Create Captivating Ransom Note Letters with Davinci Resolve 17

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Create Captivating Ransom Note Letters with Davinci Resolve 17

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting the Free Pack from Cinepax
  3. Importing the Pack into Davinci Resolve
  4. Exploring the Title Card Effects Pack
    • Looping Backgrounds
    • Title Cards
    • PNG Stills
  5. Customizing the Letter Effects Pack
    • Changing Colors
    • Using Different Letters, Numbers, and Symbols
  6. Creating Custom Animated Titles
    • Layering Looping Backgrounds
    • Cutting and Looping Animations
    • Animating Letters
  7. Enhancing the Title Sequence
    • Adding Effects and Animations
    • Creating a Stop-Motion Effect
    • Applying Camera Shake
  8. Creating Animated Title Transitions
    • Hand Animating Letters
    • Reversing Animation for smooth Outro
  9. Additional Tips and Tricks
    • Using Still Images for Thumbnails
    • Using the Full Pack with a Discount Code
  10. Conclusion

Creating Awesome Stop-Motion Letter Effects and Transitions with Cinepax Free Pack

Introduction Stop-motion animation has always been a fascinating way to add a unique touch to videos. In this tutorial, we will explore how you can create awesome stop-motion letter effects and transitions using a free pack from Cinepax. By following simple steps in Davinci Resolve, you will be able to make your custom animated titles that stand out.

Getting the Free Pack from Cinepax To get started, head over to and navigate to the free pack section. In this tutorial, we will be using the letter effects and the title card effects pack. Add the desired pack to your cart and fill in any necessary information. Once your zip files are downloaded, extract them to ensure easy access to the files within Davinci Resolve.

Importing the Pack into Davinci Resolve Open Davinci Resolve and locate the downloaded pack in your media tab. Simply drag the files from the pack into your media pool, and they will be ready to use.

Exploring the Title Card Effects Pack The title card effects pack offers a range of assets that can be used in your projects. You will find looping backgrounds, animated title cards, and even PNG stills that can be customized according to your preference.

Customizing the Letter Effects Pack The letter effects pack provides a variety of letters, numbers, and symbols that can be customized to suit your needs. Open the alphabet folder to see the available options. Experiment with different colors by accessing the color page and adjusting the hue and saturation. This allows you to create unique combinations and colors for your animations.

Creating Custom Animated Titles To create a custom animated title, start by selecting a suitable looping background. Drag the background onto the timeline and adjust its length as desired. Duplicate the background to create a seamless loop by holding down the Alt key while dragging it. You can also add an exit animation by extending the duration of the background and placing it at the end of your title sequence.

Animating Letters Using the letters from the alphabet folder, spell out your desired title on the timeline. Resize the letters and arrange them according to your preferred layout. To animate each letter, set keyframes for their position and rotation. Offset the timing of each letter to create a synchronized animation effect. By carefully animating each letter, you can achieve a handcrafted and visually appealing title sequence.

Enhancing the Title Sequence To add more visual interest to your title sequence, explore the various effects available in Davinci Resolve. For a stop-motion effect, apply the stop motion effect from the effects library to the compound clip of the title sequence. Adjust the parameters to achieve the desired level of choppiness. Additionally, you can add camera shake for a dynamic and engaging effect.

Creating Animated Title Transitions For seamless transitions between titles, consider animating the letters' exit. To do this, shorten the duration of the title sequence slightly and duplicate it. Right-click on the duplicated clip and select "Change Clip Speed." Reverse the speed of the clip to create outro animations for each letter. This ensures that the titles exit smoothly and complements the animated entrance.

Additional Tips and Tricks Beyond animated titles, you can also utilize the pack's still images to create eye-catching thumbnails or use them in graphic design projects. If you want to access the full-size pack at a discounted price, enter the code "SAMPLE15" during checkout on These packs offer endless possibilities for creative experimentation and are definitely worth exploring.

Conclusion By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can create impressive stop-motion letter effects and transitions using the free pack from Cinepax. Experiment with different combinations, colors, and effects to make your titles stand out. So, go ahead and unleash your creativity in Davinci Resolve and create captivating animations for your videos. Happy editing!


  • Learn how to create stop-motion letter effects and transitions
  • Utilize the free pack from Cinepax for Davinci Resolve
  • Customize colors, sizes, and layouts of letters, backgrounds, and title cards
  • Create handcrafted and visually appealing animated titles
  • Enhance titles with additional effects like stop-motion and camera shake
  • Create seamless transitions with animated outro for titles
  • Utilize still images from the pack for thumbnails and graphic design
  • Avail a discount on the full-size pack with the code "SAMPLE15"
  • Unleash creativity in Davinci Resolve and make captivating animations
  • Enjoy the process of creating unique and eye-catching video content

FAQ: Q: Can I use this pack in other video editing software? A: This tutorial focuses on using the pack in Davinci Resolve; however, you may be able to use the assets in other software with appropriate adjustments.

Q: How can I further customize the animations? A: Once you have imported the pack, you can explore additional features and effects in Davinci Resolve to further customize the animations according to your preferences.

Q: What are the benefits of using stop-motion effects? A: Stop-motion effects add a unique and engaging visual element to videos, making them stand out and captivating viewers' attention.

Q: Can I combine the title effects with other effects in Davinci Resolve? A: Absolutely! Feel free to experiment and combine different effects to achieve the desired visual impact for your titles.

Q: Are there any other resources or tutorials available for using the pack? A: You can explore further resources and tutorials provided by Cinepax to enhance your knowledge and skills in creating stunning visual effects.

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