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Create Stunning ANIMATED NFT Art Collections for FREE

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Layered Animated NFTs
  3. Creating a New Project on Mintables
  4. Uploading and Organizing Assets
  5. Exploring Animated Layers
  6. Building a Layered NFT
  7. Generating and Downloading NFT Images
  8. Deploying the Minting Page on Mintables
  9. Choosing the Deployment Settings
  10. Exploring the Minting Page
  11. Minting an Animated NFT
  12. Viewing the Minted NFT on OpenSea
  13. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of layered animated NFTs. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have gained immense popularity in recent times, and the ability to create animated NFTs adds a new level of creativity and interactivity to these digital assets. We will delve into the process of creating these layered animated NFTs using Mintables, a platform that allows users to mint and trade NFTs. By the end of this article, you will have a thorough understanding of how to create and mint your very own animated NFTs.

Understanding Layered Animated NFTs

Layered animated NFTs are a type of digital artwork that consists of multiple layers, each containing various elements or assets. These layers can be combined to create intricate and visually appealing animations. For example, a layered animated NFT may have a background layer, a body layer, a hat layer, and a skin layer. By animating specific layers, the overall NFT becomes dynamic and engaging. These animations can range from simple movements to more complex sequences, adding a new dimension to the artwork.

Creating a New Project on Mintables

Before we can dive into creating layered animated NFTs, we need to set up a new project on Mintables. Mintables is a user-friendly platform that allows artists and creators to mint and trade NFTs effortlessly. To begin, navigate to the Mintables website and sign in to your account. Once signed in, click on the "Create New Project" button to start a new project. Give your project a suitable name, such as "Moving Dinos," and proceed to the next step.

Uploading and Organizing Assets

In order to create layered animated NFTs, we need to upload the necessary assets and organize them appropriately. On the Mintables project page, create a group called "Dinos" to hold all the assets related to our NFT collection. Within this group, we will upload the backgrounds, bodies, hats, and skins that will be used to create our animated NFTs. Ensure that all assets are in the appropriate format, such as GIF files, as Mintables currently only supports animated GIFs.

Exploring Animated Layers

Now that we have our assets uploaded, it's time to explore the concept of animated layers within Mintables. Animated layers are the key to creating dynamic and visually appealing NFTs. By layering animated elements such as hats and skins on top of static backgrounds and bodies, we can achieve an animated effect. Mintables allows for the layering of multiple animated elements, opening up a world of creative possibilities.

Building a Layered NFT

With a solid understanding of animated layers, it's time to put our knowledge into action and build a layered NFT. Using the assets we uploaded earlier, we can mix and match backgrounds, bodies, hats, and skins to create unique combinations. For example, we can add an animated feather hat and a cape-like skin to create a dino with a Robin Hood-inspired look. Mintables' intuitive interface makes it easy to experiment with different combinations and achieve the desired results.

Generating and Downloading NFT Images

Once we have created our layered animated NFT, it's time to generate the images and download them. Mintables allows us to generate multiple images of our NFT, which we can then download to our computer. It's important to note that GIF generation can be slower compared to static images, so it's essential to have a powerful computer to ensure a smooth generation process. Additionally, Mintables currently supports GIFs with a maximum of 20 frames, so it's crucial to keep the animations within this limit for optimal results.

Deploying the Minting Page on Mintables

Now that we have our animated NFT images, we can choose to deploy the minting page on Mintables. Deploying the minting page allows us to mint and trade our NFTs directly through the platform, ensuring a seamless user experience. Mintables' powerful servers handle the image generation process, eliminating any concerns about freezing or crashing browsers. By deploying our collection on Mintables, we can tap into the platform's vibrant marketplace and reach a wider audience.

Choosing the Deployment Settings

When deploying the minting page on Mintables, we have various settings to customize according to our preferences. Firstly, we need to choose the blockchain network on which we want to deploy our collection. Mintables currently supports Polygon, a high-performance network known for its low transaction fees and fast confirmation times. Additionally, we can set the collection's URL slug, minting price, and even assign a marketplace for our NFTs.

Exploring the Minting Page

The minting page created by Mintables provides an intuitive interface for users to mint our animated NFTs. This page can take various forms, such as the Build-a-Bear or Random Minter. The Build-a-Bear page allows users to build their own NFTs by selecting from the available assets, while the Random Minter offers a more automated approach. Both options offer unique possibilities for users to interact with and create their personalized animated NFTs.

Minting an Animated NFT

With the minting page set up, users can now mint animated NFTs directly through Mintables. By selecting the desired options and clicking the mint button, a new animated NFT is created. However, it's important to note that the minting process takes some time to complete due to the nature of blockchain transactions. Once the minting is finished, the animated NFT is ready for display and trading.

Viewing the Minted NFT on OpenSea

After the minting is complete, we can view our minted animated NFT on the OpenSea marketplace. OpenSea is one of the largest and most popular NFT marketplaces, where collectors and enthusiasts can browse, buy, and sell NFTs. Our animated NFT will be fully functional, retaining its animated characteristics. It's an exciting moment to see our creation come to life and potentially gain recognition within the NFT community.


Layered animated NFTs provide an enticing opportunity to create dynamic and visually captivating digital artwork. Mintables offers a convenient platform for artists and creators to explore this new realm and mint their own animated NFTs. By understanding the concept of animated layers, organizing assets, and utilizing Mintables' features, anyone can embark on a creative journey and contribute to the ever-evolving NFT space. So start exploring the possibilities, let your imagination run wild, and dive into the world of layered animated NFTs.


  • Create layered animated NFTs using Mintables.
  • Organize assets and experiment with animated layers.
  • Build unique combinations of backgrounds, bodies, hats, and skins.
  • Generate and download animated NFT images.
  • Deploy the minting page on Mintables for seamless minting and trading.
  • Explore different minting page options like Build-a-Bear or Random Minter.
  • Mint animated NFTs and showcase them on OpenSea.


Q: What are layered animated NFTs? A: Layered animated NFTs are digital artworks that consist of multiple layers, each containing different elements or assets. By animating specific layers, these NFTs become dynamic and visually engaging.

Q: Can I create layered animated NFTs on Mintables? A: Yes, Mintables provides a platform for creating layered animated NFTs. It offers an intuitive interface for organizing assets, experimenting with animated layers, and generating the final NFT images.

Q: What file format should the animated assets be in? A: Mintables currently supports GIF files for animated assets. Make sure to keep the animations within 20 frames and ensure that all GIFs used have the same number of frames for optimal results.

Q: How long does the minting process take? A: The minting process may take some time due to blockchain transactions. It's important to be patient and allow the process to complete fully before viewing or trading the minted NFTs.

Q: Where can I showcase and trade my minted animated NFTs? A: Mintables integrates with popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, where you can showcase, buy, and sell your minted animated NFTs. This allows you to reach a wider audience and connect with NFT enthusiasts.

Q: Can I customize the minting page on Mintables? A: Yes, Mintables provides options for customizing the minting page, including choosing the blockchain network, setting the URL slug, and assigning a marketplace for your animated NFTs.

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