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Yellowstone Select 93 Proof FLAVO[U]R DRIFT Comparison

[Music],welcome to the whiskey bowl im daniel,i am rex this is a re-review but we did,this on,episode 48,right 48. so what was the long time ago,what warrants a re-review well its a,re-brand,and since then theyve won other awards,is there anything,though and its the same whiskey but,its a small company,smut small its a small its accessible,freaking everywhere,looking for flavor drift i have the,original bottle okay that we reviewed,right here okay wait thats all we drank,of it thats how much we loved it,so hold on wait is there any color,difference first of all,i think we need to be in a glass before,we can tell that this is a gift from the,magnificent bastard,brian lovato bryan lovato you may gives,it,bastards,[Music],okay and look someone had mercy,sent me a new baby oh ill put ill take,that one too,nope yep oh this is brittle,guard it all did you see that yeah it,flaked up,yeah okay i just needed to get access to,the little,tab that wasnt coming off so the new,one goes in go for color,go for nose you said its winning stuff,okay yeah when you look at the little,label now the new bottle says we won,2018.,oh this is the one we won different,branding well in terms of the brandings,got more pop,they lightened up the background color,of the label so it yeah,okay so it was just kind of all blending,this is the,old one so keep track yes right,and this is the new one,yellowstone bourbon this is a,beam family bourbon thats not a part of,beam,the name that everybody knows for,whiskey like jim beam dude right,this is a revival brand all right just,on the nose,oh its different yes its not,insignificantly different,yes and the older ones denser,hmm so older on the left newer on the,right,a lot more complexity for you yeah a lot,more complexity,in the nose of the newer one but a lot,more density,and the nose of the old one okay so,density means its basically,it feels smells heavier more,concentrated right but i actually,like the nose on the newer one a bit,more vibrant and a little more spicy a,little more herbal yes,yes to all those things wow i mean,honestly if you went blind,i would probably say these are different,whiskeys same category,right so remember these guys are,producing whiskey theyre sourcing it,from someone,its possible its heaven hill um the,density yeah it is more of a,now a lux co its got more of so on the,old one the the,original one more of like a concentrated,oakiness maybe maybe a little sandalwood,in there but,if its its dryer i think denser and,drier yeah just on the nose,yeah im gonna take the first sip im,gonna take my first sip of the new one,okay because i want that one the,freshest,ah a little bit herbal a little oaky,yeah,a little it feels very classic classic,caramel bourbon,yep brown sugar and slight wood spice,than a finishing with the uh not a grain,spice thats true sweet,um yeah and some of those bourbon,fruit notes on the finish thats just,kind of what feeds off into the sunset,old one has a hint of uh condensed like,cherry note that the new one didnt have,yes wow this is the biggest difference,between it is no this is definitely,definitely a drift um the newer one,though has more layers,yes i agree i like the newer ones more,complex,yes it is and um you know the older ones,not bad,uh but if youre looking for i mean,theres,territory right but were squarely in,the middle of the bourbon,which one do you like the new one better,i mean yeah more complex yes,yeah what do you prefer to drink uh so,so far im leaning towards the newer one,me too yeah its a little bit more a,little more zesty,herbal a little bit more spiciness im,gonna add a little water just to the new,one,you want some new one,yep yeah well its very little water but,yeah,its a couple of drops,wait are you waiting for this to do the,thing,how was your weekend,good yeah i think good yeah,yes i was trying to remember what i did,this weekend,i dont remember uh i would drive to san,antonio,yeah and back picked up some antique,furniture,that i bought from an auction,thats good sunday lets see if we can,just work people to death,i know i uh whatd you do on saturday,im you know trying to trying to potty,train my my daughter ah,okay yeah hit hit and miss hit miss hit,miss okay,yeah does she get the sense of urgency,or do you get the sense of herself,trying to right there that was too much,animation oh okay its just really okay,yeah so,so whats your ratio of hit to miss,thats about 50 50.,oh um and we basically interrupt,her cartoons okay put it on pods so hey,lets go,try and potty and then we can watch more,proteins,okay we do that,many times you use like a monetary,reward system too,uh marshmallows yeah how would she do on,the marshmallow test,uh no shed feel the test oh yeah,well shes not old enough to be in the,age range that they tested the kids on,right thats more or less getting too,lively its getting chilly too live too,animated,okay and uh if she ever,has um an accident,like a giant steaming load then uh were,very clear that youre not getting the,marshmallows,uh because you shoot yourself,i think thats like thats a rule that,could apply to all areas,you shoot yourself no marshmallows yes,because thats the rule all right we got,some comments yeah im gonna try a sip,of the water,both squarely classic bourbons but it is,interesting to see oh you dont have to,go hunting,its not something that cause sometimes,theyll do like a drift comparison,and its like well maybe im projecting,a difference and were like,maybe like a five to ten percent margin,of error and i dont know,but this is definitely different yeah uh,your new one with oil water and now its,just brown sugar with wood,thats oaky instead of spicy that wow,that,tiny totally changed it i mean it was a,tiny bit of whiskey but way better,without the water,unless you love that really dense brown,sugar brown sugar with an oak wood,finish,brad plam do you ever get different,notes when nosing a whiskey depending on,which,nostril the glass is under,yes i found that one side is more of the,softer smells predominantly like vanilla,and brown sugar on the other side is,um sharper notes like wood and citrus,has to do with air flow its not magic,and theyre both going to the same place,by the way so like once they bypass,this divide up here theres no,difference yeah but,what it has to do with is the shape of,your nostrils and how air flows,through to the sensors one of the many,many reasons why,um any kind of taste experience sensory,experience,super subjective man people are just,equipped differently,for me its right nose is always better,at everything left nose is,yeah iffy im pretty close on both,theres not a dramatic difference i keep,a second nose in my armpit just in case,though,its my back up nose unfortunately place,yeah well you know dale hoffman i would,ask you,uh to give a toast to my wife denise he,passed away unexpectedly,on monday 11 9 20. ive watched you for,quite a while and,denise found herself sucked into the,vortex of the whiskey vault of course,her favorite comment was why doesnt the,big guy let the little guy finish a,statement,hold on hold on,whats her name denise her name is,denise denise,denise understands me we will miss her,wildly inaccurate ball busting no,in all seriousness cheers to her in her,life cheers,yeah i can see why we werent in love,with this original one,yeah this new one i like more i agree,but its still not singing the heart,song,no yeah its nicer and i can absolutely,see why a lot of other people would,really dig this,uh but uh my preference is like a little,bit more off the beaten path than what,thats delivering me too,heres to fighting stealing and drinking,if you fight me a fight for a friend,steal and make you steal your liver,sorry and if you drink,[Music],maybe,take our word for it it totally says,brandon like

WHATS ON THE SHELF WEDNESDAY | Yellowstone Select Bourbon

[Music],hello everyone and welcome to the master,in German whiskey room and whats on the,shelf Wednesday in this series Ill be,doing quick reviews of whiskies that you,could find on the Shelf including,Bourbons Rhys Irish whiskeys and Scotch,so whats on the shelf today Yellowstone,select bourbon whiskey this bourbon was,created in 1872 by Taylor and Williams,and named in honor of the famous,National Park now the yellow style and,brand has moved around from distillery,to distillery since its creation,the current owner is Lux Co now they,make the popular brands like rebel yell,blood oath they sourced the Bourbon from,other distillers in Kentucky,however Luxio recently took a 50% stake,in the limestone branch distillery run,by Steve and Paul Beam limestone branch,has a interest in the yellow stone label,as its owners brothers Steve and Paul,beam our descendants of both William,dant whose brother JB was the original,distiller producing yellow stone and MC,Beam who ran another distillery that,dant ended up buying as part of the,yellow stone Empire both families were,involved in producing the whiskey until,1944 when the brand was sold to Glenn,more so yellow stone select as a source,whiskey made with a blend of four and,seven-year-old Kentucky Bourbons,supposedly its a higher I blend but no,specifics on the mashable are available,its bottled a 93 proof and available,for about 40 bucks alright so this is,one of those bottles Ive seen on the,Shelf you know a million times they,recently just changed their label from a,beige darker base to this more of a,white label which definitely made it,stand out a bit more alright lets get a,pour this one now remember only 93 proof,but it piqued my interest when I saw,that its a high ride master bill in,here because I do like higher I Bourbons,so lets get on the nose and see we get,guys so first thing I get on the nose is,a little honey a little citrus probably,from that high ride a spill in there,[Music],definitely caramel vanillas but theyre,very light theyre not that dark at all,being 93 proof theyre probably gonna,come off a little bit lighter,yeah the honey and citrus is coming off,really strong,a little bit of oak in there Im get a,slight peanut characteristic – yeah,theres a hint of rice spice in here you,could definitely smell that this is a,little bit of a higher I theres theres,some really good high rye bourbon,characteristics in there its not overly,sweet get some more air in there super,yet as you whip some air in there you,get a little bit more of like a smoked,peanut characteristic theres a little,bit of an earthiness to it but yeah you,could definitely smell the rice spice in,here so lets try it on the palate so,here we get guys Cheers wow this is so,citrusy for me on the palate this is,this is all and zest with with caramel,all in the front of the palate you,definitely get a little hint to that,rice spice there kind of works its way,back gives you a little bit of a tingle,of that rice spice in the backend not a,lot though remember 93 proof so its not,super complex here so far go for another,sip its got a little hint of cherry in,there definitely some still that citrus,note is really strong Im getting,definitely from that high rye vanilla is,caramels but again its very soft its,very sweet,theres not a lot going on in the front,of the palate here the all the flavors,are there theyre theyre present but,theyre going through a little bit too,quick really the the little bit of that,spicy finish on it is whats kind of,saving it you know ever so slightly so,hope another sip yeah this is brown,sugars a little bit of rice spice,theres some minting this aspect -,thats coming through a little bit to go,along with that orange a little bit of a,mint characteristic but not overly,strong theres just not enough going on,in front of the palate here for $40,bourbon lets go for one last sip okay,so front of the palate like I said the,caramel the vanilla the sweetness is,there but then it really kind of runs,back to the mid palate real quick,you get the cherry you get the citrus,you get the the spice and then the,finish is its a little bit more black,pepper a little more spice and a little,bit that minty note comes in to play as,well yeah its an easy sipper I mean I,think its a its a good solid bourbon,but theres just enough,going on in it that really makes it,stick out compared to some other high,right Bourbons on Ill own alright so,for my final breakdown on this for $40 I,think this is a little overpriced for,what it is its only 93 proof theres,not a lot of viscosity going on in this,bottle its a nice easy sipper I think,if youre if you like basil Hayden which,is a higher Id bourbon,thats only 80 proof if youre looking,to try something a little bit higher,proof than you like basil Hayden this,might be a good step up for you but the,problem is is that $40 price point if,you think about hi-ride Bourbons that,are available old granddad bonded old,granddad one 1/4 youre looking at 1792,small batch even while turkey 101 which,is not super high rye but theres enough,interesting notes in there that is way,more interesting than the yellow stone,so for me I think this is a pass on this,one they do have some limited and,special releases that are higher proof,that I would like to try to hopefully,maybe I like it a little bit better than,this,but as far as the yellow stone select I,think for what youre getting in the,glass and what youre getting in the,bottle at $40 its really not a great,value alright guys well thanks for,watching this episode of whats on the,shelf Wednesday I hope you enjoyed it,you havent yet hit that subscribe,button below please hit that like button,if you havent yet find me on Instagram,and find me on Twitter let me know if,youve had this one what you think you,agree with me do you like a little bit,more than I did and as I always say its,not about the whiskey its the people,you share with so Cheers and Ill see,you next time on the national journal,take care,[Music]

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we are trying,yellowstone today its at 93 proof,so were gonna try that one and were,also gonna try,this one sounds pretty good its,yellowstone hand-picked collection,matules vanilla cream thats at 115,proof that sounds really good though,thank you tyler deputy for actually,um suggesting yellowstone to us,hi david,hey jamie how are you today doing good,so excited to have you here today,ive got uh,two what it sounds like really good,bourbons to try,yeah,sounds good to me are we trying that one,first im going to pour them both okay,sounds good for you yes please,so what are you what are you up to today,im working,until you told me i had to come do this,okay have you tried either one of these,ive tried both of these okay but its,been a long time for both oh good so,this will be,kind of a new experience ive never,tried these so,all right,ready,which one are we trying first lets do,the uh the regular one first okay,cheers,yeah im getting a little honey,honey,a little kind of graininess a little,grain forward on this one,it smells good,yeah theres a little bit of floralness,to it,kind of a faint flowery smell thats,better all right lets do this,i taste like graham crackers,yeah,honey graham crackers honey graham,crackers it has a little bit of a dusty,barrel quality to me,quality to me see i get that at the,beginning but the ending is real sweet,thats where i taste the honey,yeah honey graham crackers a little bit,of a kind of a dusty barrel thats,pretty much all you get toasty,its good,its pretty good yeah yeah i dont love,it but i dont dislike it no this was a,good idea uh tyler its actually really,good,im a fan of this,and this ones good but im a real fan,of this one it has definitely a,different kind of sweet which im im,learning to like all the sweets like,more of a honey sweet instead of that,maple,sweet this has kind of a honey honey,cheerios yeah,try the other one this ones really good,yeah the only only thing about this one,im really excited to taste it because,it sounds like the names really pretty,but its really high proof it is,what do you get on the nose,im getting cork cane actually on this,one yeah i dont really know how to,describe it i dont love the smell,im wondering if the bottle went bad,because it actually,it smells like cork cake smells like wet,cardboard yeah i guess thats,smells weird its gonna be an adventure,lets try it you try it first,damn it,its bad,its totally gone,get you get nothing but like moldy,cardboard are you serious i get proof,and moldy cardboard i think the whole,things gone,taste it,thats so disappointing this was so,delicious when i got so talk about it a,little bit how long did we i mean how,long ago did we get it and how long has,it been open,so we got it when we went to,uh georgia when we went to the cabin,when we rented that cabin last summer,and we bought i bought it at one of the,stores at homes liquor in town,and got home i maybe opened it a month,or two later so it was probably back in,september october that i opened it and,did a video had it in a store haul i,opened it up and tried it,and it was fantastic,do you think mixing it up,a little bit,yeah it still doesnt do it no no its,its gone,whatever happened to this is sad it,tastes like dirt and cardboard,i get proof i get a lot of proof,and thats,it does happen when i when we first got,this and we opened it,it was fantastic i absolutely thought it,was great and now it tastes terrible,it almost never happens sorry and,whiskey,that is so disappointing im,disappointed too because i wanted to,taste it well thank thanks for ruining,my day jamie i would have i would have,been content for another six months this,city thats sitting there on the shelf,like oh this is i cant wait till i can,drink that yellow stone and instead you,gotta bring me down today here i have,some vanilla and cream we can put in it,i dont want to touch this thing,well this is a drain pour now and its,no reflection on yellowstone because,like i said ive had this before and it,was fantastic i love this thing ive had,it on video you can go back and find it,it was either a store haul or i did like,a new bottle opening video,and it was it was delicious and this,thing is just gone to crap its really,sad okay well uh yellowstone,very light sweet uh smooth,very good,that was bad,theyre all bad i dont know what to say,well thanks for coming in today david,happy to do it anytime you want me to,come drink bourbon im more than happy,to come do it and thanks to you all for,uh,i need more of this yeah okay,i cant look at your face and not laugh,especially after drinking some,yellowstone,and thank you all for watching if you,havent subscribed to the channel,subscribe until then well see you later,you almost had it if you would have held,it together,and thanks for okay i cant,i need to stop,well thanks for coming in today david,im happy to do it anytime you want,somebody to come drink bourbon ill do,it,you keep saying something different i,know because i just say what comes to,mind,take 80.,well thanks for coming in today david,happy to do it anytime you want me to,come drink bourbon ill help you out,jamie well thank you all for watching if,you havent subscribed to the channel,please subscribe and well see you next,time

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Yellowstone 2022 Limited Edition Bourbon Review!

oh man,i do love this shirt,master distiller steven beam the name,behind limestone branch distillery has,released their annual yellowstone,limited edition kentucky straight,bourbon whiskey for 2022. since about,2015 beam has released this limited,edition bourbon annually under the,yellowstone brand which celebrated its,150th anniversary this year along with,its namesake national park no not the tv,show even though,that show was freaking awesome beth,dutton greatest character on tv but the,national park,like all the yellowstone limited,releases this comes with a bit of a,twist marsala superior what the heck is,that lets find out its the mason drum,[Music],[Applause],[Music],so,[Music],whats up folks i am jason c from the,math syndrome and welcome back to the,show so steven beam and his brother paul,beam opened up limestone branch,distillery back in 2011. now with a,history of distilling on both sides of,the family jim beam and jw dant the,brothers are actually seventh generation,distillers in 2015 they brought the,yellowstone label back including,yellowstone select limited edition and,the miner case rye whiskey which i think,is a pretty underrated ride whiskey by,the way but before we try their newest,limited edition lets hear from our,rockstar of a sponsor they are back its,zebiotix yes todays sponsor is back it,is zebiotix glad so many of you have,reached out and given me such great,feedback zbiotics is a product ive been,talking about for the last month or so,using it behind the scenes live streams,barrel picks and even bottle shares if,you dont know what zibiotix is quite,yet here are the details z-biotics is a,probiotic drink that breaks down the,byproduct of alcohol which is most,responsible for rough mornings after,drinking when you drink a toxic,byproduct of alcohol builds up in your,belly its that byproduct not,dehydration like most people think that,causes you to feel kind of terrible the,day after drinking zebiotics produces an,enzyme like the one your liver uses to,break down this byproduct so before my,wednesday night live streams and any,time i know i have to taste multiple,barrels of cast strength whiskey and,barrel picks,i take zebiotics and the next day i feel,great no rough mornings and helps me get,back into the gym the next day all you,do is drink one of these about an hour,before you start drinking and thats it,of course you should still drink water,like you normally would but z-biotics,makes it that much easier to feel better,the next day how its because z-biotics,is the worlds first genetically,engineered probiotic its real science,that works no random plant extracts no,off-the-shelf ingredients 100,money-back guarantee which is a big deal,heres how you get it get z-biotics for,15 off with my code below i recommend,getting the six-pack this is what i have,right here they also have a three-pack,and a 12-pack i had a bottle share not,that long ago a bunch of buddies came,over i got the 12 pack they all tried it,uh before we started that night and they,felt great the next morning so much in,fact they went and bought their own so,all you have to do is click the link in,the description box and use code mash,and drama check out or go to,xebiotics.comdrum and get 15 off on your,first order cheers to xebiotix and to,all of you watching for making these,sponsors happen now go order some,all right guys so this years limited,edition is a blend of seven 7-year,15-year and 16-year,bourbon selected by beam and asian,marsala superior casks beam used the,marsala superior cast to finish select,barrels of that seven-year-old bourbon,thats in there to complement the extra,age bourbons in the blend alright so,whats marsala superior well its a dry,sweet wine produced near the italian,city of masala in the sicily,i couldnt help it its aged at least,two years its a fortified wine similar,to sherry,marsala can impart dried fruit citrus,and is often used in cooking or served,as a dessert wine,now that i say that chicken marsala,sounds kind of good right now were,gonna make some chicken marsala i need,mushrooms the newest yellowstone limited,edition for 2022 is bottled at 101 proof,and is a limited release at 99 bucks a,bottle,lets do it here we go,now i would assume being that this,bourbon is 15 to 16 years old or has,some 15 to 60 bourbon in the blend that,its sourced from,actual you know the jim beam distillery,being that theyre um you know its,family,that was like i think that was godfather,thing ive ever said you know its like,family okay,i do get that jim beam nuttiness in here,but i get a lot of honey as well,not dark honey more of a like a more of,a lighter honey here,some nice brown sugars,there is a slight dark fruit note not,really sure what it is i dont know i,dont know if i would go as far as,saying its a raisin,or a cherry,but its along those lines that type of,a darkness to it,im trying to,you know pick up some of that marsala,finish now generally these yellow stone,ellies dont have a huge,influence from the finish,last years edition which was the,amarone cask the amarone finish,you know definitely brought a little bit,more of a of a dark fruit characteristic,but i also thought that the whiskey came,off a little bit youthful now this one,at least on the nose so far the whiskey,is coming off a little bit older,theres a little bit of like a sweet,tobacco note in there which generally,youll get with a with an older bourbon,but,so far nicely balanced nose,a little bit of a kind of like a toasted,almond kick on there too,theres a nuttiness quality as you would,think with bean but its its almost,smoky its not its not just like you,know that peanut butter no its a little,bit more of a smoky,a smoky like almond like a smoked almond,all right lets give it a go guys cheers,wow that came off as like,all vanilla honey to me on the palate,a lot of vanilla and honey,got a nice little spice on the finish,that was the first sip lets go for,another one here,you know it has a nice little finish on,the end,i actually think thats where all the,the nuance and the flavor is is actually,on the finish,im getting,some really nice traditional bourbon,flavors up front the caramels the,vanillas all that stuff that you would,normally get,a little bit of that sweetness there a,little bit of oak char on the sides of,your palate but on the finish is,actually where this starts to develop,and where you start picking up the dark,fruit notes like i said i think its,like a little bit of a raisin im,getting,some of the sweet tobacco notes that,like smoked almond that nuttiness to it,this has reminded me of some of those,really good knob creek picks,you know from like three or four years,ago and maybe in five years ago at this,point you know they were like you find,them for 14 15 16 years old they were,about 60 65 they they were everywhere,before they kind of went away,um but some of those now creek picks,have like this dark fruit note to it it,wasnt just all like that knob creek,nutty profile to it it had some,development of flavors to it and this,one,i think is bringing some some nice,nuanced flavors im saying i i really,think the star of the show here is the,finish on this,yeah for 101 proof its got a nice spice,it keeps hitting the palate,its not drinking soft,it actually is bringing a lot of flavor,each and every sip i go to it,yeah the raisin the sweet tobacco,theres some really like beautiful like,just toasted oak notes im getting here,on the back of the palette that honey,characteristic is starting to come back,too,this is nice,now the only hit i would give this is,that they dont tell you,yeah they dont tell you how much of the,15 16,seven year bourbon ratio is they dont,tell you how much 15 year is in it how,much 16 years in it and how much seven,year,um,again with this one i dont feel like,the finish is,super influential on the palette i think,you get some of that i think thats,where the honey is coming from the,little hint of dark fruit its hard to,its hard to kind


[Music],hey welcome back to another episode of,whiskey row i am so excited to be in the,speakeasy today to bring you this,episode where were going to talk about,six bourbons,one of thems kind of not technically,about anyway dont worry about it six,bourbons that you do not want to buy you,dont want to spend the money on them,and were going to talk about why now,before we get started if you end up,enjoying this episode please smash that,like button subscribe to the channel if,you havent if you want to check out,some stuff sometimes i go on this other,channel its called beyond the row its,jamies channel but she has me on there,all the time so if youre more,interested in other content besides,whiskera check out beyond the row and,the link is in the description below now,lets dive right into it now what makes,these six whiskeys ones that i dont,recommend that you buy usually it comes,down to value to me what you get for the,price,isnt really worth it in some cases it,is actually probably worth about that,much but why would you spend the money,on this particular one that im going to,show you when you could spend your money,the same amount of money on this one or,even less on this other one,and get so much more for it and youre,going to enjoy it a lot more i dont,know about you but these days im,pinching my pennies a little bit more in,the whiskey game than i than i used to,and truth be told some of this stuff i,wish i didnt buy the first one that i,think that you should not buy,is will it pot still and theres a,couple reasons for it one is the bottle,you you buy the bottle youre like oh,thats a really interesting bottle im,gonna check this thing out its its,this really cool shape its got this,interesting design well when it comes,down to it you put it on your shelf i,dont know about you but if you have a,lot of bourbons to have a bottle thats,a you know a 750 ml bottle that is this,round takes up a ton of shelf space this,does not sit in a collection very well,now obviously that doesnt have anything,to do with that the fact that i dont,like the way it tastes to me it just,doesnt taste very good and for you know,40 45 50,i just i dont think the values there,to me i could take almost any bottle i,have thats under 40 and id probably,rather have that bottle than this this,to me its just not very good theres a,taste to it that i dont care for,alternatives to this you could just buy,a straight up mixture us-1 small batch,you could do a,wild turkey 101 could do 1792 small,batch you could do elijah craig small,batch larceny small batch you could do,almost any of the big brand small,batches and its probably going to be,more enjoyable than this now if you love,this one im glad you do because as,always on whiskey row,find a bottle you love for those of you,who havent had it i would recommend,getting a sample from somebody you know,who has one before you drop the coin on,it because,to me its just the values not there,its not worth it now number two on my,list today is old forester statesman now,old forester youd be this is actually a,little surprising because i actually,enjoy an old forester statesman some,people really dont like it but for me,its its not too bad the problem is the,price so they okay so first of all a,little background the old forces,statesman they did this as a promotional,thing with the movie the statesman from,like 2017 or 18 this came out and it,sold well and they just kept making it,and the problem is is that its not,really worth it i paid 60 for this one i,dont know how much the exactly they go,for these days around 55 60 bucks im,guessing but my problem with it is why,would you buy an old forester statesman,when you could either get an old,forester 1910 or an old forester 1920,for equivalent prices and both of those,kill this thing so dont get me wrong,this is not necessarily a bad whiskey,its just that you have its two siblings,that are from the whiskey row line that,are just better and theyre the same,price so why would you if you want this,kind of a profile you can get the 1910,and its a much better version of the,old forester profile or you can get the,1920 and its also a much better version,of that profile this doesnt really fit,in anywhere and i dont know why they,still make it and frankly theres a lot,of other stuff thats thats better even,outside of the old forester line theres,just a lot of other better options so i,would honestly go with almost any of,those a smoke wagon small batch milk,wagon uncut and filter i know thats a,little bit price jump but still its not,that far off from this at 60 dollars and,you know the 1910 the 1920 uh wild,turkey rare breed i mean theres just,like a lot of options out there that are,just better than this one save your coin,and go buy one of those or,buy something else thats the same price,and get something thats much better now,i do have to say im not making this,video to to throw shade on on any,distilleries or or anything else and if,its again so if these are some of the,things that you love by all means buy,them get them theyre just things that i,havent found the value in so but again,if you like these good on you like i,have a buddy who messaged me today,actually about the statesman and he had,just gotten states when he was drinking,it and he just didnt like it and hes,like i gotta start messaging you more,before i go to the liquor store to,to uh to to ward me off certain bottles,and stuff so anyway thats the uh thats,actually the genesis for this video,henry mckinnon tenure now this one like,whiskey of the year at some spirits,competition not too long ago and it was,like hype machine like crazy,i bought it i tried it,its okay,its not gross nothing wrong with its,not bad um but the real reason why the,value is not there now is back then it,was forty dollars well now here in,virginia theyre selling this for sixty,dollars and uh you know sixty dollars,for this is not worth it to me uh,honestly forty dollars i didnt really,enjoy it i got him because i have some,friends that like him but i dont really,care for him very much sometimes i do,get them for giveaways or whatever so,for a 10 year hd to bourbon 60,you start to figure out where this kind,of sits to me a 40 coopers craft 100 is,a much much better buy than this one i,think theres a lot of other options,that are really really good and much,better than this i actually like makers,us1 small batch better than this one i,like any of the 1792,foolproof single barrel uh small batch,bottled and bond any of the 1792 line i,like better than this one,theres a lot out there that is better,than henry mckinnon tenure i am and and,i know that it won an award and it was a,probably a honey barrel that they had,submitted and it just was luck of the,draw because everyone that ive had and,ive had probably three of them that,ive had open and tried and it just,doesnt do a whole lot for me what are,some better options well all forster,1920 i think at 60 dollars is a much,much better bourbon youre coming in at,a higher proof its a better mouthfeel,more care to it its honestly its much,much better or you can even get some,store picks uh you know some private,select type stuff from different,different different distilleries at your,local store that are probably going to,be better than this still a market for,this so on the secondary,which you know good on you if thats,what you want to do but for me to sit,down and drink this is not where i want,to spend sixty dollars theres a lot,better stuff out there number four,weller antique 107. now let me let me,explain before you get mad because i,know some of you are gonna get mad at me,about this one let me explain whether,antique 107 in my opinion is the,least palatable of the weller line that,ive ever had the only thing thats good,about a well or antique 107 is to mix it,with weller 12 and make poor mans happy,outside of that weller antique 107 is,not worth it to me i would much prefer,to sip on a well or special reserve in,m

Yellowstone 2021 Limited Edition Bourbon – Is it worth it?

hey all welcome back to slb basement,bourbon bar,my name is kurt,look what the boy drug home,yeah trenton was out and about,found this particular bottle on the,shelf for msrp at about 110 dollars i,think he spent,probably about 120 with tax,for the yellow stone,2021,limited edition,this baby hasnt even been opened yet as,you can see,not even been open its not my bottle,but hes been kind enough to bring it,over to the bar so that we can check it,out tonight were going to do that,on camera,to see what our thoughts are this,particular yellowstone bottle was,finished in amarone casks and in my,research i found out that amarone is a,real rich red wine,out of italy,it is a blend of a seven year old and a,15 year old bourbon,and it comes in at 101 proof,thats about all i know,but it is a really nice sharp looking,bottle i like it,all all truth be known,i i have never even uh,tried a yellowstone product have you,tried,no he hasnt,i dont even think weve ever had a,yellowstone in the bar or at his bar,either at his house so,hey,this is a first before we get started,nosing and tasting this bad boy,do me a favor and hit that subscribe,button that would be fantastic what a,wonderful help to the show,after youve done that hit the,notification bell and that way you wont,miss a single episode of the so of the,show,thanks so much in advance,all right,trend you want to get this cracked open,hes hes ready hes hes antsy on this,thing hes antsy on this bad boy,ive got my handy dandy ive got two out,here trenton i got my handy dandy,handy-dandy normal glasses here ready to,go,lets give this thing a,[Music],oh yeah baby,im sorry,stuck it on here,want to give trenton a little snort here,too,were gonna trip were gonna check this,out,[Music],which one you want buddy,he went to one less full,all right,lets see what we have here lets see,what we got on the,nose i dont i really dont,maybe a,a very faint hint of vanilla but,i really dont get a lot of traditional,bourbon characteristics out of the nose,i get a lot of dark fruits a little,fruit action going on trend what do you,think i get something like a raspberry,thing going on on the nose,probably from the finishing on that,amarone cask,pretty good nose i would say i would say,it,it lends more towards a,dark fruit note,a little bit of a hint of vanilla,possibly,now what were looking for lets get a,little taste,[Music],hmm,[Music],sorry i usually got to go in twice,what im sensing here and what i find is,that the pallet kind of matches the nose,for the most part,i think you get a lot of the dark fruits,still up front and center of course,thats probably from the finishing,process in the amarone casks,but there is also some chocolatey,going on in there too,i find it to be very enjoyable i really,really do ill take one more taste,[Music],on that third sip the spiciness,of the bourbon has tamed down just a bit,probably because its been in the glass,that first original sip was was pretty,spicy but again its a neck pour,[Music],i find it to be very enjoyable,definitely the dark fruits im positive,because of the finish finishing process,on this particular bourbon,a little bit of chocolate notes,very very nice,i think 110 is probably tops of what id,pay for this particular bottle but to be,honest with you i hope i find one to,tell you the truth i know trent found,this a couple days ago,and i think hes very fortunate to have,it in his bar but,i wouldnt mind finding it myself and i,would pay 110 for this now would i pay,150 200 250 or whatever it might be,later on down the road,secondary pricing or what you might find,in the internet i dont think so it,doesnt have quite that,that quality that youre really looking,for for a higher price tag,but if you can find it on the shelf for,msrp i think its uh its a really cool,addition to your,to your collection i really really do,thats what i have for you today boy,thanks so much for watching we,appreciate each and every one of you as,always we ask you to please drink,responsibly,and then well see you next time right,down here with me,in the good old basement bourbon bar,see you later,[Music]

Yellowstone Hand Picked Collection Single Barrel Review

[Music],all right welcome to whiskey vault im,daniel i am rex just a reminder before,we get in and start praising people and,things,as of,theres praising october 1st,we are no longer going to review on the,channel anything that is mailed to us,and that arrives after october got too,much whiskey bastard says we officially,have more than a years worth of whiskey,that were gonna get caught up on and,thats not fair to anybody who sends in,whiskey not cool i mean this look at,this date,its uh 12 19 20. yeah its a minute,yeah this was dropped off,nine eight months ago exactly right so,so in the link linked in the description,below theres like a full five minute,context for why were not taking,donations afterwards,what do we got here what we got here is,a gift from newly patron sainted nate,[Music],santa russell,okay remember limestone branch,distillery ah that we talked about,before its beam brothers but not the,beams,of the current beam oh right its like a,side shoot of yeah families starting,their own kentucky distillery somewhat,familiar and they were sourcing from,kentucky people thought it was barton,and then they were eventually blending,it with their own four-year-old bourbon,now in theory what were getting in this,bottle is their bourbon,okay,i dont actually know that yeah because,yeah but this is a barrel pick from,bottoms up beverages,and it was barreled on na 9 3 15. so oh,thats only like three days from now do,me a little favor whats the proof on,that that is,57.5 115 proof yeah it is is it snow hot,yeah oh it does,it smells ethanol shiny and kind of,paper thin yeah even though the the the,ethanol,um ding thats getting its not nail,polish right but its its like you know,a little head fake in that direction for,sure as of three days from today,this is six years old,it was it was distilled,on uh put into a barrel on september 3rd,oh yeah okay of 2016,15. 2015. so six years ago yeah,so the age statement is that you talk,about the age of the bottle,yeah yeah and then,theres some type of like um woody char,note,theres not a lot of yeah im getting a,lot of like high mid high to high,like brightness i feel like you ever,tried to look past you ever sit at,dinner with people and one of them is,back to the window right yeah really,bright yeah trying to look at them while,they talk but you can just sort of make,out the features thats what i feel like,right now i feel like this is so shiny,and bright that im having a hard time,finding yeah you put your nose in there,you put your nose in there and the,moment you start to get the notes on the,nose then thats when it just gets,wrapped around by the brightness of the,ethanol there it is maybe on the taste,it wont be im going to try it before i,put water in oh theres yeah,okay so its just a little kind of um,a weedy oaky,thats it on the underneath the screen i,havent tasted yet you think wheat huh,on the nose,a vague weedy oaky,hmm,because im just getting,dried corn dust and barrel char so,theres burn theres more recognizable,notes on the taste,on the taste theres definitely more,that im able to pick out you want some,water im gonna do one more simple,though,that is hot yeah like that just like the,oils there are not a lot of oils in this,to disguise the high proof there wants,to be a fruitiness there there wants to,be fruitiness there wants to be a,vanilla,but,similar to the nose that hotness just,kind of overwhelms things very quickly,right whenever you start to get an,inkling of it then it just kind of gets,overwhelmed but im going to say youre,right its a dose of fruity theres a,dose of vanilla and theres that,oaky,oakiness youre about to find the fruit,and vanilla now that we added water,because thats what happened in mine,it actually opened it up oh yeah and the,noses are a little bit more that may be,because of the retro nasal blah blah,blah but on the nose you can pick out a,bit more too after you get some water in,there,ah yeah a little bit more of a brown,sugar on that oakiness,oh yeah theres a vanilla and way more,classic but this is definitely a vanilla,direction for bourbon not heavy on the,cherry but like vanilla brown sugar oak,and wood tannin the table really bright,and shiny the tannin wakes up with the,water too yeah that bitter note does,creep out along with the water crawls,into the back of the jaw yeah would that,be that kind of really,bright,like not a lot of body heft rich,dense notes would that brightness would,that be like a heads type of thing or,not necessarily and,it could be also it depends on what type,of steel but i think theyre doing,uh,a lot of distillations on this i dont,actually know so i think i dont know if,theyre doing columns still or pots,still but it definitely is,like,it feels like everything that disguises,the alcohol was stripped out of it,and so what you get left are the,dominant flavors of bourbon and a high,ethanol kick yeah,and then eventually uh you find the,honey yeah it took a while to get there,took a while to get there id be curious,to see what this did at a lower proof,because we did lower it but no but i,mean like yeah like when they did it,maybe like a 40 abv,luis say that luis sosa i have started,working night shifts 7 p.m to 6 a.m,when the hell is whiskey time now,i mean,its what flasks are for my man,yeah make that job go by real quick i,worked the night shift for a while yeah,and it really throws you because the end,of your work day when you want to be,like yeah,its like the suns coming up and,everyone else is like in breakfast mode,and so you basically like all of your,like off-work dinners or breakfast for,the,you know what that created in me,is,my go-to comfort meal is breakfast food,at all times yeah touring as a musician,and the night shift means that like,i would rather eat breakfast than most,meals which you dont like is the,primary ingredient in the most stuff you,dont like like 95 of all breakfast,menus in restaurants how do we present,an egg to you yeah yeah but i love it,and i think it started around that but i,think like,its hard to find someone to go get an,after work drink when you get off at six,in the morning yeah uh the redeeming,qualities of the breakfast menu,bacon mm-hmm biscuits,uh,good biscuits you gotta go find good,biscuits you know honey honestly,slightly and different when it comes to,these pancakes pancakes or waffles ill,tell you thats the question waffles oh,no yeah,you get the crispiness to it okay waffle,house waffles right yes oh and then look,bacon hash browns waffles thats it do,you have a preference on the waffle size,because my problem with waffles are,usually like eight feet deep yeah and,its all bready and what i want is like,the the eggo depth waffle look im doing,the breakfast scene so rarely i havent,i havent gone deep enough to even get,choosy about it okay give me the bacon,give me the hash browns give me the,waffles and go the hell away and youre,filthy gross eggs yeah see then uh go to,waffle house waffle house is always good,im off the house you can get 24 hours,oh so take your flask,to the waffle house actually the waffle,house probably wouldnt care but in my,experience at the waffle house they,dont give it like how we gave him a,very practical practical actionable,answer to his question thats right,waffle house for science jeremy pagani,uh what is the one whiskey you thought,was horrible,but after some time passed and your,taste for whiskey matured you actually,kind of like it now i dont have,anything that was horrible like people,react to pete and then fall in love with,pete right but i have several things,that i either didnt like in general,just kind of like,or didnt prefer like spay side and rye,sure and now i feel like ive developed,an appreciation for both of those things,so,beyond categories ill get to a specific,bottle and its not that i thought the,bottle was,horrible its that i thought,stag jr was overwhelming i thought wow,this is just like kicking your ass right,this is just aggressive this

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