice of a,contrast you get between the black and,the stainless steel on this cup and here,is just a metal cup and you can see i,slowed down the engrav

xTool D1 Pro 20 Watt review

foreign,[Music],hi there welcome back to my shop,now unless you are someone who would,watch a YouTube video without knowing,what its about,Im sure you know what is in this large,cardboard box,when X tool approached me and asked if I,would like to review their laser,engraver,I thought well yeah what have I got to,lose Ive read some of the reviews on it,already and it sounds like its a great,machine,and so now that its arrived its time,to take it out of this big box,and just see what is in there,so,lets start by cutting this tape,oh,securely taped,foreign,boxes in here,now this appears to be the largest one,see if I can lift this out of here,the D1 Pro golden red,all right,great name sounds good already,spacer blocks these will be to raise it,up off of its platform,if you need to put something a little,higher underneath it,an air assist set thats something very,handy,when engraving something or doing some,cutting if you have an air assist on it,blows air across your burn takes away,the Char,and helps keep it clean,and the rotary attachment to Pro the ra2,wow I think this one might need a video,all on its own just to explain what its,about,all right so now,lets see about opening these boxes up,as I had said I believe this rotary,attachment is going to,need a video of its own or this,particular video is going to get real,long,also,if Im going to be using that that is,what I will need these,these spacer blocks so I will set those,aside for now as well,and today I will concentrate on,the machine itself the engraver,and the air assist,so the first thing I want to do,is get,the engraver out of this box,quite sure,where to do that,oh yeah a lot of tape to cut,Ive got to get a knife,now luckily that was close,let me see here,I want to make sure I dont,open it and Ill have it all fall out of,there,foreign,not sure exactly whats in these,or to be honest even how to open them,there we go,all right some documentation of some,kind,I can get to that later,foreign,this looks like a bunch of samples of,different things to engrave,that is probably aluminum,coated with blue paint or maybe thats,just,plastic on here lets see,yeah thats just the plastic,so well see what we can do with that,piece of cork there,and a number of other things,to discover as we go along,okay,now,oh yes,it is a pretty red,okay now I am not going to do a complete,unboxing,of this or show how to put it together,there are a lot of videos on YouTube on,how to do that and Ive looked at a few,the one I thought was the best is the,one thats on the xtool site itself,so I will certainly put a link to that,in the description box down below this,video,so you can check it out,okay a lot of the things I believe that,Im going to use to assemble this,yes,and Im assuming,that this contains,set of safety glasses you always want to,wear the proper glasses for this or that,light can destroy your eyes or if,nothing else really ruined your vision,and yes they are,now the question I always have is will,they fit over my eyeglasses,well,not really,if I didnt wear glasses theyd be just,fine,but to wear over my eyeglasses,lets oh well there you go I was,thinking I needed longer arms on these,oh thats going to work just fine,great,okay,so that much is ready to go,this is going to be the laser module,well everything is really nicely packed,here,yes that is the module so Im going to,assemble this and then Ill be back,well that didnt take as long as I,thought it might this went together real,well,and I was following the instructions on,that video from xtool it made a lot of,difference believe me so I am definitely,going to put that link in the,description box for anyone who else who,wants to try putting this together,and now that its together,I cant wait to start engraving and,cutting a few things,well I might as well confess,uh I dont want to ruin your illusions,that Im some kind of brainchild here,nor do I want you to think that Im just,a pretty face,but the truth is the last engraver I,used its Origins X and Y origin was down,here on the front left and of course you,count from there up here,this one is here on the rear left so,Ive got to get used to Counting from,here down and its going to give my tiny,mind quite a headache Im sure,one more thing to get over,well I hope youll stick around Im,gonna go find some plywood and some,other things to engrave,and I will be right back,now to get,pretty much anything these days running,you need software and that includes,engravers now X tool has developed their,own software called X tool creative,space,and its a great beginner software and,you have to download this even if you,want to use the other software thats,available for this which is called light,burn,now one of the big differences is,creative space is free it comes with the,tool light burn you have to pay for it I,believe its about 60 dollars U.S at the,moment,now I use light burn I like it a lot and,it does a lot more than creative space,will do but creative space is a great,tool to start with and I want to give,you just a little bit of a look at how,it works,um as I said you need to have it on your,computer even if youre not using it,because you need to set up some of the,different parameters for the tool and,then light burn can use those parameters,so lets take a real quick brief look at,creative space,now what you see on the screen is the X,tool creative space software,this is the grid if you want to move in,or out you can use these plus and minus,arrows,and if you want to go back to the full,grid you could just click between them,it shows you the whole thing,all right now if you want to insert,something in here for instance if you,want to put in a circle,you can just draw it in there if you hit,the shift key its going to do a perfect,circle,or if you want to put in a shape,lets choose this here,and put this in,and then you can position it wherever,you want,Im going to position it at,200 horizontally,and 200 millimeters vertically,as soon as I learn how to type the,numbers all right now the top left is,where that 200 by 200 is,you can also change the shape or sorry,the size here,well change that to 10.,and because Ive got it locked it,changed them both,now well just zoom in on that,and we can choose once we select it the,score the engraved and the cut numbers,as far as the power,and the speed for score Im going to set,this to 15 percent,and a speed of 10 millimeters per second,because Im used to working in,millimeters per minute I know that if I,multiply that 10 by 60 I have 600,millimeters per minute,to engrave Im going to set the power to,50 percent,and the speed Ill leave at that 80. to,cut I want to use 100 power,and I want to use a speed of 4,millimeters per second,now Im not going to be using the air,assist because it makes too much noise,here but I am using the smoke absorber,and I apologize if that makes a lot of,noise but unfortunately if I dont my,shop is going to fill with smoke,all right now to score I was hit the,process,and this lets me hit set the framing,to do that Im going to first bring the,module down,when I hit framing,as the picture shows I have to hit the,button on the machine and that will,frame it,theres a Red Cross there and every time,I frame it it shows where its going to,do the drawing,pit framing completed and hit start,again we have to hit that button,and it starts its process,[Applause],all right Ill click on done,Ill choose it again and this time Im,going to choose the engraved,get the process and Ill move it over is,20 millimeters,and the engraved is going to fill,between those lines that the,score was using so Ill hit framing,again Ill hit the button,[Music],get framing completed and start,[Applause],all right thats finished,now I can select it again,so I can choose to cut,Ill hit process,move it over 20 millimeters again,use the framing,each time Im doing one of these,whatever Im using I use the safety,glasses so well hit start again Ill,put the glasses down,hit the button and away we

Complete Review of the NEW xTool D1 pro

hello everyone welcome to pawpaws,workshop in todays video i am very,excited im going to be unboxing,assembling and testing out the new,xtools,d1 pro this is a fantastic,laser engraver and i cant wait to show,it to you,this just arrived and im super excited,to be able to assemble this today,we have two books that well be going,through,this is a beautiful color,very well packaged,this is the laser module itself,and here we have the glasses,some zip ties,and,all of these screws and the tools that,we need to be able to assemble this,and its really,not that much,i have the leg extensions,so thats a nice nice feature that,theyve included with this,were going to set this aside this is,the actual front,rail,this one,already has the timing belt on it,and its already tensioned,its ready to go so thats a really nice,feature as well,now this one we will have to tension,but there is this one basically,pre-assembled,and this is going to be the rod that,will connect it and theres our little,sprocket right here on the end,this is the gantry,has all the cables already connected the,belts underneath here looks like its,tensioned,so thats all pre-assembled as well,we have the power,we have,some lubricants,the usb cable,and this is another cable that we can,use and of course we have the cable for,the power supply,so this is everything in the kit so,theres really as you can see not much,to be able to assemble,this laser module is considerably larger,than the previous model,it still has a little kickstand,type of adjustment to be able to get,your height,and it has already included,the air assist,having these adapter feet,i think thats going to eliminate my,paint can process,so thats going to be very nice to be,able to have remember you can use these,on,this model or you can use them on the,other laser as well,when youre assembling this you can see,it has this long,area thats notched out compared to a,very small notch on the back that makes,it very simple to be able to put,together,having this notch here makes it,extremely easy to be able to know which,piece goes where,and that just slides right in to a,perfect fit just going to grab the,screws and put these screws in on the,back same thing you have a small notch,to correspond to this,and all these to happen that will slide,directly into it,align the screw hole,and youll be able to put that in,that is super easy and,well designed,lets take a look at these two packages,now this has the plate thatll actually,protect your work surface,and in here you have,all different types of materials that we,can experiment with,so well get to that a little bit later,you actually have two books right here,this is the instructions,and you also have a quick start guide,of course youre going to have all of,the list of the supplies that come with,it,and then were going to go step by step,on being able to assemble this machine,but i can tell you this right now it is,extremely easy to be able to assemble,but full color pictures step by step,exactly how to do it,heres the instructions on setting up,the air assist,so very detailed and very complete,and this manual right here with the,instructions,its written in a variety of different,languages,and in here youve got some safety,information fire safety information,the different instructions of the,warning signs and such thats on the,machine,frequently asked questions,even explains how do i set up the,tension of the timing belts,so all of that is right there so this,point is actually only three pages long,and then it switched overs to another,language,it talks about the red cross light beams,theyre not in the center we know,theyre not in the center theyre,actually 16 millimeters,off from being in the center,now you can configure this with the,wi-fi thats something i have not done,yet,but this will explain how to be able to,set it up,well im ready to get this machine,assembled,so the first step is to remove these zip,ties and just need a pair of scissors to,do that no the scissors arent included,in this kit,lets grab the toolbox open it up,and well grab the little screwdriver,that comes in the kit and all of the,different screws,to assemble the frame there are 16,screws that were going to need,when you slide this first reel on be,very careful with the switches and these,plugs you do not want to damage them,also on the back side you have the,circuit board thats very close,as i had said earlier you need 16 screws,now these are the little small screws,that are in the toolbox,because of the ingenious way that they,have designed these parts to interlock,together you can put the four screws in,loosely once all four are in tighten,them,and it will be perfectly square theres,no need to go through the,squaring process as you do on other,lasers,to install the rail on the other side of,this front piece i want to give you a,good close-up of exactly how easy this,is and how well it slides together,with this interlocking type up a process,and design that they have,it gives you the perfect alignment all,you need to do then is just literally,drop the screws into the hole and,tighten them down,i generally like to put all four screws,in loose at first and that way if,theres any movement that i need to have,i can make it very easily once all four,screws are in then certainly i will,tighten them all down theres no need to,wait,go ahead and tighten all four screws on,each of the corners as you go,now this is a habit that i have used for,years on many different types of pieces,of equipment and it has served me well,so with that being said,one now that i have all four screws,loosely in then i just simply go back,and tighten them,with this last screw tightened down i,can rest assure that this corner is,complete and i dont have to worry about,it i can just move on to the next corner,and continue the assembly,to install this back rail its actually,even easier i can actually put both,sides in at one time,and again because of the design its,very stable and itll sit there,ill grab the screws ill put this first,screw in at the top to hold it and ill,do the same thing on the other side,with both sides stable,at this point ill continue by adding,the remaining three screws on each of,the corners remember theres four screws,on each of the corners,you have two screws like this,thats going to be in the kit that will,go one right here and one over on this,end,this is actually used to be able to,tighten,the,timing belt so you do not want to,tighten these all the way,if you do,you run the risk of damaging the belt,itself,so im just going to loosely put those,in right now and you can see,this little bracket where it will slide,back and forth and that is also that,youll be able to put tension on the,belts so this screw,will go into the back,and it will screw into,this little housing right here,now again im not tightening this,that way it still has movement,and well put the correct tension on it,in a few minutes,the next item were going to put in is,this shaft,one other thing that i definitely,recommend,is take the little allen wrench and make,sure,that these little set screws are tight,its a lot easier to be able to check it,now,than find out that you have a problem,later,also well slip this on,now its time to pull the belt down take,the shaft,and slide it into the belt put that,sprocket right onto the belt and then,the tip of the shaft will go into the,bearing if this does not happen that,means the screw on the other end is too,tight loosen that before you go any,further,once that end is properly secured in the,the bearing slide this right over onto,the,uh stepper motor and then you can,tighten it down,so one of the set screws is tightening,onto the stepper motor the other set,screw is tightening onto the shaft,itself,double check everything make sure its,tight and in position and then this step,is completed before you tighten anything,you want to make sure that this plate,and the plate on the other side,are all the way down touching thi

Makeblock xTool D1 10w Laser Engraver/Cutter Review

steve here with the scroll saw workshop,out in the shop tonight to do a tool,review now this review is going to be a,little different than what we normally,do here on the scroll saw blog,but this is a diode laser its a x tool,d1 10 watt,laser engraver and cutter,and i think i can show you how youll be,able to use this tool,not only as a standalone tool but also,use it with the scroll saw to kind of,have the best of both worlds,when i run my business here at the,scroll saw workshop i use lasers almost,every day,because i use them to create my,signature coins that i sell on the blog,so ive become pretty familiar with,lasers over the years and ive owned,three or i guess three of these diode,lasers and three of the co2 type lasers,so im comfortable enough with them that,i think i can do a review,and,make it give it some value to you anyway,normally when you think of a diode laser,you think of a lower power laser and,thats the case uh my 40 and 50 watt,lasers co2 lasers are definitely more,powerful than this and then this d x,tool d1,but this thing is a third the price of,even the cheapest co2 lasers,so it gives more people an opportunity,to play in this,part of the market,when i started seeing this,tool show up on youtube and other,reviews and demonstrations i was,immediately interested because it has,more capability than the other diode,lasers that ive used as far as its,ability to make cuts which the other,dial blazers i had basically couldnt do,at all now they were still handy for,engraving but they were a little bit,slow also so because they were much,lower power diode lasers this is a 10,watt true output diode laser and they do,that by combining two 5 watt lasers,inside this laser module and it does a,surprisingly good job,so i reached out to make block,when i saw that you know this tool,looked really encouraging and asked them,if they would provide this uh,demonstration unit and they kindly did,so we have it here in the shop today,ive used it now for a couple weeks and,just to let the cat out of the bag im,really impressed with this tool the,build quality is excellent,its capabilities are very good and the,really exciting thing is theres,accessories coming out for this laser,that are going to make it even more,outstanding theyve recently announced a,20 watt diode laser that you can remove,this laser head and attach it then,youve got twice the power youre,starting to get pretty close to some of,the low end co2 lasers at that point,also in a park that ive already ordered,for it,pre-ordered is the air assist and the,air assist is just a,nozzle that blows the air down on the,wood as it cuts and it makes the cut,cleaner and a little more efficient so,ive got that ordered so um,like i said im very impressed with this,so i want to show you what itll do,as you can see ive already put this,together it comes as a kit now the,assembly of this thing is super simple,its basically just attaching the rails,together with screws and plugging in,three or four plugs and youre ready to,go so im not going to go through a,build video,front to back,im going to include like a two minute,slideshow at the end of this video,that shows you the basic steps of how it,went together and it was,about as easy as it can possibly be a,lot of the parts are already assembled,and its just a matter of putting these,four rails and the gantry together and,youre pretty much ready to go,lets talk about software for a minute,because thats really important on any,laser that youre going to buy is what,software youre going to use to run it,the xtool d1 comes with a,control software,uh called make box and it it works its,fine its just pretty basic im used to,using a more powerful program,so ill give you a quick demonstration,of make box but for the most part im,going to use a program called light burn,and light burn is does is not included,with the x tool,but if you,find this tool useful for you youre,probably eventually going to want to,upgrade to light burn and that is an,extra 60 dollar expense but,light burn is,kind of the standard out there in hobby,lasers even small commercial lasers and,its just a wonderful piece of software,so uh if you get to the point where,youre comfortable using this you can,move on from the xbox over earth to the,make box over to,light burn and itll just give you a ton,more capabilities you can also use light,burn to design a lot of the images and,stuff that youre going to actually,engrave into the wood so its pretty,full feature,my plan for this video,aside from doing just a tool review,is i just want to go through and show,you its capabilities were going to do,some,test cuts where i can show you the,capabilities of this machine which like,i said is impressive for,diode laser and then well do some,engraving which,is also really nice,it has the ability to engrave 17 inches,by 16 inches which is huge thats thats,a lot of area to be engraving on and so,itll accommodate almost any project,youre ever going to do on the scroll,saw,also because its an open design as you,can see here,i can pick this tool up move it to say,like this workbench right here set it,down and actually engrave right on to,the workbench itself so thats pretty,cool it makes it very portable its very,light and easy to carry around so thats,neat uh point out a couple things real,quick here it comes with riser blocks,and ive got all the riser blocks,assembled to the laser so its setting,up really high i do that because i made,an enclosure to enclose this thing in,which ill show you here in a few,minutes um the reason i did that is as a,laser and when its engraving or,especially when its cutting it produces,smoke,if you were to do a big project you,would generate a lot of smoke so i built,an enclosure that actually has a port,with a fan that blows the air out the,window,just to keep the smoke out now i dont,have a window here in my shop because,you can tell by the concrete wall im in,the basement,but i do have one in my office which is,right outside the shop here,so what i do is ive got my co2 lasers,out there and i vent those out a back,window and ill do the same with this,but for the sake of this demonstration i,have more light in here and its easier,to do the review so,ill show you the enclosure here in a,few minutes its very basic nothing,nothing complicated,but if you are in an area where the,smoke might be a problem,youre going to want to build some kind,of enclosure or at least some kind of a,way to get the smoke out the door if,youre out in a garage,obviously you could just open the garage,door and youre going to be fine,when they sent me this laser they also,included an accessory thats not,included in every package this is the,rotary tool and basically what this does,you can attach this to the laser and you,can actually engrave on cylinder type,objects like say a water bottle or,something like that so this is a really,cool accessory it does add a little bit,to the price,if thats the kind of thing you want to,do its its a reasonable price for a,pretty good product i havent used it,yet uh and so i wont be reviewing this,part here in the video but just so you,know its available im going to get in,a little closer here now and,show you a few features of this real,quick and then well do some test cuts,and some testing grays first of all this,laser does include a set of safety,glasses uh lasers you know obviously are,powerful enough to cause you problem,with your eyes so you always want to,wear your safety glasses when youre,using this laser,i build this little bed of nails right,here to set my wood on when im burning,and i do that because i want the smoke,thats underneath the piece to be able,to get away easy and to keep it from,scorching the bottom of the wood so this,obviously does not come with the uh x,tool,but you do want some kind of uh,piece to put the part the wood down on,to keep it from,you know marring the table beneath or,anything like that so theres other,theres several options you can d

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