Boost Your Etsy Sales with This Must-Know Tip!

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Boost Your Etsy Sales with This Must-Know Tip!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Step One: Revising Product Research Strategy
    • 2.1. Considering less competitive products
    • 2.2. Understanding the influence of sales history
    • 2.3. Importance of having a seasoned account
  3. Step Two: Implementing a Product Blitz
    • 3.1. Expanding product offerings
    • 3.2. Showing activity in your Etsy shop
    • 3.3. Capitalizing on low competition products
  4. Step Three: Promoting Your Products
    • 4.1. Running a sale
    • 4.2. Running Etsy ads
    • 4.3. Evaluating traffic and optimizing ads
  5. Conclusion

How to Increase Sales on Etsy: A Unique Strategy for New Sellers


As a new Etsy seller, you may have noticed that despite conducting thorough product research and listing your items, you're still struggling to generate sales. Meanwhile, you see other sellers who offer similar products achieving success. Ever wonder what they're doing differently?

In this article, we will uncover a unique strategy to help you stand out in a competitive market and drive traffic to your Etsy shop. By following three key steps, you can increase your chances of outranking established sellers and generating consistent sales. Let's dive in!

Step One: Revising Product Research Strategy

2.1. Considering Less Competitive Products

When conducting product research, it's crucial to shift your focus from highly competitive products to those with lower competition. While it may seem counterintuitive, targeting products that receive fewer sales initially can work in your favor. By doing so, you increase your chances of outranking your competitors and gaining visibility on Etsy.

2.2. Understanding the Influence of Sales History

Established sellers on Etsy have an advantage due to their sales history. Etsy's algorithm tends to favor listings that have a proven track record of generating sales. As a new seller, it can be challenging to compete with their sales volume and ranking. Instead, concentrate on building your own sales history gradually.

2.3. Importance of Having a Seasoned Account

Remember, Etsy treats seasoned accounts more favorably. By focusing on products with lower competition and gradually increasing your sales volume, you can demonstrate consistent activity in your shop. This approach builds credibility and trust, eventually leading to improved rankings and increased visibility.

Step Two: Implementing a Product Blitz

3.1. Expanding Product Offerings

To establish a strong presence on Etsy, consider implementing a product blitz strategy. This involves taking a well-performing design and applying it to multiple product variations. By expanding your product offerings, you not only increase your Etsy real estate but also provide more opportunities for potential customers to find your shop.

3.2. Showing Activity in Your Etsy Shop

Actively adding new products to your shop is crucial, especially for new sellers. Showing regular activity proves to Etsy that you are an engaged seller. By continuously adding new listings, you increase your chances of gaining visibility and attracting potential buyers.

3.3. Capitalizing on Low Competition Products

While focusing on low competition products may seem limiting initially, the cumulative effect can be substantial. By consistently driving sales for these products, you lay the foundation for your shop's success. Remember, every sale contributes to your overall sales history and helps your shop gain traction.

Step Three: Promoting Your Products

4.1. Running a Sale

Running sales promotions is an effective way to generate interest and encourage buyers to make a purchase. By offering discounted prices, you tap into the natural inclination of shoppers to respond to sales. This strategy also positions your products in the Etsy sales section, enhancing visibility and attracting potential customers actively searching for discounted items.

4.2. Running Etsy Ads

To further boost your Etsy sales, consider investing in Etsy ads. Start with a small budget, such as a dollar or two per day, and gradually scale it up based on performance. Focus on products that receive the most views, even if they belong to the low competition category. Evaluating views and optimizing your ad strategy will help you attract relevant traffic and increase the likelihood of conversion.

4.3. Evaluating Traffic and Optimizing Ads

As you run Etsy ads, closely monitor the traffic and views your listings receive. Identify which products are generating the most views and adjust your ad campaigns accordingly. By fine-tuning your targeting and allocating more budget to high-performing products, you can maximize your ad spend and generate a higher return on investment.


By applying this unique strategy for increasing sales on Etsy, you can level the playing field and carve out your own success as a new seller. Remember, the key is to focus on less competitive products initially, gradually build your sales history, and actively promote your listings through sales and Etsy ads. With perseverance and consistent effort, you can establish a thriving Etsy shop and see your sales soar. Good luck!


  • Focusing on less competitive products can help outrank established sellers.
  • Building a consistent sales history is crucial for new Etsy sellers.
  • Implementing a product blitz expands your Etsy real estate and attracts more customers.
  • Showing regular activity in your shop enhances visibility and credibility.
  • Running sales promotions and using Etsy ads can significantly increase sales and visibility.


Q: Can I still succeed on Etsy if I target less competitive products? A: Absolutely! By strategically focusing on low competition products and gradually building your sales history, you can gain a competitive edge and establish a successful Etsy shop.

Q: How often should I add new products to my shop? A: It's essential to show regular activity in your Etsy shop. Aim to add new listings consistently, whether it's weekly or bi-weekly, to demonstrate engagement as a seller.

Q: Should I offer discounts frequently to attract buyers? A: Running occasional sales can be an effective strategy for generating interest and encouraging customers to make a purchase. However, striking a balance between offering discounts and maintaining profitability is crucial.

Q: How should I optimize my Etsy ads for better results? A: Monitor the traffic and views your listings receive and adjust your Etsy ad strategy accordingly. Allocate more budget to products that generate the most views and optimize your targeting to attract relevant traffic.

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