Ancient Time Portal Unearthed in Egypt

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Ancient Time Portal Unearthed in Egypt

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Temple of Abidos
  3. The Mystical Order of McHis EDC
  4. Alternative Theories about Ancient Egypt
  5. The Hidden Clues in the Temple
  6. Dorothy Edy's Extraordinary Claims
  7. Scientific Perspective on Time Travel
  8. The Concept of Time Dilation
  9. The Possibility of Wormholes
  10. The Looking Glass Technology
  11. Controversial Claims and Alleged Predictions
  12. Conclusion

Article: The Mystery of the Fabled Time Travel Gate from Ancient Egypt


In the realm of ancient mysteries, there exists a legend that Egypt holds a portal capable of defying the laws of space and time. This mystical gateway takes us several millennia into the past, challenging the mainstream historical view of ancient Egyptians as primitive people. The Temple of Abidos, located 160 km away from Luxor, is believed to house this supernatural portal known as the Abidos Stargate. In this article, we will delve into the mystery of the fabled time travel gate from ancient Egypt, exploring the various theories, intriguing clues, and controversial claims surrounding this enigmatic ancient site.

The Temple of Abidos

While the necropolis of Saqqara often takes the spotlight, it is important not to overlook the significance of Abidos as one of Egypt's most important necropolises. It was here, during the First Dynasty, that the Pharaohs began their journey to the afterlife. The burial ritual sometimes involved burying a ruler with hundreds of servants and followers who were sacrificed for this purpose. Nestled within the Temple of Abidos lies a structure that is suspected of being the supernatural gateway to an unimaginable world.

The Mystical Order of McHis EDC

Within the Temple of Abidos, the Order of McHis EDC flourished. This mythical group, mentioned in the Bible, was believed to possess unimaginable knowledge and even made predictions about the appearance of Jesus Christ. With roots dating back to the dawn of mankind, the order's purpose was to free people from their illusions and break the chains of earthly enslavement. They were the guardians of the portal in the Abidos temple, holding the key to the ascension of humanity.

Alternative Theories about Ancient Egypt

The magnificent buildings, spiritual rituals, and unique cult of the dead have long fueled speculation about the ancient Egyptians' true nature. Some hypothesize the existence of a submerged precursor culture that played a vital role in the rise of Egyptian civilization. Others argue that the pharaonic empire possessed technologies far superior to our own, operating in ways that remain foreign to us. Lastly, there are those who believe in the influence of extraterrestrial intelligences visiting ancient Egypt, worshipped as divine beings.

The Hidden Clues in the Temple

The Temple of Abidos is adorned with carvings that have puzzled Egyptologists. These strange images, not found in any known temple, add to the intrigue surrounding the site. One particular carving depicts a pharaoh pulling a sled-like vehicle with wings, featuring a barrel-shaped ring device and representations of the falcon god. Another figure, considered the god of the moon, magic, science, and wisdom, is shown instructing the human king. The missing piece of the wall carving, intentionally concealed or lost to time, possibly holds secrets forever hidden.

Dorothy Edy's Extraordinary Claims

Dorothy Edy, the keeper of the mortuary temple of Seti I, claimed to have accidentally fallen into the time travel portal herself. She also believed to have been a priestess in her past life, possessing intimate knowledge of the temple and its hidden secrets. Edy's claims may have been dismissed by many, but her ability to locate lost temple gardens, ancient tunnels, and unpublished tombs adds weight to her extraordinary experiences.

Scientific Perspective on Time Travel

While the concept of time travel has fascinated human minds, the scientific community acknowledges the possibility of time dilation, where internal processes in a physical system slow down when moving relative to an observer. As for journeys to the past, theoretical physics contemplates the existence of wormholes formed by black holes and white holes. However, the actual proof of these entities remains elusive.

The Looking Glass Technology

The Looking Glass, also known as the yellow book or Orion's Cube, is an alleged alien technology recovered during the 1947 Roswell incident. It is said to be in possession of the US government since then. Believed to open dimensional and time travel portals, the Looking Glass has been claimed to provide glimpses into the future. However, these projections only represent the most likely outcome rather than set events.

Controversial Claims and Alleged Predictions

The Looking Glass technology allegedly revealed future events to government officials, including the identities of future presidents and the attacks of September 11, 2001. While these assertions may sound incredible, they are surrounded by controversy and speculation. Insiders from secret circles have hinted at the existence of a natural Stargate within the Abidos temple used in covert military experiments.


The mystery of the fabled time travel gate from ancient Egypt continues to captivate the imagination of many. Whether it be the Temple of Abidos, the hidden clues in its carvings, or the extraordinary claims of individuals like Dorothy Edy, the truth remains elusive. While science acknowledges the theoretical possibility of time travel through concepts such as time dilation and wormholes, the practical reality and existence of such phenomena remain unproven. As we delve further into ancient mysteries, we must be open to speculation and alternative theories, allowing the ancient past to surprise and intrigue us.

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