1. How to Identify Scammer Profiles with Google Images
  2. Backpage is Back and Women Love Backpage.
  3. How to prormote offer in Yesbackpage site।কিভাবে Yesbackpage site দিয়ে অফার প্রমোট করবো। শরিফ হোসেন
  4. How to make sure a prostitute is not a cop
  5. Why we should stay away from Escort Services MUST WATCH
  6. How to Make Money on HubPages – Is $3000 Per Month Possible? (Yes, BUT…)
  7. Prostitution in Arizona: Most common ways people are charged and Police Tactics

How to Identify Scammer Profiles with Google Images

hello this is Bruce from a Filipino,women and from Elim org and I want to,show you a little trick that you can use,if youre on dating sites and you want,to know the persons a scammer access,works with a lot of different things,this is a cool little trick and checks,it shows you how powerful Google is so,first of all if youre on a dating site,lets say youre on a dating site and,you see somebody but you suspect that,theyre scammer maybe they dont have a,lot of pictures out there they have,using glamour shots so here we are on a,dating site called Filipino Cupid were,gonna click on this persons profile,here just at random and all right so Im,gonna try to save this persons picture,the first step is to save the picture,now a lot of dating sites what they do,to try to protect the persons pictures,is to make it so that you actually cant,download their pictures so Im right,clicking on it and everything and its,making its going to an HTML trying to,allow you to download the HTML data okay,we dont want that but let me show you,another trick so heres what well do,well do a screenshot well take that,screenshot well put it on paint and,then we will just take the image that we,want so here we go were gonna go ahead,and crop this image there and now what,were gonna do is save it lets go ahead,and save it to the desktop real quick,and doesnt matter what you name it just,put whatever here alright so there we go,now we have it saved to the desktop now,we want to go to Google Images there we,go Google Images and were gonna take,our image and put it right into Google,Images okay this is a common problem I,usually have if you dont put it in the,right way it just opens the image up,with Chrome so we want to put it in,search by image and now its uploading,the file and Google has a way where it,can determine look at a persons face,and match it with any matching pictures,it matches the image the colors of the,image and it will actually find it if,its out there on the web and,as you can see an image very much like,the one we just uploaded that we cropped,out of the dating site is here on the,internet and a person name is Tanya all,right so lets go ahead and click this,one lets see what this is it looks like,she has an imager account all right and,we dont have right now we dont really,just gather data we dont know if this,is the real person thats actually on,the dating site or not right we think,its a scam but we need to collect it,okay now heres a Twitter account,Twitter accounts are usually a little,bit above the rest as far as legitimacy,so weve got a picture here and it looks,very similar to the one where we tagged,does it look like the same person so,lets go ahead and it looks like its,attached to a Facebook account lets go,check that out Facebook has is a wealth,of information that we can use lets see,what we have here same picture now this,is the exact same picture that was on,that dating site now either this is the,person whos on the dating site and,shes trying to look for a person there,or somebody lifted her pictures off of,Facebook off the internet and then,theyre using that to try to get guys so,lets lets see if we can go back to the,dating site and lets see whats this,persons name theyre saying their name,is Dahlia and they said that theyre,from China all right but if we go back,to the and lets look at the profile a,little bit more here okay nothing much,going on there but if we go back here in,person name is Tonya from Philippines so,and lets look at the more information,from the Facebook page okay so yeah it,looks like her names Tonya last name is,either de Lyonne,or its or something else would,she got married who knows but this is,looks like a real person shes got tons,of pictures out there that are publicly,available and I think that somebody just,stole her pictures and then put him on,the dating site because she looks very,good,this happens a lot with Facebook,unfortunately thats what you get with,Facebook its not that secure and people,are kind of just putting their,information out there but thats about,it based on what we just saw there I,would say that this was a fake accounts,almighty put out there to run scams on,people they lifted a / very pretty,picture off of Facebook off the internet,they probably just googled it saw the,picture downloaded it and then they,decided to use it for other on their own,but thats all you do you take the,picture you just take the picture do a,screenshot if you cant download it,download it its the easiest way thats,the first thing I would try then you do,what you crop it just so you get the,image by itself and then you can run,Google Images on it and if its if its,a popular star then theyll be all over,the internet usually the scammers arent,that smart so theyll use pictures from,people who are like models and put it,out there in and you can find those all,over the place so thats it I hope this,helps you and you got to be careful out,there as your if your own dating sites,see you later,you

Backpage is Back and Women Love Backpage.

I put my city on it take back with your,cheese on it,please I choke on it start grinding like,the clips on it,drink it till I get smoke till I get,dizzy [ __ ] lose the choke like what am,i bad boy we did it,please go that dries though better bring,my dough,all right so in case you didnt see the,title which Im guessing you did but,guys lets just be honest,aint got no subscribers Oh,so go back here I know this could you,live like a new dad yep tricking eyes,you would never ask,I mean you want me to click wait in the,back babe Im related be honest lets,just be real in fact they detect ho ho,let me let me just just stuff in real,quick why does that gonna work for the,post office though with the Capri shorts,funny movies a carnation,are these not these are my fries anyway,back page back what back page back hey,hey hey what hey so uh as Ive noticed a,lot of you like you know youtubers like,to say lets just jump right into it is,going to be so first of all the title,the the subject of the matters Ive been,all is back page so in case you guys are,not familiar which again like I said Im,pretty sure if youre here you know what,my page is otherwise you were gonna,clicked on it it wouldnt bring a belt,or even triggered you so for those of,you who might come along later in life,and see this video be like hey Im gonna,be seized in here 1 million or you know,if you see in 2020 some people may or,may not know so Im just gonna give you,quick little synopsis of [ __ ] page,actually is or was so so backpage.com,well its a website for okay lets back,it up lets back up the history so it,used to be Craigslist Craigslist still,is is in existence as we all know right,so Craigslist used to be like where hose,will go no Mikey thats not Craigslist,for my saying Im just saying like it,used to be you know they these up lots,of whats it called categories mm-hmm,things like that on Craigslist of places,where you could post ads and and and and,and look as well like the one I mean,basically to be favored right this is,one in favor and then didnt like you,know massages and and aiko stuff and and,and what were the UH no I never did back,page so I dont,we know this by association of I was,talking to whats that section called,personals right theres like the,personal dads that sound like that its,noise lets find out where Junior honey,if theyre real smart then the devil,finally go out like a street corner,but anyway so [ __ ] used to be on,Craigslist shoot and then the Craigslist,letter Christmas letter Craigslist,killer came about a bit I say that very,lightly because this is not a heavier,deep subject so were not gonna down,that deep but there was a guy was like,killing it just for Craigslist or,whatever and stuff like that so then um,Craigslist sort of like shutting that,[ __ ] down,no no no no no no mm-hm no so then they,like removed I dont know they were,moved segments right but they still had,something whats up,regardless eventually over time again to,the feud now theyre gonna be you know,massage on Craigslist anymore they dont,have personals they dont have a lot of,this stuff so its been like a work in,progress have been was shipping,everything away but they definitely,stopped having like those types of ads,available on things like that on,Craigslist or whatever so then so that,bad cow back page was born okay so,thats what were getting to the point,and the purpose is to explain were,about to H came from so it was like it,was almost like back page was created to,now I dont know this as a fact Ive,never talked that owner guy they got,arrested or whatever law never talked,nope I just talked some hoes sign up so,back babies then come into over after,Franklin,so back page if you look at the fort,matter back page it literally look just,like Craigslist except like when you,would click on like four nannies or four,cars or for photography or how Im gonna,be no moving ads over for a like oh my,god I remember I personally know my,thing anyway will be time second so um,so I mean they just look like Craigslist,and its like it I mean if you go if you,go somewhere we go its a website if,youre in here whats the store where,youre going hopefully you havent,and opening up her tits right in so its,like I mean I just remember that I mean,just nosy so I feel like what else is,over here I also look around like oh,this is really all this over thats kind,of areas kind of weird anyway so so,thats kind of I creativity because,Craig was kind of got shut down so then,they basically just opened up the,Craigslist Craigslist section all over,again with a different name and – all,the other regular square [ __ ] that most,people were actually using and still use,Craigslist for now who is or was there,on Backpage infant sex workers and,clients or some people like to talk,tricks and hoes,maybe something helps to go get it,it means a pimps um pretending like they,treats anybody something for to no avail,always to catch others in their own age,trace so anyway so thats pretty much,will be there so and so when I say sex,workers you know what Im saying like,Becky I mean you could be a dancer like,a exotic dancer or a stripper whatever,gonna call it you could be you know,youve been an exotic a bomb where they,called the dealer blackjack dealer the,top was black turned a lightless event,massage therapist a phone sex operator,the whole sex world the whole sex,industry which is boxed in this nice,little neat package of Batman and how,the name back page came about I can tell,you that I do know it came from the back,you know like a drama [ __ ] or gossip,[ __ ] comes like they say like page six,cause it was like page six of some,magazine I dont even know whatever the,team but its kind of that so this used,to be I think was le le confidential or,la Express maybe it was lax prints you,start in LA I dont know maybe it was,every dirty magazine or or not dirty,magazine but you know when those,magazines itd be free and you open it,images,full of like [ __ ] and hoes it aint,trainees and [ __ ] and its good just,anything you might hope and you know,there you go,so anyway thats where they get the word,back page or the terminology back,Mitchell because it used to be the back,page of this magazine or multiple,magazine uh not anything honest maybe,Ill find that one day but anyway thats,not the depth or the point so Im just,giving you a little detail because it,doesnt matter that my friends is back,you can understand what the [ __ ] back,pay attention woodsman representing how,important it was and where it went and,then I didnt manage to get my back here,so why did it back neatly um Im not,gonna go too deep into the details of a,basement so Im gonna do a sex,trafficking oh dude that was a pretty,juicy line I remember the tea light,before back page I got shut down it was,like everybody was talking about it and,I you know my page where we go and [ __ ],like that and hes fine wait what and I,just discover back things like listen,Im not gonna make a whole separate,video just talking about my experience,in my page because clearly Im an,advocate so we will discuss that on,another video about back page and meter,whatever you want to call it but it left,because of some sex shopping and stuff,um we just understand why you do not,believe in sex traffic am very much,against sex trafficking but I am very,Pro sex workers and legalizing,prostitution no Im not an expert or a,prostitute does that mean Ive never you,know Im saying do some strike even,trying I dont call it strange I think,that a lot of women have done lots of,things for things and lots of men if,they want to think of things and things,people dont think about,I mean professionally book do you think,Im here to tell you that back pages,back [ __ ] hey now how do I find out,that back page is back,well um me being a webcam model I did go,to the avian Awards for the very first,time this year January 2019 and got lots,of merch I had a girlfriend there a,friend girl visiting with me and we bot

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How to prormote offer in Yesbackpage site।কিভাবে Yesbackpage site দিয়ে অফার প্রমোট করবো। শরিফ হোসেন

How to prormote offer in Yesbackpage site।কিভাবে Yesbackpage site দিয়ে অফার প্রমোট করবো। শরিফ হোসেন

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How to make sure a prostitute is not a cop

so youve decided to get a prostitute,well you dont want to go to jail for,soliciting prostitution so how do you,make sure the prostitute isnt a police,officer well Im gonna help you out when,you find the prostitute that you like,you get her in the car with you or,whatever private area you guys are in,simply quite simply ask her to show you,her breasts I know that may seem silly,but theres a reason for it,if the prostitute is a police officer,she wont show your breasts for a couple,reasons first reason is police officers,obviously have follow the law or theyre,supposed to not just that they have to,follow by a moral code theres a lot of,things not necessarily written in the,law that they just cant do like showing,a pedestrian or standard citizen their,breaths not just that a female officer,is just not gonna show you her brick,shes not gonna do that now say she is,an actual prostitute at first shes,gonna be like if you say Oh show me your,breath shes gonna be a little taken,aback and then shes gonna ask you why,simply tell her I want to make sure,youre not a police officer once she,hears you say that shoe also be happy,because just as much as you dont want,to get arrested for prostitution neither,does she,she wants to make her money for whatever,reason go along her way so when you ask,her to see your breasts that shows her,that yours will not police officer mail,to do this officer you know in some,sting operation because for the same,reason female police officer cant show,you arrest the male officer cant,solicit such activity again for more,conduct reasons also I wanted to give,you guys other tips so how you can know,whether,prostitutes a police officer not one of,the main things is is a police officer,has to make sure that a trans,she has to make sure you are actually so,this soliciting prosecution so an,actually police officer will always try,to get the money upfront shell always,make the money a big deal oh do you have,the money on you you know she asked you,what kind of sexual favors you want and,then shed say oh you have money on you,shell keep asking off money wheres the,money wheres money have you have money,then youll notice an actual police,officer will make more big of a deal,about the month whereas a real,prostitute wont because she doesnt,want to lose you as a customer she wants,to shes a regular human being its not,nice officer so shes gonna wanna talk,about a conversation with you maybe a,little bit and then obviously ask what,kind of sexual favors you want so on so,forth so just certain things to watch,out for and also also I want to be known,this Im not saying that you should get,a prostitute but people do anyways and,if you are be careful just think to,yourself this this prostitute thats a,job thats what she does for a living is,have sex for money thats what she does,so you have to think to yourself that,not only does she have sex she probably,has sex a lot with a lot of different,people so the chances of her having some,kind of sexual disease are sexy,transmitted disease its very high Im,not saying she will but its very high,so I just encourage everybody to use,protection for your safety for her,safety and otherwise just be careful but,hope the tips helped and good luck stay,on top

Why we should stay away from Escort Services MUST WATCH

whats coming on YouTube today Im going,to get into the issue of human,trafficking which has become a huge,problem and basically we gotta,understand the big dangers here first of,all Im advising every single person,watching this video stay the [ __ ] away,from escorts dont you [ __ ] with these,people dont you mess with them for a,second theyre the most dangerous people,in the world in a lot of cases now its,an understandable fact right now we got,to look at this from a legal perspective,like a cop would because you are not,protected under law if an escort does,anything to you as long as they dont,kill you because you will go to jail if,you are killed then they may not even,charge him with murder because youre a,second class citizen and there are,inside the loss so lets dissect this,issue our escorts criminals and what,kind of criminals well not just drug,users you can watch Vegas jail episodes,and watch all these dangerous people to,fill the jail for all these strings of,versatile crimes you get criminally,versatile people that move around from,location to location youve often killed,people they rock on manipulate other,people they have histories of sexual,violence that are oftentimes evident in,the way that they will flirt their way,to get which they want other men men use,escorts and escorts use men and dont,ever mistake that now the thing with the,ads that they will do is they will go,out there making you think this is the,best person he will ever meet the sweet,jolly fun-loving person youre gonna,have a great time with and then people,always filled stories of horse they have,spent hundreds of bucks and almost died,they have all gone the dangerous,locations where they are in risk and,oftentimes what happens is an escort,will take the money that you give them,and they will take this money and buy a,child into their business and use that,to start investing in a bigger,trafficking scheme now if you pay money,for an escort you pay money to support,heroin and cocaine on the streets,because it goes through the escort into,a dealer and chances are most of these,people do that kind of job to support a,habit now we got five levels of this,kind of profession you have your crack,[ __ ] than your Street walkers then,level three is the prostitute level four,is the escort where they start to make,terms,and start to become like a call girl and,then five is a call girl but make no,mistake in a lot of cases theyre all,the same in sexually oriented workers,have a few undesirable traits that are,very dangerous you remember when they,were in lacrosse players that brought an,interesting person of interest to their,house to entertain at a party and she,accused them expected lots of money,given to her and when they didnt have,it she was ready to make an accusation,youre dealing with people who use men,and have been used by men and the escort,clocks another thing we must Beering up,as we understand escorting,psychologically criminal logically puts,a strain on the worker and the jarring,alike but the strong survive in the,black market unfortunately and this,means that basically you will have and,this is like Scarface where the guy goes,and backs out on blowing up the car and,they come back to his house and kill him,because he backed out what guy goes to,an escort and hes a psychopathic piece,of trash that absolutely is terrifying,to this escort so the escort cant do,anything with him so then that he slides,he keeps the escort in their place then,you have a Psychopaths escort who has a,guy whos vulnerable here and the,vulnerable guy is a huge risk so your,risk of algorithm factor comes into play,when were looking at escorts because,the escort clock its round in the,emotional damage and trauma to their,minds and psychology come out when they,do the job long enough and then you look,theres little Aileen Wuornos in every,escort remember that if you want to have,somebody hates men that thinks all men,are just pieces of meat that they can,flirt up to to get what they want,hell no and you see these online sites,like seeking arrangement and back page,where you have psychopathic people who,are exploiting other people on the site,in order to make quick money and whats,been happening lately is the escorts,have basically created an elusive OD,factor they have said no explicit,language on the phone time and,companionship only so now you cant say,its prostitution because you put money,on a table and now you basically didnt,tell them anything,and they make these terms which are,criminal because they know what their,enterprise is against the law and they,find terms and ways to get around it and,the person who owns Backpage is keeping,this going and so hell say all these,term,say prostitution is illegal this and,that and he creates a loophole so the,adult entertainment section stays on,there when it really needs to be taken,down it really needs to be taken down,all those escorts need to be taken to,rehab or prison because some escorts,need help and are in trouble with their,lights and other escorts need to go to,prison because they exploit other people,and theyre dangerous and theres this,fine line between this and you can have,some escorts who have lots of kids they,do not care about they choose drugs over,their children and theyre often,irresponsibly dangerous people it will,exploit anybody they can and this is,what you see with an escort and so this,is where you look at the lessons of,Magic Johnson and Charlie Sheen or you,look at lessons of Phil Hartman where,you havent wiped and hit a cocaine,problem which is not uncommon for,escorts at all and they have mood swings,they have all the problems with cocaine,the temper the absolutely reckless,dangerous lack of regard and this is,where youre dealing with people who are,criminal and its a black market,enterprise and in the black market you,will get people who are good at stealing,and conning other people and youre,dealing with people who hate men and,they hate men because theyve been,sexually abused as their young age and,theyve decided that flirting and sex,for money can go a long ways if they,know how to do it right so you have,these people who are bold psychos that,can be the one in the photos they may,not be a hundred pounds heavier but they,can kill you and then theres another,one theres a hundred pounds heavier and,the photos and their cycle from hell and,then theres another one here thats,basically saying that you know theres,weed and all this stuff and their escort,clock and attitude as well so their,attitudes horrible the escort clocks,Wham theyve already had psychological,demands and the job they may be criminal,these people may have been in prison you,got to remember the disease risks with,escort theyre soft that and being,illegal and going to John school or,president or a criminal enterprises is,the least of your worries you can get,something much worse remember the man on,the yacht that was drugged up by the,escort piece of trash and she drugged,him up and basically left him to die and,she planned it out she intended on,murdering him this was death by poison,capital offense and she got manslaughter,because she knew how to keep her mouth,shut,she goes seeking arrangement leaving men,for sex bragging about all her money and,she was a highly narcissistic person so,basically what we see here is the people,at the sexual violence and,institutionalization and histories of,oftentimes delinquent behavior end up,basically taking this bold action or in,a job where you have a sensual perverse,aggressive person that can do it quite,successfully because they can take on,ten fully grown men in a bar fight,easily these are people whove been,fighting since they were five literally,could take out anybody and they size you,up like the people in the jail when,somebody goes to an escort their size,stuff immediately the escort sizing them,up and they try to make money off of,them and its like Jerry Springer has,said this numerous times in stripp

How to Make Money on HubPages – Is $3000 Per Month Possible? (Yes, BUT…)

do you want to know how to make money on,hot pages and if it really is a,realistic way to earn potentially three,thousand dollars or more per month just,by writing or if its just a waste of,time then this video is for you my name,is Michael and I love both writing and,making videos and I have both a website,and YouTube channel and therefore many,people have asked me what my opinion is,about earning on HUB pages and therefore,I decided to dig a little bit deeper and,in this video I will share my opinion,about this I will show you what it,requires to earn on hot pages and let me,just reveal right away you can earn,potentially really good money but it is,not for all I will explain all this so,you can find out if its the right,option for you or not,so lets start by going over the basics,of what hot pages is because I have seen,some crazy claims in some videos where,it looks like you can easily earn a,hundred dollars per day and things like,this and theres also some information,on the website itself as I will show you,that says what it requires to,potentially earn 100 per day or more and,it is actually possible but you do need,to do it with the right expectations so,lets start by the basis of how Pages,work so you understand why you might be,able to earn and it is a website with a,lot of content when you go there you can,see some of the different categories,within Tech Sports politics,entertainment business Arts they have so,much content and they need people to,write this content and thats where we,potentially can earn but you can see,this lets take no way any kind of,article here so the idea is that then,now it just loads its a little bit slow,to load but you need to write content,this is what you can get paid to do but,its not just that you wont just get,paid to to write the Articles because,all the Articles you see they have a lot,of ads everywhere and in between also,and then once you join to become a,writer you also need to register these,earning programs they have because that,means that then you will get a part of,what they earn when people click these,different ads and that is the biggest,part of your earning will in general,come from that but you can also join,what they call the affiliate program,where you can include different,affiliate links relevant if theres,certain products that can be recommended,in the art teams right and then you will,earn uh hop pages will earn a commission,when people click those links and,potentially end up buying and you will,then get a part of that so thats how,you can earn you can see that if we just,go to the website here it also says you,join and then after joining hot Pages,you need to apply for this or join the,ad program and the Amazon program ad,program is where you will then get a,percentage of the different ad revenue,and Amazon is if you start including,these different affiliate links so you,will also earn more by doing that but,how big a part will you then get and how,much can you overall earn lets also go,over that,so they have an article on hot Pages,itself where it says that they have this,ad program where you know you will earn,through Google AdSense which means these,ads that are shown there and the,advertising revenue of what Hub pages,are in you will get around 60 of the,total of that but the exact formula for,how they work out the payment is known,only to them but usually comes out to,between two and five dollars per one,thousand views your article gets so like,I personally I think this like that the,exact formula for how they work out the,payments is only known to them they I,just dont think thats really you know,thats really not okay you are putting,in a lot of effort to write you need to,know exactly how youre earnings are,calculated that you know thats only,fair thats my personal opinion but as,you can see here the thats again there,is potentially impossible to earn some,nice extra money like this but lets,talk a little bit more about what it,requires to get real earnings because,know what what does that actually mean,if youre new to this you dont havent,like written for websites before like,how difficult is it to get a thousand,views or ten thousands of you so you can,really earn big money to get for example,this 100 per day that that in some,places claims you can so lets talk,about what the requirements are to reach,that level,so there is this article on hot page,itself that explains some of the,statistics and you see like a good Hub,like a good really good article so you,can maybe get three to five hundred,views per day or so but you know that,thats uh that needs to be really good,right and and I have both website and,and a YouTube channel I dont know a lot,of people that have websites and like to,get three to five hundred views per day,for one article you know it really needs,to be good and not only good it needs to,be lucky to rank and you need to be able,to rank it and all that and of course it,helps to publish some hot Pages because,it has a lot of authorities and can be,easier to rank but you know well talk a,little bit more about the advantages of,doing this compared to maybe publishing,articles other ways well talk a little,bit about that later but this is again,you know this is not something you,should expect to just get right away and,they also very transparent about it they,say its not a get rich quick and they,say here for example you know some,people like they might be able to earn,five thousand per month but lets say,you go for these three thousand per,month like hundred dollars per day,if you do the math from this is hot,Pages own numbers so thats very,important to understand this is not,something Im just making up but the,person writing this like gets around,three dollars per 1000 views you might,earn a little bit less you might earn a,little bit more but you know that means,you need to get 300 views to earn one,dollar 300 views is quite a lot in case,you do not know anything about getting,traffic online that is quite a lot but,that means that you would need to then,get 3 000 times 300 views that means 900,000 views to earn three thousand dollars,per month 900,000 views thats a lot of views let me,just reveal that right away and also it,says here like how would you even,achieve that you know that that means,that you need to get 30 000 views per,day I I would love to have that kind of,view to my website for sure that thats,huge earning potential but Ill do a,comparison about this a little bit later,about this if you get this kind of,traffic are you able to get this kind of,traffic how much can you then earn on,your own website potentially so you can,see what how you should actually,prioritize your time but anyway so here,this one says like if you write for,example about 600 articles then maybe,you can get to 3 000 a month but this is,again you know theres no guarantee that,all of them will Rank and and I can tell,you I have a lot of experience with like,writing articles and ranking them and,not all of them will but this is like,realistically so you can see also they,are transparent about this is not,something where you can just join write,a few articles and then you will just,earn a lot and I would say it you know,that can definitely be great and it is,something you can do but you might want,to consider putting all that if any like,writing 600 artists for example like,thats a lot of effort but like what if,you for example wrote 600 articles for,your own website compared to writing on,hot pages is that something that can,make you more or or is it better to just,start on HUB Pages lets target little,bit about that,so in case you dont know I have also a,website and not just this YouTube,channel and also I know a lot of people,that have successful websites where they,make really good money online so I know,a lot about what it requires to do that,and then when I look at the numbers for,hot pages that are published by,themselves then it has some advantages,it has some disadvantages

Prostitution in Arizona: Most common ways people are charged and Police Tactics

in todays video were talking about the,most common ways that we see people,charged with prostitution in Arizona so,some people might think that this is not,a common thing in reality it is we see,it charge quite frequently all,throughout the state and there are a,number of different ways that the police,investigate prostitution offenses and,they charge them based upon certain,activity they also will identify certain,sources or they believe prostitution to,be most prevalent were gonna identify,those today and how some of them work so,a couple quick things where do we see it,or where did we see it most frequently,the number one purveyor back a couple,years ago was a website called,backpage.com if you dont have any,familiarity with that its probably a,good thing but a lot of kind of under,the radar type of stuff happened on,backpage.com it was seized by the US,government by the FBI so backpage.com,although it used to be a very common,place for the police to set up sting,operations and to put ads for company,thats website is no longer around,anymore so its not common anymore so,back page comm were gonna put a big no,here because we dont see any new cases,from back page we also dont see,anything from Craigslist com this also,used to be a big area where a lot of,people would go onto Craigslist calm and,then they would go into the personals,section they would look for men looking,for females or females looking for men,or men looking for men or women looking,for women or theres all sorts of,different permutations of what people,are looking for but Craigslist took down,their personal sections so we dont see,those anymore either people are not,posting ads for company and so,craigslist com used to be a big one but,its not anymore so we dont see any,prostitution cases originating from,either of those two sites cross both,those off the list now that doesnt mean,that people still are not finding other,websites and other sources online we do,see a lot from other escort sites so,there are literally escort sites where,you can go on review a certain category,of individuals that you want to spend,time with and then set up through the,website or through them personally to,have contact with them to have a night,out to go to dinner to,or whatever it is that you decide to do,online escort services are still very,much prevalent some of them are a little,bit more reputable than others I havent,used any of them personally but some of,them appear to be more established sites,others of them are sort of fly-by-night,there probably be up being business for,a certain amount of time be shut down,move on to the next one but that is,where we see those things the police,know about them as well so you have to,be cautious if anything thats going on,these escort sites is going to probably,be monitored by law enforcement so you,want to be very cautious if youre going,to be on those sites the other thing,that we see very frequently and probably,is one of the most common are massage,parlors so there are massage parlors,that are all throughout Arizona and,oftentimes what will happen will be a,relationship will develop and people who,go and get massages frequently will go,into an arrangement where they will get,additional services for an additional,fee,that would fit the definition of,prostitution under Arizona law and the,police will catch wind of this they will,become aware that this stuff is,happening at certain establishments they,will send in another cover cover officer,to that massage parlor when the,proposition is made they will conduct an,arrest its kind of like a sting,operation its lit nets generally less,people because its only a few people,who are operating the the establishment,who are actually caught up in the in the,prostitution type of a sting but it,still is fairly common there are a lot,of different massage parlors throughout,Arizona that do offer these types of,services and they get caught when the,police catch wind of it and then do an,investigation we also see some of this,stuff happen at strip clubs,so other times people are charged with,prostitution is when people who are,working at strip clubs or people who are,attending strip clubs basically and,patrons there will go in they will get a,lap dance or they will engage in some,sort of activities and they will make a,proposal that things go one step further,further than is ordinarily allowed at,these places when that happens,oftentimes the police will catch wind of,it they will,and other cover officers undercover,dancers they will make propositions when,that offer is accepted or when they are,the recipient of a proposition boom that,person will be arrested for prostitution,or other things like touching sexual,contact sexual conduct those types of,offences are happily happening generally,where there are sexual types of,encounters at strip clubs in those types,of areas long-running joke in Arizona,has been you can also find prostitutes,or a higher level of prostitution on Van,Buren van der ins a street in Arizona,its downtown it runs across the Phoenix,and it still is believe it or not a,place where there is this a higher level,of this activity so people will still,joke about it you go down to Van Buren,if youre looking for a good time or you,know theres many many jokes well save,those for another video but you go down,to Van Buren the police are well aware,of it they will routinely monitor that,area for this type of activity so the,thought of just going down and finding,somebody on the side of the road is,probably not a good decision because the,police will typically be monitoring that,and oftentimes doing stings where they,will have undercover officers there as,well who are being the recipient of that,proposition as soon as that proposition,is made they will conduct an arrest,so Van Buren Street very much still,alive and well in this City of Phoenix,and in Arizona there are other hotspots,as well but man Buren is by far the most,popular the most well known the other,thing similar to the online escort,services are models for hire so there,are different websites and different,companies that will have models for hire,who you hire to be literally models a,nice looking people who will come and,spend time with you or youll hire them,for a particular purpose but really its,kind of code for other things so they,will come and theyll do their modeling,but it will also be something that,theyre expected to do a little bit more,and and perform other activities police,again are aware of all of these things,so they may be involved in that pipeline,they may be monitoring these types of,things and then interfering with them,placing undercover assets doing,high level patrol there so that they can,intercept this type of conduct so these,are really the seven main ways that we,see prostitution these are no longer,around anymore but there are other sites,that are very very similar to those but,its the same type of concept people are,looking for connections and they make,connections in one of these ways now the,police are monitoring these things these,are some of their tactics they will post,fake ads really on any one of these,things so if you see an advertisement,chances that its legitimate or a copper,probably about 50/50 it depends on,thats not legal advice dont take my,word on that,but there are a lot of advertisements,that are placed by the police officers,they are looking for people theyre,basically baiting them into responding,setting up a meet and then making an,arrest,similarly sting operations as I kind of,mentioned with the strip clubs and with,massage parlors there are police,agencies who will do some investigation,they will set up a sting meaning they,will have multiple officers they will,build up a case do some investigation,and then make a number of arrests at the,same time we also have undercover,officers who are appearing at any of,these establishments or responding to,the fake advertisements they are acting,as the prostitutes

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