Boost Your Ebay Store with a Barcode SKU System

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Boost Your Ebay Store with a Barcode SKU System

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Challenges in the eBay Reselling Business
  4. The Importance of Increasing Sales
  5. The Impact of Mistakes on Profitability
  6. The Individual Skew Number System
  7. Implementing a Barcode System
  8. Benefits of a Barcode System
  9. The Process of Barcoding Items
  10. Automating the Inventory Log

Increasing Profits and Efficiency in Your eBay Reselling Business

In the world of online entrepreneurship, eBay reselling has become a popular and lucrative business venture. Kyle, a reseller, operates his own YouTube channel dedicated to discussing his experiences in the eBay reselling realm. While Kyle experienced success in his business, he encountered various challenges that led to a decline in his profits. This article explores the importance of increasing sales, the consequences of mistakes, and the implementation of a barcode system to enhance efficiency and profitability in the eBay reselling business.


Kyle's eBay reselling business involves sourcing items from thrift stores, yard sales, garage sales, and more at affordable prices to sell them online for a profit. Initially, Kyle focused on perfecting his listings and inventory management to streamline his operations. However, a series of mistakes shook his confidence and resulted in the loss of profits. These errors included shipping label mix-ups, sending incorrect items, listing inaccuracies, and even items breaking while in storage. Recognizing the need for change, Kyle turned his attention towards enhancing his inventory management system.

Challenges in the eBay Reselling Business

The eBay reselling business is not without its challenges. Resellers often face fierce competition, fluctuating market trends, and the pressure to continually find profitable items. It is crucial for resellers to stay updated on strategies that can help boost sales and maintain a steady stream of income. Kyle found himself in a similar predicament and decided to explore ways to improve his reselling business.

The Importance of Increasing Sales

Kyle realized that increasing sales was vital to the success of his eBay reselling business. Although he had mastered the art of sourcing and listing items, he needed to delve deeper into understanding click-through rates and sell-through rates. By analyzing these metrics, Kyle could identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to drive more sales. His goal was not only to focus on high-end items with substantial profits but also to increase overall volume sales.

The Impact of Mistakes on Profitability

Despite Kyle's desire to boost sales, he encountered a series of costly mistakes that negatively impacted his profitability. These mistakes included shipping label mix-ups, incorrect item shipments, and misrepresenting items in his listings. Each error resulted in refunds, cancellations, and losses that could have been avoided with better inventory management practices. Recognizing the detrimental effects of these mistakes, Kyle decided to take immediate action.

The Individual Skew Number System

To address the mistakes he had been making, Kyle began considering the implementation of an individual skew number system. This system involved assigning unique numbers to each item in his inventory. Rather than relying solely on physical bin locations, Kyle aimed to make his items easily findable through a digital system. Additionally, he recognized the advantages of using a barcode system to efficiently manage a growing inventory.

Implementing a Barcode System

Motivated by his vision for a more organized and efficient inventory management system, Kyle embarked on implementing a barcode system in his eBay reselling business. With assistance from his mother, he began applying skew numbers and barcodes to his items. Kyle demonstrated the use of a budget-friendly barcode scanner capable of reading 2D and 3D barcodes, including QR codes.

Benefits of a Barcode System

The introduction of a barcode system offered numerous benefits to Kyle's eBay reselling business. By individually bagging items and attaching barcodes, he minimized the potential for mistakes and increased the accuracy of inventory management. Each item now had a unique identification number that could be easily scanned into the system. This digitized approach reduced the reliance on physical memory and provided a digital backup of item locations, allowing for better organization and tracking.

The Process of Barcoding Items

Kyle meticulously explained his process for barcoding items. He created barcodes himself, starting with an identifier such as "rh" followed by a sequentially assigned number. The chosen barcode scanner effortlessly scanned and recorded these barcodes, along with item names and cost of goods. By double-clicking on scanned items, Kyle could enter the sale date, sale price, platform fees, and shipping costs, enabling him to calculate his profits accurately. This information automatically populated his inventory log, providing a comprehensive record of sales and profitability.

Automating the Inventory Log

To streamline his bookkeeping and ease the burden of manual data entry, Kyle automated his inventory log. Utilizing formulas and linking it to his sales log, he could easily track when an item sold, its selling price, and the duration it took to sell. By reducing the need for manual calculations, Kyle could focus more on sourcing and growing his eBay reselling business instead of being bogged down by administrative tasks.

In conclusion, Kyle's journey from facing the consequences of mistakes to implementing a barcode system underscored the importance of efficient inventory management in the eBay reselling business. Through the use of skew numbers, barcodes, and automated logs, Kyle enhanced his organization and reduced the probability of errors. This newfound efficiency enabled Kyle to focus on increasing sales, achieving steady profits, and expanding his eBay reselling business.


  1. Recognizing the challenges and importance of increasing sales in the eBay reselling business
  2. Understanding the impact of mistakes on profitability and the need for efficient inventory management
  3. Exploring the individual skew number system and the benefits of implementing a barcode system
  4. Demonstrating the process of barcoding items and automating the inventory log
  5. Streamlining bookkeeping and administrative tasks to focus on sourcing and growing the business


Q: How can implementing a barcode system benefit my eBay reselling business? A: A barcode system improves inventory management, minimizes mistakes, enhances organization, and provides a digital backup of item locations.

Q: Can I use a barcode system with a growing inventory? A: Yes, a barcode system is particularly beneficial as your inventory expands. It allows for easy tracking, scalability, and efficiency in managing a large number of items.

Q: How can automating the inventory log save time and improve accuracy? A: By automating the inventory log, manual data entry is reduced, and formulas help calculate profits accurately. This enables resellers to focus more on business growth and less on administrative tasks.

Q: Is implementing a barcode system expensive? A: No, there are budget-friendly barcode scanners available, and creating barcodes can be done using simple techniques. It is a cost-effective investment that brings significant benefits to the eBay reselling business.

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