1. RUTHLESS REVIEW of YITTY by LIZZO Shapewear (aka fabletics)
  2. Sooooo I Tried YITTY By LIZZO And…..
  3. I have to be honest about Lizzos new shapewear brand….
  4. Trying Lizzos New Shapewear Line YITTY! *honest review*
  5. Trying Lizzos Shapewear on TWO Different Body Types !! Is it worth the $$$?!
  6. BRUTALLY Honest Yitty by Lizzo Review | Umm…

RUTHLESS REVIEW of YITTY by LIZZO Shapewear (aka fabletics)

shapewear has never made me feel better,about my body and clothes today were,going to see if lizzos new shapewear,brand yeti can change that for me i mean,does lizzo need any introduction i just,took a dna test turns out im 100,even when im crying crazy incredible,artist incredible human if youre,feeling down on yourself today just,remember that your body is your body,i was super excited about this brand,when she first announced it but,something thats not super obvious about,it is,its bifabletics and fabletics as a,company has always been kind of hit or,miss for me its not the first brand i,would trust to make the best shapewear,but because its lizzo i trust her and i,love the message behind the creation of,this collection so im giving it a,chance and i saw the shaper section and,it was in disarray and i was like,nobody is finding what theyre looking,for it was not the best experience for,me it actually was a gateway to me not,liking my body and not liking myself and,not feeling,like,normal which is ironic because thats,the opposite of what shape were,supposed to do i was like whos gonna,come in and change the game whos gonna,do it [ __ ] me three years later and,yeti is born shape where you can wear,underwear over wear,anywhere period weve got 700 worth here,here we go yes,this dress was sent to me by christine,quinn herself from her closet which is,one of the coolest experiences that has,ever happened to me but i have been too,afraid to wear it its very thin its,very tight fitting so were going to see,if yeti can give me the confidence to,rock this bodycon dress this yeti stuff,is actually split up into three separate,collections the first one is the mesh,and we got lots of it all this mesh,stuff is meant to give like a smoothing,and shaping effect but it can be worn,just on its own if you want it to most,of its very sheer but like the bits are,covered you know oh my gosh look how,cute the tags and stuff are,okay,item number one is this little mesh,bodysuit it is made entirely out of mesh,but the whole midsection up to right,here is double lined so that it has a,little bit more structure to it and its,not see-through i dont know that its,really doing much though its advertised,as light support which i think is what,she was going for with this collection,because most shapewear is just so,tight and pinchy and uncomfortable i,think this particular item would be,really cute with like a skirt or some,high-waisted jeans the back is a thong,im not going to like full-on show you,that but this whole mesh collection is,made from 82 recycled material which is,cool this brand is part of fabletics it,is also fabletics pricing structure so,this thing is 85,if youre not a vip member but if you,are a vip member its 64.95 its the,same thing as anything else with,fabletics it is never worth the full,price in my opinion the tricky thing,about being a fabletics member is you,have to remember to skip the month if,you dont it charges you like 50 bucks,which goes into an account that you can,spend,athletics but its still really annoying,when you forget to skip the month im,gonna put this in the keep pile i dont,see myself wearing it all the time but i,think its a fun little statement piece,next more messy stuff okay this is,getting interesting so this top very,similar to the bodysuit there is a,silicone lining along oh my gosh and,its cute little yetis all around the,edge im assuming thats like partly to,add some support but also so that when,you raise your arms it doesnt probably,not gonna wear it under anything its,kind of just meant to be worn on its own,i think i kind of want to work out in it,because its just like so breathable and,these bottoms are so comfortable that,same meshy material but these have like,a french cut thong on the inside meant,to not leave any panty lines if you are,gonna wear these under something these,have silicone along the top of the,waistband i really like this crop top,but i just dont see myself wearing,these shorts all the time at least in,this butterfly print maybe if they were,black okay so we knew that our girl,lizzo was gonna be an inclusive queen so,this whole collection is in size 6xl to,extra small with the 6xl first and then,the sizes go down for some reason i love,that so much i think its just because,it goes to show that the curvy girls,were not only put into consideration,when designing this collection they were,actually prioritized another cool thing,is a lot of the listings actually have,two different body types you can see it,on it was really good in theory but they,werent super consistent with it so for,some of them they like didnt have the,size that the models were wearing i,personally found it really really,helpful like for example i can see this,model has a pretty similar body type to,mine shes a little bit taller than me,so that helped me make my decision im,with a large in all the bottoms and a,medium and all the tops you know what i,wonder about this collection i wonder if,fabletics approached lizzo and they,wanted to do like an active work,collaboration like theyve done with so,many other celebrities and lizzo was,like nah,now were not doing activewear the clip,of me talking about this outfit,disappeared for some reason but i,actually really like these leggings i,dont know where im gonna wear them but,they are insanely comfortable and kind,of fun and different are they worth 70,if youre not a member no,are they worth 54,yeah probably honestly im tempted to,work out in these it might make for a,really good workout i really really like,these leggings so im gonna keep them,but i just dont know if the sports bra,is worth fifty dollars to me last messy,outfit got more butterfly print is this,sheer i really hope its not sure so,they have three different styles of,underwear these high-waisted ones some,just like regular cut and then a,g-string i went with the high-waisted,and i like them im still very confused,where im gonna wear all this stuff just,like here at home i guess i wasnt sure,how i was gonna feel about the silicone,waste on underwear but i actually dont,mind it and then this crop top once,again its just its adorable man the,prices are just kind of a lot like i,know shapewear is always expensive but,fifty dollars for this crop what i cant,get past is the fact that theyre,charging forty dollars for this pair of,underwear and then if you remember its,30. like i like it but i dont know if i,like it that much once again really like,the crop top but i just dont think,these are worth thirty dollars here are,the winners of the nordstrom gift cards,from the last video i have something,else exciting for you as you probably,know i am trying to pass kim kardashian,in subscribers on youtube and when we do,i am going to buy you something from her,kardashian closet stay tuned because i,need your help to decide exactly what it,is um but please subscribe because weve,got a little ways to go still the next,yeti collection is the nearly naked,stuff and that is the stuff that comes,in this super cute packaging and this,this is the shapewear comes in neutral,colors as well as some fun ones but this,is meant to go under stuff and really,get us you know snatched up i got two,body suits to try,a shorts version and a thong version im,gonna try on the shorts version for you,if this actually fits well i think i,might cry,oh gosh its on,i think i like it fun fact that i,discovered i think shapewear is supposed,to be uh watchless i thought that was,just a skims thing no thats just a,thing which makes sense so this stuff is,all medium compression which i,love its not like crazy crazy tight but,its enough to just kind of smooth,everything out i love how low cut the,back is so it has like strategic,compression that goes around the cheeks,which is great but my favorite thing is,its not digging into my thighs that is,one of my number one issues with,shapewear is the digging in so as a vip,this was 39.95 which i think is a good,price for this t

Sooooo I Tried YITTY By LIZZO And…..

hey,[Music],hello beautiful people welcome back,welcome to,it is your,spa ready boo oh i hope i didnt,and you know,who doesnt like a little try on hauling,a show zenitha and today im super,excited because i got that yeti in this,lily hey because i got that yeti in this,lady hey i feel like i have to give,lizzle energy,when i when im when im dealing with,these products i just have so much hype,um but i got a couple of things from,yeti,lets see the background because you,know i didnt really do a lot of,research i bought it because i wanted to,support,and i knew that she was making shapewear,or you know inclusive shapewear,personally as of late,what i have been doing honestly is just,like wearing shapewear less just because,like i dont know ive just been trying,to embrace what i have but when i do,want like something for a little oof im,not gonna lie i have been picking up,miss skim,because shed be,shed be slim tummy teeing the curls let,me look up yeti and see because i think,the one thing i will say is that when i,actually looked at the shapewear i was,kind of like,because i wasnt sure if she was trying,to give,the girls like you know skimps,or were we just trying to get like size,inclusive because i think skims does,have a pretty good range shapewear be,invented,designed for all body types what is yeti,yeah so she said its a new shapewear,line i will say that there are a lot of,the times if you are trying to get like,stuff that is supposed to be shape wear,um its its it usually it will say 3xl,but like the 3xl is actually meant for,someone whos a large or an extra large,especially like fajas and stuff,depending on the range of suction youre,trying to go let me actually go ahead,and just look up really quickly,what how what the highest like,size that miss skins girl lets see the,highest size miss skim yeah because,skins at least is going up to four eggs,five eggs i know lizzo goes up to six,eggs,so,lets see,okay so im gonna be honest with yall,when it comes to sizing,my yeti sizing is all over the place but,this first set that i got is the major,label high-waisted shorts and the cross,over bralette funny enough i got the,pants in a 1x,and i got the bra in a 2x and i actually,feel like i could have gone even smaller,in the,shorts area or im just like really,short so i dont have a lot of torso um,but other than that like i feel like if,its really great on me its just that i,have a little bit like,like that gap space and if i pull it up,any longer i mean baby at this point,its about to be a romper,um but i do feel like the bralette,actually just fits me really really nice,and comfortably this is a very very,comfortable bralette,but i like the overall fit of it its,very like,not too heavy but its also i feel like,not super super sheer the only thing i,dont know if it could be my sizing or,just how the material is made i still,would have liked just like the slightest,bit of compression,um but i definitely feel like this is,just a very nice like,comfortable,set to wear something super relaxed like,airport ready errands running all that,stuff something super cute nothing too,crazy i think its a cute set also i,just realized that they describe the,cycling shorts or the they describe the,major shorts as supposed to be like,smoothing shorts so i dont take back,what i originally said i do wish there,was a little bit more compression see no,way listen,see no way less than,because its giving sun,its giving sunny d is giving banana,vitamin c,vitamin c,[Music],vitamin c,vitamin c,vitamin c,vitamin,damn how do you make a z so this is the,yellow set,funny enough,i got the black set yall just saw the,black set the black set its the bottom,thats 1x and the top that is a 2x with,the yellow set,the same bottom is a 1x,and this is actually a 1x bra,i definitely felt,the the girls you know,trying to come in to this one it,definitely felt more fitted but i also,felt the girls,struggle to,slide into this one i definitely felt,even just the material because i want to,say that they made sure to line this,so that it wouldnt be see-through,because like,its yellow but its not is it yellow,and its not see-through,yeah babes,shes yellow and shes not see-through,so,this is where even when i was putting,this on i felt like there was a the,material was just ever so slightly,thicker,than the black material and this is a 1x,so remember how i was just talking about,how,it was hard for me to like,to like i could pull this all the way up,like i struggled to get,these shorts on,in comparison to the one x its like,theyre made with,a similar but like not exactly the same,even my thighs feel like a little bit,more,quenched,in this one i actually prefer the fit of,these shorts so much better my girls,theyre struggling but theyre hanging,in there on this one but i prefer,the fit of this combo like i think this,is kyo and this is the main one i was,worried because i was like dang i wanted,to get it in a bigger size but,this is the main way,this is the main one i wanted to fit,gonna be looking like a banana bowl all,summer now the only thing i will say is,that the boob area for the broad like,the bra is more sheer so thats why i,was really shocked that the bottom half,especially like im usually weary of,colors,like this but the top part is a bit more,sheer in real life,and probably probably you guys are too,like just of course if you have like a,deeper tone of,areola um it definitely you can see a,little bit but its not anything thats,like boom areola when it comes to actual,shapewear i this is interesting,baby,huh,who fit this,yeah,this is interesting what size did i get,this in,thats the real question i dont even,know what size i got this in oh i got,this as an extra large,and xxl so,we shall see but i got the shaper bra,ive never really bought like shapewear,for my bra area or upper body area but i,feel like it would be like a nice way,for me to have like a shaper top and,bottom without having to have a full,piece especially if you got a peak roll,and then i also picked up the short,huh this this damn this is gonna take,some work,it seems stretched what size did i get,now the thing is im not gonna lie,because i specifically,and one of those people that has like,literally this is how much torso i have,this much,this much so i have rolls they dont got,nowhere else to go aint much else to do,so when everyone has like the little,like non-slip i feel like a lot of the,times theyre talking to like people who,have smooth backs,so im really interested especially,giving lizzles figure and the fact that,she like ive seen her wear these and it,says no slip thats something yeah no,roll down engineered im really,interested to actually see that um in,play for the life of me no matter what i,wear it will still roll down just,because i have rolls so,if you got rolls theyve gonna roll i,cant,tell if the bra,is see-through or not,but i will say as you can see this is,where the little yeti,thing is supposed to be,um when i originally put it on it wasnt,staying down until i had,something else because come out right,here,so this is where i met where like,sometimes if you just have rolls like,its its not gonna go but i will say,the bottoms,instead this is actually sitting on to,my,my back,let me put something over this and then,talk all right so i have both,the high-waisted shorts and the shaper,top up top as you can see we have a,little pudge down here that is because,there is nothing to actually,like shape the bottom half of my stomach,all the shaping is right here and you,guys can see i do have a pretty nice,silhouette with both of them on,personally when it comes to any of like,my high-waisted shapewear i noticed that,on the lizard one the actual area that,it seems the shaping is happening is on,the shorter side so theres about this,much bandwidth of where like the,compression is which leaves the whole,bottom half,and which i feel like most women end up,having especially like where your uterus,is your pouches m

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I have to be honest about Lizzos new shapewear brand….

my neighbor is installing his [ __ ],garden,beds,[Music],[Applause],hello everyone oh my god welcome back to,rockaloe,i swear i cannot not do a broccoli intro,when im wearing this wig im just so,happy shes back i got her,professionally installed by tali today,and im gonna wear her for the next,three days which is gonna be fun,today we will be looking at another,celebrity fashion brand which is fairly,new were gonna talk about yiddi from,lizzo if you dont know who luzo is she,is a american singer rapper and,songwriter born in detroit,michigan michigan i think she really hit,the charts with her song i just took a,dna test turns out im 100 percent bit,[ __ ] this really took off on tick tock,and then you know she had several more,songs i really like her songs i really,like her music i like her,i like her,wait thats right,oh my god what did i think it was called,i love she in april lizzo announced that,she was gonna create a shapewear brand,called yeti so in april this brand was,launched so literally a couple of weeks,ago now is the first time when i could,get my hands on it because it was quite,hard to get it,they do not ship internationally,oopsie heres a quote from lizzo i was,tired of seeing the sad restrictive,shapewear that literally no one wanted,to wear i decided to take on the,challenge of allowing women to feel,unapologetic good about themselves again,yeti is lizs lifelong dream come true,for nearly three years shes put her,heart and soul into building this game,changing psys inclusive brand from the,ground up all based on the principles of,self-love radical inner confidence and,effortless everyday wear of course,theyre also preaching inclusivity their,shapewear is designed for all body types,varying from a 6x to nxs all,xs to sex,i always want to say xs to 6x is not,like a bad size range some good options,there i have to say that i was a little,disappointed not only little a lot,disappointed when i got onto their,website because as soon as you type in,yeti you get redirected to yiddi thought,fabletics.com yes it is another,fabletics brand,if you didnt know savage xfenty from,rihanna is also kind of like this with,athletics its not as obvious but it,definitely has the same subscription,system i will get into that later,thats my food,hello yiri has the same subscription,system as fabletics and savage x20 which,means there is a basic price for the,clothes which is mostly very expensive,but you dont even know about this price,because all they do is advertise their,price when you are subscribed to them so,if you scroll through their products you,can see new vip offers 17,new vip offers 21,but this vip price you only pay when you,have the subscription so lets say i,want to buy this smoothing cross front,bralet that automatically means that i,also buy the monthly subscription and,im gonna pay them monthly 50,or 49.95 a lot of websites actually use,this because its a freaking money bank,theyre probably getting really rich,from it because if you dont remember to,pause your subscription youre still,going to pay them 50 a month you will,have the possibility to skip a month of,charging if you remember,to skip it every month you have to tell,them if you dont do that your money,will go into your credit but you will,not be able to get it back its there,its in the credit and you can only buy,stuff from the website which is really,crazy because its 50 dollars and,especially yeti they dont even have,that much on their website like at some,point you will have everything they,really want to get you with like these,low prices and then you get like kind of,a heart attack when you realize you,dont actually get those prices if you,dont have the subscription so youre,like okay im gonna subscribe and then,im just gonna pause every month yeah,thats what im gonna do but youre,probably not gonna do that youre always,gonna forget it and then you wanna maybe,cancel it but apparently its also not,super easy to cancel it youre gonna,have to call a phone number actually not,that easy because theyre gonna try to,talk you out of it ive heard bad,stories about their customer service,they just dont want you to cancel the,subscription the subscription is whats,gonna make them rich you know,subscription i just dont understand why,you as a celebrity whos making a lot of,money you have to do this weird,subscription thingy which is gonna cost,your fans maybe a lot of money because,not everyone can see through this and,its actually not easy to see through,this because theyre obviously gonna,make you want the subscription with the,low prices and you know you really have,to read into it to see all the side,effects sorry it just pisses me off its,so easy not to do it i mean obviously,its kind of like a collaboration with,fabletics and thats how fabletics works,so maybe that was like a condition for,lizzo but then again you know lizzo if,its been your dream for three years to,come out with a shapewear brand why do,you have to do it through fabletics why,dont do it on your own i wish she would,have just done it on her own rant over,and i really want to get into the,products without having the subscription,thing in mind but its hard to ignore it,but now that i told you about it its,out of the way you guys know about it be,careful okay and now lets see what the,products are like when i look through,the products i realized that its kind,of boring yeah its shapewear shapewear,is not like super interesting but she,also came out with some active and some,outerwear all i can say is its not,really my cup of tea i was kind of,underwhelmed when i look at all the,products this personal taste is personal,opinion so im not gonna judge on that i,can just speak for myself guys im,literally so confused right now in their,faq on the question where do you ship,theyre actually saying they ship to the,us canada spain france uk germany sweden,denmark australia and the netherlands,but when i checked out again they only,shipped to the us in australia so im,very confused all i want to say is they,just shipped to the us and australia,which made it kind of hard for me to get,my hands on the products they might,expand it at some point when they,realized oh its going good but why not,do it from the start thats not all,inclusive,and yes im roasting again i mean im,not even roasting thats on period and,now we all also ask us the same question,where are the products made,of course they dont disclose where the,products are made on their website so we,can all just assume that its probably,made in china but what they do tell you,on their website is [ __ ] were,responsible the majority of our styles,are created with soft eco-friendly,recycled fibers are sustainably designed,packaging is made with 100 recycled,materials so i guess they are,kind of doing,something echo friendly over there,no thats nice thats a pro but they,still dont tell you where their,products are made what else is new,delivery,this is how it came it is already opened,and ripped i dont know if it came like,this it probably just happened during,the transport,oh blast plus plus some of it came in,these yeti boxes but the rest came in,this or maybe the shapewear comes in,these and the outerwear in this but what,is the reason,i do really like the covers uh the,colors,julie what are you doing in the bag its,very noisy,you do i mean the logo is nothing like,super special but its cute its fun it,really is dynamic and we love the color,combo time for the first outfit,you didnt think i would come this way,did you,so i thought because,so thats what were wearing right now,this is,a two-piece you have to buy it,individually though yeah i mean i do,look nice i do look shaped dont i,theres just some minor things that,bother me why is there this line can you,see it its like really unnecessary,why is it there the fabric is thinner on,the bud,plugs,the nearly naked shaping media bra was,60,and the shorts were 50 dollars both of,these pieces are made in china probably,every

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Trying Lizzos New Shapewear Line YITTY! *honest review*

– [Female] All the rumors are true.,Lizzo just dropped a shapewear line,and were about to try on all things Yitty.,- I will wear this.,- We both a hundred percent that bitch.,- This is not your mamas shapewear.,Yitty by Lizzo is here.,- Thats right.,So Lizzo did an epic collaboration,with Fabletics because shes sick and tired,of seeing the same old shape wear line.,You know, same colors, same fish.,Shes like, nah, nah, nah, I need to do it my way.,The Lizzo way.,- So basically Lizzo wanted to do this collection,and she wanted to do it this way,because she wants everyone to feel really comfortable,in their bodies and what they choose to wear.,- And she sizes from 6X to extra small,and all the clothes are made out of recycled materials.,So we love that for us.,- So clearly this is not your mamas shapewear, okay.,If it was gonna be this fun, this bright, this sexy,,it had to be done by Lizzo.,♪ I was born like this, dont even gotta try. ♪,- So were gonna rate that from zero,to a hundred percent being that bitch.,How do we feel?,Are we gonna be that bitch?,Are they gonna bleep out me saying that bitch?,- No, of course not.,- Were about to rock this bitch?,- Okay. So Lizzo actually has three different collections,under her Yitty line.,And the first one that were trying on is her Mesh Me line.,- [Female] Yeah. So we have the Mesh Me smoothing midi top,and then we have the high wasted Mesh Me smoothing shorts.,Surprisingly enough.,I was like mesh thats a little bit scary.,Yeah. But this feels really nice, actually.,- I love this.,First of all, there $60 each,which I think is a really reasonable price,when were talking about shapewear,cause we tried shapewear a lot on this–,- Channel? Were on a channel,- On this channel.,- I was surprised how much I like this.,I honestly dont even wanna wear this under clothes,which is normally what you do with shapewear.,Aside from the back, cause you guys,,the back is completely see through.,All you see is a A-S-S, which Lizzo is all here for.,like Lizzo would wear this outfit in public,cause thats what she does.,- Test me.,- I think this is so completely sexy.,This like line where,it just kind of like slims your waist a little bit.,And I think its see through in the right places.,And it covers up in the right places other than the butt.,- And this is in the color iconic black.,And I feel like the only downside I have about this is,this band on both of it.,Its pretty thick.,So depending on what youre wearing it under,just keep that in mind.,If youre looking for shapewear,for like a really slinky material,,like super form fitting dress,I dont know if this is gonna be hidden underneath,but overall I really think its super comfortable.,- Its cute.,- And Im really impressed,to see mesh being used in shapewear,because I think some people dont like,that really overly constrictive,,high sculpt compression material.,So this is really breathable, especially for summer.,- Honestly I think Lizzo was like shape wear,that you can wear outside.,- I love it.,- I dont think she planned,on this being under clothes at all.,- I will wear this.,- I feel like Im a hundred percent that bitch.,- Me, too. – I was like, wait a minute.,Oh, thats so nice.,- Oops. My Gucci crown.,- All right, now we are in the body suit,from the Nearly Naked collection.,This is jelly red.,- I love that.,- Yeah. I love the name of it.,Jelly red.,I love how bright it is.,Super fun.,It is $64 for a body suit, which again is really good.,It is so freaking tight.,- It is tight.,- That Im like, I already can barely speak.,This is cutting off the last ability I have to make sounds.,- Got some chicken grease in my throat.,I was just eating chicken earlier.,- This is also a thong.,So I like that aspect.,And if youre not into the jelly red,it comes in other colors as well.,I dont know what this is trying to be, honestly.,Im very confused by this piece.,- Its trying to be hardcore compression,,which I get it.,Sometimes you need that thing,that going to like completely smooth everything out.,But I mean just in comparison to the mesh,,this is like standard shapewear.,It is.,(slurping sound),And it, oh man.,- Its holding everything in.,So I think depending on like what youre looking,for in your shapewear.,For me I dont like that Im literally sucked in.,Like I think I did lose like an inch or two putting it on.,- No. Totally.,- Yeah. My waist, like.,So if thats what youre looking for cool.,For me, when I look for shapewear,,I just want something to smooth everything out.,But again, theres people that are like,,I wanna feel like completely sucked in.,That like if I move this or this, like its all there.,So if youre that kind of person,,this is definitely it for you.,- Im gonna say that because its a totally personal opinion,but I do believe every once in a while there is a need,for a body suit like this.,Im gonna say Im about 80% that bitch.,- Yeah. I was gonna say 70%.,- Yeah. Thats fair.,- It is.,- Thats fair.,- Its fair. – Were fair.,- You were so great until you werent,,you know what Im saying?,- Okay. So now were in her Major Label collection,and this two piece set is actually a part,of her activewear.,So she has shapewear,and now she has activewear too.,Which makes sense cause Fabletics is all about activewear.,So shes gotta have a line that gives you that option.,I love this like top thats like cross like this,and then these high waisted leggings,the only thing Ill say is Im a little disappointed,that theyre not the same fabric.,- Right. I agree.,- And thats really strange.,I love the top.,The top holds everything in.,Its stretchy and it feels good.,But then you got these like silky bottom leggings,that are not true to size.,Theyre a little bit big and Im just like not a fan.,Which makes me so sad cause I love this bright ass blue.,- I think that the reason the top is great is,because it really does feel like activewear.,Its that compression material again.,It is like literally thats what its called.,Its like a smoothing control type of top.,So it makes sense.,But I know there are girls that love to work out,in this type of material.,- I dont like it.,- I am not one of them.,- I dont like working out in this slinky material.,It to me doesnt feel very activewear.,cause I dont feel very secure in it at all.,- No. Not at all.,- I like things to be this material,,this compression material,,especially if Im like really working out.,This slinky material does nothing for me,- It doesnt either.,And its so disappointing cause honestly I would say,that this was going to be my favorite set,just based off of the color alone.,Like this color is so freaking good.,But the mix match. I just dont understand.,Keep it consistent.,- Yeah. And also, one, its two different colors,especially under these lights,,I dont know if itll show on camera,,but it almost looks like two different shades of blue.,Which you know.,You know how much that bugs me.,- Yeah. So Im a little conflicted.,I dont know how to rate this.,Like the idea I wouldve been,like a hundred percent that bitch.,But execution Im gonna have to give it like 60%.,- I was gonna say 50 just because its half there.,- Yeah, it really is.,- But this, this is it right here.,This is great.,- Oh, they should have just made the leggings in this.,- If this was leggings.,Oh God, I would never take them off, ever.,- Ever.,- Woo.,- As you can see, clearly Lizzo has a lot.,Theres a lot going on with this Yitty line.,So we to check out some of her favorites,,Which I always love when they tell you,,”Hey, this person that you love who has designed,this amazing line of shapewear and activewear,,she also has her absolute favorites.”,Obviously we had to try them.,So we got this high wasted thong,and bra crop top situation set,,which is from the Nearly Naked collection.,Again, its that really like crazy compression material.,(slurp the pop sound),Yes. But its again, its snatching the waist.,It is like, everything is in there.,This is not my everyday go to s

Trying Lizzos Shapewear on TWO Different Body Types !! Is it worth the $$$?!

hey everyone so today we are doing a,very exciting video in this video we are,going to be trying lizzos new shapewear,slash athletic wear brand produced by,fabletics called yeti i swear in the,back of my mind i can hear lizzo saying,it,i really like that lizzo shares a lot of,body positivity things so i was excited,to try the brand yeti is produced by,fabletics now if you have not heard of,fabletics its an athletic wear company,that does memberships and we need to,talk about the memberships before we,could talk about anything else itty,actually wasnt available in canada at,all unless you were a member so i had to,become a member to shop the yeti,collection like you get the deals if,youre a member okay im gonna take you,guys to the fablotics website this is,the canadian one so it may look a little,bit different for you depending on where,youre shopping from oh wait hold on a,second has it changed,since i shopped i did talk to the,fabletics support and they said they,were working on getting yeti available,in canada so maybe now you dont have to,be a member but when i bought this like,a month ago you did have to be a member,headliner shaping highways leggings new,vip offer two for 24,and if you are not a member you can see,it its very small here these would be,89.95,thats a huge huge savings so clearly it,pays to be a vip but what does it take,to be a vip youre asking well thats,what i was wondering on the sixth of,each month youll be charged 49.95 for,your exclusive membership benefits these,benefits include access to exclusive,products so in this case it was the,collection but anymore and a promotional,member credit which unlocks their best,prices member credits can be reading for,any two-piece kit or items up to 80 skip,as often as you would like cancel easily,online anytime now i was searching,around a little bit online and people,were saying that its extremely,difficult to cancel your fabletics,membership,so i was thinking we should try and,cancel mine and see how that goes,okay,i am going to try,to cancel my fabletics,subscription membership,okay so,54.95 for the canadian fabletics and it,becomes a member credit so youre not,paying 54 for nothing youre paying for,a member credit so you can buy things,with your credit its not just charge,for the membership okay i didnt know,that select a reason that im canceling,[Music],i guess i just dont see value,[Music],that was so easy what who is having,trouble canceling their thing,that was so easy maybe when fabletics,was like newer their cancellation was,difficult but that was like super easy,that was no problem at all okay well,theres no hot tea here it was easy okay,i have no idea how that went because,that was future mia but lets get back,to the site so theres lots of products,here as you can see im really really,liking the,colors like weve also weve obviously,got neutrals but then theres also these,like fun cheetah prints and neons which,i mean i dont really wear fun colors,that often but i do like looking at them,so i think it is fun my moms also going,to be trying them on i have everything,laid out and i got one for me and one,for my mom so we can see on two,different body shapes my mom is more,curvy and i am more of a stick so this,idea of memberships to get a good deal,on clothing brands is fairly new i feel,like i think savagex fenty and fabletics,are like the two most common brands that,are doing this i personally dont like,the membership based programs because i,dont like being charged monthly,especially if im not getting anything,that month like i feel like the only,scenario that works well for a,membership is if you are like an avid,athletic wear shopper to the point where,youre buying new clothes every single,month so that 50,is like worth it one more thing that i,want to check is i want to see where,these clothes are produced so let me,just grab one thing ill just grab this,and ill stand a little bit long so you,guys can see that im not wearing,sweatpants okay this also says,im sustainable this bag is made with,100 recyclable materials to reduce waste,and save energy so im not looking at,the product just yet is this recyclable,hmm,interesting okay so weve got the yeti,tag and then it says made in china so i,know a lot of people were curious about,where this was produced its made in,china not super shocked because i knew,that the other fabletics pieces were,produced in china so theyre using the,same production probably okay so this,has probably been a very long intro and,im sure all of you guys are chomping at,the bit for me to invite my mom up here,so,lets bring her up and lets try the,shape were on,[Music],all right,[Laughter],fabletics created yeti do you know what,fabletics is is that created by somebody,uh fab letter hudson yeah,founder kate hudson youre right yes i,knew something,okay well kate hudson is,a thief,what do you wanna know why why,kate hudson is not a thief,that was just a joke because of the,membership program so i explained that,to my mom but i was just kidding okay,i love kate hudson as much as the next,person please dont come at me mom kate,hudson got me,i got caught by hanson,[Laughter],so these are the mesh me smoothing midi,bralettes and then we also have mesh me,smoothing high waisted short so these,are like shapewear but theyre also not,to like the highest degree theyre,smoothing,so like lets say you might have like,cellulite or something this apparently,well do smooth why are you laughing,just hypothetically you might,hypothetically if you had,contrary to everybody telling me that i,am not a candidate to try shapewear i,actually am and i actually have my own,insecurities even though i am small i,still have my thing so there take that,oh,these are weird that is weird do you see,how its like an underwear yeah like,okay so the only part of these shorts,you guys that is opaque is like a little,underwear thong and then the rest of it,is like a see-through mesh,so would you work out in these or is,this like for wearing under clothes this,looks small im concerned okay thats,the first set lets try it on okay lets,do it,do you are you gonna wear your underwear,under this if its supposed to look like,its i dont know because like it looks,kind of see-through still like look at,this fabric oh it actually goes on,easier than i expected im just so,confused by it mom,here we have those on,i firstly,am like rediscovering what the purpose,of these are,because initially i thought this is,workout gear but i think this is,actually designed to go under clothes,and what makes me think that is i dont,think it would be like presentable to,have cake because i have my underwear on,because this is youtube people same,clearly,if i didnt this would be not,because look in the front even look how,skinny that gets,like i refuse,it looks small i put it on it was,actually easy to get into yeah its,comfortable,its not restricting at all and it feels,like it would be breathable,i feel like this is getting like with,this its getting stretched a lot like,yours isnt like that but mine is like,really stretched my issue is the same as,you with like the waist here this band,is so tight that its pushing out like,just over the top yeah and i feel like,the same things happening with you so,like if you were here,excuse me what,do you say,excuse me what are you saying is,happening to me,excuse me i havent noticed that thanks,for noticing is that how its supposed,to be like because it almost feels like,there shouldnt be that gap for the,opportunity for,okay were gonna put you in this dress,okay and then we will put,the side by side without the dress on so,you guys can see what the shapewear,actually did okay let me look at you,okay so say if i was just wearing this,honestly your waist looks itty bitty,yeah it looks pretty good i would say,this is low to medium impact yeah its,very comfortable though i like that yeah,its really comfy yeah we could go,dancing one thing i will say though i,wasnt sure if this was

BRUTALLY Honest Yitty by Lizzo Review | Umm…

today were reviewing yeti which is,lizzos new shapewear slash like kind of,activewear brand i feel like im mostly,reviewing this because i dont really,know what it is like if its shapewear,why is it neon but if its activewear,then why is it sheer i just we have a,lot of questions so hopefully we get,some answers today so if you dont know,who lizzo is shes a very famous singer,songwriter you know performer and she,just seems like a genuine like real,person like ive seen her even on tick,tock like posting her own tick tocks and,she just seems like a truly genuine nice,person so i honestly have not tried very,much shapewear in general but i have,tried a lot of activewear and i,definitely feel like some of these,pieces are trying to be a little more,activewear and if you didnt know i,dont feel like they really advertise,this but as soon as you click on like,the yeti website its actually a branch,of fabletics so i dont know if you need,to have the fabletics membership to,order but its like significantly,cheaper if you have the fabletics,membership so i literally just made an,athletics membership for like a month so,i need to cancel that before i get,charged but its literally like,yeti.fabletics.com,and you know i dont know how i feel,about that i feel like fabletics they,got their ordering system down they got,their manufacturing down so of course,its gonna be like easier for lizzo to,like create this line but i havent been,like a huge fan of fabletics in the past,i just feel like their stuffs like,pretty okay so well see how this does i,definitely got like some of the,shapewear pieces but also some of the,pieces that were definitely like a,little more aimed towards activewear,since thats you know more what i do on,this channel i feel like i have a better,perspective on that and just reading a,little bit about like her goals with,creating yeti so shes saying its,shapewear reinvented its an industry,first no shame smile inducing shapewear,designed for all body types from size 6x,to xs something she does with her sizing,is actually she starts with the bigger,sizes and ends with the smaller sizing,as opposed to what most brands do like,starting with extra small and then going,to extra-large which isnt like a big,deal but i like that shes kind of like,changing things up and she also says,that all of the colors in silhouettes,have been fit on every body type not,merely scaled up or down for convenience,which i feel like a lot of active wear,and probably shapewear as well and,clothing in general i feel like is often,designed for like smaller body types and,when they include larger sizes like up,to like a three to six x they just kind,of make the sizes bigger when thats not,always how bodies work so i generally,wear a size small im not like a one to,six x so i wont really be able to see,like how much better it fits those kind,of bodies than other brands who are just,kind of scaled up but i do believe that,since lizzo does have a larger body that,she really would have designed these to,fit those larger body types so i,definitely like what shes doing there,in terms of shipping my order took like,quite a while to come i think they had a,pretty large order volume took like a,week and a half i wasnt sure i was,gonna get this in time to film while i,was on my break and in terms of prices,so the prices are like lets just say,okay so the bodysuit is 84. which is,very expensive the leggings 70 dollars,definitely up there in price,but if you do the fabletics partnership,so everything i added to my cart today,which lets count how many items that is,so i bought nine pieces for the review,today and everything together was,supposed to be 489 but i just activated,my fabletics like vip which doesnt cost,anything you just have to remember to,cancel your membership since like i,wont be shopping from fabletics again,unless im doing another review but,reactivating the vip offers saved me 243,and then they were having a deal like,two for 29 yeti bottoms which saved me,another 80,so what should have been 489 dollars,turned out to be 179,for nine items so definitely not bad in,terms of pricing and i feel like if this,wasnt a partnership with fabletics it,would have been a lot more so opening my,package first thing i get is welcome to,fabletics and its like guys i ordered,all giddy stuff clearly i wasnt really,interested in the fabletics but five,ladies just gotta make the plug and i,got a good variety of stuff i definitely,tried to get some of like the like,shapewear but i also tried to get some,of the stuff that was more active wear,so why dont we start out with i dont,know lets start out with some shapewear,so first i have the shaping midi bra in,the color tempo lavender which is size,extra small small i just spent five,minutes on my phone trying to look up,the size range because i was wondering,like if its extra small small like is,this the smallest size but something,about fabletics this is a main reason,why i hate fabletics is like i literally,had to like log into my account to even,view anything on the website its just,so irritating like i i hate fabletics,stupid little membership thing i know it,like saves people money and stuff but i,just feel like i dont know i dont like,things that make you sign up for a,membership and i dont know so were not,gonna look up the size range for this,because my phone is now like frozen okay,so some of the stuff comes in these,little boxes i spent all the time,looking up the size range when it was on,the back of the package so yeah extra,small small is the smallest and then it,goes up to a 5x for the seamless bra i,bet this is going to be pretty stretchy,so i hope its kind of on the small side,its looking pretty small okay so this,was 60,before all of the sale deals and this is,definitely not worth 60 dollars so do,not pay sixty dollars for like a thin,little seamless but i think for the,amount i paid which i dont know was,like probably fifty percent off that,yeah even if its fifty percent off,thirty dollars for like a little bra,like this im not really sure so its,just a single layer of seamless fabric,theres no double lining in here or,anything no pads so definitely going to,get like some nippage so heres the bra,close up you have like a little scrunch,detailing on the front and the side so,you have like a little space for the,girls and then you also have a silicone,detailing to kind of keep it in place so,well see how this is this isnt the,kind of bra that i really like love for,every day maybe like a sleep bra i do,like to sleep in like a light layer of,bra so lets try this on okay so i kind,of feel like this top is see-through so,just so this video can remain on youtube,im just gonna throw in some cut pads,okay so,im just im not loving the bra first of,all i already found some more like,quality problems my stitching has just,like come undone here and you can see,that its like oh yeah literally i can,like continue to pull the stitching out,see this is why im not loving like the,fabletics partnership i just dont think,fabletics has the best quality which,means,i dont know which means i dont think,this is gonna be the best quality so,thats kind of a bummer also all of the,seams here are very stiff and like very,tiny which makes them like cut into you,a bit so i normally wear a size small,sports bra so i dont think i could have,gone to like the medium large but in,this size i definitely am going to get,like some cutting in,you know just anywhere where the straps,are a little bit tight so for like a bra,thats supposed to be like shaping,seamless its not like super comfortable,i do feel like for,a seamless bra,it does give like a nice shape though,like i feel like the girls are kind of,like perked up a little bit i do feel,nice and compressed around the band here,i really like the compression right down,there i also really like the idea of,having the silicone like sticky lining,because a lot of bras can kind of move,around and this one really st


you have this bra,you got to get down here so you can see,your face,we have this brown sports pro,try and try it on you can work out in,the summer,winter,with no bra its called sports bra its,called sports bra you can have your,girls flipping and flopping if you have,that issue,lets assume yours wont wrangle them,lets assume youre like on treadmill,running and your girls are so big,and theyre like every time you take a,run theyre bouncing swinging left and,right left and right almost giving you a,black eye yeah some that happens yeah,ive seen like,some women like whoop their boobs with,like you know like when they turn around,they whoop me,with their boobs they whoop you in the,face yeah that happens im sure youre,so sad about that,anyway continue on try this bra,from from,whatever brand yeti,yeti,yeti whatever,try this,your girls would be perfectly secure,just like in my hands,stop it,hey thickies welcome back to thick girls,guide your official guide for everything,fashion style trends and lifestyle,and in todays video,your girl got herself some yeti,what so of course,if you dont know this is lizzos brand,and she is partnering with fabletics so,were gonna dive into this i got like 10,pieces i think so were going to try it,on were going to give you guys an,honest review,is it crap is it great does lizzo know,what shes doing,and it is it was real popular because,most of it sold out and especially the,plus sizes she does offer a pretty good,size range so well dive into all that,prices,and of course do the try on for you,dont forget to hit that subscribe,button join the thick girl gang and give,this video a thumbs up now lets get,into it,[Music],all right all right all right,like the intro said weve got yeti,pieces to try on,so if you have been living under a rock,and you havent heard about yeti,obviously,lizzo um the amazing singer she is,partnered with fabletics to bring the,world yeti,and it is a um athletic wear brand and,there are some kind of lounge pieces as,well,but a lot of like workout bras,um,leggings there are some hoodies or,sweatshirts,a bunch of different items and it,launched,i want to say it was like the beginning,of,april like maybe like the sixth or,something,so,i did go on the website on the launch,date and snagged about 10 pieces here so,we are going to do the try on for you,first were going to go over everything,i got the prices the sizing i picked up,then well dive in to the fun part,so of course you can find everything on,yeti.com but you will have to wait until,they restock because,while her size range goes from a 6x down,to a,extra small and apparently thats been,controversial because shes actually,putting the plus size,plus sizes first,from bigger to smaller which is,unconventional,i think we appreciate it because were,always put last so,um its nice to be put first a little,bit you know,great size range though so plus size,women and regular straight size women,can also participate she has some really,cute designs um and also the,the color names,are hilarious so,i will go over those i dont know how,many theres a couple i dont think i,can say,on the channel,but well um i will lead you to what it,means anyway,so lets dive in so this first item is,the and im going to put up because,theyre in these theres three that are,in boxes like this the rest are not so,ill put up a screenshot here of this,item so this is the,uh shaping midi bra,and this is the three slash 4x,in black,this is,so this is normally,49.95,um if you dont know fabletics is kind,of like a subscription,brand i dont think you have to do the,subscription but if you do its called,like the vip,and so you can get this right now on the,website of time of this filming its,like 17.98,so they give you killer deals when you,first sign up um which is why i got like,10 pieces to just try out and see if i,even like it and if not its going back,and uh but yeah this is the,black,midi bra this is in the three to four x,and um this is made of 82 recycled,polymide,and 18 elastane,and by the way i kind of looked at the,size charts on everything,again,were gonna find out how well it fits if,its too big too small how it runs,whats going on i primarily stuck to,like a three to four x on pretty much,everything,okay next up these are,the shaping high waisted shorts in,iconic black and these are also,49.95,now if you sign up for the vip offer,which is like the subscription part of,it they give you two bottoms for 29.,um so of course i did not pay full price,for these bad boys but um when i wear,dresses i,i have to wear like a little like,shaping shorts underneath because the,chub rub i hate the chub rub so i always,have a little pair of shorts underneath,to prevent that from happening now this,one i did do a 5x because traditional,shapewear if you to me if what i have,found like if you go with spanx or,something you stick to your traditional,size it is like skin,tight,and its uncomfortable and i dont like,it so i sized up a bit on this one,especially because this booty,shes a big one okay,so,i did not want to be uncomfortable so,well see how these fit,the next one i cannot find on the,website it is another one of the midi,bras but this is in the tempo lavender,color so you can see the like the color,there in the bottom 100 sold out and,maybe thats why its not on there,i lied i just found it like literally,while i like,was filming so okay this is the nearly,naked shaping midi bra in the,tempo lavender color this is also a,three to four x normal price of this,without the vip offer is,59.95 and at the time of filming if you,do the vip offer its 21.58,okay lets dive in to the rest of it,okay so the next thing i picked up,she has these bras and its this super,pretty butterfly type print um theres,also one that comes in like kind of like,an orangey and purple pattern so i,couldnt decide which one but i just,went with this one,but both of them are so so pretty um so,this is normally a 59.95,and this one is called bright ass blue,butterfly,is the name of it,i got this one in i think it was a three,yeah i think this one was a 3x that i,got it in because up top i can usually,do a three down below sometimes i need a,four because this booty okay shes a,problem,anyway,i also,got,the matching leggings,in the same print,and they also have a pair of like bike,shorts okay so for the leggings the,regular price of them is 74.95,again for the vip offer theyre included,in the two for 29,promo,and thats what i did so yeah girl got,these for 15,holla,anyway,these are a 4x and again in the bright,ass blue butterfly,i also picked up the same leggings and,now this color is called bright ass blue,and i love this beautiful royal blue,color and theyre kind of more,like i dont know if you can tell like,theyve got theyre gonna have that,sheen to them theyre definitely not a,cotton,blend,but um these also i got in a forex and,you can see the waistband there says,yeti all the way around,same fabric combination as the other,items so the 82,recycled poly,polymide and 18 elastane and it does say,that these are sustainably designed,anti-microbial,silver seam panty liner keeps you fresh,zoned,support,panels for extra shaping,can be worn in place of underwear light,compression smooths and tones,partially lined coverage,no-show design,goes undetectable under clothing ultra,lightweight for barely there feel,silicone gripper to keep everything in,place,versatile design,to be worn as an outer layer,coordinating styles coordinating styles,available to complete your look and,breathable so air flows as you move,so thats like on every thats the,features on every single item,and then i did pick up the,cute little matching top with sleeves,here as well,so this top is normally,59.95 i did get this in a 3x and it is,on the promo for the vip offer for 2158,at the time of filming you can kind of,see its very,like,like you can see my hand through it so,its mesh and then there is a section,obviously where it covers the girls,where it is lined,t

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