1. YOU is the creepiest show Ive ever seen…
  2. YOU is the craziest show…
  3. Is GripKnit LEGIT? – Nike Phantom GX Elite – Review + On Feet
  4. NEW MG 4 review – the CHEAPEST and BEST electric car you can buy? | What Car?
  5. YOU Season 3 is a Never Ending Disaster | Explained
  6. YOU Season 3 Ending Explained, Twists & Season 4 Predictions
  7. YOU is a weird show…

YOU is the creepiest show Ive ever seen…

if youve watched my channel for any,length of time you would know that Im,not at all secretly really into like,rom-coms and love stories and that kind,of thing you know now usually this means,I end up watching a lot of teen dramas,and whatnot but every so often we get a,rom-com thats a little more adult like,its not your typical dysfunctional,teens trying to find themselves or,whatever its more like dysfunctional 30,year old to act like teens trying to,find themselves so you know totally,different now to my favorites are,actually love on Netflix and then this,other show called youre the worst,but recently Netflix gave us a new show,and ho boy did they give us something,yall better buckle up for this one,now the show was called you and stars,Joe just your average guy working in,some random bookstore in New York City,who narrates to us the moment he sees,this girl well hello there who are you,based on your vibe student and you,murmur at your first word to me hello,now this girl is Guinevere but she,prefers to be called BEC a young college,student who came to New York City to be,a writer now they go back and forth with,their totally realistic witty banter and,all these specific gatekeeping thats,sad people buying books because of,whats popular or not because they want,to be moved or changed in some way yeah,you see this guy here are the glasses,behind you,he just grabbed Dan Browns latest on,the way in so hes gonna warn her around,for another like five or ten minutes,just to find something legitimate to buy,with it,oh yes the argument as old as time,itself this person likes the thing I,dont like that means theyre not as,smart as me no one truly appreciates,things like I do isnt that right honey,so anyway she buys a book they say,goodbye thats that now after this Joe,heads home to his apartment and we meet,Paco Joes next-door neighbor,are you hungry cuz you know I just got,this meatball sub but I remembered I,have tired from last night you know what,a great guy huh I mean he works at a,bookstore sure maybe not the richest,maybe not the strongest or like whatever,but I mean look at this guy heart of,gold and you know maybe eats a little,pretentious but at least hes not one of,those guys who listens to vinyl records,or whatever right the point Beck love is,tricky,that cracked so after this joke Googles,back to see what he can find and thanks,to the power of the Internet he learns,basically everything about her including,her address which I mean thats a little,weird but its not like hes actually,gonna like go there and stalk her you,know the next thing our little friend,the Internet gave me was your address,there it is youre not making this easy,for me Joe now as if this wasnt weird,enough he then decides to spend the,entire day literally following her,around the city watching everywhere she,goes everything she does and everyone,she talks to I know from your posted,schedule that you teach a 6:30 class,called,get up and flow you caressed the sweaty,backs of bulimic dead-eyed real mommies,of Soho offering smiles and lies of,encouragement by 10:00 youre at campus,to TA a romantics classroom so after,spending the day with her which you know,boy ah sounds real creepy when you say,it out loud like that he follows her,home to her apartment and thats where,we get a new wrinkle in the quilt of,whats happening in the show you know I,didnt really think this metaphor,through very well,so yeah,[Music],let me up Beck fire truck is this now,this guy is Becks on again off again,boyfriend Benji and really everything,you need to know you can tell just by,looking at him like his hat has closed,the way he talks like I gotta say,high-five to whoever cast this guy cuz I,mean very rarely do I feel such a strong,urge to punch someone in the face now if,you think that maybe Im being a little,judgy about this,just you wait okay because right after,doing the old devils tango,heres Benji it looks good on you by the,way next your wait whatd I tell you,now one thing to remember is that Joe is,still out there watching the whole thing,but anyway after this he goes home and,once again Pacos out in the cold,so Joe decides to take him for a little,field trip to his book store and show,him at the downstairs,you,its the cage its where we keep early,editions and collectibles its cold 65,degrees for the books this will become,important later so just keep it in the,back your mind that Joe the guy who,follows Bek around all day stalks her,house watches her a little rendezvous,through the window you know that guy he,also has a climate-controlled,underground dungeon so you know yippee,now the next night during their,one-sided playdate Joe follows back to,some open-mike hipster bar thing or,whatever and listens to her read one of,her poems I cant stand seeing this Im,sorry I just cant so he heads back to,the train station and wouldnt you know,there he finds a rather inebriated Bek,who falls onto the train tracks but,thanks to Joes quick thinking he picks,her up and everythings fine now,everythings settled down Vic has one of,those hey wait a minute,moments okay I dont want to sound like,a stalker but I think I know you yes it,is we a pretentious hipster guy with,curly dark hair who listens to vinyl,records and talks about how everyone,else but me is whats wrong with America,and lives in New York City of all places,meet what are the odds huh anyway so the,grab a taxi back to Becks place and,look who we run into yet again,[Music],of course bench hi um this is Joe he,literally saved my life today if I told,you people are basically good its great,job bro,bro you wasted hair okay that was pretty,funny so she gives Joe her email address,since she seemed to have dropped her,phone on the subway when she was you,know like about to die or whatever or,did she heres what I learned this week,you are special youre talented youre,smart except in the ways you are really,not,now after stalking her online stalking,her in the real world theres even a,part earlier in the show where he,pretends to be her boyfriend so he can,sneak into her apartment when shes gone,and just like go through all of her,stuff,[Music],you,[Music],yeah Im just gonna pretend like I,didnt say anything and now looking,through her phone Joe comes to the,conclusion that Bek could have such a,better life if she just stopped hanging,around people like Benji and hang out,with people like him instead you know,better but you cant stop because well,because everyone needs someone what you,really need is someone to save you I can,help back up to now weve seen Joe kind,of flip back and forth from like super,creepy stalker dude to heart of gold,average Joe get it Joe,so like I was never really sure what to,make of him like I see a flawed hero is,he a humanized villain you know who is,he whats this show that kind of thing,but this next part is when I realized ah,this show is for me so Joe pretends to,be some like newspaper columnist,interested in Benjis new company that,sells artisanal soda yep Benjis one of,those guys they meet up and joe offers,to take him to some like super exclusive,restaurant or whatever where they can,talk and what you believe things might,not be what they seem,[Music],hey man Im thinking maybe,this is what I knew I was in for the,long haul and then the episode ends when,Benji wakes up and finds himself locked,in the dungeon dont select the title of,the video says this is maybe one of the,creepiest shows Ive ever seen like its,not just that Joe is stalking back or,that hes some super creepy guy I mean,he is creepy for sure but like the way,the show makes us sympathize with this,character that we know is like creepy,stalker dude steel and beggars underwear,and stuff but yet you kind of find,yourself rooting for him at the same,time which is a weird feeling like I,said earlier in the video its still too,early to tell what role Joe is playing,in the story you know like I see the,good guy see the bad guy and this makes,it really interestin

YOU is the craziest show…

you know despite how pretty much every,video i make is about how this show is,dumb or this netflix movie destroyed my,last remaining brains,did i really put that but real talk i do,actually like things from time to time,okay one of which is a lifetime show,turned netflix show you and like i mean,yeah okay the show has its flaws im not,saying its a masterpiece or anything,but like unironically i actually enjoy,this show quite a bit and now finally,season three has come out and you all,better believe im ready for it come on,lets take a walk but before that really,quick this video is brought to you by,kamikoto kamikoda was a company that,uses japanese steel to make some really,amazing flawless knives using,traditional japanese techniques dating,back over 800 years each knife is,individually inspected and has to go,through a multi-year 19-step process,before the expert knife smiths are,finished making them and these experts,they got over at kamikoto they use knife,smithing techniques that have been,handed down over generations in fact,kumikoda was so sure about the quality,of their knives that each one comes with,a lifetime guarantee and the customer,service is there to help you with,whatever you need i mean they go way out,of the way to make sure each customer is,beyond satisfied these knives with their,single bevel edge can cut through just,about anything you probably have in your,kitchen like its cotton candy and,kamikoto knives are used by professional,michelin star chefs all over the world,so you dont just have to take my word,for it okay now whether youre getting,the compecky knife set or going straight,for the chuka bolcho cleaver each knife,or knife set comes with this really nice,ash wood box to keep them safe and also,lets you brag to your friends you know,so its a win-win really and also with,the holidays coming up this box makes a,great gift for anyone who cooks which is,most people i assume so click my link,down below or go to kamikoto.com,alexmeyers and you get 50 off any,purchase you make on top of whatever,other special offers they got going on,right now again comicona.com alex myers,or just use my promo code alex myers all,one word and get yourself some of the,best knives in the world okay back to,the show i never thought,to wonder what happens after boy gets,girl,because,we know,and they lived happily ever after fade,to black roll credits,i should have asked more questions yeah,you know movies never really talk about,how you think everything is going good,finally and then you fast forward a,couple years and one day they come out,of the bathroom just like hey trust me,youre gonna want to wait a while its,like chernobyl in there so as for the,end of the second season joe and love,end up having a kid who turns out to be,a boy instead of a girl which joe really,wanted for some reason now as you might,imagine the transition from new yorks,most eligible psychopath to psychopath,who got out psychopaths and now has to,raise a kid is going about as well as,youd expect no im just tired and and,this place is a mess just lie down ill,take care of this ill take care of him,and there he goes every time i touch you,just [ __ ] let me do it joe joe,joe,[Applause],why does my own child not like me babies,can tell when your hearts not in it joe,but then one day theyre coming home,from some local suburban coffee shop,where the daily specials always lamb,chops and man boons anyway after coming,home we meet the neighbor natalie i,dont let myself think about who love is,what she is,my job is to be a good husband so i can,be a good father hey natalie,hi,[Music],ow i know that face i know whats going,on here thats the same face i always,make whenever i order a box of six,chicken nuggets but then sometimes,theres a seventh one so that night joe,follows natalie to the supermarket,because turns out she might actually be,the one hes really supposed to be with,dont you know and while hes sitting in,his car imagining she and him doing very,innocent wholesome things im sure guess,what happens,hey neighbor hi natalie you must be so,underslept i hear your baby crying all,the time no no no,babies cry just here i,thought id save you a trip friends tell,friends,are you flirting with me,ah yes that classic pickup line of hey,heres some extra diapers in case you,need them works every time now this,natalie womans really gotten into joes,head which of course is actually her own,fault obviously you know because shes,just over here being all pretty and,existing like that so one day joe,follows her around town again to find,out who she is and how she spends her,days and all that and honestly just to,get away from love because she says,things like i wolf you whatever that was,supposed to mean on a surface a realtor,and youre good at it you left college,early when you met your husband tech,entrepreneur matthew engler i might not,have solved the mystery of you yet but i,know one thing i wasnt wrong to be,intrigued this speaks volumes about you,yeah oh boy how shocking that this,30-something-year-old housewife reads,books sometimes such an enigma who are,you,[Applause],[Laughter],thats okay,i would like to apply for a library card,well youve come to the right place and,you can take that home with you natalie,picked it up for you oh really she,picked out something for me all right,lets take a look rope rating raptors,billionaire mummy likes booty my butt is,comforted by the realization that im,okay and everything will be alright well,shoot this sounds like a great weekend,now actually the book she gets him is,the classic f scott fitzgerald novel,thunder is the night which if you,havent read it like youre not really,missing much basically the books like,theres this doctor guy and then this,teenage girl comes into his clinic or,whatever and shes like im mentally and,emotionally unstable and then the,doctors like ah just what ive been,looking for lets get married and shes,like cool whatever and then later on,theyre vacationing in france and while,theyre there this doctor meets this,other teenage girl and hes like hey,youre cute you want to make out and,then shes like yo cowboy my dude and,then his life falls apart he loses,everything you get the idea anyway back,to the actual show so its been about,seven months since the baby came out,like,and life has more or less started to,settle down a bit and now love is,starting to feel like joe is maybe not,that into her anymore why wouldnt you,talk to me,somethings going on youre always,distracted im not distracted why wont,you tell me,you know what in fact im gonna take him,to his grandmas love enjoy the quiet,which of course means one thing leads to,another and joe ends up hanging out with,guess who the hot new board game for,kids theres no such thing as privacy in,madre linda including here all the,cameras in my house,one out here is broken,why i spend so much time by the pool i,guess,marriage isnt really built for secrets,people arent really built for marriage,okay all right turns out youre one of,these people thats like the line every,guy in college says when he gets caught,cheating you know and then hes like,well actually you know our humans arent,meant to be monogamous or whatever so,like you cant get mad at me okay its,actually a societys fault that i slept,with your best friend anyway so they,keep on talking and shes just dropping,hints on joe like,and joes just over here the whole time,like i wonder if shes into me now after,a little bit they end up going into her,reading room one thing leads to another,and youll never guess what happens,[Music],im sorry,im sorry i gave you the wrong,impression,im pretty sure you didnt no,im just looking for a friend,okay okay joe whatever you say yeah so,like when i kissed you what i actually,meant was i just wanted to be friends,okay jeez why making this weird but all,the same then he runs home and pretends,like nothing ever happened and a family,the reality of war might not be for,everyone but its

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Is GripKnit LEGIT? – Nike Phantom GX Elite – Review + On Feet

dont settle for bad socks get comfort,and grip at an affordable price with,pure grip socks Pro choose from 18,different colors at puregripsocks.com,Phantom series is responsible for some,of Nikes best and some of Nikes most,mediocre football boots but inside this,box is their latest entry into the,Phantom series called the GX which as,far as I can tell stands for absolutely,nothing but regardless of that the boots,are really impressive and in my opinion,a step in the right direction ladies and,gentlemen I present to you the Nike,Phantom GX Elite this being the low cut,variation without the lace cover with of,course exposed laces and a standard,low-cut design retailing for the same,250 dollars as the low-cut version of,the GT2 Elite that it replaces with grip,being the focus of this new design,specifically Nikes grip knit technology,and grip it does both the ball as well,as the surface underneath your feet with,the new sole plate and stud pattern,tooling its the same general idea and,concept of the Phantom GT series but,done so in a way that I think is much,more effective and certainly a lot more,unique and noticeable when compared to,other football boots out there Im gonna,break down all the technical details in,todays video talk about how they,compare to other options out there,including the GT2 that they replace how,they fit and feel on feet and ultimately,whether or not the Phantom GX should be,on your radar for your next pair of,football boots so if youre interested,in learning more please stick around and,if youre interested in a pair for,yourself unfortunately this launch,colorway released in very limited,quantities and sold out pretty much,everywhere but if you are interested in,a pair for yourself when new colorways,come out you can pick them up below,their normal retail price by way of some,exclusive Sr for you coupon codes by,checking out the first link down below,leave a like on the video if you enjoy,the content and perhaps want to see,reviews of the rest of the Phantom GX,lineup and make sure youre subscribed,to the channel if you havent already,along with hitting that little bell,notification so you dont miss out on my,reviews of all the latest football ball,boots of 2022 and 2023 as it quickly,approaches so first things first the,upper grip knit whats it all about you,can see Nike have gone for this kind of,fingerprint pattern within the knit,itself and basically its a variation of,their Flyknit technology which were,used to seeing in Nike football boots,the difference is the texture of that,material on the surface which unlike the,Phantom GT which offered grip by way of,kind of like grittiness making the,surface of the upper kind of on the,rougher side with all of those little,lines for added texture or Chevrons on,the GT2 with grip knit its more of a,sticky type of texture and its really,difficult for me to compare it to,anything else that weve seen before,its not quite to the level of the,rubber elements youre going to find on,the Phantom Edge in terms of having tons,and tons of additional grip but its,also extremely consistent in that all,the area here that you see in red and,kind of like this purpley color is,extremely grippy on the ball all in both,dry as well as wet conditions it almost,feels like a coated surface but the grip,itself is actually incorporated into the,individual Yarns to create this grip,knit material which means that you get,the regular softness and flexibility of,normal Flyknit its very sock-like in,terms of how it moves with your foot and,how it wraps your foot making them,really really comfortable much more so,than the Phantom GT which I am very,thankful for but that additional grip on,the ball is super noticeable but I think,more importantly very manageable its,not to say that youre going to put,these on and not have a little bit of,kind of like a getting used to period,because its definitely stickier to the,ball than what youre going to find from,95 percent of football boots out there,the Phantom Edge probably being the only,thing that provides a little bit more,grip but the touch is super clean it has,a little bit of a padded feel to it so,it really does feel like a middle ground,in terms of cushion on the ball compared,to the Mercurial and the Tiempo which I,really like so definitely a little bit,softer and a little bit more padding,than with the Phantom GT series had on,offer but that additional grip I could,compare it to like a high-end yoga mat,if you know what Im talking about maybe,thats a silly comparison to make but it,really does offer this nice level of,grip that not only feels like its going,to be super durable long term but again,its just Pleasant on the ball its,super noticeable when striking the ball,its really noticeable for the sake of,control you definitely do have to get,used to it when it comes to dribbling,but I do think that the overall feel,from grip knit is something that is very,positive with that said I hate the,position or at the very least the,material of the Nike branding that you,can see its kind of like a fused on top,layer of almost like a plastic type,material and its not very grippy so,when you run the ball along this part of,the upper particularly noticeable when,dribbling and just pushing the ball,right here that material is very,slippery where the rest is super grippy,so even though you have this grip,material kind of spanning all the,important areas of the foot a large,section where this Nike Swoosh is simply,isnt going to have the same level of,grip which I think is honestly a bit of,a fail on Nikes part but at the end of,the day not necessarily a deal breaker,either maybe Im being overly nitpicky,but its something that I immediately,noticed when I first tried the boots,youll also notice on the low-cut,version of the Phantom GX that some of,the lacing system is covered by this,grip knit material it almost basically,has a hood that flows over top of an,additional lacing position for the sake,of more consistent grip in an area where,you otherwise wouldnt have it but what,I like about this design in particular,is it does allow for a deeper lacing,system than what we had on Phantom GT1,and 2 which I think was one of the major,downfalls of that football boot from a,fit and comfort perspective this still,maintains kind of an off-centered lacing,system but it is fairly close to the,middle the fact that it runs so much,deeper though really allows for a much,better and more secure fit particularly,through the forefoot and midfoot,something that I just didnt care for,with the Phantom GT however what I will,say and youll see this more during the,on feet portion of the video because you,basically have this kind of free,floating Hood in this one little section,of the upper you do get some pretty,significant creasing and folding in the,upper which doesnt look the best but,quite honestly you dont feel it when,its on your feet and in terms of touch,on the ball I didnt find it to be a,noticeable thing in terms of detracting,from overall ball feel which brings us,to the rear where if you read some of,Nikes tech specs they do talk about,this opening being shaped in a very,particular way for the sake of movement,and comfort but quite honestly it just,feels like a standard low-cut Nike,design with this Flyknit kind of lining,the edges nothing super notable there I,like the fact that they give you this,little extension piece to kind of hang,on to when putting the boots on in,particular but at the rear they have,actually done something pretty unique in,that it doesnt have a solid plastic,heel counter the back of the heel is,completely soft where on the sides you,can see the sole plate tooling does have,these little extension pieces in plastic,and theres also some plastic on the,sides but at the very back there is no,actual hard structure just the structure,from the material itself as well as the,padding of the heel liner and thats,there for the sake of comfort and just,making the boots eas

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NEW MG 4 review – the CHEAPEST and BEST electric car you can buy? | What Car?

[Music],this is the new fully electric mg4 and,its one of the cheapest new electric,cars that you can buy in the uk but is,it any good thats what were going to,find out in this review but before we,get into that if you want to see lots,more new car reviews and first looks,like this then make sure you subscribe,to our channel and go to whatcar.com for,a great deal on your next,car mg has been busy reinventing itself,as something of a budget-focused,electric car specialist its still been,releasing fuel-powered cars but the mg,products that have really caught the eye,recently have been the mg zs ev and the,mg5,both are fully electric cars which offer,lots of space and a good range between,charges all for a very low price at,least by new ev standards,and now we have the mg4 now this has a,similar brief to the electric mgs that,have come before it but it sits on all,new mechanical underpinnings for mg so,the platform that this car sits on is,going to be what you find underneath,lots of electric mg models over the next,few years it can fit different battery,sizes different body shapes but this mg4,is the first one that were trying now,size wise the mg4 is similar but a,little bit smaller than the vw id3 and,the cooper born but if youre looking at,this electric car then you are probably,also considering some other smaller,electric cars like the renault zoe the,peugeot e208 and the corsa e and thats,because the mg4 is incredibly cheap by,new electric car standards so just like,other electric mg products that weve,tried this is clearly very competitively,priced and puts value first and foremost,so the lineup starts at 25,995 pounds which undercuts every other,new electric car rival that you can name,here in the uk if you want to go for a,bigger battery version of this car then,its two and a half thousand pounds on,top of that and then its another three,thousand pounds to go for the range,topping version of the mg4 but even then,at about 31,500 pounds that is where most other,electric car rival prices start,there are two batteries you can choose,from in the mg4 the standard range model,gets a 51 kilowatt hour battery and that,has a 218 mile official wltp claimed,range but you can go for a 64 kilowatt,hour version of this car and that has a,281 mile claimed wltp range so thats a,big chunk of extra range that you get,for around about two and a half thousand,pounds so it seems very likely that that,will be the pick of this lineup theres,also two trim levels theres se which,you can have with either battery and,then theres trophy which you can only,have with the bigger battery,now whats it like inside well at a,glance youd have to say that it has a,reasonable amount of showroom appeal so,its got this minimalist layout which is,quite similar to the id3 and it looks,reasonably good but the problem comes,when you actually get in and you start,realizing that yes you have got some,soft touch materials up here on the,dashboard and on bits of the doors as,well but theres also quite a lot of,hard cheaper feeling nasty plastics,around as well like up here on the doors,this whole section on the center console,as well just doesnt look that nice,doesnt feel that nice either another,sign of potential cost cutting is here,with these 17-inch alloys that you get,as standard now you might like how they,look but,theyre actually just a plastic covering,which is a bit naf the build quality,isnt bad though so it all feels really,sturdy decently put together but the,actual quality of materials is pretty,patchy at best you can though say the,same of the id3,and dont forget theres a massive,difference in price between those two,cars in a similar way to the id3 youve,got a digital drive display up here,although in the id3 its actually,connected to the steering column it,isnt the mg4 but no matter where you,want to have the wheel or set your seat,up it does seem like youve always got a,good chance of seeing pretty much,everything on that screen which is good,not a lot of manufacturers get that,right the 10.25 inch touchscreen,infotainment system that comes as,standard is similar to what weve seen,before in their other products so that,means there are a lot of menus a lot of,sub menus the screen is reasonably quick,to respond but the text is quite small,its a bit difficult to see things on it,and you do have some physical shortcut,buttons down here,but,they feel a bit cheap and plasticky and,theres no quick easy way to get to the,climate controls which is really,annoying so that means anytime you want,to adjust the temperature youve got to,do it through the infotainment system,here that is very annoying below the,infotainment system youve got this tray,here which has your wireless phone,charging if youre on a top spec model,but you also have these two,weird holes that look quite odd when,your phone isnt in use but actually are,pretty handy to just keep the cables,neat while youre driving along and,charging your phone up or running apple,carplay and android auto and theres,also no start or stop button in the mg4,as well so all you do is get in the car,with the key put your foot on the brake,select the drive mode and away you go,just like the id3 storage seems pretty,good in the mg4 to be honest so youve,got an armrest here with a cubby,underneath it youve got this handy,tray down here for your valuables with a,cover over it theres two cup holders,glove box is a reasonable size as are,the door bins so all in all this,interior is not going to win any beauty,contest its not going to win any,quality contest but for the money its,pretty good youve got a little bit less,leg room than you do in an id3 a little,bit less headroom as well but compared,to things like an e208 or a corset e it,is reasonably practical back here so if,youre an adult,just under six foot then you can sit up,straight with a reasonable amount of,headroom left over,youve got a good amount of leg room as,well and even with the seat in front of,you in its lowest position youve still,got some room to put your feet,underneath as well so it doesnt feel,cramped doesnt feel claustrophobic and,another good thing is that the floor is,reasonably flat in the back you have got,a bit of a lump here but its not very,big and this middle seat is raised,slightly compared to the outer two rear,seats but its still reasonably well,cushioned so if you do end up having to,sit here its not quite the short straw,that it is in some other electric cars,so overall space in the back of the mg4,is very good,the boot offers,363 litres of storage which compared to,the smaller electric cars that this is,up against like the zoe the e208 the,corsa e is a bit more than what they,offer but when you look at the id3 and,the cooper born those boots are bigger,than what you get here but you can see,the space that you get is fairly simple,fairly big theres a bit of a wheel arch,bulge either side theres also no,underfloor storage and its a shame that,this is a bespoke new electric car,platform but there hasnt been any space,for a front boot which is a shame if you,want more space than what you have here,then you can fold down the rear seats,they split fold 60 40 and while this,might not be the most practical electric,car on sale for the money its,definitely very impressive,[Music],now the battery that you choose for your,mg4 also impacts how much power you have,were in the long range version of this,car,which is more powerful,than the electric motor that you get in,the standard range version but strangely,this doesnt alter 62 miles per hour in,7.9 seconds the standard range version,less power does 7.7 seconds so its,actually quicker and the reason for that,is this has got the bigger battery pack,which gives it a longer range but also,makes it heavier but anyway theres not,a big difference in the performance,figures so that means that both cars,arent the quickest electric cars on,sale but neither are they painfully slow,so getting up to motorway speeds is fine,country

YOU Season 3 is a Never Ending Disaster | Explained

so you season three,is a [ __ ] mess and depending on what,youre into that just might do it for,you first off though apologies for the,delay with this video i was traveling,for content related work and got a,horrible cold uh i know its just a cold,i was tested every day that i was there,and twice since returning im clear its,just a bad cold and its setting me back,im sure you can hear it in my strained,voice now even though i am theoretically,into a lot of hot mess media this was,like an entire season of pretty little,liars condensed into 10 episodes with a,splash of dexter but like not as fun as,either of those and not good dexter its,like dexter season 8 and just pulls all,the fun out of the pll vibes like,theres definitely ways to toe the line,where theres these moments of,incredulity of whats happening that,actually gets funny but it still needs,to be like horrifying at its core which,i feel like the first season juggles,really well like it kind of needs to,feel like your worst realistic nightmare,come to life and this just did not at,all and for some people thats,definitely gonna work but to me it just,felt like a lot and then by the end it,was like a lot that felt like nothing so,for those unfamiliar based on a series,of books by the same name you is a show,about joe goldberg a man who obsessively,stalks and infiltrates his way into the,lives of women he becomes fixated on,its a stalker story from the stalkers,perspective his monologues feel like,dexter except hes actually the scarier,version of dexter and joe is supposed to,be an amalgamation of all those like,romantic tropes that are actually super,creepy done to the extreme but if you,also find yourself wishing to learn the,skills required to conceal a murder i,mean cook and start a baking business,todays sponsor skillshare has you,covered skillshare is an online learning,community that offers thousands of,classes on a variety of topics from film,freelancing music productivity marketing,writing design 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learning journey today its,really common for people to like look,someone up on facebook if they feel like,theyre interested in them after meeting,them but its not normal to try to deep,dive through their entire online history,while stalking them around town breaking,into their homes killing obstacles and,keeping a souvenir box with a tampon in,it you know think youre christian,greys your edward collins massimos and,yes jacob blacks because jacob is a,controlling dickwad but in the realistic,side of those characters without the,romance infusion by locking us in with,joe we cant judge how the women are,feeling we just know how unhinged he is,seeing someone on the streets and,immediately just thrusting all these,expectations on them for how he expects,them to be something that they could,never live up to so the first season and,book are all about joe getting obsessed,with this girl who walks into the,bookstore he works at gwynevere beck and,he instantly starts putting all these,different expectations on her what he,thinks shes like what he thinks she,does like how perfect they would be,together all just from one singular,conversation about a book so he of,course starts to stalk her creates,situations where hell just of course be,where she is seemingly saving the day,while breaking into her home and,manipulating her other relationships he,also kills her on and off again,boyfriend and best friend now i think,the first season of this show is really,good and it also happens to be the one,that follows the source material the,closest other than one aspect that i,actually have an entire video about,where for some reason the show insists,on adding this like sympathetic aspect,to him where he becomes this like,protector of children because like this,kid in the first season just reminds him,of himself when he was a kid and i get,that supposed to be like oh yeah like,the monsters they could just be like,regular good people sometimes but the,issue here is that joe was supposed to,be singularly obsessed because all those,romantic guys and stories are edward,watches bella sleep christian gray finds,out where anna works just to show up,this trope just goes on and on swirling,around this idea that like that person,youre interested in becomes the most,important person in your life which i,get it is very easy to get obsessive,about love and i know in situations like,twilight is because when youre a,teenager and your hormones are like,running like that does feel like,everything but joe is supposed to be,that realistic interpretation to the,extreme that for someone to be that,singularly obsessed it would start,thinning away every other aspect of,their life theyd be willing to do,anything break the law jeopardize their,work break into homes just to keep on,that mission and that mission is you,well not you specifically but it could,be and thats what makes this terrifying,you think you meet someone by chance and,its just all working out great and it,turns out that theyve meticulously,planned and stalked you around to ensure,this would happen as scary as [ __ ] so i,always hated that they added this,humanizing element to them it was almost,so that they could just be like hey we,know like joes a murdering psycho but,like this other person really sucks too,way look at joe protecting the little,guys like joe in the book would have,been like beating you little [ __ ] i got,a tampon to preserve,im sorry its something they double,down on in the second season with ellie,and then its actually in the third book,and not as present in the third season,because like the third season just had,like so much else going on yeah if you,want to know more about that phenomenon,and my general thoughts on the first two,seasons ill have that video linked like,above and uh below so if you want to,check it out please do but today we are,going through season three and what a,[ __ ] season its an enigma because,its a mess its way funnier than it,should be at times but because theyre,trying to condense so much into 10,episodes it stopped feeling like there,was any impact to the insanity that,were being subjected to it just started,being a little bit too funny in a,situation where there is some comedy in,someone not realizing how like deluded,they are but uh they definitely still,deal with him not realizing how deluded,he is for those who dont remember in,season two of you joes new love,interest love ends up killing his,ex-girlfriend candice and his neighbor,delilah and he is disgusted man who has,killed multiple people at this point,instead of seeing her as his murder,queen trying to protect him it,completely ruins his perception of her,at first you think oh my god theyre,going to be like a serial killer duo or,something but hes so disgusted that he,goes to kill her when she says,thats pretty much where we left off,love revealing to joe that she,essentially did the same thing to him,that he does to other people manipulate,the relationship which is a lot,different than

YOU Season 3 Ending Explained, Twists & Season 4 Predictions

with love and joe settling down in the,quiet suburbs with baby this has to be,the slowest season yet right,dont get hysterical i took a seminar,hey,im gonna need more tarps you season,three is back with all the panty,stealing and awkward mom dialogue youve,grown to love no i should have known the,marriage was over two years and when,your father stopped wanting to do anal,in this video well be going over the,ending of season three some of its,biggest unanswered questions and what we,can expect for season 4. and trust me,there are quite a bit of clues peppered,throughout the season as to why joe ends,up in paris i put a time stamp below if,you just want to skip to that but before,we get into it make sure to like and,subscribe seriously only eight percent,of you are subscribed because you know i,wolf you so hard okay that sounds a bit,weird the last episode is called what is,love what is love,[Music],nope not that its a double entendre,what is love refers to joes wife as,well as the question itself particularly,for joe or should i call him will,bettelheim or maybe its nick like what,hes called at the end of the season,when hes in paris i wonder if he calls,himself nick since its the main,character from f scott fitzgeralds the,great gatsby a book he mentions,frequently at the beginning of the,season as being an inspiration to him,fitzgerald also wrote tender is the,knight the book naughty neighbor natalie,engler gave to him in episode 1. when,joe falls in love he obsesses weve seen,this throughout season 1 with guinevere,back season 2 and 3 with love quinn and,most recently marion bellamy in fact,much of the journey of season 3 is joe,and love falling into and out of love,with joe saying in episode 10 that his,marriage to love is like a prison im,not free,unless we both are maria and joe is,willing to do anything for those he,loves including murder joe is fresh off,the heels of murdering marions,ex-husband ryan goodwin a drug-addicted,news reporter who abused the system to,gain custody of their child juliet joes,impulse to protect those he loves,through subterfuge and even murder stems,from his childhood told in flashbacks we,see how young joe shot and killed his,abusive father in an effort to protect,his mother this pardon the pun backfired,as his mom would turn him over to social,services saying that it was in his best,interest to be put into a home so we can,see at a young age how trauma,specifically abuse and abandonment,shapes joes outlook on life in season,three were introduced to nurse fiona a,woman who like his mother was being,abused but this time joe does nothing,theres even a brief moment where he,could have pushed the abuser down the,stairwell but chooses not to later,telling his friend could have stopped,him,the last time i ruined my entire life it,made her hate me so much she put me here,so i thought with fiona i didnt want,her to hate me too its later implied,that fiona was killed by this abuser and,if joe had just stepped in he might have,saved her life this is whats at the,core of joes ultra protective,personality and he keeps this dark side,of himself secret because of his fear of,abandonment if someone sees the real me,itll go away,for good its abandonment that also,connects him with marianne she like him,grew up abandoned by her parents living,in several foster homes she knows what,its like to grow up with no one they,both also have children children they,want to raise right in a proper home so,they dont turn out like they did marion,was a former addict and has since turned,herself around joe ends up hiding the,bloody shirt he got from killing ryan in,the diaper trash can when love arrives,home unexpectedly love has had quite the,night having to kill her young lover,theo after he found out she and joe were,keeping famous mom fluencer sherry,conrad and husband carrie in their cage,underneath the bakery in episode 8,cherie and carrie overheard love talking,about how she murdered natalie so of,course our murderous couple has to lock,them up until they can figure out what,to do with them i love the cage its a,joe staple appearing in both the first,and second season and im glad as hell,its back couples who cage together stay,together joe says hell take care of,theos body and of course this is the,perfect moment for love to bring up that,she wants another baby to which joe,replies i want nothing more in the world,so that was a [ __ ] lie the only thing,joe wants is to take his son and run,away with marianne but first hes got to,take care of theos dead body,come,on okay maybe not fully dead and youd,think joe would finish the kid off here,after all theo did sleep with his wife,but joe doesnt this has to do with a,few factors one joe doesnt love love,anymore two he sees that hes just a kid,and this wasnt his fault and three joe,already has a plan to get out of this,situation which doesnt require further,killing unlike love joe seems to have,some semblance of a moral code when it,comes to killing whereas loves attacks,are more emotional and spur of the,moment see gill and theo joes are,calculated and he attacks overwhelmingly,bad people see ryan this difference is,best articulated in episode two you,murdered our neighbor in a fit of rage,no regard for the consequences this you,act oh pure and noble like like you have,reasons for what you do what you do but,when i do it im crazy right so joe,knocks theo out with a concoction from,carries quote-unquote potion box,allowing joe enough time to orchestrate,his master plan while also getting theo,to the hospital this is part of what,makes joe an excellent anti-hero hes a,dude who does truly evil things but most,of the time these are for noble reasons,like to protect those he loves if joe,was downright evil the show just,wouldnt work love uncovers joes bloody,shirt that when he hid in the trash and,suddenly she realizes it was joe who,killed marions ex-husband she saw how,the two interacted at the library,fundraiser a few nights earlier and she,also knows how obsessive joe can get joe,is in love with marion and she cant,have that the climax of the season leads,us to a dinner of deceit where,everything is put on the table yeah,thats a bad pun joe and miss his love,for marion and we learn love,accidentally killed her first husband,james by overdosing him with a paralytic,called aconite and even though joe gives,love the opportunity for the two of them,to part ways amicably and co-parent,henry together love just wont have it,while love tends to the baby joe,sneakily grabs the cutting knife but,love expected this she laced the knife,with aconite which can be absorbed,through the skin its the same paralytic,used to kill our ex and this is done in,an attempt to save their marriage so,that joe will be hers forever none of,this would be happening if you hadnt,grabbed a weapon,no one,will ever love you like i do joe this,descent into full-blown crazy was,foreshadowed all throughout the season,check out this line from love in episode,1. theres nothing authentic or,intimidating about me im just a,stay-at-home mom slowly going insane,love uses joes phone to lure marion,over with the intention of killing her,but that plan goes by the wayside when,love realizes marianne was the victim,here joe lied to her convinced her he,was into her and went so far as to kill,her ex when marion realizes this saying,that she knew joe was too good to be,true she no longer wants anything to do,with him this combined with the sudden,appearance of miriams daughter changes,loves mind she tells marian to run,which is exactly what marian does marion,talks of this quote tiny voice in her,head she calls this her real true love,that voice that tells you the truth even,if it hurts for marion this voice told,her joe was bad news but she suppressed,that voice and look where it got her,this conversation with marion makes love,realize shes been doing the same thing,but that,that little voice in the back of my head,that ive been suppressing thi

YOU is a weird show…

last year when the show you first came,out I thought it was just gonna be,another one of those like girl meets boy,Bartons have to be a stalker serial,killer guy girl realizes just before,its too late and barely gets out alive,type of things cuz you know thats like,a million shows and movies like that now,what we got instead was this cheesy,albeit uncomfortably intimate look and,how these kinds of guys think and why,they see themselves as like an antihero,or whatever and now that season two of,you has been out for about a week or so,I thought it was time to take a look and,see just how much creepier this show,could possibly get but before that,really quick this video is brought to,you by Skillshare Skillshare is a huge,online community where you can learn,real life skills taught by real people,who actually use them in their careers,now I get a lot of questions from you,guys mostly questions like why is your,voice so annoying but also I gave a lot,of people asking me how to start editing,their own videos or how to learn,animation how to learn motion graphics,that kind of stuff well Skillshare is,the place you want to get one of the,great things about Skillshare is how the,classes are structured in a way that you,can advance as quickly or slowly as you,need to you dont need to commit to a,three-hour class three days a week or,whatever when and how you learn is all,up to you like this amazing class in,character illustration from Gabriel,piccola about how to draw like faces and,bodies clothes hair all kind of stuff,which is something Im really trying to,work on because like all my characters,have the exact same hairstyle now get,this everyone who signs up using my link,down below get two months unlimited,access for free and then its just ten,bucks a month after that and its not,just creative stuff okay they got,business classes finance classes,self-improvement classes really anything,so if youre ready to start learning,that skill you always wanted to this is,your chance click my link below sign up,and get started today okay back to the,show so just a quick recap this is our,main character Joe now theres nothing,really special about this guy I mean,like most of us you know he reads books,and steals girls underwear murders her,best friends locks their boyfriends in a,soundproof dungeon and pulls her teeth,out you know just one of a thousand guys,you can find on any dating app now at,the end of season 1 Joe killed his,girlfriend back but you gotta understand,it was all for her sake alright but just,when it looks like hes gonna get away,with it theres one less meddling kid,that gets in his way,I think we have some unfinished business,to talk about no this is another one of,Joes ex-girlfriends Candice whos also,supposed to be dead but somehow survived,and moved away to Italy hence why Joes,making this face like he just found out,why eating day-old Taco Bell is not a,good idea and then short story shorter,Joe ends up running away to Los Angeles,so he can start his life all over in the,last place Candice what ever think to,look,love has taken me to dark places but Los,Angeles has got to be as dark as it gets,when youre running from someone who,thinks they know you the best place to,hide is a city they think you hate,because I do its the worst city in the,world in the last place I want to be and,thats perfect,its temporary regroup get some cash,together hold on a second Joe you moved,to LA to get some cash together no,roommates no trust fund,not even a YouTube channel and youre,hoping to save money anyway so Joe shows,up at his new apartment building where,he meets the building manager,whose slight spoiler is easily the best,character in the entire season but,youll just have to watch that for,yourself,welcome in Delilah will Bettelheim nice,to meet you your credit came back,sparkling well oh good good but I looked,you up youre not on the socialist like,at all that you might be some kind of,freak,oh yeah just a left why I Joe changed,his name to will by kidnapping this guy,and put him in another secret dungeon,thing he built when he got to LA you,know like you do anyway so at some point,later in time Joe heads over to the,biggest organic non-gmo every la,stereotype all wrapped into one,supermarket called an oven now hes here,to apply for a job so we can somehow,magically pay rent and wouldnt you know,he gets hired right on the spot to head,up their failing bookstore section I,think I just felt my soul come back into,my body can you start tomorrow,and so with all the pieces falling into,place Joes about to head home for the,day but youll never guess what happens,I know that music I know whats going on,here but anyway,so while Joes thinking of his next move,on how to like have a chance meeting,with this girl or whatever things take a,turn I wont say hello accidentally bump,into you youll never even know I was,here,excuse me do you think this peach looks,like a butt,there is no wrong answer it looks a,little like a butt Yeah right you know,this is one of those icebreaker pickup,lines or whatever that really only works,in like movies and TV shows like imagine,if you would just stand in there and,some girl comes up to you like no your,pink pages look like butts,[Music],anyway so they get to talking and we,come to find out that they actually have,a little more in common than you might,think,well I just started in a cafe me too I,the kitchen I do most of the buying for,the store I was just shopping for my,dinner anyway sorry love,its my name I mean no cool yes so if,you thought this girl was weird before,well not only did her parents named her,love but shes kept that name this,entire time so interpret that how you,will now despite Joe being who he is he,doesnt really want to get too involved,with her or anything because the whole,point of him coming to LA in the first,place was to lay low and avoid Candice,so starting something up with this new,but love girl or whatever maybe not the,best idea,no not biting Im not that guy anymore,and I dont think I ever will be again I,cant be loved,you are not for me but of course,wouldnt you know Joe ends up changing,his mind because otherwise this show be,over pretty quick and Im saying and so,for the purposes of spying on this girl,he does the unthinkable and finally gets,on social media its come to this,get online to blend in just long enough,to get out before Kenda finds me create,a feed of my alleged life while life,happens around me but how would I know,friend-requested oh we all know what,that means right like sure Joes just a,mild-mannered nice guy who likes to read,books and sneak in the girls houses and,pee in jars or whatever but once he,starts going down this road I mean it,eventually its just gonna end up like,all the rest of us you know subscribing,to 15 different only fans accounts and,going on Twitter everyday like wow 2020,hope I can finally die this year anyway,so he falls asleep in the park after,making his profile and wakes up looking,like this Im an idiot right sunburn,through this t-shirt how is that a thing,worth it all worth it love and thats,what we come to find out that love,social feed is actually just incredibly,boring except for one small detail,married so after this Joe goes home a,little disheartened because his hopes,and dreams have been dashed away but,while Joes just hanging out in his,kitchen that night wouldnt you know,love shows up unannounced like any good,Manic Pixie girl would to help him with,a sunburn you have a medical license,thats a salad dressing no its upside,of vinegar man and of course they end up,sharing a moment where shes putting,some stuff on his face and probably,thinking about butts I assume no because,Joe doesnt really have any food in his,apartment love gets an idea is that,99-cent ramen yeah no no we all know,youre an Angeleno now Im not you,youre missing out okay this city is a,million cities its I mean were going,were going were exact as any places we,need to convert you n

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