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INSTAGRAM++ DOWNLOAD | Install NEW AppValley Alternative (2022)

hey what is going on guys welcome back,to Fathers Day in todays video Im,going to show you guys how to install,and download the Instagram plus plus and,Im going to give you guys a brand new,app Valley alternative which has all of,your favorite tweaked apps so if youre,having this issue where your app says,that youre not verified where it,doesnt open the Instagram plus plus or,any other tweaked apps if it says not,verify just like this one it means that,it is revoked the certification is,revoked so you need to get a brand new,certification so Im going to show you,guys how to get the latest Instagram,plus plus without getting revoked this,is going to be a super fun and,interesting video because Im gonna also,walk you guys through all of the bunch,of new features of Instagram plus plus,and also give you guys some other,options that you can download if,Instagram plus plus does not work on you,so with that being said sit back relax,and enjoy this video alright guys first,and foremost this video is sponsored by,flexstore Flash store is the app that,were going to be using today right here,as you guys can see this app has all of,your favorite tweaked apps as you guys,can see we have the Instagram plus plus,you have the Instagram Rhino Instagram,rocket a bunch of other Instagram,tweaked apps as well and just to prove,to you guys that this works I can hit,install and it will start installing,just like this and this app flexstore is,full of other third-party apps just like,this one as well all of them are tweaks,so Im going to show you guys step by,step how you can install this how you,can get your UD ID this app requires,something called udid number Im going,to show you guys exactly how you can get,that number and verify your Activation,so that you can enjoy all of the tweak,apps including the Instagram plus plus,so let me just quickly delete this so,that I can walk you guys through from,the beginning so right here as you guys,can see I dont have the flex door,anymore so the first step of installing,flexstore is youre gonna go ahead and,open up flexstor on your browser,flexstore.com Im gonna also leave the,link in the description below as well,youre gonna go ahead and install it and,as you guys can see it says open this,page in Safari click the share button,which is this button if youre on iOS 15,this is going to be this button but you,can find the share button like this icon,on your iOS 14. and once youve done,that youre going to click on add to,home screen and click on add one more,time and simple as that as you guys can,see flexstore has been added on my home,screen thats the first step and next,step is if you open this up as you guys,can see the first thing its going to,ask for when you go to your device its,going to ask for a UD ID number before,you put in your YouTube ID number you,wont be able to install any apps you,can install Instagram plus plus if you,dont have your UD ID number right here,as you guys can see so what is the udid,number it says it clearly right here,udid is an abbreviation for Unique,device identifier every Apple mobile,device has this so why do you need udid,you need to provide us with you the ID,of your device so that we can sign apps,for this device basically since they,have brand new certification every time,your tweaked apps such as Instagram plus,plus gets revoked they will be able to,resign that using your udid your unique,identifier number this is very very,crucial so how you can get that you can,click on find out you will hit allow and,it says close and then youre going to,go ahead and open up settings go to,General scroll all the way down where it,says VPN and device management and here,it says download the profile udid for,flexstor.com click on this install and,then enter your passcode right here and,once you enter your passcode you will be,able to hit install install it one more,time and boom just like that it will,bring you to your browser and then from,here it will give you your udid you can,go ahead and select all copy and just,like this you can also save this UD ID,number on your notes or somewhere secure,but all you need to do in order to,verify youre going to go ahead click on,paste and add and boom just like this as,you guys can see I have already have the,payment and the activate I show you how,you do the activation but if you if it,says youre not paid which means you,have to get the subscription it is 20.99,per year in order to get full access to,all of these apps right here as you guys,can see and every time your apps get,revoked they will be able to resign the,new certification and you will be up to,date which means you will be able to,install all of these tweaked apps on a,consistent basis even if it gets revoked,they will be able to fix it for you you,can also conveniently reach out to their,technical support if anything happens,but once youre verified and processed,the payment you will be all set to go,the next step is gonna be you can go,ahead and click on Instagram plus plus,right here and if you dont have it here,in the options you can also obviously,search for it Instagram plus plus go,ahead and install it boom just like this,hit install and give a couple seconds,and it should be all installed on my,device right here as you guys can see,but theres a tricky part guys make sure,you dont skip this part this is very,very crucial step right here as soon as,you it says it is done it wont show up,on your home screen you have to do an,extra step which Im going to show you,guys right now lets wait until this,gets finished,boom as you guys can see the icon,disappeared you dont have the icon you,can even press even if I look up,Instagram plus plus it doesnt show up,only the original Instagram is showing,up so what do you need to do very simple,guys youre going to go ahead and go,open up your settings and then youre,going to go ahead General and then hit,shutdown and then move this scroll this,up and then you will be all set it is,shut down give a few seconds and then,obviously you can turn this back on,right here as you guys can see hold on,to your power button and it will be,turned on give it a couple seconds until,it fully loads up right here as you guys,can see go ahead and swipe up and then,it will ask for your passcode and boom,just like this if I scroll or if I swipe,to the to the left as you guys can see I,have the Instagram plus plus ready to be,opened as you guys can see I can click,on this and you dont have to click on,trust or any of those untrusted,developer issues as you guys can see you,can easily go ahead and log in with your,information boom just like this I just,logged into my account as you guys can,see this is how the Instagram plus plus,looks like you can go ahead and click on,this three menu icon go to settings and,then you can go all the way to the,bottom where it says IG plus plus,settings and boom this is where all the,hidden gems are this is all of the brand,new Instagram plus plus settings all of,your favorite settings your spoof,settings all of the media settings the,DM settings opening stories without them,knowing stuff like that guys you can,smooth your settings you can increase,your number of followers your number of,following media the verified profile as,you guys can see if I do verified badge,I will get this verified badge obviously,these are all spoofing which means its,not real it wont be able to show to,other people its just for you to have,this on your own device as a tweaked,version of Instagram plus plus you can,also go to your igplus plus settings and,play around with all the settings such,as dming you can automatically save all,the pictures that gets to you or you can,read messages without that scene Mark if,thats what you want you guys can go,through all of the these features all of,these settings and play around with this,as you guys can see you have a bunch of,different features you can also have,this your feed in this different grid,instead of just scrolling all the wa

How to Install CarBridge (Watch Youtube/Netflix in Car) No Jailbreak iOS + Android CarBridge App!

yo whats going on youtube today guys i,want to show you,how to download the car bridge app now,if you guys dont know what that is,carbridge is an application that you can,download on your iphone or android,that lets you bridge your car to your,little stereo device in your car so yes,this will allow you to simply,um watch youtube watch netflix so many,features that you can do,on your phone youll be able to do onto,your um,cast system now you might be saying how,does this work like what do i do,basically what were going to do is,were going to install the carbridge app,now this app isnt available on the,apple store,um there are some websites if you google,it to download it,some of them require jailbreaking but in,todays video im going to show you,um the cartridge app site that i found,that does not require,a jailbreak um because you dont want to,stuff up your phone joe i dont know if,you guys know what jailbreaking is some,of you might,um basically its like unlocking your,phone um so you can install,you know um apps that arent meant to be,on the apple device so were not going,to jailbreak our phone today,were just going to go ahead and,download that car bridge app you might,see it might be backwards dont worry,im going to swap the camera around and,show you guys how to do this on the,phone,um but basically all you got to do is,make sure you have a car stereo system,um and were going to be able to install,the car bridge app to our device so yes,um should only take like four or five,minutes um and once youve got that,you can plug in your device with like a,usb c,port or usb on normal um cable or you,can just bluetooth it,um and you will be able to do all your,all the features,of your phone onto your car so um you,guys can go look this up,but lets get into the tutorial i dont,want to waste any more time im going to,show you guys now how to,basically um get coverage installed,installed so lets go,all righty so yes ive swapped the,camera around i was like you know what,why not lets do it um right here,because,cant be stopped getting out anyway um,this is yeah,this is working in a range rover revoke,as long as youve got a stereo system,this will work,apple carplay stereo it all works guys,um so yes like i said before were going,to go ahead and download,the car bridge app right there and this,will allow this all to happen,so what you first want to do is go to,settings onto your iphone,okay and you want to go to general,okay go to background app refresh,and just make sure this is on this will,allow you to actually install the,carbridge app,to your device so make sure thats on,guys and you should be all good,thats the only thing you need to check,if youre if youre on android um dont,you dont have to worry about anything,just a phone iphone,make sure you check that guys so um next,were gonna go ahead and install the,carbridge app so i want you guys to go,over to google.com,um you can type this in the top if you,want you can just type in carbridge,um app if you want you can type in,carbridge,oh lets spell it correctly so type in,carbridge into google,you can just search that up now might,might show weird stuff thats on your,thing um you should might see garbage,tweak,okay lets just go type it into the top,so lets just type it in im going to,give you the direct link so type in car,bridge,app oh im sorry guys for that,hard to do it while in a car type in,carbridgeapp.com,so this is going to be the site where,you can download the carbridge apps,like you see here youre going to see,the little symbol its going to see the,car bridge app now available for ios and,android devices cartridge,bridge any app from your car to your,in-car bridge any app from your phone to,your in-car device system apple carplay,working netflix youtube amazon prime or,working netflix,yeah yeah you guys get it all main,features you guys can go ahead and read,this this is on the car bridge app so,you can get youtube and stuff like that,working,um so yeah you can go ahead and do that,but yeah go ahead just go to,cartbridgeapp.com so,type that in right there and this is the,non-jailbreak version right here this is,the non-jailbreak version,so go ahead and then press download now,youre gonna see your system so either,select ios or android,so go ahead and press ios if youre on,ios im on iphone obviously,um so were gonna wait for this to,install and this will basically just,install the carbridge app,to your phone so yeah go ahead and wait,for this,um and like i said guys this will work,with any range of cars as long as its,got a stereo system like i said before,so dont worry about that um you should,see cell say it will say,downloading cartridge so wait for this,installing and this is completely normal,guys so dont worry about that,all righty,installing starting installation and,guys remember carbridgeapp.com that is,where you get the app,full coverage go ahead and download that,okay installing so this is almost done,so its basically going to take us to,the car bridge installer so its going,to say car bridge at the top,basically to get cartridge installed,onto our device without jailbreaking,were going to get some things right,here so theyre gonna say like download,and create a free account so go ahead,and do at least two of these,and this will basically install the app,for you so im gonna quickly do that,right now its gonna take us to,um like the apple store google play,store and then that will should do it so,lets go ahead and,get that one right over here so this,ones norton,thats fine um but yeah you guys might,have different ones to me thats,completely all g,lets go there lets get this one,all right down with that,all right so you should now have two of,these new things um,once youve done those two things that,it said like create a free account or do,whatever,you will see the carbridge app installed,so once youve done two youre gonna see,cartridge app installed,once that happens um you can delete,these apps obviously you want to make,sure you do whatever these these ones,said this one said like,go ahead create a free account yada yada,ya you guys go do that im not going to,do that now,anyway once youve got the two apps you,can once youve got carbridge you can go,ahead and delete that,um and then you can start using,cartridge you can plug it in uh,to your device and youll be able to,connect,your um car i mean your phone,to your stereo system or apple carplay,so i hope you guys have enjoyed this,tutorial,that is how you get car bridge in in on,ios 14 ios 15 coming up as well itll be,working,um without jailbreaking so i hope you,guys enjoyed peace out

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INSTAGRAM++ is HERE ! How to Download it on iOS & Android in 2021

oh my gosh guys as you can see I got,Instagram plus plus on both my iPhone,and my Android and in this video Im,gonna be showing you guys to get our,device completely for free so Im gonna,open up my iPhone and show you guys some,of the features so with Instagram plus,plus you will be able to go ahead and,download posts directly in the app you,can see there is this download button,guys that is super crazy you go ahead,and press on it and it will show you uh,like what resolution do you want to,download the image in and you also get,settings like increased followers for,free get verified uh view private,profiles so let me just show you guys,some of these so Im going to go over to,settings and you can see it says IG plus,plus settings and theres a bunch of,options you can go ahead and change in,this menu guys it is super crazy so you,can see story settings DM settings media,saving and spoof settings which is super,neat because with this you can enable,following spoof which tricks Instagram,into basically allowing you to have as,many followers as you want and also get,like verified profile as I said so Im,going to show you guys how this works so,you press verified profile it will make,your profile verified and then for the,follower account you just put in a,number and if you go too high you guys,it might have like a format adding error,but you will get that many followers so,as you can see if I refresh my account I,now have a ton of followers guys and,also you can see the little verified,badge on my account which is super super,crazy guys this will apply to everyone,so its super cool and Im going to show,you guys exactly how to get the center,device in this video so Im just going,to show you guys a few more options so,when you go over the little plus plus,settings you can see DM settings so you,can have like a bunch of messages you,can do uh the feed settings so lets get,right into it so Ill show you the,iPhone guide first so go to settings if,youre using an iPhone guys and you just,want to go ahead and go down to where it,says general background app refresh,setting and make sure this is turned on,and once youve done that you just go to,battery and make sure low power mode is,off youll know its on because your,battery percentage will be yellow so,make sure guys that you have low power,mode turned off or you will not be able,to download it once youve done that,youre all set and Im just going to go,ahead guys and get rid of Instagram plus,plus so I can show you guys the download,from the beginning so let me just go,ahead and delete it here as you can see,Im just going to go ahead and delete it,so let me just do that and you want to,go to this website it is called,appslove.com has a ton of mods or apps,and games super cool sites let me just,type in right here so apps love.com once,youre on the website guys you just want,to go the search bar type Instagram plus,plus it will come right up and then just,go ahead and press install and you want,to wait until the progress bar reaches,the end and you should get a prompt to,install the configuration profile onto,your device now as long as you have a,decent internet connection this download,should not take that long guys so lets,just give it a minute to go ahead and,finish here as you can see all right,its almost done guys and this is super,cool its going to give you so many,options guys that you never could use if,you had the normal Instagram so its,super cool so lets just give it a,minute for this progress bar to reach,the end here as you can see all right,and the progress bar is pretty much at,the end now so we should get a circle,going around and around and then the,prompts install the profile onto our,device lets give it a minute all right,there goes the circle and then we should,get the prompt so lets give it a minute,for thats come up and as you can see,guys the website is trying down profile,so you just want to go ahead and press,allow then press close and then just go,ahead and reopen settings to install the,profile to your device so go to settings,and when you open settings you should,see a message at the top that says,profile downloaded so lets look for,that there it is and you just want to go,ahead and press on this so let me do,that right here and basically you press,profile downloaded you press install,right here and let me just focus it you,press install and then you just need to,go ahead and basically enter your,password so Im not going to show you,guys that Im just going to go ahead and,enter my password right here so let me,just type that in I mean this is super,crazy guys this actually works so,anyways once youve put in your password,press next press install final install,prompt in red and youre good to go,press done and now youve got it on your,device so you can see right there,Instagram plus plus so now Im gonna,show you guys head down this if you have,an Android phone its a bit different,for Android users so as you can see guys,I have Instagram plus plus on my Android,and Im going to go ahead and show you,guys some of the features so let me just,go ahead and open it up right here you,can see Instagram plus plus so in,Android when you want to download posts,you press the three little dots and you,will see an option that says download,you press on that and as you can see I,need to allow access to storage so you,just press allow and then it will save,it onto your device so its super cool,and you also get some other settings so,you can go over here let me just show,you guys in the settings that we have a,bunch of options so you can see right,here start videos directly save,automatically so if you want to get this,on your device guys and youre on,Android go ahead and open up settings,once youre in settings go ahead go to,display make sure auto rotate screen is,off then go to battery make sure any,power saving mode you have is also off,and then just go down to where it says,security and privacy and scroll down to,more find Stone known apps and make sure,the web browser youre using to go this,site is permission to install apps so,for me thats Chrome once youre done,there youre good to go you just want to,go to the same website as an iPhone so,remember thats appslove.com once youre,on the website go to the search bar and,you just want to type in Instagram itll,come right up go ahead press install,wait until the progress bar reaches the,end and you should get a prompt guys to,go and install the Android APK onto your,device lets give it a minute for that,to load its almost done guys as I said,the connection speed on this website if,using an iPhone reverse and Android is,usually not that different so as long as,you have a decent connection guys you,should experience pretty quick downloads,so lets just give it a minute for this,to finish as you can see all right its,almost done yeah is just going to let it,load all right so its pretty much,reached the end now so we should get the,circle going around and around so lets,give it a minute for that to start,happening all right and then we should,get the prompt install the APK onto our,device lets give it a minute for that,to come up and any second now there it,is so you just go ahead and press ok go,down onto your device then press open,then well say do you want to install,zap press install and it will download,guys so its literally that easy super,super crazy I cant believe it actually,works that you can do this but it does,so it is really cool as you can see it,did download guys so Im just going to,show you guys right here app installed,go to your home screen youll have it on,your device so I hope you guys enjoyed,definitely go ahead and share with your,friends get the word out of this crazy,method Im Blown Away it actually works,guys but it does super super cool Im,going to see you guys later and peace,out

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DOGE Miner APP iOS/Android – How To Mine Dogecoin Using Your Phone in 2021 ($5-10 A DAY)

yo whats going on everybody in todays,video im gonna go ahead and show you,guys how you can,start mining doge all right guys now as,you guys can see,i am basically mining about 10 bucks,worth of doge,every single day and its actually,pretty easy so let me go ahead and show,you guys what you need to do,go ahead and grab you guys mobile device,devices first step is head into general,head into background app refresh and,make sure that this is on either wi-fi,or wi-fi and cellular data next step is,guys go ahead and scroll down until,youre in the battery settings,and then go ahead and make sure that low,power mode,is turned off very very important,and the last step is guys go ahead into,the app store settings and make sure,that automatic downloads are,turned on alright guys now lets go,ahead and just,open up the web browser now and lets,head over to,this exact website the website is called,o g rocket dot com all right guys just,like this,ogrocket.com once you guys are on this,website scroll down until you find the,doge miner all right guys now if you,guys are unable to find the doge,miner you guys can also just scroll up,and this and just search for doge all,right guys,um and then itll show up just go ahead,and search for doge,its going to show up just scroll down a,little bit if you guys are still unable,to find it,and go ahead and click where it says,that you can mine up to 10 days,depending on your mobile device just,so go ahead and then press the inject,now button,and so now guys what you need to do is,just sit tight,until the doge miner completely,downloads onto your device,its very important that you do not,minimize this web page you just stay on,to this webpage,until everything has been successfully,completed alright guys very very,important,this will not work if you close your,device or you turn off your device,so the last step now guys is we need to,just go ahead and quickly do,a manual verification so as you guys can,see um,we need to go ahead and just read the,instructions but the instructions say,download two,offers so lets go ahead and click on,the first offer,lets read the instructions and then,lets go ahead and lets go ahead and,download it,then lets while this app downloads,lets go ahead,back to the web browser and lets,download a second app,and then all we need to do guys,now is just wait for one out of the two,apps to complete downloading all right,okay so lets go ahead,and just uh open the first app and so,for for this app we need to quickly sign,up,so go ahead and press the button to sign,up with email or phone,and just quickly do a sign up alright,guys so signing up literally takes a,couple seconds,all you need to do is type in your email,and then thats about it,but once you guys complete the sign up,process on this one you need to go ahead,and then,open the second app now for the second,app,the instructions were that we need to go,ahead and just,keep it open for 30 seconds so thats,exactly what well do right now,lets go ahead and spend a couple,seconds on this website,and um yeah once we complete all these,uh,instructions we will then be able to go,ahead and start,mining our doge all right guys so mining,doge is actually,very very simple and very very easy,and you guys will be able to earn about,ten dollars per day,which is quite a lot of money if you,guys think about it for not doing,anything all right so lets just go,ahead,and complete this uh this offer and then,well have the doge miner on our mobile,devices,so so guys,lets go ahead and minimize it and as,you guys can see we now have the doge,miner on our device and if i open it,as you guys can see my balance currently,is 1680. so there you have it guys,um please make sure to follow all the,instructions to start mining dogecoin,right away

a virus for your iPhone or malware is it,true guys today I want to show you,something I havent made a video on in a,very long time a new freeze crash bug,that is actually a little bit worrying,what it can do to your device on iOS 11,now this was originally reported in the,news and I got interested I took a look,at what they were talking about to,manage to install it and indeed the,thing that they were talking about,installs a ton of applications that are,non removable on your phone and Ill,show you that in just a second but it,also can crash your phone in certain,situations so I went ahead and made a,weaponized version of that something,that you definitely do not want to,install on your phone but if you are a,brave soul and want to I will show you,guys how to just a second here its its,just quite interesting to see what it,can do to your device something that,Apple overlooked in iOS 11 and even,allows a bypass or bleed through into,your photos despite having your phone,locked and iowas love it lots of stuff,to talk about just an in general,interesting video if you guys like,glitches or bugs on iOS 11 this one in,particular is quite fun so lets go,ahead and get into the Ill show you,guys exactly what Im talking about all,right so Id like to start by showing,you have an iPhone 7 here and it is,running the latest iOS 11 point o,firmware so its up to date on Apples,latest and nothing wrong with it now so,what the news article was talking about,was this file here now I downloaded it,but usually you would get it from a,websites you know some people install,profiles to get to apps stuff Apple,doesnt really support on the App Store,so this one is promising me a jailbreak,some do apps sometimes they can vary so,lets say I want to jailbreak my device,and you go ahead and install it not,really knowing what youre getting into,and as soon as you go back to the home,screen youre flooded with all of these,apps and it can in some cases even,freeze your device make it unresponsive,as you can see right here so this is,what the website was talking about Ive,actually had a crash on me several times,to in this States and it gets pretty,annoying you know your device at this,point becomes unresponsive and then in,general just using it becomes really,buggy and unresponsive you know so,thats what they were talking about but,I created a more weaponized version now,in some cases you are not even able to,uninstall it the apps themselves cannot,be uninstalled as you can see as they,have no,and sometimes youll go into the,profiles and it will not even let you,delete its here so thats thats the,first one now this one can be easily,deleted thank goodness the one I created,though oh boy youre not gonna have fun,with that one so let me delete this and,show you that one and theres a very,interesting lockscreen bypass a side,effect as a result of this so definitely,dont go around installing profiles you,dont know anything about because they,can do some funky things to your device,and throughout this ordeal do keep an,eye on my battery right now its at 50%,it drains so fast because the phone,overheats it gets so hot its scary,alright so again fine here now lets say,you come across a profile thats a,little bit more dangerous this one,actually promises me and iOS 11,jailbreak so hey why not Im on Iowas,loving lets go ahead and install that,now it may not work from the first try,Im gonna do it again and this time it,pops up I was Slugger jailbreak hey EAP,team cool and go ahead and install it,so um install install now we go back to,the home screen oh there we go its,already going little nuts as you can see,there it is completely frozen,so this installs a bunch of non,deletable apps freezes your device in,the process and who knows,who knows what else you can do I mean,its really not good for your device so,clicking the home button does nothing,power button does nothing here,oh so eventually it does catch up I,guess and now it doesnt want to go home,for me there so it does wreak havoc on,your device trust me this is not,something you want to play around with,dont even do it for fun because it,cant actually affect your device Im,just showing you guys this for the,curious it man this thing is really,screwing with my device screen is,flickering the lock screen oh there we,go cool so as you can see oh its still,installing more hats buddy so I got,pages and pages of this malware now if,you try and go into the app switcher it,freezes your phone if you try and lock,your phone and unlock it really quickly,it freezes your phone theres literally,like nothing you can do after you,install this especially since the,profile for this one,is not removable so I just want to warn,you guys you know be careful this is,dangerous and there is a lock screen,bypass element to it too so let me get,into that man this is super annoying,does freeze your phone and Ive had a,crash on me many times the older your,device is the more it affects its the,5s it can barely handle it its,stuttering along it just will not work,if you do this like it completely,rebooted it on the first try so Im yeah,dont do this to your device it is,dangerous and it gets these weird,animation glitches as well I dont even,know why it just like overlaps on,everything super super hardcore bug here,not bug malware I guess you can say,sometimes it has like a little clear,thought youre almost unfrozen but nope,still in the dark still going crazy here,man yeah do not install this Im gonna,attempt to unfreeze this and see if we,can get back to some semblance of normal,here so I can show you guys how to do,this for whatever reason if you want to,know and how come on oh my gosh the zoom,activated here what is going on so this,is where you do it Im gonna leave a,link down below in the description you,do have to have access into the phone so,this isnt something you can send,somebody but if you do have access to,the phone and you decide to for whatever,reason install this the profile and it,just froze while installing it oh man,seriously no good this is evil like this,is a brand new iPhone and this brings it,to its knees Im gonna try that again,alright so once you guys have that,installed just like I showed you guys,and thats where you do it from you have,to wait for install install and then you,go back and you notice there it goes it,froze but it just keeps adding adding,adding adding more pages now the one I,just installed Ill show you the profile,cannot be removed so once youve done,this to your friends device if you know,their passcode they cannot to remove it,unless they go back to the link and use,the fixed link or if youre on a,computer you have a Mac you can use a,configurator to,but yeah so thats a dangerous one and,in the settings here you can see there,is no option to remove it so if you do,this to someone that doesnt know what,theyre doing,definitely do help them fix it in that,case otherwise theyll be stuck with all,of this junk on their phone and check,this out guys this will actually allow,you to bypass the passcode and check out,your friends or whoever persons you,install this on photos so notice how I,am still in the locked mode here if I,try and go into all my photos it will,ask me to verify and find try and share,will ask me to verify oh this is the,first time this has ever popped up,actually but it is still in the locked,mode and I just want to show you guys it,shows you all of the photos of the,device in the locked mode its crazy,that this actually bypasses the passcode,using this weird malware glitch and you,can go back to photos from a long long,time ago even look at videos and stuff,so very interesting side effects of this,bug showing you photos and videos of a,device that is completely locked and as,you can see just as videos do you play,now if I close that to try and go back,in it will not let me as you can see it,was a bleep through passcode bypass into,the device very interesting alright guys,so there it is just want you guys to

How To Mine Shiba Inu On Android FAST! (Step By Step Tutorial)

shiba inu also known colloquially as,sheba token is a decentralized,cryptocurrency which was founded in,august of 2020 by an anonymous,individual in todays video were going,to teach you how to mine sheba tokens on,your android phone but before we get,into the video dont forget to leave a,like and subscribe to the channel with,notifications on so you dont miss any,of the new videos we post,how to mine shiba inu on android so,lets delve right into the reason why,youre here today how to mine shiba inu,on your android first youll need to,change a few settings on your phone in,order to use the application necessary,to mine the sheba token so first things,first open up your settings on your,android phone and go to the search bar,up at the top once youre at the search,bar youll need to search for unknown,and click install unknown apps once it,pops up next youll need to scroll down,and find the web browser you will be,using to install the relevant,application needed to mine on your phone,take for example you are using google,chrome then you would scroll down until,you see google chrome and make sure,underneath it it says allowed if not,click on the chrome button and change,the settings to allowed this means you,can install applications straight off,the internet that may otherwise not have,been applicable before when you change,the settings to allow this you may get a,warning screen pop-up this simply,discloses that there can be danger when,downloading apps straight from the web,when this screen pops up simply click,the im aware button and continue now,that all your settings have been taken,care of its time to download the,necessary applications next you need to,open your browser and search for,zenoapps.net this is a website that,allows you to download a bunch of,additional games and applications that,are not on the app store currently once,youre on this website you need to,search trust plus plus and click the,install button it will start,automatically downloading and it should,not take too long if you have a stable,wi-fi connection following this you will,then get a notification asking if you,want to allow this app to download onto,your phone click ok if you have a newer,model of the android then you also may,have a screen pop-up where your phone,will scan the application to check,whether it is safe or not trust plus,plus should come back completely safe,and once that its done then you have it,successfully installed on your phone,once you have opened the app and created,an account youll see the dashboard on,the dashboard theres a button that says,add all you have to do is simply press,add a few times theres typically a,daily limit but this is adding the sheba,tokens to your cryptocurrency collection,completely for free is sheba coin safe,the shiba inu is a risky investment,shiva swap does not offer anything new,to the ethereum decentralized finance or,defy ecosystem thus significant gains,are achievable if it starts successfully,and gains popularity because it runs on,the ethereum network it may have more,applications than dogecoin but it,doesnt imply it will outperform it both,of the non-profits to whom butarian,donated must sell the majority of their,shiba tokens in the market with a low,circulating quantity lowering the price,while the donations helped sheba gain,reputation and respectability they will,still make it difficult for sheba to,surpass its all-time high depositing,cryptocurrency into anonymous projects,like shebaswap carries significant,security risks as the coding may allow,the creators to defraud investors of,their funds in the wild west that is,defy scams that cost consumers millions,of dollars are getting more and more,regular if competent code auditors have,access to the code they can rule out,this option however shiba swap hasnt,been audited yet cryptocurrency,exchanges and transactions are not,regulated in the same way that,traditional financial institutions are,this implies you wont be protected if,something goes wrong miss streeter,previously said investors should treat,trading in cryptocurrencies with extreme,caution and dabble at the edges of their,investment portfolio only with money,they can afford to lose nigel green,chief executive of devry group added,extreme caution should be exercised,before investing in untested,cryptocurrencies the price swings can be,expected to be wild and theres a,legitimate risk that investors could get,burned there are major differences,between the likes of bitcoin which runs,on cutting edge tech and has a limited,supply giving its scarcity value like,gold amongst other valuable attributes,and unknown digital tokens which,seemingly have no inherent value how,much are shiba tokens worth ushiba inu,is currently worth .0006832,according to coin market cap chiba inu,peaked at .00036,on may 10th before plummeting to its,current level when a large number of,investors sell their assets at the same,time the investments value falls,following a series of global currency,crackdowns cryptocurrency markets are,also down overall dogecoin on the other,hand is currently worth 0.1829,usd dogecoins value initially,skyrocketed as a result of celebrity,support and several reddit threads,predicted it would reach one dollar per,coin however it has recently plummeted,as a result of chinas cryptocurrency,crackdown how much money will you make,by investing in shiba inu tokens well to,put it simply if you invest a thousand,dollars today in shiba inu tokens then,you may see some kind of payoff in the,future but there is really no guarantee,these meme coins are very volatile and,can go up and down in the flip of a,switch if you do your research and truly,believe in this coin and we would say go,for it but you must know that this is no,sure way to millions just like investing,is risky these meme coins although very,trendy right now are questionable when,it comes to long-term success for,example the only reason dogecoin blew up,was because it was strongly backed by,elon musk whos a mogul when it comes to,investing and an entrepreneur along with,being mega rich so sadly we cannot say,how much money you will make by,investing a thousand dollars in shiba,tokens today as this depends on plenty,of factors alone like time in the,investment and when you buy as the price,fluctuates dramatically the price,shouldnt be the only thing considered,before investing cryptos like shiba inu,are outliers especially given the,speculative nature of the market,unfortunately many younger people are,simply too easily taken away by the,social media obsession that is,cryptocurrency as a result what begins,as a very cheap stock quickly grows,owing to the fact that it is more than,feasible to make it big as bitcoin,demonstrated in its earlier days growing,from dirt cheap to thousands upon,thousands per bitcoin along with this,shiba inu technically rides on the back,of dogecoin in which it stems from this,is both a good thing and a bad thing,its good because it means the coin was,able to gain great traction and become,very popular the bad thing is that as,easily as it became popular it can,drastically decrease in value for many,of these meme coins they tend to feed,the obsession frenzy of the time and,then fade as time goes on now this isnt,saying this will happen with sheba coins,but it is a big possibility and there,you have it everything you need to know,about how to mine shiba tokens through,your phone now cryptocurrencies are,nothing new but they have recently been,taking over the stock market and the,publics interest no one really knows,how long sheba tokens will last or how,long the hype will be but currently it,isnt a bad investment if youre looking,for a good possibly short-term,investment however there are so many,cryptocurrencies now that sometimes it,can be hard to pick the ones that are,going to take off and the ones that,wont last the distance but were,curious to hear your thoughts have you,invested in cryptocurrencies if you,enjoyed todays vide

Instagram++ Download – How to Download Instagram++ iOS/Android in 2021

oh my gosh guys as you can see i have,instagram plus plus,on my device this is an insane modded,version of the app,where you can go ahead and log in via,device guys so as you can see,it says instagram plus plus login its,super super cool,and in this video im gonna be showing,you guys how to download this on your,device you can see right there,instagram plus plus so if you want to,download this,open up settings if youre using an,iphone and what you have to do is scroll,down until you see,general find the option called,background app refresh and make sure,this is on,it can be on either wi-fi or wi-fi and,mobile data it doesnt matter,just make sure that it is turned on and,once youve done that youre pretty much,good to go so all you have to do is go,ahead and go to this amazing website,that im about to show you,so let me just go ahead and type it in,so the website were going to be using,to download this,is called inject me dot online so,injectme.online this is the only website,where you can download,instagram plus plus for your device,so let me just go to the website and,once youre here you just want to head,over to the search bar,and type in instagram plus plus or click,on it if you see it,so it is right there so at the top so,im going to press start injection,and its going to download straight onto,my device so you can see right here it,says injecting,and guys once this is done you are going,to have to go ahead and do a short,verification,by downloading two apps and completing,the instructions now,these are completely free theyre from,the official app store,and you dont have to buy anything in,them so im just going to download this,one,fitness and workout make sure to read,the unlock instructions guys,so im going to go ahead and press tap,to install,and it is going to take me over to the,app store and im just going to download,the app,so let me just do that right here as you,can see,and while this app is downloading im,going to go back on the list and pick,one more app to download so you want to,make sure guys that you download,at least two of these otherwise this is,not going to work,so im going to go ahead and do this one,state of survival,you can see right here make sure to read,those unlock instructions,and im just going to press tap to,install and its going to take me,over to the app store so let me just do,that right now,and now im just going to go ahead and,go to my home screen,and give it a minute for both of these,apps to finish downloading,it shouldnt take too long theyre,pretty small in size so let me just go,to my home screen,and let me just get out of there and as,you can see the fitness app is almost,done downloading and the state of,survival is also in the process,of downloading so as long as you have a,decent internet connection this,shouldnt take too long,so im just going to let them download,as you can see,okay almost there were chugging along,smoothly now,okay almost done as you can see okay,uh right almost done as you can see,the moment of truth all right so the,fitness app downloaded so im going to,open this app,and all i have to do is some basic,interactions just touching around and,im going to be,good to go so im just going to go ahead,and do this for a little bit more,as you can see so its super easy,ive never faced any problems doing this,type of verification,so im just going to stay on the app for,a little bit more guys,as you can see all right okay and then,once im done im going to go ahead and,move on to the other,app so im just going to stay on it for,a little bit more as you can see,and now im going to go to my home,screen and repeat the process in the,state of survival app,so this is actually a game and im just,going to go ahead and let it run here as,you can see,so this is really really not that,difficult guys,and i mean in my opinion at least its,definitely worth it if you want to,download instagram plus plus and that,login via device feature that it has,thats super cool,so im just gonna let this load here as,you can see,and im just going to stay on it for a,little bit the other apps the,instructions might vary,and they can also vary according to,region but im just going to go to my,home screen now its been enough time,and as you can see instagram plus plus,so i hope you guys enjoyed the video,be sure to go ahead and share with your,friends get the word out see you guys,later,and peace out

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