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Yellowstone Season 4 Recap in 15 Minutes | Paramount Network

(dramatic music),- John, dont you die on me now, not like this.,(tense music),(sirens blaring),(gunshots firing),- Kayce!,- Baby, go to the bunkhouse now.,(tense music),(gunshot fires),Rip, I need everyone back to the ranch, someone just,- Your dads been shot.,- Where? – Every fucking where, Kayce.,- Were looking for a blue two-tone van.,(tense music),(gunshots firing),- Kayce!,(tense music),- Didnt think I was gonna make it, did you?,- Never doubted it for a second.,- The boss is coming home today.,(tense music),- They came after all of us, and we beat them.,- All of them?,- Everyone they sent.,- We havent got anything until you get the sender, son.,(tense music),- It was you, wasnt it?,- You think that Im.,- Im gonna kill you, Jamie.,Im gonna fucking kill you for what you did to my family.,- Beth thinks it was Jamie.,- I think if even Jamie wanted to hire the militia,,theyd never do it for him.,- So you think they did it on their own?,How many are in that militia?,- About half as many as there used to be.,- Thats a half too many,,if you know what I mean?,(dramatic music),- Chairman Rainwater, Im Caroline Warner.,I chair Market Equities, board of directors.,I have a proposal.,Well fund the build for you.,- Why would you do that?,- Im suggesting you build a casino that caters,to the people who can afford to leave here.,- In exchange for what?,- Stop holding up the thing,that will deliver your customers.,- You broke your word to me, Jimmy.,- Mr. Dutton, please.,- Please what? What do you think Im gonna do?,Kick you off the ranch?,I made a promise to your grandfather,,and unlike you I keep my word.,But Im done trying to make a man outta you, Jimmy.,Im leaving that to someone else.,- Well, where am I going?,- You know Travis is pulling out here tomorrow youre going with him.,- While youre down there, you represent this ranch,,you represent my brand.,Grab your bag old boy, lets go.,(soft music),- Hey, cowboy.,So you werent a cowboy before the Yellowstone?,- Well, to be honest Im not sure Im much of a cowboy now.,- So who is he?,- His name is Chester Spears said he knows who hit the Duttons.,Bragged about putting it together.,Tell me about this party you planned for John Dutton.,Who wanted you to plan it?,- If I tell you Im a dead man.,- Youre already a dead man.,- Strange place for a meeting. Whos this?,- The man who wanted you dead.,Im truly sorry for what happened to you, John.,I hope this helps you get to the bottom of it.,- I dont know who any of these fuckers are.,Who are you? Whos this?,His cellmate from way back.,You need to ask your brother for his prison records.,Have him set an interview with you and the sheriff.,If he stalls, if he resists in any way,,then we have our answer.,- This is the man who took a hit out on us.,- Just take a look at his prison file,,see if you can make a connection.,- This must be by the book, Kayce.,Its gotta be a detective from homicide,,and states attorney.,- He doesnt want some states attorney.,He wants you, Jamie.,The only people you can trust is family.,Will you do it?,- Of course Ill do it.,(dramatic music),Oh my, God.,I need to interview your client Terrell Riggins,in regards to his involvement,in the John Dutton attempted murder.,Did this man hire you to facilitate,the murder attempt on the Dutton family?,You tried to kill my family.,- John Dutton used you.,I have no agenda,,but giving you back the family that you never had.,Did I try to kill them?,Your God damn right I did.,Thats how much I love you.,- Wheres Walker at, Lloyd?,- Sleeping in that barrel racers trailer.,I sure dont know how much more my pride can take of,that little son of a bitch.,Get your fucking head right,,and leave your pride right here in this bunkhouse.,- You wanna fucking dance, old man?,- Hey, hey stop it.,Get the fuck off.,- Hey, hey let him go.,- Whats the rule about fighting, Lloyd?,So Im low man now,,for doing something you wouldve done.,- There aint nobody that wants,that son of a bitch dead more than me.,But the ranch comes first and you forgot that.,- When have you been alone?,- Ive seen a thousand you in prison.,(dramatic music),- Youve enforced the rules of this ranch for 30 years, Lloyd,,this is your last chance.,You understand?,- No more girls in the bunkhouse.,- This here is for you.,Teeter, pack your shit up.,- Hey what the fuck did I do?,- It aint my decision.,Lloyd, Walker, this shit ends here.,(dramatic music),- Ill finish it.,- Theyll hate you. Its my job.,I love you.,This is for your protection, Lloyd.,You understand me?,- Could I have a word, sir?,Fucking scarred for life, it dont mean nothing?,Everything I own is in the backseat of my truck.,- Go on and grab it.,Put it back in the bunkhouse.,And hey, this means something.,- Youre a corporate raider,,come and raid for Market Equities.,Ive taken all your fathers ranch I need for the moment.,You wanna save the rest of it,,find me something better.,- Im taking the job at Market Equities.,- Tell me how that helps us.,- It helps us when I run it into the fucking ground.,- Whos the ring leader of this circus?,- The one on the left, blonde hair.,- You Summer?,- You must be the big boss.,- You made bail.,- Howd I do that?,Whyd you bail me out?,- You believe what youre doings right.,I disagree but I, I respect it.,What have we got here?,Im gonna be right back.,Easy, Im gonna get you back to mama. Yeah.,- You love this.,- You coming?,- No, I think Im gonna walk.,And if I get tired, Ill just flag down one of your cowboys.,I understand that much about you guys.,- Well then you understand enough.,- You did it. You got away from him.,Meet your son.,Im gonna need some time before I trust him again.,- Do you trust hell be a good politician?,- I never doubted him as a politician.,- How about a governor?,- It is my great honor to introduce you to my choice,,as the next governor of Montana, John Dutton.,(crowd clapping),- Theres a war being waged against our way of life.,The ugly truth is they want the land.,It will never look like our land again.,That is progress in todays terms.,So if its progress you seek, do not vote for me.,- Hes the opposite of progress, you be the face of it.,Now is when we separate from him,introduce Montana to your real father.,- He was in prison.,- What for? – Murder.,- If you have any interest in being governor,get him outta your house and get him outta your life.,- My dads dying.,- Can he have some time to say goodbye?,- He claims that youre his guardian.,- Im his what?,- Who the fuck are you?,- My names Carter.,- You know what just shut up, just shut up.,Who is that?,- You, 20 years ago with the same options that you had.,- Im gonna teach you a trick,,so that you dont blow this opportunity.,Dont think that you deserve it.,You dont deserve it, and you never will.,- Okay go.,- You saddled those horses?,- Theyre tied outside.,- This, this makes you happy, dont it?,- It does.,- I, Rip Wheeler, take Beth Dutton,,to be my lawful wedded bride.,- Fuck yes I do.,- I now pronounce you husband and wife.,- Damn that was beautiful.,- Are they all like that?,- Hell, kid, aint none of them like that.,- Fur is murder! Fur is murder!,- This is a little above your pay grade.,- Why the fuck do they need another airport?,- Cause its gonna make them a shit ton of money,and they do not care,how many animals they have to kill to build it.,- In total 117 protesters,have been arrested and charged,and the leader of Free Earth, Summer Higgins,,has been charged with felony aggravated assault,,on a peace officer.,- Theyre asking for life.,I shouldve never listened to your daughter.,- What do you mean?,You used her and now shes facing prison.,- There is no morality here, dad, none.,There is keep the kingdom or there is lose the kingdom.,Oh yeah, we did it again.,- Youre pregnant?,(laughing),- How longs hanbleceya?,- Four days and four nights.,You must stand on a cliff of death,to understand your purpose in life.,- You ready? What do you see?,- Wheres the justice,for the man who tried

Ben Shapiro Reviews the Yellowstone Season 4 Finale!

alrighty folks so i am here to recap and,review the season four finale of,yellowstone yellowstone of course one of,the most watched shows on tv its,produced created written by taylor,sheridan he of course has his own taylor,sheridan verse hes most famous for,doing movies like sicario and wind river,and hello or high water he also has,three shows simultaneously running which,is totally crazy his yellowstone 1883,and mayor of kingstown yellowstone is,the most popular of the shows as well,discuss i dont think its the best of,those shows well get to all of that and,more in just one moment first this video,is brought to you by our friends at,expressvpn,okay so ive been watching yellowstone,since it first came out and before it,was kind of a thing mainly because i,will watch any show that has guns and,people in cowboy hats it doesnt matter,what it is it sort of had a slow build,to become a thing and now it is the most,watched television show in america,mainly because its got kevin costner,and cowboys doing cowboy things and,people like that sort of thing it also,happens to be a show that is horribly,written i mean it makes no sense,whatsoever there is no internal logic to,it this season it just fell apart,completely so the original setup for,yellowstone for folks who havent,watched the show and spoiler alert there,will be spoilers the original setup of,the show is that john dutton is kevin,costner and john dutton has the dutton,ranch right its in montana its this,giant chunk of land that has been,carried forward over the course of,generations and there is sort of this,three-way conflict between a native,american tribe which feels that they,were the original owners of the land,before the duttons came there and then,there is the dutton family which is,trying to maintain the ranch and then,there are these developers who are,coming in and they alternatively want to,build a hotel or a casino or an airport,that is the first season and its kind,of interesting because even though its,really purple and a lot of people are,getting shot randomly in montana which,would probably draw some national news,coverage more people have been murdered,in montana over the course of the show,than actually live in montana in real,life the bodies are stacked like,cordwood in montana according to the,show,but the basic idea of the show is that,john dutton was a man who was willing to,do what was necessary in order to,preserve the ranch with the help of his,sort of main man in crime rip was his,adopted son and who happens to be just a,super badass whos just killing people,and throwing them down hills and such,right and then the entire ranch is run,sort of like a mafia business was the,original concept of the show,everybody who comes in has to get a,giant brand on them with the yellowstone,and you have to be there for life and,you have to be loyal and its supposed,to be sort of like sopranos set in the,west well pretty quickly it became clear,that taylor sheridan was too in love,with john duttons character to allow,that to happen so now kevin costner is,basically just an out and out,white-hated hero everything that he does,is wonderful and rip who is sort of,a brutal murderer but also kind of,awesome now rip is also a saint who only,does really good things and if he does a,bad thing its to somebody whos totally,bad we know is bad the original,tripartite setup has completely,disappeared at this point the native,american storyline which was the,conflict between the native american,tribe and the ranch which was supposed,to be exacerbated by the fact that,johns son casey has sort of a split,life where he is johns son served in,the military but then came back and,married monica whos a member of the,tribe this was supposed to create all,sorts of internal dissension and,conflict casey has basically been,marginalized thomas rainwater whos the,leader of the tribe and sort of a clever,political operator hes been completely,marginalized even the developer,storyline has been completely,marginalized right theres a big,corporation called market equities which,should just be called big corporation,big inc thats supposed to be investing,in the land wants to buy the land wants,to remake it into an airport and all,this and theyre the bad guys right even,theyve been marginalized so this season,is just a complete mess,its a complete mess like all of the,character-driven sort of conflict has,been completely ripped away right one of,the sons is jamie jamie is this supposed,to be smooth political operator who also,is apparently some sort of sociopath it,turns out that he was adopted his dad,was a murderer and john just had this,habit of taking in kids apparently and,so jamie was supposed to have all this,internal conflict and he was going to,run for governor against his father and,then that all went by the wayside thats,all the lead-up to this season okay last,season season three of yellowstone ended,with everyone getting shot or blown up,everyone casey gets shot jon gets shot,repeatedly beth gets blown up by a bot,theres a bomb like a foot from her,thats the end of season three and,youre like whoa who lived who died man,this is gonna change the face of,yellowstone forever,nope season four five minutes in,everybodys fine caseys healed up hes,fine john shot 97 times he is totally,fine beth had a bomb literally blow up,next to her and she apparently walked,out of the building,fairly unscathed with a few scars and,scrapes and just slice up a cigarette,and shes totally fine as well beth is,supposed to be sort of the wild card,character who doesnt like the ranch but,shes kind of loyal to her dad,and shes a complete dissolute mess well,now shes,monogamous and in love with rip and they,are going to get married and all that,thats very nice okay so the story line,for this season was supposed to be who,tried to kill them and the question was,was it jamie so you figured the entire,thing is going to be jamie who has been,at odds with the family and hes now,found his actual natural father and his,father sort of manipulating him is jamie,going to side against the family and,this is going to be the conflict right,thats what you think the conflict is,going to be in the first episode it,turns out nope it turns out thats not,the chief conflict at all in fact there,is no chief conflict each one of these,characters has a bizarre separate,storyline that makes no sense at all and,again were gonna get to the finale,because the writing is just abysmal in,the finale i mean just bad just out now,bad so here are the character arcs for,the season john duttons job is he hes,gonna run for governor to stop jamie,from being governor is that the main,story line nope the main story line with,john is that hes stupid an,environmental terrorist played by piper,parabo who hasnt been in a thing since,i think coyote ugly in 1972. so close,hes shipping her shes an environmental,terrorist we have no idea why hes,interested in her or why he would be,interested in her and uh his entire,storyline this season is hes stupping,her and then she goes to jail for a,short period of time thats his,storyline this season then theres,beths storyline this season which,basically was she adopts a child and,then alienates the child and is mean to,the child i dont want those,things,i i dont know beth is sort of supposed,to be a girl boss whos good at things,but shes really bad at everything and,apparently good business strategy in,yellowstone is walking into rooms,in very low-cut dresses and then,sexually harassing everybody inside,including random secretaries like there,is no worse job in america than to be a,secretary who has to talk to beth dutton,theres no evidence shes good at,anything but apparently shes really,good at business okay but shes this,uber uber-rich billionaires daughter,who lives on the most beautiful ranch in,all of america and shes like abusing,the minimum wage employees and she does,this to everyone she does this to,everyone so her entire story

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Yellowstone In 49 Minutes: Seasons 1-4 Recap | Paramount Network

since 1886 every Dutton who died is,buried 300 yards from my back porch,lasts long enough for your children to,continue the cycle and maybe just maybe,the land is still there is when a tree,sprouts from you,hey Cowboy what are you doing here,closure I guess,you Penance Im sure youll find that,here,but you havent fished here in years the,only thing we havent done in years to,see you Casey so he told me to leave he,told us all to leave,youre just the only one who did,its different right so youre going to,raise him on a reservation to prove a,point but Im proving youll never,understand,I just want to know him Casey weve met,but I dont really know him and he,doesnt know me is there too much to ask,that you help make that happen,he just wants to know his grandson,I guess we could give him that what do,you think,you know what I think,you will be judged,for the actions of your father,[Music],Chief hungry for a fight this one Im,here to talk cattle they dont belong to,you,belong to you either belong to the,people now if you act like a thief,Thomas,I will treat you like one,I will erase you from the future and any,evidence that your family ever existed,will be removed from the property itll,look like it used to,when it was ours until they find a cure,for human nature a man must stand with,his people,two people and well construct the,subdivision 30 miles in the most,pristine Wilderness in North America,youre right,theyre building a city,what are you doing here,the thing I always do,do fixing something you couldnt you,want to build subdivisions move to,Dallas I wont have them here call,progress John,I always doesnt need your permission,everyones forgotten who runs this rally,its not the way to remind them its a,bad idea we dont choose the way little,brother you gotta learn when to think,like a lawyer you understand and when to,think like a landowner,you dont want to be on the wrong side,of the Sun,and those kind of walked onto our land,they became our cattle to do as we,please I deserve to know what happened,Casey,he was my brother,theyre fine,a dispute over cattle turned deadly last,night I should say coming how could you,know he wanted the cattle that bad he,didnt want cow I wanted this I need you,more than ever you have me,fight everyone,[Music],thumbs up dont even think about it Dan,Jesus I run mergers and Acquisitions for,Schwartz and Meyer so you work with Dan,oh yeah we flirted with a couple of,things right,you need to look closer when you look at,me I ruined careers of the living you,have the craziest person Ive ever met,in my life,yeah you have an edge today,if Im gonna lose you,its going to be because of what I did,not because I lied to you,well I guess thats what we meant when,we said For Better or For Worse its,gonna get worse than this I feel a shift,Johns making bad decisions hes acting,like its 1985 and no ones looking over,our shoulder if we back to someone else,oh that sounds,Mr Dutton,the governor wants to see you theres,things wed like to talk to you about,things like your future Im running for,attorney general and I expect your,support Warehouse that youre hiring,Cowboys,not criminals Timmys the only family I,have left Im gonna do this my way right,you understand my way Jimmy Im going to,give you two choices one is I drive you,down to the Sheriffs office or you,prove that you deserve another chance,but it aint up to me why would John,give you [ __ ] about me he doesnt,pretty well,to get rid of a Wrangler today,he worked over Jimmy hes been here a,while hes seen a lot train stations,where I live what are you doing this,aint no train station there it is a,long black train we play some with,somebody from the prison whats your,name Walker put your [ __ ] in the back,the brand isnt something here and,somebody live up to got the hell of a,prize to pay,all the boys have it,no,just the crowns I need to understand why,he hates you so much I told him to take,you to the clinic,not let you leave until you had an,abortion that you wouldnt do it so you,had this cowboys Brandon,you dont Monica that I did myself,you should send me back to Salt Lake,City Daddy and I need her here she can,be what she will never be,she can be evil and it was what I need,right now shes gonna tear this family,apart you never lost anything in your,whole life well I lost the same mother,you lost,she did this,so members of the livestock Association,have raised some health concerns,regarding your father health concerns,like what like cancer how much time you,got left,oh no,learn how to time ripping that chill,theyre not ready to protect this place,everything I do is for him and,everything you do is for you where you,been,I needed you I was campaigning the first,thing youre doing tomorrow is,withdrawing from the race,what,after everything Ive done for you after,everything Ive split ahead youve done,for me Jamie,besides helped me build the Empire you,stand inherent sorry son I just dont,see the sacrifice in that,once you put the ranch in a truss,do I list is beneficiary,what do you think,get Jamie off the payroll,been hearing the boys talk a bit,swapping stories and whatnot I aint,gonna break the law for you rip,you should have thought of that before,you took the brand,because your chance to leave this place,is passed you by John Dutton is exactly,whats wrong with this country these are,the kinds of stories that affect real,change newspaper is right about all,these random acts of islands give me,everything youve got,but you and I know different we know a,spiders behind it all,consider other families before my owners,to fail them Caseys gonna end up dead,or in prison we both know it,behind your house to protect this family,and you are the worst thing for it,choose not to see things,you see it now,my job is to protect our son and the,best way to do that is to keep him from,your father,keep him from you youre a good man your,father is not soon the entire country,will know what I know do you want to be,a subject of this article or a source,I want everything that John Dutton has I,want the Yellowstone thats the enemy of,my enemy,has no greater enemy than that man right,there rainwater and chickens are working,together theyre building a casino right,up against your fence Id like to come,home I dont need another Cowboy Casey,this is the only thing I got to give my,son I know what you need the only way to,protect my fathers Legacy is to destroy,the man,[Music],okay,Im ready,[Music],these films have to go away before I do,how far away do you want them to go,and let go away they never come back,youll run in prison for this that semi,that ran into Mr duttons truck is that,an accident it was a convenient,opportunity,now you know case you know how much the,Yellowstone is worth I think Im gonna,be the last Christmas when I want to,take it,hey man,its the one constant in life,you build something worth having,someones gonna try and take it,can I help you looking for John Dutton,yeah whos looking for John Dutton,[Music],bro,Mr Dutton seems theres a problem that,we share,morning Dan pressure eating solid food,so soon,last meal before you hit the road why,would I leave I want to watch you drag,from your front porch rainwater and,chickens are working together were,building a casino right up against your,fence,youre actually not ready to protect,this place,Im running out of time,[Music],slide that paddle under his back thats,great stop what is it its not calling,cancer John you have an awesome and its,raptured,know theres being scared to die,something no one is coming,you realize youre not going to die and,now you gotta,they saw them decisions you made,the only thing I got left is to make a,future for my son this is the only thing,I got to give him,so youre the big man now huh sure was,easy for you to walk away from the life,that you worked so hard to build well,she doesnt want that life anymore,she was afraid that you would turn into,our father instead of proving her wrong,you come here and you take th

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The Ending Of Yellowstone Season 4 Explained

the season 4 finale of yellowstone is a,doozy but is it really just a big reset,to the status quo of seasons past and,whats up with caseys visions on,january 2nd 2022 10.4 million viewers,tuned in for the season 4 finale of,taylor sheridans hugely popular,contemporary western yellowstone despite,its popularity the season has garnered,its share of criticism as it gradually,evolves into a kind of yellowstone,extreme three times the fist fights in,roping three times the beth one-liners,three times the cores light and dodge,ram product placement and three times,the john dutton bemoaning the ever,looming loss of his way of life,i am the opposite of progress,im the wall that it bashes against and,i will not be the one who breaks,although the vast majority of season,four plays out more like a succession of,wild west meets modern tv trope,vignettes as opposed to a story tethered,to any overarching narrative the season,4 finale represents a return to the,series roots with episode 10 yellowstone,continues to own this collage-like,approach but uses it to focus on some of,the series more compelling themes in,addition to highlighting its focus on,the tension between progress and old,school conservation grass on the streets,and weeds on the rooftops gives viewers,some much needed reminders about the,psychology that drives the three,remaining dutton children as well as the,larger-than-life father figure whose,approval dictates their every move,season 4 received some criticism for,turning one of the shows most,compelling characters beth dutton into a,bit of a caricature however the series,finale finally gives viewers a glimpse,into the tragedy that drives her while,also reminding them of the shark-like,instincts and two-steps ahead intellect,that served beth so well in previous,seasons after angering her father in,episode 9 beth is so devastated by his,disapproval that she begins packing to,leave the ranch for a moment it looks as,though beths childish obsession with,earning her fathers approval will win,out over the love and stability she has,with rip but jon insists she stay after,losing her mother at a young age beth,became determined to make up the loss to,her father and that tragic mentality has,stayed with her ever since later on beth,walks past her new tween charge carter,and lashes out at him when he tries to,call her mama she projects her own,feelings of loss and guilt onto him and,its difficult to decide who is sadder,the rejected carter or the broken little,girl speaking from the 35 year old,womans mouth finally in the midst of,her triumphant manipulation of her long,long-hated adoptive brother beth reminds,both jaime and viewers why she sees him,as a man capable of nothing but betrayal,and cowardice beth has never dealt with,the abortion and sterilization she,underwent at the age of 15 and shell,forever see her pain as the result of,jaimes actions the finales repeated,spotlighting of beths psychological,wounds could mean a return to the,nuanced character that so compelled,audiences in previous seasons,in season 4 episode 4 winning or,learning jaime explains to casey that,hes been fighting for the dutton family,from behind the scenes hes the reason,he reveals why neither casey nor anyone,on the ranch faces any charges for the,vengeance they enact upon the militiamen,in season 3. when casey defends their,actions by saying those were the men,that attacked our father jaime says it,doesnt matter,there is whats just,and theres the law,they are not the same thing,in the season finale john dutton repeats,jamies mantra in his conversation with,the judge following summers,over-the-top sentencing,theres a difference between whats,legal,and whats just,this strongly implies its jon who,teaches jaime the notion in the first,place the difference of course lies in,the two mens understanding of which of,these often contradictory ideas should,ultimately win for jon justice takes,precedence over legality for jaime a,lawyer as opposed to seasoned rancher,the law wins out over anyones,individual understanding of justice when,the law happens to align with johns,version of whats right he can accept,jaime when the law prohibits john from,effectively or efficiently seeking out,vigilante justice he cant its a,potentially irreconcilable difference,and one made all the more complicated by,jaimes own actions while jon may have,piles of bodies and gallons of blood on,his hands it is jaime not john who,personally commits two murders in order,to protect himself by way of protecting,the duttons interests season five,promises to be even worse for the,intelligent but emotionally stunted,jaime after beth visits the inmate who,is hired to kill the duttons and,discovers that jaime was there she seeks,him out and gives him an ultimatum she,believes that even if jaime didnt know,his biological father garrett was behind,the hit the reason he didnt blow his,head off as soon as he found out is that,he also wants the duttons dead death,gives jaime two options one that ends,with him and his biological father in,prison for life or one that ends with,the two dead but as beths leaving she,offers him a third option jaime can cut,out the middleman and do what he should,have done from the beginning and kill,his own father jaime ultimately kills,garrett by shooting him in the head,after they share a touching moment when,jaime disposes of the body beth follows,him and snaps a pitcher,he should have picked options one or two,when beth returns to the ranch john,demonstrates some semblance of concern,for his adopted son jaime thinking beth,hurt him jaime is a disappointment he,says but he still loves him though,apparently not enough to try to stop,beth from killing him just when it looks,as though jaime might wriggle out from,underneath the duttons thumb hes,pulled back under of course its,unlikely he would ever fully betray them,even without beth having this leverage,since jaimes main problem much like,beth is that he lives for the approval,of jon season 4 finale may not be the,explosive cliffhanger of season 3 but it,leaves viewers with plenty of questions,for starters although monica and caseys,relationship only occasionally,punctuates the background of a handful,of the seasons episodes caseys vision,on the mountain hints at bigger things,to come for the couple in addition to,having flashbacks to his traumatic time,serving as a navy seal casey interacts,with three different people during his,spiritual journey his deceased brother,who represents all things dutton avery,who represents temptation and infidelity,and an unknown woman or the human,representation of the wolf that sparks,his spiritual inquiry in the first place,casey follows the wolf to a crossroads,though the audience isnt shown what,lies beyond either path,what did you see,i saw the universe,while its clear that monica thinks the,us refers to her and casey we dont,actually know so much of season 4 hints,at a destruction of the duttons way of,life that it could just as easily point,to something outside their marriage,audiences are left to wonder what,exactly casey sees after reliving his,time as a soldier and denying the first,two temptations in his vision,casey has repeatedly been posited as the,most redeemable member of the dutton,family so its likely that whatever,decision he makes on the mountain will,have major consequences for season 5.,jimmy returns to the ranch after finding,both love and himself in his temporary,reassignment at the four sixes ranch in,texas for some reason fired barrel,racers laramie and jimmys ex-girlfriend,mia are at the bunk house when he,returns with his new fiance emily in,keeping with season 4s fist fights,before storyline style emily and mia,throw down and the latter leaves,distraught its tempting to see the,fight as yet another macho thats just,how it is here seen but jimmys,exhaustion with all the drama of the,dutton ranch is key to his decision to,leave it behind jimmys mentor on the,ranch lloyd struggles to

Is Yellowstone an Unbridled Masterpiece? | Yellowstone Seasons 1-4 Review

so I finally decided to catch up with,everyone else in the world and watch,Yellowstone so just a warning right now,there will be spoilers for the show,Yellowstone seasons one through four,another quick thing too I want to get,out of the way is Im just going to,broadly talk about the show Im not,going to go in depth into every single,episode Im just going to try to touch,on the characters and kind of the plots,and just if its kind of worth watching,as a whole so if it sounds like,something you want to listen to kick,back relax and lets start the video so,Yellowstone is about the main,protagonist John Dutton and he is a,seventh or 8th generation farmer in,Montana on their Ranch the Yellowstone,Ranch and its about the struggle of him,and his family keeping the ranch and,making a profitable and keeping the land,that he has and then of course the land,has been in his family since the,mid-1880s if you have watched the,prequel to Yellowstone 1883 I highly,recommend that show that is a tremendous,show I actually watched the prequel,before I watched Yellowstone and my,goodness that prequel is amazing so,definitely check it out but they explain,how the Dutton family got to Montana and,how they settled the Yellowstone Ranch,but regardless we fast forward to modern,day and its all about how John Dutton,is trying to keep the ranch make sure it,stays around for many generations to,come so every season it seems like,seasons one through four is about how,they can keep the ranch right someones,trying to build a casino or build a club,or build a airport or build something,where the Yellowstone Ranch is its,about John doing everything in his power,to keep the ranch how it is through,somewhat corruption killing people etc,etc now I know again that is a very,broad picture to paint because it is a,very good show but thats generally what,the show usually is about you know how,theyre going to keep the ranch and just,kind of the the foe theyre gonna have,to overcome in each season but again,thats very broadly painting it the more,integral part of the show are really,really good the characters are very very,well written majority of them are really,well fleshed out and its not hard to,root for the characters in Yellowstone I,honestly cant think of a character in,the show that isnt written well except,for maybe Monica who is Caseys wife,Casey is one of Johns sons that lady I,think is a really great actress because,I hate her character the Monica,character is the most whiny and just,worthless character I think Ive ever,seen in TV she honestly Rivals Lori from,The Walking Dead thats who she reminds,me of constantly her bad decision making,her flip-flopping on her agreeing with,her husband or not and just the overall,just kind of just pretentiousness and,whininess she reminds me of Laurier from,The Walking Dead and Im not taking,anything away from the real person,playing that character I think shes,doing a great job because I truly,dislike that character she is so,annoying same thing like Sarah Wayne,Callies playing lore in The Walking,Dead I think she is a great actress she,did a tremendous job bringing that,character to life its just a character,itself is just beyond annoying and in,most instances so John has three sons,and one daughter the sons being Lee,Jaime and Casey and Beth is the daughter,Lee is very unimportant he gets killed,in the pilot of the show and he really,doesnt get referenced very much after,that he pops up in an episode of season,four when Casey is hallucinating but,thats really it you know theres a few,name drops of him here and there but he,gets killed in the pilot for plot,purposes and its just kind of like he,didnt really ever exist I thought they,could have done more with flashbacks of,showing how Lee became the second in,command of the Dutton family and so,forth I know he was the firstborn son so,forth and all that but they could have,done a little bit more with that theres,a few flashbacks where the lead,character is in it but I think they,could have done a tad bit more on that,but what are you gonna do and Jamie is,another son of John he is the lawyer of,the family hes the will to do more of,the lack for a better term Yuppie,brother of the group and he is just a,very manic and just catatonic person at,times and fast forward to season four I,believe we as the audience actually find,out that hes adopted so it kind of,makes a little more sense why hes so,different compared to his brothers and,so forth and overall the character is,compelling enough and the actor does a,great job in the role but Jamie is hes,whatever generally speaking I mean I can,take him or leave him I do think the,character will die before the show ends,its just its kind of trending that way,and then Casey Caseys the son who never,really wanted any of this but hes kind,of all thrown in his lap hes a veteran,he went and served overseas for like,roughly a decade thats what you kind of,have to infer hes married to Monica,whos Native American so thats kind of,a whole other issue between the duttons,owning that land and theres a Native,American tribe that wants to take over,the land because thats where they,originally were and so forth and then,Casey Monica have a son named Tate,depending on the season kind of becomes,a cowboy with like Casey John and the,rest and other Seasons hes just kind of,there doesnt really do much like season,four he didnt really exist at all hes,fine hes a fine enough character I,guess but Caseys a good character hes,definitely developed a lot probably the,most out of all the characters,throughout seasons one through four,because he goes from you know pretty,much having nothing to do with his dad,to in season four becoming like the,livestock commissioner running the ranch,and so forth so he is probably the,biggest Arc so far throughout the show,and then we get to Beth probably the,best character in the entire show Beth,Dutton is the daughter of John and she,is a woman that takes no BS from anyone,and shes probably the smartest Dutton,out of the whole family I know Jamies a,lawyer but Beth is quite conniving and,she knows what shes doing pretty much,in every instance in every scene Beth is,in is honestly gold I mean whether she,has a one-liner or whether shes just,talking to someone or shes doing a,thing shes honestly the best character,throughout the whole show just 10 out of,10 there shes wonderful fast forwarding,to season four Beth is now married to,rip rip wheeler is one of the ranch,hands he helps run the ranch with John,and a few others hes pretty much an,adoptive son of John Dutton technically,not because theres a whole thing but,hes been at the ranch since he was like,say 15 16 years old and hes worked his,way up to being a loyal person on the,Yellowstone Ranch and hes just a good,old solemn Cowboy does whats right,doesnt question leadership and he does,everything in his power to protect Beth,and the Dutton family and the,Yellowstone Ranch and the series has,done a good job of giving rip more depth,as the series went on compared to just,the beginning you know hes just kind of,the hard Cowboy that does what hes told,you know as the show progresses we see,why he is the way that he is and stuff,like that and of course there are many,other interesting characters on The,Ranch such as like Jimmy and Teeter,Walker Lloyd theres a few others and,theyre all just the ranch hands to some,extent some are technically not Ranch,hands or Cowboys but thats just getting,into the correct lingo theyre all on,the show as more ancillary characters,they all have their own moments where,theyre really really great but but,theyre not the I would say heart and,soul of the show definitely John and his,kids are kind of the heart and soul of,the show but that doesnt mean that,theres not great moments with like say,Lloyd and Walker and a few other,characters I think Lloyd is a great,character I know a lot of people,probably wouldnt say this but I think,Lloyd is very similar to Daryl fro

YELLOWSTONE Season 4 Explained – Recap & Breakdown

yellowstone season 4 is about revenge as,one of the dutton familys enemies put a,hit on them at the end of season 3. jon,got peppered with bullets on the side of,the road and bomb went off at beths,office two armed assailants went after,casey at the livestock association and,more low lives were sent to the ranch,itself,johns situation is the worst among all,of them in fact its so bad that he,feels the need to use his blood to write,the details of the van his attackers,used specifically its color and its,direction,rip gets to john right when he loses,consciousness so rip arranges a medevac,to get jon to the hospital and the note,john left comes in handy because rip,shares these details with casey who was,able to take down the attackers that,came after him,casey heads out to intercept jons,attackers with the help of the sheriffs,department and the livestock association,they get every single one of the,assailants in an insane sure casey gets,hit by two bullets but he recovers just,fine,the recklessness on display here should,get casey in trouble because there are a,lot of civilians in the crossfire when,he engages however the show brushes past,this problem and no federal agencies get,involved,beth has surprisingly survived the,assassination attempt on her life though,she has some burn scars that shell,carry for the rest of her life she must,have ducked and taken cover just as the,bomb went off because she noticed the,unusual box at the end of season 3 and,she warned her assistant not to open it,so she sensed the threat and probably,survived because of that,the guys attacking the ranch almost get,to tata monica but tate saves his mother,by shooting one of the assailants monika,and tate head to the bank house after,this where they see that more assassins,are being taken care of,the only thing of value lost during this,sequence is rips cabin which was gifted,to him by john this used to be johns,fathers cabin so it was invaluable from,an emotional standpoint so rip loses the,only material thing hes ever valued not,to mention the symbol of his connection,to jon,we jump forward a few months to learn,that jon is okay he was comatose for a,while and they didnt think he would,ever wake up but here he is he is as,grumpy as ever which helps lighten up,the mood after the insane opening,sequence,jon fends off in the effort to take care,of him he fires his nurse and gets down,to his porch mentally he is back even,though he is still suffering from a,physical standpoint,we see that the ranch is heavily,protected now there are livestock agents,outside the gates and cases camped out,in a killer suit in case anything goes,wrong casey tells his father that every,single attacker their enemies sent is,dead but jon asserts that they need to,find the sender,beth believes jaime is behind the plot,she goes after him in the attorney,generals office promising that she will,kill him herself when the time is right,jaime insists he had nothing to do with,the attacks but this doesnt do anything,to convince beth,also jaime and his biological father,gareth talked to a realtor to buy a,ranch and jaime decides to do it further,distancing himself from the dutton,family the main reason for this falling,out is jaimes decision to lease a part,of the yellowstone ranch to market,equities and jaime rightly thought that,market equities would get the land,eventually using eminent domain which,would force the duns to sell to the,governments because the land will be,used to build an airport jaime prevents,that and doesnt sell the land he only,leases it however this goes against,jons wishes he doesnt want an airport,on his range so jaime is estranged from,the family even though from a logical,standpoint jaime did the right thing,going back to the mastermind of the,attack casey thinks the montana free,militia did it themselves because of the,events that took place in season 2. they,helped malcolm back kidnap tate back,then so duttons went after the militia,and got the better of them casey thinks,this must have been their revenge scheme,and jon gives casey the go-ahead to kill,every remaining member of the militia,they can find,rip in the meantime goes after rorke,morris thats not because rip thinks,rourke was behind the attacks no rourke,has already done something else to piss,off the duns by sending his goons to,attack colby and teeter in season 3 and,colby and theater barely made it out,alive so now rip goes up to rorke as he,is fishing and unleashes a rattlesnake,which bites him and poisons him he runs,away but collapses soon afterward rip,comes up to him and watches him drift,away,we find out more about the assassination,plot at the painted horse casino as a,man named checkers is boasting about,putting together the crew that went,after jon rainwaters right hand man mo,is immediately on this because that kind,of information can be useful it can tell,rainwater who they should be watching,out for because,they could be their next target,mo goes old school and drags checkers,behind a horse to get him to speak and,checkers eventually cracks though we,dont hear what hes got to say,the company building the airport market,equities has a new ceo whose name is,caroline warner she is in town because,his skull is found on the construction,site of the airport and construction is,halted caroline makes rainwater a sweet,offer claiming they will fund the,reservations casino and hotel,construction and together they will turn,this place into the new las vegas in,exchange she wants the airport,construction to continue,rainwater is hesitant because the offer,sounds too good to be true so he wants,to see the actual fine print of the deal,to believe it,beth has a chat with her former boss bob,schwartz who sold her out by selling,shorts on meyer to market equities bob,and beth had bought a lot of land around,the yellowstone ranch to put it in a,conservation reserve program and this,way they prevented urbanization while,also making money from this government,program beth tells bob to re-examine the,fine print of the agreement between the,yellowstone ranch and schwarzer meyer,suggesting that the duns co owned the,land with schwarzenmaier so now their,parent company market equities doesnt,have full control over the land they,acquired which means that they cant use,that land in their projects other than,that beth is busy with a kid she meets,at the hospital carter this little fella,is a troublemaker because his father,passes away from a drug overdose and he,gets involved in some criminal,activities beth takes him under her,wings but rip says not so fast,carter is like a small version of rip,and he eventually warms up to the kid,and gives him a chance,as you know beth cant have children and,thats probably why she warms up to,carter so quickly carter has a mouth on,him like beth he is an orphan like rip,so he doesnt really feel like a,stranger hes like a mixture of beth and,rip and carter ends up becoming the new,stable boy,jimmy is alive too by the way though his,physical situation is less than ideal,jon had explicitly told him not to do,rodeo anymore and jimmy promised jon he,wouldnt but he went ahead and broke his,promise as well as his back,john is sending him away with travis to,the four sixes ranch in texas to see if,he can finally become a proper cowboy,travis is a horse trainer weve seen in,previous seasons he is portrayed by the,showrunner himself taylor sheridan and,going forward jon wants travis to,represent the yellowstone ranch because,he wants people to think of yellowstone,when they think of horses so travis,agrees to put together a team to execute,this vision which has the potential to,make the ranch a lot of money but this,venture will require an investment in,the millions and john is willing to do,it because he needs to turn the ranch,into a national brand,name recognition on this valley alone,doesnt cut it anymore as they get,crushed by big companies like market,equities so this is jons plan to go,national

Yellowstone season 5 episode 7 review and recap: The end of John Dutton???

hey there everybody Welcome to our,review of Yellowstone season five,episode seven this is the final episode,of the calendar year lets all process,our emotions lets go and drink,ourselves into just like complete like,Oblivion as a result who wants a bar,so good this episode was a 10 out of 10,this is like everything that Ive been,waiting for all season long I loved,absolutely everything about it its so,sad that were not gonna be getting any,new episodes until sometime next year,they havent announced when its coming,back but yeah this is the last episode,at least we got some really good deer,moments it it was so good Im really,happy leaving the the season in the,middle like this where its on a high,note yeah we we went through it,everybody to get to this point I mean we,we I love you Teeter okay yeah we were,were gonna talk all about the greatness,of Teeter the greatness of Teeter and,Colby theres so much to unpack there,but before we go any further here go,ahead and hit that subscribe button you,know we have more Yellowstone videos,coming up who knows the next time,Peters gonna be talking about a bar so,you know you dont want to miss any of,that coming your way also Merry,Christmas to everybody who is,celebrating that happy Hanukkah that,starts today to everyone who is,celebrating that and if youre not,celebrating anything uh we hope you just,have a really fun holiday season with,everyone who is celebrating great food,family friends and thank you to,everybody whos subscribed to the,channel and been here with us all season,long watching Yellowstone its been,really great and theres been really,great conversations in the comments so,you know we both really appreciate it,yeah absolutely and its a good this is,a great video and its sort of like you,sort of mentioned it leave off on,because theres this theres so many,different things to talk about but the,the Teeter Colby Barr the conversation,like this oh it was so cute it was so,cute it was so unbelievably funny and I,think to me what made this so good is I,I know a lot of people are going to be,okay you know were making a joke about,teeters accent again but Ive,Ive known people who say bear like bar,before and anytime this happened in real,life everyone would comment on it,because no one knew what they were,saying its a very specific group of,people who call Bear bar and you know if,youre from certain parts of the country,youre well aware of this already it was,probably one of the most relatable,moments Ive had watching Yellowstone,because I do not relate to many of these,characters at all otherwise yeah it was,just it was so nice with everything,thats going on in this episode thats,really intense to have the moments with,Teeter and Colby and everybody just,having a really fun time going to the,fair winning her bar I just I I,absolutely loved it and this is why Im,Im so for having a bunk house spin-off,I could watch these guys all day long,all day long theres just theres so,many different Dynamics to play out,there yeah you know youve got Teeter,and Colby who obviously our opinions of,them are very very clear at this point,you know youve got Lloyd who is capable,of some really interesting moments here,or there you know you can throw ripping,occasionally you know Ryan okay you know,listen bye Abby listen that whole scene,like Ive not been a fan of this romance,but the minute that he was told that,hes going to be going on this Cowboy,Adventure thats like this huge thing,for him and hes explaining it to her in,a way that she should very much,understand to be like this is like being,on the biggest stage in the world for me,like you know and its his job like the,way she was talking about shes like oh,yeah you know go chase your dream I wish,you know your dream was me and its just,like okay one this isnt a dream this is,his job and theyre telling him that he,has to go do something at his job okay,thats one thing two this is something,where its like this this is like one of,the highest points of his job thats,like oh man this is like this is it this,is what I do this job for and shes just,not supportive is like basically choose,me or the job and its just like girl,bye not like thats nah I dont want to,see that Im done with that relationship,do not bring her back you know what kind,of fish Abby is shes a shellfish,because she is so unbelievably selfish,yeah I made that joke I do not care,dont stop watching though I do care,about that but no I I just I I have no,interest in Abby I didnt really love,this character in the first place it,just the whole storyline just felt so,routine and also you could have given us,more tea drink Colby Ill Ill stop at,the theater and call me now but its,just like you had a really compelling,relationship that has been pushed to the,side so we could focus on this that,didnt seemingly end up going anywhere,yeah for sure I mean there was there was,a lot of relationship stuff going on in,here we saw of course rip is going to be,going away for about a year so there was,a little bit there with him and Beth,there was a really good relationship,moment with Beth and Monica that I you,know were gonna get a little bit more,into because I think that that was a,really big sort of turning moment in a,lot of ways but lets talk about the,relationship with summer because Summer,is someone that I just havent been able,to get into and I think a lot of people,have been having a really hard time with,her I mean even in this conversation,that she was having with John where,shes kind of like yeah you know Ive,learned a lot and Im not going to start,eating beef or anything but you ate a,stick of butter like five episodes ago,so you know you can just sit down but I,think there was a really important,conversation here where she was kind of,like listen like everybody judges people,before really getting to know them and,one of the amazing things that you know,youve given me John is that you brought,me here and I was even though Ive lived,a lot of life shes like Ive lived all,over the place and people judge me you,know by my license plate and not by my,life experience and then I did the same,thing to you until I had an opportunity,to come here and,learn about you the ranch uh whats,going on here and I think other people,could benefit from having that same type,of actual Peak into other peoples lives,and I have to agree I think that it is,very easy for people to make assumptions,about people I mean weve had them here,at the channel since weve been doing,Yellowstone somebody last week even left,us a comment that was like well,obviously youre not from Texas and to,that I have to say take it away Matt,howdy Im from Texas I grew up in a,small town in Texas I have been out to,like Podunk West Texas on a number of,different occasions my grandmother,actually owned horses and at points cows,so uh now Ill make it clear I never was,on a ranch I have never been to a ranch,other than like to have some like a,steak once upon a time but you know what,most people in Texas have not not,everybody in Texas wears a 10 gallon hat,I am wearing a Raptors beanie that is,not a cowboy hat at all like you know,its all once again we cant make,judgments about people yeah I think it,was a really important conversation,because it allowed both of these,characters who live in their own bubble,like we all do to see things from,different perspectives and still come,together romantically I think we all saw,that coming yeah like that part of it I,think was predictable but I think the,conversation itself was important and,theres one vantage point of me where,Im just like okay John with the were,gonna kiss behind the cowboy hat thing,but at the same time that is exactly,what John Dutton would do it is like the,ultimate old school Western Trope then,he he is basically like a 1950s western,movie character who they have just like,transported into the present and he is,just like this extreme outlier with the,rest of the show yeah okay so that,brings u

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