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  2. Zenni Eyeglasses Review! *not sponsored* but it should be????
  3. Buying prescription glasses online: What they dont tell you
  4. Zenni Review | Cheap Prescription Glasses
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EyeBuyDirect vs Zenni Glasses Review

hey everyone so its lauren and im back,for another video this video is going to,be a comparison video between,two different online glasses so i got,glasses from i buy direct,and zeni optical and im going to,compare which ones i think,are better in comparison to you know,prescription glasses that you get,at the eye doctors near you um,a little bit of background so i do have,a really high prescription i have to,wear either contacts or glasses,24 7 or else i cant see anything,i can see something if its super close,like right in front of my face,i cant see anything far away um,i have a negative 6.5 in one eye,a negative five in the other one eye has,an astigmatism and the other one,is normal um so it is one of those,things as well that i do have to get,glasses,thinned out because my prescription is,so high so keep that in mind as well,when you look,um when i show you these glasses that,generally i,got these glasses for a super,inexpensive price online in comparison,to prescription glasses however itd,probably be even,cheaper for you if you have a,lower prescription and if you are new to,this channel,welcome i do lifestyle beauty nursing,makeup videos so if you guys are,interested,in any of that hit that subscribe button,down below and give this video a like,and i just want to let you guys know as,well that this video is not,sponsored in any way i did buy all these,glasses with my own,money and i just want to let you know as,far as ordering things online on both of,these websites i find that theyre both,very easy to do what youre going to,need for sure,is your prescription as well as your,pupillary distance,the pupillary distance would be where,your eyes you know the distance between,your eyes,this is something that you can get from,your eye doctor so generally when you,get your prescription from your eye,doctors,your eye doctor has to give you your,prescription when you ask for it,so theyll give you the prescription the,pupillary distance is not on it,they have to put that on it so depending,where you live so i know,where i live in massachusetts they have,to give you that,um its like illegal for them not to,give you it,however they dont just freely give it,out you have to ask for it,so thats what i did i had that,ordering them online was very simple you,just go online to the website you can,browse the different,frames they do have a feature where you,can upload a picture of yourself,and then try on the glasses that way,virtually however i find its not that,accurate,so i dont really recommend that per se,what i do recommend is looking at your,current glasses that you wear,now and on the side of the arm here,it will have the measurements of the,glasses that youre currently wearing,so if you like that current size you,should look and see,what the measurements are and try and,find something similar,because you dont want to run to the,issue that you buy glasses that are too,small,or too big so i would use that as a base,you know to kind of go off of and so,this is my glasses case im going to,show you,all the glasses that are in here and let,you know,which brand i think is better and so i,have ordered from,zenni optical in the past i feel like,theyre like the tried and true brand,that ive gone for,basically just because i was always,usually get,my prescription glasses from the eye,doctor and i spend,three four hundred dollars sometimes for,them um,usually in the 200 range is what i spend,uh after,vision insurance and then i usually go,online and order a,cheap pair of prescription sunglasses,off of zenny for about 50,or so sometimes less it really depends,so im also going to show you my,sunglasses,and im going to start off first with my,prescription glasses,so this one here are ones that i got a,few years ago,they are ray-bans and,just a standard its a dark tortoise,color,which they basically just look black on,the quality is really nice i can see,really well in them i did get a scratch,in one of the lenses,which um really sucks,so thats why i end up going online and,ordering these glasses,as well as prescription glasses from,years past,this is my most recent pair they are,vera wang and ill show you what they,look like on,um they are a bigger,lens theyre like a clear brown,they have gold on the side um,these ones here i do really like i find,that my vision,isnt as good in them as they are in the,ray-bans,and i spent close to 200,i think 280 for these for you know the,frames and the lenses combined,um and then my last pair of prescription,sunglasses that i got a year ago,or prescription glasses are vera bradley,ones,and these i really like the look of them,these i got the at the same place,as the ray-bans i love the detailing up,here i love the detailing on the side,i love the color i think that theyre,just really nice,this is a different prescription though,than all the rest,because my prescription did change so i,honestly dont wear these,that often so i guess ill start off,with i buy direct so they had,a deal where you could do buy one get,one,free with 15 off and in general if,youre gonna buy glasses from,i buy direct definitely do not buy them,unless they have a sale because theyre,almost,always having a sale and they do it for,pretty much every holiday,like i noticed that they had one for,fathers day this last weekend they had,it for like,labor day for literally every holiday,and just randomly,so dont ever get them um unless youre,getting them on sale,so yeah i paid under a hundred dollars,for both,of these pairs from i buy direct which,is,amazing um like i said i did get a,higher,um i think i got like the 1.67,lenses so theyre thinned out and,so i did pay more i did get,anti-reflective and i got,uv protection as well these are the,elena frames and theyre in the clear,beige color,i do like a clear frame sometimes though,it can give you that,safety goggle look but these i find are,nice if youre going to be taking,pictures or something like that because,they are not as noticeable as,traditional black glasses or something,like that,i got these they are the same style,um the elena frames from i buy direct,but these are in ivory,tortoise this is the other pair that i,got,um i do have to say that their actual,lenses,are crystal clear i feel like i can see,really well in them,they do feel more like a plastic,um both the frames and the actual lenses,compared to the ones that i get the eye,doctors,in general like these frames just,arent as nice the other ones are just,heavier um,nicer like materials however,for the price of two 300 bucks for the,other ones its,like not worth it to pay that much youd,be,better to get a cheaper pair um then,spend all that money like its not that,much and ive never had any of these,glasses break on me,and ive had them for several months now,so i do like the look of these,try and show you guys each one on,packaging i buy direct it comes in a,cardboard box,and then it has a little like,pull string bag that its in,then as far as zenny i have one pair of,prescription,glasses and then i have three pairs of,sunglasses,so this is the pair of zeni glasses,this is the frame that was 6.95 so the,cheapest,one there as you can tell they make,noise,like theyre just a cheap plastic which,i do,feel like as far as i buy direct and,zenny,that if you pay a little more for the,frames so say like in the 30,range or um stuff they are,better quality in comparison to the ones,that are like 12,again i did get these thinned out on the,sides,i got the anti-reflective thats why you,can see it,clearly when youre looking at it right,now i love this,color i like how they look and i do want,to say that i,brought these glasses that i got online,to my actual eye doctors and i had them,check the prescription,in their machine and they said that the,prescription,was spot on and that it matches my,glasses that i got with them so it was,an accurate prescription and i havent,had any issues as far as that and then,zenny comes packaged like this in a blue,container,with one

Zenni Eyeglasses Review! *not sponsored* but it should be????

hi guys welcome back to a new video,this is a little stick out video because,Im going to show you guys my glasses I,purchased,and I just wanted to show them off,not me dropping my camera while,setting up,guys I just got done doing my makeup,its gonna be a shorter video um I got,glasses guys Im so excited I got,six pairs,if you know,these are my,glasses,theyre dirty I havent worn them in a,minute because Ive like been wearing,other ones that I just got,from Zenni,zenni.com sponsor me I spent 250 dollars,around 245 on 60 years these are my,original glasses that I have always worn,well for like a year or two now,and,um theyre Michael Kors but my dad, stepped on them like,say a month ago,crazy right so I went to the eye,doctor I got my eyes checked whatever my,prescription didnt change or anything,but,the day after my dad stepped on,them,and he almost broke them I had,to fix them but they were kind of like,weird like theyre not,there,not back to how they were,so it like bugs me,its knowing that theyre not like,straight you know how theyre supposed,to be,yeah theyre really not I wish I could,show you,but okay let me show you guys,can you see how thats lifted,yeah,um,yeah oh,so I tried to fix them as much as,possible but I feel like if theyre so,like thin right here that um,but theyre probably gonna break off and,I just Im always breaking my,glasses,anyways I got six pairs,Ill show you guys Ive already seen,three of them and then I just got three,other ones,today,and I like Express ship them because,Im gonna go back to Mexico so I wanted,them to Gainer on time,and yeah and Im gonna leave in about a,week,so I wanted it to get here like before I,left because the first time that I got,got here in about two weeks when I,ordered these,um other ones,they were about,the same time two weeks before you know,that I calculated the days like I got,them on the 6th June 6 and I got them,June 14th so like I counted them and I,was like okay well if I do this thing oh,my God its so hungry Ill say okay well,if I leave this day like theyre gonna,get here this day and it was like too,close too close,too close and so I was like yeah I,better Express,what is it called,Ive never done this before,express delivery but anyways yeah they,sent me a shitload of these shits,I think they want me to like prom,do I need one for each glasses,I dont think so,I wish these were 100 bills right,but yeah these are and theyre different,sizes too,oh maybe these are for kids,why would they send me kid away,and theyre the same,whatever but yeah these you just like,use it to like whatever but I already,knew my prescription and stuff because,like I said I had already gone through,the to the eye doctor,and um yeah I already knew one,so thats also love it but anyways let,me start,so yeah my Michael course,theyre cute or whatever but theyre, up so,um I had to like I dont know why,cuter,probably on each pair of glasses comes,with these,so,Im about to do a thumbnail,oh yeah theyre coming this thingy uh,eye glasses case and theyre wrapped,around,this in a bag let me show you the one,that I havent opened yet,so these which ones do I think,so I dont know but they go like this,they come in another little bag,this parts clear this parts like soft,like,like its really not its scratched but,okay another size,this is creepy,I dont know why I said so many of these,like oh damn,lets open them,dont tell me I ordered the same ones,from,this,same,trash in here okay, all around,oh my God,probably have to adjust these,but,yes I can see I can see wow yeah Im,definitely gonna have to adjust them,wow theyre so cute lets do the test,they are even,let me put them back in the case,I love glasses I just love switching it,up,[Music],you know,I guess Ill put them back in the case,like this,one,anyways these are the ones that um I,purchased the first time like a month,ago,theyre kind of like the worst ones but,my Michael Kors ones are definitely a,lot bigger and I got these in a large,size or size size large and,um I think its like large is this way,and this way Im not sure,but,um yeah big difference,these make me look,them,I mean theyre kind of cute right its,so hot,whatever theyre cute,or whatever,maybe Ill wear those two look extra,ugly you know,number twos then I guess Ill throw,these little bags away too that they,came in,okay I got these also,the first time,theyre purple,and they just,did this cute hairstyle because Im,gonna go to a birthday party and,um,my last birthday party in town,but yeah I tried to do something cute or,whatever but these so far are my,favorite glasses because I love of the,color I love the big like lens I dont,know I like them Ive been wearing these,for a week now,and this little cute little detail,look at this swirl you know,but yeah,I need to clean these because Ive been,wearing those more,um,and then I have these these,I love these I wore these already and I,like them I had to like,adjust them through here so I have to do,like a lighter and like you know how at,the eye doctor they do that with like a,little machine they already have with,fire oh Ive seen them do it one time so,I was like oh you just need fire or hot,whatever so yeah I adjusted them to my,ears,I love all of them I love them well so,far,but yeah this one is another one of my,favorites,sure do I think theres one that Im so,excited about,I guess but,they literally,oh my goddamn,youll probably spend more money on that,than,anything else,oh my God theyre so pink I did not,think they were gonna be this pink,[Music],these are so freaking cute I love them,love love love super hot girl summer,oh my God I love them I love the,painting,beautiful,freaking love,freaking love love love I hope I dont,bring them,I dont want to break glasses later,foreign,these are,the,damn Im blind they really need to do,that thick as the freaking,frame okay,oh,I love them oh oh my God these are so,cool I love them I think this one these,and the pink ones are my favorite,definitely,yep they are,[Music],I love it theyre so cute I just love,big glasses,but yeah thanks Dad for bringing my,glasses so now I have to have to buy,some new glasses and I said zinny is,really really affordable guys like um,for all these pairs or six pairs I,picked two,45. 245. and you know how much I paid,for these out of pocket I paid 175 and,my insurance paid like 2 something and I,was like oh what,but yeah I really needed them anyways,but oh my God I love them oh Im,definitely gonna wear my pink ones today,and I still take care of these and put,them in a case too,and like wrap them,around,I wonder if that yeah thats adjustable,too so but they fit me perfect,anyways guys I got all these,I cant even put them all in my hands,[Music],please know,let me do a thumbnail,its gonna be backwards huh,anyways yeah I hope you guys enjoyed,this small little video because I love,my glasses,[Music],video bye go watch my Tick Tock now,but yeah dont forget to like hit,subscribe or,how do you say it I havent vlogged in a,long time,peace

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Buying prescription glasses online: What they dont tell you

ordering your prescription eyeglasses on,the internet without human interaction,just sounds like a bad idea but i did it,i learned a lot and im gonna walk you,through the process and tell you what,mistakes to avoid turns out its not as,bad as i assumed it would be and its,worth a try even if you have a,complicated prescription,[Music],hi im bridget carey and i cant see,squat without corrective lenses im,always rocking contacts when i do videos,for cnet but today we get to explore the,glasses wearing side of my live,nerd alert,oh i shouldnt done that im still,wearing contacts i always bought glasses,in person but working from home all this,time with little kids has been bad news,for my bespeckled life i needed a backup,pair and i didnt want to spend a lot of,time or money,prescriptions are very exact i thought,for sure if i order online im going to,get something wrong i dont even like to,buy shoes online how am i supposed to,buy glasses online and know if its,going to look good and not screw up my,vision why not do a little journalistic,experimentation right i am nearsighted,my glasses are used for backups around,the house i like my frames to be fun i,like bright happy colors and so i went,hunting for a spare pair that can,hopefully handle being tossed around a,bit,now my experience will be different from,yours but i hope you could take away,some lessons from my journey if theres,any online glasses retailer that you,want to learn more about theres going,to be links to everything featured in,the description below so i started with,warby parker and i thought it was going,to be a winner since its the only,online glasses site that ive actually,heard of before but i was disappointed,in the selection,warby parker will mail frames to your,house to try on for free but it does,limit the colors and styles that you,could have sent to you and the samples,were even less colorful in person if,that was even possible now i did manage,to find one sample in red but it was too,small for my eyes like the frame just,interrupted my vision you can tell its,just a little bit now i had five frames,sent to my home to try on and i just had,one week to send them back the sample,frames you get have plain glass youre,not getting anything with a prescription,so youre not getting the true weight of,what your final,glasses would be this is more about,judging the look of the frame,im not used to glasses that wing up,that much,but,its a little more fun,all right youre in the maybes,i was searching for the most colorful,ones but to me they all felt pretty,basic and kind of similar not bad,but just not for me i could take selfies,though to think about the frames for,later and i appreciated that i could,easily pack them back up in a provided,box no fuss or anything to fill out the,experience was very different however on,two other websites i tried glasses usa,and i buy direct because they give you,your actual prescription in the lens and,frame together all finished mailed to,your house so the glasses are the final,product and if you dont like it you,have two weeks to return it before you,get charged that felt like a lot of,pressure to get it right when youre not,an expert in the field and these sites,dont always hold your hand to tell you,everything you need to know you can get,your doctor to send you your basic,prescription like what number you are in,each eye but you may not get every piece,of information you need for example,these sites will ask you for something,called a pd number and its on you to,figure it out it means pupillary,distance the measurement in millimeters,between your pupils,not every doctors office will give you,a pd number over the phone its not even,listed on the prescription paper,my doctor told me they didnt have my pd,number in my record even though ive,ordered glasses from them before thanks,guys,you may need to sweet talk your optician,or go in person to get a fresh,measurement if they gave it out easily,maybe they know you would buy glasses,online instead of with the doctor,some websites like glassesusa will tell,customers if you dont know your pd,number just leave it at 62. no,no dont do that dont guess it may not,be a complete disaster to be a little,off in your number if you have something,simple like single vision lenses but,its your eyes dont play around here,other places like i buy direct have a,tutorial on how to measure yourself,theres a ruler you can print out and,you just put it up to your eyes in the,mirror but it was not easy to measure my,own eyes so you may want to recruit,someone at home to help it still may not,be perfect but it can get close i found,my pd number to be 60,not 62. they also ask what kind of lens,you want now i have a heavy prescription,so i knew i should get the more,expensive thinnest lens option but i was,left unsure if i needed extra features,like water resistance thats the sort of,thing i wish i could see the difference,of in a store or ask an expert about,this part feels weird but if youre,deciding between two or three frames and,the store youre shopping from has a,good return policy just order them all,at once that way you can try them on,together to compare at the same time,before the return window deadline closes,in less than a week i got a tealy purple,and a purpley teal pair from glasses usa,i never had glasses this this shape for,my adult life,im glad i ordered two from glassesusa,because,one was just awful and not at all what i,expected from the picture online hello,there,im a hip granny,and a couple days later came a lovely,purple frame from i buy direct very,simple very bold like it came out of a,comic book and it was a little larger on,my face than i expected,and,im gonna have to walk around and,definitely see if theres any blurriness,or fit the quality to me felt great but,i soon realized the cute colorful one,was not fitting right and slipping off,my nose and i was getting one of those,really strong eye strain headaches which,could be normal with new lenses but,it was influencing me to return them the,purple frames from i buy direct won me,over they just felt better with less of,that new glasses eye strain and they,also had this extra bendy spring in the,arm joint thats a plus to me because,that means they can handle a little more,punishment not to mention theyre just,cute there was no issues packing up the,glasses usa frames to return them i made,sure to take photos just in case and use,a lot of bubble wrap because i was,paranoid but i was never charged for the,glasses and i didnt hear a peep,afterward from glasses usa thats a win,overall im pretty happy i made it work,i got a fun color and i didnt spend a,lot for a frame that feels pretty,reliable now all of these websites have,coupon codes and at the time of my,purchase with high-end lenses and,protective coatings it came to be a,little over one hundred dollars,now of course everyone has different,needs and different tastes so to help,get a broader perspective i wanted to,bring in two other cnet video producers,to join me in this experimental journey,of shopping for glasses online for the,first time lets call them up,thanks for joining me martha and chris,[Music],i just wanted a second pair of glasses i,already have my main one and i wanted,something that was maybe a little bit,cuter or more original,so i went for sunny i wear glasses all,day every day but also i have kind of a,tricky prescription i have to wear,progressive lenses for reading and,distance,and i used to have a prism,so i ended up getting them from,glassesusa.com which has a huge,selection of frames but also a very high,end selection of lenses and marta you,were going for something affordable so,did you end up liking what you got was,there anything that you missed out on by,shopping this way probably the main,difference was that i didnt have the,option as you did of ordering several,pairs trying them at home returning what,i didnt like you can return them but,its not like a full refund i had t

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Zenni Review | Cheap Prescription Glasses

thanks for tuning in to another stuff in,this video today were going to be,talking about inexpensive I wear from,xeni in the past when Ive purchased,eyewear Ive always gone to you know,your typical retail locations,LensCrafters Pearl Vision Costco Walmart,and Costco and Walmart weve went to,those places normally because theyre,the cheapest when it comes to exam fees,and also when it comes to picking out,frames and lenses last time I went to,lens crafters I believe I was looking at,some Rabin frames with lenses and I,believe it came out took around $400,maybe a little bit more around 400 ish,one of my co-workers informed me about,zeni,I had never heard about this website but,she always had different eyeglasses with,different outfits that she would have on,so she was always color coordinating you,know different glasses to metro,different outfits and I was like that,was so cool but I was like how do you,have so many glasses like you know at,two or three hundred dollars a piece,like youre spending a lot of money on I,glasses and she told me now like go to,xeni theyre really inexpensive you,should definitely check it out whats,cool about Sonys website is you can,actually upload a photo of yourself you,know just take out on your phone upload,it onto their website you know you can,use a webcam if you have that tube but,you basically upload your photo to their,website and then you can virtually try,on all of the glasses on their website,so I actually havent had an eye exam,its been a couple years since I started,using as any website because once you,have your prescription and once you have,your pupil distance number you really,dont need to go to the to the,optometrist anymore unless you feel like,your eyes are getting bad and you to get,a reexamine,you can get that PD number from your,optometrist and what that number is is,basically gonna be the distance between,your two pupils in your eyes alright so,basically the center of your eyes now,you can go on this any website and,actually print out a pupil distance,ruler you can just print it out on a,regular copy paper from your printer,what you do is you hold the paper up,its like a glass in the restroom and,you just you basically just put the,paper like right over your eyes and then,you just try to see what the number,where your what your pupil distance is,right and the reason why the pupil,distance number is important is because,when you purchase glasses sunglasses are,wider and sunglasses are more narrow and,basically what theyre trying to do is,make your pupil distance so its right,in the middle of your glasses on their,website you can shop by PD number and,thats what I do because if you,sometimes you might get a frame and it,looks good in the virtual Tryon but when,you get it its a little too small so I,had that happen with one of the glasses,that I purchased and since then Ive,made adjustments and all the other,glasses I bought have fit really well,now we recently made another purchase of,four more glasses right here as you can,see we just got four more in the mail,but Im gonna show you the four that I,currently own right now so this pair I,have on right now was one of the first,pairs that I got and this was kind of,like an aviator kind of look theyre,really comfortable glasses very,lightweight and these these glasses I,should say these frames with the lenses,were around $22 super cheap right youre,like how is it that cheap I dont know,either but its really cheap now when,youre checking out when you go to your,checkout process you can upgrade things,like your lenses anti-reflection coating,you know different options that they,have that you can upgrade so you can get,your glasses up to a couple hundred,dollars if you add on all the extra,add-ons but I dont add any of those,things the only thing that I added I,think was the anti scratch coating so,the glasses dont scratches easily but,thats it,as far as seeing these glasses work just,as good as the ray-bans that I had from,LensCrafters,I dont notice any difference so I like,I actually like the way these glasses,look on me and Ive gotten a lot of,compliments on them because theyre kind,of like a vintage style I dont know I,think they compliment my face pretty,well so I ordered another pair and I,thought,were gonna be clear yeah but they ended,up being white I wear these at home,theres like my home glasses I havent,worn them out in public yet if you think,they what do you think you guys think,they look cool should I try to rock them,out in public maybe well see now I got,these really cool aviator style glasses,now with these ones I upgraded them a,little bit and I went for like the,tinted lenses so they kind of have like,a rose tip you can kind of see which is,pretty cool the only thing I dont like,the bottom as I feel like theyre maybe,a little too like small this way I like,them too maybe a little bit higher to,kind of fill out a little bit lower on,my cheeks because I feel like I have a,big head and saw light or big glasses,cuz they look they make my head look,smaller,if I were small glasses I was like I,have a really big head so its all about,disguising you know certain certain,features on you if you got a big head,you know wear big hats wear big glasses,then your head looks small right make,sense and then the fourth pair of,glasses that I got from them were these,ones here and I like these glasses too,now out of all the glasses that I have,these ones here seem to fit the smallest,so on my head I kind of had to stretch,them out a little bit but other than,that I really like these I kind of like,the way these look you know these are,similar to the Ray Ban glasses that I,have but you know they dont have the,price on them,I believe these ones are a little bit,more expensive so these frames I believe,were around $25 for the frames with,lenses and everything I believe it came,out to around 30 something dollars so a,little bit more than the cheaper ones,but they also look a lot nicer too than,just your basic frame you know so pretty,neat okay so when you order your glasses,theyre gonna come in a case just like,this this is the little as any optical,case alright,zhenia is the name of the the name of,the company and their website is any,optical so when you open up the glasses,case its gonna come in a little plastic,just like this alright its got your,number in there Im gonna just take this,out now all of the now the case is,really nice its kind,got this like a faux suede kind of,finish in here or you know which is,really nice you also gonna get a,microfiber cloth with each of the,glasses these are the same pair that I,already have I just bought new ones,because I like them so much I have three,pack I have three pairs of the same,glasses now actually this is my ism,actually my fourth pair Im kind of,rough with my glasses sometimes,depending on what activity Im doing so,now I have different glasses designated,for different activities so if Im doing,like yard work doing like car work any,kind of thing where I might be getting,dirty I have like my those are like my,work glasses and those ones have a few,scratches theyre dinged up a little bit,so Im not really too concerned about it,and now I have these two new ones these,are gonna be like my you know going out,nicer glasses same kind of style but,theyre not gonna be all dirty and all,scratched and you know Im gonna really,keep these ones really clean versus the,other ones that are kind of just my,throw around glasses you know when,youre paying 20 bucks for glasses you,can afford to have a lot of them versus,investing three or four hundred dollars,in one pair thats so crazy but I used,to do it all the time and now that Ive,gone this way I cant believe that I,ever spent that much money on glasses,before and lets see the other one I got,like I said is the same theres the same,pair of those ones and then we got two,pairs of glasses for Kim she actually,tried out the website and she really,likes the glasses that she got f


[Music],years ago,i was young and i wont still care for,the void,um we dont need the past in our lives,for tomorrow,[Music],never see the end of the night no sorrow,what do we do to love,what do we do to love what do we do to,love,[Music],hey guys welcome or welcome back to my,channel todays video is going to be a,little different its not going to be a,vlog,its actually going to be a zeni optical,try on haul,i have worn glasses since third grade i,actually wore contacts when i was all in,high school and then once i graduated,high school i was told that i was,actually allergic to the contacts,and that i could not wear them anymore i,would get little,bumps under my eyes blah blah blah,anyway,gotta speed this part up because we have,tons of glasses to try on,since i graduated high school i have,used any optical i absolutely love them,ive used other websites and zinni is,the cheapest that i have found,and i have slowly,grown a collection of glasses you could,say,um its pretty ridiculous like,everybody always says how many glasses,do you have why do you have so many,glasses so,because of that reason and also because,anytime im looking at zenny and i want,to see what these glasses look like on,somebody i can never,find somebody wearing these glasses,and it just makes me mad because i want,to see them in real life on somebody i,dont,just want to see a picture of them on,the website so,because of that im going to make this,video,im going gonna include the style,numbers and the prices that ive paid,some of these might even be,retired so if thats the case then,sorry as im making this video im gonna,include all the style numbers on the,screen that way its easier for me to,fly through the glasses for you to not,have to waste time just looking at me,talking about each pair of glasses,so these are my most recent pair they,have a cheetah print,lining right here these were about after,shipping i paid,39 for them and i thats with the flat,rate shipping,and i do also let me add before you even,continue through any of these,of this process i always purchase the,anti-reflective coating for all of my,lenses and as you can tell because you,can see my door reflection right here,its still not perfect but its 10 times,worse when you dont get the,anti-reflective coating,so i always recommend to get that its,only like five dollars more,the next pair that i ordered were my,first,actual hexagon shaped lenses i never,tried these until they this pair and i,was not,a huge fan of these but maybe thats,just my style i feel like these just,look,really large and bold for my face,so they definitely were not my favorite,i dont think ive worn these but,twice maybe but they are cute i mean,they might be,better shaped for somebody elses face,than mine and maybe thats just my style,that i dont just love these they are a,cream,tortoise print um the price of these,glasses were about,35.95 and then i paid 4.95,for the anti-reflective coating so the,total of these glasses were forty,dollars and ninety cents,third pair third pair were,these,these are the square sage,style i paid 25.95 for these,and like i said i always include the 495,anti-reflective coating,so this style came out to be 30.90,and they have this style in different,colors so if you like the shape of these,but you might not like this,brown with the stripe down here because,these are a brown color i know you cant,tell much,in the camera but i dont want to get,all up in your grill,next up these are some of my favorite,pairs of glasses i have these,in three three different colors these i,get a lot of compliments on,not many people see white glasses and i,really like them,i like the style of these and the best,part of these are,they were fifteen dollars and ninety,five cents,and then i paid four dollars and ninety,five cents for the anti-reflective,coating,making the total for these glasses,twenty dollars and ninety cents,and i will also try on the black pair,because these were the same price but,just the different color in case you,wanted black instead of white,these are the black ones these glasses,look just like the white and the black,but these,have a different style number because,they actually have a blue,tint in the tortoise color these are,let me try get where you can see it,these have a blue tint,mixed into the tortoise these were a,little bit more they were 25.95,before the anti-reflective coating which,is the 4.95 added extra,making these to come out as 30.90,next up these are a brow line category,glasses,these are the circular version of the,square ones i had on earlier i had a big,kick of,buying a lot of circle glasses and then,i went back to the square glasses which,are what i used to buy,so throughout this whole video youre,gonna see some squares some circles,some brow lines some full rim i have it,all,so these are regular 19,and then i paid 4.95 for the,anti-reflective coating making these,come out to be,23.95 these i,i think this was the point that i,realized i did not like the circular,glasses on myself as much as,i thought i would but i know that this,style is in style right now ive seen a,lot of people getting this,these kind of glasses but the good thing,about on zeni,are these were 27 and 95 cents,originally and then the 495,anti-reflective coating made them come,out to be,thirty two dollars and ninety cents,the good thing about zenni is they dont,only have regular glasses they have,sunglasses these i ordered this summer,they actually have a green,blue lens that you cant really see in,here i guess because its dark i dont,know,the sunglasses do cost more but i made,their prescription sunglasses so what do,you expect,youre not going to pay as much for,these as you would somewhere else,for example these sunglasses were,regular 29.95,i bought the standard lens tint dark,gray with,width mirror for 4.95 extra and i bought,the,moss green mirror finish oil and,fingerprint resistant,and that was an extra 19.95 so the total,for my sunglasses,were 54.85 which to me is still not,terrible for sunglasses at all,next up are my pink kind of marbly,looking,glasses i ordered this pair because i,saw another youtuber that tried them on,and im not a huge fan of these on,myself,um the rims look really big to me and my,like really thick in my opinion on,myself but,these might look better on somebody else,i also feel like they make me look,washed out but thats probably just to,do with my,skin tone and my hair color these are a,faint faint pink,marbly kind of stone looking color and,the sides of them are gold,these are in the round glasses category,they are,25.95 i paid,4.95 for the anti-reflective coating,making them 30 dollars and 90 cents,these have like a clearish purple brow,line frame,and then if this part is a dark black,wire rim they are called brow line,glasses,lilac i paid 19 for the frames,and 4.95 for the anti-reflective coating,making these,to come out to be 23.95,okay these i should have threw in there,with the white and the black ones even,though that was not,in the right order these are the same,frames as my black and white brow line,square frames so these are the 15 95,plus the four,95 blah blah blah that i saw about,earlier these,i have all three pair and they actually,have these in a tortoise color and also,a orange color but when you look at it,online it kind of looks peachy i have,not ordered that yet because i feel like,itll look washed out with my skin but,for 15,i might order it anyway because these so,far have been my favorite style,with the wire and this i feel like the,square fits my face a little better than,the round,so ill probably end up ordering those,two these are a pair of my more colorful,glasses,these are my purple they are full rim,these are,a lot lighter they are not as snug on my,face so theyre not my favorite i feel,like im pulling them up a lot during,the day because theyre not heavy at all,but some people like that lighter feel i,like mine just a little heavier on my,face to know that they are th

Zenni Optical Unboxing & Try On Haul 2020 | Collection of All My Zenni Glasses

has anybody seen my glasses,[Music],oh here they are,[Music],that was really dumb and over dramatic i,am not an actress i took one year of,drama in high school and well i got an a,but i know it wasnt good,everybody gets an a in drama but hi,welcome back to my channel,la living today i got an unboxing of my,zenny glasses that i just ordered denny,is a website where you can order,really cheap sunglasses prescription,lenses,some people might be skeptical because,they are pretty cheap go as low as like,ten dollars and its a really affordable,price,if you go to the optometrist youre,spending anywhere from a hundred to two,hundred dollars,today i wanted to highlight and share my,collection of,my zenny glasses that i currently have i,have uh one pair of sunglasses,and four pairs of prescription lenses,not including my two new pairs that im,going to show you guys ive been using,zenny since around 2014,i love their glasses and if youre like,me and get tired of your lenses pretty,quickly,then this is a really good option for,you most of my glasses,are under 30 and they have different,patterns you can even buy a pair of,glasses for every single,day of the week because theyre that,cheap shipping is pretty quick too but,it might be pretty quick because i live,in california and theyre located in,california so im,i cant really speak for states like new,york or florida who are on the other,side of the country,before we get started into the video if,youre new here please hit that,subscribe button and give this video a,huge thumbs up if you guys like it and,want to see other videos like this,so lets get into unboxing this,package ive been waiting actually for,two weeks now,which is kind of a lot of self-control,for me because,as soon as i get a package i want to rip,it open but i wanted to film a video and,show you guys the glasses that i got,um like i said i really enjoy zany okay,lets get into,unboxing is that unboxing if its not in,a box lets get into unpackaging,i dont know lets open the package,so this is a packaging that it came in,it has a little lens back here and like,i said its zeni,lets open this this is uh two glasses,in this package okay,lets open this,oh this is actually a new packaging wow,these are really nice the containers,its textured and it says zenny on it,[Music],heres another case its just the same,okay so lets open this,first pair of glasses i honestly i cant,even remember the pairs of glasses that,i ordered so look at this,trendy not spendy trendy not spendy,all righty uh i think they made a,mistake,so they had a rubber band around this,and look it its just,a ziploc bag okay thats weird it never,comes with this pamphlet what is this,talk to us caring for your new zennies,never came with a care,pamphlet like this so thats cool didnt,really know you had to care for that,much,already so they wrap them in their,glasses cleaner,this so every pair of glasses comes with,a glasses cleaner,oh my god these are so pretty i remember,now these are the pairs i got,its like green with some bronze in it,really nice okay well try them on after,beautiful oh my god oh i didnt even,notice look at the little details on the,corners,so pretty okay and then i got also got,the,blue light filter oh okay this is what i,got this for free because i ordered over,a certain amount,so this is block lens protect your eyes,so this is the brand they use,to block out the blue light from your tv,your computers from your phones,because the blue lights really bad for,your vision this is the laser that they,provided,so lets see it says try it yourself use,the enclosed blue light laser pointer to,see how blocks blocks,blocks blocks blue light place your,blocks glasses on a table against a,solid like color press the button on the,laser point,to emit a beam of blue light and point,it at the blocks lens,so well try that afterwards after this,unpackaging okay so heres the second,pair of glasses,[Music],okay this is like my favorite color that,i like to get for my glasses,out of any pairs of glasses i just love,the brown and the black this is a,different,style though i ive had had this brown,before but in a different model,i went to go reorder those glasses and,they didnt have them anymore,so thats why i tried these ones so,these are two new pairs of glasses that,i got theyre,really pretty and im so excited to wear,them,i will include the links in the,description box below so,what i spent on both glasses with the,anti-reflective coating,and the blue light blockers the blue,light blocks technology is 16.95 and the,anti-reflective like these ones i didnt,buy it i paid 4.95 for that so thats,not bad,for this first one i spent 15.95 for,this one so this one has the blue light,filter blocker on them so i spent a,total of 32.90 for the lens,and for the blue light blockers then for,the second pair,so i spent 17.95 on that and i paid 4.95,for the anti-reflective so total of,22.90,so my total order cost with shipping,shipping was 4.95,and that is for their their standard,shipping not expedient you can pay,more for expedient shipping and the,total price came out to 55,and 80 cents for both glasses if i,didnt buy the anti-reflective or the,blue blockers then they would have came,out cheaper but i just wanted to splurge,a little bit and i plus i had a gift,card,because a pair of glasses that i had,ordered previously i didnt like how,they looked on my face,and i was kind of getting a little bit,anxiety and i think its because i got,opted for a smaller lens,so what i was saying is that i was,getting anxiety because the glasses were,a lot smaller the frames,and i wasnt getting anxiety because i,looked weird in the glasses,if there was any confusion i usually go,for the really big glasses but,i wanted to try it because there are the,same glasses that johnny depp,uses ill insert a picture of him right,here wearing them,even my dog looked better in them than,me and i did not look good in them like,him they were just too small,my eyes werent adjusting to it so they,gave me um a gift card they didnt,return the cost of shipping but thats,okay i understand,most companies dont return the money,for shipping alrighty so now that we,unbox the glasses,lets get into trying on these glasses,and see how they look and if i look dumb,in them well,you guys will get to see that okay so,lets get into this try on,lets try on the first pair of glasses,so lets take these,off okay the first one im gonna try on,is the,bronze green and brown looking one okay,lets see,oh my god these look weird on my face,this looks kind of weird why is this at,an angle,i dont know what do you guys think,maybe its just because its new i feel,like whenever,i try on new glasses i dont like them,im not used to seeing my face in them,theyre cute i just,like the shape around the glasses is a,good size i just,im a little confused on this arch right,here and i feel like thats whats,throwing me off it kind of looks like i,have no eyebrows anymore oh there we go,yeah my worm lower theyre much nicer,what do you guys think okay next pair of,glasses,theyre really sturdy also while these,feel really tight or nice,heres the second pair of glasses im,gonna try on okay these are more plastic,the other one frame,is more of a metal frame so lets see,they all look like they have this weird,um bridge but these are cute these are a,lot,the frame is a lot smaller i was telling,you guys that i buy big,lenses right and then over here im with,a really round one,oh they make my eyes look weird okay so,i really drew brad like my eye droops,like that look at that,right so i feel like found your glasses,and im like my eyes look,even more droopy okay so one time me and,my friend were at red robin,and i was telling her i dont even know,how we started talking about my droopy,eyes and then shes like i never noticed,your droopy eyes and i was like yeah i,have droopy eyes and then i,showed her and she just couldnt start,laughing,i i just was like wow i just told you,something tha


mega fam what is up its Chrismukkah,back here with another video today were,gonna be looking to see if xeni optical,delivers on the quality of their lenses,and frames,I gotta get better at pub G guys so,without further ado lets get into the,video alright guys so Im just making,this little unpackaging if you will I,recently ordered some new glasses,Ive had these frames and lenses for I,think around three maybe four years I,dont know Ive been really terrible but,good my eyes checked but theres new,years coming around I wanted to get my,new lenses in some new frames a new,prescription and I news any optical was,a nice and affordable way to get there,and I think originally I paid for these,frames and lenses I think it came out to,like around a hundred and sixty dollars,I mean its a lot and then it took,forever to get here,these throughs any optical I ordered,them I paid forty six seventy five,altogether which wasnt bad I had a few,upgrades on it because theres some,things that I want to add on the lenses,and frames so other than that these are,gonna be much more affordable and lets,go ahead and seal the down the page,alright so Im gonna go ahead and cut,this guy open okay we are greeted with a,nice little blue case says any optical,on the front and then theres any on the,side right there pretty cool pretty cool,lets go ahead and open them up and see,what we got so out of the bag that come,wrapped up and a little mesh so I picked,up these black frames with a little bit,of like a red tint inside of them I,dont know if you can see that in the,video but thats what it looks like,inside looks kind of look like a red,tint on the inside there lets go ahead,and pull them out very nice oh wow they,look really clean really clean lets,check them out there we go theres the,lenses right there check them out oh I,can see my face now this frame here was,originally 695 I did get some upbraids,on it I had to get a thicker lens so,those drilled the price up a little bit,for like 1995 I believe and then I got,some extra coating and then I also got,these little guys which I think are,pretty cool,hopefully they worked very well lets,check it out here I got these little,amber clip-on sunglasses for the lenses,out,well theyre gonna do but well well,see here in a second Ive always wanted,sunglasses Ive had these for years and,so I havent been able to wear,sunglasses the best thing but Ill do is,I put a pair of sunglasses over the,glasses that I have looks kind of dumb,but whatever it I got through it and so,lets go ahead and see how they look Im,gonna go ahead and clean them off nice,and clean they feel really durable,really sturdy and lets go ahead and put,them on see what they look like oh my,god I can see its crystal clear in this,room oh my gosh oh wow I havent been,able to see it like this for a while not,saying that these arent bad but you can,definitely tell them the prescription,starts to get a little worse and,definitely sitting in front of these,screens playing video games all day and,all that kind of stuff and definitely,put some wear and tear on your eyes and,Wow,holy cow and so one thing that I did,want I wanted kind of like a taller,frame and so side by side,yeah Id say Id say theyre pretty a,little taller you know just a little bit,which I like Wow,I gotta say theyre really good the real,snug on around the ears and all that yep,theyre not going anywhere,and I love these things super clear the,prescription looks great man Ill be,turning up some pub G later on yes were,gonna get those kills lets go ahead and,put on these little clip-on sunglasses,these are just clip ons I guess but,lets see if we can get them on there,because it seems like theyre oh you got,to really like pry them open and then,kind of like let them on there so lets,see if we can do that break the lenses,okay so they just kind of like slip on,over and like daredevil right now the,little clip-on sunglasses arent bad but,you can definitely see where the clip,hangs in and its like in the corner top,corners of your eyes so I dont think,Im gonna be using these it might be,back to put in some sunglasses over,these guys I dont know unless I can,find another one that works well with,these I dont know I thought they were,magnetic clip-ons I guess theyre not,and look Ive already bent this one,right here because it was so thick to go,on there so I dont know if these gonna,be sturdy enough and then,of course its got like these little,like screws on there I dont want to see,screws on the front looks kind of silly,now these were only 595 you know I dont,feel like its the greatest quality on,these but the glasses though thats the,most important part,can I see yes a hundred percent better a,thousand percent better they feel great,I like the little red tint inside of,them if you can see that I love that and,guys I got to say these are these are,fantastic I definitely want to order,some more pairs because this was the,only pair that I had and if it broke Im,done I got no way to drive weve got no,way to see this way these lenses are,affordable and I can get multiple pairs,if something were to go wrong I got it,back up its good to go also in the,package you get a little as any optical,cleaning cloth which is pretty cool,feels nice durable and in here it says,thanks for choosing this any,congratulations you just upped your,frame game pretty much no more scratches,on the lenses I had a lot of scratches,from over the years and the bugging me I,was always seen Im always trying to,like look to the side of my eye and,stuff like that,to avoid it but man crystal-clear vision,I would recommend getting multiple pairs,thats what Im gonna do that way I can,game better and look better yeah,so guys gamers anybody out there wearing,the glasses I know you are definitely,check them out is any optical comm I,recommend them Im definitely gonna be,ordering another pair of these,definitely for a third of the price that,I paid for these guys oh yeah definitely,gonna do that guys hope you enjoyed it,and I will see you on the next one,[Music],[Music]

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