5 Worst and Best Wings of Fire Names Revealed!

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5 Worst and Best Wings of Fire Names Revealed!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Worst Wings of Fire Character Names 2.1 Odollam 2.2 Festoon 2.3 Warf 2.4 Weevil 2.5 Earwig
  3. Best Wings of Fire Character Names 3.1 Anaconda 3.2 Hazel 3.3 Moonwatcher 3.4 Sunstreak 3.5 Darkstalker
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQ

Article: Ranking the Best and Worst Wings of Fire Character Names


In the vast and imaginative world of the Wings of Fire book series, there are countless characters with unique and interesting names. Some names manage to capture the essence of the character perfectly, while others fall flat or seem a bit strange. In this article, we will explore and rank the top five best and worst character names in Wings of Fire. By examining their meanings and how they fit within the world of the series, we can determine which names truly stand out and which ones miss the mark.

Worst Wings of Fire Character Names

2.1 Odollam

Kicking off our list of the worst character names is Odollam, a LeafWing of an unknown gender. While Odollam may be the name of a fruit-bearing tree, it feels a bit goofy and doesn't flow well as a dragon's name. However, it's not the worst name in the series, as there is still some charm to it.

2.2 Festoon

Coming in at number four is Festoon, a SilkWing from the Lost Continent. Festoons themselves are beautiful, but the name doesn't do justice to the elegance of Flamesilk. Nevertheless, the name is fun to say and adds a touch of whimsy to the character.

2.3 Warf

At number three, we have Warf, perhaps one of the worst names bestowed upon a character in Wings of Fire. Imagine your mother scolding you by yelling "WARF!" in front of all your friends. Not the most intimidating or appealing name, especially considering that Wharf, a SeaWing guard, shares a similar name and has a grumpy personality.

2.4 Weevil

Taking the second spot on our list is Weevil, an annoying HiveWing who bothers Luna and Blue in the candy store. The name itself speaks for its unpleasantness, and it's hard to sympathize with a character named after an ugly insect. It's safe to say that Weevil's name is not one that inspires admiration.

2.5 Earwig

Finally, the top spot for the worst names goes to Earwig, one of the HiveWings abandoned by Wasp due to her injuries in The Flames of Hope. Earwigs are repulsive insects, and being named after one is certainly not a compliment. It's safe to say that this name leaves a lot to be desired.

Best Wings of Fire Character Names

3.1 Anaconda

Now let's shift our focus to the best character names in Wings of Fire. Coming in at number five is Anaconda, the RainWing queen during Darkstalker's time. This name exudes power and fierceness, perfectly befitting a queen of the RainWings. Anaconda's name provides insight into the tribe's past and demonstrates the creativity of the author in capturing the essence of a character through their name.

3.2 Hazel

At number four, we have Hazel, a LeafWing who briefly assumed the position of ruler. The name Hazel is simple yet beautiful, perfectly reflecting her personality, coloring, and tribe. It's hard to imagine a better name for this character that fits so seamlessly with her traits.

3.3 Moonwatcher

The third spot goes to Moonwatcher, the protagonist of Book Six. From the moment we hear her name, it evokes a sense of awe and beauty. Moonwatcher's fascination with the three moons and her mother naming her based on this passion make her name truly remarkable. It perfectly captures her dragonet qualities and adds an extra layer of depth to her character.

3.4 Sunstreak

Coming in at number two is Sunstreak, the first BeetleWing to approach Clearsight and later becomes her partner. The name Sunstreak conjures images of vibrant shades of pink, yellow, blue, and gold shining across a dragon's scales. The name exudes warmth and radiance, making it one of the most fitting and creative names in the series.

3.5 Darkstalker

Finally, the top spot for the best Wings of Fire character name goes to Darkstalker. Although the duality of the name may not be perfect, the name itself sounds undeniably epic. Just imagine being faced with a dragon and hearing the name DARKSTALKER. It's chilling and perfectly suits an antagonist. This name also hints at Darkstalker's eventual turn from good, adding an extra layer of depth to his character.


In the vast world of Wings of Fire, character names play a crucial role in shaping the narrative and giving insight into a character's personality. While some names miss the mark or might sound a bit strange, others truly capture the essence of the character in an unforgettable way. From the worst names, like Warf and Earwig, to the best names, like Anaconda and Darkstalker, these names showcase the creativity and thought put into the series.


Q: Are these character names based on any real or mythological creatures?

A: No, the character names in Wings of Fire are entirely fictional and created by the author, Tui T. Sutherland. The names are inspired by the world-building and unique lore of the series.

Q: How does the choice of character names contribute to the overall story?

A: Character names in Wings of Fire help establish the cultural identity of the different dragon tribes and provide insight into their history and values. These names also contribute to readers' emotional connection with the characters, adding depth and allowing for a more immersive reading experience.

Q: Are there any plans to rename or change any of the character names in future books?

A: As of now, there is no information regarding any plans to rename or change existing character names in future Wings of Fire books. However, the author may introduce new characters with unique names as the series continues to expand.

Q: Are character names chosen randomly, or do they have specific meanings behind them?

A: Character names in Wings of Fire are not chosen randomly. They are thoughtfully crafted to reflect the character's personality, traits, and background. The author, Tui T. Sutherland, pays attention to details and uses symbolism to enhance the storytelling experience.

Q: Can fans of the series suggest or propose new character names?

A: While fans can certainly share their ideas and thoughts about character names in the Wings of Fire series, the decision ultimately rests with the author. Tui T. Sutherland is the creative force behind the series and has the final say in naming new characters.

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