Boost Your RV Experience with Appliance Amperage Test!

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Boost Your RV Experience with Appliance Amperage Test!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up the Generator
  3. Fuel Management
  4. Using Appliances
    • 4.1 Running the Microwave
    • 4.2 Operating the Air Conditioning
    • 4.3 Making Coffee
    • 4.4 Using the Fireplace
    • 4.5 Running the Television and Radio
    • 4.6 Shutting Off the Generator
  5. Conclusion



Hey folks, Tony here with TNT RV. Today, I wanted to share with you how Tina and I utilize our Honda EU 2200i Inverter Generator. We have the Companion Generator model, and I wanted to show you how we use it when we're traveling and spending a couple of evenings at a club or somewhere else where we need to run the generator for a long period of time. In this article, I will guide you through the setup process, fuel management, and using various appliances with the generator.

1. Setting up the Generator

When setting up our generator, I prefer to keep it off the ground using a platform made of scrap lumber. This helps in case we are in an area with tall grass. We also use an adapter plug for the generator and made a little jumper wire inside a plug for the ground-to-neutral connection. This allows our Energy Management System (EMS) to monitor the generator's output. While not always necessary, it's a useful workaround when using an inverter-style generator with an EMS.

2. Fuel Management

We carry a 5-gallon safety can when traveling, and when we need to run the generator for a couple of days, we carry two of these cans. To make fuel management easier, I created a device using a quick disconnect fitting and a dip tube with a primer bulb. This setup allows us to easily switch out the fuel cans and continue using the generator without any interruptions.

3. Using Appliances

3.1 Running the Microwave

When running the microwave, we first ensure that the eco-throttle mode is off and the choke is turned on. The power is turned on, and we can adjust the settings as needed. The generator ramps up the power supply to meet the demands of the microwave. It's important to note that running the microwave might require shutting off other appliances to avoid overloading the generator.

3.2 Operating the Air Conditioning

To run the air conditioning, we first turn off other appliances, such as the microwave or fireplace. We set the fan speed to low and adjust the temperature to our liking. The generator responds to the air conditioning startup load and continues supplying power to keep the air conditioning running smoothly.

3.3 Making Coffee

When making coffee, we have to be mindful of the power demand. We turn off the air conditioning and other appliances to allocate enough power for the coffee maker. The heating element of the coffee maker consumes a significant amount of current, so it's crucial to prioritize it when making coffee.

3.4 Using the Fireplace

In the early mornings or chilly weather, we like to use the fireplace to warm up our RV. The heating element in the fireplace consumes power, but it provides a comfortable and cozy atmosphere inside the RV. We can easily switch on and off the fireplace to manage the power load accordingly.

3.5 Running the Television and Radio

Using the television and radio simultaneously doesn't pose a significant power demand. They consume minimal power, and we can enjoy our favorite shows and music without worrying about overloading the generator.

3.6 Shutting Off the Generator

When we want to conserve fuel or if we don't need the generator during the night, we can simply hold down a button to shut off the generator. This convenient feature helps us save power and fuel when we're comfortable and don't require the generator's services.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, the Honda EU 2200i Inverter Generator has been a reliable power source for our RV. By properly setting up the generator, managing fuel efficiently, and using appliances strategically, we can enjoy all the comforts of our RV while on the road. Although some appliances may need to be used separately, it doesn't pose a major inconvenience for our travels. The versatility and performance of the Honda generator have greatly enhanced our camping experiences.


  • Setting up the Honda EU 2200i Inverter Generator for RV usage
  • Efficient fuel management with safety cans and a customized fuel system
  • Using appliances in a strategic manner to avoid overloading the generator
  • Convenient features like shutting off the generator with a button press


Q: Can I run multiple appliances simultaneously with the Honda EU 2200i generator? A: It's recommended to use appliances separately to avoid overloading the generator. Certain appliances, like the microwave or air conditioning, consume a significant amount of power and may require other appliances to be turned off during usage.

Q: How long does the Honda EU 2200i generator run on a full tank? A: The runtime of the generator depends on the load and the amount of fuel consumed. Generally, the Honda EU 2200i can run for approximately 3.2 to 8.1 hours on one gallon of fuel.

Q: Can I connect the Honda EU 2200i generator directly to my RV's power system? A: The Honda EU 2200i generator can be connected to an RV's power system using a suitable adapter. However, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and consult a professional if necessary to ensure proper and safe connection.

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