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Yes Day (2021) Netflix Movie Review

imma do the things that i wanna do,i aint got a thing to prove to you,ill eat my candy with the pork and,beans,excuse my manners if i make a scene,i aint gonna wear the clothes that you,like im finding dandy with the me,inside one look in the mirror and im,tickled pink,i dont give a hoot about what you think,the yes men yes god yes yes man,yes today there are a few movies with,yes in the title,well netflix added one more with their,original family comedy yesterday,should you say yes to watching this,[Music],[Applause],after years of saying no to their kids a,mom and dad decide to try out a yes day,where for 24 hours they say yes to,whatever their kids want to do,oh so ive got some new munchies to try,so if you are interested stay tuned,towards the end of the review,for that all right so everything in this,is predictable the formula isnt unique,for a family comedy and we know the,character types that were gonna get we,have the once fun mom who is now,overbearing and overprotective,shes the fun killer and that allows for,some character growth,and change to see the errors of her ways,theres the easygoing dad,he makes the kids laugh and he gets out,of playing the disciplinarian so hes,pretty much,liked the entire time he gets to have a,learning opportunity about being a true,partner,in the relationship though we have the,angsty and semi-rebellious teenager who,is,aching to stretch her wings and enjoy,some autonomy,of course she believes she can handle,everything so there are lessons to be,learned about needing others,and responsibility theres the nerdy but,lovable kid who likes to have fun,and also has a knack for creating unique,problems that lead to laughs,he too gets to learn a lesson about,responsibility and finally we have the,precocious youngest child shes cute and,innocent and gets to spout some fun,one-liners and then to round out the,cast theres also the weirdo yoda-esque,guidance counselor slash coach who,spouts some wisdom,and he seems to be ever present in this,familys day,hes quirky and goofy and uses a lot of,physical humor and,facial expressions to try and garner,laughs from us so with all those,descriptions it almost sounds like i,hated the predictability and cringiness,of the movie,but i didnt i mean despite all of the,very obvious problems the story and,execution have,i still enjoyed the show we know its,going to just be a series of wacky,events strung together,to hopefully create a narrative that,either warms our hearts,or connects to us on an emotional level,and for me,it did a little of both as a parent some,of the story elements do ring true,but also its just as cute escape for 86,minutes,now theres nothing deep or,revolutionary happening within the story,we have a family whos experiencing the,same doldrums and arguments that most,have,and they decide to try something new in,an effort to break out of that cycle,saying yes to just about everything of,course is going to create some weird,situations,and most of them are wildly unrealistic,but theres thats also the beauty of,this,its an escape from reality there are a,lot of conveniences also that are built,into the story there are some scenes,created only for one payoff visual gag,jennifer garners alison has a meeting,at the beginning of the film,the only reason they even have this in,the story is to set up a calamity with,her children,the meeting itself is pretty pointless,and is used for an attempt at humor,but it doesnt have any story impact,after that i found some characters that,are used annoyingly,their performances are meant to make you,know just all of the little kids in the,audience laugh,because of their awkwardness and theyre,harmless but cringy,fortune famester and arturo castro play,a paramedic and a cop respectively,and i found them mildly irritating but,again like i said,theyre not really harming the story,theyre just not progressing it too much,either the pace of this is quick and,jumps from scene to scene kind of like a,sugared up toddler,but it is easy to follow i mean the,predictability helps a lot,but also i found the cast fun to watch,jennifer garner and edgar ramirez dont,take themselves seriously,and i think it works their willingness,to go silly is what helps sell the story,and i do think at times they are trying,too hard and it comes across more as,cheesy than funny but on the whole i,just didnt mind them and yes there is,very little development on our,characters,were shown a quick and effective,montage at the beginning to introduce us,to garner and ramirez,and its at the stage pretty well but in,the present,other than the parents saying no to most,stuff we dont know a ton about them,and the same goes for the kids as well,we get little bits of info as the story,goes along,and its pretty surface level but i also,think its enough,for this level of storytelling so could,the movie spend more time developing the,parents backstories since having kids,of course they can but would it add,anything to the final product,other than time i mean we might have a,deeper conflict that can be created but,then the story risks,losing the majority of the younger,audience the premise of yesterday,reminded me slightly of yes man with jim,carrey,now i dont think ive rewatched it,since it first came out but from what i,remember i mean his character decides to,say yes to just everything which then,has some good and bad consequences for,his life,also at one point and its probably more,because of the makeup of the cast and,just how the framing was in the scene,but i got vibes from the recent family,comedy instant family with mark wahlberg,and rose byrne now both of those films,had more emotional weight,but i also dont think that they were,aiming for the same target audience as,yesterday,this one skews younger but if you are,looking for something that is a,light-hearted and easy watch this can,make for a fun family night viewing okay,so before i give my rating i found two,new types of oreos,i mean at least theyre new to me and i,thought id let you know about them,so first up is the gluten-free double,stuff oreo,and i dont know if this will focus or,not in there but anyway,some members of my family have true,gluten allergies and so they have to,stay away from gluten but sometimes they,also want junk food i mean who doesnt,want junk food right,and so gluten-free food i dont know if,youve tried it a lot of the time its,gritty,and its nasty these are not gritty,and really tasted well i mean i dont,think that i could tell the difference,if you were to put a double stuff oreo,and a gluten-free double stuff oreo in,front of me that i would be able to tell,the difference,it tasted exactly the same the texture,and just even the the cookie as it,ground down in my teeth,i didnt feel like i was chewing on sand,which happens a lot of the time,when i eat gluten-free stuff so the next,thing i found,is these strawberry frosted donut oreos,now these are limited i think limited,edition,yes and i already tried one because i,didnt want to sit here and chew on,screen,for you but i did want to i opened one,up and theres a a brownish,frosting i dont know if thatll focus,or not probably not maybe ill put it,next to my face thatll at least help,and then it has this pink uh ish,frosting in there as well um these are,just,theyre okay it has a chalky taste uh it,doesnt really taste like strawberry,doesnt really taste like donut,just kind of tastes like not oreo,so i dont know so i would probably stay,away from the strawberry frosted donut,oreo,and just stick with either the regular,or the gluten-free double stuff,and really i mean when you do the double,stuff just as a pro tip here,open them up throw away one of the,cookies actually throw away both of the,cookies that dont have the frosting on,them and stick the two that have the,frosting together so you have a double,double stuffed,right because thats the way to eat a,double stuff,all right back to my rating theres no,sex or nudity mild profanity,and some slapstic

Yes Day REVIEW – Netflix 2021 Jennifer Garner

yes day has very high production values,and,definitely seems like a movie that would,play in theaters even though its,netflixs,movie of the week this week but i hated,it,so heres why all right so i like really,i hate watching this thing i kept,thinking maybe it would get better,because the production values are so,high,but it did not i mean its watchable,its watchable but prepare,to be like have a low-level annoyance,throughout the film,theres one very good actor arturo,castro whos worth,i hope casting directors watch this or,other producers,uh because were gonna talk about,jennifer garner in a moment and cast him,in other stuff because he was fantastic,now speaking of jennifer garner she,doesnt just star in yesterday but as i,just said she produced it,as well good for her you know good for,her getting out there and getting work,for herself,shes picked a great vehicle for her i,mean the roll fits her,like a glove but all the flaws of her,mom character,seem to also be producer flaws for her,behind the scenes,alison torres is so focused on trying to,make her familys life perfect the first,10 to 15 minutes of the movie are,excellent,but shes actually doing the opposite as,her son says,in an embarrassing and damning school,project his mother,is like a dictator i i cant its,i didnt think she was that bad i mean,she clearly is making mistakes but,that was a mean thing to do well talk,about that but,so hes just a child so to him the way,he views a dictator is someone who rules,with an iron fist,but a dictator i think its funny that,he you know inadvertently discovered,propaganda,how are you know like the press fighting,against the dictator and the dictator,was awfully angry about it,but anyway the thing about a dictator is,that a dictator,makes it all about themselves and that,is what allison is doing with her family,and what garner is doing with this movie,none of the other roles,are at all developed they are just,cardboard cutouts as family members,and as other actors in this film,jennifer garners alison torres needs a,family to interact with,and she comes up and she you know they,thats thats like thats just the,threshold she wants them to meet,edgar ramirez im sorry to say is,particularly miscast,like what a mistake because while hes a,strong dramatic actor,he was very menacing in the undoing,every time he came to came to visit,nicole kidman as the police detective,but he just cant cut loose and he cant,even not cut loose in a comedic way,i mean the best the best way i can,describe it is do you remember,when loki james franco had to co-host,with,overcompensating whirlwind anne hathaway,at the oscars,same thing here ramirez seems,practically,comatose next to garner ive heard that,for a while edgar ramirez and pedro,pascal,actually found themselves fighting for,the same roles in hollywood although i,think at this point,pascal pascal has pulled ahead although,he did just star in his own netflix,family movie,earlier this year but while watching,yesterday i,because i know that theyve always been,up for the same roles for a while,i was like this is a case where you,should have gone with pedro pascal,i think he would have killed it here,although he would have been serious,competition for garner,for who was the cooler character in the,movie the cooler parent,i dont know if garner just did a bad,job selecting a co-star,or if maybe she wanted someone she could,easily outshine and weve seen actors do,that before its,always a mistake you know you benefit,from having a really strong,whole film around you uh but edgar,ramirez just he was a mistake he should,i mean even once they started filming,you know just like they did in back to,the future,where they were like i forget that guys,name um but remember they were like oh,hes not any good,and lets go lets put michael j fox in,here and just re-film everything,you know i think that they should have,done that here because he just from the,very first,frame youre like hes not working uh as,for the tourist children well i get the,families have,problems and thats why they needed a,yes day here right,this movie doesnt show any glimmer of,what this family is fighting for,or where are the good times i mean the,children are so,mean to their mother and so,disrespectful that even though shes,clearly making mistakes as a parent,her children just go too far and again,as a producer garner sacrifices the,likability of her child characters,to make sure you really feel bad for her,character which i did,i mean if you want to make sure no one,ever wants to have children they should,have watched yesterday because like,these kids are just horrible,although speaking of children the movie,does make you see how hard it is even,for child actors to get work theyre,part of the grind too,because if youre wondering where youve,seen jenny ortega and her friend layla,before,it was really bothering me during the,movie i was like i know these actors,where have i seen them,its you season two and little fires,everywhere theyre both very talented,but those were so much bigger roles,in those two projects that to see them,have smaller,project you know this is what they went,on to just goes to show you that you,know,acting is a job and its a journey its,a marathon,not a sprint and even beyond the torres,family yesterday works very hard to have,representation across the board which is,great,it even says on the netflix page this is,part of what netflixs representation,matters initiative and i agree,representation does matter but this is,so obvious about it and,its so it just its so so across the,board,to the point where it seems more like,its this is what you know tokenism,checking boxes instead of making it,organic that again just like garner,the movies trying too hard however,arturo castro shines in the third act,he just really is a jolt of adrenaline,to this movie,as a newbie police officer who teams up,with garner in a crisis,and he steals every scene that he is in,hes phenomenal,he should get more movies he should have,his own tv show i was very impressed,so how about those yes days that the,movie is clearly trying to make a thing,this is based on a book too i think they,clearly want people to see this movie,and say we should have our own yes day,well well talk about that in a moment,but first speaking of moms when i was,growing up,my mom always made sure i took my,vitamins every day and now that im,adult,an adult i still take vitamins but when,you know as my mom would suspect,i do some days forget to take them but,care of,can help make sure you never skip a day,just go to their website and take their,free,five-minute quiz i mean thats a fun,thing to do for five minutes just go,over there and take it,and that will give you a suggestion of,what vitamins to take to meet your,health goals and then you can select,which of the suggestions you would,actually like to purchase,then you get individually wrapped,packets for the day,that you can simply open and take every,day to make sure again you dont miss,your vitamins,so as we get to spring wouldnt you like,to have a spring in your step,by making sure youre in the best health,possible well you can do that with care,of and heres how you can get fifty,percent off your first order,go to take care of dot com and enter,code btt 50,again thats take care of dot com and,enter code btt 50,to get 50 off your first order moms also,like it when you save money,all right so back to yes days well it,seems like a fun idea at first,two problems quickly emerge that will,make sure that no family,ever actually has a yes day in real life,i was horrified,one it seems like the taurus children,are trying to torture their parents,rather than have a fun day and i dont,think thats what yesterday is supposed,to be about,what parent would sign up for that and,then two,like making your dad have explosive,diarrhea i feel is really a mean thing,to do and i dont know why any child,would think that was an amusing day,uh id be like i was usually

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Exclusive Behind The Scenes Of Yes Day | Netflix

(swooshing sound),- I wont have to shower for a week!,- You already dont!,(cheering),- I wont have to shower for a week.,- You dont already.,(cheering),- [Carlos Torres] Hold on, hold on. Here.,(laughing),- [Katie Torres] Is was it, it was it like a screw.,- I didnt know I was going to go for it.,- Just for that part.,- [Nando Torres] Okay. Now they come into,(laughing),- [Carlos] Are you guys ready?,- [Allison Torres] Not a problem.,- [Carlos] Ready baby?,Okay. Good.,Try to hurry up.,- [Allison] Bring it!,- [Torres Family] Torres, Arriba!,- [Allison] Im looking forward to this.,(Katie laughing),- [Waiter] Ready set go! Go! Go!,(bell clang),(cheerful music),(crowd cheering),- [Crowd] Three! Two! One!,(crowd cheering),- [Allison] Amazing!,- [Crowd] Six, five, four, three, two, one!,(crowd cheering),- [Director] You can do it, here we go.,- [Katie] We believe in you dad!,- [Nando] Think of the money!,- [Ellie Torres] Dont think of anything grost,,like being stinks.,- [Director] Great! Fantastic! Thats awesome!,- [Nando] Think of our familys reputation.,- [Allison] Settle it down. Settle it right down.,- [Ellie] Dont think of anything grost, like being stinks.,- [Katie] Yeah.,- [Allison] I cannot even tell you,how much my daughter and I, love your work.,We know every word.,My daughter and I are such huge fun,,and so grateful for your artistry.,We know everything about you.,- All right.,- [Carlos] Like a soccer.,- Thank you, thank you so much.,(Allison singing),♪ Baby, I need your loving ♪,♪ Got, to have all your loving ♪,♪ Baby, I need your loving ♪,♪ Got, to have all your loving ♪,(crowd clapping and cheering),♪ Im calling your name. ♪,♪ Ohhh. ♪,(upbeat music),♪ And the nights, Im calling your name. ♪,♪ Ohhh. ♪,♪ But ge got, rather be darling ♪,♪ But its me, to have you to keep ♪,(cheerful music),- [Crowd] One, two, three.,(all cheering),- One, two , three.,Guys, one more like that.,Perfect!,- [Director] Action!,(all cheering),(exciting music),- One! Two! Three!,(all cheering),- [Director] Ready! And backdrop, camera, action!,- Out of the smell of filet in the morning.,(suspense music),(all cheering),(epic music),- [Carlos] Youre going down.,- [Allison] Oh, really?,- [Carlos] Oh yeah…,- [Allison] Cause it seems like you just went down.,- [Carlos] No, this is personal now.,- [Allison] That was just my,,that was my call.,- [Carlos] But Ill never gonna do that to you,,Im going to do it on camera.,(Allison laughing),- [Allison] Were on cue now.,- [Carlos] Yeah, but…,- [Allison] Bring it.,- [Carlos] No, Im not gonna do it to you.,- [Allison] Oh! Im so sorry.,- [Carlos] Yeah. Im gonna be good to you.,(wind wooshing),(cheerful music),- [Allison] Why did I say yes to this?!,(cheerful music),(laughing),- [Julian Lerner] Oh! You did great!,- [Jennifer Garner] I hated it! I hated it so much!,- [Julian Lerner] I didnt want to tell you,that you went higher on the second time.,- [Director] And action!,(fighting),- [Carlos] Hey calm down! Come on!,No, honey! Stop that!,No! Lady please, no!,Yes! Yes! I told you to get it next time, buddy!,- [Allison] Oh my gosh!,- [Nando] Oh, no!,(splashing),- [Carlos] Yes!,- [Nando] Catalis.,I mean, Im so sorry.,- [Director] Go! Go!,- [Nando] Oh no!,- [Director] Cheer!,(crowd cheering),(energetic music)

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Yes Day Star Jenna Ortega Reacts to Her Iconic Disney Roles! | Breakdown Breakdown | Cosmopolitan

hurt,that is not what my voice sounded like,hey everybody im jenna ortega were,doing breakdown breakdown,with cosmo first clip,im nervous i hate watching myself,[Music],first shot of me walking in we shot on,reshoots half of the scene,it was taken like in october and the,second half of the scene,was shot in march phoebe tell us three,things,about yourself,emilys face i didnt find out that i,was gonna be working on this project,until the night before i went for a hair,and makeup test but we did not even know,if i,was secure for the part met the director,they tried this hair test kind of,halfway i think the inspiration was,gwen stefani no doubt days i didnt get,the call until maybe like around 7 pm,that night now like hey,tomorrow 7 a.m heres a call sheet,heres the scene youre going to be,shooting i was incredibly nervous,because it was a sequel all of the other,cast members knew each other and they,had a relationship and then i just kind,of stuck my foot through the door and,im like hey,im glad that its out and im glad that,people like it but it also is really,weird to see myself and know that,i went on that set panicking because i,had no idea what i was doing,well i think snakes are the most,misunderstood reptiles,i hate the way i say well because i feel,like you could hear the shaking in my,voice,well no and im like what are you,talking about youre right on time,oh no principal hybrids my period,im nine days late oh,god damn it i was on the fence about it,but i think i might just keep it now,i just wanna scream no,you ever hear yourself on a recording,you just think,man do i really sound like that thats,what acting is,except its with your face and the way,youre speaking and the way youre,looking like its just,awful i didnt know these people and i,just had a scream in their,face cannot afford to be,predictable my life depends on that,but love love is what kept me open alive,different i remember this day so well,because i was so excited,this was my first thing off of disney,channel i believe so i remember being,incredibly nervous to work on this,project i remember during the table read,for this,and putting a script down and look at me,looking at me and saying i am,so charmed by you and that gave me a lot,of reassurance going into filming or,whatever because i remember during this,little secret table read,i was freaking out i called my mom and i,i told her i think that if i dont do,well on the savory theyre gonna fire me,so i remember,finally being on set this day just being,so relieved,are you like lady come on how many,photos does it take,crazy thing is she never posts any of,them sound like i cant speak like i,need a swallow or something,so you have a girlfriend yet,oh my god how old are you like 14.,15. basically 16. so,nice to meet you manners,why did i say that i dont know was that,in the script or did i just say ooh,i have never seen this before ive seen,parts of you,if i can avoid myself i will do so at,all costs,with season two they never told me,anything,i was like the one actor who was left in,the dark because other people needed to,know where their story lines went,for a certain motive for example,characters like love which the way that,ended with her i think its important,that from the beginning she knew,what she was getting into and what her,character was going to become but for,someone like ellie whos just kind of,confused and thrown into this world and,doesnt really know whats happening i,dont know if it was,the writers intentionally held,information from me or didnt want me to,know certain things,for the sake of my performance or i,guess even just setting the,tone on set i have no clue whats,happening all the time,will it hurt,that is not what my voice sounded like,will it hurt,a little probably for how long a second,maybe two hon come on it would have been,over by now,can you count down from three i sound,like a baby,okay i missed a rally that day at school,i dont,remember which season this was but we,had been filming jane for,a pretty long time so i remember being,really comfortable with andrea,i dont think it took me very long to,film my scenes it was very quick but,that is,weird i really miss jane i feel like i,still,look and sound pretty young i didnt,start playing my actual age,until babysitter killer queen i was 11,playing eight,when i say i havent watched my work i,truly havent like the first project i,was ever on,uh my family was all watched surrounded,by the tv watching what was happening,and i was in my room,and my parents were like hey come down,come watch and im like no i was there i,know what happens,hey im jenna ortega from stuck in the,middle and youre watching disney,channel,[Music],did that really just happen the entire,cast and i were so looking forward to,this day because how could you not it,was harder than i thought it was going,to be og disney what they would do is,they would just kind of freehand it,you know just kind of guess with the,mickey mouse ears but theyre a lot more,um technical about it now they have a,monitor,with the mickey mouse outline on it and,they have you point your wand and you,find a,spot where it looks authentic and real,like you would actually start drawing,and then you spend like 10 minutes,making marks on the floor,so that you could follow it with the,wand so that what youre doing looks,right and it looks like youre actually,drawing mickey ears so people arent,just drawing whatever,i remember we all would be watching each,other and rooting each other on and,when one of our friends you know had,just had their,their moment wed go over and wed hug,them and shout and cheer and then wed,get back to work,thats you know real disney kid,they had me practicing for two months,prior to shooting i think for this,[Applause],[Music],oh the family is cute i do miss them a,lot i havent really seen them since,[Music],i didnt do that super complicated stuff,i was doing school they had,a stunt double at the time who i work,with all the time names marissa shes,the coolest,that was incredible next time just,warned me sort of a heart attack,this is from our final episode and we,shot it,two months before we actually rap,because were like oh this is the end,but also not the end because im gonna,be seeing all of you every day for the,next three months still,i dont think i reflect on this,portion of my life that often,which is crazy considering i think for,four years of my life was dedicated to,this show the beautiful thing about,television is youre working,so much with these people and youre,seeing them every day that they truly do,become your family,so i really miss my cast that,kind of made me sad and i did not think,i was gonna react that way,oh this was one of the first movies i,ever did,people whove been afflicted by whos,the lady,what lady honey the lady standing behind,them,um i still didnt know much about the,industry,and because they ended on our family and,the demons had come to our house there,was talk that,our family was going to be in the next,ones which i thought that was such a,crazy thing because,i told my mom im like i know they had,me do more sides in the audition but i,didnt know that that had to do with,like a possible part,that didnt end up being the case but i,do remember this being,maybe a day of shooting doll that im,holding really freaked me out it kind of,looks like annabelle i dont know if,they did that on purpose this was my,first horror,project i used to be a big scaredy cat,growing up,so i didnt see this movie until i was,maybe 15. also another thing too they,were,really really um secretive about,this script so i didnt read the whole,script i just saw the scene that i was,shooting that was it so i didnt know,the storyline or the plot for anything,else,and i hadnt seen the original of course,because i was little and also scary,movies freaked me out,thank you guys so much for watching me,put up with myself were done,were out of here never doing that again,that actually was,kind of co

Review Film Yes Day, Parenting Vibes nya OK Juga Nih..

[Tepuk tangan],[Musik],kalian pernah gak sih ngebayangin kalau,personality kalian itu berubah saat,kalian menjadi orang tua misalnya nih,dulu sebelum menjadi orang tua kita tuh,orangnya asik suka melakukan hal-hal,yang penuh tantangan bergaul dengan,siapapun dan suka melakukan hal-hal yang,baru Nah begitu kita menjadi orang tua,kita jadi orang yang lebih protektif,Yang kedua kita jadi orang yang,dikit-dikit bilang enggak ke anak,jadi orang tua yang diktator yang,dikit-dikit anak harus nurut sama kita,[Tepuk tangan],memang itu semua Tujuannya adalah untuk,melindungi dan menyayangi anak-anak kita,tapi pernah nggak sih kalian ngebayangin,dari sisi penilaian si anak terhadap,kita nah di film Yes Day Ini bisa,memberikan inspirasi dan pengalaman baru,yang mengasyikkan bagi orang tua dan,anak tanpa perlu berlama-lama kita,langsung aja masuk ke filmnya,film ISD yang rilis pada tahun 2021 ini,menceritakan tentang sebuah keluarga,yang mempunyai 3 orang anak sang ayah,yang bernama Carlos Dan si ibu yang,bernama Ellison serta tiga orang anaknya,yang bernama Katy Nando dan Eli seperti,layaknya sebuah keluarga dalam,kesehariannya keluarga ini selalu,dipenuhi dengan banyak drama dari mulai,sang ibu yang dinilai diktator oleh,anak-anaknya dikarenakan galak dan,sering mengatakan tidak kepada,anak-anaknya selain itu ibunya ingin,anak-anaknya selalu nurut kepada dia hmm,hal ini berbeda saat mereka belum,menjadi orang tua ketika pertama kali,bertemu keduanya suka berpetualang dan,akan selalu mengatakannya untuk semua,hal Mereka pergi ke tempat-tempat baru,mencoba hal-hal konyol bahkan mencoba,hal yang berbahaya mereka benar-benar,suka tantangan dan petualangan Namun,semua itu ketika mereka telah memiliki,anak mereka merasa harus mengatakan,tidak untuk bisa melindungi anak-anak,mereka tidak untuk melakukan hal ini,tidak untuk melakukan hal itu yang,membahayakan dan beresiko untuk,putra-putri mereka oke dia degan ini,Ellison dan Carlos mendapatkan undangan,dari sekolah untuk menghadiri konferensi,orang tua nah saat mereka sampai di,sekolah guru dan wali kelas Eti dan,Nando menjelaskan bahwa Katy dan Ando,punya permasalahan dengan ibunya,itu terlihat dari PR mereka yang,mencurigakan,lalu gurunya menunjukkan video yang,dibuat oleh Nando nah di video tersebut,Katy dan Nando mengibaratkan ibunya,adalah seorang diktator layaknya,Mussolini dan mereka adalah korban,kediktatoran ibunya,melihat isi video tersebut ibunya sangat,sedih sekali padahal ibunya merasa,semata-mata selama ini melakukan itu,semua karena untuk keselamatan dan agar,anaknya tidak melakukan hal berbahaya,dan beresiko,saat mereka selesai menghadiri acara,konferensi Ellison dan Carlos selalu,berdiskusi mengenai pola pengasuhan anak,yang lebih baik kedepannya saat mereka,sedang berdiskusi lalu tiba-tiba muncul,lah guru BP yang ingin memberikan,masukan kepada mereka Bagaimana pola,pengasuhan anak berdasarkan pengalaman,pribadi si guru BP tersebut guru BP,tersebut menyarankan Alison dan Carlos,untuk memberikan,ysd untuk anak-anak mereka Apa itu ysd,tanya alisan lalu guru BP tersebut,menjelaskan ysd adalah satu hari yang,kalian pilih di masa depan gimana selama,24 jam di hari tersebut kalian selalu,mengatakan Iya untuk semua keinginan,anak-anak kalian dengan syarat mereka,nggak bisa meminta hal yang terjadinya,di masa depan dan tidak boleh,membahayakan diri mereka ataupun orang,lain awal mulanya alisan tidak,menyetujui karena ysd menurut dia tidak,bisa diterapkan ke anak-anaknya apabila,dicoba diterapkan maka semuanya akan,kacau balau Tetapi setelah melalui,pertimbangan dan diskusi dengan suaminya,akhirnya mereka memutuskan untuk mencoba,ysd karena kalau tidak mencoba Gimana,bisa tahu hasilnya setelah Ellison,menyetujui akan menjalani SD bersama,anak-anaknya Alison dan Carlos pun,memberitahukan Ketiga orang anaknya,tentang yes deh nah yes deh Ini bisa,baru dilakukan kalau nilai dari ketiga,anaknya itu bagus-bagus,[Musik],[Tepuk tangan],pun tiba semua tampak senang dan sangat,bersemangat dari mulai ayah ibu beserta,tiga orang anaknya Katy Nando dan Eli,bahkan Nano sudah membuat list akan,kemana saja di hari ini Oke Selain itu,Eli pun Berencana untuk mendandani,ibunya ya kita bisa lihat sendiri nih,ibunya harus nurut dong didandanin sama,Eli,nah dia adegan yang satu ini anak-anak,meminta orang tuanya untuk pergi ke,tempat pencucian mobil saat mobil sudah,berada di lokasi dan mobil berjalan di,rel otomatis tiba-tiba anak-anak meminta,orang tuanya untuk menurunkan kaca mobil,alhasil semprotan air dan sabun masuk,semuanya ke dalam mobil,Messi banget ya tetapi justru di sinilah,anak-anak menikmati keseruan dan,kebahagiaan bersama orang tuanya yang,belum pernah mereka rasakan sebelumnya,orang tuanya pun juga merasakan sensasi,keseruan menjadi mudah lagi dan,anak-anak pun terkejut melihat orang,tuanya yang selama ini terlihat diktator,ternyata mereka itu sebenarnya asik dan,penuh keceriaan,[Tepuk tangan],nah dia adegan yang satu ini mereka akan,memainkan permainan ke glowing Apa itu,ke glowing itu adalah semacam permainan,Paintball tetapi Paintball di sini yang,mereka gunakan adalah balon air yang,sudah diisi oleh cool aid semacam,betadin gitu kali ya Nah Tujuan dari,permainan ini adalah mereka harus saling,berusaha merebut bendera tim lawan tanpa,terkena Paintball apabila saat mereka,berusaha merebut bendera tim lawan dan,terkena Paintball maka orang tersebut,akan didiskualifikasi Oke Seperti apakah,keseruan permainan ini dan siapakah yang,akan memenangkan permainan ini kalian,bisa langsung saksikan di filmnya ya,punya anak mereka selanjutnya adalah,pergi ke sik Flex Magic Monte yaitu,Sebuah taman bermain seperti Dufan atau,Disneyland yang memiliki wahana bermain,yang seru dan menegangkan di sana mereka,menaiki Wahana roller coaster dan ini,adalah pengalaman pertama bagi Ellison,dan Katy momen seperti inilah yang,membuat Ellison dan Katty merasakan,keseruan kebahagiaan dan kebebasan,layaknya seperti teman saat mereka,beristirahat di bangku taman tidak,sengaja Katy meninggalkan HPnya dan,ibunya melihat isi chattingan dengan,temannya Laila dimana Laila akan,mempertemukan Katy dengan seorang pria,di festival musik yang akan mereka,datangi nanti ketika ketik kembali,ibunya mempertanyakan percakapan,tersebut Namun Katy tidak terima dan,marah kepada ibunya karena Ibunya sudah,membuka HPnya tanpa izin dan Katy,mengatakan akan tetap datang ke festival,musik tersebut tanpa ibunya Nando,mengadakan acara pesta di rumahnya,tujuannya adalah ingin mendemonstrasikan,hasil penelitian ilmiah cara membuat,busa dari soda kue pesta berubah menjadi,kacau karena Elis tidak sengaja memicu,ledakan busa di dalam rumah mereka,disaat bersamaan ayahnya pulang ke rumah,dan ayahnya kaget saat melihat keadaan,rumahnya menjadi kacau balau busa ada di,mana-mana dan anak-anak berlarian ke,sana kemari akhirnya ayahnya meminta,agar pesta dihentikan dan meminta Nando,serta teman-temannya bertanggung jawab,atas perbuatan yang telah mereka lakukan,dan Ando bersama teman-temannya dengan,senang hati bersedia membereskan semua,kekacauan di rumah tersebut,sementara itu Catty yang telah datang ke,acara festival musik diajak temannya,untuk masuk ke dalam tenda di belakang,penonton Katty menyadari ada hal yang,tidak baik lalu Katy menolak ajakan,Laila akhirnya,ditinggalkan sendirian oleh Layla di,acara festival tersebut,Katy ketakutan dan menyesal lalu baterai,HPnya pun habis di tengah kesendiriannya,Happy mendengar suara ibunya sedang,menyanyi di atas panggung sebelumnya,ibunya telah mencari Catty dan meminta,izin untuk naik ke atas panggung,nya akhirnya bertemu dan berdamai lalu,Katy menyadari bahwa ibunya melakukan,hal itu karena sayang kepada Katy,[Musik],[Musik]

Yes Day – Movie Review

so this is an,actual thing like people do a day like,this every single year,never would have guessed that im,actually thinking of taking a challenge,like this once i have kids of my own,[Applause],hey there guys how are you welcome back,to yet another brand new movie review,and,as always i thank you all so much for,stopping by,and i hope you enjoy your stay but this,time around were hopping onto netflix,to check out their brand new exclusive,film,yes day which actually just premiered,last weekend and it stars jennifer,garner and edgar ramirez,garner and ramirez play a couple carlos,and allison whose love grows over their,admiration of,adventure and the affinity for the word,yes theyre always jumping at every,opportunity given to them but then they,marry and have three children and now,theyre always feeling like they have to,say no,to their kids so allison and carlos,decide to give their three kids a,yes day during which the kids have 24,hours to make the rules,which results in you guessed it some,comedic hijinks,so first things first as silly as this,concept,sounds i actually had a lot of fun,watching yesterday and the concept is,honestly what makes this film,as fun as it is i mean theres this big,ice cream eating contest theres,water balloon fights theres some fun at,the car wash this movie,revels in the simplicity of family fun,and i for one feel like big families are,gonna get a kick out of this,as per usual edgar ramirez and jennifer,garner are both very good in the film i,think,one big strength the movie has,accompanying these performances,is the scripts ability to distinguish,what good parents look like,jennifer garner starts off as the strict,mom who wants the best for her kids,while edgar ramirez is the big,businessman who becomes the fun lover at,home and i thought these distinct,characteristics were captured,in a beautiful way i mean just really,solid work across the board from the two,leads as well as their three kids they,give,all really good performances in their,own right the chemistry between these,five is,absolutely undeniable you can definitely,believe that this is one big happy,family that obviously has to have some,fractures that need to heal along their,journey,speaking of i also feel like the movie,has a lot of really valuable lessons,that all families can learn as cliche as,the messages may seem to some,theyre still extremely valuable in my,eyes now i said i enjoyed this movie,not to say its phenomenal or anything,it does have some issues,first of all the pacing to me seems very,uneven the first few events once the,actual,yes day starts are really entertaining,and theyre really paced out extremely,well and theyre fun to watch,but everything else i feel like okay,number one the movie got off to a pretty,slow start and once the big,it event happens at a certain theme park,i felt like the movie just became a,little bit too,scatterbrained for my liking because,keep in mind the movie is also only 90,minutes long or something like that,and once that it happens everything to,me just feels extremely rushed,like literally the filmmakers were,throwing two big,gigantic climaxes at us at once and it,was just a lot to take in,and like i said the concept is very fun,but,and those of you nostalgic comedy fans,will know where im going with this but,this movie feels extremely similar to a,movie called,yes man i mean the clue is in the title,of this movie i mean its,its the same title just a little less,crude and this isnt a bad thing per se,because obviously i really love yes man,starring jim carrey and it was actually,directed by peyton reed thats just,something i couldnt help but think,about as i was watching this,and ill give them credit words do the,filmmakers do all they can to create as,many original comedic sequences with,this concept as possible and in my eyes,they succeeded because despite those,issues that i had,i had a lot of fun watching yesterday,netflix is really killing it with their,content and everything going on in the,world right now this one is no exception,im gonna give yesterday,a b minus overall some fun moments some,solid family chemistry with these actors,and there are definitely some valuable,family lessons that really help to carry,this one over the top,its on netflix if you guys want to,check it out i think the whole family,can have fun with this but thats just,my opinion what did you guys think of,yesterday do you agree with me do you,not,have you guys ever done the yesterday,challenge i would love to hear all of,these thoughts and then some all down,there in the comments,because i love doing it i love,discussing cinema and all things,entertainment with all of you guys,if these topics sound appealing to you,if youre new here definitely consider,hitting that big red subscribe button,down below as hard as you possibly can,its completely free for you guys to do,so and you will also be the first ones,to know anytime a new upload hits the,channel,and if you guys like this video also,just a reminder hit that thumbs up,button on your way out that would be,awesome and as per look out for more,exciting content hitting this channel,very very soon,you guys are the best and with all that,being said back talk,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],comments

Yes Day Movie Review: A Charming Family Friendly Movie

hey guys today im going to talk to you,about the new movie yesterday,this movie comes to netflix this friday,on march 12th and you know what my,family really enjoyed it we had,a lot of fun with this movie im excited,to give you my spoiler free,review in just a second but before i do,id love it if you take,one moment and hit that subscribe button,all right lets talk about yesterday,hey tessa from mamas geeky here thank,you so much for stopping by my youtube,channel okay so what intrigued me,to yesterday was jennifer gardner im,not gonna lie i adore her i think shes,so adorable and i just i kind of love,her in everything that shes in,13 going on 30 is one of my favorite,movies i have seen it,way too many times i havent memorized,uh if you havent seen that movie yet,check it out shes incredible in it,um but so she really was the draw for me,in this,movie her on top of jenna ortega who i,just really adore,um i love her i think shes great my,kids really like her because theyre big,fans of stuck in the middle so,uh this was something that the whole,family was really excited to sit down,and watch together,now is this a groundbreaking movie,uh are we getting something that weve,never seen before,no of course not this is very much a,family friendly movie,its charming yet predictable its funny,um yet sometimes the jokes are a little,too,ridiculous for adults to like a little,too you know kiddish uh but my kids,loved it they were laughing from,beginning to end i mean thats not to,say i wasnt laughing there were several,moments i was laughing,theres some poop jokes uh early on that,just had me cracking up because im,clearly because im a child,um but theres stuff like that in this,movie so the basis of this movie,is that uh the kids well the parents,when they were younger and they first,met they said yes to everything they,would go skydiving they would do crazy,stuff and,and basically their as they said their,whole relationship was built on,yes and then after having kids uh no,became the new yes they say no,all the time because they have children,and their children are trying to do,dangerous crazy things that would,you know destroy the house uh so uh the,parents actually well the kids i should,say,made a um two different projects two,different kids,in the family the two older kids made,projects about the mother saying,no and like turned it into school to the,point where the school was like hey,were concerned about your kids,and then the kids bring up well the,guidance counselor actually suggests a,yes day,and when it gets mentioned the kids say,yes they really want to do a yes day,and finally uh the parents decide yes i,will do a yes day which is where they,have to say yes,to everything they cannot say no and,theres specifically five,big yeses theyve made a board uh and,actually the mom,makes a bet with the oldest daughter who,is played by jenna ortega who is 14,years old,that if she says no at all during the,day,um this character katie is her name in,the movie she gets to go,to this concert with just her her friend,and her friends,cousin uh or else if if the mom,gets through the day shell get to go,with her to the concert i tell you why i,would not allow my 14 year old to go to,a concert alone,i say that now well see when the time,comes i think i did it at probably,14 so what am i to say but um,so that thats kind of theres the,yesterday but then theres this,bet going on as well so of course the,oldest daughter is trying to push her,mother to say no,as best as she can uh but the family,just ends up having a really good,time away from electronics and doing,crazy things like,as we see in the trailer going through,the car wash with the windows down,oh my gosh i would never do that i dont,think that what a mess that would create,ah but they end up doing all these fun,things together they have these,really strong bonding moments uh which,made me think you know,i mean my kids are now begging for,yesterday and i dont think ill ever do,it if i do ill document it for you guys,here,uh um but hi just my my friend real,james over here if you havent seen him,check him out he suggested i do it and,and film it and i said i feel like i,kind of have to do that now and i really,dont want to but you guys let me know,down below in the comments if you think,i should,uh but yeah so this movie just really,made me,appreciate that like i want that time,with my kids when were all the way from,electronics and were and were doing,you know crazy stuff i i but then at the,same time im like i dont want to put,my windows down in the car wash,theres other things that they do that i,dont want to do that i dont have a,water balloon fight i dont like getting,wet,like the both those things get you wet,why do you want to be soaking wet,i dont know i dont get it uh but the,movie overall guys,its really its so much fun um well,like i said,its very much a kids movie right so,the jokes are very much for kids,although the adults will find some of,them,funny um theres predictability,i mean you basically know whats gonna,happen i figured it out within 30,minutes i knew,every single thing that was going to,happen along the way but thats okay was,still fun and it was fun to watch with,my kids and my kids didnt know what was,gonna happen they hadnt figured it out,and they were,super excited to watch this movie um the,script i mean,its a lo theres some cheesy moments,theres some cringy moments where youre,just like they didnt say that did they,like oh gosh like its just cheesy and,its its a kids movie its very much a,kids movie,but its a family oriented kids movie,which is what i love about it,i love that it just gives you those,moments you know and and it did make me,long for those a little bit with my,family,um i dont know yesterday it comes to,netflix on,march 12 this friday i think its,definitely a fun,movie if you like charming,family-friendly movies i mean youre,gonna enjoy this its nothing,groundbreaking its nothing new,but it sure is a really really fun ride,uh and i even shed a tear,towards towards the end my daughter,started crying and then i started crying,i blame her its all her fault uh,but yeah its its a heartwarming,charming family friendly movie theres,really no other way to describe it i,give yesterday,a three and a half out of five if by the,time youve already gotten to this,review let me know what you think down,below,in the comments be sure to give me a,thumbs up dont forget to subscribe,hit that notification bell so you dont,miss out on more videos like this one,you can follow me over on instagram and,twitter im at mamas geeky over there,m-a-m-a-s-g-e-e-k-y im also real,tessa smith and thanks for taking the,time to watch this guys ill see you,next time

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