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???? ZOLA (2021) | Movie Review

Well guys, we now have a movie based on a  Twitter thread. So prepare for the drama.,Hey, everyone! I’m Marianna, this is Impression  Blend, and I am here with another movie review.,A24 is releasing a new film this  week, which is always exciting,  ,you can see it in theatres starting June 30th,  and that movie “Zola”. So, let’s talk about it!,So, “Zola”, as I mentioned, is based on a  Twitter thread which blew up in 2015 – if  ,you havent read it, you can find it  online, it is pretty entertaining.,It’s a story of a waitress and  a pole dancer, Zola, who meets  ,another dancer, Stefani at a restaurant. The  two instantly become friends, and next day  ,Stefani invites Zola on a road trip to Florida  to make some money dancing at strip clubs.,But of course, the trip quickly turns out  to be something Zola did not sign up for.,There is definitely a lot of fun to be  had with this film. There are a lot of  ,things they did right when it comes to  the tone, the humor, and the pacing.,What the movie does really well  is balance comedy and tension,  ,because it is on some level a thriller.,This movie starts off as a fun road trip and  escalates into a lot of drama, and a pretty  ,intense situation that can clearly  turn from bad to worse really quickly.,But all of this has an underlying sarcastic  tone to it which really works here. If you  ,read even a part of the Twitter thread, you  will immediately get that kind of feel from it,  ,and the movie in general has a lot of  personality to it, which is always entertaining.,A big part of why this  works is of course the cast.,I mean, we already know Riley Keough  is great, and she has a lot of fun  ,with this role – she embodies this mess  of a woman that is Stefani perfectly.,But we need to talk about Taylour Paige, who  actually plays Zola. This actress is a star,  ,she absolutely can carry a film, you  can’t take your eyes off her performance.,You might remember her from  “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”,  ,she definitely stood out in that film as well,  but here she really gets the chance to shine,  ,and we are going to be seeing a  lot more of her I am sure of it.,Also in this film Nicholas Braun, who plays  Stefani’s boyfriend – also a big mess,  ,a bigger mess than she is, to be honest,  ,and Colman Domingo whose ability to flip between  charm and menace is actually quite terrifying.,These four actors play so well of each other  – it is the perfect cast to tell this story.,And speaking of telling the story,  something else this film does  ,really well is incorporate that modern  technology, social media style storytelling.,Do not worry, they did not go your  basic “text bubbles on screen” route,  ,but instead, through small details, through  writing and editing they gave it that feel.,So, when youre watching the film  the experience of it echoes reading  ,a social media rant, even though youre  not actually reading anything on screen.,And that absolutely adds to the  entertainment value of this movie,  ,and gives the pacing a certain rhythm.,Theres even a part where the film  briefly switches perspectives,  ,and that affects the storytelling style a little  bit – it was really good to see the filmmakers  ,embracing the nature of adapting what is  essentially drama that unfolded on social media.,The biggest issue “Zola” has is  that the movie just ends too early.,I am not sure why they decided to cut it off  ,at the spot that they did, but it felt very  abrupt, as if the filmmakers werent sure  ,how to wrap things up, so they just  left it at the scene where it ended.,It just makes the film feel unfinished.,The other thing is that the content of the  movie is simply not going to be for everyone.,The topic it revolves around, the  style of the dialogue – it’s not  ,going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and  if you aren’t into it in the beginning,  ,the style and humor are going  to feel repetitive and one note.,Also, its absolutely rated R for a reason, so  just know what youre getting yourself into.,No, really, dont say I didnt warn you.,I usually recommend avoiding  trailers, but in this case  ,watch half of the trailer to get a feel for  this film and to see if this is for you.,Personally, I did not have an issue here  – as I mentioned I appreciated that they  ,truly embraced the story that they were  telling and how they were going to tell it.,But I can also see people watching this movie  ,and saying “this is not my kind  of humor, this is not for me.”,In the end, “Zola” mostly achieves exactly what it  sets out to do – it tells a story full of drama,  ,humor, and suspense, and it does so while  also stylizing it to fit its origins.,But, had this movie stuck the  landing – it would have hands down  ,been one of the standouts of the year.,It still is a film thats  going to find its audience,  ,and a lot of people are going to have a lot  of fun with it – I had a great time with it,  ,but the lack of a strong ending  is definitely noticeable.,Regardless, I would recommend it  because it can be a great time,  ,if the story sounds like  something you would enjoy.,For me, this is a very strong 7 out of 10,  ,and a lot of that has to do with that  entertainment value, and the way they  ,pull off this concept, and give the movie  the personality and the feel that it has.,But what about you? Are you  looking forward to “Zola”?,Will you be seeing it in theaters? Have  you seen it already? What did you think?,Let me know all of your  thoughts in the comments below!,As always, a big thank you to all of my  Patrons for supporting me on Patreon,  ,and an extra special thank you to the Patrons  whose names are on the screen right now.,But of course, I appreciate  every single one of you  ,for watching this video. Thank you guys  for being here, and I hope you enjoyed it!,If you did, please dont forget to give it a  thumbs up, share it, subscribe to my channel  ,if you havent already, follow me on social  media if you would like – all of those links  ,will be in the info box below, as always,  and I hope youre having a wonderful day.,I will see you very soon in my next video. Bye!

Zola and Minari (A24) – LME @ Sundance 2020

listen so I think two of the biggest,movies out of Sundance is the Zoomer,inspires Ola and the Grand Jury Prize,winning me not eat and I think both of,these will still be talked about by this,time next year let me explain,so Zolas based on roughly a 144 to 148,Twitter thread thats been called a beta,see a lesson in hoe ISM theres audio,retellings of it on YouTube fan trailers,theres an entire profile that was done,by Rolling Stone and while the movie is,adapting that article and Zolas story,it really is a literal Twitter thread,adaptation of a movie from the sounds,the framing the pacing weve seen a lot,of movies that try to showcase and,tackle text messaging on screen this,movie just goes for it it tells the tale,of zola who was waitressing in Detroit,when a sex worker named Stephanie,befriends her invites her on a Florida,trip for work and then you get this,90-minute odyssey night 24 and Sony are,distributing it but um I dont know how,theyre gonna handle the MPAA with this,can I say this because a lot of the,older generation that was pulling up to,the screenings were thinking that it,was about the poet I was her waitress in,terms of casting Taylor Paige is a star,shes been in a couple of things dating,back to a part in High School Musical 3,but she is the breakout in this like,casting directors I appreciate yalls,work I truly believe you deserve a,category at the Oscars,so do your job and cast this woman right,here dont pull another Lupita and like,years pass before she gets her due Riley,Keough Stephanie um might be too good,calling Domingo plays the pimp who goes,by accent to accents and Nicolas Braun,went from sky high to cousin Greg and,now hes Derek and yeah Derek is pretty,lost I think in life I think hes a,vapor without a vapor you know that said,this movie is nothing without Janissa,Bravo uh I wasnt the biggest fan of the,previous movie she directed which was,also at Sundance a couple years ago but,having seen Zola twice she absorbs you,into this world theres a certain,basketball sequence where she plays with,sound in order to make the new setting,unsettling at one point she even,switches perspective to another,character but because they used reddit,to tell their story it changes the way,the movies being told and shes an,entire lookbook that I wish I could grab,for the movie since the technology and,culture of that time from 2015 its,already considered a period piece that,said not everything is an out vote for,me in this movie I I do think the movie,still needs an ending it is taken to be,in a parallel universe in a sense with,everyones names being altered but,considering the ending to the real story,and how the movie you know decides to,end,I do feel they could have had just a,bigger conclusion but thats just my,personal opinion,Im still very very happy James Franco,didnt direct this and Im even happier,that Riley Keough was cast over Bella,Thorne,this movie directed by someone else,were Taylor and Riley are swamped and,it was very important to me in my body,to make sure that Taylor was what I,needed her to be which was subversion of,myself and that Riley was a version of,the nightmare now this one comes from a,24 in plan Brad,so the hype was through the roof now,most of us were calling it Minari,throughout the entire festival but,director Lee Isaac Chong mentioned that,its actually pronounced me naughty its,based on the directors childhood as the,movie follows a Korean American family,who sets up a farm in Arkansas and well,I think people left the screening loving,Alan Kim and his cowboy outfit the best,Im not gonna like this is a this is an,ensemble the entire cast is spectacular,Steven Yeun has been an international,star from all the stuff hes done in the,States to burning to delivering one of,the best subtitle Easter eggs and bongs,okhta Han Yuri as the mother is an,anchor in cements the theming of the,movie especially with the confrontation,she has in the second half but the,grandma Yan yujeong looked at 9i and,said give me the mantle of best,grandmother year and Im saying this,because right before our screening,started they like hyped her up a lot the,grandma was gonna be like really good in,the movie and I mean like they overhyped,her and its still delivered so this is,me hyping her up to you but what was,really wonderful was every single actor,here was really engaged in the process,and it really felt like we were just,living and they just happened to be,filming and that was really wonderful I,know its cliche DuBose about its,authenticity because everyones just,trying to do that nowadays but the fact,that Lee Isaac and Steven are cousins I,think adds a lot to it after the,premiere they talked about how both of,these guys both of these men were,hugging their fathers in tears I was in,tears and then came the notes Lee Issac,head working with a 24 and Plan B what I,loved about those guys is that they are,really always on the forefront I feel,the pushing something new in cinema and,they were encouraging me hey look,make it more Korean is what is the note,I got from my first draft of the script,Im sure most of you read that,buffoonery from Sarah and Oscar voters,who believed Best Picture needed to be,an American film even though none of the,As and AMPAS or the words Best Picture,is staying for America what Im curious,about is how theyre going to label this,movie because last year at Sundance they,premiered The Farewell and that went all,the way to the Globes but that was,considered a foreign film even though it,wasnt the u.s. dramatic competition and,u.s. plays a big part because the,farewell wasnt just referring to the,ending but the first goodbye when she,moved to America I mean at E this is an,American family as well theyre moving,to Arkansas from Cali theyre running an,American farm on American soil,theyre working with the Bible Belt,community and in an awkward way but,progressive nonetheless and Ive never,really understood the whole set habla,English only in America considering that,our own states including Oregon saw,originate from an indigenous language,thats not English so I think its time,some of yall redefine what will make,something an American film because,American doesnt just mean you think,guys watching this video you should know,your thoughts about this like I said,were gonna be covering more and more of,these individually but we do have the,whole big must watch Sundance video if,you just want to sit down for like 15,minutes and see the stuff from this,festival that you would maybe want to,play have in your radar we also have a,much longer intercut podcast episode,that i mentioned if you want to see us,cover practically every category that,was there at Sundance the next festival,that we have up is South by Southwest,Im curious know your thoughts on all,these things again Zola I think do you,think you know when you go to a film,festival its a lot of people who you,know know about the film festival or can,afford to go to the film festival but,like the public has yet to see these,movies and I think me natis gonna be,like just critically praised all around,but Im very curious to see how the,younger generation not just the younger,generation but normal people on Twitter,who dont like a write for a living what,they think about Zola cuz I think its,gonna its gonna be huge,we all know Hollywoods are scavengers,and they dont really give a crap about,foreign filter right now theyre hot and,if they can get anything thats labeled,Korean old man theyre gonna take it so,if you are a Korean filmmaker this is a,PSA right now,bleed them dry pull Oh Marty Scorsese,and take that 150 mm take whatever you,can because right now with streaming,services I mentioned this in the past,everyone is just playing the content,came trying to make as much as possible,if you are a filmmaker if you have any,ideas jump on that and for the goofy ass,I just got to say this right now,especially after the Oscars and stuff I,had a lot of people telling me that 1

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[Music],that we have built all by ourselves,[Music],well what a brilliant save that was how,did he keep that out well in possession,now and looking to create something of,Their Own,[Applause],hes scoring there,and that was a very fine read,[Applause],Cristiano Ronaldo,Zola,[Applause],is a goal from long range he wants some,goalkeeping,oh goalkeeper blunder,it must go in surely,[Applause],foreign,[Music],[Applause],[Applause],and the visitors have a bit of work,ahead of them Stuart your assessment,well theyve not had quite enough,purpose to the rest the crossbow,[Applause],Zola,cant miss surely and hes got a score,to level it,[Applause],has to be the game has been turned on it,chance to make a game of it here,Julie oh,Ronaldo now with Zola and he might be,through here,[Applause],I cant really choose between them at,the moment,[Music],can he put it in,the goal here killing his team precisely,Federico Valverde plays with Leon,gohetska in the center of Midfield oh,Big Shots here Derek,[Applause],Supply,Mares,oh I go as he makes it a half,Ronaldo oh and with a Chance,return to Ronaldo,there it is and just the ideal start,foreign,[Music]

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Émile Zola documentary

[Music],the story of the life of emil,zola begins in venice where his father,was born francesco,zola in 1795 into a family of civil,servants,and military officers,during napoleons takeover of europe,zola joined the army,as a second lieutenant he took a degree,in mathematics,at the university of padua and appears,to become a military engineer,however when austria took over venice,from napoleon,life under foreign powers became too,difficult,and he along with many other political,refugees,left italy never to return,[Music],he worked first in vienna on various,railway schemes,but after many years of struggle he,ended up in marseille,where public engineering projects in,water supplies and transport,seemed to be blossoming,much of his time he spent in paris,trying to get government permission for,his various engineering,schemes there he met,and married emily ober in march,1839 he was 44,and she was 20.,emily zola was the daughter of a,seamstress and a house painter,so there was little money and little,background,however her husband felt she was,beautiful and would make him a fine wife,in the new block of ten rousseau joseph,near the bus their son emil was born,in march 1840,[Music],francois zola he had made his name more,french sounding,was at the time projecting to build a,canal from aches on provence to,marseille,and finally in march 1843,they settled in eggs to begin the,project,[Music],it should have meant a prosperous life,for the zola family and at first it was,in a spacious house close to the old,cathedral of eggs,emil basked in the love and devotion of,his parents,until suddenly his father died of,pluralism,his dam and his canal not yet begun,[Music],ultimately the dam was built here it,still,lies in the shadow of the great maus,avitoir,and the canal from it the zola canal,brought water to the parched plains,around aches,the dam was very advanced for its time,but though he was honoured in his death,by the people of eggs,his widow was left with nothing but a,string of lawsuits,attempting to establish family rights in,the canal company,life in aches got progressively more,difficult for emily zola and her son,and she struggled to have him educated,by 1852 when he was 12,he entered this school then known as the,college bubong,the best school in aches the town,council paid for a scholarship for the,boy,some recompense for his mothers efforts,in academic terms he did well but his,most enduring experience at the school,was the friendship of two boys paul,cezanne,himself to become a world famous painter,and,jean-baptiste bai the son of a local,hotel keeper,the three boys were soon inseparable and,although zola was naturally given to,melancholy,and unsociability he looked on their,friendship,as one of the best parts of his youth,that he got along so well with paul,suzanne says much for zolas sensitivity,suzanne had an extremely difficult and,prickly personality,large ungainly but quite as intelligent,as zola,suzanne was permanently locked in battle,with his wealthy,but mean and difficult father who is,derisive,about his ambitions to be an artist,the countryside of provost has an,unforgettable beauty,and the river ark to the south of the,town where they swam,and the hills over which they wandered,made a huge,impression on them,[Music],do,[Music],was to be the subject of cezannes,maturity,to which he never tired of returning,for zola the countryside and the city of,aches itself,developed in him a sense of place which,was to be so formidable a part of his,armory,as a novelist,[Music],apart from nature there was of course,the world of literature,hugo was one of his idols hugos,influence as a poet and novelist,on all writers of his age was enormous,zola in homo social conscience was,always alive,was likewise influenced by hugos,commitment to liberty,and democracy even while he was,incarcerated in exile,on guernsey,alfred de musee was apparently the poet,who came to take first,place in the influences that played on,zola and cezanne,he was less tyrannical in his rhetoric,than hugo,however it was zola hungrily devoured,all the works of his generation,and in his letters to suzanne and bi we,learn much of the problems that beset,him,in his literal requests,when zola was 18 and before he had,finished his education in aches,his mother emily still chasing her lost,rights,decided they would both move to paris,influence got him a place at the,prestigious lise louis legroom,but he found that success in eggs did,not easily translate into success,among the brighter echelons of paris,youth,when he took his baccalaureate he did,well in everything,except the oral which he failed,it was a great blow,a visit to aches and paul who was now at,law school,revived him sufficiently to attempt to,reset his exams in marseille,but it went no better and he found,himself with a good secondary education,behind him,but no qualification at least he could,not be pushed into the professional post,his mother coveted for him,but it was not a happy situation when he,had his mother to support,and no job,paris and poverty loomed large,and after feeble attempts at job-seeking,by spring 1860 he had found work in the,customs department,where he stayed miserably for less than,a year a friend of his father found him,a position in the distribution,department of the publisher,hashet still today one of the great,names in french publishing,it was all he needed a secure job,a chance to learn the publishing trade,and meet the right people,and zola whose only ambition was to be a,writer,set out with typical practicality to,ensure that he could bring it off,asset was a great stroke of luck in many,ways,his qualities were quickly appreciated,and he was made director of the,publicity department,and eventually advertising manager,through his work he made good literary,connections and developed a talent for,publicity,which was to be of great use in his,career,his life improved by great leaps and,bounds,by 1863 he and his mother had taken a,better flat,in the rue de feriantin of the rousseau,shack,he worked assiduously building up the,connections with newspapers,who reviewed the books ashayt published,and who would later review his own,novels,he began writing for these journals and,newspapers,and this journalism was to form the,financial background of his life,for many years he moved to the rudolf,near the luxembourg gardens and by 1863,paris had begun to be a pleasant place,for him,he started entertaining artistic friends,on thursday evenings,where they came to drink tea and talk,into the night,it became a regular part of his life,from then on,his boyhood friend paul cezanne was now,in paris,and together the two friends visited the,studios of the painters,renoir brazil fontaine la tour,monet and dega,these early connections were to prove,crucial,in establishing zolas reputation as an,art critic,in years to come,[Music],le contanino a volume of short stories,was zolas first published work,his professional background helped him,find a publisher,and develop good publicity and,distribution,usually a writer was paid once for the,first printing the publisher then took,all royalties after that,so of course in a successful work all,the profits stayed with the publisher,zola arranged all publicity and fixed,royalty on all sales,after the first run in this case of 1500,copies it was an important move,and writing and publishing as a business,as well as authorship,was how zola operated from then on,his first novel la confession de claude,came out the following year dedicated to,suzanne,and bai and was well promoted as became,his habit,it was about a young provincial idealist,who comes to paris,and discovers the vice and corruption of,the capital,the harsh realism of his writing,produced something of a scandal,so ashet were not sorry when he decided,to leave the firm in 1866,he was confident he could survive on his,writing alone,a couple of years before he had met,alexandrine mele,described as tall olive skinned and,distinguish

Teufel ZOLA Review – Gaming Headset with numerous color options!

one thing I despise about gaming,headsets these days,it must be RGB I hate RGB it is so,pointless you put your headset on your,face and then you dont even see it so,whats the point you pay 20 bucks extra,for just a few LEDs on your head so that,you dont even see so whats the point I,mean I guess you could go to a lame,party and then you have your bragging,rights like oh look at the college bees,and whatever but lets just stop it,please just its so pointless and thats,why I admired TOEFL for doing things,differently so this is the TOEFL Zola,and the TOEFL Zola you might also think,like this is the frog game we actually,shoot the balls in between other balls,but that thats thats not relevant,thats different I think its not even,cold soda but this is the table Zola and,the most unique selling point they have,obviously is its bright popping colors,but of course you might not like bright,popping calls like these you can also,choose from different air conditioning,colors and caps on the back and,on the mic itself you can actually,change them do you want yellow you have,yellow do you want green you have green,you have purple blue,heres the whole list,but if bright popping colors arent you,think you also have your regular black,colors or white colors if you would like,and uh yeah I love it this is the,styling I want because now this thing,will be hanging on my desk and it will,look fabulous in my whole,setup instead of,five piece but yeah thats thats the,most unique selling point the further I,mean its just the gaming headset but,lets just discuss it a little bit so,first off the Comfort I mean the,cushioning is nice and thick enough and,it isnt actually made of leather its,just like a cloth fabric so it is nice,and soft on your ears you dont get,sweaty ears because its still,breathable and it just overall feels,really comfortable I like it also you,have to put on the cushions on the,headset yourself which can be a little,bit fiddly but they actually have a,guide included in a box that shows you,how to actually do it and after screwing,around with it for a few minutes you,kind of get a hang of it so its fine,and that also means you can actually,interchange your cushions if you like,you can actually get a extra pair for,different seasons if you like so thats,nice that you actually can change them,all the caps on the back of course they,come loose if you dont want them if you,dont want to use them at all so lets,say you bought these orange ones but you,dont really like the orange you can,remove them but it does leave a little,bit of a gap where usually the clips are,clipping in so its not the prettiest,but I mean you could do it if youd like,with one issue I always experienced with,removing the caps on the back is I,couldnt really remove them I mean they,have a cord thats actually out of the,headset but when you pull them nothing,really happens at me so its kind of a,hassle to remove them so,I recommend you just to get the calls,immediately you would like and then,install them or maybe they find out a,way that you can actually more easily,remove them somehow I dont know and I,mean terrible please let me know further,you also have some cushioning in your,headband which is comfortable enough,because I use the TOEFL cage before the,old version and I couldnt really get,used to the headband I usually got,irritations on the top of my hand and it,just wasnt a pleasant experience but,for this one I can use for hours and,its still comfortable as heck so good,job table also you can adjust the,headband and Hive and actually the frame,is made out of aluminum so its nice and,sturdy so if you kind of Wiggle around,with it,it doesnt give you an impression that,its high quality and Lasting but,it does feel sturdy enough even though,it makes a little bit of noise,um furry also have an interchangeable,microphone which you can also just bend,if you like so if you like it,if you like it on a slight angle you can,actually do so so thats pretty nice and,if you look further on the headset you,dont see any buttons on top of it which,I kind of like I always liked volume,buttons on top of my headsets because,its just easily reachable but instead,we have a volume wheel and a mute button,on the inline cable itself also you have,a clip on the back so if you want to,clip it and hook it on your shirt you,can actually do that so it doesnt,wiggle around everywhere on your lap so,thats nice and you also have a like,this a 7.1 surround sound dongle and you,actually need to use this if you want to,use a USB connection so thats what I,always do because I dont have a,combined 3.5 millimeter Jack so I always,have to use this dongle but how is the,sound cool the I must say comparing it,to by buyer dynamic dt99 Pro there is a,difference of course because I mean that,headphone cost 130 bucks and the headset,costs 130 bucks so it isnt really fair,because I mean this also has a,microphone included and different,features and whatever but I must say the,sound quality is pretty surprising now,there is a little bit of emphasis on the,low end so you experience more Bassy,music sound in general,so the highs arent as clear as I would,like it like on the dt990 pro but I must,say compared to any other headset out,there on the market like for instance,the Razer Barracuda I must say its,excellent it provides excellent kind of,balanced it is fairly balanced but a,slightly bit more on the low end but is,still fairly balanced in my ass its not,like you only hear the base thumping and,being muddy and all that kind of stuff,it is still fairly balanced for a gaming,headset of this price its its nice I,like it uh I definitely wouldnt mind,gaming with this all day long after,having used my biodynamic its still,nice quality audio and nice amount of,bass in it but not over the top amount,of bass that youre just shaking,in your chair or whatever every time you,hear a grenade popping off also one,thing thats kind of important in gaming,assets is situational awareness and I,must say everything is pretty damn clear,to me Ive played some Call of Duty,played some csgo and I could always,Place uh where the enemies are even,without the 7.1 surround sound enabled,but talking about the 7.1 surround sound,thats also the first problem I came,across with because I can not enabled,7.1 miles surround sound for some reason,like I press the button and it just,flicks,and it just turns off and I dont really,notice any difference in the sound,quality or how it sounds like in general,so I assume it doesnt work so I thought,like okay I will need the software for,this so I go to TOEFL I download the,software,actually I cant download software,so when I go in the manual theres a,link to whats the software there and I,tried it and it doesnt work it gives me,an error page and so yeah I cant really,try it out I know from all models of,telephone like table cage he actually,had the equalizer so that would be,actually nice to Tinker around with but,I guess we cannot check it out for this,video unfortunately so TOEFL if youre,watching this,you gotta fix it but of course a headset,isnt a headset,if it doesnt have a microphone,obviously so how is that like so when I,tried the microphone I was surprised it,actually sounds pretty freaking great,and I know TOEFL always manages to do,their microphones freaking good I always,love them its way better than Ive,heard from any other headset so far that,Ive tried out so yeah it sounds pretty,good I mean have a listen this is a,microphone test of the devil Zola and I,must say this microphone is pretty,freaking impressive so first off theres,no noise on the background at all so if,Im quiet right now,you do not hear any Statics any noise,nothing at all its just pure silence,awesome and the next thing thats really,big is it cancels out noise at the,background really well so usually gaming,headsets dont sound really well because,of it being all compressed to cancel out,background noise and it just sounds a,bit thinny an

Zola reviewed by Anna Bogutskaya

this film kind of for anybody who,doesnt know where the story comes from,its,based essentially on a twitter thread,that the real life zola,published way back in 2015 about this,insane,trip that she had with this woman that,shed sort of met,at her place of work thats the premise,of the film,the film itself is an incredibly,made astute smart funny but most of all,visually fascinating and bold piece of,filmmaking,because you youre dealing with an,online subject matter,and instead of going in a very literal,way and filming the screen,and filming twitter and all those,conversations that might have happened,it goes completely wild it goes very,creative,its it was shot on 35 millimeter this,with a score by mika levy who obviously,genius with a capital g,and the director of this film,is extraordinary so she,this is her second feature film i,believe um and she,just uses sound design and theres,chirps of tweets,theres the wishes not necessarily of,emails because who communicates by,emails,she does this creative kind of way of,visualizing,online conversations and especially,the thing that really struck me with the,storytelling is the fact that she,um uses this kind of looking to camera,and the unreliable narrators this,exaggerated,vibe that you get with people telling,their stories,online it completely becomes translated,but in a purely,cinematic way so for anyone who might be,thinking oh this is another film based,on a tweet its just gonna be some basic,online thing no this is pure,cinema um jannika bravo whos the,director,just goes completely completely creative,with this thing theres this,crazy story at the heart of it and for,anyone who didnt read zolas 2015,twitter thread its still online you can,find it and its really interesting to,revisit it after youve watched zola,because essentially,she is a waitress and um and a part-time,stripper,and she meets in a restaurant stephanie,whos played in the film by riley q,and zolas played by taylor page who i,might add both of them are extraordinary,in the film just,so good so charismatic cannot stop,watching them would watch,everything with them in it together,separately i mean riley q has already,been a favorite of mine for years and,they meet and you know when you sort of,just click with someone,and they just look at each other and,its not necessarily romantic but its,just,a vibe and they start texting theyre,stuck chatting and then,riley kiyos stephanie proposes a a trip,to florida to make some money over a,weekend in a club,dancing and shes not exactly being very,honest,about that so theres a wild road trip,that become,uh that happens where zola whos very,level-headed very pragmatic very,sensible kind of you know shes going,there for the money shes fine like im,gonna im gonna make some,a couple like a lot of money over the,weekend thats great for me,but things start to smell fishy really,quickly,because in this little road trip weve,got stephanies boyfriend derek whos,played by cousin greg im sorry nicholas,brown,playing cousin cousin derek,well cousin spring break isnt it,basically its cousin gregs dodgy,cousin derek,who thinks of himself as sort of some,sort of gangster type dude he is not,hes the the,the biggest loser of the mom bless him,he cannot see whats going on,and its got coleman domingo who is just,pure charisma,uh stephanies essentially pimp because,things get started getting very,complicated and i dont want to really,talk too much about the plot because,one of the big joys of this film,especially if youre not familiar with,the twitter thread,is seeing what happens because theres,no way of predicting where the story is,going to go,and the way that giannika bravo kind of,uses all the tools in her cinematic,arsenal,to play around with the insanity of the,story,is what makes it so much fun i think as,well,theres an amazing uh,i dont know amazing kind of confidence,in her filmmaking,in the way that shes constructed the,film and the way that she,you know like you say about that whole,kind of thing to camera but also the the,ending and the way that she chooses to,kind of just end the film i think that,to have the balls to do that kind of,thing and not feel like that,things have to be tied up and you know,as a kind of perfect parcel,the color scape of it i i just think,its so,its such a great film and and mikas,score is,is kind of perfect its its like a its,a horror film at moments i feel like as,well and so its terrifying,and the but yeah i thought it was,extraordinary just thought,it was so good very intense and i think,taylor page as zola in particular,is such a powerful performance because,its very physical you know theres a,theres theres a whole like sub genre,of of,films that center um sex workers,or or um exotic dancers strippers in,particular,and this feels like its doing something,different like shes so,business-minded and so aware of all the,trappings and the dangers,of that world and so steadfast as her,character in not getting involved with,it,and i think you know not to get too it,its difficult to talk about it without,revealing too much about what happens,but theres so,theres so many layered conversations,about kind of levels of privilege that,exists between,zola and stephanie so zola is an,african-american woman,stephanie is a as a woman and the way,that they navigate the same situation in,the same world is,very different i think taylor pages,performance in that regard carries so,many different levels,knowing that and part of that,conversation is very direct with the,audience she talks about these things,very openly,and theres a beautiful kind of almost,intermission moment in the film where we,see the story being told from,stephanies point of view,which is hilarious and,theres so much darkness so much,insanity going on but theres always a,level of,of being grounded in a really in a,really,extreme reality and a reality thats,very true and very real for many people,and many,um dancers and sex workers and,african-american women in particular im,talking about the states in particular,because thats where its said and,and also this kind of navigating lies,that is very interesting i,saw it at a few a week or so ago and i,cant wait to rewatch it again when it,comes out,now actually i know as i said that,profile kind of works better,on uh on a on a computer screen on a,smaller screen at home,but this is one that really needs to be,seen in a cinema,and i think because of mika levys score,because how absorbing,and eclectic it feels,and yeah im not the best at talking,about music but it just gets kind of,it completely seamlessly goes in,with the film and the visuals of it,theres so,many layers between the images and the,sound design,i absolutely love the sound design in,this especially how it,weaves in with both the performances the,dialogue,and mika levys score its just glorious,filmmaking to watch on a big screen,yeah i think its really important you,mentioned that whole thing about,control and consent and you know with,with taylors character zola and how,in control she is of her situation and,thats something that she takes with her,on this road trip in terms of,how shes yeah like but but as you say,we dont want to say too much about it,because the whole experience of the,the narrative and the storyline and the,characters has to be seen,so go and see on the big screen as anna,says,and i think we have a little clip to,give a taster of what zola,sounds like feels like hey,last month i went dancing at this cute,spot in florida,where my roommates girl made like five,gs a night,my roommate just told me that he going,down there tomorrow,and he asked me if i had any friends,that want to make some money and you,the first i thought of them,we just met yesterday and you already,trying to take whole trips together,[Music],when we leaving be ready by two,you


today we are looking at the 87 mid icon,Zola hes five foot six high medium four,star four star hes accelerated his,explosive with the meta changes this,card looks so much better now right,Striker sent it forward as you can see,here 90 uh sorry as you can see here 89,acceleration 87 Sprint speed fantastic,shot power finish in attack position and,long shots really good Agent in balance,and passing for a striker not the,greatest composure which is a bit,strange for a card like this but nothing,to worry about we hope in terms of,traits hes got every trait that you,need in this game finesse shot outside,the foot shot technical dribbler so that,means he can still do trevellas he can,finesse of course and he can do boros,thanks to the technical dribbler were,going to be playing him up front in a,two system we have reviewed his base of,launch headers on a channel were going,to talk about Kemp Styles pricing and,what I thought about the card overall on,football at the end of the review that,being said lets go jump in some great,people have a word from todays sponsor,the World Cup and Black Friday is,finally here go to alt nice select foot,select foot 23 coins whos which console,and how many coins youd like to buy,select your payment method and dont,forget to add code Nani for six percent,off on all orders every purchase has a,chance to win ten dollars so with Zona,were going to play in the four Triple,Two and were basically up front next to,lrn Ive played a couple games of him,already and he feels so quick and left,it dribbling as you can see here just,the way he turns on the ball instantly,so quick at doing it executing skills,also very very quick,and I just find that his link up play,and much more so much better now that,the mayor has changed with these,explosive players you can pick the ball,up here stride straight into full speed,little layoff back in little touch in,and then explode pass Green Time finish,and thats literally what hes so good,at doing because if hes so intricate,with his left seat dribbling being,really high agility imbalance and only,five foot six he can split through,defenses no problem and his finishing so,high he just gives you so much this time,around whereas when we tried his base,his base was unbelievably good as well,but the lengthy Messer was so,overpowered he was a bit times the,struggle to get through into space but,now thats changed he is so good,especially his mid as well,she finds out of here a little layoff,driving in went for the overlap run can,we find him we can,I post made a mistake its only using,that pace,great pass across and thats exactly,what I was saying with explosiveness to,be able to cut through the line play the,ball across and again link up play,finishing dribbling passing everything,about this card just screams top level,so leper cross goal thank you very much,again executing the skill getting the,shot across sitting on that last man is,so good if youre looking to play him,cam he can definitely do that as well it,looks like were gonna get a raise,because were gonna jump into a second,game if he does quit,anyhow so lets go jump into a second,game into our second game then as,mentioned Zola is very very good with,this new update and the new patch thats,come out,there are some things that are a little,bit annoying with him Ive not noticed,much with the composer if youve seen,his finishing his very very clinical,skill moves very very good as well,so try dravello there but he is a bit,lacking in strength and sometimes that,can be a thing especially when youre,doing throwables with players especially,Zola and youve got somebody like Iran,sitting on Last Man he just doesnt seem,to beat them off the ball at times if we,look for Zola here find him or good,tackle he doesnt seem to uh do very,well in that situation its very very,rare it happens but it seems to happen,when you most need him,I was gonna count attack Zola against,Harlan pulls away from him that wouldnt,have happened before still going,gets past Laporte as well look at him go,this is explosive Sprint speed got,across there,have what a cross and a goal there,thats what I was saying about the,explosive Sprint on the counter attack,he can just open up attacks no problem,did you see though against Laporte he,did slow down but because I double tap,the sprint button he managed to knock,the ball ahead which is exactly what we,need from him to do get him through here,again one more or good tackle so again,the last man,but a scale drives past one or gets a,tackle right foot great goal again not,noticing much with the composure or,something youre worried about you can,see very very clinical in front of goal,fantastic at executing skill moves,keeping that up lovely bit of strav as I,just mentioned this Trev not being that,good we managed to keep it away explain,the past one trevella great save again,keeping the pressure on Zola explodes,and an unlucky shot there,opponent cant do anything here,Zolo would have finished just wide,thats very poor for me but you can see,were causing so much problems Filipina,through last man our opponents lost his,head can we explode past there it is,the composure coming a little bit there,could have maybe gone for the chip,but you can see once hes cleaned,through nobodys catching him as we do,find him a product loser and a great,save as well were gonna have a look at,his set pieces we havent seen how good,he is to set pieces so hes got 91 90 87,and 93 penalties and so like oh a bit of,skill there,cant be catch and he gets a shot off,very very unlucky though the left foot,but again bad parts for my opponent sort,of picks the ball up little ball roll,sends him out to the sharp left foot oh,I am in love with this card its so fun,to use so like its past one gets past,two look how quick he is and hes missed,the shot and that is the first time Ive,noticed an issue with the composure,there thats a poor shot but you can see,though thats probably the first shot,out of maybe 20 30 shots Ive had where,hes dragged It Wide but the space to be,able to get into the space every time,hes so quick lightning quick were,gonna drive into that space again pass,one tackle past two,boss three we got ourselves a penalty as,well with a little fate now I think our,problem is going to rage quit got time,for one more attack just before half,time,Zolas in between the lines,little dribble oh same back to the shark,can he finish of course he can and,theres his hat trick and thats what,Im saying with his dribbling you can,send opponents to the shot because hes,so clinical they have to shut down the,space as quickly as possible and you can,use that to your varnish to open up the,spaces were done drive across and just,drive it into the near post there,and it looks like its going to be,raised quick lets go jump onto footbed,now talk about Camp styles are much more,so we are on footbed its got about 260,000 plus if you pay 230 for them on bid,this card was so good just like his base,his base is a little bit quicker but not,as good as shooting and honestly theres,not much different considering this base,is 325 and his mids 260. if you want,Zola go get him put a hunter on him that,will just max out his piece of what you,need him to be you can see there very,very clinical I didnt notice anything,really about his 75 composure apart from,that one shot out of maybe about 30 we,had all together,so good at passing if you love less,stick dribbling and executing the lb,dribbling hes fantastic for it if you,double tap the sprint button he explodes,straight away and you can see we opened,up the space so many times of him his,Crossing is a little bit inconsistent,but we aint gonna carve him for that,lets be honest he was so good of course,we did get off got a fantastic goal in,and hes just so so good the only thing,Ill say about him is this strength in,that its a little bit annoying at times,but if you can do the explosive Sprint,person as soon as youve got past the,back line they Im

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