Create Epic Minecraft Structures with Minihud!

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Create Epic Minecraft Structures with Minihud!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Mini HUD Series
  3. F3 Debug Menu
  4. Light Level Overlays
  5. Understanding Shapes
  6. Despawn Spheres
    • Enabling the Despawn Sphere
    • Moving the Sphere
    • Mob-Proofing and Lighting Up
  7. Spawn Spheres
    • Enabling the Spawn Sphere
    • Finding the Perfect AFK Spot
  8. Using Multiple Shapes
  9. Building with Shapes
    • Using the Circle Shape
    • Using the Sphere Shape
  10. Conclusion



Welcome, Minecraft enthusiasts! In this tutorial, we will be diving into the world of Mini HUD and its various features. Specifically, we will be exploring the functionality of shapes and how they can enhance your gaming experience. So, let's grab our pickaxes and get started!

Mini HUD Series

Before we delve into the topic of shapes, let's briefly recap what the Mini HUD series is all about. In the previous episodes, we discussed the F3 debug menu, which provides essential information about the game, and the light level overlays, which help us understand lighting mechanics. Now, it's time to take it up a notch and explore the wonders of shapes.

F3 Debug Menu

The F3 debug menu, located in the top left-hand corner of the screen, is a vital tool for Minecraft players. It allows us to access various debugging information about the game, including coordinates, block information, and more. Familiarizing yourself with this menu will greatly enhance your gameplay and understanding of the game mechanics.

Light Level Overlays

In our previous tutorial, we briefly touched upon the light level overlays. These overlays help us visualize the light levels in our surroundings, which is crucial for efficient mob-proofing and creating the perfect AFK spot. Understanding how light levels work and utilizing overlays effectively can make a significant difference in your survival adventures.

Understanding Shapes

Shapes are a powerful tool in Minecraft that allow players to create designated areas with specific properties. Whether you need to create a despawn sphere to prevent mob spawns or a spawn sphere to find the ideal AFK spot, shapes can come to your rescue.

Despawn Spheres

Despawn spheres are incredibly useful when it comes to mob-proofing an area or ensuring a perfect AFK spot. Let's explore how to enable and utilize despawn spheres effectively.

Enabling the Despawn Sphere

To enable the despawn sphere, open the Mini HUD menu by pressing the H+ C keys. In the shapes menu, locate the despawn sphere and click on "Add Shape" to enable it. By default, the sphere is set to "Disabled." To display the sphere, press the designated hotkey (in this case, the P key). Remember to set the sphere to "Enabled" in the menu for it to appear.

Moving the Sphere

If you need to move the despawn sphere, simply click on "Set Here" in the menu while standing where you want the sphere centered. This feature comes in handy when you want to align the sphere with the player's position for effective mob-proofing.

Mob-Proofing and Lighting Up

Once the despawn sphere is enabled, mobs will no longer spawn within its confines. This is particularly useful when combined with the light level overlays we discussed earlier. By lighting up the entire area within the sphere, you can ensure a safe and mob-free environment for your activities. Additionally, it aids in illuminating caves and preventing mob spawns in close proximity to your base.

Spawn Spheres

Spawn spheres are another valuable shape that players can utilize in Minecraft. These spheres help find the perfect AFK spot by preventing any spawns within a specified radius.

Enabling the Spawn Sphere

Similar to the despawn sphere, open the Mini HUD menu and locate the spawn sphere in the shapes menu. Click on "Add Shape" to enable it. By pressing the designated hotkey (in this case, the P key), you can toggle the spawn sphere on and off. Make sure the sphere is set to "Enabled" for it to take effect.

Finding the Perfect AFK Spot

To find the ideal AFK spot, ensure that no spawns occur within the spawn sphere. Adjust the radius of the sphere as per your requirements. Keep in mind that any potential spawn location should be at least 24 blocks away for optimal results.

Using Multiple Shapes

The beauty of Mini HUD lies in its versatility. You can have multiple shapes enabled simultaneously, allowing for enhanced functionality and customization. By enabling both despawn and spawn spheres, you can create a secure and spawn-free environment, perfect for your survival adventures.

Building with Shapes

Shapes aren't limited to just mob-proofing or finding AFK spots. They can also be incredibly useful when it comes to building structures.

Using the Circle Shape

The circle shape is a fantastic tool for creating perfectly round structures. To enable the circle shape, open the Mini HUD menu and select the circle shape from the drop-down menu. Adjust the height and radius as per your requirements. This shape is particularly useful for creating domes or circular platforms.

Using the Sphere Shape

For those looking to build spherical structures, the sphere shape is the way to go. Open the Mini HUD menu, locate the sphere shape, and set the radius to your desired size. You might consider using glass blocks for transparency, as it can provide a stunning visual effect. Building a sphere may require some patience and precision, but the final result is worth it.


In this tutorial, we explored the wonders of Mini HUD shapes and how they can significantly improve your Minecraft adventures. Whether you're mob-proofing your base, finding the perfect AFK spot, or building stunning structures, shapes are your go-to tool. Experiment with different shapes, unleash your creativity, and take your Minecraft gameplay to new heights!


  • Mini HUD in Minecraft offers powerful shape features
  • Despawn spheres prevent mob spawns and aid in mob-proofing
  • Spawn spheres help find the ideal AFK spot for uninterrupted gameplay
  • Shapes can be used for building perfectly round structures
  • Mini HUD provides easy-to-use shape generators for circles and spheres
  • Using multiple shapes enhances gameplay customization and functionality

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