1. Ylopo the uncensored review
  2. 1 Month In With Ylopo – Brutally Honest Review
  3. What is Ylopo doing to generate seller leads?
  4. Why I quit CINC and went to Follow Up Boss & Ylopo
  5. WiseAgent CRM Review – With Ylopo Integration Complete
  6. Ylopo Training
  7. WHY I QUIT YLOPO (and then came back)

Ylopo the uncensored review

hey good evening my name is Robert Newman for those of you that are finding,this video as the first video of mine that youve ever watched,I am a founder of a real estate marketing technology company that,focuses on SEO out of California. Im a 13 year veteran of the real estate,marketing industry. I have been at the higher levels of senior management and,recently in the last five years on the entrepreneurial and Technology side I,have a blog that you may or may not have found this,video on that ranks very well for a lot of search terms including most of the,company names for the companies that make the websites and the systems,that I compete against or marry my service into and dont really compete,against but you would not know that. Tonight, Im going to review Ylopo.,Okay its an unusual name Y L O P O. You can see it on the screen. Ylopo,is a real estate lead generation system. Currently it focuses on using social,marketing to generate its results. Its a very big, very complex tool that,encompasses a whole lot of different elements such as AI, remarketing,,they use a lot of language surrounding their service which I feel,makes it feel a little complicated. This review tonight should simplify their,system. Its going to get into a deep dive of their Ylopo success,community which Im a member of. Its going to share my thoughts with you,about meeting the entire leadership team. Ive met the head of sales, the head of,business development, this current CTO of the company and one of the co-founders,Ge Juefeng. The only person that I did not review for this, or,did not speak to for this review is Howard Taylor the CEO but I know,him from the past and so I have some experience with him as a person. So Im,gonna cover all of my thoughts and do kind of do the normal pros and cons.,If this again, if this is your first video I usually put everything. One, I try,to make these tools understandable. Two, I try to pros and cons them out because if,Im reviewing them, they work to some level or another. If youre not seeing a,review come in from me on something Id scratch your chin because most of the,time if all Im gonna do is get online and say hey this doesnt work that,seems to me like too much like just taking a shot for the sake of taking a,shot at somebody and I usually wont do it. So having,said all that before I get into all the system stuff pulling back the curtain,talking to you about results and expectations I have to share a story,though. I have to share I have to its just I just I got to do it.,So I actually met Howard Taylor the CEO and Ge Juefeng in 2011 long before Ylopo.,They were at that time building a company called Tiger Leads. Tiger Leads,was another lead generation company that used PPC and an IDX system to,generate leads quite literally Ge and Howard came up with the idea of,marketing by zip code and a whole bunch of things that basically every single,other marketing company after them has followed along with like the,list of people that have followed in their footsteps is incredible.,Now Tiger leads got to be about as big as it was gonna be. It was getting to the,point that it was hard to even find zip codes that were available and they sold,it to I think Fidelity National Mortgage and I,dont remember if the sales price was disclosed I think it was twenty six,million something like that but anyway they I dont know this for sure this,is just my opinion but I think that Howard and Ge took a break. I was,friends with Ge on social media and I saw him do some travel and go some places,and then they came back to it and they started Ylopo which is a very,different kind of marketing company. The reason this is fun for me is that Howard,and Ge I got to say right out of the gate they are a different type of,entrepreneur especially Ge Jeufeng. Now Howard like I just dont know him,as well but Ive interacted with Ge many times and you know what theres a kind,of personality when youre looking at these real estate marketing companies,and I am always talking about leadership and I swear to God I think that most of the,people that watch my reviews skip over that part and the funny thing is, is it,really is one of the most important parts of the conversation,is who is running these companies? What are their goals? What is their,mindset? A lot of guys get into real estate marketing just to make money and,so what theyll do is theyll produce a tool and that yes it work itll be,effective but when they get to a certain level they stop developing they stop,innovating and most of them are just looking to lock you into a system build,up the value of the company and nine times out of ten sell it.,For all I know building it up and selling it is something that maybe Ge,and Howard are gonna do. I asked she this very question and he said thats not,their intention at least not yet. I always suspect that with any,entrepreneur that if you come to them with a bundle of cash lets just say 50,million dollars and you say were gonna buy we want to buy your widget I think,its very hard for most people to say no to that.,But having said that the conversation came up Ge feels like theyve got a lot,of street ahead of them for this particular service but heres the thing,the point that I was trying to get to and not the tangent. The point is this,its very rare that you meet a marketer whose main objective is pursuing a,better result than they themselves have created essentially somebody thats,obsessed with numbers, obsessed with efficiency, obsessed with doing things,slightly better, multivariate testing. You dont meet anybody like that. I,know of two guys that really kind of do that obsessively inside the real estate,marketing industry and Im one of them and the other one is Ge Juefeng. I cannot,emphasize enough how important it is that he is the engine that drives,Ylopo. Im going to be talking about things like cost per lead and,the way that theyre building their advertising and some new services,that theyre producing. Now just a footnote here guys if Ylopo,didnt do any new services they would still be the best social marketing,company thats available for real estate but theyre not stopping there. Theyre,innovating. Theyre beta testing going into Google Ads. Theyre doing a lot of things,with this core building block of technologies that Im,gonna show to you that is well beyond what they technically need to and I do,honestly believe that the drive for that my impression its just an opinion my,impression of Ge has always just been its fun. Its just fun to see how,good you can you can make it. I feel the same way its not a matter of is,somebody gonna get a result? At a certain level yeah if you work the system youre,gonna get a result but how good can you make it? Whats your cost per lead?,Whats your cost per acquisition? How can you leverage like if you ever get to the,point youre managing a million dollars in ad spend, how,can you leverage that to get like a better value for you and your,customers both? How can you do it? These are all questions that in theory,somebody could ask but many of these companies out there dont ask. Now heres,one thing that I want to say right at the start of the review Ylopo,asks those questions consistently and throughout everything that Im,going to show you which is going to be pretty short maybe another 10 – 15 minutes,max. Because Ylopo is very good at explaining all this to me. Okay,So lets get into it. Actually, pause for one second. A shout-out goes as I start,to skip through screens here. Ive talked a lot about Howard and Ive talked a lot,about Ge. I did not talk a lot about two other people that I should talk the most,about. So the way that Im doing this review in the first place the access,that I finally got, the kind of review that I really wanted to do for Ylopo,was all instigated by the head of business development for Ylopo a,gentleman by the name of Aaron Franklin. Aaron introduced me to another gentleman,whos the head of their sales department h

1 Month In With Ylopo – Brutally Honest Review

its been pretty surprising you know,when I first started just like with,anything else like well you know you got,to give it three or four months see if,it works you know and Ive just been,blown away so I would say in the first,month weve gotten probably 260 leads,about in the first month I mean theyre,just slowing in and Ive you know we,already have someone under contract this,past week we probably sent ten people to,the lender now I mean obviously theyre,not all gonna be ready to go right,theyre gonna be six months out or,eighth month out but theyre still in,the funnel and were creating that,funnel and I have you know after the,hour call I have a buyer appointment,from a while locally that came in,yesterday and his lease expires in,August so he needs to buy as soon as,possible,so I mean me the opportunities that,while local was created is just far and,Im beyond anything that I was doing you,know with when I did Facebook I couldnt,really target very well and I was never,really getting phone numbers and now I,have phone numbers every time sometimes,its bad but I still get them and you,know just being able to make contact,with someone makes all the difference,just being able to talk to them on the,phone instead of just emailing,probably just work the database you know,youve got a you cant you got a call I,mean there is in the last month theres,probably only one day Ive missed where,I havent consistently called at least,twice a day so I mean Im hitting them,hard and hitting them Austin and so I,think that makes a difference because if,I cant catch them in the morning Im,gonna try in the evening and see if I,can do it you know and if I have any,free time Ill do it at lunch so you,know just just hitting the phones and,just being really consistent on that is,is huge,yes rye is amazing she is shes better,than me I just let her go,you know she yes shes fantastic so and,shes been able to sew the one that we,have under contract was just sitting in,my database since for probably two years,and Riya engaged her and that was it she,was yeah lets lets go Ive been,looking for awhile and you know so we we,took it over and and dad or under,contract,I followed Barrys method pretty closely,so I have the lists and fate and,followed boss so I have like seven lists,so all that goes into a funnel where,theyre brand new they need to be,reached out to once that happens then,they go into needs contact and so I,reach out to them at least once a day if,not twice a day for the first 10 days,and then after that you know I also have,another funnel sort priority alerts and,things like that so that helps me keep,track of everything and I just you know,I dont have to worry as much about it,because I know that its going into my,funnels and I wont let it slip through,the cracks,for sure the lists make a huge,difference because I know exactly okay,today Im going to go in Im going to do

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What is Ylopo doing to generate seller leads?

so,the first thing i want to go over is,lead generation right like i get,hit up about this every single day what,is ylopa doing to generate seller leads,what are the hottest seller leads i can,get right now in the market,et cetera et cetera and my answer to,that is,two things seller pay-per-click ads,and google local services ads right so,were gonna go through,all of that now before i i start ill,say that we actually are doing a,substantial amount of,social seller lead generation as well um,and im not saying that doesnt work but,at we tell,every client that is doing social for,sellers,that these are a lot of people who are,long-term nurtures right they see an,ad that says whats the value of my home,and they complete that,in order to just curiosity wise know,what the value of their home is theyre,not not necessarily looking to sell you,know,and so the nurture period is fairly long,and thats why the perception is hey,seller leads on social doesnt work,right i wouldnt necessarily say that,but it just takes a long time,for seller leads intentionality is,really important right so,someone who searches on google for,whats my home worth,is going to be exponentially more,valuable than someone who registers on,facebook,and someone who calls you about selling,their home,obviously is even more valuable than,that which is what im going to talk,about with google lsa,and so we have invested a ridiculous,amount of work,in figuring out how to generate seller,ppc,leads in the best way possible im going,to walk you through high level what that,looks like and share with,you the metrics so in terms of,seller ppc what ill tell you is that if,you know,anything about ylopo ppc you know that,we focus on dynamic content dynamic,keywords targeting at the,neighborhood and subdivision level all,of this black magic that we applied to,google,what we find on the seller side is that,people arent looking for,you know xyz subdivision you know whats,my home worth,right or market trends they are looking,up generic keywords,like uh market trends in my area whats,my home worth how to sell my home fast,right so the list of keywords that we,can,target for sellers in ppc in your market,is much more limited than buyers um and,and to the degree that maybe our seller,campaigns are,you know 10 000 keywords as opposed to,600,000 for buyer campaigns right and my,guess would be,that our competition and other people,who are doing seller ppc,relatively speaking are using the same,exact keywords right,maybe less but you know its going to be,close or on par,so then what are we doing on ppcs thats,different for you,right again the ad copy all that kind of,stuff you know were all doing the same,optimizations right,what really sets wylopo apart is,our experience that we take consumers,through when they come to our website,our conversion funnel right this is one,of the reasons that we have spent,so much time and effort doing a great,integration and,partnership with homebot we have found,that homebot,because of everything it provides from a,seller nurture perspective,is one of the most effective mousetraps,weve seen,for getting a consumer who is interested,in selling their home,to complete a registration form and,become a lead for you,right in fact this registration form,today,is generating leads at a conversion rate,of 13.6,that is wild you know normal,home valuation experience youd be lucky,to convert seven to eight percent,were almost double that right and its,because of,the value proposition we bring to bear

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Why I quit CINC and went to Follow Up Boss & Ylopo

and yeah i was with sync for right after,a little bit over two years,so you know at first i had the team,platform which was 14.99 a month,so im with exp so i have agents on my,team that im not responsible for,but i want them to hurry up and cap,because thats how i get paid,and so i put them in that and that was,working really good but 14.99 a month,was,pretty high so then i realized that my,the people that the agents that i had on,my you know,account werent really working the leads,like i wanted them to,they werent invested so i took them all,out,and i also have kb core because im with,exp but i dont use it,but uh so i took them out and i lowered,down my platform down to i think,5.99 that could have two users in there,ive been watching wailopo man for i,dont know,when yall first had the ylopo,uh what do you call it when everybody,met i think it was,yes so and i was like man i think i want,to go to that,and want to go there and i was talking,to kevin kaufman because he was coaching,me,he goes man and i said im watching he,goes man im he goes im going,so i guess he spoke there and im like,okay,i said well just tell me all about it,because i wasnt with you all yet,but i was so intrigued with what yall,were doing he come back he goes man,you need to be on my local like,yesterday im like okay,i said so how well does it integrate,with sync,he goes you know it integrates and then,i just did my own due diligence and just,reached out to people,and theyre like man its a little on,the clunky side with,sync because and i know sync doesnt,like to give up their information,and to integrate other things with them,is difficult,so they only allow so much data to go,out,so i still had follow-up boss at the,time and i had it synced with that,so i got limited data into my follow-up,boss,ive had follow-up boss since the day,one that i was in real estate,so thats my data hub in case something,just completely falls apart,so uh because my background is i came,from verizon so i had systems,and um we did a lot of automation,and business requirements so thats kind,of my background,so uh when i got into wailopa i,connected it with,um follow-up boss right so then i was,like man why am i spending all this,money on,sync when you know i got wailopa,i got to retarget it i got the ai i got,raya,so i went to sync im not listening here,i dont you know im just i like yall i,love working with yall and i like,everybody there,but im with wylopo and follow-up boss,and its just working out better for me,and i need to cut my expenses so its,not really the return of investment the,sync isnt there,theyre like well lets do this well,give you a break were going to give you,all these months free so they gave me,months free,and were going to if you dont mind,could you be like our tester,with our ai bot like in the beta im,like,yeah i guess i could try it out so i,kept going their ai bots,sucked so it was just pissing people off,im like man yall got to turn this off,because my name is tied to this,you know because if the aibot would ask,a question,the the lead would answer it and it,would ask the same,freaking question again and the lead was,like i just answered this,im like yall got to turn this off now,so,and then i just gave him my 30 days,notice and i left last year,last june was my last time with them but,for the sink you know sync was good for,what it,for that time but now between follow-up,boss and wylopo thats,thats like next level,completely night and day im still blown,away with raya you know,like making a misspelled word and going,back and correcting it thats genius,so yeah just the questions that shes,asking and able to follow through,its amazing theres only been a couple,kind of,wonky little responses but other than,that nobody knows that its a you know,an ai bot

WiseAgent CRM Review – With Ylopo Integration Complete

yeah and what id say is you know credit,to kind of the engineers,at both on both integration teams um the,integration we have,wise agent is as good as any other,two-way integration we have so its very,much,in the tier of best-in-class,integrations weve done with our,partners,um and today you know were gonna deep,dive,into how the wise agent platform works,but also how the integration between the,two work,and so im im excited about it yeah,yeah me too,its gonna um its great because i know,and every request that,you know comes through you know can we,make sure that this happens i mean,everything is,um with our integration together its,not just for the,single agent but even for the team or,the brokerage,um that you know really will is flexible,so it can be,leads coming in um from you know from,your facebook ads coming in through y,local,to wise agent for just yourself or even,your team they can be automatically,assigned to your team,and everything else so really does work,with any size,operation,awesome so yeah should we dive right in,yeah so im gonna just share my screen,here,um so this is wise agent so if you guys,have not,um seen wise agent or youve not um,or if its been a while um let me just,go back one step,if you go to wiseagent.com and you can,sign up for a free 14-day trial here,um and then just try it out for yourself,but we have all of the,marketing tools everything that you need,um your,the whole database organization from,beginning to end really,um platform for all of your real estate,business,so this is the login state you can see,you have your commission report here,obviously super important to be able to,know your numbers and see whats,happening,and like i mentioned its team friendly,so i can drill down and just see you,know specifically for,a particular team member what theyre,doing and where theyre at,in um you know in their sales process,too,one thing that i also love is that we,have a goal tracker,you know its really great to have it,does coincide with your,commission report so everything within,wise agent its all integrated within,one another,within one another so when you add um so,you set up your goals you set up your,annual goals your financial goals and,then you have your short term goals to,help you,get to those financial goals and,um what happens is with our commission,tracker once you,put in a sale of your in your commission,tracker there it will also kind of um,itll integrate within the goal tracker,as well and be able to,give you you know that where you are in,that,process right so it updates in here as,well so then itll take you to,you know youve got now 11 sales and and,everything else will,adjust with that and so this is a great,way of keeping everyone on track,you can do this weekly you can see your,monthly goals,you can just track them,how many you know listing appointments,that you have set you can pull a report,and you can send this um to your coach,or whoever,this is a demo account so it doesnt,always have all the information in here,that you need,but you can see um that you can see all,of the history of it,and then you could even stop tracking it,if you need to so if you need to pause,on this,goal for whatever reason you can do that,as well,so those are some of the things that you,can set up with which is,which is a really cool thing that it,integrates all in here,um and and of course you can change this,to just see your team member as well,one of my favorite things i know when,youre getting in leads when youre,getting,in anything coming in um,off the internet its its great to have,that those,automated responses and the emails and,retargeting them on facebook and,everywhere else on social,but i always say you know what make sure,you reach out and call them,i i think thats one thing that a lot of,people think that,you know oh im just sending them emails,ive got them on a drip campaign or,theyre seeing my ads on facebook its,like yeah thats great,but you need to build that relationship,you need to call them you need to reach,out to them and,and build on that and so we have a call,list,where it is integrated with our lead,management so when the leads are coming,in,you can add them automatically to your,call list so then either yourself,or you can assign it to your team member,can see what um,who needs to be called and um you can,just,really go through the whole process and,put your notes in here,view the past notes so you can see you,know where do they come from and what,are they doing and whats happening,and then you could you know have the,click to call feature here you can text,them you can email them,and then of course once you um directly,from here so maybe youve called you,you call them they didnt answer,voicemail is full,its typical for a lot of people,nowadays um,you can send them a quick text saying,hey just try to tried calling you you,want can you call me back,um wait for a call back put in your,notes in here,set up your follow-up um when youre,going to call them back maybe you just,need to call them back tomorrow at a,particular time,and then you can complete this and go on,to the next call and its,really quick and easy when youre making,those phone calls to just go,through um you know person after person,after person,so i love this feature because its,something that really will help you,build those relationships,um i think thats i mean i dont know,gee what you think on that like how,import,how quickly do you think that phone call,needs to be made,after um you know the contact has been,you know come coming into their database,what what are your thoughts on that,yeah well id say a couple of different,things so the first,is that um you should be calling all of,your leads uh,in a very short amount of time right,like call center best practices,is that theres a steep drop-off i,believe after a minute and a half,90 seconds um,that being said um you know there are,two things working your favor here the,first is that we have raya reaching out,to all of these leads in an automated,session over,text message and you know well well,show you in a second what that looks,like in the,lead details record but um that is,uh you know one thing that is reaching,out to your,your leads without you having to do,anything right the second is these are,exclusive leads so their leads are,generated for you coming to your site,its not like a,you know a realtor.com or a shotgun type,lead that go it goes out to five,different,people um so speed to lead is you know,is the most important thing basically,um so id say if you can get to this,lead,in a couple of minutes even in 30,minutes,uh you know i think thats acceptable,right i dont want to put this pressure,on every client to be like i gotta get,it,you know in the first 90 seconds but,its incredibly important and its nice,that wise agent makes it,straightforward yeah i mean when we have,um when your leads come in um you can,have them coming in from different lead,sources,and so um you know you can have multiple,obviously,youre gonna have multiple um you know,ads running,at one time so each ad would be a,different source and you can see right,here it would say adds a call list you,can have it just set up,automatically so it comes in on your,call list but then you also get that,notification,of that lead that came in so if you are,out and about and youre living your,your best,life right and youre doing your thing,um at least you know that the lead has,come in and you just can kind of be,aware of it,um it does get added to your call list,so if you have that team,um you can even set it up where that you,know,where your team you know someone either,um an admin or somebody else from your,team,um would just be the one that reaches,out to that person so,um it would get added here theyll see,it um you could even have,them notified as well and then reaching,out to them,but i think thats a really important,aspect of it is making sure that,it gets added to that call list so you,have that,um just ar

Ylopo Training


barbecue,yeah that was a party fun,margarita uh,what are they those frozen margaritas oh,yeah that was good,those are really good,are those cod did you get those at,costco or no i think so yeah theyre,probably come in a huge box oops,sarahs a blast heres another one,[Music],hi sarah,hey hows it,going did you have yesterday off i did,it was lovely how about you guys,whatd you do anything fun,uh yeah my my boyfriend was in a hockey,tournament they won the championship so,i had,lots of beer and food and crazy hockey,guys it was good up in bellingham or,where was that at uh here in phoenix,actually so they they play four,tournaments throughout the year its,like an adult beer league but its a,blast,thats a blast how about you guys maybe,there was hockey in phoenix has no clue,they have like six rinks no joke its,its like,were from were from north dakota right,but they have more hockey down here than,north dakota its wild crazy because we,only have one ranked up in bellingham so,i mean youve got to be dedicated if you,want to play i mean,thats kind of crazy so,well did you guys did you guys make lots,of money this weekend,well we were just getting into that,i i got three under contract so,oh all right,one that was i mean a pain in the ass,well two that came down quite a bit in,price and then one that came in full,price so,yeah definitely shifting out there a bit,but,this is what it is,for sure for sure i put in an offer ill,find out tonight so,i get it,i get it are you buying your first house,congratulations,in the phoenix have been coming down i,im on a zillow search for queen creek,and um san tan,and im shocked at how many price,reduction uh texts and emails i get a,day,yeah yeah thats true this ones in,gilbert i had to come up uh about 20k,its 670.,extremely competitive you want to skip,it,we want to give kevin,okay,all right yeah we have a birthday girl,coming in soon too so shell be coming,in hot,okay all right we should we should all,sing just stop and sing thats what you,guys want to do,how did you know,i want you to start the show,yeah yeah no worries so so im your y,lopo uh customer success manager and um,i think theres a lot of little tips,that i can show you guys and kind of,review what the heck why lopo is and,whats it doing to your system and how,it might help you with your leads so,thats why im here today and therell,be plenty of time to ask any questions,you guys have im just gonna show you a,few things and do like a really quick,review um i do need to share my screen,right now it says its disabled uh try,it again all right were good yep okay,cool you guys can see your uh follow-up,boss,yes maam,awesome sometimes i share the wrong,screen i gotta check ill like get like,10 minutes in and just you were not,looking at what i thought you were oh it,was your new house on gilbert that you,were sharing,thats fair i i mean dont say it yet,cross fingers um all right so so why,local builds into your follow-up boss,right so were were showing you your,leads behavior basically through a,series of tags were picking out the,leads that are most worth your time,based on what theyre doing on your,website what are they searching for are,they requesting tours are they talking,to your ai assistant raya well,definitely talk about raya because i,know you guys either hate her or love,her i definitely understand that um,were also generating new leads for you,as well so three of the the big tags,that i want to point out are a hand,raiser right weve got a list for that,right over here a hand raiser is,somebody who actually requested a tour,or more information on a property so,its critical that you get back to them,as quickly as possible,right so um and youre gonna see the um,the hand raiser request under notes,as well as all the other priority alerts,that uh that comes in on these people,rights youve probably seen these before,she viewed a certain listing three times,she favored something they returned to,the website after you know 30 days of,inactivity something like that all that,activity can we call her right now,there you go,now or is she uh haley and trevor are,having some financial issues with their,personal taxes okay so we put them as,what cold,medium medium okay lets move her over,thank you,this was this was the hand raiser alert,for for her by the way so she requested,an in-person tour for this certain,property now this is back in april 23rd,so best uh practices for this hand,raiser list is just go ahead and remove,that hand raiser tag once youve spoken,to them and handled that inquiry thats,going to get them out of that smart list,so that you can move on with your life,basically so that hand raiser list just,remove the tag once youve spoken to,them shes gonna shell get that tag,again,a tour again,does that make sense yeah,cool so hand raiser they actually,requested an in-person tour or they they,filled out a form requesting more,information those are the only two,options there so this person have we,spoken to them,yeah shes kind of a train wreck,so should we move her to cole she plays,violent she looks so sophisticated yeah,ive been working with her for a while,all right,[Laughter],hows it going,how are you doing,come join us,gather one all right,[Laughter],it is,all right thank you sorry to interrupt,no youre totally fine you guys seem,like a fun group i want to sell real,estate with you,you get the best of the best right here,baby yeah,um all right so so thats what a hand,raiser tag is essentially um,then the just the other two tags i want,to touch on are y priority right so,thats anybody who comes in with a,priority alert um because you know they,viewed a property multiple times they,requested more information whatever it,may be theyre doing something thats,worth your time on your website uh and,these also come in in your tasks,so its not wrong to work your way on a,daily basis through your tasks and your,priority alerts in here however i dont,see one right now did you guys remove,that from here or you still have it,she did remove it because we are,categorizing them via ages um so i dont,know if my loppo,cool that never mind never mind if you,ever see yeah if you ever see a priority,alert come up in your tasks just know if,you check the box its going to remove,the y priority tag its acting as if,youve called them youve handled it and,so theyre going to remove that tag so,question for you that why priority tag,though means that theyre actively,searching on the site correct,yes uh uh thats an easy way to put it,but it could be for a bunch of different,things you could actually see that they,opened their homebot digest report for,example thats going to kick off a,priority alert theyre just doing,something thats worth your time so,whenever you want to know what thats,all about just pop over the notes,section and youll see what it was this,person returned to view a listing after,135 days of inactivity for example,theres all sorts of different ones,thatll kick it off,but thats yeah theyre just theyre a,priority basically,um the other three tags that are the,other tag important one that i want to,mention is uh the ai engaged needs,follow-up,so theres youll see ai engaged that,just means theyre talking to raya a.i,not interested means they shut off raya,for one reason or another um they said,no leave me alone i already have an,agent im only looking to rent theres,all sorts of different reasons that that,could be added for that person it,doesnt mean theyre just not worth your,time,you know there could be a variety of,reasons they just dont like texting um,sometimes they could say i already have,an agent uh but not in washington,thatll actually turn off raya and get,the ai not interested tab because,you guys use these filters when youre,prospecting,no no,okay,um the stages now yeah so thats how,youve been working with the okay is the,stages all right,and you guys can figure out whatever,system you want to do but i just want to,make sure you know what these tags

WHY I QUIT YLOPO (and then came back)

I cant tell you for me I started with,you guys over a year ago,and then I left and that was as a single,agent I left and then came back this,past June so its almost a year that Im,back since I came back in June following,a lot more of the new things that you,guys have put out since I between when I,left him when I came back with one of,the reasons I said well lets look at,this again between riah cellar uns and,things like that I said lets look at it,again I came back in June between June,and November spent a lot of time trying,to dive in and really focus on my Lobo,and have since grown from it was always,myself and my wife were always working,together but weve grown from that and,weve now added two additional agents,that are now in with us as well so I,think while opal was a big part of me,being able to do that and grow our,business that way so its its been,great since I came back,felt lost I felt like wow theres a lot,here Im not utilizing it the way I,should be and I dont have the time and,the energy to sit down and really learn,everything so it kind of felt like I,wasnt getting the ROI that I was hoping,to so I left but always stayed on top of,the Facebook post oh you know still in,the back of my mind thinking you know,what down the road this may be something,that might be better for us between then,and last June you guys came out with so,much new productivity that Im like,alright Im growing my business has,grown lets look at this again Im,spending a lot of money elsewhere that I,could probably not you know we had,Zillow we had realtor.com,you know we had was called agent ology,at the time I think maybe since changed,so I had all this other stuff Im like,you know what I can cut a lot of this,out lets funnel all that money into one,place look at all these new tools that,you guys developed and you know sales,was was really up on all of it and,helped me to kind of learn it and,understand it and kind of see that it,was working and I jumped back in in June,cut back on a lot of the other things we,were spending on and you know weve just,been growing and you know were probably,doubling what we did last year you know,Im not gonna say its all while oh oh,but it is a good chunk and you know,being able to drive the knees in and,drive them directly out to you know a,couple of agents that we brought on,board you know and using a lot of the,tools to recruit those agents is a big,plus too so thats thats the main,reason why I came back but I left,because it was overwhelming yes you are,yes you are you do that on pretty much,all the year listings all of my listings,Im doing them on when when something,really hot comes out on the market,thats not necessarily my listing but in,my office,Ill talk to the agent get their,permission and then whos those as well,I said to myself that I knew youd,probably gonna ask that and I should,probably look but I never got the time,to actually go back and look but weve,closed a bunch I dont want to say its,been like 15,but weve closed at minimum 5 deals that,I can dedicate directly from while elbow,we have fortunately thank God this time,this what well go through right now,Ive got three closings this week two of,those three were both from my local it,is a lot of educating I spend a lot of,time with and these are not all mine one,of those three are mine another is one,of my buyers agents but I do have to,spend quite a bit of time working with,them educating them and you know the,training side of them using my local and,what does it mean when you get this lead,what does it mean when Brian saying this,what should you do theres been a lot of,time doing that yeah um you know but but,theyre seeing a good value cool cool,yeah its only a couple of them so its,fairly manageable at this – yeah I mean,while Im sitting here I just got a text,from one up from one of the two agents,that said a friend of hers listed her,house in South Jersey which is outside,of our area but she wants me to create a,video and a single property website to,send to them to use be caught us she got,them as a buyer in son and exclusive,buyers agreed Chris theyre moving up,here no but that was cool just being,able to use some of these features,theres someone thats out of our area,but yet still you know be able to do,something in order to solidify,relationship,so Ive got probably three solid,pendings that are gonna close in the,next four weeks that would be that where,why local needs God I got and when you,say that why not but they could have,come from the remarketing as well,theyre right its not just an,acquisition from one OPA,correct correct um Id have to look for,sure I know the one in May hes buying a,foreclosure and that was acquisition,that was a new lead clicked on Facebook,and then started looking looked at this,property three different times and all,that that I know for sure the other one,Id have to look to see it I believe it,might have been remarketing I believe it,was actually one of my agents who we,uploaded her database into my Lobo and,every marketer,I dont quote me it has to verify that,ah the biggest difference is keep,listening and keep learning but the the,Facebook community is probably my number,one source if I come up with a question,before I send support or or try to reach,out to somebody I go to the Facebook,community I go in the search I type them,when Im looking for him somebody at,some point in time had the same question,if nothing else thats probably the,biggest lesson in terms of using it and,learning it but outside of that its,just you have to just pay attention pay,attention,watch the webinars follow through on,those and then you know when you guys,upload them watch them pause and then do,it the box and force him to do it and it,works,if the lead came in lets say right now,a new if it was a newly that came in,it comes in hits followed boss we have,it sat where itll depending on what it,is and what type of lead it is who its,gonna build – Sofa King to me I pick up,the phone within five minutes I call the,lead have a conversation and see where,that takes us,if Im unable or I cant make that call,um you know we we hold off and and Riya,then picks up the conversation if they,respond to Riya,today meaning the six or eight or ten,hours later if theres no response Ill,call the next day in that in the morning,so Ill go into my a I engage leads make,all those calls Ill go into our local,priorities make all those calls and go,into any new leads and make all those,calls so if Im able to react with a set,know that within five minutes of it,coming in we make the phone call if not,Im letting the system actually work it,and then we know up with calls based on,those three categories,the number one thing I would tell them,if it was a single agent like that would,definitely be you know dont be,overwhelmed by everything and dont try,to accomplish everything thats office,you all at once take it stick one step,at a time master that and then go on to,the next so you know worry about,acquisition and remarketing how it works,how these coming in um you know what do,all the tags mean master that before you,then go on to okay what about Ryan,everything she says what does you know,when should I follow up on that wench,you know so I would say its just,theres a lot that while local has and,you will immediately get over one little,loss if he tries everything like you,know it day one so for me it would be,just you know worrying about the main,issues first is whats to do when a new,lead comes in what to do when you get a,a priority alert worried about those,master that and then move to the next,steps whatever that

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