1. Yellowjackets Season 1 Review
  2. Yellowjackets Showtime Series Review | Season 1
  3. YELLOWJACKETS Ending Explained, Questions Answered & Season 2 Theories!
  4. Yellowjackets | Episodes 7 & 8 | Reaction | First Time Watching!
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Yellowjackets Season 1 Review

ill never forget the day i heard their,plane had gone missing its always been,the challenge of a new tv series with an,excellent pilot to live up to the,promise of its introduction however the,showtime original yellowjackets has,bucked the trend by only getting,stronger throughout its 10 episode,season it has masterfully paced out its,mysteries within two timelines and,leaned on its remarkable ensemble to,invest us in this shocking heartbreaking,and downright bizarre lives of the,yellowjackets championship girls soccer,team of 1996.,[Music],the writers prove that their high,concept premise which follows a group of,women after a horrific plane crash has,legs by their second episode as they,take the momentum of the pilot and,continue it forward with their clever,non-linear storytelling where season one,of the witcher was hampered by this,technique this series proves that dense,non-linear storytelling can be,relatively easy to track and engagingly,enigmatic with careful construction the,organic cross-cutting of narratives,allows the writers to explore major,themes or vital character traits over,the decades with stories passing the,proverbial baton between actors,embodying the same character in 1996 or,2021 episodes are built around revealing,the inherent truths of the characters,almost all of the core cast gets micro,attention to detail as the stakes of the,past peel back their true natures that,in turn allows us to throughout the,season stitch together profiles of all,the characters observing what traits,have carried through over time and,inversely how theyve exponentially,changed coming out the other end of,their initial harrowing survival,experience whats also refreshing about,the series is that the characters arent,reduced to easy tropes sure there are,petty conflicts and social pecking order,based rivalries among the girls in the,1996 stories but each character is also,robustly expanded beyond the cliche and,everyone is given the respect and depth,of being portrayed as many things,yellowjackets also manages to balance,the mundane with a myriad of involving,mysteries the showrunners wisely,established just the right amount of,unsettling questions about their post,plane crash environments and,personalities to amp up the tension they,tease bad juju permeating the place that,becomes their new home in the woods but,nothing is pushed to be so high concept,that the grounded plausibility of the,show is sacrificed in fact everything,spooky is presented with answers that,could be anchored in the pragmatic or,the unknown and for everything else like,where the plane actually crash-landed or,exactly who made it out alive to be,rescued is cleverly hidden inside the,pieces of story we have yet to see the,vignette nature of the flashbacks and to,a degree in the very focus present,assures that the writers can use our,assumptions against us as they slowly,drip feed us answers throughout the,season that approach makes for a lot of,lean in viewing as were rewarded for,paying attention to details within a,frame or cataloguing subtle character,moments that pay off in smart ways,theres plenty of relatable everyday,storytelling to flesh out the characters,in less fraught ways too in fact some of,the best episodes of the season are the,ones that frame the horrors of the crash,with the horrors of everyday life and,blend them together into something,unexpected by the end of the penultimate,episode doom coming its clear that,there are many questions still left to,answer putting a lot of pressure on the,finale gratefully the episode directed,by the blair witch projects eduardo,sanchez rises to the occasion by making,the events in 1996 and in 2021 feel,equally vital the episode answers some,major questions in the past while,ushering in some very unexpected new,conundrums for adult taissa shauna misty,and natalie ultimately it does what all,great first seasons should do it leaves,you wanting more so were gonna grab a,flamethrower and just go up and down,route 9 knocking on doors yellowjackets,makes good on the promise laid out in,its pilot by crafting an engaging season,of television that balances the high,concept premise with involving character,exploration theres plenty that makes,yellowjackets a worthwhile watch the,writing the unique female point of view,and the mysteries but most of all its,the incredible ensemble who present us,with a pack of fearless frustrating and,vulnerable characters unlike any youll,see anywhere else on tv,what happened out there,when i saw,what i did hello misty you crazy,its been a while for more tv reviews,check out what we thought of the,premieres of how i met your father and,peacemaker for everything else stick,with ign and scavenged,and prayed until they finally found us

Yellowjackets Showtime Series Review | Season 1

all right all you gen xers like me we,have got a show that is sort of made for,us yellowjackets just finished up its,first season on showtime so is it worth,the time to binge,[Music],[Applause],wildly talented high school girls as,soccer players descend into savage,mystery after their plane crashes in the,remote northern wilderness 25 years,later they discovered that what began in,the wild is far from over alright so,this takes place towards the latter end,of the gen x boundaries but it still is,refreshing to see actors who are kind of,around my age playing characters who are,around my age telling a story that,happened around my teenage years even if,theyre just a little bit younger this,is told in two timelines the past in,1996 and then the present in 2021 and,like i mentioned in the synopsis the,story follows a girls high school soccer,team on their way to nationals theyre,playing crashes and theyre out in the,wilderness for a very extended period of,time we get to see some imagery as,evidence play out and im going to get,to that in just a little bit but a lot,of what is shown is shrouded in mystery,the present plays out following a,handful of the now women as they,navigate their adult years some are more,successful than others but theres still,this air of mystery thats playing out,in this present timeline as well the,cast is really well put together on the,present side we have melanie linsky,christina ricci tawny cypress and juliet,lewis for the 1996 younger cast we have,ella purnell jasmine savoy brown who was,just in scream five sophie thatcher who,i just saw in an episode of the book of,boba fett which that was kind of cool,sophie nelisse samantha hanratty and,kevin alves but there are also so many,other talented actors and actresses,within this and ive really got to hand,it to a lot of the younger cast because,they craft their performances to capture,so many of the nuances of their adult,counterparts sophie thatcher is the,younger version of juliet lewiss,character and she nails that scratchy,voice and particular vocal cadence that,lewis has now its one thing to kind of,resemble another character but to match,their vocal stylings is something else,and this cast does it impressively the,story may feel a little familiar in some,of its setup because it did to me too i,mean it felt like a mix of alive that,soccer team stuck in the andes movie and,then the lord of the flies now the,latter is only from some very brief,imagery that we get towards the,beginning of the show so im not really,sure how deeply it really dives into,that theme over the course of the entire,story as we bounce back and forth,between timelines in this 10 episode,first season theres a growing mystery,that evolves now in the present the main,characters are seeing some imagery that,was present in their past like a certain,marking or this symbol because theyre,all very secretive about what had,occurred on that faithful trip to see,this pop up again in their current life,makes them all very suspicious and,nervous and it creates a slight sense of,foreboding and at least some tension for,the story which i found enjoyable in the,past were pretty much watching the,events play out chronologically but not,moment for a moment where it would get,boring i mean we see tensions rise,annoyances bubble up especially as time,goes along and then they begin to feel,more desperate i got sucked into their,drama as many of the players have these,secrets that involve other players or,they experience things that could have a,huge impact on the group as a whole the,reveal for events in this portion is,slow but its deliberate i think we get,enough to keep wetting our appetite but,it can be frustrating also when it seems,like theres not a lot of forward,momentum i mean i think in these times,were getting more character development,insight to help us connect more with the,group while i love how much of the,present events and mystery are being,built out some portions feel more,dragged out than others theres a story,arc with tony cypresss character who is,a politician in the present time and,when we see her family drama and some,odd behaviors i mean i was sucked in at,these moments but i think some of those,political portions become a little,tedious even though it would be a,detriment to cut it all out parts are,needed for motivations and establishing,her character but there are a few,sequences that play out probably longer,than they should for the payoff and the,same goes for a side relationship with,julia lewiss character while portions,are mildly important i mean at least for,now some areas just feel drawn out we,can get a lot of the same emotional,impact and still shore it up a bit to,tell a more concise storyline i,mentioned some disturbing imagery,earlier and there are moments especially,in the past timeline that really helped,to solidify the teams mindset as they,become more desperate to survive in the,wilderness id even say that the show,hedges on a slight supernatural bent at,times which i think adds to intrigue but,it also doesnt break it out of the,realm of plausibility and i like that it,still stays grounded even if its a tiny,bit outside the norm there is some crazy,violence that happens and the show opens,with a very disconcerting sequence which,i think then really helps to set the,tone for everything moving forward we,get a glimpse of the past and its,certainly something very dark so that we,know that everything that follows is,going to be impacted or will have been,impacted by this decision i love how,twisted a lot of this is there are a,couple characters who are pretty,matter-of-fact when it comes to certain,tasks and these are things that would,probably make many squeamish i mean,including myself but the detached and,calculated nature of how they carry out,their actions is a bit scary but then,its also wonderful to watch now if you,like animals there are some scenes that,are pretty harsh to watch so just be,prepared if you begin to binge each,episode is close to an hour in length,which makes for a wonderful binge,session i mean i was drawn into the tone,and the mystery of the show and then i,fell in love with watching the,characters and the soundtrack in this is,so great to hear is just much of it,pulls from the late 80s to the mid 90s,it actually made me go and start to add,a bunch of songs that i had forgotten,about to my spotify playlist now as much,as ive enjoyed this the season finale,bothered me a little for some reason im,still having trouble putting my finger,on exactly what that point is but i like,how we get some resolution for several,of the story arcs and i also like that,some new questions have arisen then i,also like certain sequences that i was,sure led to a pivotal event that just,ended up not being what i thought it was,theres just one small scene towards the,very end that feels maybe a little too,convenient or maybe its just more,abrupt so it felt forced or shoehorned,in to then continue the story into the,next season now dont get me wrong i,mean im still gonna be there all in for,season two i love the aesthetic the,intrigue all the dark mystery and of,course the characters and im really,interested to see where this is all,going my hope though is that this,resolves itself fully in this next,season and doesnt just drag out all of,the plot points to where the show,becomes stale and wrote versus something,being very exciting and mysterious so,overall yellowjackets is an engrossing,mystery supported by wonderful character,stories the actors all do great jobs to,form characters that you either love or,love to hate im fascinated with what,the characters will do next and where,the story is going to lead us because,what this first season has provided was,a great amount of character development,along with building out two separate but,tied together story lines and the music,is phenomenal i think especially if,youre gen x and despite some finale,story wonkiness and a few pacing iss

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YELLOWJACKETS Ending Explained, Questions Answered & Season 2 Theories!

hide your boners and eat some delicious,dirt because we have the most,interesting thing to happen to womens,soccer since,well i cant name anything showtimes,yellowjackets is like if lost had a baby,with the rugby team who ate each other,so in this video well be taking a look,at season ones ending and answering,some of the shows biggest questions if,you havent seen the show this might not,be the video for you as well be going,over a lot of the mystery ive left,timestamps to all the topics which also,contain theories for season two so feel,free to scroll through to whatever,interests you and last please consider,liking and subscribing or else my wife,will force me to live in the wilderness,im just kidding i dont have a wife who,is pit girl yes the very first scene of,the entire show contains one of its most,cryptic elements here we see an unknown,woman running through the wilderness,plummeting to her death in a spike laden,trap but when we take a look at the,clues we can get a better picture of,whats going on here first this is the,best image of the womans face doesnt,really give us any insight who or even,if this is one of the survivors from the,plane crash the showrunners have also,confirmed they used body doubles for,some of the actors in the sequence as to,not give away any clues for season 2 but,there are a lot of cool things we can,still point out the woman is wearing a,clean white nightgown this is a stark,contrast to what the other survivors are,wearing and to me it feels very out of,place suggesting this is either a not,one of the survivors or b is one of the,survivors but may have been part of some,sort of ceremony or ritual ill get more,into detail about the various rituals,weve seen taissa take part in later on,we havent really gotten to know some of,the other survivors that were on the,plane like the one seen here during the,funeral service in episode 3. its,possible it could be one of them but if,i were to make a guess pit girl is one,of the survivors who was chosen to be,eaten they cleaned her up and she was,about to be sacrificed in some sort of,ceremony but as we see she escapes i,cant wait to be proven totally wrong in,season two its also a bit weird that,this person doesnt seem to know where,shes going she seems lost and,disoriented nor does she know where this,trap is something youd think one of the,survivors would know now that could just,be because shes in hysteria just having,escaped or it could point at this not,being one of the survivors but then,theres this heart-shaped necklace the,last time we saw this in the 1996,timeline was when shauna gives it back,to jackie but as we know jackie dies at,the end of the season im cold too well,damn jackie i cant control the weather,we also know pit girl cant be one of,the present day survivors and its,probably not lottie or van we see this,person hovering over the pit who i think,is van judging by the type of mask she,is wearing and the naked coed soccer,shirt weve seen her wear in previous,episodes well see van as one of,lotties followers at the end of the,season notice also these pink shoes i,went and scrubbed through every episode,but couldnt find anyone wearing an,identical pair to match up but if youve,seen something similar let me know in,the comments below where are they now,this one is easy to miss since its,explained by the pilot over the planes,pa system while shauna and jackie are,talking the plane was headed from new,jersey to seattle but due to a storm the,route would be diverting north into the,canadian rockies its pretty vague how,far north they went and since misty,broke the flight recorder at the end of,episode 2 it explains why no one came,for them and thats also a great,question who would want to break one of,the only means of being found well it,would be someone who wouldnt want to be,found misty is such a tragic character,and one who is so desperate to be loved,and connect with others that shed break,the one thing that could get all of them,back to civilization throughout episode,2 we see how all the characters praise,misty for her ingenuity knowledge of,survival and first aid this is the first,time in her life that she feels that,shes wanted and part of something we,would be so completely [ __ ] if she,wasnt here,this world in the wilderness she is,wanted and admired and the flight,recorder represents a threat to that,this is the same reason misty kills,jessica roberts if she were to go and,tell the true story of what happened to,the girl shed be losing these friends,but theres something more here these,girls are trauma bonded and we havent,even scratched the surface at the things,they did in order to survive if the true,story came out of what they actually did,it would be devastating to all of them,and season 2 will delve deeper into this,one of the things implied in season one,is cannibalism but as jessica pointed,out if they had to eat one of the others,to survive it would only make people,sympathize with their plight even more,people would understand just like how,the public understood how the survivors,of a uruguayan rugby team had to do what,they had to to survive this points at,something more here could it be that,this cannibalism wasnt necessary and,are there other acts even more gruesome,yet to be revealed the symbol and the,postcard throughout the season weve,seen this symbol its been carved on,trees found in the upstairs attic of the,captains cottage as well as the,mysterious postcards the survivors,receive now if you do a quick google,reverse image search there is no match,for this symbol its been created,specifically for the show however there,have been some interesting theories out,there as to what it really means one is,that its composed of what are called,hobo symbols symbols used by hobos to,communicate with others that indicate,things like danger or here as a safe,space but its not entirely accurate the,other is that it has something to do,with trigonometry trig being something,of an easter egg throughout the season,not one of those girls gave a good god,damn about trigonometry i can tell you,that much and one of the more,interesting theories out there comes,from redditer shutup i love that who,believes it may be a diagram for how to,hang and skin a deer but if i were to,take a stab at this i think its purely,a symbol to represent lotties cult that,doesnt need to be broken down into its,constituent parts does the symbol,predate lottie well even that is up for,debate we cant 100 be sure the symbol,found in the attic was carved before,they got there because it was lottie who,was the first one up there when the,symbol is seen carved in the tree well,lottie could have easily carved that too,as to who sent those postcards well i,think its lottie perhaps even with the,help of misty which leads us to just who,in the hell is lottie and is she,actually possessed by some sort of,spirit we dont know much about lotties,upbringing in a flashback to when she,was really young we see how her,premonitions started when she distracts,her father and they avoid a car crash,well later see her overhear her parents,talking about her condition her mother,thinks she can actually predict the,future while her father thinks she needs,medication in a very brief scene from,episode 1 we see lottie who comes from,an affluent home with a maid take a pill,of loxopene a medication used to treat,schizophrenia so is she a schizophrenic,who has happened to sway people into,believing her psychosis or does she,actually possess the ability to see into,the future thats one of the things the,writers have publicly stated they love,exploring in the show the gray area,between what is real and not what can be,explained and unexplained almost all of,the strange occurrences that have,happened can be explained in multiple,ways did lottie really hold sway over a,grizzly bear who let her stab it so they,can eat or was it just sick and weak,just like the deer they hunted a few,days ago as misty says

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Yellowjackets | Episodes 7 & 8 | Reaction | First Time Watching!

[Music],hey guys welcome back to my channel my,name is nick if youre new here welcome,if youre not new here welcome back well,as you can see i finally got my setup,done i i tried to make it look you know,professed like one of the you know,real youtubers,[Music],anyways anyways anyways so today we are,back we are watching episodes seven and,eight of yellow jackets so were getting,close to the end of im assuming this is,gonna be the first season so were,getting close the lady in the tree is,not who we thought it was,tessa taissa haisa turner grown jasmine,savoy brown shes the lady in the tree,and she eats dirt and [ __ ] so im not,sure,why shauna is the devil and she is,fighting her,daughter who is the spawn of the devil,so its demon versus demon and they both,suck and shes apparently having like,ptsd visions scream three maureen,prescott billy loomis type situation,shes shes like she sees jackie and i,think she might have eaten jackie and,misty,misty misty misty as we suspected as we,suspected missys been crazy missy,abducted that reporter chick drugged her,and has her locked up in the basement,yeah yeah before we get into the video,make sure to like comment subscribe and,hit the notification button so that you,can get notifications for when i upload,a new video also feel free to check me,out on social media i have both,instagram and twitter you can also check,out my patreon youll get access to,exclusive polls to help you pick what i,watch next full-length audio movie,commentaries and more without further,ado,i just have to like i have to keep,looking at the viewfinder because i,love this background lets get into,episode 7,and then episode 8 of yellowjackets,[Music],i mean is she gonna acknowledge the fact,that she was just eating dirt up in a,tree lets lets hope this doesnt get,just brushed under the rug,this might as well be an ad for,manicures because she needs one,and she needs to brush her teeth and,its just gonna keep getting colder and,not i better put on a coat cold were,talking dying feels like falling asleep,cult i dont know about that like ive,been really really really cold before,and it it hurts like it physically hurts,to be that cold i mean i would imagine,that eventually you probably get to a,point where go over a hump and then,everything is just numb but i dont know,that [ __ ] hurt me theres a flare gun in,the dead guys plane do not tell me that,you of all people are on board with this,what shes saying makes sense oh i,thought they were gonna go after her for,knowing that there was a flare gun and,not telling anybody what if theres just,nothing if im wrong ill die out there,im leaving in an hour i mean honestly,im kind of like team thai like for the,flashback situation they cant just,continue sitting there i dont know how,many months theyve been there like,obviously theyre there for 19 months,and this is the first time its getting,cold so id say its safe to assume that,theyve been there for two to three,months i think at this point,this bone didnt burn at all,was that the deer that was like full of,maggots if so why was there no,explanation as to what they were doing,just going through this burnt deer like,for what for what you know ive only,been to new york city once it was on my,seventh birthday all i wanted was a soft,pretzel one of those horse and cart,rides through central park i got taken,to see cats,that sucks i want to go to new york with,you and i want to buy you a [ __ ] soft,pretzel and i want to take you on a,[ __ ] horse and carriage ride through,central park oh,thats so sweet does that sound like,something you want yes well let me tell,you youll never get it with you,as our,fearless [ __ ] leader we might,actually make it weve talked and were,coming too,the bands back together oh i would love,it if the gays end up saving the day,thats so nice she cant give you what,youre asking for,she can,well not to sound like a you know sexist,tool but feel like they need a guy with,them so dont be so hard on yourself im,sure with a little effort you can,overcome the sexist part he is kind of,sexist because he was making those,stupid ass comments in the last episode,too but for whatever reason shes still,dygmatized by this man,i know that this makes me like this,totally selfish [ __ ] but i dont want,you to go okay so if shes not is shes,is her character her character is not,supposed to be naturally blonde right,like she dyed her hair so if theyve,been there for months why doesnt she,have any outgrowth in her hair,she wants him so bad poor thing you,cant have him misty you cant ben uh,coach um please dont try to talk me out,of this okay ive given it a lot of,thought and i just i feel like my team,really needs me right now hes gonna be,like okay,peace,you know what thats really brave misty,ill do the best i can without you,ill come back for you,i promise look and shes saying this in,front of everybody,i not with her,is there not,so like theres this cabin right and,theres like cans and like food stuff,like obviously somebody lived there at,one point but like is there not a road,how would somebody clearly they would,have had to brought supplies or via car,so why wouldnt they just follow there,has to be a road what part of hurry up,did you guys not understand takes you,getting blackmailed for you to finally,care about being late,that was [ __ ] rude you got the,tracker we just have to fill the bag,with some other stuff the more stuff he,has to go through,shes just stealing it all from the,janitor cart where did you get that etsy,reject of a bag anyway sean my daughter,made it for fathers day back when she,was cute i took it from jeffs like,special keeps back when she was cute,dragger,wait how do you [ __ ] start this thing,theres been several rental cars when i,go on vacation that i rent and i get in,and im like i have no idea how to turn,the,car on youre obviously hiding something,from me and its making me feel crazy,ive seen you sneaking around and,whispering with tyson not to mention you,acting all distant and weird for weeks,so spill is she gonna do it is she gonna,tell her i dont think shes gonna tell,her im pregnant tyson figured it out,when she caught me faking my period what,with who tell her oh randy,randy randy really somebody lied to her,several times dont worry were gonna,get through this together shawna sucks,jackie is so nice shes so pure-hearted,and jackie needs to whip shawnas ass,well maybe wait until the babys out and,then well browse ive got simone sammy,youve got,jeff and callie how does natalie have,other than travis which we both know is,a [ __ ] train wreck,shes got a point who does she really,have kevin uh no one cat,she has kevin she has kevin where did,you find a gas station in jersey that,sells liquor at 2 am i bought it off the,clerk how else do you think they get,through the night shift,oh my god,mess absolute mess we should make the,most of this quality time ty how are the,wife and kid theyre fine,what happened to your hand oh its no,big deal i was just you know eating dirt,and stalking my child from outside the,window no big deal typical tuesday,ive been,[ __ ] kevin tan kevin dan i mean its,actually kind of,nice yes he is,wait hes moving,okay all right oh no no actually i,probably shouldnt drive because if we,die yeah you shouldnt be driving why,the [ __ ] were you like chugging whiskey,while sitting in the passenger in the,drivers seat anyway what if someone,knocked they all went down to the lake,except for coach whos outside enjoying,his new life without misty its not like,we wouldnt hear him anyway so,i think were good no somethings gonna,happen its gonna be embarrassing [ __ ],do you want me to help,with,no no um yeah,tricky i got it,who the hell thinks its tricky to put,on a condom,you dont have to,talk like that why is he being so weird,that i dont talk like i dont,understand does he not want her to be,like too sexual or something like while,theyre having sex,is he nervous is he gay does he have,ere

Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Yellowjackets

we agreed,say no more than we have to stay out of,the public eye welcome to ms mojo and,today were counting down our picks for,the top 10 reasons you should be,watching yellow jackets hey nat,its been a while yeah,you havent changed for this list were,looking at reasons why this innovative,new showtime series will delight both,new and veteran tv fans tell us what you,think the buzz is all about in the,comments,number 10. karen kusama ashley lyle and,bart nickerson were not gonna starve to,death,okay when the rescue team gets here if,it gets here,dont say that yellowjackets has some,busy worker bees behind its inception,co-creators ashley lyle and bart,nickerson stem from work on quality,projects like narcos mexico and the,originals theyve also collaborated on,dispatches from elsewhere a premise that,introduces ordinary people to,extraordinary situations in twilight,zone tradition time to take some risks,right,filmmaker karen kusama directed the,yellowjackets pilot and serves as one of,the series executive producers her,credentials include girl fight and the,oddball teen horror comedy jennifers,body anybody that we know,we know everyone,sucks to be them i guess all three,creative minds seem to gravitate to,one-of-a-kind ideas that for better or,worse get people talking we cant wait,to see what theyll do to make their new,endeavor something unforgettable guys,guys theres a lake,theres a lake i saw it from that hill,it looks about four or five miles away,number nine the mysteries yellowjackets,many unanswered questions only make,number nine on the list and that is a,sign of exciting things to come what if,the rescue team comes do you think,theyre taking their time on purpose,if they knew where we were they would,be here already there may not be as many,riddles as a certain other plane crash,incited mystery show but there are,enough to tangle up some reddit threads,what really drives the survivors to,cannibalism whats with that strange,symbol who is the man in the cabin how,many survive the wilderness what really,happened to travis who is the,unfortunate sacrifice from the opening,scene the first few minutes alone had,viewers buzzing with theories the,narrative also jumps between two time,periods creating rampant possibilities,for red herrings and revelations i take,it you know why im here,the postcard yellow jackets could be,gearing up to become a great new water,cooler show,number eight genre blending i didnt,send it silly see,i got one too take any screenwriting,class and the teacher will warn you to,avoid mixing genres like the plague and,god help you if you use voiceover in,your work my friends,god help you thats because usually only,the most skilled writers can marry,contrasting dramatic categories and make,them believably inhabit the same world,yellow jackets is part mystery suspense,part survival thriller part coming of,age drama heart supernatural horror and,a little dose of high school comedy the,joy of this mashup is that the story is,ripe with tonal shifts and,unpredictability and that makes it fun,what,citizen detective were like um were,like private investigators except for no,one hired us or asked for our help we,work together online to solve cold cases,disappearances murders its super fun,theres a wide range of audiences who,are likely to be enticed by at least one,aspect of the show and its a rush to go,from crying to laughing to screaming all,before the next commercial break split,this water,here,close your eyes and pretend its bacon,number seven the time periods,90s nostalgia seems like its been,popular since 1999 became 2000.,yellowjackets is a tale of two time,periods as we follow the characters both,as surviving adults in the present day,and as teens in 1996. there used to be a,great tower,you,became the light on the dark,the show magnificently transports us,back to the 90s with a soundtrack of,everything from smashing pumpkins to,salt and pepper and vibrant colors and,costumes are likely to ring true for,pre-millennium babies,scenes that occur in the 2021 time,period feel distinctly different and,seem to subtly long for the bygone era,shows like stranger things have already,proven that audiences love this kind of,time travel,[Music],jumping between both decades is fun and,authentic and its an effective and,immersive world building technique,[Music],handling addiction and mental illness,the scariest part of fiction often,occurs when its invaded by the traumas,of reality yellow jackets doesnt shy,away from disorders bravely depicting,issues like shock ptsd and survivors,guilt damaged characters like natalie,grapple with alcoholism and drug,addiction and their portrayal here feels,disquietingly genuine after they rescued,us,i,i lost my purpose unstable minds like,misties are caustically lonely and,potentially psychotic while taissa,wrestles with troublesome sleepwalking,that threatens to alienate her loved,ones hes seen me do it shauna hes seen,me do it,he thinks theres some other,version of me he calls it the bad one,none of these ailments define the,characters cursed with them but are,rather partial organic elements of their,personalities because yellowjackets,gives us a nuanced sense of what these,conditions actually feel like rather,than caricatures the show pays respect,to real world addiction and illness,while also enhancing its own fictional,universe you cant,be here i dont think im making myself,clear you dont understand im afraid,im going to hurt you,or sammy please baby number five sharp,writing,speaking of combating caricature yellow,jackets will likely hook you with,relatable three-dimensional characters,even before the mystery and horror set,in youre obviously hiding something,from me and its making me feel,crazy,remember when your parents first,separated and you told me the reason,your dad wasnt around as much was,because he got a new job as the,president at hello kitty that was more,convincing than youre being right now,the depiction of adolescence ascends,typical teen stereotypes showing them as,flawed and foul-mouthed young adults who,make adult decisions by contrast the,grown-ups can behave like children and,they often act in ways contrary to their,words kevin dan,the goth kid well hes a cop now,are you kidding me uh yeah and he has,two kids and oh dear that sounds a bit,complicated,not to me commonly delineated scenes,have been written in invigorating new,ways by characters who all speak just a,little differently from each other like,have you ever heard someones backstory,told as a haiku the band,was a bust,met a girl,and,picked it up,its a job i guess the writers know how,humans tick and its absorbing to watch,them prove it with each new episode,number four the young cast i didnt mean,to hurt your feelings okay,i have no idea whats right or wrong out,here,i was just following my gut so that we,wouldnt die of thirst showtimes casting,directors struck yellow gold when they,discovered their high school soccer team,not only do the young cast members,resemble their adult counterparts,exceptionally but they effectively match,the emotional weight and dramatic,intricacy required by the roles im,melanie linski my name is sophie elise,and im playing,the junior players completely disappear,into their parts going so far as to,consult with their grown-up,doppelgangers to make sure their,specific mannerisms and speech patterns,match tony and i talked about little,things like i called her one day on set,like oh my god do we say either do we,say either,oh wow those are the small details,thatll really tie it together canadian,sophine elise is already an award winner,and both english star ella purnell and,american sophie thatcher started in the,competitive world of musical theater the,rising stars show glorious promise for,their talent and careers and the,mainstream world is now taking notice on,the yellowjacket stage im pretty sure,was that they wouldnt ruin the hunt,more like cause men needed something to,blame their failures on

Bear Grylls Reviews More Survival Scenes From Movies & TV | Vanity Fair

they would have been better off just,stabilizing the injury not getting out,the big old machete getting out the axe,i think if i saw that girl charging at,me after id got my leg caught somewhere,id be going uh-uh,put it down were going to plan b hey,im bear grylls and im back again to,review some classic survival movies and,see how viable they really are,[Music],so this clip is from the film of those,who wish me dead these guys trying to,survive a forest fire,i think first thing that jumps out is,that forest fire is incredibly dangerous,incredibly powerful these guys,are really in a high high danger zone,forest fires can reach over 1500 degrees,so that is a crazy heat one thing,theyre doing maybe a little wrong on,this in the sense even though listen,theyre in literally the heat at the,moment but theyre running directly away,from the fire you know if youre running,downwind youre never going to be able,to outrun it you really should be trying,to run across the fire together to get,out of the path of the forest fire,theyre doing right in the sense theyre,going downhill you know the heat is,always going to be wanting to go up the,other good thing about going downhill is,that you stand the best chance of,finding a stream and a stream sort of,going to lead to a you know river or a,lake or a pond thats going to be one of,your best ways of staying safe,take a deep breath,hold it and lay back watch what i do,the reason people often die is a lack of,oxygen you know theres only so long,people can stay underwater you know fire,sucks oxygen uh out of the environment,so that is one of the real dangers for,these guys i think thats probably,pretty unrealistic the reality is you,know hey youre not going to be able to,hold your breath for long under that,water every time you come up if youre,in the heat of the fire theres going to,be no oxygen the heats going to be,overwhelming and ultimately youre,unlikely to survive that,[Music],in the classic film the revenant this,guy has to cauterize a wound a big net,wound with gunpowder,so obviously leo is in a tricky spot at,this point hes got an open neck wound,uh obviously there is a lot of blood,flow in your neck uh if this was a you,know on his hand on a leg thered be an,argument just to stabilize it and do,compression on it the amount of blood,loss you would experience with a neck,wound youre into the territory of like,well cauterizing with gunpowder isnt,really great but it might be the least,worst option at this stage yeah you know,if youre going to die anyway youre,going to get to the stage of trying,anything,what would have been the reality is that,most people,with that sort of wound would be dying,anyway so cauterizing probably works,some of the time and thats probably why,they did it but its a true inextremist,option gunpowder is going to create,super hot its gonna seal off those uh,arterial and venal bleeding,and then youve got to keep that wound,clean and try and protect it but as we,know from this one hes already in a bad,situation hes into the reserve tank and,it just might save his life yeah i would,give him a good chance actually above,all what he does have is courage,fighting spirit and a never give up kind,of come on were gonna do this so,in the game of survival that is king,[Music],and this scene from the shallows shes,been bitten by a shark shes trying to,deal with the wound as best she can,what shes trying to prevent is is,massive massive blood loss from that,shark bite which is right and which is,smart but shed probably be better off,in truth doing it mainly through,compression you know she uses some,jewelry to,suture to sew it up which is actually,smart i mean i remember once in the,military seeing one of uh soldier eyes,alongside we were parachuting in north,africa at night he landed on a rock cut,his leg really badly open and i sat saw,him just just there there rambo style,sew up that wound but what he had that,this lady didnt have is strong,antibiotics and to be able to stop,infection because really in the wild,its infection and historically it was,infection that often killed people i,think the hard thing in this situation,is going to be the pain level you know,shes obviously doing it without,anesthetic to be able to do that,yourself its hard but again you know,survival the rewards that go in survival,to those who can do the unimaginable and,can overcome that pain and that fear,barrier shes obviously made a stern,staff shes doing it but theres also a,power to adrenaline in,disaster moments and if you can harness,that and use that for most people,adrenaline becomes overwhelming and they,panic thats why it becomes so frantic,but if you can harness that adrenaline,to allow you to overcome the pain and,act quickly that adrenaline can really,help her in this moment,[Music],and this clip from yellowjackets it gets,ugly with some amputation on the cards,[Music],[Applause],yeah so this is a pretty gruesome scene,uh you know sometimes youve got to act,fast in the heat at the moment but you,got to make sure your actions are,actually going to help the person rather,than potentially kill them i think just,making a split second decision,to use the axe to cut off the persons,leg,is maybe,jumping to some hasty conclusions really,theyve done the hard work which is,getting the injured person out from,under that wing the legs obviously,broken but once that leg and that person,is away from the danger really the focus,wants to be on just stabilizing them,potentially,resetting that leg and then protecting,it you know just hacking into it is,going to create huge open wounds and,opens up a whole can of worms often,literally you know if these guys havent,got antibiotics youre going to get,septic probably out there pretty fast,and blood sepsis kills very fast so,hacking with a axe wouldnt be number,one on the agenda if though,you cant get,the body out from underneath and youve,got another threat coming along and,youve got no option apart from hacking,off a leg if you had to do it where you,want a tourniquet first then you need to,cut you know youve got to get through,bone which is harder than it sounds,often involves initially breaking the,bone before then cutting through it and,then youve still got a massive mass,especially with a leg massive open wound,really without proper,equipment and and antibiotics is kind of,almost a death sentence but you know,again youre in an extreme situation if,youve got to do it youve got to do it,but really looking at this clip they,would have been better off just,stabilizing the injury keeping the,person calm keeping fluids going into,them not getting out the big old machete,getting out the axe,[Music],tv show the wilds and one of these girls,gets stuck in quicksand what the is,taking me down here,rachel calm down daddy quicksand is,obviously dangerous people often wonder,if it actually exists of which the,answer is yes ive been caught in,quicksand a few times so it is very hard,to recognize when youre often,approaching this stuff ive had it many,times as you have been walking looks,like really solid and then suddenly ive,just disappeared,the number one rule of quicksand is turn,around and get out of the way where you,know solid ground is behind you the way,you went in second golden rule is not to,panic you know the more you panic the,more your limbs get pulled down and what,happens then you get fatigued and then,once you run out of energy you know,youre often really then sunk into it,and thats where people start breathing,in the water and obviously die so like,with so much to survival number one,dont panic keep calm turn around go,back out the way you came and dont,fight it listen to me you have to stop,okay,shh,stop fighting,try and get a limb one at a time legs,arms onto the surface spread your weight,wriggle a bit like a seal,but never fight it you know sometimes,you just get caught in this stuff but,the key is staying calm knowing your,routines knowing your your protocols how,to get o

Yellowjackets: Unhinged, Messy, & Addicting (Season 1 Review)

[Music],you are now entering the missing frame,its time to look back at season one of,yellow jackets which has been a breakout,hit series for showtime created by,ashley lyle and bart nickerson its a,psychological drama that follows a high,school girls soccer team and their,attempt to survive in the canadian,wilderness after a plane crash in 1996,along with a look at their lives 25,years later in 2021 and the mystery that,still surrounds what happened out in the,woods this show has been generating,massive amounts of buzz and it was hard,to ignore i wanted to watch it because i,had heard comparisons to lost and lord,of the flies i im a big fan of lost and,i grew up watching and reading lord of,the flies so it definitely intrigued me,the idea that a group of high school,survivors this time its flipped to the,female perspective instead of say lord,of the flies where it was all boys its,intriguing its captivating what will,the human mind turn to and in this case,its definitely heavily implied the,cannibalism is coming its shown in the,opening scene throughout the trailers so,i dont consider this to be a spoiler,but its kind of a descent into madness,eventual rescue after 19 months but what,happened in between what do i love about,this show well i love that it presents,an immediate hook there is a reason to,care both about the mystery thats,slowly unraveling maybe a little bit too,slowly but well get to that and also a,great cast of characters where you get,to know their backstories and much like,say lost obviously that was an island,this is the canadian wilderness theres,a big difference between the two i think,the parallel is also being drawn because,of the use of multiple timelines even,though there are multiple directors,throughout the season i love that,theyre able to keep a similar tone and,look to the way that these episodes feel,and actually draw you into the world of,the yellow jackets whether that be the,past or the present theyre able to set,up intrigue masterfully and they know,how to keep you on the line and i think,it was smart of show time to air these,weekly because i think that kind of,generated more buzz as the season went,along it got people talking and even,theorizing theres such a talented cast,on screen that its hard to not get,invested in some of their stories even,if i did feel that some of the,characters lacked in emotional,attachment like i had a hard time,latching on to them in the sense that i,really feel for you in this moment its,not that people arent well built out it,just feels like so many questions are,being set up that were chomping at the,bit for answers but getting back to the,cast and characters i love that they,have christina ritchie and juliette,lewis who are both prominent actors in,the 90s they are playing adult versions,of girls who were in the 90s surviving,that plane crash so it just felt like a,nice little nod and wink to the audience,i think that really everybody here was,cast pretty spot on and i found myself,really connecting more with characters,like natalie jackie who was the team,captain and kind of the queen b of,things back when the yellow jackets were,a soccer team and not a wilderness,survival group the slow rise of the,character lottie and the revelations,surrounding the possible supernatural,connections that she might have were,pretty fascinating and i found myself by,the finale getting really interested in,what her story would be going forward in,season two yellowjackets is the type of,show that consistently bucks,expectations so if you think youre on,the scent chances are that theyre,throwing you a red herring intentionally,and there are some questions that are,set up that just left me salivating in,the sense that it made the middle,episodes drag that much more earlier i,said that i love that they got the hooks,in right away to make you feel invested,and kind of on the line and what this,mystery would be i mean the opening,sequence alone is fascinating because we,see some sort of hunt and ritual of an,actual person one of the girls in the,group presumably that are being hunted,by the other girls and this is an,obvious reference to cannibalism and,descending into that but its like how,did we get to this point because,throughout season one we see multiple,monks we go from spring to like the,early winter throughout this season and,obviously with some of those things that,are happening in the opening shot,seeming like they take place later on it,begs the question of how is this going,to play out over five seasons because as,of right now apparently thats the plan,but heres the thing with just 10,episodes there isnt really much time,for filler because thats a big ask of,the viewer its 10 hours of your time to,get invested in this show in this,universe and it felt like maybe just,maybe they were stringing us along just,a little bit somewhere between episode 4,and episode 7 its not that nothing,important was happening there and i love,how they started developing some of the,adult counterparts of the character,shauna for example we get to understand,and know peoples motivations just that,much more but i feel like the plot of,multiple episodes probably could have,been melted together and this could have,come out like a seven or eight episode,season this really is two shows in one,and the 1996 wilderness setting is the,more gripping and throttling simply,because i feel it begs so many questions,and it opens the door to so many realms,of possibility however it is really,fascinating to think about the unknown,the culti aspect of the show the,possibility of the supernatural or maybe,its just their own minds playing tricks,on them as they kind of go feral and,resort to extreme things in times of,hunger yellow jackets is unhinged and,theres moments that will make you,physically cringe because they go there,there are some heavy topics and some,things that these characters are forced,through that they never expected to have,to deal with so whether thats mental,physical whatever i appreciate the depth,this definitely is not the disney fight,or even the lostified version of getting,stuck or stranded somewhere its not,people who are clean-shaven at all times,and just kind of going through these,easy motions and pretending like,everything is still civil we see a real,taste of what could happen if humans,were pushed to the most extreme limits,with so many dominoes being set up in,season one its hard to not feel like,theyre going to press it down big time,whether that be the gas pedal or just,the start of the series of dominoes,thats going to slowly start falling,throughout the next couple of seasons,the creators have already promised a,bigger delve into some of the adult,characters in addition to the,cannibalism plot thats teased in the,opening episode the pilot of the series,so with all of those in place it feels,like its going to be hard for them to,not knock this out of the park i just,really hope that some of the pacing and,maybe even some of the musical cues that,felt a little bit cheesy throughout the,show kind of the tribal chants and,everything like that it felt almost too,on the nose and places like the,foreshadowing or maybe if they were,trying to throw us a red herring so,theres some things that could be,smoothed out but the good news is is,that the core cast of the show is,electrifying it feels cant miss when,theyre on fire when a longer take scene,is going or when the suspense is really,throttling i really dont have any,doubts that this show is going to get,there its going to be a slow burn,payoff but in the meantime i feel like,all of these questions and the lack of,answers is driving me just a little bit,insane so hit me with your takes on,season one if youve seen any theories,what do you think is going to happen,what should they explore more in season,two the report card is in season one of,yellowjackets is getting a b,you can watch the first episode of,yellowjackets free on the showtime,youtube channe

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