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  2. YOU is the creepiest show Ive ever seen…
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You Season 1 Review

the show you is one of Netflixs most,recent shows to be released its a,psychological thriller that keeps you,glued to the screen constantly wondering,what is going to happen next,following the stalker Joe does he turn,out to have good intentions or is he,actually a sick and twisted as you think,he has the potential to be and also is,to show any good lets find out before I,go ahead make sure you go if its my,twitter at brain pilot underscore and,tweet me what show or movie youd like,me to review next so without further ado,Im brain pilot and here is a review of,you just to let you know there will be,spoilers obviously the story the story,in this Netflix original show is based,off of the book by Caroline kept Ness it,follows the life of Joe the bookstore,owner and his first encounter with Beck,and everything that soon follows after,including all of the acts that hes,prepared to carry out for her,I feel like this kind of story is,ordinarily quite far-fetched and can be,quite boring but the way that its told,in this show is executed perfectly and,youre never left bored once Joe is,madly in love with Beck and he sets out,on a mission by stalking her to become,her lover and live the perfect life,together we are made aware of what he is,thinking throughout the whole of the,season this is due to being able to hear,inside of his head this is narrated by,Joe himself as though he deliberately,wants us to know how sick and twisted,his mind is this was a feature in the,show that I really really liked we got,to gauge a true understanding of the,character and the real reasons behind,why he was doing what he was doing many,people find the inside of the mind of a,serial killer interesting and they want,to know their motive this show allowed,us to as the episode goes on you start,by thinking that Joe is slightly weird,by stalking Beck however is the episode,on revels you start to see just how,psychotic he is by posing as a potential,business partner he traps Becks,so-called boyfriend and keeps him,trapped under the bookstore you see him,conflicted about what to do and he,realizes how hes messed up,but ultimately Joe killing vexes,ex-boyfriend this was a turning point in,the episode it was a turning point,because he actually killed someone the,show led you to believe that Joe wasnt,a killer and it also led you to believe,that he was going to let Becks,boyfriend out however he didnt and for,me this is where the whole show changed,for the better that is as Joe gets,closer and closer to Beck her best,friend peach is next on Joes kill list,peach was wary of Joe and the more time,went on the more she tried to poison,Becks mind about Joe obviously he,wasnt a fan and he tried killing her,not once but twice he smashed her over,the head with a rock in broad daylight,which is something I didnt think was,that smart and I felt like his character,would have been a lot smarter than that,and also he then shot her when they had,a massive fight at the house that peach,was now hiding at this ultimately,obviously killed her I wasnt a massive,fan of the character peach but with this,show I feel like you really felt the,deaths whenever they occurred maybe,because the show felt very real and it,wasnt an idea that was too dissimilar,to what could potentially occur in,everyday life now with all of his,competition and people that are,skeptical of him out the way,this of course then led Joe to live,happily ever after with Beck however,that wasnt the case the relationship,took a turn for the worst and even,though Joe was loving her,unconditionally she just started to fall,out of love with him Im glad they,included that and didnt just make it a,happy ever after story because Beck has,been through a lot and obviously she,would have some underlying issues Beck,ends up sleeping with her therapist and,Joe ends up going to see him to,potentially kill him but for the time,being he thinks that he hasnt slept,with her and ends up getting therapy,from him too this leads the pair to,break up and go their separate ways,Beck lives the single life and Joe lives,a life with his new girlfriend however,he is still constantly thinking about,Beck even though he has calmed down a,bit all until he bumps into her this,ultimately leads Joe to having an affair,obviously that was going to happen and,then they end up back together bit,predictable but its okay,the whole series is going on you hear,the story about the character candies,who is somebody that Joe used to date,but this is mystery about where she has,gone and what actually happened to her,as an audience member youve been led to,believe that considering all that job is,done in the show hes most likely killed,her,whilst Beck and Joe are back together,Beck is all about Candice and ends up,doing her own sort of investigation this,is then when we find out about Joe,killing the record producer that Candice,slept with whilst they were together and,then also finding out that Candaces,brother is dead this is then when the,auntie gets lifted as Beck approaches,Joe and once he finds out he shows,photos of Candice Tibet in Italy on,Instagram which is surprising because,throughout the whole of the show youve,thought that she is actually dead,although one thing that Joe always did,with his victims was used their social,media for a bit so make it seem like,they were still alive although Joe,didnt seem like he was a killer that,was extremely smart or ever really knew,what he was doing he always somehow did,or he let on to us that he did a few,days pass and this is then when the,climax of the season happens Joe goes,out to get some breakfast and Beck goes,to the bathroom and looks in the ceiling,this is after finding out from PAC that,you can hide things in a certain panel,in the box she found her underwear her,vest,peaches phone and her ex-boyfriends P,along with many other things that imply,that hes been stalking her and,committing murders this was a moment,that was quite conflicting to watch this,is because youve gone on this journey,with Joe and although hes committed,these crimes and is a weird stalker,youve grown to like him a little as a,character hes interesting to watch and,you didnt really want to see the,downfall of him this led back to being,captured by Joe after finding out that,she knew and she ended up where all of,his victims did in the box she was kept,their children right up until the point,where she tried to escape and that is,where it all went wrong for her she,thought shed knock gel out with a,mallet which is something I thought was,a bit stupid I dont know how he got up,after being battered around the head,with a mallet however he did and this is,then when it cuts to upstairs and us,finding out that Beck has become the,writer that shes so long desired but,unfortunately shes dead Joe took the,words that she wrote whats locked in,the box altered them slightly and it,became a best-seller he committed all of,these crimes for her all for nothing,apart from the time that they had which,is something that he appreciated in her,work,Joe tampered it so that the therapist,was blamed for those murders that were,committed I thought this ending was,brilliant it showed us just how Joes,mind works and that hes able to,manipulate anything or anyone to make it,go in his favor you then see shots,purposely like the beginning of the,season as a new girl enters the shop and,it leads you to believe that Joe is,going to do this all over again hes,going to find a new girl fall in love,and stalk her however when Joe gets,close enough to the girl it turns out,that its actually Candis and much to,not only Joe surprise but to mine shes,alive this is then when the season,finishes and it makes you think that,theyre gonna carry on with the season -,I thought the story and this show was,absolutely fantastic it took you on a,journey with Joe not only by witnessing,it but by being inside of his mind and,understanding all of the conflicting,emotions that he had when he was doing,what he wa

YOU is the creepiest show Ive ever seen…

if youve watched my channel for any,length of time you would know that Im,not at all secretly really into like,rom-coms and love stories and that kind,of thing you know now usually this means,I end up watching a lot of teen dramas,and whatnot but every so often we get a,rom-com thats a little more adult like,its not your typical dysfunctional,teens trying to find themselves or,whatever its more like dysfunctional 30,year old to act like teens trying to,find themselves so you know totally,different now to my favorites are,actually love on Netflix and then this,other show called youre the worst,but recently Netflix gave us a new show,and ho boy did they give us something,yall better buckle up for this one,now the show was called you and stars,Joe just your average guy working in,some random bookstore in New York City,who narrates to us the moment he sees,this girl well hello there who are you,based on your vibe student and you,murmur at your first word to me hello,now this girl is Guinevere but she,prefers to be called BEC a young college,student who came to New York City to be,a writer now they go back and forth with,their totally realistic witty banter and,all these specific gatekeeping thats,sad people buying books because of,whats popular or not because they want,to be moved or changed in some way yeah,you see this guy here are the glasses,behind you,he just grabbed Dan Browns latest on,the way in so hes gonna warn her around,for another like five or ten minutes,just to find something legitimate to buy,with it,oh yes the argument as old as time,itself this person likes the thing I,dont like that means theyre not as,smart as me no one truly appreciates,things like I do isnt that right honey,so anyway she buys a book they say,goodbye thats that now after this Joe,heads home to his apartment and we meet,Paco Joes next-door neighbor,are you hungry cuz you know I just got,this meatball sub but I remembered I,have tired from last night you know what,a great guy huh I mean he works at a,bookstore sure maybe not the richest,maybe not the strongest or like whatever,but I mean look at this guy heart of,gold and you know maybe eats a little,pretentious but at least hes not one of,those guys who listens to vinyl records,or whatever right the point Beck love is,tricky,that cracked so after this joke Googles,back to see what he can find and thanks,to the power of the Internet he learns,basically everything about her including,her address which I mean thats a little,weird but its not like hes actually,gonna like go there and stalk her you,know the next thing our little friend,the Internet gave me was your address,there it is youre not making this easy,for me Joe now as if this wasnt weird,enough he then decides to spend the,entire day literally following her,around the city watching everywhere she,goes everything she does and everyone,she talks to I know from your posted,schedule that you teach a 6:30 class,called,get up and flow you caressed the sweaty,backs of bulimic dead-eyed real mommies,of Soho offering smiles and lies of,encouragement by 10:00 youre at campus,to TA a romantics classroom so after,spending the day with her which you know,boy ah sounds real creepy when you say,it out loud like that he follows her,home to her apartment and thats where,we get a new wrinkle in the quilt of,whats happening in the show you know I,didnt really think this metaphor,through very well,so yeah,[Music],let me up Beck fire truck is this now,this guy is Becks on again off again,boyfriend Benji and really everything,you need to know you can tell just by,looking at him like his hat has closed,the way he talks like I gotta say,high-five to whoever cast this guy cuz I,mean very rarely do I feel such a strong,urge to punch someone in the face now if,you think that maybe Im being a little,judgy about this,just you wait okay because right after,doing the old devils tango,heres Benji it looks good on you by the,way next your wait whatd I tell you,now one thing to remember is that Joe is,still out there watching the whole thing,but anyway after this he goes home and,once again Pacos out in the cold,so Joe decides to take him for a little,field trip to his book store and show,him at the downstairs,you,its the cage its where we keep early,editions and collectibles its cold 65,degrees for the books this will become,important later so just keep it in the,back your mind that Joe the guy who,follows Bek around all day stalks her,house watches her a little rendezvous,through the window you know that guy he,also has a climate-controlled,underground dungeon so you know yippee,now the next night during their,one-sided playdate Joe follows back to,some open-mike hipster bar thing or,whatever and listens to her read one of,her poems I cant stand seeing this Im,sorry I just cant so he heads back to,the train station and wouldnt you know,there he finds a rather inebriated Bek,who falls onto the train tracks but,thanks to Joes quick thinking he picks,her up and everythings fine now,everythings settled down Vic has one of,those hey wait a minute,moments okay I dont want to sound like,a stalker but I think I know you yes it,is we a pretentious hipster guy with,curly dark hair who listens to vinyl,records and talks about how everyone,else but me is whats wrong with America,and lives in New York City of all places,meet what are the odds huh anyway so the,grab a taxi back to Becks place and,look who we run into yet again,[Music],of course bench hi um this is Joe he,literally saved my life today if I told,you people are basically good its great,job bro,bro you wasted hair okay that was pretty,funny so she gives Joe her email address,since she seemed to have dropped her,phone on the subway when she was you,know like about to die or whatever or,did she heres what I learned this week,you are special youre talented youre,smart except in the ways you are really,not,now after stalking her online stalking,her in the real world theres even a,part earlier in the show where he,pretends to be her boyfriend so he can,sneak into her apartment when shes gone,and just like go through all of her,stuff,[Music],you,[Music],yeah Im just gonna pretend like I,didnt say anything and now looking,through her phone Joe comes to the,conclusion that Bek could have such a,better life if she just stopped hanging,around people like Benji and hang out,with people like him instead you know,better but you cant stop because well,because everyone needs someone what you,really need is someone to save you I can,help back up to now weve seen Joe kind,of flip back and forth from like super,creepy stalker dude to heart of gold,average Joe get it Joe,so like I was never really sure what to,make of him like I see a flawed hero is,he a humanized villain you know who is,he whats this show that kind of thing,but this next part is when I realized ah,this show is for me so Joe pretends to,be some like newspaper columnist,interested in Benjis new company that,sells artisanal soda yep Benjis one of,those guys they meet up and joe offers,to take him to some like super exclusive,restaurant or whatever where they can,talk and what you believe things might,not be what they seem,[Music],hey man Im thinking maybe,this is what I knew I was in for the,long haul and then the episode ends when,Benji wakes up and finds himself locked,in the dungeon dont select the title of,the video says this is maybe one of the,creepiest shows Ive ever seen like its,not just that Joe is stalking back or,that hes some super creepy guy I mean,he is creepy for sure but like the way,the show makes us sympathize with this,character that we know is like creepy,stalker dude steel and beggars underwear,and stuff but yet you kind of find,yourself rooting for him at the same,time which is a weird feeling like I,said earlier in the video its still too,early to tell what role Joe is playing,in the story you know like I see the,good guy see the bad guy and this makes,it really interestin

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Stop Redeeming the Psycho Stalker – The Problem with Netflixs YOU

this mug is a total lie,not even an aunt or the best but I can,be your BAE if you subscribe to the,channel thats not true at all lets not,encourage that anyways lets get away,from that and into the video so today,were talking about you and I dont mean,you the person I mean the hit Netflix,series based on the book you obviously,before we get too far into this spoilers,theres definitely spoilers in this,video if you havent watched you if,youre not done you season two Im gonna,tell you exactly when not to watch past,and you season two but just me I dont,know finish watching the show and then,come back if you care so you was a,massive success for Netflix the bin,jabal stalker show fit perfectly with,their release method and the show,completely took off this season even,spurned a wave of memes based on this,characters inner monologues even though,Im about to talk about a lot of the,problems that I have with the show and,how certain things are portrayed I still,really like it its super easy to watch,it keeps you engaged and its nowheres,near the worst content that Netflix has,on its platform so the show itself,centers around Joe and absolutely,obsessive psycho stalker and his,delusional internal ramblings that were,subjected to as he violently stalks,women and masturbates while watching,them through their windows because,contrary to popular belief romance is,not in fact dead so the show is actually,based on a book that I stumbled upon,during one of my many trips to the,bookstore because Im cultured like that,and I thought it seemed pretty,interesting a story in the perspective,of a stalker endorsed by Stephen King,neato and honestly it was pretty good,but the most part I thought I did a,great job kind of exemplifying how,delusional Joe is and calling out how,traditionally a lot of his behavior is,super romanticized in other media and,how on a significantly lower scale a lot,of us might relate to some of the stuff,he does not all of it hes basically all,of these bad habits put into one person,and then blown up so yeah that was the,book and then when the show hit Netflix,I obviously watched it and honestly like,I mentioned for I really liked it but I,did find a lot of issues with it issues,that werent really present in the book,but very present in the show now,obviously some of this just comes down,to the fact that like you have to adapt,things in a different way so that they,work for television a lot of these,changes of things that didnt need to be,done and well get into some of those so,at the show and I would say more so the,book are trying to achieve with Joe is,kind of,they can like the dark reality of what a,lot of rom-coms and romance films and,romance novels put forward to their,audience that everyone just kind of,immediately takes at face value and they,think wow,imagine having someone like that and I,think a great example here would be,Edward Cullen from the Twilight series,so this guy is totally obsessed with,Bella and its honestly at a violent,level because when were introduced to,him as a character he literally cant,restrain himself near her because he,wants her blood so badly and then he,ultimately turns that you know murderous,feeling into love literally becoming the,personification of I love you so much I,want to kill you and Im literally,addicted to you your scent its like a,drug to me like my own personal brand of,heroin why did you hate me so much when,we met I did only for making me want you,so badly even without all that Edward is,constantly following Bella around,reading people around her his minds,breaking into her bedroom to watch her,sleep a great burn pulled this and it,was weird and creepy and the girl was,creeped out but in Twilight its,romantic because Edward is just so cute,but in reality it would be terrifying if,you knew that someone was watching you,sleep that you had not let in to your,home and again people just ignore how,terrifying that would be in real life,because oh my god Edward so cute and he,doesnt like anybody but he took special,interest in me and that makes me feel so,special and hes a vampire,so its so cool and I know Im ragging,on Twilight here but yall know I love,but its not just Twilight obviously,that uses this kind of stuff Im just,using that as like a prime example of,something that just kind of like blew up,you you also see it with what was,originally Twilight fan fiction turned,into some weird and healthy [ __ ] Fifty,Shades of Grey,except that movie does a bunch of other,weird stuff to try to make it seem,normal that Christians acting that way,also if you guys want a reacts to Fifty,Shades let me know because Im down for,that,but Jos kind of the counter there that,kind of behavior we realized its weird,that he follows these girls around we,realize its weird that hes breaking,into their homes stealing their phones,going through their personal records we,know its toxic and unhealthy behavior,but in fiction were usually so,quick to just dismiss a lot of this kind,of behavior if its shown to us and,given to us through a romantic lens even,if its just I he met well kinda way,and this shows kind of trying to subvert,that by putting us in Joes position and,hearing him go through his insane,rambling but they kind of handle it,weird at some points so Joe is basically,an amalgamation of all of these,different romanticized characters who,are actually super unhealthy but people,still kind of just give a pass for and,then add in like the entire idea that,like oh if you work hard enough youre,gonna get the girl because you deserve,her and that no matter what you do as,long as your intentions are pure and,its just for their benefit its okay,that you did all of these crazy insane,toxic things and we see this in the show,and the book he genuinely believes hes,operating as a true romantic hell even,call out other peoples behavior thats,similar to his but nowhere near his bed,totally devoid of the self-awareness,that hes the biggest weirdo of them all,which is something that you also see in,a lot of real people who pull these,kinds of stunts obviously to a lesser,level a lot of lack of self-awareness,and the actors and the showrunners,acknowledge that intent and theyll tell,you that thats pretty much the intent,of the character what the show is trying,to do what the book was trying to do but,the show can really derail that idea a,lot of the times just by presenting us,with situations where it seems like Joe,kind of has a moral code and a desire to,protect those that cant protect,themselves and hes just oh hes just,ends up in all these horrible situations,its terrible but when reality everyone,needs to be protected from him like this,isnt supposed to be Dexter were a,serial killer is guided and curated into,only killing other killers therefore,becoming an antihero that we can root,for while still acknowledging that his,behaviors not good Joe is the bad guy,the Dexters waiting for now obviously,like I mentioned earlier everybody can,be guilty of little things people can,get obsessed with girls and guys that,they see walking by them in school or at,the mall or at work or anything like,that even if you dont really know who,they are and you start making these like,what-if scenarios like what if you said,hi to them what if you guys went out and,got coffee what if what if maybe you,find their Facebook maybe you find their,Instagram maybe you do go try to talk to,them to figure out if you guys have,anything in common and obviously theres,a lot of people in relationships that go,through their significant others phones,be,they dont trust them or they have their,own insecurities and I like to think,that these are a lot of like unhealthy,behaviors that the older you get you,just kind of start growing out of or you,get more secure in yourself so youre,more secure in your relationships these,are all things that people can be guilty,about lower levels that Joe reflects,personifies and enhances and even when,they get so much of that ri

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YOU Season 1 Recap | Netflix Series Explained

Season one of You follows Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager in New York who becomes,obsessed with aspiring writer Guinevere Beck and begins stalking her and manipulating her,life to court her and develop a relationship.,When Joe first meets Beck, it’s a creepy love at first sight.,He fantasizes about being in a relationship with her and justifies all of the horrific,things he’ll eventually do for love as necessary.,Because he’s a “good guy”.,Heavy emphasis on the air quotes.,Joe breaks into Beck’s apartment to snoop around and learn more about her.,He follows her throughout her day to keep tabs on her.,When a drunken Beck falls onto the subway tracks, it’s Joe that is miraculously there,to save her.,He even steals her phone so he can monitor conversations she has once getting a new one.,The first major obstacle in Joe’s way of winning Beck’s heart is her on-again-off-again,boyfriend Benji.,Benji’s a bit of a tool, so Joe feels completely justified in attacking him and locking him,up in the book vault in the bookstore’s basement.,Eventually, Joe realizes there’s no good way out of this situation, and kills Benji.,He covers up this act by burning Benji’s body and making it appear that Benji has simply,run off.,Following Benji’s murder, Joe and Beck enter into a relationship, but another obstacle,presents itself.,Beck’s best friend Peach is suspicious of Joe and is similarly obsessed with Beck and,manipulating her to bend Beck to her wants.,A jealous Joe hits Peach on the head with a rock and leaves her for dead, but unfortunately,for Joe, she survives the attack.,Not 100% sure that it was Joe that attacked her, but still very much suspicious, Peach,invites Beck over to her family estate for a getaway with plans to whisk Beck off to,live together in Paris.,Beck turns down the offer, realizing that Joe was correct about Peach’s manipulative,ways, and leaves the estate.,Although, that complicates things a bit, because Joe has followed Beck to the estate and is,caught by Peach who draws a gun on him.,Joe is forced to kill Peach, and frames it as a suicide.,The perfect crime!,Although he did pee in a jar and accidentally leave it in Peach’s house.,With Peach now out of the picture, Joe and Beck are finally free to be together with,no more distractions!,And that lasts…for a few months.,Beck grows secretive and distant, which only further fuels Joe’s jealousy and possessiveness.,He begins to suspect that Beck is cheating on him with her therapist, Dr. Nicky, and,even begins seeing the therapist himself using an alias.,At first it’s to try to get more information on Dr. Nicky’s relationship with Beck, but,after a while he wants to use his sessions to actually explore his own psyche.,Eventually, Joe confronts Beck about her relationship with Dr. Nicky.,Hurt that Joe doesn’t trust her, she breaks up with him.,When Joe secretly uses Dr. Nicky’s computer to try to confirm his suspicions about the,affair, he instead discovers routine therapy sessions that make Joe realize he overreacted,and that Beck was better off without him.,Three months pass, and Joe is doing his best to move on.,Throughout the season, Joe has looked after Paco, the young son of his drug addict neighbor,,Claudia.,Claudia’s boyfriend is an abusive parole officer named Ron who is constantly picking,fights with Claudia, Paco, and Joe.,Joe enters into a relationship with Karen, Claudia’s friend, and the two help Claudia,get clean.,But try as he might to convince himself that Karen is right for him, he just can’t seem,to get over Beck.,Similarly, Beck isn’t over Joe.,And so, Joe breaks up with Karen and reunites with Beck, making them seemingly stronger,than ever.,But when a spiteful Karen tells Beck that Joe will always be pining for his ex, Beck,begins to look into Joe’s previous relationship with the mysterious Candace.,Beck discovers that Candace was an ex-girlfriend of Joe’s that seemingly went completely,off the grid following their breakup and hasn’t contacted friends or family in years.,Beck grows concerned that something sinister is at play with Joe, and she SHOULD be concerned,,as we learn that Joe had previously killed a man named Elijah after discovering that,Candace was having an affair with him.,Mr. Mooney, the original owner of the bookstore Joe managed and a father figure that mentally,abused him as a child, helped Joe cover up Elijah’s death.,When Beck confronts Joe about her suspicions of Candace’s disappearance, Joe is able,to explain everything away in a satisfactory way.,And when Joe discovers that Beck actually WAS having an affair with Dr. Nicky, she gives,a genuine apology and assures Joe that that was now finished and it was Joe that she loved,and wanted to be with.,And so everything was once again great between Joe and Beck!,That is, until Beck discovers a hidden box in Joe’s apartment filled with mementos,of all his previous crimes.,Her original phone, Peach’s phone, Benji’s phone, even Benji’s teeth!,This confirms all of Beck’s darkest fears to be true.,Joe is left with no choice but to lock Beck up in the book vault until he can figure out,a way to make their relationship work again.,Beck pleads for her life and release, and eventually even suggests that Joe pin all,of his crimes on Dr. Nicky.,Back at his apartment building, the abusive Ron beats Claudia and puts her in the hospital.,Joe is forced to kill Ron to protect Paco and explains to Paco what must be done to,cover up this murder.,As Joe deals with all of this, Beck uses a typewriter in the book vault to write her,story, detailing all of Joe’s horrific crimes, but attributing them to Dr. Nicky instead.,When Joe finally returns, Beck is able to convince him that she loves him and understands,why he did everything he did.,She lures Joe into the vault and locks him inside.,But her escape plan is thwarted when she discovers the basement door is also locked.,Joe escapes the vault and finally kills Beck.,Four months later, the book Beck wrote in the vault has become a huge success.,It also led to the arrest of a framed Dr. Nicky, inadvertently exonerating Joe.,But just as it looks like Joe will be able to get away with all of his past crimes, his,ex girlfriend Candace shows up, very much alive, to confront Joe over their unfinished,business.

YOUs Unstable Joe: A Chilling Character Analysis

[Music],Netflix hit it big with the TV,adaptation of the book you with over 40,million views within the first month of,launching the show already has fans,launching plenty of memes and fan,theories hes in love with a central to,the majority of viewers discussions his,joe goldberg the complex protagonist,fans cannot decide whether he is a,rudabeh hero or a villain in disguise,and its leading to all sorts of,opinions around the web behind the,screen,took the best of those arguments and,condensed it here to sort out what,people should take away from this,dastardly figure after all everyone,enjoys diving into the mind of a,compulsive stalker with his eye towards,a girl he wants right okay okay so that,is definitely not the case but this,video is worth taking a look at as we,plan on diving into the backstory and,characteristics that makes Joe so,compelling the central plot of the,series follows Joe Goldberg as he,attempts to get the girl Beck is,somewhat unaware of this preoccupation,and Joe acts on her behalf behind the,scenes to try to steer her towards,falling in love with him by using his,deep knowledge of the Internet,Joe seeks out everything there is to,know about Bek Joe has no concept of,boundaries and fans are shown this idea,through the internal monologue that runs,through his head in the show in fact,that internal dialogue and the focus,being squarely on Joe leads to fans,dialing in all their empathy on him,viewers start out wanting to see what,might happen if Bek falls for him the,two have a relationship but what the,audience actually sees as the main,conflict is the other main characters,like peach and Benjy pushing against,Joes ideal life with Beck the awkward,crush Joe has on Beck quickly turns into,something else with Joe tossing his,morals out the window in order to get,closer to Beck if he even had the,to begin with the writers are asking the,viewers to consider where romance breaks,into obsession a central question to the,entire series is what would you do for,love,Joes goals make his answers clear and,concise he will do anything,Joe desires to be closer to the woman he,is falling in love with and he sees,himself as the nice guy helping a girl,find her way the protagonist wants to,see his crush succeed its a familiar,plot point you can find in a ton of,rom-coms Joe sees Becca as unfulfilled,and he feels compelled to fix that,problem in Joes mind dating him will,help Beck become a better more complete,person almost like Beck needs Joe as,much as Joe needs Beck at least in his,own twisted mind thats what he thinks,Joe wants to be the one for Beck he will,do anything for love,basically Joe is like if Courage the,Cowardly Dog was a psychopath seriously,Joe is desperate to get and hold on to,BEC anything in his way is just an extra,addition to his fall in love to-do list,massive air quotes on love see the,theory and debate raging on the Internet,is all about the justification of his,goals is Joe acting in her best interest,this is the crux of the argument fans,are now debating whether or not they are,supposed to root for Joe in the end this,is where the lines blur and hot takes,begin to pour through the woodwork as it,seems everyone has their own opinion on,Joes actions one view to consider,before diving into the depths of this,internet war is Penn Badgley perspective,of the character he plays after all no,one understands the tiny details of a,character psychosis better than the,actor who plays them badly hit the nail,on the head in his meaty around up when,he remarked that the shows social media,treatment of Joe would hinge on the,success of the show the show is a hit,and that notoriety is clearly,influencing perspectives get this the,actor who plays Joe does not find him to,be rude about as a character come on,that has to say something when bad,he admits to delivering his performance,with an animosity towards his,characters actions even Joe doesnt,want to root for Joe still fans persist,and the cast and creators clearly saw,this coming the story is meant to cause,a divide and the more eyes on the series,the more perspectives hit the send,button on their next big hot take its,all a part of the new Netflix culture U,is simply proud of it just like with,Bandersnatch or bird box Netflix relies,on controversy by stirring up just a,little bit of drama Netflix knows youll,spread the word getting even more people,to watch I tweeted all this being said,Badgley may not see a romantic truth and,pure intention in some of Joes actions,but this hasnt stopped some fans from,taking the creepy bookworm side what,results is the most divided fanbase,since Edward versus Jacob,some argue that Joe is irredeemable and,devoid of actual humanity some see the,acts as a budding relationship to start,and recognize that Joe sees his choices,as a sacrifice just as an audience would,see in any romance novel only everything,is taken to an extreme end for others,Joes character is a balance between the,two all his actions and his traits plays,toward a logical breakdown of Joes back,story basically Joe is romantic and,caring but his understanding of love is,twisted by his past Joe doesnt really,understand and comprehend love as others,do Joe is a character with a rigid moral,code and values online bloggers,wabi-sabi outlines this moral code in,his own tank on the character heck even,Milly Bobby Brown of stranger things,Fame sees a morality in the characters,actions actually she changed her mind,when she finished but so did most of the,supporters of this view the truth is the,creators want you to be confused and,switch back and forth the writers want,fans to ask what exactly are Joes,values we see Joe grow through his,backstory his foster father is a huge,part of what shapes his belief system,as a boy Joe is locked up every time he,does something wrong now I dont know,about you but that kind of discipline,system would definitely affect the way I,see morality Joes background makes him,inflexible and when he attaches himself,to Bek he pushes those moral,expectations onto her its like Joe as,the father vicariously living his,athletic dream through his talented,sons life only this father is willing,to eliminate the coach when he does not,give his boy playtime Joe wants Bek to,be pure and fulfill her potential the,only way he knows how to get those,values out of her is to violence any,obstacle impeding his moral code needs,to be handled the only problem is Joe,doesnt know the right way to do that,the whole thing amounts to a nice guy,complex Joe sees himself as the only guy,that is right for Bek if she could just,trust him and listen to him he could,help her be the best version of herself,this complex leads Joe to corrupt human,ethics and break the mold of the nice,guy stereotype we know the type the nice,guy is the dude who thinks the girl is,in his debt because he treats her well,however the nice guy doesnt even,realize the girl never asked him to do,anything the nice guy always makes,things worse Joe is this idea pushed to,its extreme however fans see the logic,in all of this Joe is not acting out of,a place unfamiliar to us we know this,character we have seen this hopeless,romantic in countless stories nice guy,falls in love with a girl and does what,he can to win her over the problem is,Joe is a hopeless romantic gone off the,deep end while other characters see bad,ex-boyfriends as an obstacle they need,to foil Joe sees Benji as a dangerous,inhibitor damaging vex life,the result is an extreme reaction Joes,decisions come from this familiar place,but his actions are out of the ordinary,again this all stems back to that messy,childhood Joe is locked away and,secluded for most of his formative years,the most he understands about people is,to observation as a kid,Joe read books and saw how authors used,the characters actions and expression to,communicate emotion Joe sees the world,through this idea so he watches people,and I sex an emotional core through,actions he sucks at un

You Season 1 – Review Hindi Urdu

you review second Isabella map logo,Seleucus Karuma I gotta upload a village,and Ill go a BTech subscribe nichette,or please marriage and of course a ruse,upcycling a bad cat hey Sookie I adore,candor ham social media group reported,in key updates post Carter at hanging,ohonta km cup Kiska saath hain aur hum,conscious school college university or,officer to him American a best friend,hey hammer a phone number address,pictures sub couch internet Cooper,majide or you had a k-map my privacy,kobe open shorter or its an Ocoee bein,John shakes up the personal information,tuck concept I have hamachi internet,Catania Cooper it not depend katenka,hamari online horny or Hamada status k,post only say hamari relatives aldo so,much nahi umbilical teakamp,agora be a janitor think it is a pocket,Noxon purchase act he had to get drama,up killer is roaming in the main role,play Cudahy Penn Badgley younger drama,can the numb head Joe Goldberg Joe Joey,bookstore Capernaum cut the hair,or cook a table a panic a shock him,Elizabeth,gingka drama can the NAM have back or we,can write urban Nijat ahem Joe or Becky,belly him Allah Katya and l.joe concept,pure hoja to high or one computer has a,follow can elect I have Joe Becky label,cooled via heben nachhattar hedges a,woodchuck Tia you drama civic love story,name is Rama candor suspense a or thrill,hell or boss added to stranger aqua,coffee surprise cutting it castle OPR,Kedah Walker cake do sir go to cut it,and how our secrets rectangle sub cool,Islamic and their brother chase a Takaya,have mens Roman history cabaret me or,mozzie botanical room up logo second,Camacho bouquet of Islamic a hurric,twists or turns or surprises Co good,experience current acting about Garuda,pen bustling a payroll cause about the,story case anyway a harrowing Petrine,performance d happy on Kabbalah chess,asada hey Elizabeth net donaga beachy,chemistry coach se develop yeah,Romek and the Herick Turk was strongly,developed a gap is Ramat his story say,upstarts say he engage or jangle lakin,Shuki dose 18 episodes of chorus lola,gangee they can escape bad valley,episodes a chaotic interesting with each,le idea better enacting strong character,good story good direction,squag great showman at ahem masquerade,crewman nine out of ten or upload,wouldnt recommend convocation so would,they can both enjoy carrying game their,goodness appalling a bus route Czarnecki,lake family drama am omeka tank in next,season hammer is say orach a technical,malaga upload were you drama case,Allegany opinion comments box Mitsuru,they marry video person i you to like,Cano channel co subside kind of mud,boolean / miltank is you already do,candor Supriya

YOU: Season 1: Ending Explained + Season 2 Everything We Know About THAT Twist | Spoiler Review

they can tell us for crazy and we can,say well you havent seen anything yet,because there are things you has just,received a worldwide release on Netflix,and those whove been patiently waiting,for the show are in for a real treat,theres a lot to unpack from its ending,and throughout this video Ill be,breaking down everything that you need,to know about the show and its season,one finale as well as what could happen,in season two there will of course be,heavy spoilers so if you dont want to,know anything about the shows 10th,episode and I highly suggest that you,turn off now but for everyone else,Im definition and welcome to the,channel where I ruin it so you dont,have to season one of you centers around,yo a stalker who will do anything to get,close to a girl named back throughout,the show Joe pretty much does everything,in his power to get close to her even,going so far as the mirror though she is,close to in order to thin out her circle,and make her an easy picking Becca,learns of his plans in the end but it,doesnt do much for her overall and,eventually he kills her two things look,pretty clear for the character with Joe,working a fake alibi that Bette created,him in order to pass the blame for her,death but things dont end there and his,surprise twist ending we see Joe looking,upon another female in his bookstore,similar to the way that he stood back in,the pilot episode its revealed that,this woman is in fact Candice whom both,Beth and Joe believed was dead she,clearly has a lot to hash out with her,ex and its an amazing cliffhanger to,end the season on this is completely,different to the book in which the work,is based upon which does not feature the,character in a recent interview with TV,Line showrunner Sarah Gamble stated that,in the first season they decided to,bring Candice back to switch up the,dynamics,she said we knew things were going to,start flashing back to Candice as the,author does in the book we started by,talking about how people would presume,that he has killed her and be,increasingly convinced that he had done,so the more they know about Joe,throughout the season so we just wanted,to do something more surprising and,realized that she was such a substantial,and interesting character of course this,leaves a lot of open-ended aspects with,the show such as dr. Nikki who was,framed per Bex,in regards to a second season at gamble,stated that part of the fun of,continuing the story is that the loose,ends from Joes pass are still dangling,and could come back to him at any time,he is very worried about the fact that,peach Salingers family has hired people,to investigate her alleged suicide and,there is evidence potentially sell at,her house from season 1 if you look at,every act of violence that he doesnt,season one that is potentially something,that could come back and bite him and,dr. nikki is in prison and he is,ardently protesting his innocence its,too soon to say definitely whether John,Stamos will return in season two but we,have been talking a lot about the,character and were excited to keep,telling that story well I love about the,show itself is that it perfectly depicts,Joe as a person who is able to,rationalize things from his point of,view the fact that we are treated Hayes,narration means that we are able to see,things from his POV and some could even,say in the beginning that he is likable,to me this highlights the dangers of,social media and perception the fact,that people such as Joe are able to gain,such insights into our lives and even,appear charming almost perfect for us,due to the information that we give so,freely out is very worrying whilst the,execution in the show is sometimes poor,and the ending may have put many off I,actually really appreciated the fact,that they took a risk and didnt give us,the Hollywood ending that many thought,would play out season 1 showcases that,there is good and evil within all of us,and the choices that we make have,everlasting repercussions,Joe could have easily been a good person,due to his intelligence and ability to,be kind however like many serial killers,due to trauma in his past he has decided,to go a darker route its fascinating to,me and I cant wait to see what happens,in season 2 so what were your thoughts,on you were you surprised by the ending,and what would you like to see in season,2 comment below and let me know and if,you enjoyed this video then please like,it and check out my breakdown of the,trailer for us which will be linked at,the end this is a channel for people who,are never missing television so if,thats the kind of thing you like you,need to subscribe to definition thanks,again for taking the time to watch this,youve been the best Ill see you next,time take care peace,[Music]

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