10 Most Bizarre ROBLOX Usernames!

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10 Most Bizarre ROBLOX Usernames!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating a Roblox Username
  3. Long Roblox Names
  4. Short Roblox Names
  5. Roblox Names with Spaces
  6. Roblox Names with Special Characters
  7. Duped Usernames Glitch
  8. Roblox Names with Multiple Underscores
  9. The Rarest Roblox Username of All Time
  10. Conclusion


Have you ever wondered about the different types of usernames on Roblox? In this article, we will explore the various categories of Roblox usernames, from long names that break the rules to short and unique names. We will also dive into usernames with spaces, special characters, and even multiple underscores. Additionally, we'll discuss a glitch that caused usernames to be duplicated and how Roblox handles such situations. Lastly, we'll unveil the rarest Roblox username of all time. Let's dive in and discover the fascinating world of Roblox usernames.

Creating a Roblox Username

When creating a Roblox account, there are certain rules to follow. The username should be between three and 20 characters long and should not contain any special characters, including spaces. However, there have been instances where these rules were broken. In the late July and early August of 2011, Roblox accidentally allowed usernames of any length, resulting in some unique and unusual names.

Long Roblox Names

During the time when Roblox temporarily lifted the limit on username length, players took advantage of the opportunity to create some of the longest names ever seen on the platform. One such example is "a RI roll open the door get on the floor everybody walked the dinosaur." Although this name has been banned, it is a testament to the creativity and humor of Roblox players. Other long names, although not as memorable, also made their mark during this period.

Short Roblox Names

On the other end of the spectrum, we have short Roblox names. These names consist of fewer than three characters, making them incredibly rare to find. In fact, there is only one legitimate account with a two-character name, which is unfortunately banned. However, there was another account named "high" with nine spaces, which violated the username rules and was also banned. Short names, especially those under three characters, are highly valued in the Roblox community.

Roblox Names with Spaces

While spaces are not allowed in Roblox usernames, there was a time when they were permitted. Spaces in usernames were allowed until 2006, resulting in numerous accounts with spaces in their names. Some popular examples include "John do," "Jane do," and "Matt Duc." One of the most notable accounts with a space in its name is "Lawrence yamu," which is believed to be the oldest active account that meets the criteria.

Roblox Names with Special Characters

Special characters in Roblox usernames are usually limited to periods. Many usernames include a period, such as "David do bazooki," "Eric Castle," and "Predator John 123." However, there is one account that stands out from the rest - "MP wa." This account holds the distinction of having a special character (not a period) in its name. With a million followers, this account has become a legend within the Roblox community.

Duped Usernames Glitch

In early December 2016, a glitch occurred that allowed players to create usernames that were not yet taken. This glitch also lowered the minimum character requirement from three to two. As a result, many popular Roblox users, including Builder man, Stickm, and Shedletsky, were impersonated. Although all the duplicated accounts were eventually banned, this glitch caused a temporary chaos in the community.

Roblox Names with Multiple Underscores

Roblox usernames typically allow only one underscore character. However, there are three accounts that have managed to break this rule. The usernames "J Murda 67," "The J Man," and "I love blonde babes" all contain more than one underscore. While this may seem like an insignificant rule to break, it is still interesting to note that these usernames exist.

The Rarest Roblox Username of All Time

Among all the different types of Roblox usernames, one stands out as the rarest of all time. This account not only has three spaces and special characters but also exceeds 20 characters in length. Created in 2023, this account with the username "account forgotten (46143 57212) toy" remains active to this day. With only 35 followers, this account's existence raises questions about its origin and purpose.


In the world of Roblox, usernames come in various forms and styles. From long and rule-breaking names to short and unique ones, players have demonstrated their creativity and ingenuity. Spaces, special characters, multiple underscores, and even glitches have all influenced the landscape of Roblox usernames. Whether we discuss the rarest username or the impact of certain glitches, the diverse range of usernames in Roblox reflects the vibrant community that surrounds the popular gaming platform.

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