AI Video Generation: Turn Text and Images into Stunning Videos

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AI Video Generation: Turn Text and Images into Stunning Videos

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Hey Gen - Image Generator
  3. Hugging Face - Text to Video AI Generator
  4. Runway - Image to Video Generation
  5. Genmo - Image and Video Generation
  6. Creado.AI - AI Hosted Videos
  7. Did - AI Video Generator
  8. Pika Labs - Discord-based Video Generation
  9. Colossian - Presentation Video Generator
  10. Conclusion


In today's digital age, creating high-quality videos has become easier than ever before. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI) video generators, anyone can now produce professional-looking videos with just a few clicks. In this article, we will explore some of the best free AI video generators available and learn how to use them to create stunning videos.

1. Hey Gen - Image Generator

Hey Gen offers an image generator tool that allows you to create videos using realistic avatars. Simply create an account, choose an avatar, and type your script to get started. You can customize the background color and choose from different voices for your video. The generated videos are of excellent quality and can be easily edited to suit your needs.

2. Hugging Face - Text to Video AI Generator

Hugging Face provides a text-to-video AI generator that can turn your prompts into engaging videos. Simply type in a prompt, click generate, and wait a few seconds for the video to be created. You can try different prompts and experiment with various themes and styles to create unique videos.

3. Runway - Image to Video Generation

With Runway, you can easily create videos by converting images into dynamic videos. Simply drag and drop your image into the platform and click generate. You can also extend the length of the video by screenshotting the last frame and generating it as a separate video. Add sound effects to enhance the visual experience and create captivating videos effortlessly.

4. Genmo - Image and Video Generation

Genmo offers both image and video generation capabilities. You can generate images or videos based on prompts and customize which parts of the video should be generated. The platform provides you with full control over the creative process, allowing you to create personalized and professional videos easily.

5. Creado.AI - AI Hosted Videos

Creado.AI allows you to create videos with an AI-hosted character as the main speaker. Connect your Google account, choose your avatar, type in your text, and click audition to test the audio. Once you are satisfied, click generate, and watch your AI-hosted video come to life. Creado.AI provides a unique and interactive way to produce engaging videos.

6. Did - AI Video Generator

Did is another AI video generator similar to Hey Gen. After creating an account and selecting an avatar, you can enter your text and generate a video with a single click. Did offers a variety of avatars and allows you to create your own custom avatars using prompts. The platform is user-friendly and produces high-quality videos.

7. Pika Labs - Discord-based Video Generation

Pika Labs offers a unique video generation experience through Discord. By joining the Pika Labs Discord server, you can generate videos from text prompts. Simply type "/create" followed by your prompt, and your video will be generated. Pika Labs provides a collaborative environment where you can share and discover creative video ideas.

8. Colossian - Presentation Video Generator

Colossian enables you to create entire presentations in video format. Choose a host, enter your script, customize the design, and select an avatar and voice. Colossian offers a wide range of options for customization, allowing you to create visually appealing and informative presentations. You can also add images and shapes to enhance the visual impact of your videos.


AI video generators have revolutionized the way videos are created. With the help of these tools, anyone can now produce professional-looking videos effortlessly. Whether you need an image generator, text-to-video converter, or a presentation video maker, there are numerous options available. Explore these AI generators and start creating captivating videos that will engage your audience.


  • Creating professional-looking videos is now easier with AI video generators.
  • Hey Gen and Did offer image-based video generation with customizable avatars.
  • Hugging Face and Pika Labs provide text-to-video AI generation capabilities.
  • Runway allows users to convert images into dynamic videos with ease.
  • Colossian offers presentation video generation with customizable hosts and scripts.
  • Genmo and Creado.AI provide a combination of image and video generation options.
  • These AI video generators make video creation accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical skills.
  • Explore these platforms and unleash your creativity in producing captivating videos.


Q: Are the videos generated by AI video generators of high quality? A: Yes, most AI video generators provide high-quality videos that can be customized and edited to suit your needs.

Q: Can I use my own images and prompts in AI video generators? A: Yes, many AI video generators allow you to upload your own images and use personalized prompts to create unique videos.

Q: Are these AI video generators free to use? A: Yes, the AI video generators mentioned in this article offer free access to their basic features. However, some platforms may also offer premium plans with additional features.

Q: Can I customize the avatars and voices in AI video generators? A: Yes, you can choose from a range of avatars and voices in most AI video generators. Some platforms even allow you to create your own custom avatars using prompts.

Q: Can I add sound effects and background music to the videos? A: Yes, many AI video generators provide options to add sound effects, background music, and voiceovers to enhance the overall video experience.

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