1. This Netflix Thriller Is Wild, Funny & Borderline Absurd | Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein | Netflix India
  2. MOROCCAN REACTS TO YEH KAALI KAALI AANKHEN – Shahrukh Khan & Kajol – 90s Bollywood hindi song
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  5. YEH KAALI KAALI AANKHEIN Trailer Reaction! | Tahir Raj Bhasin, Shweta Tripathi, Anchal Singh
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This Netflix Thriller Is Wild, Funny & Borderline Absurd | Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein | Netflix India

[Music],oh,[Music],there has been a dearth of content in,january and i wasnt really expecting,any surprises this month and with the,track record of many of the titles that,are released on netflix indias platform,my starry eyed and hopeful demeanor was,definitely at bay when i tuned in for,the eight episode hindi pulp fiction,thriller series called ye kali kaliyanke,the only thing making me excited was the,talented cast that was associated with,the project directed by siddhartha in,gupta this series focuses on a small,town boy vikrant an engineer who is,ambitious to make a name for himself,independent of anyones influence he,finds himself in the middle of two women,in his life one that he aspires to be,with shikhar played by swaithatra party,and the other the daughter of an,influential man with massive political,clout purvi played bryan singh who will,do anything to make sure that vikrant,stays with her when vikrant finds,himself in this horrible predicament,where he has no control of his personal,life he takes some drastic decisions to,get himself out of this rut how he does,so basically forms the storyline of this,8 episode series there are many aspects,of the series that im going to discuss,with all of you but one thing i just,want to make clear regarding the pitch,of this series and what it means when i,say its a hindi pulp fiction thriller,this is in reference to the diminishing,art form of publications that we would,see on railway platforms covers that,indicate that the storyline is filled,with aspects of murder deceit and a lot,of passion these storylines are campy in,their pitch borderline absurd almost,like guilty pleasure reading as the,title of this video suggests ye kalikali,aims to replicate the same much like,what has seen dilruba attempted getting,right into it heres me telling you the,good and bad aspects of the series so,that you guys can ultimately decide,whether to watch it on netflix or not,the underwhelming aspects when the,absurdity pushes the envelope you have,to understand that there will be times,where you will be absolutely,disconnected from the series as your,pragmatic mind transitions to analyze,each and every frame there will be,several instances where you will find,yourself stating things like aesthetic,or they presumably got away with,something that was obvious so bear in,mind that it is the eventual outcome of,most of the series that are presented at,a particular over-the-top campy pitch,where loopholes are inevitable and your,analytical brain may go through several,short circuits i mean this is a show,where lives are at stake and a cover-up,is done by discussing different flavors,of condoms so bear in mind the content,you are tuning in for its not,attempting to be extremely slick and,smart from a screenplay and thriller,point of view instances however where,you will find yourself probably rolling,your eyes include shikhas character in,a chase sequence with sando chapels on,vikrant and shikhar running through the,fields as bomb blasts happened behind,them which i thought was just a way to,get a good cinematic shot rather than,making sense in the scene urva is so,inquisitive nosy and borderline scary,that it would be assumed by the viewers,that she will leave no stone unturned,with her investigative skills but,sometimes vikrant gets away with the,worst excuses making me think that the,leap of faith taken definitely pushes,the boundary to become absurd in some,instances not to forget vikrants google,searches will leave you in splits its,reflective of his naive nature but comes,across as dumb also knowing very well he,is under a constant scanner let me also,know your thoughts in the comments below,regarding the same or what worked and,definitely things that you found,uncomfortable in the series the good the,supporting cast before i get to the,three main leads i have to say that,there is not a single jarring element in,the series when it comes to the,performances every single character is,not only convincing but is reflective of,where the series is set anant joshi as,golden vikrants best friend is,absolutely hilarious he is naive and,dumb regarding several aspects but is a,ride or die for the main character every,step of the way he is often in the,background while characters are,interacting and interjects with the most,absurd and hilarious lines vijayendra,kala and sunita rajvar as vikrans,parents are so well written that i,actually started to look forward to the,scenes where the characters would,interact with one another both parents,are reflective of the hero worshipping,that many commoners have for individuals,in positions of power vijayendra kala,can see no wrong in the acts committed,by his employer and keeps on,reprimanding his son to follow suit and,serve him him scuffing at any news,targeted towards his employer or vikrant,protesting being sycophants account for,brilliant scenes his mothers clueless,attitude towards her sons life and just,being a yes man to her husband justifies,the frustration of a character like,vikrant has on a daily basis saurabh,shukla and surya sharma are in their,antagonist element accounting for the,perfect amount of thrill and evil,required for this series one of the main,reasons why the stakes are so high in,the series is because of the,intimidating quality of both these,actors that result in vikrants fear,effectively being portrayed on screen,just on a side note we must protect this,rapper come poet at any cost i cant get,this beautiful scene out of my head,trust me when you watch the series,youll know what im talking about the,dialogues the writing by siddhartha in,gupta varun padola and aratha menon is,exceptional not only the writing but the,delivery of dialogues is the cherry on,the cake regarding this series vijendra,kala transitioning almost in every scene,to start swearing accounts for,absolutely hilarious scenes this is,definitely meant to be consumed by,mature audiences as the dialogues have a,lot of swear words dejendra kala saying,bloody bastard still has me rolling,vikrant having understood that he is,dealing with people that are too,influential is warned,voiceover is mostly a commentary on his,experiences and the characters he sees,around him from providing a take on the,experiences of the common man and,stating bhandapni or kathys,sakta or his irritation of the sycophant,nature of his father pointing out,the dialogues will definitely account,for a feature that will stay with you,after this series the music a lot of,people will not talk about this and i,think it should be celebrated and that,is the music of this series not only,does it have several beautiful,renditions of classic songs but it has,original music that is not getting the,hype that it deserves from ye kali,kaliyanke hamra sajaniya,there are brilliant songs composed by,shivam saying gupta anus dhanath and anu,malik my favorites however from the,album include bhigabhika and sakhirai i,would highly urge you to listen to the,songs on any audio platform as it,deserves some love the three main leads,the stars of the show undoubtedly are,the three main leads of the series,shweta drapati is a very dependable,actor and i think for years to come she,can play the young girl next door in,films because she just doesnt seem to,age she shares great natural chemistry,with tahir but really portrays the,innocence of shikha with such ease her,getting cornered knowing that just by,loving a man her life seems to be at,stake is beautifully conveyed by the,actress i love to see the busy nature of,tahir working consistently in projects,he is someone that i rooted for since,mardani and him as the simpleton vikrant,puts forth a very commendable,performance from frustrated at being a,domad to taking the reins himself his,character arc is beautifully fleshed out,it is however anshul singh as purvi who,completely steals the show she is,predatory resilient and so scary i loved,her in andhiki and she hits it out of,the park with this perform

MOROCCAN REACTS TO YEH KAALI KAALI AANKHEN – Shahrukh Khan & Kajol – 90s Bollywood hindi song

hi,everyone huda here,on my channel hood hood being filmy,um welcome everyone,um today im going,to re-watch in 1990s song,um which i havent seen in in a while,um it is a shadow con,and a casual song,obviously i think they were the number,one pair,in the 90s and the early 2000s,in hindi cinema,the song that im going to watch is from,bazigar,ikalikali anki,um uh okay the singers,not seniors are actually,let me check because we should give,credit to the singers,also let me check,oh kumar and anu malik,oh i think anu malik um composed the,song right,kumar sanu is one of my,favorite singers ever ive seen him live,in holland alongside,uh asha bosley g sanji dot,it was early 2000s that was the first,and the last time that i seen,legends,uh okay so but at first im talking blah,blah blah i know we talk a lot,um lets just watch the song,[Music],[Music],uh,so night season you look so nice,[Music],so,[Music],just disappeared in one second and his,outfit was changing one second,come on,[Music],[Laughter],foreign,[Music],[Applause],[Music],my,okay were gonna get her dressed,[Music],i think thats anomaly,[Music],[Applause],foreign,[Music],thats so 90s yes yes yes the dance,steps are,really so nice yes this one,[Music],foreign,[Music],here,[Music],wow her hair,[Music],[Music],go go,[Music],yes that was really so nice i used to,dance in school and stuff,i had the exact steps,thing is,[Music],now this part is is is,[Music],copied from a belgian african singer,the fact that background dancers are,[Music],amazing,[Music],[Music],crazy,[Applause],is,[Music],[Music],childhood memories this song is just,fantastic fantastic fantastic,ive seen buzzing a couple of years back,the film was okay as a children was okay,for that era it was really really really,really okay,i enjoyed uh much much more,but the songs i mean at least back in,the days,when um if the film was,bad or a flop at least you had amazing,songs,now if the film is bad thats it,nothing can be saved no songs just,nothing nothing nothing,anyway going back to um,i just want to know,why okay was casual cast first,or was the song made first i dont know,but,something should have been changed,because,kajol has no black eyes are,dark dark brown i think black black eyes,dont exist,its the we call it um you pupil in,dutch,is uh black now you have the iris iris,is dark brown has hazel,colors of eyes and sometimes they turn,into greenish,so whats the kanikali anki about,they should have changed hazel i dont,know what hazel is in hindi but,i mean whats wrong with the hazel eyes,they i have like,black eyes but kajal does,not so at that part i will never,understand um,i dont know who wrote the song,um obviously obviously kajal was casted,this film was a cultural and a shadow,khan film obviously,obviously the shiva was also in the,film but um,let me check uh,uh music anomalic lyrics dave cory dave,cauli,i need to talk to you now im joking,um okay,were gonna leave that part um,shadowhunt casual they can move they can,really move,really really really like casual um is a,great dancer,i mean compared to dancers of this era,um professional dancers or professional,actors who have this amazing training,is definitely not the same but,i mean before rita groshan the best,dancer was shao khan,shahrukh khan and then salman khan but,shahrukh khan was,like more a little bit more than salman,so he could move he had great moves and,all these moves,i mean me as a little girl in the 90s in,school,when we had to you know uh uh do,rehearsal rehearsals for,like um performing and stuff almost,all the steps i used to you know uh do,the same steps that,they were doing um their destiny was,great to be honest um,so this is yeah the era before rhythmic,roshan,you know came along shark was the best,dancer to be honest,he can move hes not stiff he can move,kajal can move like crazy shes a,fantastic dancer um so thats how people,dance in a club you know i mean you,dont go to a club and,start breakdancing or like you know,doing,some crazy dancing stuff or you know,spreading your legs in the air or,something or,flips flip whatever you call it uh,casuals hair touch the wood oh my gosh,i,wish i had this big big wavy hair,i mean when i want with baby baby,wavy hair i just put extensions um,but um all the 90s actresses,had fabulous hair krishna kapoor,shirpashiti,and apart from the abarth mirror source,and peace now everybodys,straightening straightening,straightening their hair i would love to,see him again like,having this this beautiful wavy hill,thats really really really sexy,beautiful and sexy,um so yeah that uh i talked too much i,know,what to do guys just me instead of,talking to myself let me talk to you,guys though,um is the one,that no im going to talk about,character later late,because shadrach is easy so we need 10,000 episodes for,for sure a casual being the first,actress ever that i saw having this,eyebrows she did not take off the,eyebrows here,it was just phenomenal fantastic because,i had,also like this one eyebrow thing,and i was always ashamed of it and then,cardinal came and then she had this but,um,i never knew kajal when i was a kid i,stopped watching indian films uh,late 80s early 90s because you know the,satellite thing came and,we didnt go uh higher or buy video,cassettes anymore,and then we have arabic tv and belgian,tv so,ive had i havent had watched indian,films in a long time,so it was only in 1998 that i was,introduced to kajol and shahrukh khan,and everybody um in kush control,so yeah im gonna stop im gonna stop,talking because if i dont stop im,gonna,keep talking until tomorrow that was a,reaction my reaction for ikalika,should be hazel hazel aki but whatever,um,fantastic song and thank you all for,watching and,um i hope that you guys you know,keep um liking my videos and subscribing,and stuff okay so thank you for watching,and until the next time this is me,yohutosi,thank you bye

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Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein Review | Streaming with Suchin | Film Companion

over one million cinema lovers have,already subscribed to film companion,what are you waiting for hit the bell,icon and join our film family netflix,indias latest original series ikali,kaliaki has one hell of a pilot episode,it perfectly establishes the plot,characters and stakes and sucks you in,whole not to mention giving us one of,the smoothest violent murder to zumba,class transitions youll probably ever,come across thus starting us on the,journey of one of netflixs most,deliciously twisted and strongest indian,originals yet yeah thats right finally,a netflix india show that we can get,behind and celebrate and yes i know the,show technically released a week ago and,im only talking about it now but a,bunch of us had covered and life,basically just stopped for a week so,just gotta brother some slack you know,created and directed by siddharth gupta,whos also the creator of sony lives,popular crime drama and,follows a wonderfully warped violent,love triangle vikrant singh chauhan,played by tahiraj passing whos clearly,having a bit of a moment right now is,your average hard-working engineering,guy who wants nothing more than a simple,life with the girl he loves shikha,played by the always wonderful shweta,tripati sharma enter purva played by,anshul singh the daughter of the,ruthless local political leader purva,has been obsessively in love with,vikrant since the age of seven and shes,now back on the scene to stake her claim,and mess vikrants life up,thereby giving us a pulpy deliciously,dark and gloriously violent romantic,drama aside from its dark comedic tone,what i loved about the show is just how,it subverts and plays with the,traditional tropes of the hindi movie,love story everything from the idea of,the steadfast supportive family to the,big indian wedding gets flipped on its,head in a story about the scary side of,true love taken to its most dangerous,extreme in a truly refreshing role,reversal for once it was great to see,the man being caged by the society,around him here its the guy whos,forced to give up on his life and hopes,and dreams in order to be trapped by the,institution of marriage to a person he,doesnt want to be with so that he has,to become the dormac to a family of,in-laws that he detests where he no,longer has any sense of control or,agency over his own life now under the,thumb of his controlling bride the show,follows vikrants increasingly insane,predicament as his life falls apart,around him along with his various,desperate dangerous and at times dumbass,attempts to outmaneuver and escape his,evil captors and protect those he loves,its a solid premise with all the,makings of a great thriller but beyond,that we also get some great biting,moments of black comedy like vikrant,desperately googling everything from how,to use a gun to how to hire a trained,killer but easily one of my favorite,sequences is the shows take on the,bollywood seduction song where we see,purva attempting to seduce vikrant on,their wedding night after hes just been,forced to get married to her against his,will as shes dancing seductively hes,nervously trying to conceal a gun while,trying to pluck up the courage to use it,against her its a great sequence which,perfectly captures the essence of the,show that said creator siddharth,sengupta isnt quite able to maintain,his hold over us throughout the eight,episode runtime the latter half of the,series starts the sag and the narrative,gets repetitive as it feels like were,stuck in the same closed loop of,characters doing the same things in the,same situations not to mention certain,arcs and subplots which just feel,unnecessary like the entire fifth,episode would see shikhar trapped in a,car which merely felt like an attempt to,stretch out and extend the tension and,raise the stakes beyond breaking point,truly great thrillers put their,characters in insane situations and,allow us to watch them transform and,evolve into something far beyond what,they were initially but here everything,that happens in the first two episodes,for example just keeps happening and the,show doesnt really grow beyond its one,line plot shikhar is always fleeing for,her life vikrant is always stuck and,desperately trying one crazy idea after,another to break free and purva is,always possessive and suspicious rinse,and repeat so if you for example jump,from the second episode to the sixth or,seventh the characters and situations,arent all that different after a point,i just felt the show needed another,layer of unpredictability to take us,somewhere we didnt expect for example,there are promising ideas here like,watching vikrant increasingly cross,moral lines and gradually become the,very thing he hates or even those,moments where we start to feel for purva,and maybe even weirdly root for her but,these are ideas that the show only,really explodes in moments kalikali rk,ends on a cliffhanger and a clear,promise for a second season i just hope,that that has more to offer than just,prolonged tension and different,variations of okay how is vikrant now,going to get out of this one style,situations still even at its most,repetitive the shows fine cast ensure,that were always engaged whether its,seasoned performers like rajendra kala,as vikrants subservient father or,saurabh shukla as the devoted father and,violent political leader it was also,just a joy to watch ananth joshi as,vikrants lovably loyal best friend,goldham as vikrant himself tayraj basin,skillfully navigates both victimhood as,a trapped trophy husband along with his,ongoing coming of rage story as he,gradually pushes his boundaries of how,far hes willing to go to fight back,its great to see tahir finally getting,his due considering this dude is just,everywhere right now with four,back-to-back releases within two months,but for me it was anshul singhs purva,that really steals the show with a,charmingly sinister confidence she,ensures that youre both drawn to and,scared of purva unfortunately the always,impressive sweater party sharma gets the,least to do here as chika the most,underwritten character of the three in,the end while i wouldnt quite put ye,kali kaliake in the league of the best,thrillers from the indian streaming,space it nonetheless left me with hope,its exactly the kind of specific and,distinctive storytelling weve all been,hoping for from netflix and hopefully,the first of many you can watch your,kalikaliake on netflix,[Music],you

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தமிழ் டப்பிங்குடன் ஒரு தரமான Thriller Web Series|Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein Review in Tamil|Filmi craft

[Music],hello viewers welcome to filmicraft,uncle aaron,foreign,foreign,foreign,signing off bye

YEH KAALI KAALI AANKHEIN Trailer Reaction! | Tahir Raj Bhasin, Shweta Tripathi, Anchal Singh

hello people im javik away joined by,achara kirk whats up were looking at,the official netflix trailer to yeah,kali kali anken okay hindi pop quiz i,know you already know what this is but,do you remember any of these words,ear,no nose mouth,oh oh,cane,eyes yes kali,black this is directed by siddharth,singh gupta rohit juguraj angkitha methi,and varun badola it stars tahir raj,basin schweitzi and anshal singh i,believe its a series so make sure you,uh you know subscribe to netflix so that,you can watch the series when it drops,on january 14th if you guys havent,already hit that subscribe button bell,icon all notifications and pretty please,vote this up to let youtube know youre,enjoying what youre watching here we go,[Music],what,i was gonna say money,women,hell yeah,thats right,[Music],[Music],the shorter actress,[Music],oh,[Music],oh yeah,[Music],[Music],do you love me,damn,this is twisted,[Music],its too real,i dont like it,its too real,are you like getting flashbacks of your,real life going on my second girlfriend,was nuts she flew off the handle way too,many times the situations that got put,in because of her uncomfortable the,series looks good though i mean i like,how its shot i like the acting at least,what were seeing so far in the trailer,looks pretty cool the woman i cant,remember her name right now i think i,spoke to her on instagram too and i feel,really bad the one from merzipur the,shorter actress is that is that really,her im fairly certain weve got the,imdb in front of us its schweda,chapathi i believe because i recognized,her voice,yeah okay yeah because i remember its,so funny like somehow she looks similar,to how she was in mirzapore but also,different but it was her voice that i,was kind of like oh yeah i recognize,this voice shes a dope actress yeah and,so its cool to see her here the talent,on screen it seems like a very competent,cast and that has me intrigued and the,situation is definitely compelling like,you know they broke it down very simply,i guess the three weaknesses,yeah the three weaknesses of a man its,like thats all very true it makes us,sound like simpletons really when you,break it down and you hear about stories,real or fiction those are often the,driving forces in the story for a man,when its like his story you know and,they are also the potential downfalls,pitfalls the pitfalls yeah definitely,especially the last one,yeah i mean like even in classical stuff,like helen of troy its like,war a whole war was fought for this one,woman because she had the face that,could launch 10 000 ships or whatever,ive lost friendships over women and not,because of me because of them its just,amazing like the power of that that,desire but in this particular instance,its slightly different because its not,necessarily his desire for that woman,its her desire for him and how much,power she just commands yeah and its,like if you dont want me,no one can have you i will lay waste to,the land around you until theres no,other option and its like shes so,twisted that its not even that she,loves him really its just that she,desires him well yes the power its the,power its its being able to go i got,you and no one else can whereas hes,just like,i just want to be with my sweetheart,just let me go you crazy [ __ ] and shes,like nope im gonna send all my peeps,with their guns and everything like it,feels really dangerous it feels almost,like fantastical but still kind of,grounded yeah ish in a way just with,like a lot of the gun shooting shots and,and blah blah blah it feels a little i,think that there was a bit of,glorification of violence in the trailer,certainly but it didnt feel fantastical,to me it didnt feel like it was,breaking reality in any way it just felt,scary if the situation appears to be,like absurd to you ill grant you maybe,its a little bit absurd his response to,that absurd situation feels realistic at,least as evidenced in the trailer so far,it feels like a proper response when,hes just trying to get away from her,yeah and hes trying to not die whatever,he has to do he has to lie to her or do,certain things that maybe he doesnt,want to do right in order to stay alive,for him and to keep his boo alive too,theres also a sense of helplessness and,i think thats being evidenced very,strongly in this trailer like theres a,sense of extreme helplessness that he,feels because she has so much power its,like its not its so him and his wife,or girlfriend or whatever its like they,cant do anything yeah i mean its like,if if you were suddenly propositioned by,like someone who was super powerful in,la you knew that being with them could,make or break your career or you know if,you rejected them maybe,you wouldnt be able to live comfortably,in the city anymore because youd be,hounded by trouble or your life would,just be made difficult you know like,what would you do well one of the cool,things about this i mean i dont like to,emphasize these things i cant help but,notice it is that you usually see this,where its a guy whos pursuing a woman,in a very extreme fashion yes as shown,in mirzapore right the main guy whats,his name,oh what was his name the guy with the,curly hair the villain the kid oh um i,forgot his name you all know what im,talking about something bi yeah munibai,there we go maybe yes motorbike that,cant be right wounded by the,it doesnt matter you all get the,conversation youll get the point of,where im going with this like normally,you see it where its the guy whos,pursuing the woman and hes using his,power to like draw her in or to make her,his right whereas here is the opposite,its a woman whos doing it and i think,both are equally possible oh yeah,absolutely but you usually see it from,you know the guy being the one yeah it,definitely is interesting to kind of,have that trope switched around on its,head and have it be the woman whos the,predatory person in this situation yeah,overall i think that this is an,intriguing uh series as it is right now,and id love id love to at least check,out the first episode and see how it,goes so if you guys are super curious,about it let us know in the comments,below and well see if we can do a cut,down watch along for youtube or a watch,along for patreon thanks so much for,hanging out im jaby koay this is achara,kirk peace out

Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein 2022 New Tamil Dubbed Webseries Review by Critics Mohan | Netflix India

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Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen Song REACTION!! | Baazigar | Shahrukh Khan & Kajol

how you doing over there no oh man this,wont be in sync,[Music],[Applause],[Music],hey welcome back to our stupid rags yeah,its a Corbin Rick go follow us on,instagram twitter from our cheesy,content instagram so choose twitter,thing post with some patron follow,official twitter account,ring the bell depart on vacations quad,bang today uh we are reacting to a song,a very exciting 90s song with oh man,shahrukh ah and I already ate my cheese,for those of you dont know we love,cheesy 90 songs we encourage it and we,think its a fantastic thing,Akshay is the king of cheese actually,Shahrukh Khan has not come on with a lot,of cheesy songs from the 90s theyve,actually used no bangers really good,usually been just really good songs so,well see if we can get them to be some,cheesiness that we love in this one but,this is a 90 song its he says its not,its not got much cheese but the song,was a classic and its time its from,the film Baazigar and then to 93,starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol Yuga,weve already reacted to the title song,where a shortcake comes out of the water,with a trumpet so its that same time,and that was the closest hes got to,cheesy and it was it was an iconic,moment yes it was now thats like that,could trumpet going out of the water is,one of the most iconic things Ive seen,that a Bollywood oh that was been,phenomenal so this is a song from that,one you ready,I make Im excited 3 2 1 go Im your,Venus Im excited why is he touching her,lip that way,[Music],all the country you go to go to God,the Dicky Dicky mechanically,take a peek in the rain,hidden lead anytime,because,[Music],yeah Cali Cali Rocky,you go take on the GAR,looky nothing,a hidden need a seat time,[Music],[Music],[Music],Jelani,[Music],naturally,toady turtles and,Jai Kali Kali Aki,Nikki akinas rain,didnt even see time,[Music],[Music],many theoretical not the selfish,interest in the pair,heres available today,[Music],lucky hey chohee,it is it,but again,yeah must be,Wow,get her,[Music],good god nasarah Sandman,think he does,domenica,as I,because,[Music],hey Callie Callie okay you got a pony,car,Tiki Tiki Nasri you hidden it I see Todd,[Music],[Music],excuse me that wasnt done it was,supposed to keep going that that was,clearly a private show just for those,two guys at the bar I loved that he was,just drinking hes going hey okay first,of all a tiny bit of cheese so its just,another Bop like I swear man yeah he if,Akshays the king of 90s cheese those,two videos weve seen from SRK is,putting him to a place where he could,become the king of 90s gold well I think,hes I have just gold well I think,everybody art Indian he already knows,that Shahrukh Khans the king of the 90s,that like just golden yeah I think,thats why so cuz like all of his songs,are songs that youll just want to,listen to a ton and that the first,question I want to ask him when we,interview him is who do you have those,pants oh I feel like me you got those,pants I feel like this is the song that,made red beer want to be an actor so I,wouldnt be surprised if hes had those,custom-made yeah because those are,incredible I would a hundred percent,Rock those pants thats it,those pants were great the song was,great yeah Ranbir was a kid and saw that,I went I want to be that man a hundred,and hey can we just talk about it Im,glad they feature that when SRK did this,man cajoles hair is amazing yeah she is,great hair incredible hair she almost,puts cher to shame in this video yeah,everybody puts share of shame Chers got,amazing hair its probably fake now,though isnt it dont you think I dont,know she looks you see her in Mamma Mia,here we go again,that woman looks astonishing shes got,the best plastic surgeon in the world,she looks amazing its amazing one,millions of dollars can buy yeah that,was great,Id always said more ninety songs shall,we yeah on there otherwise thank you we,love 90 thugs theres so so good but,Akshay is still the king of cheese,scheme cheese joke on king of the 90s,yep,[Music],[Applause],[Music]

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