1. 7 Watches You Should NEVER Buy
  2. 5 Watch Brands To Avoid!! Watch Brands You Should Think Twice Before Buying!! Part 1
  4. Outdoor watch review – Aeromatic 1912 full lume dial chronagraph
  5. The Best Swiss Pilot Watches $1000 to $4000: Fortis, IWC, Bell & Ross, Oris, & Breitling
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7 Watches You Should NEVER Buy

[Music],theres a common recurring theme that i,see in questions i get from viewers and,i see it in comments and posts on watch,collecting communities and the subject,revolves around guys having uncertainty,or maybe regrets about their choices as,it relates to picking watches and,building collections now this is a,ridiculously complex topic to tackle and,its probably gonna take several videos,to cover it from every single angle but,today im gonna approach it with this,little,foundational video im gonna discuss my,advice on,watch collecting and strategies that i,think collectors should for the most,part avoid i think avoiding these,potential mistakes and pitfalls can,start you down the path where those,anxieties and concerns can be all but,alleviated and you can focus on making,the best decisions for yourself and for,your watch collection whats up youtube,im guy and today i am talking about,watches that you should avoid and watch,collecting strategies that might not be,in your best long-term interests but,before we jump into that a quick,reminder we are doing a giveaway on the,watch talk live channel this week,one subscriber of that channel will win,an everest rubber strap a leather watch,pouch and some cleaning cloths now to,enter that giveaway watch the short,announcement video and follow the,instructions its pretty simple ill,have a link to that down below in the,description and i will have a link,pinned in the comments as well,when i started out i was buying up every,affordable watch that piqued my interest,and before i knew it i had a dozen or,more watches ranging in price from 200,to 500 and when i added it all up i had,several thousands of dollars tied up in,watches that i was barely wearing now,its not that i didnt like them i did,like them thats why i bought them but,at least for me i always gravitated to,maybe two or three of my favorites and i,neglected the other watches i made a,switch to my strategy when i had that,realization and i decided that id,rather focus on watches that i love,rather than watches that i just liked,theres a lot of watches out there that,i like and if i kept going down that,path id have ended up with 40 or 50,watches in no time and as tempting as it,is to keep chasing after watches and,keeping up with that never-ending stream,of cheap instant gratification it wasnt,a good way to approach the hobby for my,mental health,if youre in the same boat that i was in,and you find yourself on a path of,constant accumulation i suggest that you,take a good look and ask yourself is,this actually making me happy if youre,happier hunting watches then you are,actually owning them like i kind of was,take a step back and maybe do a little,reevaluation i found that its much more,rewarding to save up and acquire one or,two grail pieces over a period of time,because once you get it the payoff feels,much better than it feels when you pick,up yet another affordable watch and long,term you will probably get the same,sense of enjoyment from it every time,you put it on as the day you got it well,at least thats kind of how it worked,for me,no list on watches to avoid would be,complete without mentioning fashion,watches and yes these watches should,largely be avoided fashion watches are,overpriced low quality watches from,brands like daniel wellington gucci and,michael kors,who are fashion designers that put their,name on a product thats known more for,its marketing and its influence than it,is for the quality or the craftsmanship,take this daniel wellington at 229 as an,example its a no frills quartz watch,with no brand history or heritage that,is grossly overpriced now on the other,hand for 79,you can pick up this timex fairfield,which has the same general styling the,added benefit of their backlit indiglo,feature and a brand name with over 165,years of history fashion watches are,almost never worth the money that,theyre asking and due to the very,nature of fashion trends its very,likely going to be a watch that will be,out of style long before you get your,moneys worth out of it now if you want,an affordable and good looking watch,consider brands like casio citizen,seiko timex victorinox and even some,invictus,watch compromises are usually made,because of money ive done it myself and,i can say that from that experience its,really a mistake we see a watch that we,want but we cant justify spending that,kind of money on it so we get something,similar,usually cheaper with the hope that it,will scratch the itch im not saying,that it never works out but the only way,it will work out is that if you,genuinely love the watch youre choosing,as a compromise as much as you actually,really love the watch you want in my,case when i first got into this hobby i,really wanted a hamilton khaki field,automatic but the thought of spending,anywhere near four or five hundred,dollars on a watch was simply ridiculous,so i bought a seiko five instead it,looked similar it was a heck of a lot,cheaper and it was a decent watch but it,never made me forget about the watch,that i really wanted eventually i bit,the bullet and bought the hamilton,anyway referring back to the original,point on,quality over quantity i mentioned to get,watches you love not watches you just,like i ended up owning a watch that i,loved and i ended up having a watch that,i liked in the end i only needed one of,them now obviously im using the term,need very loosely here but the point,stands instead of buckling down saving,up and going for what i really wanted i,made a compromise and it cost me more,money in the long run,in all aspects of life overextending and,living beyond a persons means is,extremely common at times ive been,guilty of it and im sure a lot of you,guys have been too now one of the worst,things that you can probably do,financially is spend too much money on,something you really dont need again,im using the term need here loosely but,yeah if youre living paycheck to,paycheck or if you have a pile of debt,over you dont make the situation worse,by spending hundreds or even thousands,of dollars on anything that will put you,deeper in the hole especially a watch,this coin does have a flip side however,and that is that you can probably get,your finances in order and if owning a,grail watch is important you can make,that happen over the course of maybe a,year or two i made a video way back and,i talked about how you can probably,afford a rolex now not that everyone,wants a rolex but the principles still,apply regardless of the watch and that,is that if youre willing to really look,at how you spend your money you will,most certainly find things that you can,cut from your budget and start saving up,towards that grail now i dont make a,lot of money my household income is well,below six figures but by selecting where,i allocate my expendable income i was,able to buy two really nice watches,within a couple years time,i never had to sacrifice any necessities,and my quality of life wasnt impacted i,simply chose to put what i saved towards,those watches instead of things like a,new iphone every single year or trips to,restaurants and takeout multiple times a,week i did things like making my car,last a few years longer and i stopped,bleeding money on unnecessary expenses,on a daily basis,you see all of those things are luxuries,i chose to focus on a large one-time,luxury purchase instead of dozens or,even hundreds of small luxury purchases,per year the moral of the story is that,you need to be able to self-analyze and,be honest with yourself determine if you,can or cant afford to make a purchase,youre considering if you cant dont do,it because going deeper into debt is,never a good idea but theres probably a,good chance that you can if youre,willing to trim the fat a little and,spend the time saving,im going to talk about a few different,types of watches here but they all share,something in common they are trendy and,over-hyped watches and these are watches,that i think should probably be avoided,t

5 Watch Brands To Avoid!! Watch Brands You Should Think Twice Before Buying!! Part 1

[Music],some watch brands,to avoid now i know this could be a,little bit of a controversial,subject there are a lot of brands out,there and there are tons of choices that,you have when you want to buy a watch,however i have some advice,this is just advice and these are brands,that i think you should avoid if you are,trying to buy a watch if you are new to,buying watches,or if youre just in the market for a,new watch to add to your collection,im going to start out with one of the,probably the most controversial and that,is,movado movado have been around for a,very long time theyve made some,pretty awesome watches they actually had,a collaboration,back in the 1960s through to the 1980s,with zenith and they used a lot of their,movements so they actually used the el,primero in a lot of their chronograph,watches,back then and these were some pretty,awesome watches,but nowadays they arent so great they,really focus heavily on that museum,piece that they,came out with in the 80s and a lot of,their watches are really,just junk they use a lot of quartz,movements and they are cheaply made,a lot of them have that swiss made,moniker pretty much all of them do,but i would imagine a majority of the,watch is actually made,in china and they actually are the,people who bought,movement watch companies so that tells,you a little bit about them,as well and i think that actually,cheapens their brand a little bit,in my opinion however movado did have a,very good history,they are sort of fallen from grace and,thats why i have put them,on this list next on this list is,another pretty cool watch brand however,they recently went out of business that,is remain jerome they have made some,really cool watches,uh but they have relied heavily on,gimmicky,watches and that is really their problem,uh the titanic dna which used actual,pieces of the titanic melted down into a,watch there was a lot of controversy of,exactly how they got,these pieces of the titanic to use in,the actual watch,they used a watch with moon dust in it,they came out with a watch that was,called,space invaders so they did a whole bunch,of gimmicky,watches and they really relied,heavily on that a lot of those watches,just had,off the shelf at a movement they charged,a ton,of money for those watches however their,watches really didnt have,anything to back it up horologically,they were just sort of gimmicks,they also made some really cool watches,the sub craft and the spacecraft,come to mind when i think about romaine,jerome these were actually watches that,i would purchase,they were made in collaboration with,alan silberstein who,is a renowned world-renowned designer,and they were really really cool they,had,etta or sopran based movements in them,and they had this special in-house,module that would actually tell the time,um through sort of a driver,case it was really really cool sort of,projected up,uh awesome watches however like i said,they went out of business,and all of these watches have hit the,secondary market,in the gray market and are selling for,pennies on the dollar,and a lot of those gimmicky watches,really their value was in the gimmick,um and they are selling for next to,nothing,versus their original msrp especially,those titanic dna,moon dust they have some spider-man,watches,i dont know if anybodys going to be,buying up this brand and and,re issuing some of these watches but,they try to regroup,and make better watches towards the end,however they werent able to do it they,went out of business and thats where,they are right now,out of business anyway next on this list,is,a fashion watch and im not going to,limit it to just this brand there are,tons of brands out there,that i think are horrible fashion,watches but i think this is,one of the worst this is diesel diesel,makes,clothes obviously but they also make,some watches,and i think they make some of the worst,fashion watches,out there worse than brands like,movement,i think these are absolutely terrible,they have watches called the mr daddy,the mega chief,and the crusher these are all enormous,watches and its not really only the,size that bothers me because,some of these are just so enormous that,theyre unwearable for,any wrist size i dont care who you are,unless youre wearing these on your,thigh,they will not fit you period they are,too big,especially that mr daddy its kind of,ridiculous,um they are enormous but they are also,ugly they have just a bunch of different,dials on them different materials,different sort of,shapes on them things that are sticking,out of the sides they try and do,too much to the watches theyre too busy,in addition to their size so a busy,watch thats,very very oversized it just doesnt make,sense i dont think theyre good looking,and theyre also really really cheaply,made so these will not last you a very,long time,but like i said this is a fashion brand,they are not the only ones that are,actually,uh sort of guilty of this there are,other brands like gucci that are very,very expensive watches that are,really just not great salvador ferragamo,we can go through,a whole bunch of different names these,are fashion brands that decide that they,want to make watches and they dont do,it right,there are a few that have done it right,like ralph lauren and they dont sell,and thats the problem,so ralph warren made a few different,crappy watches in the beginning and then,ralph lauren who is a,very big watch collector decided i want,to go all in,and make some awesome watches and he did,using jlc,movements uh cases that were made by,brands like jlc iwc um,and unfortunately they never sold so and,these can be had for pennies on the,dollar as well,so fashion brands are very very tricky,if you are looking for one,i definitely would never buy them on on,retail i would always buy them at a,discount,uh because youre going to lose a lot of,money and theyre usually not made very,well,next on this list and its kind of,unfortunate is,juana mercier bomb mercier makes some,pretty awesome watches actually,like the clifton biomatic and the,clifton club,diver these are awesome watches some of,them have in-house movements some of,them actually,use eda movements or salina movements,they are good-looking watches,really well made however they do not,hold value whatsoever this is a brand,thats been barely keeping afloat,they are on the verge of going out of,business at all times i think,uh because they just dont sell watches,and the watches that they do sell sell,very discounted on the secondary market,if you want to buy a used one or one in,the gray market they are actually,very very cheap unfortunately that is,the case bom mercier have been around,for a very long time,they do make some awesome watches,awesome chronographs,however unfortunately they have not,fared well over the past few years,and they were actually the first luxury,brand watcher one of the first luxury,brand watches that i ever owned so they,do hold,a special place in my heart but,unfortunately they havent been doing,well in the past few years,last but not least is javril drill is a,weird brand uh g-e-v-r-i-l i never knew,if i said that correctly so please uh,do not hound me in the comments if i,said it wrong,they are a shop hq or shop nbc,brand these are ones that are sold on,these home shopping networks and they,you buy them for five easy payments and,blah blah blah,theyre a brand that just popped up,maybe 10 or 15 years ago they actually,make some good-looking watches,a lot of their watches are homages to,other brands,they sort of just lift designs and,create,swiss made versions of those uh,more popular designs they actually did,this with,the daytona its actually a very popular,watch they sell for over list price,however a lot of their designs are just,terrible theyve copied brands like,roger dubois,rolex and we can keep going on and on,there are tons of homages out of their,brands they have some,original designs as well those arent so,great ive actually owned one of them,its its sort

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hello everybody today I wouldnt make,any review I just demonstrate to you a,short demonstration how you can use your,deployment clasp sometimes when you get,new watch it looks like this and people,many people cant realize how you can,pull them through this stick mean off,but this is probably right but I will,explain you first its open,totally like this second its a 2,different part you can see flies and you,need open this like in this way just you,see right very simple sometimes its I,already do those few times and its why,I can do easy but if new cases its very,difficult you need something for for,example car key you like put inside and,turn got you ok what we have now very,simple take another and put them side,here decide what kind size for you what,kind of hole you want to use and then,just click thats it we can click maybe,yours here then were watch,business and put first and this very,simple when you know how okay something,wrong I will show one more time,yeah very strong first time I know,please,okay thats it ten q400 wall circle,video please subscribe for YouTube,channel and visit our website I review,watches calm see you next time thank you,bye bye

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Outdoor watch review – Aeromatic 1912 full lume dial chronagraph

good morning watch collectors today im,just trying to show some more of my,collection uh,point out another watch that doesnt get,a lot of video coverage not a lot of,videos on youtube anyway,uh today were looking at my,chronographs uh specifically the,aromatic,1912. this is a german chronograph,it has a screw down crown let me get the,minute hand out of the way,there it is there you go,screw down crown all stainless,brushed stainless steel,um pretty little watch with a,domed mineral glass crystal which is,kind of neat,gives it a little bit of distortion at a,few angles,but all all brushed stainless 40 mil,well go over all the specs here in a,minute but,what caught my eye is that it was a full,loom dial,at a decent price so i wanted to check,it out is the aromatic 1912 german full,loom dial chronograph,i think its actually shipped from,germany and it says made in germany but,i believe these are actually made in,china,and if anybody knows how to set the,minute hand on this watch specifically,i have tried um how i set,reset or change the position of the,second hand and the minute hand on some,of my other chronographs,but this one doesnt seem to work they,have,and they added an interesting it is uh,its not mecha quartz its just,its just a quartz movement its not,like a,seiko mecha quartz or anything they,introduced a,like a mechanical feel like the watch,has a nice,snap or click makes it kind of feel like,its a,manual kind of feel to it,it has just start and stop,only start stop,and reset there is no split so if you,push,you push the bottom one like normally,you get a split but it just resets,instantly theres no,no res no uh split option,ive tried everything i can to get that,so if anybody out there knows,how to how to move that without pulling,the whole movement and pulling the,pulling the watch hand and putting it,back on that would be great,let me uh let me go ahead and pause this,and get it down we can measure it and,show you some more specs maybe some,different bracelets then ill go,inside at the end to get you a loom shot,all right there she is,on a nice green like fabric strap,the one that comes in it comes in a nice,little tin here aromatic,first watch it came in a tin most are,sort of a box but,like i said shipped from germany came,with this nice strap,actually its just not quick release and,i kind of preferred on these two other,straps but it did come with this nice,strap,nice stretch stitching its sort of a,nice thick,thick leather strap at genuine leather,it says aromatic 1912 i think its even,on the,yeah right there aromatic 1912 thats,nice nice details it is a nice padded,strap you probably wouldnt need,anything more than that but,i wanted to dress it down a little bit,keep it sporty,um lets see here there she be,i went with a brushed buckle,to match there we go,brush buckle to match all the brushing,its a pretty watch,got uh water resistant,aromatic 1912 a,1342 i guess thats the design,screw down back i like these quick,release,straps its kind of kind of why i went,with this one and its green kind of,matches the,lime yellow green of the watch here,and that domed crystals real pretty,lets get you some measurements,here we go,39.8,14.2 to that domed mineral,lug width of 19.8,and the lug length this ones a short,one fits real well on my,my wrist there 46.8,thats nice get your weight,yeah lets do it this way,72.3,there is oh uh wristwatch check i am,wearing my,phoebus py07c,out in the light this thing shines that,ceramic,ceramic bezel inserts beautiful and a,real dark,black inky uh watch face,dial is beautiful and,they went all out with their emblem,everywhere the little octopus,maybe coming out of the water,phoebus i do like that watch let me take,it off,and uh get this one on wrist for you,there you go that short,lug to lug is uh looks good at six and,three quarter inch wrist,with that matching satin brush,i do like that one,uh the other bracelet i like or sorry,the other strap i like is actually a,bracelet and i have it over here on my,sand martin,so let me switch those around and show,you how well it looks on a shark mesh,there we go,little switcheroo i think this looks,sharp on this shark mesh,shark mesh bracelet this is like the,hardest bracelet i had to size i had to,use a dremel tool and grind off,rows and that was a little chore um,and i think it came with a pressed clasp,or i had to do a lot of searching to,find one with a milled clasp,that worked all satin brush to match,um its interesting uh,tough to tough to make fit right but uh,once i did i really like that,um especially on my san martin is 200,meter water resistant so,mesh bracelet dries fast to take that,swimming it makes that a nice,watch but this one is only what five,meter,or five uh five atm so 50 meter water,resistant,not good for swimming but i do find that,this uh bracelet is super comfortable,and you dont sweat with a shark mesh on,there,and it gives it a little more gleam,since everythings satin this gives it a,little shine,and you go with a matching,buckle there i do like that little bit,of distortion,makes for a real pretty watch i think,ill leave it on here for a while switch,back the nato on the,san martin there you go guys let me uh,got any questions just ask let me run,inside and get you loom shots,a little loom comparison stand by,all right guys for the loom shot im,going to charge them up here real quick,im gonna compare it to a psycho flight,master,and a one of my top four dive watches,for loom,is this hampton kraken its real nice,but its the blue loom,im gonna charge them all up here real,quick and im going to compare them,and then youll see how it closed the,hands glow real bright for a minute and,then they kind of fade off,leaving the dial as your main source of,loom,but compared to the flight master at the,flight master you lose all,loom capabilities all chronograph,capabilities as soon as its dark this,will give you some,if you had a you know a flashlight or,something you could time stuff in the,dark,or just for a few minutes you know at a,time and uh,the dive watch lets you functionally uh,time things after dark because you got,the the,indicator which ill spin over there,right now,and lets give it a shot lets take a,look,set that,all right there you go you see the hands,glow nice and bright,the seiko,like i say loses all your stopwatch,functions and here in just a minute,youll,notice that the hands fade quicker,and youre left with just that just that,dial blowing,which works i mean you can still,function you can see the stopwatch,function the,seconds hands ticking away,well at 10 oclock youll lose your,sub register there for minutes dont you,thats not good i the one option if you,do,want to watch a chronograph for example,that times,in the dark your best option would be,this,the timex expedition chronograph,you just cant beat that look at that in,night mode you just tap a button,and it comes on for a few seconds,allowing you to see the time,here it was in stop watch i could stop,start reset,stop start reset all in the dark,and every time you tap the middle button,youll be able to see how its going,along,but if you need to time something in the,dark timex expedition,if you want to play around with funny,loom and cool looking watches,maybe a full loom dial i know,damasco makes a full loom chronograph,theyre dc57,volume dial and it does look nice and it,probably has far better loom,quality than this aromatic but as you,can see there the,other ones dont look like theyve,changed at all and youve seen the dial,die off,quite a bit still functional still,so readable right you know just a couple,minutes in,im going to try to splice in uh five,minute 10 minute,15 and 20 minute stills which should,show the loom a little better,the video kind of degrades quicker but,just want to give you comparison,all right guys thanks for watching,you

The Best Swiss Pilot Watches $1000 to $4000: Fortis, IWC, Bell & Ross, Oris, & Breitling

Thursday,[Music],foreign,[Music],but in Reno for the 2019 air race and of,course Im supporting this team probably,wondering why,there we go yeah its forties so that is,my wristwatch check naturally I had to,wear the cosmonaut in tribute of this,amazing Swiss brand and talking to Swiss,watch brands today were going to take a,look at well in my opinion the best,Aviation watches best Swiss Aviation,watches were going to look at Oris IWC,Bellum Ross,um yeah thanks to watch box of course so,without further Ado lets have a look,around because this place is crazy,theres some well theres a race going,on right now you can probably hear it,theres incredibly cool planes were,going to talk to the pilots have a look,at the planes themselves so without,further Ado lets um get into it before,we get into the watches a little bit of,history and background the Reno Air,Races is officially known as the,national championship Air Races and it,is a multi-day event tailored to the,aviation community,in September at the Reno Steed airport,which is a few miles north of Reno in,Nevada air racing is billed as the,worlds fastest Motor Sport and this,yearly event is one of the few venues,only in America can use such a,exhilarating spectacle the event,includes races in six classes of plane,from the super fast Jets to buy planes,and everything in between as well as a,spectacular demonstrations you can,wander around and really get up close to,these Majestic Beasts of the Skies as a,bit of a die-cast aircraft collector,myself it was wonderful to finally see,some of these Legends In the Flesh and,to hear them actually flying was a,beautiful Sight and Sound to behold,among my favorites was the World War II,Mitchell bomber as well as a Japanese,zero that was used in several movies,p51s sea Furious,Bearcats and so much more,the list is simply endless this,beautiful Beast here was racing actually,this morning so very very cool I love,all the technical news stuff but I have,to admit,theres a charm about this propeller age,Ive always adored these these you know,the shapes the colors,um its kind of more romantic a bit like,mechanical versus quartz interesting,analogy,what makes this event particularly,special is how close you can get to the,action the thunderous noise of the Jets,is incredible on top of that I was able,to get some exclusive access behind the,scenes and spend several days with the,Thunder Mustang racing team courtesy of,one of their sponsors the massively,important Swiss watch brand Fortis as,the name implies a Thunder Mustang uses,two specially custom-made P51 aircraft,and race in the sport class at an excess,of 300 miles per hour pilot Peter barmer,flew the Thunder Mustang racing number,67 Swiss Thunder and Bob Mills flew the,class Thunder number 151 both are,replicas of the world famous North,American P-51 Mustang known of course as,the Cadillac of the Skies however these,feature the very powerful Falconer V12,American-made Racing Engines this,12-cylinder liquid-cooled V engine has a,power output of 640 horsepower the,number 151 was upgraded this year with a,very distinctive five blade propeller,this was from my understanding and,attempt to give it more thrust also one,cannot deny it looks radicals well I was,deeply impressed how hard the team,worked sometimes all night repairing the,engine it really felt like a family and,to see such passion was inspiring the,fact Fortis are the only watch brand,directly supporting a team that speaks,of volumes about them as well many,pilots from rival teams would stop by,and purchase a Fortis its also cool to,note that jet class winner Pete zacanino,water fought us this year during racing,reaching a staggering speed of over 500,miles per hour so lets listen to a few,words from the living legend himself so,this is the l29 we have a big motor in,it its a Pratt Whitney jt12 it produces,3000 pounds of thrust compared to the,stock engine that only produces 1900,pounds of thrust this was my second,world championship in 2013.,right after I won they changed the rules,and I couldnt race it anymore,so in 2015 I came back with a vampire,and we rebuilt brought back to life and,we won and it was a one of the most,competitive races here at Reno was,fantastic and then I had an event in,2016 that resulted in me Landing the,vampire in the desert thats out there,right and I it was safe and sound right,and then I started pitching bringing,this fast motor in Airplane back here to,race again so we raced last year she got,some bugs from it took second place last,year,um well remember second place though,right so this winter we did a lot of,work and now we brought this plane,qualified at 510 miles an hour,that puts us in second place,and today I have a lot of work to do to,get back into the first place position,right so youre literally youre going,to be racing in like what a couple of,minutes I am racing in,about one hour nice and hes wearing,photos of course and so you know in the,start its a big deal because Im,chasing a vampire and hes a good pilot,fast airplane and uh I I got to make,some key decisions early in that race,because as he burns fuel hes going to,get lighter and lighter right and fast,and faster correct right what makes you,keep coming back,well the competitions great yeah and,youre flying with some of the best,pilots in the world and that level keeps,you very sharp and I like that once,youre on the race course its a very,personal moment thats occurring and,its all accountable on you,coupled in with some of the other racers,and so that accountability for the,individual its uh its pretty intense,right and uh and I like that right,thats what thats what attracts you,yeah its a big part of it it makes you,want to be in that first place position,and uh at least for me thank you so much,for this,race yes yes barbecue drinks yeah,what is wonderful about this romantic,golden age of propeller-powered aircraft,aside from the beautiful aircrafts,themselves his timing was incredibly,crucial no matter if the pilot was,racing traveling exploring or in combat,the necessity for a reliable timepiece,as a navigation tool or an instrument,for calculation was invaluable these,days pilot watches are among the most,popular watch Styles this is mainly due,to the fascinating history that is,inextricably linked to mankind pushing,the boundaries of flight and that Spirit,of Adventure they evoke as well as the,obvious functional practicality they,still provide to this day,amazing really really amazing,rep in NDC of course the history of the,Pilots watch can be traced as far back,to 1904 with the development of the,Cartier Santos this watch was named,after the Brazilian aviation pioneer,Alberto Santos Dumont who was the first,to conduct a powered flight in Europe in,1906 in preparation for his daring,flight Santos Dumont requested a,timepiece that would allow him to use,both hands to control the aircraft and,turn to his friend Louis Cartier to,devise an easy legible timepiece this,development replaced the tradition of a,pocket watch among carte other notable,innovators include Zenith and Longines,Zenith produced a timepiece in 1909,which was famously used by the French,Aviator and engineer Louis Charles,Joseph Valerio during the first flight,across the English channel the next big,milestone was in 1927 when the Longines,accompanied the American Aviator Charles,A Lindbergh in the first solo airplane,flight across the Atlantic Ocean the,watch was in fact co-designed by,Lindbergh himself he sought a,multi-purpose instrument that featured a,complication that would allow him to,accurately determine longitude during,the long distance flight AS with so much,technology nothing propelled the,development and advancement and need for,pilot watches as did war the functional,easy to read style was very much defined,during these periods to meet the demands,of the pilots challenged by adverse,conditions or poor lighting therefore,watch manufacturers often designed even,larger timepie

Collecting Luxury Watches – Starting a watch from its sleep – Recommission for wearing

hello Im Archie luxury and welcome to,the program today Id like to start a,watch from its sleep so this is a watch,which weve put into the bank safe and,weve taken it back out naturally,because its been away for a while its,stopped its an automatic watch so we,want to bring this piece back into life,so I want to show you how I we,commissioned a piece for wearing hello,lets have a look here so firstly lets,look at the time so were looking at my,annual calendar and its Tuesday the 7th,of May and its if we look at the,24-hour display there at the 6th,position its 7:00 p.m. so now were,going to set my piece from its sleep so,here we go and here is my my beautiful,5.07 Calatrava and you can see it,stopped there because the second hand is,not moving and its on the 4th so what I,like to do is when Im reviving a piece,from its sleep you want to do this very,very gently and this will really help,the piece number 1 were going to unwind,the screwing crown and the first thing I,like to do is is just give it a very,gentle little wine just give it a little,wine,maybe wind at about 10 times and that,gets our piece starting to go there now,the next thing we want to do is we want,to actually advance the because we dont,know whether its a.m. or p.m.,so were going to pull the crown out to,its its end position and well advance,it 24 hours now with watches try and,always make the watch go forward what,just dont like going backwards so its,the fourth so that was 9 a.m. so now,were going to advance it until 9:00,p.m. okay keep going,okay its the fifth okay so now were,going to put the watch in to rest and,were going to make it lets make it,about 8:20,now the actual so thats 8:20 a.m. as it,stands now so were going to change the,date by using quick set so its,currently in 8th sorry its 8:00,sorry 7:20 I should say and its the the,date today using my annual calendar its,the 7th so were just going to advance,that with the quick-set okay okay,beautiful now were going to pull it out,completely and we will set the time so,this time its actually its night time,and its a little bit past seven oclock,so well just seven and its seven nine,okay there we go so now well just push,the crown in we havent screwed it in,yet and were going to give it a bit of,a wind so this is the second winding one,two three four five six seven eight nine,ten one two three four five six seven,eight nine ten now were going to push,that in now when I was winding it I was,winding a bit more vigorously than when,I first was winding it so now the screw,in crown is done and now well just give,it a little bit of a a little bit of a,shake,and there we go the piece is set and,its ready to put on someones wrist Im,Archie luxury I hope youve enjoyed this,segment here where Ive shown you how to,wind a watch from its sleep please tell,me what you think,you

hi this dr. Fazzio,and this video I will show you how to,resize the band on your watch now if you,have a brand new watch like this one I,have here the length of the band is,quite long its to allow you to remove,some of the links here and you can,resize this now the first thing you need,to do is to look on the backside of the,band and let me zoom in here and Ill,show you you can see here theres a,stamp with an arrow pointing in this,direction what that means is that the,pin right here can be pushed out in this,direction here I have two sets of tools,that you can use to remove those pins,over here on the right this is a stand,or you can place the band and the slot,here find the size of the pin that you,have and then place the pin in the hole,and using this small hammer in tap the,pin out or the other tool I have is a,screwin type as you can see there is a,pin that comes out want to screw this in,typically I like using this one its a,lot easier so in this video Ill show,you how to use this tool here so on this,watch Im going to remove three links on,this side,now as I screw this in you can see the,pin will be pushed out now carefully,pull this pin out next well remove this,pin here so that well remove three,links,now well connect the two pieces back,together now well install the pin now,before your hammer all the way in go to,make sure the bottom part its aligned,properly with the top part so the holes,will line up in a pin can go in easily,now you notice the pin we just hammer it,in is flush with the top whereas the,other ones from the manufacturer is,recessed in so we can do is take one of,these tool here and give it a couple of,light taps so now as you can see all the,pins look exactly the same on some,watches you might have an additional,adjustment you can do so for example,this watch I have by the clasp that you,see right here there are a couple of,holes here we can actually move the band,out of this hole and move it over to,another one,another thing you want to keep in mind,when resizing your band is to remove,links on both sides of the class pier,because if you only remove links on one,side when you close this clasp it wont,be centered underneath your wrist here,after you finish resizing do not throw,away these links you want to keep it in,a safe place so that in the future if,lets say you want to sell this watch,here you can include those links and,give it to the next owner so they can,resize it to whatever size they need,well I hope you find this video helpful,if you have any questions or comments,leave one in the comment section below,and dont forget to click on a thumbs up,and subscribe to my channel thank you

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