Create Free QR Codes for Google Forms!

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Create Free QR Codes for Google Forms!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of QR Codes in Lead Generation
  3. How to Create a Google Form for Lead Capture 3.1 Step 1 - Creating the Google Form 3.2 Step 2 - Generating the Short Link 3.3 Step 3 - Generating the QR Code 3.4 Step 4 - Customizing the QR Code
  4. QR Code Solution Alternatives 4.1 Beaconstac's Form Generator 4.2 Benefits of Using Beaconstac's Form Generator
  5. Creating Forms with Beaconstac 5.1 Accessing the Form Creator 5.2 Creating and Editing Forms 5.3 Customizing Form Questions 5.4 Adding Logic Jumps 5.5 Designing the Form 5.6 Viewing and Exporting Responses
  6. Conclusion
  7. Start Your 14-Day Free Trial

The Importance of QR Codes in Lead Generation

QR codes have become an essential tool for businesses looking to efficiently capture leads and gather valuable customer information. By adding QR codes to marketing collaterals such as business cards, brochures, and flyers, potential customers can quickly access a Google Form and provide their details. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures a seamless lead generation process.

How to Create a Google Form for Lead Capture

To create a Google Form for lead capture, follow these simple steps:

Step 1 - Creating the Google Form

Begin by creating a Google Form with fields such as email or phone number to capture your leads. Customize the form to align with your lead generation goals and include any relevant questions to gather the necessary information.

Step 2 - Generating the Short Link

Once the Google Form is ready, click on the send button and copy the short link provided. This link will be used to generate the QR code that leads to the form.

Step 3 - Generating the QR Code

Choose a QR code solution of your choice, such as Beaconstac's free QR code generator, and paste the short link into the designated field. The QR code will be generated instantly, and you can proceed to the next step.

Step 4 - Customizing the QR Code

To ensure consistency with your branding, customize the appearance of the QR code. Add your logo or choose colors that align with your business's visual identity. Once the customization is complete, download the QR code and it is ready for use.

QR Code Solution Alternatives

While using Google Form QR codes is effective, alternative solutions like Beaconstac's Form Generator offer advanced features that enhance lead capture and retargeting efforts.

Beaconstac's Form Generator

Beaconstac's Form Generator provides a comprehensive solution for creating custom forms that can be used for lead generation, social sharing, and real-time response notifications. With Beaconstac, you can take your lead capture strategy to the next level.

Benefits of Using Beaconstac's Form Generator

  • Retargeting Capabilities: With Beaconstac's Form Generator, you can create advanced forms that allow for retargeting efforts. This ensures that your leads are continuously engaged with your brand and receive relevant information.
  • Real-time Response Notifications: Stay updated on lead responses by enabling real-time notifications. This allows you to promptly follow up with potential customers and nurture relationships effectively.
  • Customizable Design Templates: Choose from a variety of preset templates created by Beaconstac to ensure that your forms have an appealing and professional appearance. These templates can be easily customized to match your branding.
  • Logic Jumps for Personalization: Utilize logic jumps to create a personalized experience for your respondents. Depending on their answers to certain questions, you can direct them to different parts of the form or present them with tailored follow-up questions.

Creating Forms with Beaconstac

With Beaconstac's intuitive form creator, creating and customizing forms has never been easier.

Accessing the Form Creator

Access the form creator through the dashboard by clicking on the form option or directly through the campaign section of the menu. This will give you access to a list of all the forms you have created.

Creating and Editing Forms

In the form creator, you can create a new form or edit an existing one. Customize the form by adding questions and selecting the type of answers you want to include, such as short text, numbers, ratings, or multiple choice.

Customizing Form Questions

Ensure your form gathers the information you need by adding or removing questions. Beaconstac's form creator offers a variety of question types, including drop-down menus and optional responses.

Adding Logic Jumps

Create a dynamic experience for your respondents by adding logic jumps. Based on their answers, you can direct them to specific sections of the form or present them with follow-up questions that are relevant to their responses.

Designing the Form

Choose from Beaconstac's preset templates and customize the design to match your branding. Make your forms visually appealing and professional to create a positive impression on your potential customers.

Viewing and Exporting Responses

Stay informed about your form's performance by setting up email notifications for real-time responses. Additionally, you can view and export responses directly through the dashboard, allowing for further analysis and data utilization.


QR codes and Google Forms are powerful tools for lead generation and capturing valuable customer information. By utilizing tools like Beaconstac's Form Generator, businesses can not only simplify the lead capture process but also enhance their marketing campaigns with features like retargeting and real-time response notifications. Start your 14-day free trial with Beaconstac today and revolutionize your lead generation strategy.

Start Your 14-Day Free Trial

Begin your 14-day free trial with Beaconstac and experience the ease and effectiveness of creating form QR codes for your business. Sign up now through the link provided in the description and embark on a journey of streamlined lead generation.

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