1. Why does Yelp hide reviews?
  2. Fast Food Ad vs. Yelp Review Taste Test
  3. Restaurant Ad vs. Yelp Review Taste Test
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Why does Yelp hide reviews?

it is the era of the internet rating,when you pick a spot to eat a place to,stay or just about anything else theres,a good chance you first look at the,number of stars Peck,when you buy a tuba toothpaste you can,find a rating for the paste a score for,the specific pharmacy selling it even a,measure of what its like to work for,the pharmacy but how are all these,ratings determined in a lot of cases,its not as simple or transparent as it,seems thats what we discovered when we,looked into Yelp which is probably the,Internets most influential rating site,business owners have been caught paying,for favorable ratings Yelp says theyve,developed an algorithm to screen out,fake reviews but a lot of business,owners say what Yelp is really doing is,extorting them for advertising money,tonight we devote our entire show to,that Yelp filter one of the invisible,algorithms operating in the background,of our online lives first off just how,much do these ratings matter in the real,world consider the fate of dr. Beauty,Envy Elaine press Tauruses electrolysis,Spa in Northern Virginia just a year ago,her offices and her scheduling chart,were filled with 75 patients a day,this was my typical work week today the,calendar is mostly empty so now this is,what my work week this week looks like,for stores,says the fall-off is easily traced to,her Yelp page which today gives her a,dreaded one-star rating at one point she,actually changed the name of the,business it was originally called envy,electrolysis and a laser center but the,Yelp ratings followed her to the new,name and its not just individual,customers who might be scared off by the,low rating deal companies like Groupon,and LivingSocial that drove so much of,restore iss business will no longer,work with her I signed a contract with,Groupon about a month ago to run a deal,and theyre not running the deal because,of the reviews we were standing in one,of the empty rooms she vacated as her,staff shrank from 8 to just her do you,think your business can survive with a,one-star review,no youre basically closing your company,mm-hmm because of these Yelp reviews yes,set aside for a minute whether dr.,beauty is a good business or not and,just consider the power of that Yelp,rating a couple hundred pixels on a,webpage on which the fate of small,businesses can rise and fall and many of,those business owners say Yelp wields,that power unfairly heres one small,example look at this in Chicago the,first review listed for Norms,automotive clinic isnt for the shop but,because norm doesnt advertise with Yelp,its for a competitor who does same for,Supino pizzeria in Detroit whose page,highlights an ad for green zone pizza,when you go to green zone pizzas page,because they do pay Yelp there are no,competitor ads but like we said thats,just a small example one Yelp it doesnt,debate its something else much harder,to prove that gets business owners,really upset with Yelp they are real,dirtbags,we were flooded with responses when we,asked business owners to share their,Yelp stories youre not going to believe,it after 31 years of business what these,cowards are doing we have some very,interesting and unpleasant experiences,its now I bet I have two other friends,that were affected by Yelp but over and,over they all told basically the same,story a play in three acts,Andre hopper of Avis pond DC illustrates,how the story goes we started having,quite a few new clientele because of,these reviews yall brought you business,yall brought us a lot of business,thats act 1 act 2 involves Yelp,reaching out to the business and then we,started getting phone calls from Yelp to,advertise with the company we sort of,were very hesitant of advertising with,anybody at this point being a small,business and having limited funding so,we declined the invitation of hill how,many times did you say they called at,first it was sort of infrequent and then,they started calling on a daily basis,and sometimes multiple at times a day,multiple times a day how long did that,go on that went on for many months the,annoyance of the calls is one thing but,in act three of the story invariably,things start going bad,on the companys Yelp page the positive,review started disappearing and only,negative or you know sort of in,different reviews staying on our website,help me out with the sequence here,though you have good reviews Yelp starts,calling and then in this time where,theyre calling on a daily basis you,notice the review start to change thats,correct,all of a sudden the reviews are changing,and because we refused to appetize with,them well you say because you think,there was a connection between those two,things,I personally believe so today just 24 of,Avas reviews show up the rest more than,80% of the reviews written have been,filtered theyre hidden unless you click,on this small link at the bottom of the,page and correctly type a CAPTCHA code,to access them so in your view Yelp is,filtering these reviews to get your,attention and to pressure you into,appetizing Yelp says thats not the case,and even produced a video explaining the,filter all reviews that live on peoples,profile page go through a remarkable,filtering process that takes the reviews,that are the most trustworthy and from,the most established sources displays,them on the business page Yelp says they,cant describe the filter in detail,because that would allow people to game,the system our Yelp review filter takes,dozens if not hundreds of signals and,data points into account I cant tell,you what they all are but I can tell you,what one isnt and thats advertiser,status our review filter does not take,into account whether or not one,advertises when it determines which,content to showcase though Yelp insists,its impossible for sales staff to,change review filtering we found one,business owner who says a Yelp,saleswoman promised to do just that they,actually said that they was unfilter a,lot of my filtered reviews better yet,she seemed to make good on the promise,once he started some small-scale,advertising magically like five or six,of my filter reviews became unfiltered,as soon as you started paying a few,dollars a day exactly and all the sudden,I was showing three times as many,reviews as I worked for but this,business owner like many of the people,who contacted us,was unwilling to publicly share his,companys identity why wont you speak,on camera about this its because at the,end of the day Yelp has more power to,destroy me than it does to help me at,this point I mean right now I have 1 out,of every 3 with you is showing that make,sense,know that I have 2/3 of my reviews,filtered does it make sense that what,the third time is that ratio changes,I have no angling to ever pay the,company and I am literally playing the,money out of out of books here an,extortion do it dispersion the evidence,to support those claims is,circumstantial but Yelp has been,fighting them in court and online for,years its completely untrue theres,there is no correlation between,advertising and reviews on Yelp and its,pretty easy for anyone else to see if,theyd like to you can go to Yelp and,look for any business that advertises,and youll certainly see that they have,a few negative reviews and Im sure they,wish they could remove but of course,they cant and the flipside is there are,tons of businesses out there with great,4 and 5 star reputations that dont pay,Yelp a dime next week the release of,some new research will bring an,independent voice to the debate Mike,Luca from Harvard and George Rios,service from Yale have spent three years,parsing thousands of filtered Yelp,reviews we have looked through the data,based on people who advertise and people,who dont advertise and we dont really,see any difference at all in the,likelihood of having reviews filtered so,your research shows whether you,advertise or not has no bearing on how,your reviews are filtered what were,able to say is something I would say is,slightly less strong now there could be,som

Fast Food Ad vs. Yelp Review Taste Test

do these new foods deserve their nasty,reviews lets talk about that,[Music],good mythical morning hey were about to,taste some of the newest most intriguing,fast food items on the market and,determine who is really telling the,truth about them the advertisements,or the angry customers but first i want,to celebrate my buddies big day todays,a big day man my birthday no its not,your birthday its your album oh yes,there we go,my full length album the artists name,is me with james and the shame thats my,thats what im calling myself thats my,middle name the album is human overboard,if the idea of a country album that,explores spiritual deconstruction sounds,a little bit weird to you well it,probably is but maybe its interesting,as well check it out wherever you stream,your music and launch today yeah yeah i,mean the concept sounds weird but i will,say the album sounds great oh ive heard,the whole thing oh thank you multiple,times are you saying that because youre,my friend,yes but hey but also because ive heard,it okay because i mean if youre being,honest thanks for that listen to it but,i do have a question for you,do you ever like see an advertisement,for a new food and youre like oh i,think id like to try that but then you,see a review that somebody has left on,the internet thats negative and you,think oh okay im not going to try that,uh,yes i do see those but and yes i do,decide just like with movies that have,bad reviews,i dont consume them well i understand,it with movies but if its a food i want,to see myself i want to try it for,myself well you should be happy because,you are going to taste everything today,regardless of how negative the reviews,are and you should be happy especially,if youre like link because were going,to tell you whats not worth actually,trying its time for customer gripe,versus restaurant hype part two were,going to be trying recent new menu items,from mcdonalds shake shack and taco,bell,just how they stack up against the hype,from the ag campaigns were also going,to be reading some negative reviews from,people whove tasted the item and,well reviewed it,yeah to decide which is more accurate,the marketing or,the user review,all right first up we got the land air,and c menu hack from mcdonalds so back,in february mcdonalds launched a,campaign using customer submitted menu,hacks that you could order by name but,heres the thing they were going to make,them for you this is basically they were,making you buy all these individual,ingredients and then yeah disassemble,other sandwiches to put things together,its making you buy more so its not,really a secret menu and people could,kind of do this on their own but now if,you said these things they knew what to,get you you know what lets just watch,the commercial,the mouth-watering big mac with a savory,felio fish and a tasty mcchicken,my goodness that looks good,oh,youre making a mcdonalds menu hat yes,a land air and sea,oh its gonna tip over no its good its,good very stable order the land air and,sea by name build it by hand and hack,the mcdonalds menu im surprised at how,attracted i am to it,that made me uncomfortable well first of,all they got the dude from succession,like the oh gosh that was him thats,like hes like the most buttoned up dude,in the world hes talking about menu,hacks why is he why is he happy hes not,fitting man why are we not he that guys,not happy,like the only time he was happy was when,he was just acting like he was happy to,manipulate people oh well is that whats,happening right here i think thats what,was happening,thats why i felt so uncomfortable im,ready to be manipulated sign me up,because i like the idea of this thing,all right so we got a review here from,masslive.com,oh thats my favorite live.com well i,think its massachusetts i dont know,media sciences news writer nick omalley,gave the building instructions so you,can put this thing together i gotta say,i was excited about this episode im,really hungry,and now this is what were doing okay so,like im not excited about this just,tell me what i do im gonna make you,happy make me happy remove both buns,from the filleto fish and mcchicken,leaving just the patty and,oh gosh open up the big mac above the,bottom patty above the bottom above the,bottom patty okay,insert fillet of fish patty okay open up,big mac again well im gonna put the big,mac back together above the top patty,done,insert mcchicken patty okay but ive got,like,theres some tartar sauce well,lets go with the tartar sauce one,or you want to go with i have that,sesame seed bun i cant you have to have,sesame seed bun but this one has cheese,on it theres a bunch of extra buns here,that im not feeling great about listen,you can have all these just a bun,sandwich look at that this is like this,is another menu hack,the quad bun and im gonna just uh just,so we can see he said you dont eat this,as much as you attempt to perform a,controlled demolition of it with your,mouth,biting in the sandwich is like putting,your face five inches in front of a tv,and turning it on its chaotic overload,the sauces play well together,theres a nice cross-section link,so the things that mcdonalds said about,this the big mac would be mouth-watering,the flail fish would be savory make,chicken would be tasty,i mean,drink it does that make you want to eat,it and sink it,its still very big macky,its also very fillet of fishy chicken,is totally lost chicken goblin,and i dont like to fish in a big mac,like how could this be a good idea i,love a big mac so much adding chicken is,totally fine like replacing the middle,bun with the chicken,patty let me try the bun thats a good,idea let me try the quad buns because i,think this might have a better chance of,being enjoyed because its got a little,extra cheese in there look at that,thats so uniform,there you go wrap dont hold back,getting that tartar sauce oh have a bite,of that oh yeah is it great,actually its pretty good,new from mcdonalds quad bun,um,i mean that thats unswallowable,the bun yeah,i swallowed it just just fine,i dont mean to be a debbie downer here,but well you cant help yourself i i,freaking,i gotta say that theres a lot of,competing flavors happening here,but i kind of like it a little bit,i got just a little bit,i like it more than i hate it so you,like the fish in a big mac,i mean it i just its hard for me to not,like any of these things individually,and so putting them together im just,kind of like yeah this is going to,happen in my stomach later on when i,order these three things,im not really excited about im just a,little bit excited yeah dont get the,wrong idea this is rhett saying that,something sucks so,just take that into account yeah,all right next we got taco bells,cantina crispy chicken taco which is a,mouthful yeah at least to say it was,introduced back in february then it left,the menu but then it came back in june,for another limited time run so,was it warranted to bring it back a,second time,lets check out the commercials,crispy chicken tacos for anna and ive,got my usual,i cant believe you dont want to try,these do you think i could try a bit of,that sauce sorry a lot of sauce tried,the cantina crispy chicken tacos for two,dollars each with special pricing on the,app,the way that people interact makes me,uncomfortable what what its just is,there something unsettling about that,friend group can i try some of your,stuff sauce is gone now i just got it,its in my bag now i i do like to try,other peoples sauce you know its like,this what is that this is this do you,have a little extra sauce i didnt have,the guts to actually buy this but i do,want to try it theres another,commercial that has a slightly different,angle and trying to entice you to eat,the taco lets see that,you look really nice,new cantina crispy chicken tacos try,them with creamy chipotle or avocado,ranch sauce,okay so youre supervising your,childrens,prom photo shoot,but the bell rings,the other the younger brother bricks,yeah and it sou

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Restaurant Ad vs. Yelp Review Taste Test

who will win the ultimate food fight,between corporations and customers lets,talk about that,[Music],good mythical morning now im no sucker,but i will get sucked into a commercial,if its telling me to try some new,delectable item at a restaurant fast,food or otherwise i know i just love,shiny new things especially shiny food,the thing is restaurant ads they do a,really good job of making their new,thing look all shiny dont they,especially for you but i do not eat the,ads,i eat the thing thats smart and,probably better for you its time for,customer gripe versus restaurant height,part one,all right were gonna try some new menu,items from popeyes pizza hut and orbish,good old arbish today to see how they,stack up to the hype of their campaign,ads or their ad campaigns,because campaign ads is it it seems like,theyre running for so political,right yeah yeah yeah yeah ad campaigns,yeah thats right hold on is arbys,running for president because im voting,ill write them in okay were also going,to be taking into account some scathing,reviews from real people whove tasted,it in order to see who is closer to the,truth more of a balance the perspective,or the bad review,im just hungry lets do it,[Music],up first weve got popeyes buffalo,ranch chicken sandwich released in may,available for a limited time lets start,by taking a look at the commercial okay,popeyes new buffalo ranch chicken,sandwich is here to sauce things up the,internets favorite chicken sandwich now,comes with a zesty buffalo and creamy,ranch songs spread on our brioche buns,with crunchy pickles and juicy chicken,breasts,the the announcer sounded like hes got,some buffalo ranch sauce caught in the,back of his throat buffalo now,does the regular sandwich have sauce on,the top and the bottom of the chicken i,think thats the only the only,difference because those those pickles,which according to the press release oh,we have access to we get that uh like,popeyes traditional chicken sandwich is,served on a buttery brioche bun with,barrel cured pickles so weve had that,before the only thing thats new is the,new sauce with creamy buttermilk ranch,and a zesty and buttery buffalo sauce,they call it another culinary,masterpiece its just mix and ranch,with buffalo sauce but i mean its a,its a great sandwich you can only,improve just oh i know im gonna like it,yeah so im im feeling im feeling,pretty good but were not gonna move our,slider until we taste it but were not,gonna move our slider until we hear,a review so lets go to europe,up in new jersey inquiring m well it,probably is a mind today i tried the,buffalo ranch sandwich just because its,new,yeah i understand its good enough,reason gotta live only at once and as,expected it was week a s okay so,as expected you cant bring negative,expectations into your fast food,experience why are you expecting it was,weak af i do like their spicy and,original chicken sandwich okay then why,were you expecting to be weak ass yeah,whats wrong with inquiring m youre,under youre undermining yourself,this new contender is not something id,get again okay it had a nice spicy taste,but as i butt into it bit probably but,the lingering ranch thats the problem,he tried to eat it with his butt,but the lingering ranch remnants that,left was a horrible aftertaste in my,opinion lingering ranch remnants that,sounds positive i was able to power,through since the sandwich was fresh and,the pickles made a nice performance with,their crunch and bitterness okay getting,a little too wordy here,thank god annies getting bringing god,into it yeah,you have to make it religious dude but,overall not a sandwich id recommend,yeah you said that earlier toning,against this location i think but i,think probably nothing unless hes like,working out there also hes toning hes,toning at this location,i tone regularly this little show up,here,is that what he means i just mean hes,getting toned oh nothing against this,location but rather the dudes that corp,got it wrong when they approve this idea,of course well they got to be dudes huh,all right so well be the i,this guy im not believing him too much,no this doesnt look as good as the ad,but thats not what were,its another thing we do but the sauce,is much more buffaloey,in person yeah look at how look how,bright that is good golly,it looks like gravy,no thats crazy its like it looks like,red sauce and the commercial looked like,a slightly pink ranch situation it looks,like marinara to be honest with you i,wouldnt know i was eating a different,sandwich,unless youre in the south by side,its not as spicy as the spicy but,theyre not marketing it that way its,not spicy i would say from a spice,standpoint its kind of weak af,its not and i will say its definitely,not an improvement over the normal spicy,so you think this is different chicken,than the spicy you think this is the,regular this is the regular sandwich,chicken with the sauce added instead of,the spicy chicken which has spicy built,into it and it has sauce on it too yes,it has a much better sauce after tasting,it i would say i dont agree with this,guy i dont like the review i dont like,the way he brought god into it and the,fact that hes getting toned,but,he does have a little bit of a point but,i mean here this center is actually a,little bit weighted towards the ad just,using you know proportions here but i am,in enough agreement with the review uh,from that boy to move it down a little,bit not all the way i just dont think,theres,theyre trying to squeeze every ounce of,you know popularity out of this super,popular sandwich and they havent done,it and i agree with this guy,completely except for his uh grammatical,errors okay,but his assertion is toning against that,guy but its not spicy so it is kind of,weak af,and its its not better than than the,other one either get original or get,spicy but dont mess with this i have to,agree with that its a disappointment,im sorry dont apologize im sorry for,being sorry,[Music],all right now we got pizza hut spicy,lovers pizza which debuted back in,january spicy lovers pizza did you hear,of it,when you said it right i did not hear of,it back in january but spicy lovers,pizza is not um for spicy lovers oh,lovers who are spicy right its for,people who just love spice that makes,more sense but they could be spicy,lovers because i was thinking about like,as i am an s m kind of thing it could be,that yeah it could it could come with a,whip and a chain right but it doesnt,its not about that well maybe it does,lets watch a commercial,new spicy lovers pizza from pizza hut,hurts so good with this spicy marinara,and sliced red chilis its like a,roundhouse kick to the taste buds hows,it looking dont be bashful with the,fiery flakes now i want it to be real,spicy i havent started yet okay,im ready,the new spicy lovers pizza get it while,its hot,you want respect,red chilis get your respect knowing how,pizzas the hut,so,friend of the show craig robbie,got a spicy lovers pizza tattoo in that,pizza hut im sure thats real im sure,that tattoo is real because he believes,in the spiciness he said roundhouse kick,to the taste buds thats quite thats,quite an expectation thats sat there,craig i believe he said it hurts so good,yeah he did say that that comes up spicy,marinara um if im looking at the press,release and i am yeah right it says that,its perfectly balanced and flavorful,layers of spicy ingredients including,the new spicy marinara its game,changing with a touch of heat and,sweetness a touch of heat okay,each layer of heat is balanced with full,zesty flavor the carefully crafted,combination performs an intricate dance,on pizza lovers taste buds what,and brings the spice of life we also,desperately need,results hold back a little bit resulting,in a masterpiece of pika pikaant,thats a word pipe pick what thats a,word,piquant,picant picante picante picuant,that offers a craveable bold taste not,burn,youre talking over my head hut yeah,ill tell you right now i didnt yeah i,di

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costco landscaping one star one review,lets go to the bottom for other reviews,that are not currently recommended lets,see what the one bad review so i got,this email recently and i says I have a,small landscaping company of four people,last November I noticed a large change,in the account he also says that he had,five good reviews that were moved to the,not recommended area as impacted his,profile he used to receive ten to,fifteen calls a month from Yelp and its,gone down to one two three call finally,he just gave up Yelp for the past four,years has never had these problems,everybody he talks to has a different,story about whats happened obviously he,was mad which he says in his email as,well so business owners especially small,business owners but small business,owners particularly are prone to this,emotion because its their livelihood,and then he gave me his phone number,which I am gonna call him but first I,want to take a look at his Yelp business,page okay so these results look right,first thing I noticed is there appears,to be some Google ads that are running,which is good and they are the first hit,if you search for them of course this is,a quintessential Yelp problem if they,already knew your companys name they,wouldnt be searching on Yelp if theyre,searching on Yelp because they dont,know a landscaper and they need one this,very much the type of website I would,expect to see but theyve got the ad at,the top this sort of map overlay and,then their website and then the very,next thing is this Yelp paid Costco,landscaping one star one review however,we know thats not exactly true if we,scroll to the bottom for other reviews,that are not currently recommended lets,see what the one bad review says this,reviewer says that that basically there,was no follow up now if you look at the,Terms of Service for you technically,people who havent actually consumed,your service arent allowed to leave you,negative reviews being that this person,is clearly saying that they they werent,actually a customer of Costco,landscaping thats not really a review,of the services,that they offer Im gonna assume that,you have like thats already and that,its been reviewed manually and and they,decided to keep it and this is just Yelp,having control you did reply it looks,like you know you you actually did a,great job sort of trying to recover so,yeah I see this problem all the time,otherwise the page looks quite good lots,of photos some of the things I want to,call out is that theyve got the,categorization done well theyve got,their services offer done really really,well theyre not paying for ads on Yelp,I can tell that because they have ads,displaying on their page theyve got,their region of service selected thats,good Im assuming theyve got all the,fobs I think its a little bit of five,zip codes you can have on that so Im,assuming theyve maxed that out if not,do that lets take a look at the other,four reviews that are not currently,recommended weve got four total,five-star reviews one from Peter B and,Watertown Mass Andrew did two jobs this,fall cleanup and masonry project,recommended hes comfortable,communicating the email great something,Im just gonna call out is the only,person here whos left any other review,on Yelp is this one from Alston mass,they have no friends this one has one,friend no friends,no friends and all of these profiles,have only ever left one review and its,that one review is for Costco landscape,I wont take a look at the person who,did leave that one bad review they also,have no friends and one review seeing,that tells me that this can be beat it,may explain,[Music],okay lets talk about how you know,actually ways these reviews so young,uses a bunch of different metrics on the,backend to decide what reviews are going,to get put into the not recommended,section which ones are going to be put,as like top rated reviews and those,metrics have things to do with data,points that they have access to like how,long the profile has existed where the,profile is located is it hooked up to a,Facebook profile how many reviews and,how many friends that profile has on,Yelp all of these things and more,theyre using hundreds and hundreds of,data points to decide if a review is,considered by them as valid or invalid,and thats whats happening here so its,decided that four of the reviews for,hand-drew are invalid for some reason or,another like it could be any reason and,by the way all four of those could be,completely real legitimate organic,reviews and theyre still getting canned,because to Yelp its a guess you know,Yelp has to draw a line where a real,review ends and a fake one begins and,they they tend to err on the side of,caution with this and so what that means,for andrew is you know he had he saw a,severe drop in the amount of calls is,getting per month and when you talk,about landscaping landscaping is like,thousands and thousands of dollars per,job so the one two three calls hes,getting maybe one of those converts into,a real customer and thats like two,thousand three thousand dollars versus,ten to fifteen calls a month which you,know if 30% of thats converting thats,gonna end up being $30,000 a month so I,can see how upsetting this would be Im,gonna call Andrew and Im gonna tell him,what he can do to improve his,conversions through Yelp and hopefully,get a back – and or in a better place,and its ever been,four high reached Andrew Cosmo TV,message after the recording you may hang,up or okay Andrew this is t Antonio Im,calling about the video Im working on,for your landscaping company hello hey,is this Andrew just give me the story a,little bit I noticed one bad review just,was fairly new all my good reviews were,disappeared have been dealing with three,years and he was like a good friend yeah,but he was transferred to a different,area whats going on yeah but I really,wasnt getting any phone okay so you,were you were advertising before when,you were paying yeah yeah okay and then,you cancel the now youre it see its,either stayed the same,or its gone,so I dont know if that had to do with,them and I appeal to you I was just,gonna that was my first question was,have you flagged that review if you flag,it once and it doesnt get resolved,theyre gonna give the same response if,you do it multiple times so youre kind,of stuck with it I looked at the profile,of the of the person who left that,review and just like the other ones that,were not recommended that person does,that persons profile doesnt carry a,whole lot of weight like they dont have,friends on Yelp they dont,I think theyve only left one review,which is the one on your page you should,be able to bring in other real reviews,from people who use Yelp that are,weighted much more heavily so basically,there is a light at the end of the,tunnel to get the page back in good,standing yeah let me do some work and I,will get back to you Andrew yeah of,course Im glad to help okay all right,cant take care of but that is the kind,of guy that I want to help Andrew I want,to help you Im gonna do everything I,can to make it happen so Ive been,sitting here doing some research for for,about an hour and basically everything,that I had thought that edger needed to,do hes already done and hes still in a,tough spot with you,you really are not able to find the,users who left unreconciled at we need,an attack on tact the people who have,left him reviews already that are not,recommended and it had photos of the,work to those reviews that tends to help,them get pulled out of the not,recommended section because pictures,within reviews are super super helpful,and theres no review on his page right,now that has any pictures in it along,with that he needs to make sure everyone,who leaves him ever view from now on no,matter who they are then leaving a,review on Yelp it needs to have photos,include,with it and then the last thing that I,would recommend is purchasing the,enhanced profile functionality on Yelp,its way more affordable than the bott

How To Get Your Yelp Reviews To Stick And Keep Them From Getting Filtered Without Paying Them

hey guys whats going on its coach will,with big little gems uh just here to,help you guys,find more ways to get your reviews to,stick on yelp so i made a uh post back a,couple weeks ago on my facebook,feed about yelp asking like how many gym,owners had had their yelp reviews,filtered by yelp like what i mean by,that is like youve sent people to yelp,to go leave you reviews um youve had,members go to yelp and leave your,reviews and then,yelp pretty much hides them and then,theyll let all the negative ones stand,right theyll let the negative and the,fake reviews stand but the positive ones,will stick,now this has resulted in a lot of,business owners not trusting yelp,because yelp has an automatic filtering,process that basically like eliminates,most of the ways that you could like,campaign for reviews and so its quite,often what happens is uh you know we ask,our members to do it and because we ask,them to do it in a specific way the,reviews dont stick so ive been doing a,ive got a ton of experience with this,you know ive owned two different gyms,over a decade we had tons of yelp,reviews um weve helped the numerous,gyms uh get their like online reputation,up which in result gets their like,organic traffic way way up and uh and as,a result of that it will sometimes,double triple four or five x their lead,generation because,naturally if youre the best in the area,and it looks like youre the best in the,area um you tend to rank better in all,the search engines then all the local,search traffic tends to go to you first,you tend to get the lions share of the,search traffic because youre at the top,um and things that help with that are,like your yelp reviews your google,reviews and other review sites that give,your website and your brand authority,locally at the end of the day google,always wants to show,people you google and your apple maps,want to show people the best options in,the area and actually apple maps which,you know 60 of users in the united,states and in most cities um,are using apple and apple devices by,default use apple maps and apple maps,use yelp reviews they dont use google,reviews now most people on most people,are still going to use a google search,on like desktop or theyre going to do a,search on their safari browser on their,apple phone and its going to its like,80 of search traffic still ends up being,from google search but the google maps,for like your more savvy people theyll,actually use it like a search engine and,theyll search and theyll pull up the,yelp reviews and most gyms have any have,a ton of trouble getting any reviews to,stick so weve done a ton of research on,this i want to show you guys how to hack,yelp reviews to get them to stick now,this is not guaranteed these are,to to like to help you get them to stick,they can still,stick but we found some trends and then,like we made a ton of investment in like,trying to figure out like testing like,with time and our money trying to figure,out how to get more reviews to stick so,yelp so you build trust with yelp the,goal here is not to try to fool any,system you know at the end of the day,youve got members that want to leave,you positive reviews and youve got,people that would love to see that but,yelps not showing reviews because,somehow some way in the way that youve,done it youve indicated the yelp that,you are not trustworthy and yelp is very,very fickle about that so lets talk,about these hacks okay so number one,yelp will flag any review that is from a,link or your website so if you send,someone a link to your yelp review or,you have a link on your website for a,yelp review if it looks like anybody if,someone has clicked something to get to,yelp,then yelp will probably flag the review,this is like one of the most critical,ones most most gyms and business owners,make mistakes with this isnt just for,gym owners but if youre a business,owner in general and youve told people,to leave you a review on yelp and youve,sent them the link or if um you have the,link on your website if you try to make,it convenient in any way for people to,leave your reviews then then they will,flag it so essentially yelp doesnt want,you sending people to leave reviews they,dont want you soliciting for reviews if,anything looks solicited if anything,looks like youve indicated to them,to your client to leave a review they,will flag it and its a its a,completely arbitrary process its all,automated its not a person that does,this but theres a number of ways that,yelp can,tell if its been if,theres a number of ways it can look,like to yelp like youve solicited for,the review and im going to show you,what those are too because its not just,what they click from which is pretty,amazing that in todays age you can,track website traffic right we all can,do it google can track you facebook and,track you and so can yell so yelp knows,where you were referred from if you,click off of something onto your on to,yelp they they can tell that like hey,this guy clicked off of you know uh,whatever sparkcrossfit.com and ended up,here and so thats obviously been,prompted by this gym to be here right,so the best chance you have is if they,go on to yelp directly and search for,your profile right like if theyre on,the yelp app or on the on yelp on a,desktop and they go to yelp.com,and they search,for spark crossfit or whatever your gym,name is or they search for gyms locally,and then they find your profile even,better the more it looks like they,organically did it the better chance it,has of sticking right,because yelp can actually track how,quickly it took them to find your,profile so if it looks like they made a,b-line for it thats going to look not,trustworthy right so you almost have to,like prompt your client to not do that,right like go on you have to tell them,go on yelp search for us,uh search for gyms find us,click us,and then,scroll around for a minute and leave a,review right obviously a clients only,gonna be so patient but the odds of the,goal here is to not make sure everything,youre not going to get everyone to,stick but the goal is getting more of,them to stick right and the more of them,you get the stick the more trust youre,going to gain with yelp and the more,likely it is that all the filtered,reviews that theyve filtered out are,going to start to show right so thats,number one is,you know have them go to yelp directly,and search your profile okay,number two is uh,mobile is always better right so uh yelp,knows that like people are on the go,and its also been indicated to them in,their um,in their like,the way that theyre searching the way,that theyre researching people and like,what looks most trustworthy is that most,people if theyre leaving,or review like a real review and theyre,not prompted and its not solicited,theyre gonna do it on their phone,theyre gonna pull their phone up,theyre gonna pull up the yelp app,theyre going to search for a gym around,them theyre going to find the business,and then theyre going to leave a review,right thats,thats you know,what essentially people do right and,its the thing is like so yelps mostly,engineered around like,not gyms its mostly engineered around,like restaurants i would say probably,like eighty percent of yelps business,and traffic comes from people searching,for restaurants right so this is this,whole thing is engineered for,restaurants and so you have to think,about the way that like someone leaving,a review for a business on yelp going to,a restaurant would do it and thats how,it has to look for a gym if you want it,to stick right um so,you know mobile is better yelp looks at,behavior and it can see that like hey,this traffic is from the mobile app so,its all about what device youre using,right its not to say that one on,desktop isnt going to work but youre,going to stand a better chance if they,do it from mobile okay number two is ip,address so ip address is the internet,network you are on so when youre at,work youre on a different ip address,than when you a

How To Remove A Yelp or Google Business Review

whats up you guys so today im going to,go over how to flag a review on yelp and,google my business,[Music],so when youre in your own business,youre bound to get reviews on yelp,google business house whatever platform,is out there and theres also specific,ones for different industries but today,im going to go over how to flag some,flagger review that you may that you,want to get removed from your profile,again this doesnt always work but its,always good to flag a review because you,never know if yelp or google will remove,it for you,and sometimes a person that leave a,review,um they just might have a bad day or,whatever so its always good to try to,remove any negative bad reviews that are,showing up on your profiles here are the,steps to,flagger review,on yelp,um this one you dont have to log into,your profile or anything or log into the,back end of yelp you can just do it,straight from,what actually what,the users see,its pretty simple,when you go to the reviews say you see a,bad review,well just pick this one the top one,you pick the press the top three these,three dots right here,its going to give you this these,options and then all you have to do is,say report review and from here its,going to give you the different options,of why youre reporting your view,so depending on what the person writes,in the review i would,pick it from over here so if theyll let,you know if it violates their policy or,not or if theyre not gonna flag it,so say you pick one and it says,um its within their guidelines,pick some i would actually go through,their,review and pick out some of the words,like maybe like,that,might go under yelps uh policies so,like if kane false information or,something like that just or,even this one,if you really want to get removed,select one of those at least give give,yelp an opportunity to,at least give it a chance to get removed,like i said its not 100 percent but,its good to,to try to flag,um bad reviews even if,its good its good to flag bad reviews,because,you never know whos reading them,like i said it doesnt always work but,it doesnt hurt to try,so,once you press that,it will im not gonna do it because this,is a five star review but you press that,it will go to the next screen telling,you if it was reported or not,and you could from there,they will send you an email saying,this,was removed or this wasnt removed and,heres why if it wasnt removed then you,could always come back here and,select another option,so you could keep on trying but like i,said its not a hundred percent but its,good to try,so thats how to do one for yelp so so,for google,if you go to your business you i just,searched my digiua.com and it brings up,this here so once you go to reviews,this is all on the front end im not,doing it on the back and you could do it,on the back end as well which is a,little easier but say if youre logged,into your personal account and you saw,something you just want to flag your way,you go,right here these are the these are the,vertical three dots now for google my,business you press on it and then you,just press report report review,and you select which one it is,google is a little more lenient on,removing things compared to yelp but,google does take a lot longer to,respond or let you know why something,was or wasnt removed,so go ahead and select one of these,options,again like i said if it doesnt get,removed go ahead and try it again,it doesnt hurt,does take longer so you might not hear,you might see a response that they,received it but it might take a lot,longer,for them to actually let you know why,something was,removed,if you do it from your back end on the,google my business platform,i believe it is a little quick i feel,like its a little bit quicker,on how they remove reviews so its,always good to do it on your business,account so,give it a try and this is how to,flag a review on yelp and google if you,guys ever have any questions please let,let us know,and,yeah ill see you next video thanks bye

How to recover filtered 5-star Yelp reviews

welcome back to another episode of local,search tuesdays,this week were talking about everyones,favorite review site,[Music],yelp,yeah i know we all hate yelp whenever i,talk to business owners about yelp,it always reminds me of what my mama,used to say back when i was,just a young sprout i dont ever want,you associate with,yell why not mama because those yells,are the devil,and most people would agree with mama,yelp is,horrible unfortunately we cant ignore,yelp,obviously itll show up in search,results when someone is looking for your,business,especially if theyre looking for,reviews about your business,but more importantly whenever someone,searches for directions to your business,on an iphone the review stars that show,up on apple maps come from yelp,not from google you might have an,awesome review score on google but if,customers look up directions and see a,one-star rating,on their phone how many will decide not,to come to business with you,the biggest problem is that positive,reviews get filtered out,and dont count in your aggregate review,score,the reason this happens is because yelp,prefers to show reviews from what it,considers to be,yelp users in other words they only,count reviews from people who use yelp,on a regular basis,if you get an amazing five-star review,from a customer whos never used yelp,before,and never uses it again that review,will get caught in the review filter and,it wont count towards your score,so im going to share a little trick,with you today that will help you,get those reviews back yelp doesnt,count the reviews because the people who,wrote the reviews,havent left any other reviews and have,no friend connections in yelp,if you can change that boom the reviews,will magically pop out of the filter,and start counting all you have to do is,look the person up in your crm,and find their contact information shoot,them an email that says something,like hey jim bob thanks so much for the,amazing review you left us on yell,unfortunately yelp doesnt count reviews,unless they come from regular yelp users,so your review is hidden wed greatly,appreciate it if you could take a few,minutes to leave a few reviews for other,local businesses you like,and also make a few friend connections,this will pop your review out of the,filter so,everyone can see the great things you,said about us if someone took the time,to leave an amazing review,they want the world to read it and,usually theyll do what you ask,when we do yelp outreach campaigns like,this we usually see about a,20 to 30 percent return so,follow this little tactic and youll,recover some of your filtered reviews,which gives you a higher review count,and a higher aggregate score,without actually getting any new reviews,thats all the time weve got for,todays video,so you know what that means put your,hand on the screen right here,we totally just high five because you,learned something awesome,thanks for watching and well see you,again next week for another episode,of local search tuesdays

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