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  2. PERFORMANCE REVIEW TIPS FOR EMPLOYEES | How to Prepare for a Performance Review
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Performance Review Tips

Hey Ambitious Professionals! Its Linda Raynier of lindaraynier.com guiding you to a,career and life youll truly enjoy. And in todays video Im going to teach you my,five steps on how to prepare for a one-on-one meeting with your manager or,boss especially if its a performance review meeting and youre wanting to,request either a salary increase a promotion or a special project to work,on,now as a career strategist Ive had the honour of being able to help numerous,professionals land their dream job offers and if this is something that,youre interested in working with me one on one I can give you details about that,at the end of this video now when it comes to a performance meeting with your,boss or manager there are several things that you need to be aware of before the,meeting during the meeting and after the meeting so here are the things tip,number one before the meeting prepare your value and accomplishments stories,ahead of time in order to convince your boss or manager that you are a strong,performer at your work and that you deserve whatever it is that you plan to,request of them you need to have clear quantifiable achievements to be able to,articulate to your manager in the meeting and so to help you with this,process some questions that you can ask yourself involve what have I done in the,last year or six months that have been beyond my typical daily duties and tasks,then ask yourself what was the situation surrounding those events what was the,problem or issue that people were having to deal with how were people in the,company feeling about this situation including yourself then ask yourself,what action steps did I take and dont be overly detailed talk about it from a,high-level perspective what were the key phases or the key steps that you,implemented and then finally ask yourself what were the results be clear,hopefully theyre quantifiable results that actually show a vast difference,from the situation before to what you ended up helping to achieve tip number,two before the meeting is to make sure that you are clear on what you plan to,request now this is pretty obvious but if you plan to ask for a raise or you,think you deserve a promotion or you want to ask for a vacation or you want,to ask to work on an important project just be clear about whatever that thing,is that you want to request obviously before you go into the meeting now lets,get into the steps that youll do during the meeting step number one listen to,what your boss or manager has to say generally theyll start off the meeting,with an agenda or purpose of what they want to discuss with you so dont be the,first to speak let he or she say theyve planned to say and you can just,sit back and listen now step number two is to assess whether its the right time,to move forward with your request or stop to ask for constructive criticism,where some professionals go wrong in these performance reviews is that they,have a complete opposite perception of their own performance compared to what,their manager has of them depending on their personality for some of you,professionals either you think that youre doing way better than what your,manager is perceiving you to be or you feel that youre doing way worse than,what your manager perceives you to be doing now depending on whether the,feedback is positive or negative you want to adjust your game plan,accordingly if your boss or manager had nothing but good things to say about you,and gave you a great review then you can proceed to step number three which is to,articulate your value and accomplishments now if you just got a,negative performance review then you want to pause for a second and you want,to ask your boss to explain and give specific examples or circumstances that,prove what theyre saying and that justify your performance review and this,isnt a time to argue its a time to listen intently and even take notes if,you can so heres the thing if you are in a performance review meeting and,youre getting negative feedback from your manager then instead of making your,request which you had planned to initially you want to put that on hold,and instead be able to walk away from the meeting with a clear plan of action,ask your manager to provide you with his or her expectations for what they want,of you over the next six months for example and make sure that you,understand exactly what those objectives are what you need to do to achieve those,objectives or exceed those expectations so that you can get your performance,back to a level that is positive so that then at that point in time you can make,your request now for those of you whove gotten positive performance reviews then,step number three is to articulate your value and accomplishments so youll,start out by saying something along the lines of as you know over the last year,or X number of months Ive been able to demonstrate my value and accomplished,several achievements that have been above and beyond my role and from there,go into your exam so start describing the specific,instances where you have gone above and beyond the situation the action and the,results from those make sure that your brief and concise and really only bring,about the accomplishments that are the most important so dont go overboard and,start talking about more than four or five accomplishments in a row and,finally step number four make your request youll then say as a result of,the value that Ive been able to demonstrate to the team and the company,Id like to request link and state your request there then the next thing you,want to do is be silent just look them in the face with a pleasant expression,on your face and see how your boss or manager responds and then after that,step number five is to ask for next steps and their expectations of you so,your boss will likely have said okay well let me get back to you on that and,then your response will be okay so can we talk about next steps and,expectations for the future you want to leave the meeting with clear,expectations of what your boss or manager has for you for the near future,so do you dont want to leave the meeting without having an understanding,of what those are that way in order to maintain your level of performance,youll be able to create goals and targets for yourself that match to the,expectations of what your boss requires of you also you want it ask them for the,time frame for when theyre gonna get back to you on your request just so that,you have that in mind and that you can hold them accountable to to make sure,that they get back to you after the meeting you want to do a few things one,thing is to send a follow-up email detailing the items that were discussed,in the meeting and thanking your manager for their time you can start it off by,saying thanks for meeting with me today and for providing my performance review,I plan to implement the steps and achieve the targets we discussed and I,look forward to hearing confirmation for my request so there you have it those,are my tips and steps on how to prepare for a performance review meeting with,your boss or manager now if youre someone whos been on this path of,searching for a new position you want to make a career change youve been looking,for awhile but you just havent had much luck and youre ready to get one-on-one,professional help then feel free to reach out to me head on over to my,website lindaraynier.com/standoutgethired,read through the page fill out the application form and if we feel that,we are a match then one of my team members will reach out to you directly,if you liked this video then please give it a thumbs up subscribe share it with,your friends thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time

PERFORMANCE REVIEW TIPS FOR EMPLOYEES | How to Prepare for a Performance Review

You have a performance review coming up,,and you need to know how to prepare for a performance review at work.,So that you can slay that performance appraisal. But how do you do that?,With these performance review tips for employees, of course.,Hello and welcome back to my channel,,where I help you slay your career and cultivate the successful life that you,want. If this is your first time here,,I highly recommend clicking that subscription button, and the notification bell,,so that you get the best career success advice on the weekly.,Youre probably here today though because you want to ace your performance,review.,Which is perfect because Im sharing performance review tips for employees.,Make sure that you watch all the way through the end,,because today Im sharing with you advice that,no other career coach is going to tell you.,And number four is where the biggest mistakes are made.,If youre ready,,go ahead and click that like button and lets jump right into it!.,The first phase is to gather data. Or is it day-ta? What do you say?,Let me know in the comments down below.,If youre in the Strive Squad or you follow me on LinkedIn,,youve heard of me talk about the Chronicle of Awesomeness.,And if you have that in place, this phase is going to be super simple.,For this phase, youre going to need at least a couple of things. First of all,,youre going to need your job description,as well as any success metrics such as KPIs, MBO,,quotas. Whatever it is you call them. You need to start here,,because if you have a formal review process at your company,,chances are theyre going to make it as quantified as possible.,And ideally, at least if its a well executed performance review,,your success metrics are going to provide the baseline of the conversation.,Because you dont want to have any surprises when you walk into that room.,What you want to do is,,you want to figure out where you are across those different benchmarks.,If you have a quota, did you meet your quota? Did you achieve it?,Did you have a KPI? How did you perform on that? Beyond that,,what you want to do whenever possible,is also measure the impact as a direct result of the work that you have done.,This is especially true if youve done a high impact project,,and if you havent heard me mention a high impact project before,,I do have a video on it.,Which you can check out after you finish watching this one.,Those things are going to account for your quantitative elements.,But what we want to do as well,,is we want to bring in some qualitative elements.,Do you have any compliments from a coworker?,Or did you receive a glowing testimonial from a customer?,Did your counterpart on another team vouch that nothing,would have happened if it hadnt been for your contributions on a project?,If you have any notes or accolades along those lines,,you absolutely want to gather them in this phase. Sure, you cant count them,,other than of course the number of glowing reviews that youve received,,but they are an important part of the process.,Because the qualitative data is what is going to give context.,Once you have all of that data gathered or data gathered,,its time to move into the next step, which is going to be communication.,One the things that almost every single hiring manager that I know is so,appreciative of, but basically I have never heard anyone talk about,,is actually sending this information along to your boss.,If you know that they are in the stage of the,performance review process where they need to be writing performance reviews,,theyre going to have a lot on their plate and them.,Going through for each person on their team to know where they did well,,where their growth areas are,,and remembering all of the great things that happened,is actually a very overwhelming task.,And this is why it can be incredibly helpful for you to send,a note along to your manager that outlines all of the major accomplishments,and achievements that youve had over the course of the year.,The reason I think that everyone should do this is,,not only is it going to save time and frustration for your manager,,and really help them out,,it is actually going to be something that shows that you are proactive,,youre attentive to the needs of your manager,,your team as well as your company.,And that you are really focused and aligned with the things,that are actually being measured against in terms of performance.,Depending on your relationship with your manager,,you may want to have just a quick conversation, or shoot them a note,,to ask them if this would be something that is helpful and relevant.,This is particularly important I think,,if you dont really know the management side of the performance review,and what their timelines are.,Because if your manager has already done this step,,its not going to have the same impact.,However, it is still beneficial because once again,,when you actually have the performance review meaning,it is going to be very helpful for them to know exactly what,you are going to walk in wanting to talk about.,One more thing that I do want to highlight at this point,is that you are just passing along the information.,Youre not giving any judgements towards it.,Youre not patting yourself on the head to your manager.,You are simply just conveying factual information that is,going to support them in their side of the process. In most companies though,,this is going to bring you into phase three,,which is typically a formal process.and that is self evaluation.,If your company does have a formal self evaluation process,along with the performance review process, you are going to hear word,,probably from your people operations or your human resources team,,about what you need to do and when you actually need to do it.,I cant tell you exactly what thats going to be,,because this really ranges widely depending on your company,and their particular processes.,But usually it is going to be an exercise as self-reflection,,where you share things like your goals,,and the things that you would like to work on.,Take your time and invest into the self evaluation form here.,You want to make sure that you are crystal clear on the goals,that you have for yourself for the next year so that,you can frame the conversation with your manager. Along with that,,if there are any skills that you are trying to build and expand on,,also make sure that that is integrated into your,self evaluation because that is again going.,to help you make the progress and make sure that your manager,has visibility and is able to give you the support and,direction that you need in order to make that progress.,One thing I do really want to highlight here though,,and this one is a very important one because this is a big mistake,that I see people make, and that is this is not the time to beat yourself up,about stuff that doesnt really matter.,We all make mistakes and we are all less than perfect beings. Even myself,,I know you dont believe me, but its totally true.,We all have things that we can improve on, things that could have gone better.,And while we want to be accountable for those things,,what we dont want to be is disproportionally accountable at this phase.,It is not your job to take accountability for someone elses deficiency.,If someone else made an error, if something went totally sideways,,own anything that you did wrong there but do not own the situation.,The self evaluation, you should actually be doing the exact opposite.,You should be somewhat uncomfortably boastful in this process.,It feels really weird and it feels very foreign for you to be boasting,about the things that you did and taking accountability,for all of the awesome things, even when they were a team effort. But trust me,,at most organizations, this is actually part of the game.,This doesnt mean that youre taking credit for other peoples actual work,,but what you do want to make sure youre doing is that,youre effectively taking ownership over the successes,that you ha

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Performance Review Tips for Managers in 2020 – 8 Tips to create an Effective Conversation

hi, and welcome back to my YouTube channel.,Im Anne Koopmann and Im here to empower emerging leaders, just like,you to lead with courage, confidence, emotion, intelligence, and strength.,Make sure you subscribe to the channel so that you dont,miss out on any future videos.,In this video, I will provide you with eight tips to help you to make performance,reviews more effective and less stressful for you and your team members.,Ive also created a great PDF summary of all these eight tips that you can download,under annekoopmann.com/performance.,Before I go into the detail of the video.,I just want to share with you that Ive just opened my registration for my new,”Lead with Courage” program And its a four month group leadership program.,together we will work on your courageous leadership brand.,We will start on the 9th of December and work together until the end of March.,And this is the perfect timing for you to reflect on this year and start,2021 with confidence and impact.,If you would like to find out more, you can look it up under,annekoopmann.com/courage.,Were nearing the end of the year.,And that also means that its time for the end of year performance review,and setting objectives for 2021.,And I know, I know that this process is quite daunting and stressful for,all of us, whether we are the employee or the manager in this scenario,,everyone gets a little bit anxious and stressed out about these conversations.,And I remember when I was a leader, I found this process,really difficult myself.,Especially when I was a new leader, I was thrown in, I didnt have much,training and I wasnt quite sure how to have effective performance reviews.,And often this can leave both parties to leave the conversation feeling frustrated,and like it was a waste of time.,But it really doesnt have to be.,We can, with a bit of practice, make sure that these conversations,are very effective and actually can build and nurture the relationship.,Especially this year, 2020, it is so important that we spend time,to prepare for performance reviews and that we spend some time to be,clear on our intentions and what we want to achieve with this review.,A lot of things have happened this year.,A lot of objectives have shifted and everyone had to work through a lot of,stress and a lot of anxiety already.,So just keep in mind that it will be quite unfair to measure your employees,based on the targets you set at the start of this year, because a lot,of things will have changed and it could be a better approach to measure,their performance based on their personal growth and learning this year.,The tips that I will provide you though, they are very applicable to this year,,but also every year going forward.,So make sure you have a note pad at hand and you can take some notes.,My first tip is to make sure that you invest in training yourself.,Most of my clients say theyve just been thrown into it.,They didnt get any training.,I did not get any training in performance reviews when I started.,And its quite a difficult process.,It takes a lot of skills, communication skills, and management skills to,make it an effective and positive experience for both parties.,So dont underestimate how difficult it actually is to,make this a fruitful process.,Ask for training from your employer or invest in training yourself.,There are a lot of accessible resources out there as well.,Theres books, podcasts, articles that you can look at to help,yourself prepare and get better at performance reviews over time.,Keep in min, its all about practice, reflection, and then improvement.,You will get better at it over time and it will feel easier.,Tip number two is to prepare.,A lot of people think that they can just rock up to performance review,and then just have a conversation.,Thats not going to work.,You as the manager need to prepare.,You need to become really clear on your intentions, your desired outcome, and,also key points and key talking points and feedback that you want to talk about.,You also need to think about development opportunities and ideas of how the,employee can develop themselves.,If you have budget for external training.,Fantastic.,But theres also a lot of options to develop someone and you just have,to get a little bit creative and think outside of the box, But its,important hat you come prepared.,My third tip is to invest in your emotional intelligence.,And thats probably the most important competency for performance,reviews, because it is such a vulnerable and scary process.,Its important that you tune in, that you use your empathy and relationship,skills to build a connection.,Especially this year – empathy really is key.,Understand what has been going on for each individual is so important.,If you have to do a performance review remotely, make sure that,you tune into their body language, even more to get some clues of how,theyre feeling and whats going on.,Emotional intelligence will also help you to build trust.,And trust is not established in just one conversation.,This is something you should invest in all year around to really build a,strong relationship built on trust.,When theres trust, then its going to be much easier to deliver and,receive feedback, because were clear about the intentions of the,other person and we trust them.,And another advantage of emotional intelligence is that it also,helps you to manage your emotions and control and regulate them.,If you are anxious and stressed, when you go into a performance review,conversation, it will actually have an effect on the person as well.,If they see youre nervous, theyre going to get nervous even more so.,Regulating and managing your emotions so you enter the conversation in,a neutral state will be much more effective and provide a very nice,environment for the discussion.,And another important tip is to set expectations clearly.,And this obviously happens at the start of the year and they need to be,adapted and adjusted as you go along.,Often conflict in performance reviews happens because both parties had different,expectations and theres a misalignment.,Its important that at the start of the year, you have a conversation about your,expectations, but you also invite your employee to share their expectations.,So for you, that could mean that you share your vision, you share,your goals and you share the expectations on their performance.,But you also share how you want them to communicate to you, how,often you want to be updated.,What are the key reports and KPIs that they will need to deliver?,And how will you measure and define success?,How do they know that they have been successful?,And then invite them and ask them, what is their vision, what,are their goals and aspirations?,Where do they want to go?,How do they prefer to communicate with you?,How often would they like to talk to you?,What support do they need from you?,What can you do more of Once youre clear on both sides expectations, you can,start to define meaningful objectives.,And thats my next tip to really make sure that objectives are meaningful.,In my career Ive often seen managers that just copy and pasted the companys,objectives into the performance management plan of the employees.,Now thats not really effective because your team members, depending where,they sit in the organization, theyre not going to be able to directly,impact the company goals or targets.,Its going to be quite meaningless for them because it has nothing,to do with their day-to-day work.,So you need to become clear on the companys objectives, your,own objectives, and then break them down to each individual.,Every individual will have different objectives based on their strengths,,based on what they do best and based on their area of expertise.,Come prepared with these objectives, but then set them and,define them in a joint effort.,Make sure that theyre meaningful for both parties, that theyre in a wording that,your employee can understand, so they can relate back to that throughout the

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Communication Tips for Performance Reviews: What to Say in Your Performance Review

in this video were going to talk about,communication tips for your performance,reviews specifically your yearly,performance review ill go through what,to say in your performance review so you,can approach it with clarity and,confidence hopefully leading you to,getting a great performance review ive,got a few videos coming out in the,coming weeks on getting a promotion so,if you are interested in those videos,make sure you subscribe and hit the,notification bell too why do we even,need performance reviews well there are,a number of reasons why theyre,important first it helps your employer,know about your success it helps you get,feedback about your performance at work,and it helps you think critically about,how you can improve and grow as a,professional performance reviews only,happen a couple of times a year theyre,usually a one-on-one conversation with,your direct boss but its really,important that you get them right heres,what you need to do to be prepared for,your performance review so you can ace,your performance review number one,highlight your achievements its really,important to start off the performance,review conversation,on a positive note and when you talk,about your achievements when you talk,about your strengths you look excited,you look positive your boss will pick up,on this vibe and they will know that you,just love your job but the main problem,is you might find it difficult to think,about things that youve achieved or to,be confident when youre talking about,them now i know for a fact that there,are things you should be proud of in,your career there are things that you,have achieved in your professional life,you just need to remember them for that,performance review for example maybe in,the past year you successfully organized,a webinar for your company or maybe you,got a difficult client to pay their,invoice on time the when you have the,achievements that you think of it will,depend on your specific job and on your,role but i want you to start thinking,about this and i want you to choose one,to two achievements youve had over the,last three to six months in your,professional life and use the pcor,method p stands for project so what was,the project,c stands for challenges,what challenges did you face,o stands for overcome,how did you overcome those challenges,r stands for results what were the,results you generated using the pcor,method it will help you to talk about,your achievements with your manager and,to highlight them in a way that makes,them more prominent which leads us to,the next point where you talk about how,you have progressed what did you learn,in those achievements you just told your,boss about what have you learned,generally since your last performance,review or what are the biggest lessons,in the projects or the teams youve,worked in talking about your progress,can help your manager understand how you,have grown as a professional what youve,learned how youve improved sometimes,your boss might not see this sometimes,they might overlook the things that,youve achieved theyre so busy in their,job its really easy for them to just,overlook these things but its up to you,to highlight this to them to bring it to,the forefront so they cannot deny it and,so they can see all the fantastic,achievements that youve made,highlighting your progress like this in,the performance review meeting makes it,obvious to them and it makes you more,memorable as a professional so before,your performance review think of three,to five skills that you have learned,since your last performance review and,use before and after examples like this,before working on project xyz i had,never been in charge of a group project,before now i know how to clearly,communicate goals to people get them,motivated to work towards those goals,and set specific deadlines to work,towards so we can achieve the desired,result the third strategy is to talk,about areas you can improve on in a,professionals life there will always be,areas that you can improve on its part,of having a learning mindset dont be,the person who thinks they dont need to,learn anything because they are already,great at everything if you are like this,you will get the reputation of being,egotistical you need to recognize and,talk about the areas that you can still,improve on and make sure you discuss,this during your performance review so,to prepare think of one to two areas,that you need to improve on think back,to projects that youve worked on where,did your weaknesses lie and talk about,those areas of possible improvement in,your performance review it could be a,role related skill or it could be a soft,skill for example when i was organizing,the webinar i felt i could have managed,my time better this is something id,like to work on and improve on in the,next three to six months and id like to,take a course that will teach me good,time management skill do you see how,ive talked about a weakness as well as,your intent to improve on that weakness,a time frame in which you want to,improve on that weakness and a hint at l,d opportunities that you would like you,can also link this to your career goals,for example for our next performance,review in 12 months time i want to have,led a project with a bigger team i feel,i did a great job leading five people,achieving the goals i aimed for and id,like to strengthen my team management,ability with a bigger team so to sum up,when you talk about areas that you would,like to improve on it makes you look,like a proactive dedicated professional,and will definitely win your points in,your performance review the fourth tip,is to ask about future plans of the,department or your company this shows,that you have interest in the big,picture and helps you understand how you,as a professional are linked to that big,picture as well this is great,information for aspiring leaders or,anyone who wants to advance in their,career when it comes to future plans you,can also reference information youve,read or youve heard about simply ask,what are the main goals for our company,in the next 12 months or what are the,main goals for our department in the,next 12 months these questions will,definitely make you look like you are,interested in the progress of your,company and you might be surprised at,the information you can uncover if,youve done a good job with the first,three points i discussed in this video,then your boss will feel a lot more,comfortable and confident revealing this,information to you number five is to ask,about future expectations this,highlights your proactiveness and your,willingness to learn and employers,respond really really well to this they,want to know the people theyve hired,are invested in their own growth are,invested in their own success just like,the company is when they recruited you,and it also helps you understand what,will be expected of you in the future,what skill set will you be required to,develop what level of responsibility,will you be required to have and does,this tie in with your future career,goals now if your employer does not,provide any opportunity for you to grow,if they do not want to discuss your,growth or learning or development in,that company then you might need to,rethink your current position the,reality is you might not be working for,the right company to help you achieve,the goals that you want to achieve now i,dont say this lightly i dont recommend,anyone to just go out there and quit,their job but if your current employer,isnt offering any learning and,development opportunities if they dont,want to invest in your future growth and,career progression then you may need to,rethink are you working for the right,company so when you finish your,performance review i want you to walk,away with three to five future,expectations for yourself three to five,expectations your boss has of you now if,youre nervous in your performance,review because your boss makes you,nervous you need to watch this video,right here where i teach you how t


hey guys its Kylie and we are back on,YouTube and Im gonna share with you my,favorites from 2022.,[Music],favorite trip of 2022 my birthday trips,are always really special we went to the,Bahamas,for that we did a really fun London trip,to see Travis perform and I brought my,kids,its a lot of fun favorite sister its,really hard because they love them all,right now but I think my favorite sister,this year is probably Chloe or yes Im,gonna go with Chloe weve gotten a lot,closer this year were in this little,mom club and its the whole thing,favorite sister runner up I dont know,maybe Kendall or I really love them all,Kims been great Courtney theyre all my,best friends weve had a good year and,my favorite movie from 2022 I loved nope,I also really liked Elvis,favorite TV show this year obviously,House of the Dragon Ive watched the,whole thing its hard to say probably,five times now,favorite event I loved the Ulta beauty,event with Kylie Cosmetics that was,really special to celebrate that,collaboration favorite outfit of 2022,this Paco Rabanne vintage chain hooded,cool shirt and I actually got it I think,when I was pregnant and I was like well,I cant wear this now but Im Gonna Save,this and when I feel confident enough,Im wearing this piece and I think it,turned out amazing favorite fashion,trend Im loving the knee-high boots,right now a lot of black going on I love,any time I get to wear all black,favorite Tick Tock any Tick Tock that I,have with my daughter I always think is,really cute she wants to do a lot more,tick tocks she loves doing videos with,me but I try to limit her Tick Tock time,for sure favorite accomplishment of the,Year probably having another healthy,baby giving birth once again,foreign,Hotel I stayed at clairages,in London I didnt want to leave the way,they deliver fresh pizza to me every,night at three in the morning claridges,I miss you favorite Kylie Cosmetics,product my gloss drips its like this,really juicy lip gloss Im obsessed with,the way they make me feel when I wear,them and how they feel on your lips,favorite memory with my son my kids are,four years apart its like a whole new,experience again watching them Babble,for the first time and even grab your,hand and try to say words and try to,crawl its just amazing to see them,learn favorite new friends,whos my favorite friend I just hang out,with my kids all day and theyre friends,like this little girl Winnie shes just,been great favorite fan interaction I,really loved meeting gay man with a,spray tan thats his ad on Tick Tock,shout out to you with a K favorite,skincare product of mine I use my lip,oil of course we have lip oil my best,friend,my all-time favorite moment of 2022,would be,watching my kids become best friends,this has been awesome thank you guys for,tuning in I had so much fun answering,these questions with you guys and I will,see you soon

Year End Review – Get the most out of the new year by reflecting on the last

hey there its Catherine here from best,self and Im here to share one of my,favorite rituals of the year and how it,can help you go into the next year and,whats better is were approaching the,end of the decade and I dont know about,you but my life has changed so much,since 2009 that I think if I went back,in time and you told me what Id be,doing now I wouldnt believe you I think,youre insane,it reminds me of a famous quote that,says people overestimate what can be,done in one year and they underestimate,what can be done in 10 now in this video,youre gonna learn how to chronicle your,decade so you can remember your life and,how far youve come how to track your,confidence in each area of your life so,you know where you can improve how to,evaluate your year objectively the highs,the lows and everything in between,and get an understanding of where you,need to be focusing your time energy and,attention next year like I said I have,been using and refining this process for,myself over the past five years publicly,sharing my reflections of the year and,now I want to share the system with you,it is one of my favorite ways to end the,year so that I can feel control and,confident moving forward and I think if,you take the time and do this process,you will feel the exact same way now if,you want to grab the free workbook that,I created it go to best self dot CEO,slash annual review and its prompts and,all the different categories around how,to really objectively look in your,decade and look at your year and its,super fun for this exercise get a,journal to write in get some pens get a,drink,and get you know a clock or a timer of,some sort if you have to use your phone,thats totally fine so firstly what is,an annual review in business we hear,about annual shareholders meetings where,you go over how the business went and,you know what happened what did they do,wrong what do they do well and they kind,of reflect on the year and know what to,do next year,so think of it like your own shareholder,meeting you are the shareholder of your,life so this is an opportunity to,reflect on your year and understand your,accomplishments your experiences on,where you need to improve every action,decision in action has led us to where,we are right now so everything that,weve done in our life every decision,every place every person its all about,us to where we are right now and if,youre happy with where you are then,well figure out how you keep going or,if you want to be further along or,youre not happy lets reflect on how,you got here so that you can feel,confident moving into the new year when,we reflect on our year as a whole we see,patterns and we better understand what,worked and what didnt work and adjust,the outcomes accordingly good thing is,you can do this with a friend or a,significant other I always try to do,that if you have a partner my opinion is,you that you should complete the,questions and really reflect on your,personal year and then you can come,together and reflect you know together,but its really important that you this,is like your own personal mission and,then you can come together and make it,fun like make it a date make it an event,go to a coffee shop or somewhere where,you can put your full attention into,doing it like get that expensive cup of,coffee and just go for it,first things first so like I said we are,moving into an entirely different decade,and rather than just from here a year,lets talk about the last ten years for,a minute I mean I still remember when,the year 2000 hit you remember that like,y2k everyone was going insane Im really,aging myself but its really helpful,when you decade you know you Chronicle,your decade that you can get like a,hundred thousand look you on your life,so you know how far you come like the,turning points that wont lead you to,where you are now it was until I sat,down and mapped out my decade that I,realized how far I come and this part of,the exercise is to reboot your memory,just a lil because I dont know what you,but its hard to reflect sometimes and,remember all of the places that weve,been no you may need your phone for this,part I did so you can you know look on,social media and see what was going on,there,time and that will jog your memory and,like bring you back to where you where,and like I said lets figure out where,are you where you know whats going on,so we can figure out where you want to,go next,Im up the highs the lows what was going,on in my life personal events what was,going on in the world because you know,sometimes a big you know life world,event happens we all know where we were,when that was going on so its super,helpful when we can Chronicle or decade,that we just see everything like math,die that South Coast last year in review,or on your review Ill make sure that,they both work,grab the workbook there like I said,print it take some time make a date and,really do this process and youll get so,much out of it

Self Evaluation | Performance Review Tips to Slay Your Self Assessment At Work

Jennifer Brick: Writing your self evaluation for,your performance review? Great news because in,this video, I am breaking down seven steps to slay,your self assessment. If you are ready to rock,your performance review, tap that like button and,lets just jump straight into it. The first thing,that you need when youre preparing your self,assessment for your performance review is bring,your receipts. What metrics did you hit that,demonstrate what a great job that you did at work?,Ideally, these are going to be numerical.,Quantitative receipts are always preferred. So,things like exceeding your sales quota, having,high customer or project satisfaction scores,exceeding expectations. When youre handling,support cases, whatever it is, that is for your,job. And it should be pretty clear, if youre n,t familiar with what it is definitely ask your b,ss. When youre preparing to write yourself a,praisal is to find your receipts, you want to m,ke sure that you have all of the evidence that y,u need that demonstrates what a great job that y,uve done. So based on however your actual job as,measured, make sure that you have all of those me,rics in front of you. If you have done so,ething like taking on a strategic high impact pr,ject, like how I teach my clients to do in my ca,eer glow up program, then you also want to make su,e that youre getting the benchmarks of the ot,er impacts that youve had in the business. The ne,t thing that you need to do is you need to just ta,e an inventory of your awesomeness. This is so,ething that I highly recommend that you do on a re,ular basis document all of the achievements th,t youve had, and not just you know, the grand me,sureable things like we just did in our re,eipts. But what are the other ways that youve im,acted your team, your business? And how have yo, demonstrated your professional growth this ye,r, this can be things like demonstrating that yo, were crucial to a key initiative that your te,m undertook this year, or it can be gathering te,timonials from your colleagues or your cu,tomers that talk about how awesome you are. Th,s is also a great time for you to be intro re,lective is that a word? reflective? I hope it is,Im going to stick with it anyway is but take so,e time to consider what you are truly best at wh,n it comes to doing your job. What are you do,ng better than your teammates? What are the th,ngs that you feel really confident doing? And wh,t are things that you do really well that are sh,wing up in the end results that you get. And th,t actually brings me directly into the third st,p. And this one is actually part of your gr,ater career strategy. So if you havent pieced wh,t this one together yet, now is definitely the ti,e to do so because this will make your self ap,raisal and your performance review so much sm,other and so much better. And that is knowing yo,r ua q i bet that you are great at a lot of th,ngs. And I bet that you have a lot of co,pliments and a lot of areas of recognition for yo,r work already. But what are you uniquely aw,some at doing what truly sets you apart, this sh,uld be the focus area for your self appraisal an, really everything that you do in your career. An, I actually have a whole workshop that helps yo, figure out what your you aq is and how to ac,ually use it. So Ill drop the link down below be,ause its free. And I would love for you to ch,ck it out. Now the fourth step in doing your se,f appraisal for performance review is where th,ngs start to get a little bit tricky for a lot of,people, and you might be one of them. If your se,f appraisal has an inventory where you have to sc,re yourself on different competencies, its ti,e for you to make sure that you have inventory aw,reness. One of the mistakes that Ive seen way to, many high achievers do is they have downgraded th,mselves on their self appraisal. So where they ar, exceptional things. Theyre like, Oh, like Im av,rage, Im I guess Im okay. And heres the go,cha. I have spoken to hiring managers that when th,yre on the fence, when it comes to appraisal wi,l actually look to the self appraisal if its al,eady visible to them, and actually base their ra,ings based on how someone has rated themselves. Th,ts right, theyre relying on your self aw,reness so that they dont have to be aware of yo,r awesomeness. They just want you to tell them, I ,ont want this to be you. This isnt to say th,t you should completely over inflate and not be re,sonable. I do believe in accountability and ac,uracy and doing this. But if you have an in,entory checklist for different competencies for yo,r role that you need to score yourself against, I ,ant you to think about how everyone else on yo,r team would score and how you feel like you wo,ld actually score against other people. Ob,iously, you dont have full visibility into wh,t everyone is doing and how everyone is. But ba,ed on your assumptions, I want you to think ab,ut how you would score yourself on that scale. Ar, you generally better than other people in your te,m? Is it something that other people are ge,erally better than you? Or do you feel like yo,re kind of at the same place as everyone else an, score yourself appropriately there.,And if you are on the fence about where to put,yourself I would say to err on lifting yourself up,as opposed to scaling yourself down. Thats just,my opinion. I would actually Let us know what your,thought is on that point down below. The fifth,step in your self appraisal is the most important,one. And if you mess this one up, your performance,review might end up being a nightmare, as opposed,to just a praise party for you. When writing your,self appraisal, or doing your self assessment for,your performance review, do not be bashful now is,not the time for you to be humble and exercise and,an excessive amount of humility and just be like,,Oh, yeah, you know, I guess its okay and start to,undermine yourself. No, I want you to be proud AF,over the things that youve accomplished in your,career, the impacts that youve made, the growth,that youve achieved, and all of those kinds of,things. And in any written aspect to your self,assessment, which a lot of self appraisals are,going to have. Make sure that youre integrating,things like power verbs, this is a time for you to,brag about yourself, unapologetically. And you,know, you should, because youre awesome. Again,,Ive spoken to too many people here who have kind,of err towards giving other people credit or,underplaying their achievement. And it doesnt,translate very well in a performance review,setting, performance review and self assessment,are really all about tooting your own horn, I know,that might not be something that is comfortable,for you, but step out of your comfort zone for at,least this period of time. Because this is going,to actually allow you to showcase whats gone,really well, to re emphasize that to your manager,,and anyone else who is going to review your self,assessment and your performance review, which you,know, can come up at promotion time and stuff like,that. And ultimately, its going to be a nudge,towards you embracing your own awesomeness and,getting comfortable with it. Because you know,,being exceptional isnt always easy. And I know,that you might be struggling with that, but we,want to get you moving towards embracing it. And,on that note, I actually want to talk about this,sixth step in your self assessment for your,performance review. And that is to grow from,greatness. One of the things that is so,commonplace in corporate America that drives me,absolutely batty is to focus on your weakness as,an area of growth. Guess what, if you have zero,talent, its something naturally, youre never,going to be the best at it. Your focus on the,things that you arent so good at should be that,youre just good enough that they dont hold you,back. For example, I cant tell you how many self,assessments Ive had that it told me I talk way,too fast, I can talk slightly slower, but you,know, its never gonn

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