Are the Armory Draws in Halloween Series a Scam?

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Are the Armory Draws in Halloween Series a Scam?

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding the 4 Legendary Halloween Series Armory Draw
  3. How the Draw Works
  4. Odds of Getting a Legendary
  5. Milestone Progress and Guaranteed Legendary
  6. Exchange and Refund System
  7. Bonus Rewards for Owning All 4 Legendaries
  8. Introduction to the Nail Gun
  9. Nail Gun Stats and Gameplay in Multiplayer
  10. Nail Gun in Battle Royale and Zombies
  11. Leaks and Rumors for the 4th Anniversary
  12. Season 10 Balance Changes for Weapons

Understanding the 4 Legendary Halloween Series Armory Draw

The 4 Legendary Halloween Series Armory Draw in Call of Duty Mobile is an exciting event that offers players the chance to get their hands on legendary blueprints and other rewards. In this article, we will break down how the draw works, discuss the odds of getting a legendary, explore the milestone progress system, and highlight the benefits of owning all 4 legendaries. We will also introduce the new secondary weapon, the Nail Gun, and discuss its stats and gameplay in various game modes. Additionally, we will touch upon recent leaks and rumors surrounding the game's 4th anniversary and provide insights into the season 10 balance changes for weapons.

Understanding the 4 Legendary Halloween Series Armory Draw

The 4 Legendary Halloween Series Armory Draw is the biggest lucky draw event in Call of Duty Mobile, offering players the chance to obtain legendary blueprints and other rewards. However, understanding how the draw works can be confusing. The draw consists of 4 legendary blueprints and various other rewards, all of which are in the same pool. When you spin the draw, you have a chance to get any item from this pool.

One important aspect to note is that you can select a legendary out of the pool with a higher 85% chance of obtaining it compared to the other 3 legendaries. This may sound promising, but it's essential to keep in mind that the overall odds of pulling a legendary from the lucky draw are incredibly low, around 0.08%. With the 85% chance applied, the odds of getting your favorite gun decrease to 0.068%, while the remaining 3 guns have odds of just 0.012%.

While the milestone progress system offers players a guaranteed legendary at the end, it is crucial to recognize that the amount of money you spend on the armory draw should be equivalent to what you would typically spend on other lucky draws in the game. In other words, you are essentially targeting a legendary with the lowest odds from a lucky draw, even though it may seem like a significant opportunity.

The draw also offers an exchange system where duplicate items can be decomposed into series points. Once these points reach a specific value, you can exchange them for a free spin. If you happen to receive a duplicate legendary, the COD points you spent on that spin will be refunded, although your milestone progress will not be canceled. Additionally, when you manage to obtain all 4 legendaries, you will receive any previously unobtained items from the draw for free.

Furthermore, all 4 legendaries are eligible to count towards achieving the Prestige Weapon. This means that obtaining all 4 Halloween legendaries will unlock bonus rewards, including the Mythic Calling Card, Legendary Frame, Icon, and a special emote.

Introducing the Nail Gun

In addition to the Halloween Series Armory Draw, Call of Duty Mobile has introduced a new secondary weapon called the Nail Gun. The Nail Gun was originally featured in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and later made its way into Call of Duty Warzone, where it was classified as a Submachine Gun. However, in Call of Duty Mobile, it falls into the category of special weapons, such as the Thumper, Crossbow, and D13 Sector.

The Nail Gun boasts a unique damage profile, with a deadly 50-40-30 range. It offers one of the fastest time-to-kill rates for full-auto weapons, making it dominant in close-range encounters. However, its range drops significantly at 8 meters and further declines after 16 meters. With a rate of fire of 508 RPM and minimal recoil, the Nail Gun provides players with a powerful and controllable weapon option.

In multiplayer, the Nail Gun has a base magazine capacity of 15 rounds. Interestingly, it is effective against Trophy Systems, requiring only 4 nails to destroy one. This can be advantageous, especially when facing a Trophy System that is out of direct reach. Additionally, the Nail Gun has specific stats for Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale, ensuring a balanced and exciting gameplay experience for players in all game modes.

In zombies mode, the Nail Gun receives a significant upgrade when used with a Pack-a-Punch Machine, becoming the "redecorator" and gaining increased magazine size and enhanced damage against zombies. This highlights the seamless integration of the Nail Gun into the game's overall zombie narrative.

Leaks and Rumors for the 4th Anniversary

As Call of Duty Mobile approaches its 4th anniversary, there have been numerous leaks and rumors circulating within the community. While some leaks, such as the CDL bundle, remain unconfirmed until they appear in the store, others, such as the Ghost black and gold skin, hold more promise. The Ghost black and gold skin, part of the black gold series, has been highly anticipated by players and could potentially be a free reward during the 4th anniversary event. Its sleek design and unique appearance make it a desirable addition to any player's collection.

However, it's important to approach leaks and rumors with caution, as not all information can be verified. The Call of Duty Mobile community is fortunate to have dedicated leakers, such as Dark Lord Slays, Murdablast, Alyan Gamer, and AminGhx, who provide valuable insights and information regarding upcoming events and content. Their contributions are instrumental in keeping the player base informed and engaged.

Season 10 Balance Changes for Weapons

Season 10 of Call of Duty Mobile brings several balance changes to existing weapons, with the aim of improving gameplay and creating a more balanced experience. Noteworthy changes include the range adjustments for weapons like the DRH, BK57, and Striker 45, along with the ADS speed increase for the Oden and ASM10. The FR556 and PPSH41 have received reductions in aim shake magnitude and lateral recoil, respectively, making them more accurate and stable options. Additionally, new changes have been made to the PDW and MSMC, reversing previous alterations made in the last season.

These balance changes demonstrate the developers' commitment to continuously refining and evolving the game's meta, ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.


  • The 4 Legendary Halloween Series Armory Draw offers players a chance to obtain legendary blueprints and rewards.
  • Understanding the odds of getting a legendary in the draw is crucial, as they are incredibly low.
  • Milestone progress guarantees players a legendary at the end, offering value for the money spent.
  • The new Nail Gun is a powerful secondary weapon with impressive stats in multiplayer, battle royale, and zombies.
  • Leaks and rumors surrounding the game's 4th anniversary add excitement and anticipation to the upcoming event.
  • Season 10 balance changes aim to improve weapon performance and create a more balanced gameplay experience.

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