1. 2021 Year in Review | Part 1
  2. Janet and Kate 2021 Year-in-Review Memory Game! Who Can Remember the Most About 2021?!
  3. UCD Year in Review 2021/2022
  4. 2021, in 6 minutes
  5. 2021 Year in Review | Part 2
  6. 2021 in Review: A look back at the main news events of the year
  7. Stanford 2021 Year in Review

2021 Year in Review | Part 1

oh,perfect,with a highlight for the ages,hard to appropriately describe the,tension in this building Id imagine a,lot of you are feeling it at home,screen immediately takes the center of,the odd gun and lands a left hand Dustin,Poirier is in Black Southpaw versus,Southpaw here this is the important time,for Fourier you got to get through the,early part of the fight if youre,dusting for you you cant fall for the,face of McGregor McGregor immediately,puts him on his heels,[Applause],both guys exchanging quick fast hands,from both men,the center of the Octagon 90 seconds to,go,point of that right I mean obviously the,game plan for Dustin is to wear Connor,out but it seems to have worn on him as,well though you got to remember that yep,thats not his game right hes not a,wrestler,extended periods of time its tough,landing at distance there excuse me DC,nice job for McGregor,theres a solid calf kick there from,Poirier nice guy,and he points at him because nothing for,you another great fight but Conors,pressuring him here nice shots,I like these kicks that turns fire,thats very important for the game of,Dustin for you a lot of kicks,Connor has taken a more boxing approach,to his fights lately and because of that,the kicks are available because Dustin,was beating that outside leg up bad oh,solid left hand from Connor you just,cant take him on the end of the punches,no man you cant sit out here at this,range and play with McGregor oh that,legs beat up man Dustin four years,[Applause],oh my God,[Applause],Louisiana,[Applause],are you kidding me right now daddy my,goodness and Poirier stoic as he comes,over and greets his wife Jolie a stunner,on fight Island Dustin Poirier has,produced the biggest win in this career,by a mile Lafayette Louisiana I love you,Im coming home baby,volkanovsky and Ortega of course will,fight for the featherweight title and,the winner of this main event on ABC,will Factor prominently right in that,equation moving forward you cannot wait,to the end of the combination to try to,let his punches and Strikes go,and Max is not wasting his head movement,either when he gets his head out of the,way of a shot hes following it with,counter punches which is going to,further discourage Peter,[Applause],Peter the Relentless pursuit of Max,Holloway continues he looks great in the,Ortega fight but this is a different,level in Thailand its going to be,[Music],home,more elbows Kate has taken these shots,Holloway,[Applause],oh my goodness Halloween beating him up,Max Holloways showing theres levels he,is just scatically techniques all over,the octagon and Calvin kater is on the,receiving end of 39 of them shot really,appear to bother cater oh,[Music],[Applause],its amazing hes still standing,together,were good enough,[Applause],oh my God House of Cards hes gonna come,down in a second oh my God,punches,Hawaiis finest look at a whole lot like,the best in the world tonight,Max blessed Holloway with a monument,deliver in the first UFC Main Event wow,on ABC wow what a performance by Max,Holloway,hes so nervous with these big fights,happen these title fights man are the,best and this is the biggest of the big,this is the heavyweight title and the,scariest Contender against the greatest,kid he talks about,his Evolution as a fighter,early shot from Steve Bay this is big,this is,wow big Improvement big actually did the,right thing on the defense he was able,to oh look at this,es,wow that was much improved the fridge by,Francis and Gano and then back to being,patient,Francis has got to be careful to not,load up,and leave these big openings,[Applause],oh my goodness wow that was nasty thats,as nasty as it is oh my goodness Francis,and ganu finally breaks through and,becomes the Undisputed UFC heavyweight,champion with a lightweight title is,vacant it will not be in 25 minutes or,fewer as the lightweight division moves,on without khabib ramago metal,hes in yellow Michael Chandlers in,white moves right towards him and thats,one of the reasons why hes different oh,he clipped a couple of fans from,Chandler oh Chandlers got it,its real hes in trouble its real,tight,[Applause],[Music],not thought he had it decided not to,burn his arms out dont give your back,you cannot give your back of your,channel not to this guy not to Oliver,depending on how Michael reacts to this,oh Batman,but thats terrible he slammed himself,into a deeper body triangle,oh what an explosion what an explosion,there Chandler is just such a gorilla,getting down there early when he was dry,surviving and not only surviving but now,being on top,be on top in two minutes to,do Chandler Corner calling for some,Forward Motion here under two minutes to,go on the round theres that left hand,[Applause],hes in real trouble,early,[Music],a standing ovation for the athletes here,in Houston as round two gets underway,Chandler working off of that jab early,oh knocked out,now we needed a party for Charles on the,right Handler,[Applause],my goodness,oh my goodness it took Charles Oliver a,28 UFC fights just to get a title fight,nearly got knocked out in round one the,lightweight division belongs to Charles,Oliveira wow Dateline Jacksonville,Florida it is the night of all nights,for the Combat Sports leader three,Undisputed UFC titles on the line in,three hugely compelling matchups all to,play out in front of a capacity crowd,for the first time in more than a year,and the fans have packed this place to,the nines they have been out in full,force since 6 p.m local time and they,are ready to make noise for one of the,biggest and best pay-per-views in UFC,history,[Applause],oh,yes,he shook up the world again,I did it again but I did it man I I,really just had to have waited him and,this is what got me through,you were so focused before the fight,started you were standing over there and,asked Bruce Buffer was saying your name,you were saying to yourself Im the best,Im the best I am the best,[Applause],the support,[Applause],tomorrow,[Applause],we have never seen that they cant talk,about those two fights anymore uzbach,slapped him well we already knew he was,the best in the world at 170 pounds more,position tonight and with khabib nurmago,met up retired Johnny Bones havent,fought in a while that man looks like,the greatest power fighter in the world,right now,thank you,[Applause]

Janet and Kate 2021 Year-in-Review Memory Game! Who Can Remember the Most About 2021?!

hey guys its kate and janet welcome,back to another video today were doing,something a little different so todds,gonna be explaining rules right now hey,whats going on everyone ted here,and today ive set up a little game here,for janet and kate in the game im,calling it 2021 a year in review memory,game so what were gonna do is were,gonna find out between janet and kate,who has the best memory and the winner,will be crowned 2021 big brain memory,champion of the year hows that sound,good,okay so what were going to do is i have,set up 12 questions if you get a,question right you get a point and then,whoever has the most points at the end,will be the winner okay okay,and every question is from our youtube,channels things that you have already,lived through during the past year and,what you need to do is try to remember,what happened and then answer the,question got it okay,all right lets go to the first question,okay so the first question is from a,video we uploaded on january 14,2021 the title of the video was baby,ghost to daycare on bloxburg,lets give you a little view of the clip,tyson can we play hide and seek yeah,sure,pause it right there where does baby,kate hide,write down your answer,we were playing c,im not sure but kate was in control,wait but kate should know where shes,hiding right because shes the one that,i know i know im pretty sure i know,and you should know janet cause you,found her there tell me when you got,your answers ready also i get to be the,judge in determining who gets a point,and who doesnt it just based on my view,okay if i think youre close enough you,might get the point if i think youre,not close enough you might not get the,point,okay im ready,wait,what are you doing drawing a picture,what are you doing no im making my,words big okay oh my gosh,okay im done okay kate reveal your,answer to the camera,i put kitchen counter,janet i put in the kitchen counter well,thats what i meant,okay lets find out if youre correct,whos got the best memory at first i was,going to be put behind there she goes,couch,shes headed to the kitchen shes headed,outside no,playground,wait i remember now final answer,underneath the playground why did we,both think of the kitchen counter you,did attempt to hide in the kitchen,counter thats why oh,no points for that round,second question is from a video i,uploaded on my channel on february 6,2021 the video was ronald but 700,players just a quick little clip,actually you dont get a clip okay so,all right,ill just ask you the question what was,the most number of players we were able,to get into our server,it was not 700 it was less than 700,closest person to the correct answer,gets a point,i dont remember it being that many,okay what do you remember,uh i dont know i dont really want to,say but like okay,okay,all right janet you reveal your answer,first this time,i said 130. huh,kate i put,82. okay lets find out the correct,answer,i just got it oh,you got disconnected we got a new high,164 players its just that much got,disconnected i get disconnected too oh,it crashed guys,no,that was it thats that was our high,164. i bet you if i refresh all those,people that get disconnected will be,gone no theyll say that theyre there,you know my second guess would have been,like 170 or something,okay one point for janet she was the,closest to the correct answer,oh,how about a new toy for your birthday,pause it right there you get this photo,as a hint,which toy does baby janet pick for her,birthday,im done me too okay reveal your answer,first,unicorn,janet unicorn,lets find out,it might be the cat i know you want a,new toy oh yeah,which one do you want,i want this cat oh my gosh okay,pick it up,[Music],thats it it was the cat,so nobody gets a point for this round oh,your memories guys your memories are not,good,my first option was the um unicorn and,then the cat,yeah,next question is from a video i uploaded,on april 24th of 2021 the video was,entitled something like i got blamed for,my evil twins crimes you dont get a,video hint what this is a question i do,feel is a little bit easier so some of,the questions are easier i do want to,give you guys a chance to get some,points the question is what was the name,of my evil twin cousin,okay,were both done okay whose turn is it,to reveal me,january todd,i put todd,okay lets find out uh hello can i help,you,oh yeah um my names todd i was,wondering if tads here um you know im,his cousin,thats correct todd is correct you both,get a point the score is two points for,janet 1.4 kate,okay this is the fifth question out of,12 questions,this video was uploaded on june 10th,2021,it is camping 3 by samson 16.,lets roll the video clip okay wake up,peek,park ranger daniel hey there welcome to,wikipeek,oh whoa,okay,come join us in the lodge after that,park ranger daniel will give you a quick,tour of the mountain i dont know was it,right there that is exactly right i,dont know his name what is the name of,the other park ranger,not park ranger daniel everyone knows,his name whats the other guys name,with blue hair,ill give you a moment to think tell me,when youre ready,i dont know this is more about the game,you know,and you guys have definitely played this,game at least twice once on my channel,and once on your channel so you should,somewhat remember but i dont,not at all okay so just write down your,best guess,is it park range or something yeah it,literally says it right there yeah it,says the top of the screen park range or,something realize it says blank,i have an idea there you go thats what,we need we need ideas im probably wrong,i believe this park ranger dies,during the story,dont look kate okay were both ready,okay,someone revealed go first i put dan,oh yeah thats good i dont know that,might be like a different story game,wait a minute real quick you think one,park rangers name is daniel and the,other park rangers name is dan i dont,know dan and daniel okay wait okay,i think i have a better chance now,steve,all right lets find out the correct,answer im gonna be wrong,that is correct steve is correct three,points for janet one point still only,for kate lets go to the next question,what what what number question are we on,this is number six good oh janet your,memory janet hanging in there so good,this video was entitled boba tea and,boba coffee it was a battle of,bobas janet versus kate on feylus,channel heres a little,photo,of the question,what score did i rate the boba coffee,out of ten the boba coffee not the boba,tea wait coffee is janets right,thats correct,closest to the correct answer gets a,point,i knew youre gonna ask this question,dont do the same one as me,do i just have to say the number do i,say out of 10,no just a number,now you know sometimes i like to do ill,give you just something to think about,sometimes i like to do the decimal,points you know that right sometimes i,go something point something sometimes i,dont sometimes i do sometimes i dont,just something to think about if you,want to be closer to the correct answer,but if you know what it is then you know,what it is i think this is kind of an,easy one,okay im ready,all right show your answers,i got seven i got eight someone is,correct whos lets find out i remember,you saying the bobo was good but coffee,on a scale of one to ten,other coffees that ive had with boba,this is like an 8 out of 10.,yes kate gets a point score is three to,two janets still in the lead next,question,okay,this next question is from a video you,uploaded on july 14th of 2021,the game is called get a snack at 3 a.m,the question is,how many endings did you get,can you tell me how many endings there,are total no you have to remember that,you have to have the correct number not,closest to the correct number you have,to have the correct number on this one,and what if none of us are right nobody,gets a point,i have an idea i have like two numbers,in mind all right well i wrote my down,already so dont get confused with the,other get a snack at

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UCD Year in Review 2021/2022

Walking around our beautiful campus,,Im delighted to see its buzzing with activity, conversations,,laughter and energy.,Our students and staff are once again,enjoying the amazing facilities that we have to offer here at UCD,,after a time of great transition over the past two and a half years.,Happily, we are now post-pandemic,and getting ourselves back to doing what we do best at UCD:,continuing our relentless focus on delivering excellent teaching,,learning and research,,and offering a unique campus experience.,In the latest QS World University rankings by subject,,UCD was named among the best universities globally,in 42 subjects, a testament to the excellence of our teaching.,We rank in the top 50 worldwide for English language & literature,,archaeology, and veterinary science,,with library and information management our highest ranking subject at 24th.,Our campus development planning is based on our students needs,,on providing them with the best facilities for learning,,for research and for leisure.,We now have 4,000 students living here, and weve opened the UCD Village,,which includes a mix of social, retail space, and much needed additional accommodation.,Its quickly become the place to be.,Weve also launched a new running track, funded generously,by one of our alumni.,Responding to the war in Ukraine,,were providing support to current and new Ukrainian students and faculty,to continue their studies and research with us.,Over the summer, mindful always of our social responsibility,,our student accommodation was repurposed to house displaced families,,and colleagues around campus arranged activities to support,the health and wellbeing of our visitors.,We have refocused our global efforts, solidifying our position within Europe.,With the impact of Brexit,,we are acutely aware of the need to strengthen our collaboration,with our European partners.,To further our position,,we joined the Una Europa University Alliance, and our participation in this,and other educational networks creates opportunities to advance our impact.,Once again, we delivered a vibrant programme of activities,for alumni and friends worldwide,,one of the highlights being the UCD Festival,,a celebration of creativity, innovation and discovery.,This past year has been a really successful one for us,for research and innovation in University College Dublin.,Our researchers have brought in their greatest ever total of research grant income,,almost €156 million,,competitively won in areas from sustainability,to digital technology, to health, and to humanities.,Weve done particularly well this year in European research funding,,where we are very comfortably in the top 20 among all universities,receiving Horizon Europe funding, and the very clear number one nationally.,In the past year, a number of UCD researchers,have won major recognition for their work.,These include Professor Liam Gallagher,,who is the Science Foundation Ireland Researcher of the Year;,Dr. Dara Stanley, the SFI Early Career Researcher of the Year;,Professor Helen Roche, the SFI Mentor of the Year;,and Professor Michelle Norris,,who won the Irish Research Council Impact Award.,Our innovation activities continue to go from strength to strength in UCD.,This year, an Taoiseach Micheál Martin TD,opened a major extension to Nova UCD, which is our facility for new ventures,and entrepreneurs, and we extended the capacity of that facility by more than,50%, supporting some of Irelands leading spin-out companies.,A major focus for us this past year in UCD Research and Innovation,has been our research culture.,We have a great team, led by Professor Grace Mulcahy, who are examining,our research culture in UCD to make sure that it absolutely adheres,to the best international practice, and is supporting our researchers,in every dimension of their work and of their life.,Its a very important time for research and innovation nationally in Ireland.,The National Research Strategy, Impact 2030, was launched in UCD in May of this year,,and puts forward some very interesting ideas for our national system.,We are really looking forward to contributing to the development,of research and innovation nationally.,This year, we began a return to in-person teaching.,At orientation, we offered our new students a high quality experience,by blending in-person and online activities.,Furthermore, innovations in teaching and assessment continued,,and we are very proud to again be ranked number one in Ireland,for graduate employability, demonstrating the quality of our education.,We established a dignity and respect support service,for staff and students this year.,We are the first university in Ireland to provide this service,and we were delighted to welcome Minister for Further and Higher Education,,Mr. Simon Harris, to campus for the official launch.,Our Access Leadership Program continued to recruit students,to act as role models, inspire future generations,,and to ensure the student voice forms part of the Access discourse.,We saw a return to student engagement in clubs,,societies and sport, which are central to the student experience.,UCD enjoyed tremendous success in competitions across rowing,,basketball, rugby, hockey, soccer and athletics.,Israel Olatunde became the fastest Irishman in history,with his record breaking performance at the European Athletics Championships.,An exciting major redevelopment of the James Joyce Library has begun,,which will create a modern space,to support collaborative and individual learning.,And we plan to bring the National Folklore Collection,,which is recognised by UNESCO, into the space in the coming years.,Our achievements this year would not be possible,without the contribution of the entire university community.,The Students Union was proud to partner,with the university on the creation and implementation,of a Staff-Student Partnership Agreement,and is excited to see this continue to take shape.,Our class reps and college officers continued to provide key feedback,at programme level, and help continue to improve the academic experience.,Our student-run events focus on everything from student wellbeing to activism.,We continue to fight hard on issues,that are impacting students locally and nationally,,such as affordable and adequate student accommodation,and access to mental health services.,We will continue to build on our commitment to empowering students,to be active members of the UCD community, and beyond.,Student societies are a hugely important part of the social life on campus,and its been great to get back to normal activities this year.,UCD Dance Society achieved great success at intervarsities,,The Musical Society staged a production of Urinetown,,The Juggling Society performed at the Dublin Circus Festival.,The Africa Society ran another successful Take Me Out event,and the Indian Societys celebrated Diwali in style.,Student societies were also well-represented at the UCD Festival,,which was one of the highlights of the year.,In the past year, over 2,000 of you supported our students,through the Alumni Volunteering Programme,,and over 4,000 of you donated generously through the annual giving programme,to fund scholarships, student mental health services,,and a host of other student- centered initiatives.,Thank you for this support throughout the past year.,I hope that this trip down memory lane around campus,has brought back memories of your time with us at UCD.,Please do come back and visit.,I look forward to your continued engagement in the coming year,and wish you all continued success.

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2021, in 6 minutes

More than 2 billion Covid-19  vaccines administered worldwide.,Halfway vaccinated!,Im getting the Moderna..,AstraZeneca shot.,J&J vaccine.,As millions get vaccinated, many reunions  are happening around the country.,Its been a very long time  and so much life has happened,Youre gonna have the best night  youve had for a very long time.,Weve all been through something collectively.,Its been such a difficult time.,And its even harder pretending like  everythings normal when its not.,700,000 people quit retail jobs… as the  so-called Great Resignation picked up speed.,They just didnt care about me anymore.,There is not a shortage of jobs,  there is a shortage of decent jobs.,The shortage of products has  extended to just about everything.,Big shortage of lumber,Shortage of snowblowers…,And a shortage of microchips.,Look at those bones!,Can you not. please?,The growing backlog in the global supply chain…,A giant container ship wedged from bank to bank.,Verstappen and Hamilton have crashed.,Messi has done it.,Guys on Reddit get rich off GameStop while  bankrupting a bunch of hedge funds.,Its been a fun ride with GameStop.,A few things I am not: Im not a cat.,It just shows how much power the rich people have.,What is an NFT… sold for  nearly 70 million dollars.,Literally sending Dogecoin to the moon.,Anyone with enough money can become an astronaut.,Looking down to our beautiful, beautiful earth.,We need some of the worlds greatest brains  fixed on trying to repair this planet,  ,not trying to find the next place to go and live.,The report is very clear: we expect to see new  extremes that are unprecedented in magnitude,  ,timing, or in regions that have never  encountered those types of extremes.,The most affected people in the most  affected areas still remain unheard.,Myanmar has been under political  chaos since a junta-led military coup  ,ousted the elected government.,Farmers in India are marking a year since they  ,began the biggest protest in  the countrys modern history.,The deadly conflict between Israeli  forces and Palestinians continues,The government of Ethiopia has  been locked in a year-long war  ,with the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front.,A sudden wave of thousands of migrants has sparked  a humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexico border.,How can you do that to a human  being, to other human beings?,Its time for American troops to come home.,Its a very very crazy situation right now.,They broke the glass in the United States Capitol  and now they are climbing through the window…,… the world is watching in horror…,We will never give up, we will never concede.,These people coordinated on open parts of  the internet: on Instagram, on Facebook.,These platforms are not merely mirroring humanity.  Theyre making all of us our worst selves.,I am proud to announce that starting  today, our company is now Meta.,People really underestimate  the power of misinformation.,People whove had these  shots, and now theyre magnetized.,This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.,People havent related to it. You see the figures,  the daily figures, and theyre nameless faces.,India is being ravaged by…  a second wave of Covid-19 is  ,threatening to overwhelm the  countrys health systems.,We dont have anything, and patients are dying.,Vaccine inequality cannot be allowed to continue.,Omicron is spreading at a rate we have  not seen with any previous variant.,The more this virus spreads, the more likely  it is for a very dangerous variant to emerge.,Were in this together, and the only  way were going to conquer this virus  ,is by working together.,Theyve agreed to share the gold medal.,Just because youre a female, it doesnt mean  you cant accomplish the biggest of goals.,The Philippines first-ever Olympic gold medal.,Put your mental health first, it doesnt  matter if youre on the biggest stage.  ,Thats more important than  any other medal you could win.,Theres so many people who are  afraid to voice that they need help.,To truly choose to love is heroic.,Chiles congress has passed a bill  allowing same-sex couples to marry.,Britney Spears is free.,Hardly any of these police ever go to prison.,We the jury find the defendant guilty.,Im so happy. Im so so happy right now. ,With the Asian-American community, enough  is enough, were just fed up.,What I really hope that this movie can  do is show Asian kids that its okay to  ,take up space where they are, because they belong.,I know where Im headed in life, I know  what my future is going to look like.,When something says “Taylors  version,” that means I own it!,Rock and roll never dies!,There are people who dont believe  that women can be better presidents,  ,and we are here to show them.,Taking its first steps in pursuit of  cosmological discovery… touchdown confirmed.,We did not feel prepared to be the  heirs of such a terrifying hour.,But within it we found the power to author a new  chapter, to offer hope and laughter to ourselves.,So, while once we asked, how could we  possibly prevail over catastrophe, now  ,we assert, how could catastrophe  possibly prevail over us?

2021 Year in Review | Part 2

[Applause],ill tell you one thing pimple it is,though mike hes a fighter,look at that get ready,yeah hes a fighter boy oh hes a,firefighter,[Applause],[Applause],[Music],mcgregor in the green trunks with an,early body attack dustin poirier is in,red southpaw versus southpaw mcgregor,two turning side kicks to the body in a,row he did this against diaz remember,the diaz fight,mcgregor clinches lands a knee to the,body,nasty left hand there,furious start im interested to see how,much,hes trying to guarantee him,im trying im interested to see how,mcgregor defends this time right when he,fought up oh hes got to get in here,he is a black belt,this is dangerous,very dangerous for dustin,thats just trying to climb over to the,opposite side hes fine here,trying to blow up the arms of mcgregor,hes only got one arm now hes gonna,start without,mcgregor needs to give up on this,guillotine to try to get back,[Applause],trying to make mcgregor pay fighting off,of his back here,and now paulie is throwing massive,elbows,by 48 big,ones big elbows by dustin my goodness,this pace is crazy crazy,but dustins right back on top of them,oh,oh dustins dropping bombs,and herbs getting close he should have,tried to defend take down not jump,guillotine,for he is such a great grappler,look like dustin complained about,something there mcgregor back to his,feet,oh,mcgregor covers up towards the end of,the round,one second ago in the round,wow,[Applause],[Applause],mcgregors ankle,thats gonna be the end of the fight,so that is it after five minutes conor,mcgregor,seemingly breaking his ankle at the end,of the round and dustin poirier is gonna,win this fight and thereby this trilogy,by tko tonight wow,[Applause],ladies and gentlemen at the end of round,number one,herb dean has called a stop to this,contest based on a doctor stoppage to,claim the winner by tko,dustin,the diamond,[Applause],dateline abu dhabi it has been a,monumental showdown week for the combat,sports leader here in the middle east,and tonight it comes to a head in the,form of two title fights and for those,four competing athletes a chance to,shine and change their professional,lives forever on a truly special stage,legion the young and red comes out she,might,oh nice defense by lee oh nice job by,chimaya,oh my goodness,hes talking to david,oh my goodness,wow,hes trying to turn in the leaves just,like tough as they come yeah hes,wondering well hes trying to get his,back fully hes got the right angle,now hes got the right angle paul the,leaf just created neighbors look at this,now hes got the right angle hes got,the fight to sleep if he doesnt fight,[Applause],remarkably does it again,[Applause],how about it nine in a row for islam,makashev,second title shot for glover to share,the last one came,in baltimore maryland april 26 2014,against jon jones at ufc 172.,doing a great job of using his eyes to,see with glovers level changing,that jab oh,oh you heard it,that was a beautiful left hook by the,way,crushed him with that,you saw the knees go a little bit for,pojovic,oh oh nice combination,fighters starting to open up here,overlapped again,global shots back to the single,[Applause],so hes okay here,hes got nothing interesting decision,there from grohovich,[Applause],[Applause],hes the undisputed white heavyweight,champion,[Applause],oh my goodness how do you not feel for,this guy right now,[Applause],looking to spin this mma world on a,texas,with a sport altering win amanda nunes,looking to keep things,status quo,now if amanda starts to chase knockout,thats when shell fatigue,oh peggys doing a good job just getting,in her face here,penas jab lands again again shes,landed a few now,[Applause],oh this is gonna make a man the tower,right hand,[Applause],around the left eye badly,this is what juliana wants guys,this is,[Applause],oh nunes jabs,doing exactly what she said she was,going to do,she said she was going to go out there,and take the fight for amanda nunes,her corner wants her to pressure,[Applause],shes gotta turn,[Applause],bantamweight champion oh my goodness,thats the biggest upset in the history,of the sport,right there juliana pena you just shook,up the world,im not surprised,[Music],justin gaichy and michael chandler the,door has been locked,behind them,theres another low take by kg,putting weight into those channel has,not done a very good job over the course,of his career defending leg kicks and,right now you are taking kicks,[Music],for trailer,is in trouble with that one,getting tested early,justin,justin chin,is refreshed he has taken some massive,shots from jail,nasty left by justin,[Applause],chandler didnt appear to land,he did,she rumbled,[Applause],oh the body from chandler chandler,though has a couple cuts here already,big one above the oh my goodness jamaica,[Music],he got hit with that right hand too,oh,[Applause],justin gaichi,desperation,take down here from chandler chandlers,into the single leg hes got to hide his,head,hes moving to the back though,he lets him,michael up returns to his feet michael,chandlers face is a mess see if he goes,for broke here,oh chandler rips the body now,right hand over top by gaichi oh my,goodness look at this fight chandlers,trying to save tim was trying to fight,the ego of justin gateshead,under two minutes what a fight,oh my goodness oh my goodness,oh my god,get you with a crack and right,chandler is hurt again,oh my goodness,chandler with the edge unofficially in,round three,oh,my goodness,these dudes are going crazy i cannot,believe we got to the final decision,wow what a fight,justin gaichi and michael chandler now,connected forever,that was insane and you knew they bury,the hatchet a lot of mutual respect,between these two athletes,and remarkably the scorecards will be,needed after that great showcase for the,ufcs ruthless lightweight division,so 2021 saw the return of the ultimate,fighter,it went down here at the ufc apex for,the first time,i guess more of the takedowns right the,takedown,right hand,wobbling i see a mouthpiece,[Applause],bounces hes got to get that leg out got,to get that,hes going to try to get one last take,down here 30 seconds left,30 seconds,i mean i dont know whos winning this,fight its incredible everybody knows,nobody knows but look at ricky give them,both a chance in the ufc if you ask me,100,i think that might be your best bet of,the night,final 10 seconds,here we go boys,seconds late,and they continue to do so big strong,rallying weights,theres the horn,stand in cheer for these ultimate,fighter competitors ready to crown one,more winner of the ultimate fighter,throw that many elbows youre gonna,start dropping your hands youre not,covering up so you got to throw them in,time elbows theyre not uh unless youre,on the ground if youre in top position,you can let them go,battle well versed in the grappling as,well four of his five finishes have come,by submission three minutes to go round,two plenty of time on the ground its a,dominant position here hes only got one,hook he needs to get the second hook in,then he can flatten him out but this,position,is especially tired,ultimate fighter with the submission win,in round two,the last pick of team volkanovsky,earned his way to the finale,dc has your pulse all right nuts,i cant,sit still i cant talk anymore,im excited man im not sure ive ever,seen alexander volkanovsky in this type,of shape caught his way out of a lot of,tough situations and has,[Applause],he might go to sleep the grip is broken,[Applause],dont show the tip here,first choke attack,oh my goodness hes out wow,what a rally,championship medal from volkanovsky and,now the champ is pissed off you know,what i mean he wants to get you back for,that one,there it is,oh my goodness that is tight,hes gonna go for the off oh,[Applause],hes kidding me right now,i thought it was over,hes a savage man,and now hes just beaten im gonna make,you break for that oh big shots getting,through,[Applause],one of the best title rounds you will,see,

2021 in Review: A look back at the main news events of the year

[Applause],[Music],and i will faithfully execute the office,of president of the united states office,of president of the united states,hi kamala davey harris do solemnly swear,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],you are stealing my house and if i dont,steal it someone else is gonna steal it,[Music],um,to the next generation of dreamers if we,can do this,just imagine what you can do,[Music],[Music],[Music],so,[Music],foreign,[Music],there is no planet b,there is no planet blah blah blah blah,blah blah,[Music],the emergence of the omicron variant,should be a wake-up call to the world,that vaccine inequality cannot be,allowed to continue,until everyone is vaccinated,everyone will continue to be at risk,[Music],you

Stanford 2021 Year in Review

[Music],during the pandemic at its very peak in,may,just over 60 percent of working days,were working from home so i mentioned,that 42 of people were working from home,there was like something like 26 percent,on business premises states was the,entire pool of people working so of that,pool roughly 60 something percent of,days were working from home so at just,incredible number and then you know an,explosion working from home you can see,this has dropped down its dropped down,to just below 50 now but its still an,extremely high figure,hi my name is david and im a senior,living on the sixth floor of evgr where,ive been in ra since september,honestly i found the return to campus to,be quite difficult but then it quickly,felt more manageable the county and the,school do have pretty strict guidelines,but at the end of the day theyre there,to keep us and those who spend their,days working on campus safe and for that,im grateful theres something thats,less well known but just as common as,ptsd which is post-traumatic growth or,ptg,now again i want to be clear ptg doesnt,mean that trauma is a good thing its,its not,but oftentimes,if a building is toppled by an,earthquake we might not rebuild exactly,what was there before,we try to build back something thats,better,and people who have survived trauma,often do the same,the difficulty and pain that theyve,been through shows them what mattered,all along,[Music],so,[Music],living through this time has also,provided each of us with a once in a,lifetime opportunity to reassess,to think about what we really value and,the shape we want our lives to take,i want you to ask yourselves,what have i learned about myself,this year,what matters most to me,and how can i use this knowledge to,shape the life i want to lead,and to contribute to the world,build and tap into your community,the brilliant minds in this room will,have a hand in shaping the culture,making the world better,ive watched so many people in my own,class do just that,and i cant wait to witness what you all,contribute to the world,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],i missed the first phone call but then,there was another call but i could see,on my phone that it was coming from,sweden it feels great it was just a big,shock this morning but,ive just not really recovered from that,sense but its just,its just incredible,[Music],this holiday season we invited the,family members of our faculty staff and,students to join us in celebrating the,team behind stanford medicine take one,[Music],how does stanford medicine make the,world a better place by the research,that the leaders,of medicine do,theres a happy meeting of innovation of,thought technological innovation and all,of its driving towards,enhancing,the patient experience,[Music],you

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