Create Character Sheets in Minutes!

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Create Character Sheets in Minutes!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting Up a Character Sheet
  3. Using the Charactermancer
    • 3.1 Starting the Charactermancer
    • 3.2 Choosing a Race and Alignment
    • 3.3 Selecting a Class and Origin
    • 3.4 Customizing Abilities and Skills
    • 3.5 Selecting Background and Personality Traits
    • 3.6 Equipping Items and Spells
    • 3.7 Adding Bio and Finalizing Changes
  4. Leveling Up with the Charactermancer
  5. Creating an NPC
    • 5.1 Adding Stats and Abilities
    • 5.2 Importing Information from the Compendium

The Roll20 Charactermancer: A Quick and Easy Way to Create Characters

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to create characters for your D&D 5e campaign? Look no further than the Roll20 Charactermancer. This powerful tool makes character creation a breeze, allowing you to focus on the fun parts of storytelling and gameplay. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of setting up a character sheet, using the Charactermancer, leveling up your character, and even creating non-player characters (NPCs). Let's dive in!

1. Introduction

Before we can delve into the details of using the Roll20 Charactermancer, we first need to set up a character sheet. In your Roll20 game, locate the journal section at the top right-hand corner of the screen. This is where all your created PCs and NPCs will be displayed. If you haven't created anything yet, click the "add" button to start a new character sheet.

2. Setting Up a Character Sheet

When setting up a character sheet, you have the option to give it a random name or choose your own. If you are creating a character sheet for one of your players, make sure to select their name in the "Player Journal" section.

Next, you can upload art or tokens for the character sheet if desired. If you don't have any tokens, don't worry - Roll20 will use the avatar artwork you've already selected. After completing these initial steps, save your changes to create the character sheet.

3. Using the Charactermancer

Now that you have your character sheet set up, it's time to utilize the power of the Charactermancer. This tool will guide you through the step-by-step process of creating a level one character.

3.1 Starting the Charactermancer

To start the Charactermancer, navigate to the second tab of your character sheet. Here, you'll see options to create a player character using the Charactermancer, make an NPC, or edit the character sheet manually. Since we're focusing on PCs, click on the "use Charactermancer" button.

3.2 Choosing a Race and Alignment

The first step in the Charactermancer is to choose a race and alignment for your character. If you're unsure about the options available, consult the compendium text on the right-hand side of the Charactermancer for detailed descriptions.

Make sure to select the appropriate language proficiency and, if applicable, choose a subrace. This will help shape the identity of your character.

3.3 Selecting a Class and Origin

Next, you'll choose a class for your character. In this example, we'll select a sorcerer. The Charactermancer will then prompt you to select skill proficiencies, as well as the sorcerer's origin and dragon ancestry.

3.4 Customizing Abilities and Skills

After selecting a class, you have options for determining your character's abilities. Whether you prefer to roll dice, use the average values, or go with a standard array, Roll20 makes it easy to input your chosen ability scores.

Moving on to skills and proficiencies, the Charactermancer will guide you through selecting a background and determining your character's personality traits. You can choose to roll randomly or input your own traits based on your character's backstory.

3.5 Equipping Items and Spells

Once your character's attributes and skills are established, it's time to equip them with items. The Charactermancer offers options for picking class-specific starting equipment or starting with a set amount of gold. Consult with your game master to determine the preferred method for your campaign.

If your character can cast spells, the Charactermancer will present you with spell options based on your level and class. Feats will also become available as you progress in your character's development.

3.6 Adding Bio and Finalizing Changes

The final step in the Charactermancer process is to fill in the bio section of your character sheet. Although it's not mandatory, providing a backstory and additional information can help bring your character to life.

Once you're satisfied with all the choices you've made, review the changes in the Charactermancer to ensure everything is in order. After reviewing, click "apply changes" to finalize your character sheet.

4. Leveling Up with the Charactermancer

As your character progresses in your D&D campaign, you'll likely need to level up and make adjustments. Roll20 makes this process simple with the Charactermancer. To level up your character, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the character sheet. Scroll down to the bottom right and click "level up with Charactermancer." The tool will walk you through the leveling up process, allowing you to add new skills, spells, and abilities.

5. Creating an NPC

In addition to player characters, Roll20's Charactermancer also supports the creation of NPCs. To create an NPC, click the NPC button instead of the Charactermancer at the start of the process.

5.1 Adding Stats and Abilities

When creating an NPC, there are multiple fields where you can input their stats and abilities. You can manually add this information or utilize the compendium to drag and drop relevant details onto the character sheet.

5.2 Importing Information from the Compendium

For example, if you want to create an NPC with the stats of a bugbear and the ability to use a vicious dart, you can search for these details in the compendium. Once you've found the desired information, drag and drop it onto the character sheet to populate the NPC's attributes.

With the Roll20 Charactermancer at your disposal, you can effortlessly create both player characters and non-player characters for your D&D 5e campaign. Whether you're just starting or leveling up, the Charactermancer provides a streamlined experience, ensuring that character creation remains an exciting and straightforward process. Get ready to dive into your next adventure with fully realized characters that are ready to conquer any challenge!

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