Automate Test Combinations with Micro Focus UFT

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Automate Test Combinations with Micro Focus UFT

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Joe Colon Tonio's Automation Guild Conference
  3. The Test Combinations Generator in UFT
  4. Generating Random Dates
  5. Generating Random Numbers
  6. Generating Random Names
  7. Generating Random Passwords
  8. Generating Random Cities
  9. Generating Random Emails and URLs
  10. Generating Random IP Addresses
  11. Generating Random Part Numbers
  12. Saving and Loading Data
  13. Pulling Data from Fields
  14. Conclusion

Joe Colon Tonio's Automation Guild Conference

Joe Colon Tonio's Automation Guild Conference is an upcoming event that will be held from January 8th to January 10th. This conference features renowned speakers such as Gil Taylor, Leo Lanskin, and more. Attendees will have the opportunity to watch pre-recorded hour-long sessions by these speakers before the conference. During the conference, there will be live Q&A sessions where participants can interact with the speakers. Whether you attend the conference or missed it, you will still have access to all the pre-recorded videos and Q&A sessions.

The Test Combinations Generator in UFT

In the world of software testing, generating test data that covers a wide range of scenarios is crucial. However, manually creating all the necessary test data can be time-consuming and inefficient. That's where the Test Combinations Generator in Unified Functional Testing (UFT) comes in. This hidden gem in UFT version 14 offers a powerful tool for generating various types of random data with ease.

Generating Random Dates

One common requirement in testing is the need for random dates. Fortunately, the Test Combinations Generator in UFT makes it simple to generate random dates. With just a few clicks, you can specify the format and number of random dates you need. Whether you require specific date ranges or a specific format, the Test Combinations Generator has got you covered.

Generating Random Numbers

Along with random dates, you may also need to generate random numbers for your testing. Again, the Test Combinations Generator makes it a breeze to generate random numbers within a specified range. Whether you need integers or decimal numbers, you can easily set the desired range and generate the required number of random values.

Generating Random Names

When testing systems that involve user data, having a variety of random names is crucial. The Test Combinations Generator allows you to easily generate random names, including first names, last names, and combinations of both. You can even generate names in different languages, adding more diversity to your test data.

Generating Random Passwords

Testing the security and robustness of systems often requires generating random passwords. The Test Combinations Generator makes it simple to create random passwords with different patterns and restrictions. You can define password complexity using regular expressions, allowing you to generate passwords that meet specific criteria.

Generating Random Cities

If your application deals with location data, generating random cities can be advantageous. With the Test Combinations Generator, you can specify filters to generate cities that start or end with specific letters. This feature ensures that the generated data aligns with your testing requirements.

Generating Random Emails and URLs

Testing email functionality and URLs is critical for many applications. The Test Combinations Generator enables you to generate random email addresses and URLs based on existing domains. You can also create fake domains for testing purposes. This flexibility ensures that you can simulate real-world scenarios in your tests effectively.

Generating Random IP Addresses

For network-related testing, generating random IP addresses is necessary. The Test Combinations Generator allows you to quickly generate random IP addresses that can be used for testing purposes. This feature ensures you can cover a wide range of IP addresses to test the performance and reliability of your system.

Generating Random Part Numbers

In many industries, having unique and random part numbers is essential. The Test Combinations Generator provides the capability to create random part numbers based on custom regular expressions. You can specify patterns that the part numbers should follow and generate a specific number of unique part numbers.

Saving and Loading Data

The Test Combinations Generator in UFT allows you to save and load generated data for future use. This feature enables you to reuse test data sets and eliminate the need to regenerate data each time you run tests. You can save data in various formats and easily load it back into the Test Combinations Generator when needed.

Pulling Data from Fields

In addition to generating random data, the Test Combinations Generator can also pull data from existing fields. This capability is particularly useful when you have specific data sources that need to be incorporated into your tests. Whether it's pulling data from a list of months or any other field, the Test Combinations Generator simplifies the process.


The Test Combinations Generator in UFT is a powerful tool that allows testers to efficiently generate diverse and realistic test data. From generating random dates and numbers to creating random names, passwords, cities, and more, this tool provides comprehensive support for a wide range of testing scenarios. With the ability to save and load data, as well as pulling data from fields, testers can streamline their testing processes and improve efficiency. Incorporate the Test Combinations Generator into your testing toolkit to unlock its full potential and enhance your testing capabilities.


  • Joe Colon Tonio's Automation Guild Conference is an upcoming event featuring renowned speakers and pre-recorded sessions.
  • The Test Combinations Generator in UFT enables efficient generation of diverse test data.
  • Generate random dates, numbers, names, passwords, cities, emails, URLs, IP addresses, and part numbers easily.
  • Save and load generated data for future use.
  • Pull data from existing fields to incorporate specific data sources into tests.
  • Streamline testing processes and improve efficiency with the Test Combinations Generator in UFT.

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