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Y: The Last Man First Three Episodes Review

are there other survivors,god i hope though,why the last man carries a dark and,intriguing premise as well as a handful,of promising thematic elements but in,its first three episodes fails to fully,resonate from an emotional standpoint,the story is effective in giving us a,horrific landscape filled with,incalculable death and despair but its,attempt to focus on almost every aspect,of this specific apocalypse spreads the,story too thin at points,[Music],fx on hulus new series based on the,comics by brian k vaughan and pia,guerrera had a long road to the screen,which hinders the project a bit in the,past two decades weve become inundated,with dystopian dramas some of which have,become massive hits why the last man has,some unique parts that help it stand out,but theres still an overall sameness,that slightly sinks it as there are,scenes that are perhaps too reminiscent,of things like the walking dead hbos,the leftovers or even the grimmest,aspects of avengers in-game why the last,man brings us into a present-day world,that mirrors most of our own until its,hit by a mysterious airborne plague that,violently wipes out every living,creature with a y chromosome in this,very targeted thanos snap two males are,spared a somewhat insufferable magician,named yorick and his pet monkey,ampersand the immediate fascinating and,elevating difference here separating why,the last man from some of the other,dystopian tales is its mostly female,ensemble including diane lane amber,tamblyn olivia thirlby and marin ireland,in directly tackling the idea of a world,with almost no men it shows us a form of,pioneering pandemonium the other grand,ingredient here is that yorick played by,ben schnitzer is kind of a loser he,wont get a job but also wont exert any,meaningful effort on what he claims to,be his real passion itll be interesting,to see how the theme of remarkably,unspecial man is made the most special,person on the planet moves forward after,the first three episodes but at this,point hes whiny precious cargo,especially as his mother played by lane,tries to stop every metaphoric dam in,america from breaking hopefully yoricks,journey is both one of redemption and,realization because right now the,juxtaposition of his tone and attitude,with his mothers crushing duties as,leader is almost comical lane is great,as president brown and tamblyn is,perfect as the former presidents pesky,alt-right daughter but its ashley,romans who really pops in these first,three episodes as agent 355 or sarah,romans is able to cut through most of,the absolute bs that the other,characters run up against the third,episode even ends with a very impactful,moment centered around 355 and her,direct methods making for the most,memorable part of the series so far,after its three premier episodes the,shows now moved through and past its,big apocalypse moments paving the way,for a potentially better story ahead the,battle to rebuild the world and yorick,possibly finding inspiration and inner,worth is more interesting than actually,seeing a civilization fall weve seen,that happen on tv and in movies a ton,already so why the last man will find,its footing and hopefully greatness by,giving us a differently shaded aftermath,why the last man thankfully gives us a,few episodes to watch here at the outset,as the story doesnt begin to pick up,and take proper shape until the third,episode the tale definitely has unique,elements and a ghastly hook but the,actual doomsday focused moments dont,land as provocatively as intended given,the overcrowded landscape of dystopian,ruin in pop culture that plus the,storys overall focus on the governing,instead of the governed makes for a,sludgy watch at times but there are,enough seeds planted in these first,three to bloom into something exciting,and interesting going forward and were,certainly left with one hell of a moment,to chew on for more check out our,reviews of what if and doom and for,everything else stick with ign,weve heard rumors that some men survive,were being followed,right,this is our world now,[Music],i imagine that you attract quite a bit,of attention you know more than before,thats for sure,you

Y The Last Man CANCELLED After ONE SEASON? Review & Reaction

hey lauren here lets talk about why the,last man the tv series based off the,comics of the same name and whats kind,of funny is that i had actually planned,on doing this video around a month ago,when the series first premiered on fx,and i actually watched the first three,episodes that came out but then i got,really busy and frankly i kind of forgot,that the show even existed up until,yesterday when i saw on twitter that it,had been cancelled by fx before the,first season had even finished airing,which frankly just kind of validates my,opinion that it was a terrible show and,by the way i havent actually read the,comics but from what i understand the,loose premise of the show is pretty much,the same even though there are certain,differences that the showrunners chose,to go with basically the series is set,in a timeline or universe where all,mammals including humans that have a y,chromosome uh die just very,unceremoniously and so what this means,is that not only is half the population,just,gone kind of thanos style but also the,only people left are women and as,someone who grew up as a teen at the,height of the hunger games and walking,dead craze i just i gotta say like if,you make a series or movie that is,dystopian or any way i mean odds are,pretty good,im gonna watch it like at least a,little bit and frankly the premise of,why the last man did slash does sound,interesting to me i mean a world where,just like that all men are gone thats,pretty interesting not only does it,raise questions of why that happened and,how are we gonna just survive in the,short term but also what does that mean,for the future of the species and so in,a world where all the men are dead we,actually have our main character yorick,who is a man and who along with his male,monkey ampersand has somehow survived,but the problem however is that because,its 2021 i feel like any time you,introduce a storyline or concept that,involves gender or sex in any way shape,or form like,theres going to be issues because,thats just where we as a society are at,this point we cant have nice things or,talk about men and women and the,differences that exist between them and,really quick before we go any further i,do just want to give a quick shout out,to my familys company clearly pure that,makes and sells handmade artisanal bath,products for both women and men we sell,soaps gift sets body butters skin care,bath bombs you name it you can find all,of our products at clearly pure dot com,spelled c-l-e-a-r-l-y-p-u-r-dot-com,and we also offer gift wrapping options,and free shipping anywhere in the us or,canada if your order is over 35 american,dollars if you want to support these,videos when shopping at clearly pure is,a great way to do that and a huge thank,you to everyone who has already placed,orders and left reviews it all means,just so so much so even before the show,was released just going into it um i,knew,that the chances of wokeness,being a factor were just astronomically,high i mean in a world where they are,making lord of the rings and like,tolkiens universe woke what do you,think theyre gonna do,with a world where there are no men,right i mean we all saw this coming but,what was kind of a head scratcher,actually is that even though you would,think uh this show it presents itself as,being very female centered would be,popular,among the woke it was actually kind of,dragged again even before it was,released because of the biological,aspect of the storyline you see the,biological differences that exist,between men and women with men having a,y chromosome women having two x,chromosomes even just mentioning that or,trying to incorporate that reality into,your storyline is enough to upset people,on twitter nowadays and so even though,you would think that the sjw activists,online would be pro this show we ended,up getting tweets like this one you guys,i cant stand why the last man on fx on,hulu its an insult to women i could,never believe that a world run entirely,by women would go into complete disarray,after 63 days without men by the way,that tweet comes from a man so just uh,male feminist vibes all around so i,definitely dont think in any way that,men are better than women or women are,better than men but i feel like it,shouldnt be a controversial thing to,say that yeah if half the population,were to disappear that humanity would,face challenges like there would be a,problem if just boom the next day 50 of,people werent around not to mention the,fact that men are disproportionately in,jobs like maintenance uh sanitation work,anything to do with like the energy,industry,yeah i could imagine that the lack of,their presence would be felt pretty darn,quick but i guess trying to portray a,world without men as anything than like,utopian and hunky-dory is bad for some,reason and there were also some people,out there who are critical of the fact,that even though the show focuses on a,world where no man exists uh the main,character is still,the last man that there is this person,wrote its called why the last man,because it takes place in a world of all,women so why is it about the last man,and i actually thought that one was kind,of funny like in a world where all men,are gone men are still the main focus,like thats pretty funny you have to,admit and beyond that a lot of the,controversy surrounding this show did,focus on the trans issue specifically,the fact that in a world where everyone,with a y chromosome would die that does,mean that trans men who are biologically,women would still be around but that,trans women who are biologically uh male,would die a lot of people were,uncomfortable with this premise i think,because uh it just accentuates the,biological differences between someone,who is biologically male versus someone,who identifies as a man and someone who,is biologically female versus someone,who identifies as a woman and i dont,think this is the case in the comics but,actually in the show there is a trans,character uh someone who is a trans man,who was included i guess to try to,address that dynamic in the universe but,of course uh that just wasnt good,enough for some people one user wrote,why the last mans inclusivity of trans,men is cool but also it creates the same,discourse that trans women arent,actually women which is sort of a,problem to begin with someone else noted,the number one thing that never made,sense in why the last man was that,anyone in the world who wasnt already,aware of trans men would be immediately,aware after the event and everyone would,just assume yorick was one it looks like,the show is making the same mistake and,as another person chimed in watching the,awful show why the last man out of,morbid curiosity and obviously the worst,thing about it is the trans misogyny but,also theres a whole group of trans men,still alive yet the title suggests that,the one cis man is alive is the last man,czar so essentially again before the,show had even come out it seemed like,why the last man had a problem it,appeared to be too woke for people who,were tired of having politics shoved,down their throat all the time but also,not woke enough for the audience that it,was seemingly trying to court but dont,get me wrong this show,even just from the first three episodes,was very very woke the idea of men,disappearing from the earth aside there,were just so many political asides here,and there that were an immediate red,flag the writers here were trying to,bring politics into their story and you,might say that im just being overly,sensitive or looking into things too,much but how would you feel if you were,watching the show and just like every 10,minutes one of the characters said,something like and we have to build the,wall am i right oh just abortion,terrible thing pro-life heck yeah just,too many mexicans around you know like,if that were a constant theme throughout,the show regardless of whether those,were your politics or not that would,consume you right that would feel out of,place a

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Wokest TV Show Ever CANCELLED During First Season! All Female Cast & Crew FAIL! Y: The Last Man

several months later,[Applause],oh,[Applause],whats going on everyone jeremy here,from the recording and now before,the fans of the comic get mad,i understand the premise of the show,is a similar premise to the comics and,the comics for why the last man,um,i hear are great and so im not here to,make you know dump on them or or rib on,them but what i do think is funny is,this show,should have been,the biggest,masterpiece in work programming in,history,a show that is based on the premise,where,all living mammals with a y chromosome,including embryos,and those little swimmers,all simultaneously,die,a world with no patriarchy a world,run completely by inhabited completely,by women,what could go wrong in fact you signed,advertised back on august 5th hold on to,your husbands were about to bring you,into a world unlike anything youve ever,seen before,a world without,cisgender,men,this is why you knew they were going to,screw it up,i am willing to take,the word of my viewers who enjoyed the,comic,at their word and say that it was quite,well and the premise itself is,actually interesting um,but,you knew,that these woke lazy writers in,hollywood would just jump at the,opportunity,to,uh say men bad,well the show didnt even make it one,season,cancelled halfway through its first,season you can see some of the original,advertising or around this,you know bleeding fool saying full,throat awokeness on hulus why the last,man is now confirmed,the network behind the emmy,award-winning series handmaids tale,which depicts society where women are,forced into catholicism thats a good,show actually,amber tamblyn imagines a world without,cisgender men its actually not,cisgender men its anybody with a y,chromosome,the uh activist and cast member on the,series celebrated fx project tweeting,hold on to your husbands,i dont think the original graphic novel,is built on this if thats what theyre,signaling though it certainly did build,on anti-republican propaganda but its,hardly a shock that the production staff,who coughed this one out would decide,the original premise didnt go far,enough,so they made current pc altercations,either way,look what is supremely silly about the,production crew okay so they attempted,to assemble the wokest,crew ever,an all-female team of directors has,helmed the 10-episode season including,um luis fred freidberg of the right,stuff destiny of the silent witness and,daisy von schreiler of the walking dead,most of the heads of departments camera,production design casting editing etc,are also women the series also stars,diane lang lane ashley romans and olivia,thurlby,some are already left as some all but,already some left,activists are raising alarms that trans,people are not included in the subject,matter for one jezebel blogger heron,walker wants to know if the serious,intents to end off men who claim to be,transgender,were making a show,that affirms trans women or women trans,men or men and non-binary people are,non-binary they show us asking questions,about what is gender what is identity,must see tv,they went and they had what was an,excellent premise a very interesting,premise,and and had to mess it up,how it changes the comics its not just,the trans characters,the comic book ran for 60 issues between,2002 and 2008 and its a real time,capsule today full of butt kicking,strong female characters in the joss,whedon mold of vintage os vertigo comics,ranch,and the source material is also very,much a comic book rather than a graphic,novel fast moving serial story that is,constantly jumping all over the world,for the tv version eliza clark made,three major changes the tone has been,changed from the comic book the high,production cable series a secondary,character has been added to help update,the shows politics,and some characters backstories have,been flashed out in ways that make them,more realistic i mean,okay,i mean this is this is exactly,why the show failed isnt it,why the last mans premise is a woke man,saves a devastated world,yeah right,this is back in september 22nd,as a general as a critic in general,viewers looking forward to the show as,an intriguing premise was made in,toronto and features many canadian,actors now several episodes in and im,both confused and disappointed based on,the well-regarded comic book series,published from 2002 to 2008 the guts of,the drama offer something to provoke,some juicy what-if scenarios,its a post-apocalyptic scenario but,with a unique twist a plague that causes,everybody on earth with the y chromosome,to die,mostly on spot on the spot and terrible,and the chaos that follows women get to,rule the world there is however one guy,left an affable and sensitive young man,who aspires to be an escape artist uh no,less while pinning his girlfriend in,pining his for his girlfriend in,desolate new york enjoys the company of,his pet monkey a charmer with the name,ampersand,why is yorick the last man left thereby,hang a tail,that tail is the spine of the series i,dont want to go through all that,anyways it happens hes the son of,jennifer brown a democratic member of,congress whose sense of the presidency,because all the fellows in charge,republicans are dead,also he got a sis hes got a sister,named hero whos having an affair with a,married paramedic when the apocalypse,happened she is you know she has you,know issues as anyone would lumbered,with the name hero whose moms a,politician,there should be acres of possibilities,here would a country in crisis run by,women be better off how would the female,politicians treat each other if all the,men were gone would the general,population of all women react,differently to the apocalypse that,threatens to destroy the entire,infrastructure regrettably what unfolds,is a confusing mess of subplots,predictably the daughter of the dead,republican president juan kimberly uh,sets out to undermine the new president,a mysterious secret agent named 355,keeps turning up but appears to have,wandered into the show for an old,episode of 24.,stuff happens some of its gruesome some,of it ham fisted hero sets out for,washington to see our mom you know yet,perhaps it was a rueful joke in the,original comic books that the future of,the male species depended on utterly,uninteresting immature yorick but here,that twist is taken very seriously the,way it placed upon a character is just,ludicrous the material adapted by alesia,car elisa clark and she makes a point of,injecting some new contemporary,relevancy essentially the plot is,updated to include the issue of gender,fluidity thus heros pal sam is a trans,man in this terrifying new world it,should be an interesting touch but it,plays out like a soap opera episode,dropped into a horror landscape there,are strong performances from characters,but the last man is a bitter,disappointment alas poor yorick is not a,fellow of infinite just hes a joke of a,woke man taking up too much space in the,story,why the last man,canceled before the first season even,ended,in a pretty ice cold move considering,its first season still has three,episodes left the last man has been,canceled however showrunner eliza clark,says the series is being shopped around,other platforms where it fine might find,a new home i assume,uh netflix would be a reasonable home,for this show i mean they should love it,the the the one of the sad parts of it,is the showrunner here coming out and,just begging,begging people my statement why the last,man in season two we have learned that,we will not be moving forward on fx on,hulu for season two of the show ive,never my life been more committed to a,story and theres so much left to tell,the last man is about gender about how,oppressive systems inform identity,we had a gender diverse team of,brilliant artists led by women at almost,every corner of our production and it,failed,producers writers director,cinematographers production design,costume design maybe you should have,worried,about producing a,better show a show that is,interesting a show t

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Y: The Last Man Omnibus, Absolute Editions, Deluxe and Trades Retroview!

whats going on everybody this is the,unkenny omar and back by popular demand,is the retro view segment so lets get,started talking about one of my favorite,series of all time why the last man and,its many collected editions its,available in and welcome back everybody,before getting started dont forget to,hit that like button and subscribe if,you havent subscribed yet ring that,bell for notifications check out our,patreon amazing ways to support the,channel if you can do so and thank you,to our existing patrons couldnt make,videos like this possible without you,all so here we have the different,collected editions for why the last man,actually ended up buying the why the,last man trade paperbacks again because,i wanted to give those away for a big,50k giveaway but ill probably end up,giving away a couple other editions too,but i wanted to do a comparison as to,what the best possible collected edition,is to own this series because the series,means so much to me so lets start with,the trade paperbacks and move our way up,now what is an overview without talking,about the book and the premise of it so,i will be doing that so here is the,first trade paperback theres a total of,10 of them each one collecting about,five to six issues so the series started,in 2002 and went all the way through,2008 so in 2003 they started releasing,the trade paperbacks they had no idea,how many issues they were going to be,and vertigo dc,decided to just start releasing five to,six issues collected in trade paperback,format now the series is definitely,mature content theres a lot of sexual,content a lot of nudity and a lot of,violence in here so just as a heads up,um the series is being turned into a tv,show which is crazy i just saw the first,trailer and the premise is pretty simple,the premise is all about yorick this,young man right here and his pet monkey,ampersand and in 2002 the entire y,chromosome was wiped out of existence on,earth,except for him,and his male,monkey ampersand and thats it thats,the mystery what,what cost all this so thats all you,need to know in the first issue and ill,be talking about the character scene a,little bit without going into spoiler,territory but that is the premise and,again the trade paperbacks of course uh,being just five to six issues they have,this flat matte paper as you expect from,trade paperbacks uh they were just a,great way to read them and if you,werent getting the single issues and,they were coming out as the issues were,wrapping up like every six issues they,would already announce a new trade,paperback and here is what all 10 of,them look like and its a shame vertigo,decided to change its logo when it got,to volume four so just as a heads up um,i dont know when they start reprinting,them and trade paperback format if,theyre gonna have the black label logo,now since vertigo is no more sadly but,this is what all of them look like now,in 2008 after the series was over they,decided to start publishing these,oversized hardcover books so let me just,give you an idea how much bigger the,artwork looks compared to the trade,paperbacks trade paperbacks like ive,gone over in my different collected,edition types are the size of single,issues with oversized hardcovers theres,tall zombies and have the wideness of,the omnis,but,here is the very first book of why the,last man in deluxe edition is what these,are called there were a total of five of,these books collected in each one of,these collecting 12 issues of the series,um well actually i think it back this,one here collects one through ten and,then the next one collects eleven,through twenty three uh starting the,release in 2008,and ended i believe in 2011. this is the,way that i upgraded because i had the,trade paperbacks and i upgraded to this,because i love this series so what makes,this series so endearing to me well its,the characters its the story its the,mystery its everything its about,survival and its its a very special,series for my wife and i because i think,ive talked about this before that when,the final issue came out,we were about to fly to japan,and im sorry the final trade paper,because thats what how we were reading,them we were reading on the trade,paperback,when the final volume came out it came,out the day before we flew to japan so,we read it on our back porch together,and held each other and cried because it,has a beautiful ending,so,uh i talked about the characters,so i talked a little bit about the,premise of the story and again yorig and,ampersand being the only male specimens,alive on the planet and of course this,affected the entire planet so when i,said earlier that about the premise of,the story being the entire male species,dying i mean every living mammal with,the y chromosome including sperms,including embryos,all at the same time die so this,affected things that i didnt think,about like airplane pilots are mostly,men so,all most of the airplanes that were,flying around came crashing down,killed everyone including women then,those are the kind of disasters that,were happening around the world,so,the concept is,its very twilight zone its very uh,outer,limits you have the last man on earth,with his pet monkey,so you know in your head i was in my 20s,was this when this was coming out of,course i thought okay all the women are,gonna want him theyre one theyre gonna,want to repopulate the earth,and while some of them do its not the,case its actually pretty damn scary,what ends up happening,now there are a total of five of these,books these uh oversized hardcovers as i,mentioned and heres what all five of,the oversized hardcovers look like,they all have a picture down here of the,characters that are in this particular,series and the vertigo logo is all the,same im not sure what the reprints will,look like if theyll also have the black,label or not,but they all come with a nice dust,jacket the dust checker doesnt have a,glossy finish to it,has this flat matte finish to it as,the paper thats in here and then dc,decided to make these into smaller,collected editions so the same issue,counts like one through ten here in,volume one here lets show you some,artwork from volume two here,with brand new covers uh the same issues,are collected in the softcover version,of this except its not oversized its,just the size of a trade paperback but,thicker because it has more issues,so if this collects issues 11 through 23,thats how many issues volume 2 of the,thick trade paperback,are collected and i think that series,started in,2013 i believe,releasing these in thicker trades,now in 2015 dc started making these,absolute editions the absolutes of,course come in their slip case and have,bigger artwork than,the trade paperbacks or oversized,hardcovers these are beautifully done so,just to kind of give you an idea how,much bigger the absolute additions are,here it is compared to the oversized,hardcover which is like i mentioned as,tall as an omnibus and a trade paperback,so,its a lot bigger here is what all three,of the absolutes look like together of,course thats one side here,and then the other side each one of them,having,art on the front and the back of the,slip case as you saw earlier they dont,have a dust jacket its just art on the,board itself and lets get this open and,then talk a little bit more about this,series so one thing i didnt mention are,the creators and that is brian k vaughan,and pia guerra now other,artists join in on this like paul,chadway comes in for uh some fill-in,issues,but its mainly piagera and brian k,vaughan the series lasted 60 issues,thats it so from 2002 to 2008 was,coming out every month and then i think,for the last six issues it was coming,out bi-monthly so every um every other,month is when the series is coming out,so i mentioned some of the characters uh,of yorick and ampersand but there are,some awesome characters that are near,and dear to my heart and one of them is,agent 355.,so yoricks mom is a member of the u.s,house of representatives so

Y The Last Man Review – FX on Hulu 2021

i truly loved the original comic this,show is based on and when i saw the,trailer i was like wow that looks better,than i certainly thought it would,considering all the drama that this show,has been through behind the scenes so i,was like fx please give me these,episodes so i can review them,and i wish i had better news for you,the first couple are okay if youre a,fan of this if youre a fan of the comic,youre gonna watch this but ho,uh if you make it past episode six ill,be amazed i mean i dont even i mean i,like to see how things end and i dont,know if im gonna go back to this all,right so,brian k vaughn used to be one of the,greatest comic book writers working in,the medium he had a run where everything,he touched was gold and he was in the,unusual position that he did almost,exclusively create her own projects you,know back in the day you know today like,everybody has their own projects but he,was like robert kirkman like before,robert kirkman they kind of overlapped a,little bit but brian k vaughn was a,really big deal he went to become a,television writer and thats why he,doesnt really work on comics anymore,hes doing one but its taken the,longest break ever,but anyway uh his tv show it did okay,but while most other successful comic,books or even comic books that have even,the smallest of followings have been,turned into a movie or tv show at this,point,brian k vaughns work has joined and is,really the bulk of,the small group of those of these comics,that are still waiting to be adapted i,mean he has some deals in development uh,like i think ex machina has a deal uh,and saga for instance hes like no one,could ever turn this into a show so i,will never even let them try it,uh i would really love a saga show but i,have to say now that ive seen how why,the last man has turned out maybe hes,right maybe we would just be like what,is this,now this show as i said has not had an,easy path and perhaps having to stop and,restart with both a new showrunner and a,new lead,made it so that this show of why the,last man just couldnt recover there,were just maybe too many cooks in the,kitchen maybe they didnt burn it down,to the ground and start from scratch i,mean it kind of feels that way a little,bit a little patchworky um,but you know it didnt work out but i do,respect this shows hard work to try and,modernize the source material which,debuted about 20 years ago at this point,and of course the conversation about men,and women and sexuality overall has,changed considerably so two of the more,interesting additions that they did here,that i actually thought were very clever,ideas was they added a megan mccain type,character played with gusto by amber,tamblyn,and a focus on transgender men where the,show makes the point the best the best,ive seen yet the most convincing ive,seen yet uh in the most convincing point,in mainstream entertainment,that,these are people who have truly trans,these are women who have truly,transitioned and transformed themselves,into men and that all theyre missing is,that y chromosome which is really just a,technicality uh why the last man on that,note is a fantastic opportunity for,elliot fletcher i mean how many complex,women woman to man transgender roles are,in mainstream entertainment i mean i,cant i cant think of anything i could,any of them i can think of some man to,woman roles uh for instance you know on,orange is the new black and stuff like,that but this was i thought a really,great opportunity for elliot fletcher,and he did effect hes do but for the,episodes i saw he really did a fantastic,job,and its also a great opportunity for,ashley romans who is perfectly cast as,agent 355 she was also brought in uh it,was supposed to be a maria rambo,but i think ashley romans is fantastic,she comes across as a female jack bauer,and it is very exciting now,speaking of agent 355 another thing that,i find very interesting about the show,theres so much potential here,squandered but that after watching two,shows where you have a male warrior,teaming up with a female magician,having a female warrior teaming up with,a male magician you know the modern,version of that,that was great flipping that trope on,its head is very cool to see,its also very interesting to see so,many opportunities for actresses period,as an actress needs to be cast in every,single role here were talking not just,in political but military roles uh,everything rebels,every role is a woman so,you have a lot of actresses who maybe,normally wouldnt get opportunities to,work um because theres limited,opportunities particularly in some,genres in terms of what they feel a,woman you know we can realistically play,here and i think its worth noting that,all the actresses here do a phenomenal,job so its just to see so many,actresses and a lot of character,actresses getting to work here and,really have these roles they can tear,into i mean its i mean they talk about,some especially the conservative women,talk about men a lot but i mean its,like a whole series its like bechdel,the bechtel tests the series and its,just really really cool in that regard,so i wish that all these actors who i,highlighted here were in a better show,but first before i talk about the,problems of the show i just want to,point out that with all this fall tv,starting,wouldnt you love to have some great,meals to go with them while you watch,these shows well thats where hellofresh,comes in americas number one meal kit,its 30 cheaper than shopping your local,grocery store these are healthy,delicious fun to make meals for either,just you or something you can do with,your partner or the whole family with,the detailed instructions including,illustrations this is a great way to,learn or teach cooking some of my recent,favorite meals they have such variety,here but some of my recent favorites are,sheet pan barbecue meatloaves those,shingled potatoes are tasty,chicken and dijon sauce with a nice,salad and garlic bread thats a very,nicely balanced meal like its good it,tastes good but you feel good eating it,too youre like im still good,and then chicken and snow pea stir-fry,over jasmine rice i like sprinkling in,the sesame seeds on that one,you get to decide how many to order for,how many days a week and heres a great,offer for you to get started with just,go to hellofresh.com,btt 14 and use code btt 14 for up to 14,free meals including free shipping,website down below the links down below,thats,hellofresh.com,btt14,and use code btt 14 for up to 14 free,meals including free shipping now lets,talk about those why the last man,problems now and this is a big one as,likable as ben schnetzer is,he simply miscast as yorick brown and i,dont think barry keegan would have been,any better uh ill give you a slight,spoiler there i think they tried,to cast an actor who could conceive who,could be,you know compassed as a transgender,uh woman to man,because sometimes here,uh you know york will use that as a,cover uh and i thought that was,interesting but in the comic,york and i mean maybe thats a chain i,mean i can understand why they did this,but in the comic york was like you know,not a super hes not like you know john,cena walking around in there but you,know it was he still was a very distinct,male presence which made it very,very sharp contrast when he was,surrounded by all these women and,schnetzer he doesnt have forget you,know,you know presence of sexuality he just,doesnt have a lot of presence at all he,often just fades into the background so,you know the one guy left on earth with,you know the one,this is important distinction the show,makes the one person with the y,chromosome left on the face of the earth,he should he should be noticeable he,should stand out and he does not i mean,i guess thats kind of an interesting,commentary in a way i mean i i really,dont think you felt the loss as much,with uh the transgender,characters in the mix which i think was,a really important thing i wish this,show was better because it has

Heres How All The Men Died: Y The Last Man | Comics Explained

whats going on guys this is rob and a,lot of you guys have been screaming at,me to make videos on why the last man,which makes sense i absolutely love why,the last man god is so incredibly good,um its one of my absolute favorite,stories right its written by brian k,vaughan of course the tv show is coming,out soon its absolutely fantastic right,so were gonna do a little bit of a,taster here kind of cover the first two,issues and just see what you guys think,so heres the thing a lot actually,happens in these first two issues which,is one of the other reasons why were,breaking it down into a more digestible,size because things pop off fast like,super fast initially we open up here,with a conversation between york and,beth now york as you guys can probably,guess you know the star of the comic,beth is his girlfriend whos actually in,the australian outback now the,conversation between the two is fairly,light-hearted right its just them kind,of generally having a conversation,talking about the idea of destiny him,being disappointed by the fact that he,didnt get the job that he was applying,for but one of the other important,things thats really shown here is that,yorick is basically an escape artist you,know and it really seems more of a hobby,than anything else right its not really,what he seems to be doing for a living,but ultimately given the kind of cash he,has hell be fine for the month right,you know hell have to live on ramen,noodles which in all honesty which of us,have not had to struggle with that right,like back before i was a youtuber there,was a point where i spent a whole month,drinking kool-aid and eating bologna,sandwiches right like i was broke,it was rough and so again the the,conversation between york and beth is,pretty light-hearted not a whole lot,going on there at least not yet anyway,we switch over to a woman named,congressman brown now congressman brown,is ultimately met by her really kind of,having a conversation with a senator and,in reality this is just politics in,washington as usual right that in this,instance shes being called on to you,know vote for a piece of legislation she,refuses to do so the democrats are,pissed off at her because of it and so,on and so forth but its one of those,things where it just seems to be you,know just kind of political bickering,and so on and so forth but the senators,called away by the president of the,united states regarding something called,355. now 355 is a really cool concept,because what this does is it basically,picks up in alka-rock jordan and you end,up having this woman there whos,basically you know all dressed in black,and some secretive looking gear garb so,on and so forth and thats 355 right,thats who this woman is now the idea is,that theres been a doctor whos been in,this place for for months and months and,months and there seems to have been a,series of experiments and whatnot that,were taking place here but the overall,gist is that because of the work of what,shes been doing theyre ultimately,tracking her down and basically theyre,going to try to kill her now the only,real motivation were given for why it,is that they are doing what theyre,doing is because they they in effect,want the amulet around her neck which is,referred to as the amulet of helene we,dont really know the significance of it,were not really given any major,explanation as to why this is the case,but seemingly a couple of these guys end,up coming in here and then killing this,girl and then 355 of course takes both,of those guys out and in effect her,mission is kind of a failure right and,in fact she actually gets a hold of the,president and says like theres gonna be,a delay in basically what this mission,was now at that point we switch over to,a woman named dr mann and dr mann is a,really interesting situation here right,that shes basically in the process of,going into labor and while she says,shes not due for another few weeks,shes getting to the point where like,shes about to pop you know what i mean,like that babys about to come out,and so shes actually met by one of her,former students uh who basically says,okay look like we can deliver this baby,you know is the father here and thats,when you learn that she is the father,insofar as she cloned herself and shes,basically giving birth to her own clone,which is really kind of weird and im,sure violates a million ethics laws just,in the realm of science not to say,anything about like criminal law,you know so its kind of crazy but,nonetheless at the end of the day just,really it seems more out of loyalty than,anything else you know her former,student is like okay fine you know we,can do this but we cant necessarily do,it here and thats how a lot of this,stuff unfolds right these kind of,stories its small little moments small,little introductory pieces and then it,all pops off right like literally like,like five seconds ago four seconds ago,three seconds ago two seconds ago,literally all these people just kind of,going about right you end up having york,who asked beth to marry him you have the,uh you have senator brown whos just,kind of you know frustrated and and you,know dealing with politics as usual,shes told that her husbands going to,be a little bit late to the party is,going on tonight right you have all,these things happening youve got 355,with her escort whos flying what looks,like the helicopter i mean you have dr,mann whos giving birth to her baby and,then suddenly every man dies right just,boom just like that right they all just,bow just just start bleeding at the,mouth and falling over and i mean it,happens within moments but heres a,crazy thing its not just men everything,with the y chromosome dies right like,every every animal every mammal the,whole nine yards right i mean theres a,little girl whos holding uh you know,this this little cow right she calls a,buck and like or maybe its a pig it,looks like a cow right shes surrounded,by cows kind of hard to tell but maybe,maybe its a dog i dont know regardless,shes like its dead right like this,this you know male animal that we have,is dead right soccer players teachers,and this is the crazy thing about this,right its everything from just like the,average person shopping in a grocery,store all the way up to like the guys,who run nasa right like every man across,the world has seemingly just died,instantaneously right half the,populations just gone overnight and so,what you end up doing here is you pick,up two months later right with this kind,of cloaked figure whos just sort of,walking through washington dc and,actually almost gets hit by somebody,dropping a dump truck,which is kind of nuts but then of course,you know this person gets out and you,end up finding out that what had,happened is these various bodies in the,back of this garbage truck had basically,fallen out and thats kind of the crazy,thing here is that its only been two,months since all the men in the world,basically died and things seemed to have,deteriorated rapidly fast and the funny,thing about that is that seems pretty,accurate right i mean i dont really,know enough you know in terms of,studying like you know anthro,anthropological results of like human,you know societal collapse i dont,really know exactly how that would,unfold i mean ive seen as many movies,as you guys have like dawn of the dead,in 2006 right zombies rise up and the,world collapses in like three days you,know ive ive seen ive seen all those,different movies i honestly dont know,exactly how it would unfold but heres,the thing to understand here and its,one of the crazy things is that that,what they ended up doing was basically,turning uh the local stadium into a,crematorium and so their people are,basically being paid to bring bodies out,there which does make sense right it,makes sense that they would do that,right they would say okay like theres a,lot of dead men out there uh we just got,to bring their bodies here so in effect,societys given up on trying to find a,way to

Y The Last Man Gets Canceled

rob,what is our second main topic today well,this comes to us from finn arturo who,says good morning movie crew,devastated,i am devastated i just read that fx has,canceled why the last man on hulu before,the first season is even finished airing,i understand that maybe the ratings,havent been great but why not wait,until the season is done to give it a,fair evaluation this is one of the most,unique shows out there right now why do,you think they did this,well i would say to finn,the ratings are its academic i mean how,many people are watching the show and i,i agree with you i think that i mean at,least give,uh its kind of like what happened to,swamp thing you know yeah but swamp,thing they literally canceled after the,first episode yeah it was after one,episode that was all that was very odd,but you know if no ones watching the,show and i have to say i found uh the,show i watched the first couple episodes,says it was disappointing to me because,i really loved the graphic novel i read,the whole thing,and uh it kind of bummed me out and,variety says,why the last man has been canceled by fx,weeks before its first season debuts its,final episode the news was shared by,show owner eliza clark through her,twitter on sunday clark thanks fx and,the shows creative team for their,partnership in the project she also,expresses hope that why the last man,will be able to continue its run at a,different network,weve learned that we will not be moving,forward with fx on hulu for season two,why the last man,i have never in my life been more,committed to a story and there is so,much more left to tell,except on hulu where its not going to,be showing,um so i you know i john i i dont know,why i i i kind of like that the pilot,the first episode,and i i just it just isnt clicking and,i i i really cant put my finger on why,i feel that way,what did you think did you did you just,check to check out the show i did uh i,watched the first four episodes,and i i i think the way you described it,is completely accurate it just didnt,click,you know and by the way it should be,mentioned too they did a terrible job,raising awareness of this show because i,remember when it launched i mean i have,been keeping my eye on it and the week,it was coming out i was like oh wait,what its coming out this week like they,did such a bad job of raising awareness,for the show at all,raising awareness for the graphic novel,they didnt at all rob in their,marketing for this they didnt all lean,into from the celebrated,you know graphic novel thats about this,they should have been pumping that and,talking about it but that aside,you know rob we often talk about the,fact that sometimes maybe even,oftentimes,adaptation is much more difficult to do,than original because youre taking an,existing property which means it comes,with a certain set of expectations it,comes with some audience familiarity it,comes with some rules that youre going,to have to follow doing an adaptation,whereas with an original script you can,just do whatever you want whatever works,you can make that happen and sometimes,doing an adaptation can be tricky and,difficult and just because something,works on a printed page doesnt mean,its going to work on the screen,and as i was watching why the last man,i was just im with you i thought the,pilot was interesting the way they did,the pilot,but once they moved beyond that i never,got any sense that this was a world that,was evolving i never got,i mean again its difficult like we,talked with snake eyes its difficult to,like a show when you dont like its,antagonist,and uh whats the camera main,characters name uric is that yorick,yorick new york was an in the,show i mean hes just,not likable at all uh diane lane was,fantastic as his mother oh shes so good,in this,but it just never clicked so for me rob,its a combination,of the fact that,number one,they didnt raise awareness for it so no,i i dont think a lot of people even,knew what this show was or that it was,even there number two its a tricky,graphic novel to translate onto the,screen and make it really engaging so i,think the people that did watch it like,myself and you,werent falling in love with it some,people were obviously the person who,wrote in really loved it and im sure,there are others who did but for a lot,of us it just didnt really quite click,and so its a combination of things now,as for why did they cancel it now before,letting it finish out its run,i think,theres another way of looking at it,i think there was enough episodes aired,that fx and hulu were able to look at,and say,this isnt working,right and we dont see the numbers,increasing were not seeing a lot of,social media engagement we dont hear a,lot of buzz okay we know were not going,to do a second season,i think it then becomes courteous rob,for them to let the show runner know as,soon as possible like why,why leave her hanging not knowing if,shes going to get a second season or,not when youve already made your,decision,and so they i think was probably more,courtesy than anything else let her know,look,we dont think this is working,were not going to renew for a second,season and by the way were going to let,you know now,so if you guys do want to try to shop,this around to another network we want,to give you as much head start as,possible,because they could have waited rob until,the season ended and then say by the way,we decided three months ago to cancel,your show and its like well thats,three months that we could have used,shopping for another network,and so i actually think its a pretty,good thing that they did that nothing,explains that,swamp thing situation ill never,understand the swamp thing like cancel,it after one episode ill never get that,but i i see it more of a of a courtesy,thing right how do you see that the fact,that they announced it now,i you know i think that they they knew,they were gonna do it so why not you,know pull the band-aid off,now as opposed to later,um,you know i think now that the,entertainment landscape is such that,you know they they know they they have,the returns they know if people are,watching things i mean look at the,opposite end of the spectrum with squid,game,you know it was announced that thats,worth almost 900 million dollars to,netflix because of how many people are,watching it and they only spent like 21,million to acquire it i mean thats just,monstrously huge for them,and they know i mean with the analytics,they know immediately and i agree with,something you said earlier,you know this film or the series this,was a series i was really interested in,seeing and because theyve been trying,to make this for years,and i remember seeing the first promo,for it and im like i totally forgot,this was even being made yep yep you,know and then when i for the trailer the,first trailer was really good and im,like when is this going to be on,what i do if you uh until,i mean i had to,like,look up where is it airing yep whos,putting it out,you know and i feel that way its one of,those series that even when i watched,the first episode,i had to remind myself that it was even,on like for the second episode where,something like squid game i cant wait,to get i mean obviously im binging that,but um its its youre like wait i i i,didnt even know this was on and even,after i started watching it i had to,remind myself,that it was on,yeah and its a shame because so many of,us have been waiting for so long,remember like was like 10 years ago when,i cant remember that it was the,director from eagle eye i cant remember,his name but,he was supposed to direct it and shia,labeouf was going to stars uric,in it and they were going to do a big,feature film and a lot of us have been,waiting for this and then it finally got,on the screen,a little bit of a fizzle anyway a little,bit yeah guys question is for you,what do you think about this from the,numbers im going to guess a lot of you,werent even watching why the last man,anyway if you were did you enjoy the,show a

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