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  3. UMZU ZuPoo Final Review! Do NOT Buy this product!
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ZuPoo Review

so this is my review of zupu,because health starts in the gut right,you need to be able to absorb your,vitamins and your nutrients,through your gut and if you dont have a,healthy gut if you have things blocking,any passageways or just blocking the,absorption of nutrients,then thats going to cause other,symptoms to happen in your body,so i was like okay knowing that health,starts in the gut,i need to just like cleanse myself,because i hadnt been eating super well,being a teacher and being a coach and,just like,long hours with kids it gets a little,bit stressful,so im like okay i just need a cleanse,its an herbal concoction,right its got a lot of herbs in it um a,mixture that will help,just really clean yourself out you know,get rid of any excess,toxins and just excess junk in your,stomach,ready to go ready to uh absorb the,nutrients that you eat from healthy food,and you know even lose weight people are,saying that they lose 10,15 pounds on this so im like okay,its worth a shot so let me say this,ive done this before with a,liquid uh form of this where its a lot,of herbs,and its just a liquidy thick uh,concoction that just really,when i when i tried it it just like i,felt like it nourished,um my stomach lining it just moved,everything very nice,and very effortless um,it was just it was great it was great it,was definitely pricey but it just it,felt good,it felt natural it felt smooth it felt,amazing so i thought this would be very,similar,um just with the dry form of it so zupu,claims that,they have bark extract leaf powder,fennel seed powder burdock slippery elm,milk thistle uh several different types,of seed powders,cayenne red pepper so they claim to have,all these different herbs and different,powders,in their capsules but honestly it just,feels like magnesium pills,feels the exact exact exact exact same,it didnt feel like that herbal elixir,concoction that ive tried before it,didnt feel like that at all,it just feels like you swallow it,with lots of water and it just kind of,like bubbles,and it just makes your bowel movements,very watery and just liquidy,and thats it it doesnt make you go any,more than normal,it doesnt really cleanse you it might,it might a little bit,but it doesnt do what theyre claiming,it to do and i really dont think,i dont think its those herbs that,theyre claiming that are in it maybe in,small small small doses but i really,think its just magnesium pills i mean,you go ahead and try it,buy some magnesium pills buy zupu and,try it and you tell me if you can feel,the difference you wont be able to feel,the difference,the thing is zupu is it was like 40,bucks,for one bottle and you can get so many,magnesium pills for like,10 bucks 15 bucks like get hundreds,so its way overpriced,its ridiculous and i dont,i would think its false advertising,theres no way that all that,all those good herbs are in that theres,no way that this,again this is just my opinion this is,just my experience,uh i could be a way off in my opinion,if you want to have the same results as,zupu just go buy,magnesium pills and youll have the same,exact,effects for a lot cheaper save yourself,the money,and you can look you can look around of,course if you go to,zoopoos or um zoos website theyre,gonna have like all these amazing,reviews,thats because theyre controlling the,reviews theyre probably making them up,and just putting them in but if you go,on google and you look up,reviews youll see oh a lot of people,just,didnt have the best experience or just,kind of the same thing it just feels,like magnesium pills,i mean its gonna its gonna move stuff,but this doesnt feel it doesnt feel,natural or healthy,it really does feel like its just like,bubbling,just like i dont even know what,magnesium pills do,exactly it does it does cleanse you out,but not in the way that theyre claiming,for it to do and i really recommend you,just save your money,go get some magnesium pills call it a,day or,eat very healthy like just eat a lot of,fruits and vegetables,eat fish lean meats and,things should move on their own anyway


[Applause],you know youve seen the commercial,for it youve seen the commercial for um,ajs seen the commercial for um zoo,everyone on youtube has seen the,commercial for um zoo,i hope im saying it right i took,interest in um zoo because he said lopsi,uh digestion issues,uh excess waste toxins,um and blood pressure,diabetes a good flush and then he said,one cube oh they went to duke university,were from chapel hill so i was like the,guys good looking here he is,youve seen them all over youtube so i,had to buy it,its a reasonable price price point is,perfect,theyve got multiple multiple multiple,products they even have a shake were,going were getting to that,i had to get the zupu now when i,first tried the zupu,i only took one capsule and i was like,im not seeing any results,but the directions reading is,fundamental,two capsules nike,and when i did that,the results were amazing,fantastic,amazing i,feel flattered kids still tell me im,fat,but i dont feel as bloated,and i believe,when you smoke stomach,uh fibers go down when you need another,one they come back up like when youre,hungry,the thing in your stomach goes up when,you eat they rest,whatever this is doing is reducing,my desire,so i want to say it is,correcting my gut health get yourself,some probiotics,um zoo also has probiotics i,cant see,to read to you whats in the product,but what i will do,is list the products,and im sure youve heard our friend in,his commercial,tell you whats in it certain roots,certain cinnamon it,has had amazing results,[Music],[Music],flushing your body of waste build up to,improve,your overall gut health while getting,your digestive system,into optimal shape benefits from,waste elimination decreased bloating,reduced load at the belly and,improved digestion,[Music],approved get some,check it out this is a product review,of um the capsules,look like this,smells more like cinnamon and a root,theres our guy there he is,[Music],great commercial got my attention good,luck to this company and they also have,several other products,which we will be checking out thank you,for watching,thank you for clicking on the video be,sure to subscribe to carter z for more,product reviews,what we eat and cook for the family of,six,um collaborations challenges,and fun mommy moments what does it take,to make a good wife,and on mrs carter we expect to see you,over there,thank you for watching be sure to hit,the x hit the thumbs up,subscribe were on the road to 10k id,love your help,okay thank you for watching and ill see,you guys,in the next video

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UMZU ZuPoo Final Review! Do NOT Buy this product!

ive been seeing people come up with,some really cool tag lines for the,youtube channel you know calling people,like hey,effers hey loosters,im i want to come up with something if,you guys have an idea let me know jeremy,lou photography what do i call you guys,um thats all i want to figure out,[Music],guys whats going on welcome back to the,channel this is jeremy with jeremy,photography thank you so much for tuning,in guys if youre new to the channel,please consider subscribing videos,anyway give it a thumbs up and click,that bell for notifications ill tell,you every time i come off,were in the office now and um its,blizzarding outside ill,actually it looks a little sunny outside,right now but thats the forecast that,we have so this week is very slow,which is kind of nice to kind of have,five days of not really shooting not,doing anything but a lot of,admin work so guys this is a kind of a,sad,sad video because this is um a final,push on zoo poo um if you guys go back,and ill link this video,um i did a unboxing of zoopou from a,company called,um and um,basically i saw this pop up on instagram,um i did a full unboxing of it,and kind of went through the the,benefits of it and why people are taking,it,and after reading the raving reviews on,everything i decided to get it,and i was very excited and ive been,taking it,last night was the 15th day its a,bottle that comes with thirty capsules,day two at night with a full glass of,water right before bed,and whats supposed to happen with the,reviews is youre gonna lose five to ten,pounds oh my god things were exploding,um basically it gets all of the gunk,thats stuck in your,colon in your body in your intestines,that hasnt come out yet think of it,like a colonoscopy no wait,uh colonic without the colonic part,right where everything kind of pushes,out and flushes out,um just so you guys know you should be,going and having a bowel movement oh,this is a great video,a bowel movement at least once a day,usually the same time every day and it,should be a good bowel movement where,everythings firm not,runny not anything like that and thats,how your kind of body is regulating,itself and doing well,typically your body does this very well,im not a doctor,i was a massage therapist i know a lot,about this but consult your doctor,dont take my word for 100 please so,your body does this very well,um but theoretically with colonics and,everything theyve always said that,things get stuck behind and that buildup,can be five to ten pounds of just waste,right of just waste,not coming out maybe you have a poor,diet maybe youre not working out maybe,youre not eating the right things maybe,youre eating some stuff that youre,slightly allergic to,and things are just getting stuck well,as a colonic this zupu was,promised to do this i watched a bunch of,videos i watched,the the the owner of the company talk i,watched all these things i watched these,reviews on other peoples but theres,not many reviews on this is why im,doing this video,and a lot of people explosions i lost,five ten pounds be ready to lose pounds,i mean their their,their reviews are are humorous theyre,great theyre open,but now im thinking a lot of them are,fake i think a lot of them are just,people going on there,outdoing each other on review same with,amazon like when you go on amazon,and you see something people just start,trying to make funny reviews off of it,it has nothing with the product i think,this is one of those things thats,happened,and theyre using those reviews to push,this product so,i took it for 15 days 30 days to,recommend i have it on auto ship every,three months my plan is to take it every,three months,lose some weight or at least clean out,my body and go for it right,i have a pretty healthy lifestyle im a,vegan about 95,of the time and i work out,almost every day i eat well i ton of,vegetables ton of fruits very little,meat,if any meat at all and thats just the,kind of lifestyle im at im an asian,person and thats how we eat thats how,we live right,um all you asians if youre if youre,opposite im sorry uh we dont need to,talk about that,day one i took it super nervous taking,it didnt know what to expect,on the reviews that said hey at the,first four 24 to 40 hours plan on doing,nothing like dont go anywhere because,youre gonna be like stuck,uh having to go the bathroom in places,that you shouldnt be going to the,bathroom and i was like super nervous,but i took it,um i had a bowel movement in the morning,like normal,and um later on that day my stomach,started to hurt like cramp up real bad,and then uh its got super gassy another,bowel movement,um this one was runny pushed out i was,like okay cool this is its working its,doing its thing right its doing its,thing,but it wasnt a lot it wasnt a an,amount of explosion nothing was crazy it,just,kind of felt like diarrhea day two,almost exactly the same thing day three,through day fifteen bowel movement in,the morning,thats it followed by stomach cramps and,stomach pains,every single day my stomach would cramp,up as if im,if im dying but nothing was coming out,nothing was happening i wasnt,constipated,um things just werent happening things,were moving am i too healthy am i one of,those people thats too healthy im not,too healthy guys,i eat my share of crap and so,nothing was coming out about day four or,five i went to the,community group page on facebook where,they have to,verify each post that youre doing,before posting it in fact i did a post,about five hours ago and it hasnt been,approved yet,and instead of them commenting on my,post,or anything they just write me a message,telling me what to do so nobody else,gets to see im trying to get,interactions from people that are,actually taking it to get some help,but instead its just one guy going on,there and telling you you know this is,what you should do its kind of like,customer support but not right but,a bunch of the other groups go through,perfectly fine,he told me that hey jeremy you need to,drink a lot more water,and take some magnesium if you will,first off im just not going to take,magnesium to take it,secondly i drink about 128 to 156 ounces,every single day of water um i love,water i drink it all the time im,always hydrated i drink a lot of water,thats not the issue,stomach cramps all that i weighed myself,at 2 16 when i started 15 days ago guys,i weigh,216. i was 216.8 im now 216.2,um give or take i kept my workouts the,same i didnt really change anything i,didnt do,more cardio or anything like that i,didnt lose any weight and that was the,biggest reason i did it it wasnt really,i dont want to lose weight but i was,like thats gonna be the most,significant way for me to prove that,this actually works,does it work for me no,a lot of reviews im reading on thats,not on their website not other places,people having the same deal as me and,yes i did read that,this morning i didnt read it during the,process i wanted to keep this open and,legit as possible,so guys if youre thinking about doing,this i dont mean you can do it they,have a money back guarantee which im,going to ask for,im gonna cancel my subscription to them,i dont know,it just doesnt work i mean i i suggest,taking more fiber,if you have to push things out lax it,out um,but it didnt work for me and and you,know the sad thing with these groups is,that when things dont work for you,within this community of groups of um,zoo,um they kind of attack you they kind of,go after you because youre not doing it,right because it totally works for them,all the time,um im seeing pictures of people using,four or five different products on,autoship every single month they have to,be spending two three hundred dollars a,month on products that they dont know,if it works,and thats dangerous and thats scary um,and you know,it might be all placebo it might i might,be that effect so if they see this video,and they want to comment and say jeremy,its because you did this and this and,this,i did exactly what was told o

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yes,[Music],welcome multi squad this is your,favorite auntie and sis and im back,with another video this is going to be a,product review video this is something,that ive seen in,ads on other peoples uh youtube,channels you know when youre watching,youtube you get these ads that pop up,well this product really caught my eye,and its something that i was,considering trying you know because a,lot of times we have excess stuff in our,stomach we feel weighted down especially,after the fourth of july holiday you,know a lot of youve been eating the,wrong foods eating lots of meats,and you know its just there sometimes,its just sitting there and its not,going anywhere and this is a product,that i find thats wonderful for losing,weight says that its great for weight,loss and removing that toxic buildup in,your intestine this is all natural its,a dietary supplement,and the product im talking about,is,um zoo zupu now i dont know if you can,see it well because of the lighting but,this really caught my eye,it has a 15 day supply in the bottle,and you take two tablets daily before,bed,and its made of all natural herbs now i,started taking this the first day i took,it it started working i took it through,the day it says take it before bed but i,wanted to test to see how fast it would,work on me before actually taking it,before bed because i now work at night,so,i dont want no mishaps overnight while,im working or anything of this sort so,i wanted to test it out to see how long,it takes to work,now it does the same as a lot of these,supplements that you take before bed it,works on you throughout the night,and by the morning time or by the next,day you have to go now this did not make,me feel bad it did not cramp me up it,did not give me that urgency of having,to run to the bathroom it just naturally,flow,and when you go,youre going okay it cleans you out and,you take it every single day its,natural this is wonderful for digestion,it lightens that load,and it cleanses you out verbally,and what caught my eye was that its a,natural product its full of all-natural,herbs and spices now what zuku does it,helps flush your gut and intestines of,all the waste buildup that has,accumulated inside of you and this is,one of the reasons why a lot of people,have extended bloated stomachs and feel,like they cant lose the weight and,zoopu supports waste elimination and a,clean healthy gut in zupu it has six,natural ingredients to flush you out,this potent blend of vitamins and,minerals herbs and bark has one purpose,and one purpose only and thats to flush,out your system studies show that an,average person carries waste from the,last eight meals what have you eaten in,the last eight meals how long do you,want that in your system okay people who,take zooku typically experience a large,passing of waste within 12 to 24 hours,this is a 15 day supply cycle for a full,flush of your gut the ingredients thats,in zupu is casa cara sagrada,[Music],bend the night clay,[Music],aloe ferrox,milk thistle,[Music],cayenne pepper extract,[Music],[Music],[Music],and slippery elm extract,[Music],so like i said this is full of lots of,wonderful herbs and spices,and you take two capsules every day for,the full 15 days this is a game changer,it comes with 30 capsules but like i,said youre taking two capsules each day,and thats before bed,now like i mentioned to you i took it,the first day and by the next day i was,going then i took it the next day and it,really gave me a more powerful cleansing,the second day so im on my third day,today and im really looking forward to,the results so far i do feel a lot less,burdensome i dont feel as though i have,a lot of things accumulated in there,its definitely flattening out the,stomach as its cleaning it out and i,just feel a lot lighter i dont feel,heavy weighted because,your girl did have some stuff for the,fourth of july okay i was eating so,i didnt feel comfortable after that and,i just wanted to get rid of all that,excess waste but this company um and,this is not a sponsored video i really,saw this product and wanted to do a,video on it they also have some other,products regarding cleaning your system,also for weight loss so,im going to put the the link down below,where you can check out this product for,yourself,and see for yourself if you want to buy,it check down below for the link,there is no product code because i,havent reached out to them yet but i,was very excited about starting this,video and,um i guess somewhere along the line ill,give you an update on my full review,after my 15 days of using this now like,i said tonight i go into work so im a,little skeptical,ill probably take it because it takes,like maybe what 12 to 14 hours,at least on me,where it starts activating so by the,time i get home,seven tomorrow morning,it should be activating so i should be,pretty safe okay,but yeah you guys this product right,here is really good i highly recommend,it for those of you who are having,problems getting rid of that waste in,your stomach and this is a nice way to,kick start your weight loss journey if,youre trying to detox your body and,cleanse it and give it a thorough detox,before you start eating healthy this is,a wonderful way to eat healthy and,cleanse at the same time and kickstart,your weight loss journey if youre,trying to lose weight youve got to,detox youve got to cleanse this is a,wonderful way to cleanse your body and,get your body reset for losing weight,and for those of you who may not be,trying to lose weight but you ate a lot,youre not healthy in your gut youre,trying to clean your gut out and digest,your foods so this is really good its a,wonderful cleanse so yeah yall check,them out check them out check the link,down below and im going to try some,more of theirs that i saw on the site so,ill bring to you some other new,products that if youre interested in,trying for yourself youre welcome to,check them out i paid like 30 something,dollars no i think i got a little,discount so i think it was like 20,something dollars for this which is not,bad honestly this is really decent price,on the site its usually like 30,something dollars but they give you like,little discount for you to be able to,save a little money on each bottle this,is a great product to try yall so,ill have the link down below and stay,tuned for more upcoming product review,videos where i will be bringing to you,different types of products for you to,consider things that i think either work,or not but this is an honest review like,i said its not sponsored theyre not,paying me to do any type of promotions,this is just a review of a product that,i saw and i like and so far im liking,okay,it will have you going a few times for,the day so be prepared for that okay and,if youre eating something youre gonna,be extracting that its to eliminate,that stuff so thats a good thing at,least your colon stays clean,and you dont have that buildup of poop,of food that youve eaten already still,sitting around in your belly you got to,get rid of that okay so,check them out,um,and this product is called zoo poop,all right yall thank you so much for,joining me and i will see you again in,the next video,are you ready to start your weight loss,journey,because i want to show you how to kick,start that new you body fast i have this,wonderful detox tonic that will have you,feeling and looking better in the skin,that youre in and its the popular,flat belly detox and energizer tonic,this tonic will help you to lose inches,cleanse your blood burns unwanted body,fat this will also flatten your stomach,remove waste boost your metabolism and,strengthen your colon,this tonic is powerful and within four,to six hours after taking it you will,definitely have to go,youre going to have a huge bowel,movement followed by several more,throughout the day this tonic will,remove all of that excess waste stored,in your colon which will have you,feeling better with more energy you can,drink two to four tablespoons in the,ev

Umzu Zupoo Honest review! Do not buy this product before watching

for this review i have purposely  gained weight no no im joking  ,its just been ive been eating stupidly  do you know the average american can  ,hold between five and 20 pounds of waste in  their intestines this might be your solution,hey everyone whats up this is ghost of again  back again with another review and today you  ,know from time to time on this channel i do  health reviews im very particular in my health  ,since i moved to virginia ive been ive been just  been hectic hectic life eating this eating that  ,and i noticed i gained a few pounds so its time  to lose them in todays video i review zupu this  ,is a 15 day supply and from what i read through  other reviews thats all you really need you dont  ,want to go overboard with it and you want to try  to do it every quarter which is pretty much every  ,every three months pretty much basically ive  been feeling very lethargic very um just tired  ,lately maybe because i have sleep apnea i dont  know im starting to develop a large part of this  ,problem for me is my weight well i never really i  never really subscribed to the bmi thing because  ,im im like big bone stocky guy im not it  says im supposed to be like 130 540 pounds  ,thats too small for me but i do optimistically  want to be like 175 pounds 180 pounds  ,but i feel great there but i used to train at that  but you know me when i used to fight i was used  ,to fight like 135 im gonna do like like this is  probably the majority of the video but i am going  ,to do a follow up im going to try to do all 15  days you guys be the judge of what the turnout is  ,in 15 days and im also going to take a picture  of the scale and really see if um if i do lose  ,weight because of just that based on the mat the  matter inside of me right so things like that um  ,i havent worked out in maybe a month now because  i havent found any place really work out like i  ,said before this is gonna be a good indicator  if you are a moderate or maybe not even working  ,out at all and relying on this to potentially  lose weight because you know your colon does  ,hold a lot of things in there uh toxic stuff is  one of them so this im only im doing this for  ,pretty much weight loss uh because of the physical  matter in me and potentially just to take out the  ,the toxins inside of me lets just go over  the benefits of using this what they claim  ,and will it really work and the whole  journey of using this zupu for 15 days,from what i gather zoopou flushes your guts  and your intestines of the physical matter  ,the waste inside your intestines and your gut that  youve accumulated over time i dont know how long  ,how much how how far they go back but thats what  they allege that is going to do the main thing im  ,looking for that isnt it doesnt give me the  runs thats like number one so the main thing  ,that zoopu will tackle is digestion being clean  on the inside and weight loss right im more into  ,the cleaning of the inside because i do have a  lot of cancer in my family so um anything that  ,has to do with antioxidants cleaning your  body with toxins and things like that  ,im down for right as long as its healthy and  things like that you know lets just go over  ,what is in zupu so you guys are informed and you  can choose to either buy the product or try the  ,product or not lets just go over the features of  whats in this bottles little capsules right here  ,so this is what their plan is for you take two  capsules right before bed each day for 15 days  ,the six main natural ingredients in this product  that will help you cleanse digest and potentially  ,lose some weight through the flushing of the waste  matter in your body or in your gut and intestines  ,number one is casara sagrada casares de grande  is a gentle laxative pretty much two bentonite  ,clay bentonite clay has been used traditionally  to draw out waste in a gentle way you know so you  ,dont have explosive bentonite clay also has a lot  of a lot of really good nutrients in it calcium  ,magnesium silica sodium copper iron and potassium  three aloe ferrox this is also a laxative and  ,a colon cleanser as well some would say that  allopherox is considered one of the strongest  ,colon cleansers out there and it has shown  has done good things for people who have ibs  ,number four milk thistle now this is great because  it deals with liver cleans the liver out you know  ,as many of you know i gave my kidner kidney as  many of you know i gave my kidney to my sister  ,heres a video for that and uh the liver and  the kidney are really basically like filters  ,to the body are pretty much right from what  i know it helps remove waste out of the body  ,that goes through the liver so and its all thats  a good thats a good thing for me anything you can  ,do to clean those two things amazing you gotta  try it out number five cayenne pepper extract  ,now anytime i eat anytime i eat im always  putting cayenne pepper in because i dont get  ,a pepper butt thats what i call it with cayenne  pepper if i eat jalapeno habanero different story  ,it burns me but cayenne pepper for me its an  anti-inflammatory so thats why i use it for  ,everything i eat like whether whatever food i eat  im putting cayenne pepper on but it is in zuppu  ,the reason why i think zupu uses this is  because it helps metabolize it its like  ,a thermogenic food i think and i guess it helps  expedite a lot of the processes and number six  ,slippery elm extract after reading into this  pretty much from what i get from it it reduces  ,straining abdominal pain and bloating as well  as stool consistency and it helps with digestion  ,to make it regular and consistent which  will probably put you in a better position  ,for your weight loss that weight loss aspect  of zupu so thats pretty much it the top six  ,ingredients that are used in zooproof to help  you digest clean and potentially lose weight so,i went to the bathroom you know i dont want  to be too explicit or too descriptive too much  ,but the main gist of this message to you right now  for this day is that the amount that will come out  ,for me was a lot it was just  a lot if you can imagine a  ,cow pie is put that in your brain right  so um yeah im gonna weigh myself real,quick,hey everyone so i am closing on this video and  um i hope you liked the video of my journey of  ,losing weight i think i started at 221 i am at  209 right now this morning as i speak 209.6 so um  ,yeah i now take that with a grain of salt i  do take care of myself i do eat pretty well  ,im not going to say its all of zoo poo  however i did have to say that i do have to  ,say that when you do take it it really um all  the claims that its making that it does make  ,is pretty factual in my life i dont know about  where your your health is and things like that  ,um it did expel a lot i would have to say and  what its expelling is pretty cool i mean it is  ,for me because i start thinking like man its  all in me oh i hope you like this new setup  ,dont its always going to be a mess im sorry  but yeah thats my system right there my thing  ,and all my stuff there and my whiteboard for  my ideas so im starting to really get my um  ,itemize my schedule so i can make more time to  make videos i do have a lot of stuff too even  ,like you know right now i dont have the rest  of my pills but im taking this right now so if  ,you guys want more reviews on the things that  im taking please feel free comment down below  ,tell me your zupu journey thats the main thing  right there take that action by commenting down  ,below your zooproof journey what was your weight  loss journey using zoopoo or whatever reaction  ,you had with it and zoo pool and everything like  that um by all means i just wanted you know were  ,not sponsored by zoo poo i really tried my best  to take care of my health so i just buy things  ,to make you know to always try to get an edge  on keeping healthy so comment on that video  ,like the video and i appreciat

UMZU ZuPoo Day 9 update Review |Colon Cleanse and Gut Support| Weight Loss journey

whats going on youtube its your buddy,rome and today were back at it again,with another banging video all right so,look im gonna look im just gonna be,straight forward with this im gonna be,straightforward with yall today all,right so listen ive been taking this,product to zoopu for about nine days now,um my day one was good day two good day,three good day four was good day five,was good past day five thats when,things started getting kind of funny all,right im gonna talk about the pros and,cons the pros and cons about this,product the cons about this product,already you guys know its the price i,feel like its a bit pricey for a,product to only last 15 days because now,i have to buy another bottle alright,because i have six more days left with,this bottle then i have to get another,bottle so that what i can do i can,complete my 30 day challenge because the,goal is to go down to 145 to 147 right,now i am currently sitting at 156 you,know i was just weighing myself not too,long ago im just im barely im,literally eating the same im working on,this im doing the same workouts before,i was taking a product and as im taking,a product right now i have not changed,anything about my diet i have not,changed anything about my life routine i,just want to see if the product is able,to deliver that is all i forget,everything else you still got to work,out hard you still have to drink a lot,of water or its not going to be,effective but besides that the only con,is the price if it was not for the price,i will be you know ill be happy to get,this back to back without feeling,certain type of way but lets talk about,the pros right now i the good thing,about this like i said when i was on day,one with this product i didnt feel any,effect day two barely anything day three,you know what i mean day four day five i,really didnt feel too much going on,because i was not using the bathroom,back to back i think day six if i can,remember because this is day nine day,six is when it started really getting to,me all right im talking about back to,back at work it dont matter if it was,at work at church and you know im,saying in heaven out to the moon like at,the libra it dont matter where it was i,was going to the bathroom back to back,this thing has been knocking me out its,been like really mad as ive been having,some some some fun nights im talking,about waking up at 2 a.m in the morning,got to use the bathroom i dont really,like that because sometimes i just want,to sleep but it wake me up because of my,time,its crazy man because i be waking up in,the middle of the night you know making,noise just to go to the bathroom its,crazy but um i cant really say thats a,con because thats what its supposed to,do its supposed to clean your stomach,your colon as much as it can alright,because apparently there is 5 to 20,pounds of toxic poop in our system which,i really dont know where but thats,what the commercial says i think we got,5 to 20 pounds of toxic poop but so far,so good as far as the product um i would,probably like right now i will probably,rate it a seven and a half or maybe an,eight out of ten because the price is,not gonna make it a ten out of ten and,me going to the bathroom and its really,like hurting my feelings because i just,want to id be wanting to sleep,sometimes so as far as the product being,effective i would say that in nine days,dropping you know because i started 160,and 156 now so in nine days losing four,pounds isnt too bad but im not im not,like i dont know man i i thought maybe,in 90s i would lose it a little bit,faster than that but um four pounds like,i said its still hard to lose its hard,to lose four pounds when you dont,really wait that heavy im not that,heavy im like one six i started at 160.,so im not that heavy for me to lose,four pounds it was kind of like okay,thats not bad thats pretty good i just,want to go to 140 145 to 147 so i can,look more shredded and i can you know my,physique can appeal to appear a bit,better thats kind of why im pushing,for 125 to 147 but apart from that the,product works pretty well man but,it works well but you got to be able to,support that you got to be able to,really deal with the going to the,bathroom back to the back all right,because if youre in a tight area where,theres no bathroom bro ima let you,know right now right now if youre in an,area where theres no bathroom but,youre gonna be in trouble i mean like,just be prepared man for people to make,fun of you because youre gonna let it,go aint gonna be no coming back from,there youre gonna let it go all right,so guys that is my review of this zoo,pool um,that name always makes me laugh zoo poo,this is my review of the zoopou,supplement this zooplu product day nine,complete i am pushing for day 10 i hope,that in the next 21 days im able to,drop down to at least 147 so that we got,9 to 11 more pounds to go to drop all,right for 30 days straight man im,taking this thing so guys i really,appreciate you guys for watching this,video dont forget to show some love to,this video like the video share this,video dont forget to subscribe to the,channel as well because yall know i,keep coming but these bangers okay,appreciate yall yeah


hi guys dr christine rankin welcome back,to my channel here at south metro,wellness clinic,today were going to parlay on last,weeks video about how and when to use,supplements,remember supplements are not corrective,they are supportive,and theyre going to help your health,when youre leaning you know a little,bit low or a little bit deficient in a,certain area,today were going to do a little bit of,a review about my experience with the,zupu,product now this is a product from um,zoo umu and im going to read you whats,on the back of the label,zupu is all about naturally flushing out,your body of waste buildup to improve,your overall gut health while getting,your digestive system into optimal shape,benefit from waste elimination decrease,bloating reduce load of the belly and,improve digestion,this came across a popular youtube,channel that i follow pretty regularly,along with some other um zoo products,now im going to talk a little bit more,about my experience with it,i was interested in trying zupu because,im a person who stores stress,and weight gain in my midsection when i,never used to okay so past couple years,its just been difficult for me to get,on point with my digestive health so i,did try the,fluorocell 50 which is a probiotic,looking back id probably start with the,zoo poop,its got a number of natural ingredients,theres a clay,theres milk thistle theres a slippery,elm my favorite is actually the cayenne,pepper,i recommend trying this product like,what i did i started taking the capsules,before bed which is in the directions,here,uh before before you go to bed you take,two capsules i think thats on the,website it says one to two but on the on,the,label here it says take two it does take,a while to work i did go over all of the,zupu,reviews on um zoo its pretty,self-explanatory this is a colon,cleanse its a gut health cleanse its,supposed to help improve the quality of,your digestive voice both in the upper,portion and the lower portion,and it does work my experience with the,product was not as drastic as some of,the reviews they are hilarious theres a,lot of them on there,very little negative feedback its going,to do what its going to do so im not,going to go into that its pretty,self-explanatory,one thing i didnt do that i should have,done was drink more water,most people said that they had no pain,or no discomfort while their body was,eliminating all of the excess waste that,theyd been carrying around for a while,okay i didnt have anything explosive,nothing scary,nothing back and forth but i do,recommend trying the product over a,weekend when youre going to be home,and yes the reviews are also true make,sure you have enough toilet paper,because its a gut cleanse youre going,to need that you know what youre going,into this to do guys its not a secret,okay,i did have some discomfort and some,sharp pains in the right side of the,ascending colon for a while,just because i believe i didnt drink,enough water im a pop drinker i was,drinking hot chocolate,probably didnt go into with enough,hydration now i do this is a 15 day,regimen there are 30 capsules in the,bottle,youre going to want to take two get it,started and then continue i was very,very impressed with the gas relief very,very impressed with that it really did,take all of that stuff down,made everything easier to pass and just,a lot less discomfort,so im going to continue to use the,fluorescent 50 which is the probiotic to,help build up the good quality gut flora,its going to take me a while to heal,just because i had extensive damage so,when i read some of the reviews most of,them are people of the male gender who,are a little bit more comfortable,talking about waste elimination online,okay lets give them that round of,applause they did a good job,i didnt have any of that kind of stuff,just because i think with women with,menstrual cycles and things like that,tend to be a little bit more constipated,right around the midsection and the,tummy and the belly button a lot more,frequently and more commonly because,they have hormonal things and i did see,on the website,that balancing ph and balancing hormones,in the stomach,was another way that zupu works my,favorite ingredient in this product and,i can tell you this is a little bit,different i didnt read in any of the,other reviews i should probably get,online and put it on there,is the cayenne pepper i could feel the,warmth in the lower esophageal,in the upper gi and also in the,ascending colon i could feel the heat,i could just feel something was,different and i want to say thats the,cayenne pepper which is a,natural digestive aid i think it was,supposed to improve,in saliva production and gastric juices,production so maybe i was just feeling,like not heartburn but just,like burn in a little bit of a different,area i dont mind it it was actually a,pleasant sensation,there will be a gas buildup before you,get a release of your solid waste thats,normal,i didnt find or didnt think or didnt,read anything on there about excessive,flatulence or anything being a foul or,foul odor or foul smelling i certainly,didnt have any of those,those products or those types of things,happen as well so this is a great,product i do recommend it to my patients,i will probably,continue to use it in the future just,because im a gi responder,i store stress in my tummy and it causes,me problems,so i would like to continue to work uh,with this product line i think im going,to try a couple more products im going,to finish the floral slow 50 and,probably purchase it again just because,the extent of damage thats already in,my small,intestine small gut probably needs more,time to heal so im going to continue to,go with that,also too make sure you get enough water,again,and also what you eat if youre going to,eat crap youre not going to get very,good results or its going to be more,uncomfortable for you if you eat quality,healthy foods,make sure you get enough protein enough,fiber youre probably going to have a,more pleasant experience,with the um zoo zoo poo product which i,discovered by watching youtube,were all here on youtube today and ive,also followed certain people,on youtube as well and this continued,um infomar infomercial with the,spokesperson continues to show up as,well as the fluorescent 50 and the,redwood,which is a pre-workout pro pro,supplement there that i probably will,try because im back in the gym now,and were lifting heavier weights so,ive been happy with that so overall my,experience with zupu was a good one i,encourage you to give it a try,its drug free cant hurt i do believe,theres a money-back guarantee if you,dont like it,i believe probably too that if you are,having an,a more dramatic experience you could,probably reduce your dose from two,capsules to one that would be another,option as well rather than just giving,up on the product,and also to be aware of the delay i did,read other,zoopoo reviewers talking about there was,a delay it did take about 30 hours,before i saw the change,for the first 24 i thought nothing of it,so it did take a little bit more closer,to a day and a half so that is my review,of the zupoo product i hope you enjoyed,it,i ordered mine some of the products are,available on amazon i ordered my from,the oomzoo.com website itself where i,also read all of the reviews,and there is a discount i believe if you,purchase every 90 days and you sign up,so thats something i havent done yet i,probably will,have a great day to your intestinal,health i know it sounds a little bit,cheesy but from me to you it matters to,me so if it matters to you as well,give this product a try and see what you,think bye bye see you next time

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