1. Yamaha XT250 Test Ride and First Impressions: Quite Possibly The Best Dual Sport for Short Riders
  2. 2022 Yamaha XT250 | First Bike Review
  3. Is The Yamaha XT250 A Real Dual Sport Bike? 2022 Yamaha XT250 Riding Impression
  4. Yamaha TW200 vs Yamaha XT250: Best Comparison Out There!
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Yamaha XT250 Test Ride and First Impressions: Quite Possibly The Best Dual Sport for Short Riders

hello friends and welcome back to the,dork side im the dork on the road and,today were test riding the 2022 yamaha,xt250,here at power motorsports and sublimity,[Music],im the dork in the road and i want to,be your internet riding buddies so,please consider subscribing big shout,out and thank you to our friends here at,power motorsports and sublimity ive,made it my mission to try to get out and,test ride every single sort of entry,level dual sport there is one that ive,long wanted to get a chance to ride is,the yamaha xt250 because it is one of,the most beginner friendly dual sports,out there because it has a very low seat,height but its still fuel injected and,has a lot of modern feature im excited,to get out and take a test ride on this,bike and give you sort of my first,impressions and let you know how it,feels to ride it and how i think it will,be as an entry-level bike keep in mind,this is not a review its a test ride,first impressions video im gonna have,the bike for about half an hour so ill,talk about as much as i can but it you,know theres gonna be things that owners,know that i dont theres gonna be specs,and pieces that i miss ive wanted to,ride one of these for a long time so im,excited lets get out there and do it so,this is the 2022,yamaha xt250,not many changes they havent made a,major update in a while so its going to,be the same for any recently modern,xe250,this is the distinctive round headlight,uh that you dont see on the dual sports,thats how you know its an xt and fuel,injected and a decent decently low msrp,so its a great entry level bike now,some people get offended when i use the,term entry level and um when i say entry,level i just mean,easy for a new rider to handle not only,for new riders theres no reason why,someone with a little bit more,experience couldnt have fun on a bike,like this,so overall how do i feel about the xt250,i gotta say im zero percent surprised,its exactly what i expected it to be,and i mean that in a in a very,complementary way ive ridden a lot of,250 class dual sports and its very,comparable to all those particularly the,japanese dual sports uh i rode a crf250l,for a long time and this bike reminds me,a lot of that i rode that klx 230 out,here same thing its that same kind of,unintimidating easy to ride very,forgiving for a beginner a new rider,bike but still has enough that you could,just get into it and really have a good,time as a more experienced rider now,its its more like riding a go-kart,fast fun for an experienced rider than,it is like driving a corvette fun but,thats still fun its fun to take a slow,bike and ride it as fast as you want and,as a more experienced rider you could,totally do that with this all day i,could blast up and down logging roads on,this thing all day and have a great time,whats unique about the xt250 is the low,seat height and because of that the,proximity of your feet to your waist,this is a bike i would not be,comfortable on for long stretches on the,highway off road where id be standing,up some and definitely shifting back and,forth i dont know if id notice it as,much but it wouldnt be my first choice,as a 5 foot 11 person with a little bit,of riding experience just because its,gonna get to my hip flexors and my knees,eventually being have my legs bent up,like that thats a disadvantage for me,but if youre five seven five eight if,youve got a shorter inseam 28 inches,something like that youre gonna love,this bike because you can get your feet,down,its comfortable and youre not,sacrificing usually when you get a bike,with low seat like youre sacrificing,ground clearance youre sacrificing,suspension travel and not so much on,this bike this is still a perfectly,capable and comparably capable to the,other 250 dual sports except the wr uh,dual sport bike its its great its and,its got some modern features that a lot,of the dual sports like the tdubs and,the drz havent been updated in decades,and the xc250 is at least from this,century,it has fuel injection low price to entry,so and look its got these cool grab,bars if youre a shorter rider look for,an entry level dual sport look no,further than the xt250 buy a used one,buy a new one if youre a shorter rider,whos who wants modern features if you,want a modern bike with fuel injection,and some of those other,nicer things you dont want to deal with,the carburetor or whatever here it is,the xt250 i think its worth the money,and um like all of these entry level 250,dual sports really theyre so similar,that one,it probably doesnt matter which one you,get unless unless like seat height is,like the big determining factor on this,one but two you gotta ride them all,because the differences are so minimal,theres not one that is like,so much better than all the others its,really gonna come down to how it feels,how it fits you and how you like it and,so i always would encourage you to get,out and test ride bikes like this if,youre shopping around looking at like,the klx 230 and the xc250 and the,crf250l and the t-dubs whatever i have a,list of my top five favorite entry-level,dual sport bikes updated for this year,for 2021 and ill link that for you here,so you can check out some other options,but again it really is just going to,come down to test riding on the highway,its the same as every other 250 dual,sport its its kind of wound out at 60,65. its comfortable enough in terms of,vibration but you dont have a lot of,power to accelerate you can take it on,the freeway but i wouldnt do it much or,often id avoid it this is a bike i,would take on the back roads youre,going to get blown around by the wind,you know its its not for that itll do,it but its not for it this is your,putting around town and cruising up in,the woods maybe even trail riding doing,some of that stuff bike and for that i,feel pretty good about it so if you have,questions about the x250 that i can,answer based on my limited time with it,id be happy to try like just leave it,in the comments like i said this is a,sort of test ride first impressions,video its not a review ive only had it,for half an hour so i cant tell you,what its like to write it for long term,but i bet theres many xt owners in the,comments who can chime in and answer,those questions if you have them so,leave those below too just want to say,thank you one more time to power for the,opportunity to get out and test ride,this bike and thats really cool let me,take these things off road and so if,youre looking for a motorcycle you want,to buy one i would new or use call my,buddy matt at power hell hook you up,ill leave a link in the description to,their website all right well im going,to rip up this gravel road back to the,dealership because its hella fun and uh,i just want to say thank you very much,for watching and please do not forget to,be excellent to each other thank you,excellent,[Music],you

2022 Yamaha XT250 | First Bike Review

[Music],its true,[Music],[Music],oh,me,nobody can bring us down,[Music],[Laughter],[Music],hi guys its drea and welcome back if,youre new here hi welcome my name is,doreen and i do all types of lifestyle,videos here on my youtube channel um but,today i have a video where im gonna be,sharing with you guys my personal,experience and giving you guys a review,on my very first bike which is the 2022,yamaha xt250 um it is my first bike but,ive also owned it now for almost a year,i bought it back in september of 2021 so,um now were in august so of course,its been almost a year and i just want,to tell you guys give you guys a little,review talk about my personal experience,owning this bike talking about the pros,and cons and just share with you guys my,personal thoughts so i really hope you,guys enjoyed this video and lets just,get right into it all right so this here,is kind of like an overview of the bike,this is what it looks like his name is,bruno,but its a very happy bike ive kept,pretty much everything stock on it um,the only add-ons i kind of put on it are,some hand guards i also added,this thing here or well my dad added,this this is actually a battery tenor,that connects to the battery of the bike,and its actually connecting to a jacket,that i have that is from hot wired and,it he has like basically a heated jacket,and then the other last i guess a little,add-on is this one here my dad also,added this one for me as well um so this,one is just basically like a phone,charger other than that everything else,is pretty much stock on the bike bike,does have a lot of dings on it and a lot,of,scratches and i ive put it to good use,so some information about this bike the,base price starts at five thousand one,hundred ninety nine dollars,and i personally decided to get it from,a dealership i wanted to have this one,be,as a payments to build up my credit,score and just like be a brand new bike,that i know nobody else worked on it,nobody else fell with it no one did,anything to it so thats why,everything was brand new and all this is,my doing,it is a very fuel efficient bike it has,about 76 miles per gallon,it is an electric start and it is a four,stroke um so here you have like your,start your um your kill switch,and then you have your ignition here,it is fuel injected so that allows for a,smooth and easy throttle especially as a,beginner bike this is kind of one of the,reasons why i decided with this bike it,is five speed and is obviously a manual,bike so you have your clutch up here and,you have your shifter down here,the front tire of the bike is 21 inches,in room size and then the rear tire is,an 18 inch rim size the seat height is,31.9 inches and it has a round clearance,of 11.2 inches,and this was especially important for me,when deciding on a bike because im very,short at five foot one and a half,so i was debating between the wr and xt,so i just thought that this would be so,much better because i was able to,actually reach the ground with this seat,and personally for me i did take it to,get the seat cut from a professional so,the seat is a little bit lowered,i believe he cut about an inch or two,inches off the seat so thats why its,shaved down a little bit which makes it,a lot easier that it can actually reach,the ground and just feel more,comfortable on it it does have an,automatic chain tension and this allows,for minimal maintenance which for me as,a beginner i just thought that that,would be,something really good to have i know,that a lot of people they might choose,something that they can work on so they,can be very hands-on and learn to do a,lot of things as they go it does have an,lcd panel and this allows it to be very,minimal weight on the handlebar so,theres not actually a lot going on here,did get the key copied and um a better,material here a better metal just,because the other one was very bendy and,i got about four different,air keys so i actually dont have a lot,of miles on the bike it has around 561,miles right now,so its not too many but i did get it at,zero miles so for me its a pretty good,amount because i dont take this bike,every day but i do take it every once in,a while,and ive been trying to take a lot out a,lot more here on this panel you have,where it lets you know what that you,have in neutral,you have like your high beams when you,gotta get gas your turn signal and then,when you need to do any maintenance or,oil change so its very very simple its,not too heavy its not anything too,complicated going on here it doesnt,bother too much for,the whole handlebar situation,it does have these mirrors that are,pretty tall they kind of look like a,little bug but i dont mind it i heard,that yamaha said that they were actually,inspired by trials bikes,it is sparkle ruster friendly and this,means that its going to be ready for,trails especially in california we have,a lot of certain laws here,but yeah so everything is all set and,ready to go it does have a low,maintenance battery the battery is,inside,under the seat here,um its very very small battery,and,its,not very difficult to get the bike is,also passenger ready with these,handlebars on the sides and then it also,has the foot pegs here on the bottom,its ready to go and its attached to,the frame so its pretty solid it has an,enduro style 60 55 watt halogen,headlight with 133 millimeter lens for,great night visibility and then it also,has dual sport lighting which is for the,indicators that theyre very flexible,and it offers great durability so its,not going to be breaking anytime youre,going to drop the bike ive had them pop,out now and then but i just really pop,them back in theres a pretty simple,screw on the side here,so its pretty easy to uh replace them,if needed,theyre a little bulky but they get the,job done and also in the back here,pretty bendy and flexible so,its not going to be breaking every time,you drop the bike,all right so im going to share with you,guys some pros and cons and just tell,you guys a little bit about my,background in writing,so i first started out dirt biking i,took my very first class of ever on a,bike i first started with dirt first,moto ventures class i have a vlog of,that and if you guys want to see just me,ever being on a bike and learning to,ride i took that in may of 2021 so that,was my first time ever learning to dirt,bike ever being on a bike and,i knew that i wanted to buy a bike right,then and there but i did have to wait a,little bit so four months after that,class i ended up buying this bike i,didnt even test drive or anything i,just went to the dealership made the,deal and bought it and took it home,because i knew that i was gonna have to,learn everything hands-on my very first,event i went to vapes in the dirt i have,another vlog of that i have pretty much,all these vlogs showing my progress with,dirt biking,and pretty much i stayed dirt biking,only the main reason why i bought a dual,sport was just because i thought that it,would be a lot easier and talking to,friends that had bikes they recommended,for me to get a dual sport they just,said having a plated bike is gonna be a,lot easier than having a red sticker or,green sticker and i really outweigh the,pros and cons for my type of writing and,what i enjoy doing,and i did watch a lot of videos i did a,lot of research into,knowing for what would be the best fit,for me with this bike its been,pretty great i still like dirt biking,with it a lot more but i did recently,get my m1 street license so ive been,riding it a lot more in the street which,is,different from dirt ill say its easier,but i still like dirt biking a lot more,i just have been riding a little bit,more street recently just because,i havent had as much time to go and,take it out into the dirt its been a,really great bike some of the cons i,would say is that its a really heavy,bike i believe it weighs around,298 pounds so almost 300 pounds,so dropping it its a little bit of a,hassle i definitely had to build up a,little bit of mu

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Is The Yamaha XT250 A Real Dual Sport Bike? 2022 Yamaha XT250 Riding Impression

all right were here riding this Yamaha,xt250 uh its a little different bike uh,not something I normally test or Jeff,you would normally test but,I gotta say I was really impressed with,this bike uh Ive been riding around,town quite a bit lately just the working,back or to the store or whatever its,real quick,um mainly the side streets little busy,streets but nothing crazy,um it was fun but in the dirt I really,wasnt expecting a whole lot and I had a,blast today yeah I was uh I was quite,surprised too when you said lets go try,this thing out and,um it was super easy to ride very,friendly especially for a beginner I,mean you couldnt beat it no I mean yeah,low seat height,um super low first gear um you could,basically just let the clutch out and,the bike will just go youre not going,to solid or tip over or anything,um getting second gear and its so,torquey even though its youre at 1000,RPM bike just drugs along chugs along,and then eventually itll build RPM,slowly,um but you never can get in trouble so,it doesnt have that much power so it,has enough power to get the job done,pretty much everywhere I mean were,riding with the 302 stroke and it was as,fast no it was as Pepe no but but we,could keep right along really and just,have just much fun yeah smile on your,face was the same right yeah its a,motor super phenomenal um on the street,same thing I think the biggest thing is,second the jump from first to second,gear is a little tall uh so you can kind,of sometimes find yourself in between,gears but like I said you could shrug,this thing solo and just fan the clutch,a little bit and itll pull it right,away,um yeah its kind of looks like a mini,tractor yeah it just like you said the,first gear is really low but second if,you if you just as long as you kept the,corner speed a little bit and up the,hill like we were doing it was fine yeah,suspension,um very soft comfortable in the little,small chops and little rocks and stuff,like that getting the big whoops where I,mean the bikes obviously not designed,for big whoops or anything but if youre,getting out in the Dual Sport ride or,whatever its a little soft for that but,even then you know I was jumping,doubling whoops and Wheeling through,them and you know its pretty fun and,you could get away with it really yeah,absolutely I think up in the mountain,range or any type of technical Trails,this bike didnt phenomenal,thats great yeah handling wise same,thing all the weights so low and like,its a heavy bike for sure and push it,around the garage and stuff it you feel,the weight but once youre riding it,super light its really receptive to,weighting your foot pegs,um its like I feel like I barely had to,turn the handlebars I just lean on one,foot Peg or the other and I could turn,Super sharp and just carry momentum and,its always had traction even with the,lackluster tires,um the more street tires and off-road,tires but even then its really found a,lot of traction and can just pull,through corners and and just yeah just,get through the trails yeah I think that,the seats are very low center of gravity,which it helps it so much just sitting,down even sitting down or standing up,through the corners of the bike worked,very well very surprised youd never,guess its its curb weight or anything,like that,um overall super fun bike you can go a,million miles and take gas which is cool,I feel like just came up today which,weve probably put well over 100 miles,on it uh yeah I feel like just came on,today were still riding it,um blinkers and mirror is a little,obtrusive for going like some trees and,single track some tight off-road riding,we found those getting away a little bit,but if you havent broken them off or,anything or just kind of get scratched,up and beat up a little bit but nothing,uh nothing that hindered us too much no,actually it kind of worked as a,handguard yeah yeah uh yeah overall,super fun bike to ride,um would never have guessed it myself,but I had a ton of fun,um its cheap too its very cheap for a,dual Street Eagle dual sport for,California its capable off-road you can,go do erzberg on it no but you can do,quite a bit on this in stock trim I mean,only we set the tire pressure and put,some gas in it and can go so overall,very capable bike,um youll know its limitations but if,you understand that its uh Id say its,a really good purchase yeah absolutely a,good bang for your buck and like I said,you know you could always put some,suspension into it and keep it a little,bit more for you but other than that,its its good yeah,yeah so stay tuned dirt bike test for,more on this xt250 as well as everything,else dirt bikes and well catch on the,trail

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Yamaha TW200 vs Yamaha XT250: Best Comparison Out There!

hey matt here and welcome to another mob,street video,today were out here at big pine sports,in fairview and im here with scatterdad,and as you can see weve got my tw200,and a 20 21 yamaha xt-250,this video is going to be a comparison,why cant you,find the tw but yet theres two,brand new xt250s in here on the floor so,stay tuned because were going to go,over it right now,[Music],oh,[Music],okay in researching this on paper,this bike actually looks like its,a step above or maybe even like just,a side step up a little bit over the,tw200,so price wise were looking at 46.99,versus 51.99 now,for the 500 bucks whats the real,difference between,the tw and the xt-250,first off lets start out with the,obvious first thing,xt250 a 250cc engine,then you look at the tw obviously 200cc,then you look at the fuel delivery with,the,xt 250 youre getting fuel injection,with the tw200 youve got the mikuni 28,millimeter carb,then if youre looking at the,transmission both actually have a five,speed trans,but on the tw your front sprocket is a,14 your rear is a 50,and on the xt 250 youre sitting at a 15,tooth front and a 48 rear,which i think is going to be better for,a more road capable bike,as we look at suspension on the xt 250,youre looking at 8.9 inches,of travel on the front versus 6.3 inches,of travel,on the front of the tw when you jump to,the rear youve got 7.1 inches,for the xt and youve got 5.9 inches for,the tw so for tires on the xt,youre looking at a 2.75 by 21 on the,front,and youve got a 120 80 18 on the rear,and on the tdub youre looking at a 130,80 18,and a 180 80 14. now some might say well,what do you do whats the big deal with,that tire availability,for the tw200 is kind of one thing that,a lot of people,complain about there arent very many,tire options,that fit the tw200 rear so,so tire availability for the xt plain,and simple is just going to be better,than what youre going to find for the,tw ground clearance,youre looking at 11.2 inches on the,xd250,versus 10.4 inches on the tw 200,seat height now this is something that i,am actually pretty surprised about with,the,250 because in the 250 class,normally youre stepping up to a fairly,tall seat height,for the shorter riders and the great,thing about the xt 250,is that youre sitting at 31.9 inches,over the tw 31.1 and thats one of the,reasons that people,absolutely love the tw is the lower seat,height,so 0.8 inches taller on the xt,really isnt going to be that much more,than what youre going to find on the tw,fuel capacity on the xt250 youve got a,2.6 gallon tank,whereas on the tw youre sitting at a,1.8 gallon,youre getting 76 miles a gallon which,is surprising,out of the xt 250 over the 78 miles a,gallon,out of the carbureted tw200 the last,thing,that youre getting for that 500 bucks,more than the tw,is front and rear disc brakes,for 500 bucks you get everything i just,we slated off there for the xt 250,over the tw 200. yeah i like that,i dont know man like its,it has a really good feel to it heres,something that i found,it was pretty cool the back seat,like so the tw gives you a little bit of,room,where if you wanted to get like the,stock rack youd have a little bit of,room there,you could this one doesnt have as much,room,and the seat on this one is a lot,narrower profile,than the tw so if youre taking a,passenger that one actually might be a,little bit more comfortable,but this one comes with some pretty,sweet,grab bars if i ever jump on the back of,matthew,which aint never gonna happen i dont,have to hold his waist,[Laughter],i was looking around and the cool thing,is cycle racks,makes a rear rack for the xt250,okay so you can get that rack,that ive got on the tw and put it on,the back of here,and next thing you know youve got an,extremely capable,off-road machine yeah i think for 500,more than what youre getting for the tw,if,if youre a beginner rider and youre,looking for a good starter bike,if you are not sold on the tw,the xt i think is a really good option,heres one thing i did notice though,what,it doesnt have a skid plate,the tw comes with a monstrous,skid plate that is completely,indestructible,thats a lie but there are,spots you can put a skid plate on this,which would be your first point i would,definitely say,is one that you would want to have on,there these are available right now,but are they worth it,these are probably worth buying,[Music],so,[Music],[Music],[Music],all right what do you say we wrap this,thing up,so the xt,versus the tw200 which one should you,get,that is entirely up to you because,the xt250,looks like its an excellent machine but,even with all that,i still love my tw 200 i love the stance,i love the fat tires i love the low seat,height i love everything about,my tw but thats just me let me know in,the comments down below which would you,choose,the tw200 or the yamaha,xt250 both are excellent machines,but im a tw guy so thats what im,gonna stick with,i hope you found this video informative,if theres questions,comments make sure to put those down,below and like always i try to get back,to those as soon as i can well call her,there,im matt this is mob street and thanks,for watching,[Music],you

WHY? Yamaha XT250 Dual Sport Motorcycle

[Music],um,foreign,[Music],[Music],okay,we are moto vlogging,[Music],it sounds okay,so we are following my neighbor mr,darren cloud,on his new to him,2000 and,next to 2006.,ktm,450,modified to be street legal,and uh,thats his new toy,but the question is oh hes pulling over,for some reason,i dont know why lets see,round and round we go in the round about,this is brand new,brand new roundabout here in town,[Music],so the question is,why did i get an xt 250,well,the reason is,theres a couple reasons actually,i uh,back in 2006,i bought a,klr kawasaki klr 650,and,that bike was too big for me,you know im,im pretty sure im like five seven,and uh,ive got like a,28 to 29,inch inseam,and that bike was its big and it was,heavy,i had it i had a lowering link on it and,i had a,um,corbin,low seat,bought the bike brand new,and i rode it i put,i put like over,30,i think like 3 300 miles on it um,took some good road trips camped with it,i had some wolfman,luggage that i had on it that i,i really liked,and uh,you know being in colorado theres just,always great places,to ride and i had another buddy who had,a klr actually had two buddies,that had klrs and uh,we would,went camping and it was it was awesome,but then what happened was i met my,now,wife,and at the time when we met,we were doing a lot of car camping and,she uh had no interest in motorcycles,and her friends actually were really,into,jeeps,and,so i sold my subaru wagon,and,i got a,i got a jeep wrangler i think it was a,2003,jeep wrangler,two-door,and i love that thing man that thing was,that was awesome it was kind of like my,first,into,4×4 really,and it was super fun camped a lot,but uh the problem with that jeep was,it was just too small you know i play,music i was in a band,so,you know trying to fit your guitar rig,and stuff in there,was,hard so because of that reason,i actually sold i sold that,anyway,i sold the back to the motorcycle stuff,i sold the motorcycle and i got the jeep,and so,that was in 2007,and so uh,maybe it was 2008 it was 2008 actually,i sold the motorbike in 2008,because i got the jeep,had some great times with that,um,but then in 2016,we moved from the front range of,colorado,up to where we are now in glenwood,springs,which is technically what they call the,western slope i mean you have to go over,you know two mountain passes to get here,its about three hours from denver,so um but youre smack dab like in the,in the middle of everything outdoorsy,and like a dual sport is like,the most perfect tool up here,um,but i was still on the 650 thing man i,just didnt you know just didnt know so,i found a used bmw,fgs 650,no sorry it wasnt an f,i wish it was an f it was a g,650 gs now the difference is the g is,the single,cylinder thumper,whereas the f was is the twin,and i kind of wish i got the twin,because,it just reminded me of the klr the big,thumper man youre just vibrating,down the road on that thing,and so i had it first i had it first,summer and i just didnt,you know i wasnt i wasnt going to take,i didnt even like taking the thing at,dirt roads its just heavy,uh granted,the,center of gravity was lower on that bike,than the klr so,that was nice but still it just wasnt,just wasnt what i wanted and so so that,time went by and im like,you know what,whoa,easy,time went by and so i was like man i,still,i just want something to tool around,with so i started checking out the 250s,and i was thinking,you know the honda this the 250l,again,tall seat height thats the nice thing,about the bmw the seat height is lower,but anyway the um,i just i wasnt into the tall bike that,you know i sat on the 250l it just was,too big and,the wr2,50 uh r again awesome bike,just huge seat,height on that thing,so i started,looking more into the,to this guy the xt,and i went this guy was selling one,used last summer,and i went to check it out,and uh,i was like oh this finally fits pretty,good,but i didnt pull the trigger on it,um,and you know over the winter i just,thought a little bit about it more,and uh,you know,i was like you know what im gonna get,one of course the pandemic happened,you know all last year and the year,before,and,these bikes are hard to find holy moly,i went to the dealer,they didnt have one,they werent sure when they were gonna,get another one,and he was like okay,its actually looking like a honda,monkey,those are cool bikes,but i wanted a little bit more power,than that,so uh,i kept looking at their website and,stuff and i saw,one day 250l or sorry,um xt,250 came up on the website used,so i called them im like whats up with,this hes like oh yeah,were getting it in uh we post on the,website we dont actually have it,yet the guys bringing it up,from aspen he bought it here brand new,last year its a 2021 its got 350 miles,on it,and it was too big for him he just,wanted to he wanted like a klx 140 or,something,um,but anyway,so,i,went in and checked it out and they got,it in on a friday,they serviced it that oil,change and uh,and i took it home,yeah so the xt-250 to me it was the,perfect size for where i live and what i,want to do i mean i dont really want to,go,uh,i dont really want to go,to one around on the highway i mean we,have a major interstate that goes right,through,uh our town,but i didnt want to,that wasnt why i bought the bike you,know i mean ill hop on it,ive had this thing up to 70.,ill hop on the interstate to go an exit,or two to get to where i want to go,um to go on dirt roads i mean really,thats kind of what i just want to,explore on dirt roads forest service,roads,you know like,these guys,darren and his buddies they want to do,single track and,all this stuff and,i dont even know if im,really that interested in it,i just want to explore,and uh,so thats why i got it im super stoked,to take it camping this summer im gonna,get a hitch carrier so i can put it on,my jeep,and uh,you know take it with us,camp and then uh go explore from camp so,i dont need to really ride it there i,mean i could,and i probably will sometimes but,but we just you know we live,its three three hours from denver three,hours from,moab three hours,to telluride,two hours the steamboat,and theres just so much stuff out here,to explore,and uh its just fun to do it on the,dual sport,i think well see,this is four mile road were gonna,take this up to ski area wiscarian towns,called ski sunlight,sunlight mountain,so were gonna go check that out now,but yeah thats the story on the xt ill,have some videos,i um some videos coming up about you,know i got to figure out how i want to,strap,bags on here and,the only thing ive done to it so far,is i got these um,double take mirrors which,are pretty awesome,uh,you know i learned a lot from having my,klr like i broke my mirror dropped the,bike broke my mirror broke my clutch,handle,so first thing i did,i got some of the hand guards on this,bike,because you know its light bike its,not 300 pounds klr was,huge like 100 i dont even know what,that bite weighed but it was a lot,especially when you got a full tank of,gas in it,um,so yeah so i got the hand guards im,gonna get a skid plate,um,soon,and im going to,get rid of these,stock tires because they,suck,bad,we went on this little two track last,weekend,and it was muddy and these things just,caked up so bad it was horrible,so,im thinking of the tusk,d sport dual sport tires from rocky,mountain,atv motorcycle ive seen some pretty,good reviews on those guys so,im gonna get those,i think,and theyre cheap,so,and,thats about it and thats i need to get,a good pair of boots,boots that i have now all my riding,gears from 2006. it still fits me sort,of,its a little tight but hey you know,im older now im 50 years old i dont,i dont need a bike that goes,100 miles an hour,so anyway,good chatting with you and uh,ill keep you updated on the motorcycle,adventures,until next time

The Good and the Bad 2021 Yamaha XT250

hey guys in todays video were going to,be taking a look at my 2021 yamaha xt250,and in this video im going to show you,things that i dont like about the bike,so ive now owned the bike for one year,and eight months and it was actually my,very first motorcycle and youre,thinking whyd you buy a brand new,motorcycle when you know youre gonna,drop it well on the classifieds used,ones from like 1973 or four grand and,this out the door i think it put me,around seven or eight so it really,wasnt that much more to get something,uh 20 25 years newer and so i personally,feel it was worth the investment,although it does have a few battle scars,so the first thing im going to go over,is the way of the bike i believe it sits,around 293 or 300 pounds i know that,its an enduro so its obviously gonna,weigh more than like a dirt bike but,this bike is uh pretty heavy personally,i only weigh about 110 pounds so if i,drop it i can pick it up just fine but,if i drop in im on a heel its really,uh quite a mess so i have to get some,help so i usually have to have a buddy,come help me pick it up and so that is,one thing i dont like about the bike,another thing i dont like about the,bike is stock it does not come with a,factory skid plate does have some bars,of hip flat ground youre not going to,damage your engine but im surprised it,doesnt have a skid plate for being an,enduro and so,thankfully ive never had a rock but i,really should throw it on there soon as,i do get more advanced and go on more,difficult rocky trails another thing i,dont love about this bike i dont know,if this is normal or not but when i do,drop the bike the fuel actually leaks,out pretty quick so if you dont pick it,up pretty quick you could probably drain,all your gas and id guess under 10,minutes,maybe longer,but the second you tip it over it just,starts running so i dont know if its a,seal that maybe came defective or if,thats normal for it to leak,but i definitely need to get that,addressed just for when i am alone if i,drop it im not able to pick it up for,you know a good 30 minutes another pet,peeve on this bike is the turn signal i,used to own a 2009 yamaha vino 125 cc,and when you turn on the signal just,like this,as you can see its on but theres no,audible noise so often times ill signal,if im driving in the city and then that,signal remains on for the next almost,five to ten minutes my brother does this,as well he has a i think its called a,wr250 or something and i notice he,drives with this turn signal on but its,just very annoying because uh youll be,driving down the road and people think,youre about to turn left so theyll,like cut you off and im like oh what,was that for and then i realized that,wait my turn signals still on so it is,one thing thats very annoying because,theres no audible click so honestly you,forget about it a lot another thing im,not happy about with is this enduro is,when i first dropped it on the right,side obviously you can tell the mirrors,missing but it totally messed it up this,was kind of manufactured cheaply or,maybe i just hit it just right but the,mirror totally busted off and stripped,out that whole thing and to get this,replaced it looks like its kind of,welded here all one piece to the brake,master cylinder so i know theres,probably aftermarket options but i was,kind of bummed that that broke out on,just a couple falls all right the next,thing i dont like about the bike is,when youre revving it up uh regardless,of the gear um the exhaust is pretty,quiet which is nice for riding and i,know that its got the stock exhaust,which is supposed to,be a spark arrestor so youre not,starting forest fires theres this,little thing here i honestly dont know,what it does but all you do is you hear,it rattle and rattle and you hear it,rattle over the sound of the exhaust and,its quite annoying then the next thing,i hate about it is actually the stock,tire so like i said the bikes about 300,pounds i weigh about 110 120,but when i first started riding this,thing would just buck me off the back,like id be holding on im just getting,thrown around and its almost like i,dont have any traction when going,uphill just because its going up and,down going over bumps but these stock,tires i really dont like them the stock,tires are okay for like rocks and uh,gravel and like a soft dirt and regular,dirt but when it comes to sand youre,not going anywhere obviously even if,its just like very very fine dirt like,this bike has a really hard time moving,at all,and you kind of just have to walk it,through the sandy spots,and then as well as mud these tires they,they honestly just spin a lot in the mud,once these are worn down a little more,as you can see this tire actually has a,thousand miles on it id say half are on,road half are off-road so its,definitely been broken in but i will be,replacing these tires once the tread,wears down a little more and probably go,after market just with whatever the,forms say the next thing is 250. uh when,riding i mean 250 is a good amount of,power,but i i really wish it had just a little,bit more not a lot but just a little id,like to be able to pop wheelies which i,can only do in probably first,gear on this ive only done it a few,times but i do wish it just had slightly,more power then the last thing i dont,love about this bike um remember i am a,new rider so i wasnt aware of this but,its like the the gear ratio or the,sprockets the way the transmission is,geared so i learned that you can,actually replace the rear sprocket as,well as the front sprocket which is up,and over here but the way its geared,when going downhill i usually just,engine brake and youre either going too,fast in second gear or too slow in first,and so theres really not a good ratio,so im gonna do some research and,probably end up replacing the sprockets,now i dont love the way the bike is,geared for off-road another thing i hate,is the oil changes i bought this brand,new from the yamaha dealership and they,charge me about 750 bucks for something,called the pit pass and what that,includes is i think its like the first,obviously the first break-in service and,then free services for the next i think,its like two to four years,but this bike it never has any issues or,any problems so thats very good so i,basically paid 750 dollars for two oil,changes which would probably cost 10,bucks to do at home to buy a bottle,of oil and a crush washer so im not,really mad about that you know because i,was new to riding,but with this bike i dont feel that,its critical to buy that now i know you,guys think im probably just a noob but,like i said i am a new rider ive only,put a thousand miles on this bike and,ive owned it for a year and eight,months driven it on and off road,but now i want to go over some of the,things that i love about the bike and uh,honestly just disregard all the things i,said i hate because you should,definitely buy a motorcycle if youre,interested this is an awesome bike but,the way they worded it is the break-in,period is very tedious and that you have,to adjust the valves but from what ive,read online its very rare that you have,to adjust the valves and its honestly,not that hard of a job at home if youre,semi-mechanically inclined and it turned,out when i took my bike in four,initial braking literally all they did,is change the oil next thing i love i,love that its got a digital speedometer,as well as an odometer and a trip,counter,i also like that it has a designated,check engine light so that way if youre,you know hurting something its probably,going to kick on and tell you as well as,a gas light so when youre about to run,out that is nice next thing i love about,this bike is the locking feature if you,push your key all the way down and twist,it to the left instead of the right like,youre going to start it it actually,locks the steering column and so it,makes it a lot harder to steal im sure,a lot of bikes have this but its just,one safety feature i like to enable when,im going to

YAMAHA XT250 | 4K Mile Dual Sport Adventure REVIEW & UNIQUE SPECS

hey its Billy J sorry moto ATV just,want to go over a few things you,probably know and probably dont know,about the yamaha xt 250 this bike is not,what they say it is and Im about to,prove it,[Music],the yamaha xt 250 is perhaps one of the,most misunderstood underrated and,undersold horses out there were about,four thousand miles in touring on this,yamaha xt 250 and it looks like it but,weve learned quite a few things weve,weve uncovered some mysteries and were,excited to share me this is not a race,bike this is not a single tracking,competitive motorcycle but what it is is,a highly capable trail bike that was,modeled originally after kind of step,back a little bit and think about it it,makes sense,Yamaha originally modeled this bike,after trials bikes and thats how they,were able to get the seat height low and,the clearance up you can see the motors,slightly shifted forward you cant,really tell looking at it but if you,started to pay attention and look at it,overlaid with some trials bikes you can,see that thats how they achieved this,31.9 inch seat height eleven point two,inches of clearance I mean this thing,has as much clearance or more clearance,than my KTM 690 enduro R and it has more,clearance or the same clearance I think,as my sons Honda CRF 250 L rally they,went with a classic motocross setup 21,inch front on which we are running a II,804 chinko and our mainstay tire on the,18-inch rear which is the meet Oz 0-7,this tire can run 40 miles an hour dead,flat definitely look into that tire I,think we have a video available about it,as well its 291 pounds heavy low light,high just a brilliant design you know,theres a lot of myths about this bike,that people think its just for tooling,around town or some light trail riding,for your for your grandma you know,thats just not the case its its,definitely under sold in that regard,underrated,we do some pretty insane stuff on this,bike and it does it as far as touring,goes its its capable I mean we run,this bike full luggage and half for 4000,miles so the claims that its just a,Wimpy little bike is yeah its just not,really fair at all I mean it leaves a,little bit to be desired here and there,its a no frills,and equally proportionate zero,vulnerability motorcycle theres just,not a whole lot of things to brake on it,its air-cooled,the cylinder head is actually a,composite ceramic allows it to dissipate,heat really well in fact when we first,bought this bike the next morning I rode,it 472 miles in 108 degree weather,fairly brutal ride but the bike did its,job did not overheat spend a lot of time,in traffic and since then we spent a lot,of time stuck getting into places,getting out of technical situations and,with full luggage and its just never,had any problems never had any,overheating thats kind of,characteristic of these Japanese bikes,you know we could we could do a lot of,horrible things to this bike and its,still gonna get you home the 2.6 gallon,tank at what do they claim 76 – Ive,heard anywhere from 70 to 80 miles per,gallon so its theoretically a 200 mile,range bike they managed to pull some,additional power out of this bike it has,a lightened crankshaft and with adding,the fuel injection it just has more,power than its given credit for you know,its no racing bike by any stretch of,the imagination but for a small trail,bike it definitely has enough power it,has enough power to haul me in a fun,capacity my son and a fun capacity and,my wife not all at the same time but it,does have the juice to haul my wife I,think shes 105 pounds with full luggage,for thousands of miles and even though,the xt 250 only delivers I think they,say 16 to 18 horsepower we keep in mind,its a light bike and the torque is on,demand throughout due to that light,crank shaft which is really cool idea,got right at eight inches of travel on,the rear and 7.6 since its a travel on,the front I do believe that its correct,maybe vice versa the instrument panel,leaves a little bit to be desired I,think all bikes should have a gas gauge,rather than just – oh crap youre about,out of gas light its a no frills bike,but in that no frills also comes very,few vulnerabilities so no frills no,vulnerability I mean theoretically as,you guys know these old Japanese bikes,you could beat this thing to death with,a sledgehammer,and still its going to get you home,headlight definitely recommend an LED,replacement its halogen its not dim,its not dangerously dim but you know,what the technology the way it is today,it definitely could use some more light,another really cool feature to this bike,is being modeled after the trial spike,like I said you know with the 31 inch,seed motor push forward allowing steel,for 11.2 inches of clearance theyve,theyve managed to put a turning radius,on this design thats I think its 48 or,51 inches so if you can technically ride,that circle you could just do loops on,this bike it in a 51 inch 48 inches,space thats impressive weve outfitted,ours some hand guards we bash blades,running the giant loop currently this,rack system is from a dirt bag system,that the original owner had put on it we,didnt like the dirt bag model that that,was on it but we do love the rack with a,seat concept seat as always we run the,go cruise for cruise control do not,bother us Ive said in other videos do,not bother with the knockoffs,this is the one to get cost a couple,dollars more but if you buy the other,ones youre gonna end up throwing them,away and buying this one of course Ram,mounts of course a power source of,course the X grip for us in conclusion,you know again Ill reiterate that this,is not a single track powerhouse bike,but it is a capable touring bike and if,you have any questions about it if you,have any information also that I may,have left out leave it in the comments,you know this stuff goes a long way for,folks trying to make smart decisions and,keep their expenses down and trying to,choose the right bike we did all this,before internet so you know what a,blessing to have a 3.2 billion people on,the internet who a portion of them,potentially know more than you do about,something and can help and if you see us,out on the road,be sure to flag us down and sign the,bike wed be honored story moto out,[Music]

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