Chrissy Teigen spills the tea in Pour It Out!

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Chrissy Teigen spills the tea in Pour It Out!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Game: Loaded Questions
  3. Chrissy Teigen's First Question
  4. Jimmy's Turn
  5. Chrissy's Revealing Answer
  6. Unanswered Questions
  7. The Final Round
  8. Jell-O From The Other Side
  9. The Weirdest Place
  10. Conclusion

"Loaded Questions: Revealing Secrets with Chrissy Teigen"


In a recent episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," host Jimmy Fallon introduced a new game called "Loaded Questions" featuring celebrity guest Chrissy Teigen. The game aimed to delve into the personal and often secret lives of the guests by posing intriguing questions for them to answer. This article will provide a detailed recap of the game, the questions asked, and the interesting revelations that ensued.

The Game: Loaded Questions

"Loaded Questions" is a game where two players take turns choosing a shot from a selection placed on coasters. Each coaster is labeled with a personal question, and the chosen player reads the question silently before giving their answer out loud. They then have the option to share the question with the audience or keep it a secret by taking the shot instead.

Chrissy Teigen's First Question

As the game commenced, it was Chrissy Teigen's turn to choose a shot. She selected one called "Satan's Testicles" and read the question silently. After contemplating for a moment, she confidently answered, "Rob Kardashian." Her response left both Jimmy and the audience puzzled and eager to know the connection between the question and her unexpected answer.

Jimmy's Turn

Next up was Jimmy Fallon's turn to participate in this revealing game. He chose a shot titled the "Devil's Testicles," but quickly clarified that he was referring to the drink and not claiming to possess such an item. As he read his question silently, a sense of excitement spread across his face, evoking curiosity as to what personal information he was about to reveal.

Chrissy's Revealing Answer

After Jimmy's turn, it was back to Chrissy, who took another shot called "$6,000." She kept the contents of the question to herself, intriguing both Jimmy and the audience. However, she hinted that her answer might be related to the frequency of a particular activity, leading everyone to wonder what aspect of her life she was addressing.

Unanswered Questions

Throughout the game, several questions remained unanswered, adding an element of mystery and anticipation. The audience was left wondering about the context behind Chrissy's mention of Rob Kardashian and the connection between Jimmy's question and his response of "Never." These unanswered questions added depth and intrigue to an already engaging game.

The Final Round

For the final round, both Chrissy and Jimmy were presented with the same question, which they would answer simultaneously. The shot they selected was called "Jell-O From The Other Side," setting the stage for a revealing and possibly humorous revelation. As they prepared to give their answers, the tension in the room grew, as everyone eagerly anticipated what secrets would be uncovered.

Jell-O From The Other Side

Chrissy and Jimmy drank their Jell-O shots simultaneously, sharing in the experience of answering a question that provided a glimpse into their past experiences. The question asked, "What's the weirdest place you've ever woken up?" Chrissy confidently responded, "Gentlemen's club," leaving everyone surprised and curious about the story behind her unexpected answer.

The Weirdest Place

As the game concluded, Chrissy's revelation of waking up in a gentlemen's club sparked intrigue and a desire to hear more about the unusual circumstances surrounding that particular incident. The question and answer added an element of excitement and left the audience wanting to know more.


"Loaded Questions" proved to be an exciting and revealing game during Chrissy Teigen's appearance on "The Tonight Show." The playful banter between Chrissy and Jimmy, combined with the intriguing questions and surprising answers, made for an unforgettable segment. The game not only entertained the audience but also offered a unique glimpse into the personal lives of these celebrities.

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