10 Most Hilarious WWE Wrestler Name Changes

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10 Most Hilarious WWE Wrestler Name Changes

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Chad Gable to Shorty G (2019)
  3. Joe Hennig to Michael McGillicutty
  4. Terry Taylor to The Red Rooster
  5. Chavo Guerrero to Kerwin White
  6. The War Raiders to The Viking Experience
  7. Shane Thorne to Slapjack
  8. Keith Lee to Bearcat
  9. Piper Niven to Do Drop
  10. Walter to Gunther


In the world of WWE, superstars often undergo name changes to help redefine their character and create a new persona. While some name changes have been successful, others have been downright awful. In this article, we will explore 10 of the worst WWE name changes in history. From Chad Gable becoming Shorty G to Keith Lee transforming into Bearcat, these name changes left fans scratching their heads and wondering what WWE was thinking. Join us as we delve into the stories behind these infamous name changes and discuss why they were such a miss.

Chad Gable to Shorty G (2019)

One of the most bewildering name changes in WWE history occurred in 2019 when Chad Gable became Shorty G. Gable was in the midst of a rivalry with Baron Corbin, and their feud revolved around Gable's size. In a bizarre turn of events, WWE decided to change Gable's name to Shorty G, seemingly to embrace his smaller stature. The name change was accompanied by a new ring attire and basketball jersey, which only added to the confusion. However, a year later, WWE would drop the Shorty G name and refer to Gable as Chad Gable once again. The purpose behind this name change remains unclear, as it ultimately failed to achieve its intended impact.

Joe Hennig to Michael McGillicutty

In an unfortunate attempt to give Joe Hennig a name that would make him a credible threat, WWE renamed him Michael McGillicutty. Hennig, the son of the legendary Mr. Perfect, had been using his own name during his time in FCW. However, when he debuted on the second season of NXT, WWE decided to change his name to something truly awful. The name Michael McGillicutty was forgettable and unmemorable in the eyes of fans. Fortunately, WWE eventually realized their mistake and rebranded Hennig with the name Curtis Axel, a nod to his father and grandfather's wrestling heritage.

Terry Taylor to The Red Rooster

Terry Taylor was a talented wrestler who could have offered something valuable to WWE. However, Vince McMahon had other plans for him. Taylor was transformed into a laughing stock when he was given the name The Red Rooster. This gimmick involved Taylor wearing red tights and a red ring jacket, styling his hair in a red mohawk, and moving his neck like a hen. It's safe to say that this name change and gimmick did not do justice to Taylor's potential. The Red Rooster became one of the worst gimmicks in WWE history and ultimately hindered Taylor's career.

Chavo Guerrero to Kerwin White

Chavo Guerrero, a name synonymous with wrestling excellence, was subjected to a name change that left fans baffled. In 2005, WWE decided to change his name to Kerwin White. With this name change came a brand new gimmick, complete with blonde hair and a golf cart entrance. This gimmick involved making racist comments towards other wrestlers, which crossed the line of acceptability. As Chavo later revealed in an interview, the name change surfaced randomly one day at a WWE television taping. Vince McMahon approached him and told him to denounce his Hispanic heritage and become a white guy. The name change and gimmick change were offensive and did little to further Chavo's career.

The War Raiders to The Viking Experience

When tag team The War Raiders were called up from NXT to the main roster, WWE decided to give them a complete overhaul, including a name change. The War Raiders became The Viking Experience, a name that received significant criticism from fans on social media. To add insult to injury, both members of the team underwent individual name changes as well. Rowan Hanson and Ivar were now known as Eric and Ivar, respectively. Recognizing the backlash, WWE eventually adopted the name The Viking Raiders for the team, appeasing fans who found the initial name change unsatisfactory.

Shane Thorne to Slapjack

As part of the ill-fated stable Retribut...

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