1. younique/twisted mascara/ lash primer/review
  2. Younique Lash Primer in action!
  3. Younique Lash Primer!
  4. Lash Primer & Twisted Mascara
  5. Unboxing and First Impression with #CoCoDeLuXe: #Younique Moodstruck Epic Lash Primer and Mascara
  6. Testing Youniques Palette 7 and Lash Primer *Honest Review*
  7. Younique 4D & Lash Primer Application

younique/twisted mascara/ lash primer/review

hey everybody whats up so i promised,you guys,in my last makeup video that i would,come back,and show you guys some of the products,and how they work,how they look all that fun stuff so here,we are,so im looking at the box and i really,dont know,where to start i think were gonna start,with some lash products,im just trying to decide,if i want to do the 4d,fiber one or the twisted mascara,hmm so,lets figure this out so i think what,were gonna do,is were gonna try this twisted mascara,were gonna try this bad boy out,see how that works so,im sure a lot of you have seen,a lot of the videos or pictures or,anything like that,on this beautiful mascara so heres the,tube,just pulling it out of the box for the,first time,so excuse me my daughter,here baby girl you want a box,there you go so this tuba mascara,opens from this metal part here if you,twist,and open this,is going to be the bigger,um brush,its gonna be the bigger brush of the,two and then if you hold from the silver,part and twist the top part,this part comes off hold the silver part,and twist the top part that is going to,be the smaller brush of the two,so see how little that is,all right so were gonna try this out,were gonna see how this works,and what i think im gonna do is im,gonna put the primer on one eye and,no primer on the other eye and kind of,see what the primer difference is as,well because,i dont know i dont know lets find out,all right so opening up this lash primer,this is a beautiful white tube so its a,white tube,and when you open it up its a white,brush as well and its kind of got that,little curve to it kind of like your,lashes,so the whole thing inside is all white,so lets see how this goes,im sorry i gotta put the camera in,front i mean the mirror in front of me i,cant really see too well on the camera,but i will definitely show you guys,how it looks so its going on white,its definitely weird to me ive never,used a lash primer before,to really,[Music],notice any difference or anything but,all im noticing so far is that,theres white stuff on my lashes thats,about it so far,[Music],my lashes are white that looks freaky,but its there so i am going to,let that side dry were going to do this,side with the twisted mascara,and see how that works and then once im,done with this side im hoping this side,is dry enough that i can just go right,in with the mascara and well see,what the difference is here so im going,to use,the tiny brush on my lower lashes here,[Music],im going to use it on my inner corner,on the top as well,[Music],okay so so far,still wet so im probably putting,mascara all over my lids right there,so far i just did the whole thing um,with that little brush,so that is what it looks like so far i,dont really see,too much of a difference yet but well,see,what happens in a minute,all right so were going to go in with,the bigger brush now,on the twisted mascara,whoa,[Music],on just this side right now,dont close your eyes,so my lashes definitely seem,more separated i dont know if you can,see,granted ive never done a mascara video,before so you may not know that,but my lashes seem more separated,because these brushes,in this twisted mascara,they have all these little i dont know,if you can see,like see the little spiky things and,its like all plastic,and im used to,having more of like the primer,brush does more of like this um,i dont know softer material or a lot,more or whatever the difference is here,but the twisted mascara definitely has,more of like a plastic,application to its little brush so,i feel like its separated my lashes a,lot more,than what it would normally be with um,any other mascara that ive used,so now im going to go in with the,twisted mascara on this side and were,going to see if theres any difference,at all using the primer,as far as looks um and then,yeah well see,followers,hold on buddy oh,all right so now that thats all applied,um this is the eye that had the primer,this is the eye that didnt have any,primer at all so i dont know if you can,tell but this side definitely seems a,little bit thicker like the product like,grabbed a lot better,um so maybe thats what the primer is,for mommy,are you my little girl oh man,um,so yeah so i dont know exactly what,lash primer is for im definitely going,to look into it,but it definitely looks like this side,got more of a grab on the product than,this side,of the mascara so hopefully you guys can,kind of see that but,now i will try to take some pictures,after i review this video,and see if you can really see anything,but thats gonna be it for today so we,just did the last grammar and the,twisted epic mascara from,younique um if youre interested in any,of these,products then let me know i do sell them,um we can get them shipped directly to,you if youre interested in joining my,team,let me know as well you do get that,whole box of,makeup for only 99 plus tax and uh,shipping,so whatever your tax rate is plus,shipping i think is only like six,dollars,um and if you dont know what im,talking about about the beauty box then,go to my other video and watch,that it will show you all the products,that you get for that 99,with unique no obligation required if,you do not want to be a presenter you,can literally just,buy the kit and be whats called a,kidnapper,like i was before i became a presenter,so um,thats gonna do it for today guys and i,will see you in my next video,and we will check out some more of these,products bye

Younique Lash Primer in action!

oh my gosh I have missed you guys so,much,so much convention was oh that Ill,share tomorrow night because as you can,tell like I got invisible toothpicks,keeping my eyes open and oh theres just,so much like it was the most amazing,life-changing mind changing heart,changing ever ever and Im gonna give,you guys a sec – hop on which I never do,cuz I hate when people do that cuz like,you sit there and like pick and flick,waiting for them to like wait for one,person to hop on but so Im gonna show,you guys a couple of the free things,that our corporate gifts us at,Convention hi Kathy you were so missed,so the ticket,well the ticket price varies like right,now like Im gonna grab mine for Denver,tomorrow but we added in its called an,all-inclusive or an all-access guest,pass and sorry Im looking for my for my,cleaner and all the guests received all,the free gifts to the free gifts are,valued at 300 bucks and that is far more,than whats the ticket cost so if any of,you guys would love to do a girls,weekend play with makeup uplift each,other and get a bunch of free stuff let,me know next year its in Denver,Colorado and its going to be as epic as,the lash primer Im about to show you so,excited,oh Im huh wearing one that we dont,sell anymore,um its the Rene hottie where is it its,my favorite one,because I love my lip plumper I love it,when I put it over perky yeah can you,tell I love perky liner put it on top of,the perky yeah the first thing I did,when I walked in after I gave love to,everyone is I shower it off my ten our,plane adventures today it felt so good,my house and kiss on my babies my mr.,lover my little dog but my body is still,on lets see my body is on 10:42 p.m.,time and now that Im back home its 742,so Im gonna totally jump on like that,you know when the time changes we got,spring forward fall back Im gonna take,advantage of falling back three hours,and catch up on lots of sleep tonight,cuz the gym comes at 5:00 a.m. yeah and,you know I dont miss a gym okay oh wait,I cant tell you guys that yet,this last primer is the bomb and just,saying all of you guys that that hopped,on the lash crack train in May it is,time to reorder your wash crack you guys,Im gonna be which give me give me a,night to get some sleep and tomorrow,like Im gonna be posting more info and,stuff but we are gonna blow up the,freakin Internet and were gonna do it,right here in VIP beauties there theres,gonna be lots of Giveaways and you guys,are gonna have the longest lashes of,your life so lash primer launches,September 1st I will be camping and I,she doesnt know this shut Im gonna,have my friend because its the day of,the Bazaar at my happy place silent,valley Im gonna have my friend kind of,watch all my stuff at the bazaar and,hurry scurry back to my trailer and Im,gonna get everything ordered around 6,a.m. on Sunday September 1st and my goal,you guys my goal okay we got,over 200 last crack orders okay for the,May 1st launch my goal for September 1st,because you guys are gonna grab all your,friends in on this and my goal is 300,and theres gonna be some epic giveaways,so I curled my lashes okay oh my gosh oh,you guys ready,hyejeong are you guys ready hi Shawna,theres my beautiful Kathy whos gonna,be a convention with me next year in,Denver first check out this curved one,now the last primer conditions are,lashes it extends the length oh my gosh,when you pair it with lash crack Im,gonna show you lash crack you know the,4d and the epic okay so you just put it,on like mascara Im so used to put it on,last crack wiggle jiggle twirl it was,like super weird putting on putting this,on regular I was trying to like pick up,all them itty bittys okay okay oh its,so excited Im so excited oh my goodness,now 100% and all the facts oh Im Im on,my phone I cant look at the picture Im,I will post all that you know what Im,just gonna say tomorrow cuz I am,seriously like crashing after this,actually I need to eat I have not eaten,and its last night and I had a handful,of chips so Im gonna eat some brown,rice and beef kielbasa that mr. lover is,making me and then Im gonna crash but I,do have all the stats and all the,feedback from everyone that has tested,it and now that its been a free gift,for you know on my yes DS and I and all,of our all-access gasp cuz all the,guests that convention get all that free,goodies too Im going to do a little,more research and Ill post all the info,tomorrow but,oh so Im kind of rambling to let it dry,and then Im gonna show you guys I have,two more two more freebies here that,Ive unpacked and oh so its looted okay,so kind of let it dry a little like you,know a regular primer right we we kind,of want to let it dry okay were gonna,do last crack first now this sites might,wan key like jacked-up eyelash side we,all got one I always have an eyelash,that grows like down and up and crooked,and jacks up all that lash broke um,thank you for a steam lash serum unique,this is like okay favorite brow favorite,lashes you know we all got our favorites,right and I will totally admit favorite,brow favorite lashes oh and I have a,surprise with the assumed loss Europe so,were gonna do the jacked up by first,with the lash primer so remember how,snow can you go you know hold on I got,to go slow oh thats low can you go,remember this one this double-sided one,is packed full of fiber goodness and you,want to kind of self wipe it cuz you,guys know Im frugal and who wants to,waste money okay so I on my wonky side,maybe I should set my mirror I could,like see what Im doing right I like to,do that little one-eyed hack that I,showed you guys or behold holy crap holy,crap this is like getting last crack all,over again,so still do your wiggle jiggle twirl and,you guys want me to do the regular epic,on the on my good lash side too you guys,are gonna like be ho my gosh,see the lighting okay lighting in hotel,room sucks and when theres four four of,us like all getting ready at the same,time we kind of put a selfie light like,our unique brand itself you light on our,phone and just kind of sit in a car,and put our face on oh my good news okay,yep theyre real and Im not talking,about my Tatas either look at oh you,guys I the first time I used it was and,oh my gosh I was all ready last night,for that my aunt are my lip uh-huh,for our Miami nights party her closing,party look at that okay so thats one,coat of lash primer and lash crap,theyre like so long theyre so long oh,my goodness here lets do one more coat,normally Im just a one coat type of,girl but hello Lisa hey Marcy,okay normally Im a one coat type of,girl but Im gonna do two coats and if,you guys want regular epic on this side,let me know actually all I have out is,my waterproof epic okay so wiggle jiggle,twirl use a light hand hello for those,of you guys hopping on Ive missed you,guys so much this seriously was the best,convention ever,and I am so in a network marketing land,era quarry is a huge deal okay he,partnered with you need a year ago and I,got six hours of exclusive air quarry,training and then I got an additional,five hours of Eric warrant for blue okay,yeah I Im tired Im not high I just,barely support mommy juice so its not,that Im just tired but then you know in,our general session,I got an additional okay brain fart for,know by five and a half out something,like that a Varrick worry training in,our general session,Wow I filled this entire notebook you,guys is all the ways to spread love and,to share like this amazing opportunity,with everyone that I can and were,global okay so thats two codes okay see,I normally just do the one cuz I dont,like clumpy lashes Thank You lash comb,boom they look fake dont they theres,my girl Laura Lauras going to,convention Laura and I are roomies next,year boom boom boom,so Laura is Laura signed up about almost,60 days ago Alissa,long time no see baby yeah look lash,primer and lash crack,shes almost had a permanent pay raise,and massive promotion in under 60 days,she joined us Friday night for our team

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Younique Lash Primer!

hello hello thank you for joining me at,five and make over to check out the last,crack revolutions of latest product so I,already curled my lashes with my little,blow dryer trick what the heck is a blow,dryer trick well you gotta hop on my,business page on Facebook and check it,out or just comment like blow-dryer,below and I will direct you there and,tag you so September first we are,launching like the most lash tactical,lash primer ever and if you are a falsie,where my goal is to convert you into a,complete and total naturally base line,where you can get a look of lashes that,like makes falsies lick all short and,little like okay okay you with me and,other good news in other good news are,esteem washer Im gots nice to die stand,up and its not only $24 to go with our,new a lush crack revolution line so I,applied a coat of our new lash primer by,the way I got me a pre-order list,started in my VIP beautys group so if,youre not on that list um its gonna,sell out kind of like this dead so you,can like hop on the bandwagon so were,gonna top this with some lush crack okay,and I absolutely love this little half,right here you know the one eyed hawk,where you do the wiggle jiggle rule,because it honestly makes your lashes so,much longer and lashed asta khalil ashy,look at that damn girl damn Gina and if,you hear noise in the background and my,sons watching his highly annoying,youtube gaming videos so yeah so I am,super curious those of you remember how,slow can you go that use lash primer,alright,I would love for you to share what lash,primer product you use and what you love,most about it like I love feedback and I,love like basically feedback educates me,to educate other people that may not,have a freaking clue okay Im gonna let,that dry right quick yeah this prow is,like buggin yeah really really bloop,bloop okay,last primer the latest and greatest,product in our last crack line the last,crack revolution has begun if you have,not hopped on the last crack revolution,bandwagon like that train be rolling out,and September first it launches and as,we all know no matter how much stock we,have to try and project it um its gonna,sell out probably faster than this,because its a large primer ok ok thank,you for joining me were at 5 min,makeover lets get you guys on that,pre-order list,theres lash bundles or you could save,money and hop in my VIP beauties group,on Facebook because I got like so much,fun stuff happening that youre gonna,love because who doesnt love free wed,be last dragon soon weeping last dragon,talk to you guys later bye,[Music]

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Lash Primer & Twisted Mascara

hi everyone,welcome to rocky foundation my name is,jody stein come on in say hello,drop me a comment tell me where you are,joining me from,and if you are a first-time viewer drop,me a heart,so i can thank you for coming to my page,and watching my videos,you guys this is the last day the,absolute last day to,save 20 on my lash trio bundle,and usually you can um,usually you can get a lash serum or a,primer,um and a mascara no wait im sorry,usually you can get a lash serum a pr,lash primer and,your choice of a mascara and i think you,can save up to fifteen percent but this,is even a better deal because,um you can choose three lash products,so you could choose three different,mascaras if you wanted to we have a,waterproof mascara,a traditional epic mascara which is,great for everyday use,we have our 4d mascara,which looks like fall season its,falsies on your lashes but its mascara,and then we have our waterproof mascara,and we also have our double wand dual,wand,twist mascara this is the one that i,have been using,probably the most since it has been,released i think it,really we launched this last august and,i,am obsessed with this mascara and i am,wearing it today,i have on um my lash primer and i have,on,uh my twist mascara my twisted mascara,so and with this bundle today only this,is the last day to get it,youre gonna receive this free little,gift and mine just came today,it comes in this really really cute,little unique pouch its a little,drawstring pouch,it is a black lash curler and it has,unique embossed on it,so i am going to do i already have this,eye done,im going to do this eye for you so you,guys can see the magic of these products,and im going to be using the lash,primer and the twisted mascara today,okay,so im going to come in here and im,going to curl my lashes,so you want to get as close i dont know,if you guys can see,my lashes there but you want to get as,close,to your lash line as possible,without pinching your skin i have,pinched my skin before,it makes your eyes water um it doesnt,feel good,so just be very careful about um,about doing that but again you just want,to get,super close to your lash line,and then you just want to squeeze down,on it for a few seconds and thats all,there is to it to curling your lashes,but curling your lashes is going to make,them appear longer,and its going to help um just curl your,lashes,okay so now im going to go in with a,coat,of the lash primer,and im also going to throw a little bit,on my lower lashes,um am i even live here,[Music],um,let me see,i think im live okay i think im live,but im not seeing anything so,maybe maybe im not okay so im gonna go,in with a twisted mascara this has two,ones i personally like to go in with the,skinny one first,and then i comb through it with the the,bigger wand,but you just um play with it and see,what works best for you,i know some ladies prefer to go through,it with the bigger one and then the,smaller one,but i like to do the smaller one bigger,one and then ill actually go through,again with the small one,so just play around with it see what,works best,for your lashes um,what works best for me might not work,best for you im just here to give you,guys,little tips and tricks okay so im just,kind of combing through,this little wand is like magic it is,going to grab all of those baby lashes,that you didnt even know you had,and im going to comb through here on,the bottom lash,line,now here is a tip for you you dont want,that lash primer to,set and dry before you put in your,mascara,you you want it to be tacky,so the mascara will just kind of adhere,to it,but what the lash primer is going to do,is going to coat your lashes with,some vitamins and its going to help,condition your lashes your natural,lashes,and its also going to help that mascara,stay into place all day long,okay now im going through with the,bigger wand,and im just kind of blinking in to the,mess,that mascara wand,like so,and this is going to help separate,lengthen,thicken all the things you want in your,lashes,okay and then im gonna go down on my,lower lash line,and then im going to untwist the little,wand and im going to comb through them,one more time,so let me just put this down here,and im going to go at the base,and im just going to blink into that,wand,so this is a perfect time to stock up,on your lash products or it is a great,time,to um,if you are if youve been using your,mascara for longer than three months it,is time to replace it so,its a perfect time to either replace,your lash products or,restock them can also use this as a,great little gift package because like i,said you can choose three different,mascaras,you could choose a lash primer a lash,serum and a mascara,you can keep the lash curler for,yourself if you want to gift it to,somebody if you already have,a lash curler that you use and love you,can gift this to somebody,like i said it comes in this great,little drawstring pouch its such a good,deal,youre saving 20 percent and youre,getting a free,gift with your purchase but its only,available through tonight,this offer will go away at midnight so,just click on,my website and you will see a black,banner across the top that says,um i think it says something like,national lash day,bundle or something like that or if you,want me to order it for you i can,certainly do that,as well just let me know if you need,help picking out your products im here,to help you,and hope you guys have a great tuesday,go get yourself some tacos and i will,see you later bye

Unboxing and First Impression with #CoCoDeLuXe: #Younique Moodstruck Epic Lash Primer and Mascara

hi everybody welcome back to my channel,its me Coco deluxe aka go makeup bestie,and today we are doing a very impromptu,video Im not gonna be putting on a full,face because as you can see Ive already,played in my makeup today its already,there Im just missing my mascara and as,you can see by the title I am going to,be doing a first impression of uniques,epic 4d mascara I dont know but Ill,give you guys the exact name of it when,I unbox it yall know Im terrible with,names,but I just actually got it in the mail,yesterday I like to let my stuff fit for,a day or two spray it down with some,Lysol and let it sit before I actually,open it so I got it yesterday and here,it is heres the box,I actually love their little brand,symbol its really cute so unique Ive,been familiar with them for about ah,maybe four years now,that one of my job that I used to work,at my co-workers sister-in-law soap,unique and I had discovered it through,her and my cold well she wasnt my,coworker one of the supervisors she was,in my direct supervisor but she was a,supervisor I started selling it and I,actually boarded it from her her name is,Dana Helms and Ill be putting the link,to her unique websites down in the,description because if youre interested,after Ive tried it on if youre,interested you can just click on that,link and itll take you directly to her,unique website so you can order,everything this mascara everything and,much more,so once again this is the box and we are,going to open and while Im getting this,out of the box let me just say welcome,back to my subscribers and if youre new,and seeing me for the first time,nice to meet you again I,Coco deluxe let me be your makeup bestie,and please subscribe to my channel and,be sure that you click the bell so that,youll be alerted in the future the very,near future of any new videos that I,will be posting and also go through and,check out my other videos so into you,back to the matter at hand this is the,wrapping I think its just so cute how,they have this cute little extra,fabulous purple paper tissue so the,shipping was pretty quick I ordered this,maybe a week or so ago and like I said I,got it yesterday and its a mascara,and a price so this is these are the,items this is the moodstruck epic,mascara in the moonstruck epic primer,the mascara is $29 and the primer is $24,so with everything with tax and shipping,my order came to about fifty one dollars,and eight cents so there must Karas,its kind of pricey it depends on what,your budget is for your makeup I know I,like to wear the more affordable makeup,brands so this is a little bit in,between affordable and on the verge of a,little bit too expensive but this,company is really having really good,quality products they actually,reformulated a lot of their items so,they really take pride in the formulas,of their products the quality of their,products so I feel like for the,standards of this company its priced,appropriately a lot of their products,are priced appropriately so this again,is the primer comes in a nice little,streamlined white tube,and thats the as you can see the primer,is white which makes sense its trying,to show you the formula there you can,see it at the tip here like they really,packaged the mascara low this here is,the mascara and of course you guys know,I got like extremely black it doesnt,say on the back here but I always get,like extremely black okay this here is,the brush okay its the typical mascara,brush nothing too special about it I,guess all the special effects comes from,the primer which makes sense and they,failed the primer as one that can be,used with all of their other varieties,of mascaras and you can also use it with,any other mascara that you have thats,not unique so I am going to try this,mascara out as you can see I put a big,fat line of black liner on my eye,because for me the litmus test of a good,mascara is if it can give you lashes on,the backdrop of a big thick black line,of eyeliner its good like its a good,mascara so I said Im gonna see if its,gonna pass my own litmus test okay so,Im going to go in here with the primer,lets see how she does yall,like I said it goes on white Im trying,to be very careful not to get it on my,line huh,my eyeliner I dont want it on my bottom,line just because I dont really like my,bottom lashes to be like really really,long,and they say that you can put multiple,coats of this one as well and I can,already see in volumizing my lashes,have to cut trim this here my left arm,that I use it causes my lashes to just,grow a little unruly so calm,now it doesnt I didnt see anything,about it saying let it dry or that you,shouldnt let it dry so Im just going,to go on to my other eye and I guess,Ill just let it get tacky and not dry,it all the way but just let it get tacky,and it really separates some really good,separates the lashes I can like I said I,can really tell that its causing my,lashes to volumize get thick,shoot him Im impressed just by the part,like I said the primer was $24,and the actual mascara that I chose they,have different types of mascaras but I,chose the epic 4d moodstruck mascara I,think thats the mood the mood struck,epic mascara,okay so Im ready for my mascara like,this is definitely dang like I said Im,impressed just with the primer all right,we gonna see what this mascara is gonna,do maybe something else are you guys,alright here we go,so how are we thinking of to doing you,guys,[Music],well nuts Im not disappointed to say,but Im not at all disappointed so but I,did feel like I was going to get more of,a vibe off boom effects on it this is,definitely a first impression,you,hmm I mean theyre theyre theyre,lengthened theyre volumize like I said,I just thought I was gonna get more of a,Vava voom effect from it let me do my,bottom lashes,okay what do I think definitely was,expecting more of a like wham-bam,look but they say that you can put as,many coats on of the primer as you like,so maybe I should have did went for a,second coat of it um Im trying to get,close to you guys can see Im not let,down Im not disappointed I think maybe,if I hadnt have done the liner youd be,able to get more see more of the of it,so maybe on my makeup video that Im,gonna do tomorrow I will do not a black,line,[Music],so Im not totally disappointed like I,said I was expecting a little bit more,of an impact of it because its,definitely a very much talked about,mascara on the internet and I wanted to,kind of get in on that little excitement,so I think from this first impression,its its its good its not Im youre,not because Ive seen videos of girls,like their lashes look like oh my god,like out of this world and Im just not,seeing that with this with my effort Im,just not seeing that on this go-around,like I said Im gonna be doing a makeup,video tomorrow and I will definitely be,using this I wont do a black line but,although I mean what do you guys think,can can you see my lashes did it do a,good job did it give it the volume what,do you think,I wanted a really sexy cat on it today,so I just I had to do a cat eye so maybe,the thick liner is offsetting the impact,of the mascara but my litmus test of a,good mascara is if you can see your,lashes if I can see my lashes even with,a thick line of black liner its a good,mascara so Im gonna definitely be,giving this another try on my next,makeup video but the primer I was,pleased with the Parmer like I was,getting really excited about that so,thats why I want to definitely give,this another try,not only that this these two things cost,fifty one dollars and eight cents so we,are definitely going to make it work I,think this is good I think my lashes are,[Music],theyre noticeable not wham bam thank,you maam noticeable because I mean if,you go back and look at my other makeup,videos youll see my lashes are like,very dramatic with the different types,of prints that Im using but like I said,this mascara Im gonna give another,chance if you do like on my lashes look,I will definitely be

Testing Youniques Palette 7 and Lash Primer *Honest Review*

hi guys welcome back to my channel so,todays video Im quite excited I have,got who of unique Black Friday deals and,were going to unbox them and then test,the products I mean I would keep this a,surprise from you but you guys know what,products are in there because theyre in,the title so in this one some nice box,in this one we have tissue paper,we have moose truck epic lash primer,Ive never tried this before so Im,really excited to see what this does,and then we have an epic mascara now,Ive already got open epic mascara so,Im not gonna open this one today Im,just gonna use one Ive gotta call open,and in box number two we have addiction,palette 7 and moodstruck eye primer now,as you know I use addiction palettes I,use number one which Ill be using in,this video as well and Ive used it i,prime before but that was like years ago,so Im gonna use this eyeliner and well,see how it goes so to show you the,palette now youre on the test and why I,am so excited look at those colors they,are insane theyve all a bit sparkly but,not major sparkly and I have swatched,these and they look insane so Ive got,my good old addiction one palette out,because I like to use elated and I might,use a brine to put in the crease,actually I make it palettes way so Ive,got palette 3 out because I think I,might use this in my crease you will see,I just threw the primer,now go try find it find it and on with,my TV remote well who they didnt give,you a description but we will know what,to do with I private oh its a little,ball like this okay its like a,foundation color Im just gonna put that,on my eye now I know little does Lots so,that would be good for my whole eye a,little bit show you how much weve,squeezed like literally tiny bit I,cannot tell you how much aggravate this,eye primer I dont know why dont use it,more often to be honest with you I love,it,now as you most of you will know I used,to be a uni presenter so I do know the,benefits of using eyeprimer and things,like that I just want to show you the,benefits so Ive cooked I primer yeah it,should cause its gonna littering Im,gonna get this diction power output I,get a fluffy brush and Ive gotta go in,for this green cuz all I really want to,see this green so quite bit on the brush,and Im gonna go next to the eye primer,you love that in a little bit and then,Im gonna get a bit more green on the,brush and then Im gonna go over the eye,primer like Kapow,I mean look at the pigment without a,poem as it is pow okay now got green on,my hands I am going to tell it one shot,my pallet one pallet one seems to,allotment lost my pallet one Im just,gonna crack out my old pallet one Im,going to take a big fluffy brush Im,just gonna pop it in the crease just,sort of like,now gonna take my crease brush and pop,into palette three and new this one,which is too cool to go my crease,properly grab a feel free Bush Im just,gonna blend that out now into palette,seven I really want to do greens but I,think Im going to take some purples so,Im gonna get a quite a fluffy brush and,first of all going with this purple and,then blend and blend and blend and blend,and now it dont look so scary,so again blend it out now thats gone,really subtle I dont want to so so Im,just gonna go in again and just repeat,so Im quite happy with that and its,set from this side goes higher than this,side the lets correct that so the,Purples on Im now gonna go flip the,brush and go into this pink Ill go here,because this pink is beautiful like,beautiful pink lets take the same,fluffy brush and then just blend the,pink and the purple together and then,again I am gonna go in with it again and,then gonna take a cleaner smaller brush,and go in with electrified I go on the,corner,okay so Im just gonna take my fluffy,brush and just blend and blend and blend,until I like it okay,so cuz Ive done quite big top I want to,go on the bottom so it just dont look,scary so Im gonna go get my crease,brush and Im gonna go in with the,purple just lightly go under okay,so then in with the pink on the same,brush and just do this section and go,baby,purple because thats how we laid it up,on the top of our eyes and then in with,the sparkle Im the same brush okay so,it looks quite scary at the moment but,dont you worry I have a plan,I language so eyeliners on next thing to,try it feet moodstruck epic lash 500 we,get a little leaflet with it,mousse drug uh we got directions on this,one,start at the base of your lashes and,sweep upwards from root to tip follow,with your favorite you a unique mascara,okie Dokes I love numerous just quite,chunky and its white and the one is,like this so Im only gonna do one eye,but this mascara well with the primer,okay so Ive put the lash primer on um,as it looks,oh my god can you see that my god let me,find my epic epic now Im gonna go in,and do this I what I might if I tied to,dry so thats my eyelashes I dont know,how all you can see that my eyelashes,with just epic the camera never does,this mascara justice so now Im gonna go,in on the primer side,the difference that does make I dont,know if I can show you properly I dont,know how well you can see like Im,impressed,I mean theyre not hugely different,were not crazy crazy different but I,can imagine if youre one of these,people that spend loads of time doing,your mascara and you really work to,image that primer that I would make a,huge difference it feels different on my,eye lets put it that way this side,definitely feels heavier and fuller and,I think we can see that in the camera,this is definitely heavier and fuller so,let me just check some lipstick on oh no,go clean up my face Im just gonna take,my face brush and just clean up my,cheeks and then if needed which it is,needed just gonna dab here whatever,foundation was left over on the brush,and Im done so its like bugging me to,just go over the palette the eye primer,and the palette I love I am loving these,colors I know my handiwork isnt the,best I know that I can accept that and,Im happy with the improvement Ive made,of the blah blah blah blah blah blah,blah basically I know Im not good I,dont claim to be a makeup artist but I,do enjoy what Ive heard on my face and,I do love looking like this the eye,primer again it didnt make a huge,difference I dont difference I dont,think but then I dont spend long on my,mascara at all,as you saw I literally shes done you,know Im not one of these that need,eyelashes up to my eyebrows so yeah,overall I think I really like them,palette more so if you dont know a,unique crap,and you want me to show you how to find,a unique rep or send you to my unique,rap let me know if you know a rap go to,that rep I mean ocean call them bet,theyre presenters if you know those,presenters go to these presenters and,like I said this is not sponsored Im,not a presenter anymore yes I have a lot,of their makeup yes I used most of their,makeup in this video thats just because,I love it,Im not trying to sell it to you I,really couldnt care if I didnt like,this I would say straight to your face,that oh I think this is a load of,bollocks as a word Ive told my unique,presenter there Im gonna do an honest,review and if I think its a load of poo,Im gonna tell it to load appeal but I,dont think its a load of poo so Im,gonna tell you its not a load of pill I,mean as I said that eyelash primer can I,can give or take I dont think its an,essential for me but I can definitely,feel the difference and I think we can,see the difference,but anyway thank you for watching this,video I am a Rambler,I have rambled I have to clean my bed,because those make it back and I almost,beat Josie by

Younique 4D & Lash Primer Application

so you got the duo primer 40 heres how,it was hey if you really want to BAM it,out this is my technique Im not saying,that this technique is the technique but,this is the technique that works for me,all right,so what I do okay,is Im gonna put on the primer and if,you guys want to curl your lashes you,can I dont feel I need to you would do,that before this step okay so Im gonna,put on some primer and Im gonna let it,dry completely and then Im gonna my,second coat on and thats where youre,really gonna see that primer show up,that white,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],all right and Im not gonna let that dry,completely Im gonna let it get sticky,okay so Im gonna maybe do 10 seconds,here,okay then Im going for my first coat of,the 40 on and the 4d you have to,remember you go at the bottom and you,wiggle and twist,[Music],[Music],oh that thats just one coat guys one,coat,Im gonna let that dry and Im gonna put,a second coat up to 40 now this is me,when I like really BAM up my lashes like,what I want them to look like falsies,this is what I do,and it all depends on what your natural,lashes will comfort eat right because if,you have really really really tiny,little lashes your lashes are not going,to look like what you see in the,pictures theyre not going to look like,my lashes serum helps growth serum,[Music],but this will definitely help them help,alright Im just gonna let that dry a,little bit and put the second coat on,let me clean up my mess right law,[Music],all right second coat here we go,[Music],and I twist wiggle twist wiggle twist,and then I blink in my mascara and then,here when I twist I focus on the end,when youre trying to get a little bit,of that gel fiber look at that huh look,at that look at the difference second,coat amazing so yes to get that,ba-ba-boom there is a technique and,theres there are steps for the 40 on,its own will also give you an amazing,look for an everyday look but I mean if,you have the time and you want to rub up,on your lashes every day this is what,you do to do I always do this side way,worse,I have always had to clean up my mess,[Music],and then I make sure that I get in they,have like little tiny little hair on the,inside they make sure that I go grab,those and thats gonna make your lashes,look even your eyes looking there and,then I do the same on this end all right,and so look at my lashes now guys I,could kill the fly just by bat in my,lashes all right so thats how you do,with the duo thank you so much for,watching happy points

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