Dare to Leave Your Donation to Chance

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Dare to Leave Your Donation to Chance

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Letting a Random Number Generator Choose the Donation Amount
  3. Donating to the Poorest Person in the Server
    1. Donating to a Secret Recipient
    2. Donating to a Glue Vending Machine Owner
  4. Donating to People with Low Funds Raised
    1. Giving to Those with Zero Raised
    2. Making Larger Donations
  5. Exploring Different Recipients
    1. Finding a Person with None Raised
    2. Donating to Arena
  6. Donating to the Chicken Nugget from KFC
  7. Encountering Rich Individuals in the Server
  8. Raising the Maximum Donation Amounts
    1. Donating to Eric
    2. Donating to Gold Bucket Dude
  9. Donating to New Players
    1. Giving to Players without Booths
    2. Donating to Foreign
  10. Conclusion

Letting a Random Number Generator Determine Donations

In this article, we will explore a unique approach to donating in an online gaming server. The content creator, Zero Gaming, experiments with using a random number generator to determine the amount of money to donate. By setting a maximum limit of $50, the generator rolls a number, and Zero Gaming donates accordingly.

Donating to the Poorest Person in the Server

To begin his donation spree, Zero Gaming sets out to find the person with the least amount of funds raised in the server. After some searching, he comes across a secret recipient and decides to donate $25 to them. He continues to explore and encounters a glue vending machine owner who has some of his items. Despite this, Zero Gaming chooses to donate $3 to them.

Donating to People with Low Funds Raised

Next, Zero Gaming focuses on individuals who have low funds raised. He comes across two people with zero raised and decides to give them $20 each, considering his ownership of their lower-priced items. Intrigued by the possibility of reaching a milestone, Zero Gaming donates until he reaches $1,000 donated and $10,000 raised.

Exploring Different Recipients

Curiosity leads Zero Gaming to discover a foreign player who wants to be donated to. He raises the maximum donation amount to $25 and gives them a generous donation of $10. Zero Gaming also finds a player with no game passes and decides to contribute to their cause. In this case, he raises the maximum donation amount to $100 and gives them $60.

Donating to the Chicken Nugget from KFC

The presence of a player named "Chicken Nugget from KFC" catches Zero Gaming's attention. Intrigued, he decides to donate a significant amount - $150. The random number generator rolls a 77, and Zero Gaming ultimately donates $80 to this player.

Encountering Rich Individuals in the Server

Zero Gaming notices that there are a few players in the server who have amassed substantial amounts of funds. This piques his interest, and he makes a mental note to track their progress. While they save up for core blocks, Zero Gaming decides to raise the maximum donation amount to $200 and donate $100 to a player named Eric.

Raising the Maximum Donation Amounts

In an attempt to challenge himself, Zero Gaming increases the maximum donation amounts even further. He discovers a player named Gold Bucket Dude and raises the limit to $125. Unfortunately, the roll of the generator only yields $5 for the donation.

Donating to New Players

Zero Gaming acknowledges the importance of helping new players in the gaming community. He encounters a player who seems new and hasn't set up their booth yet. With a maximum donation amount of $30, Zero Gaming decides to give them $8. He encounters a few beggars in the server but asks them to refrain from begging multiple times and reminds them to show gratitude towards donors.


Zero Gaming concludes his donation spree, emphasizing the significance of expressing gratitude when receiving donations. He ends the video by expressing his appreciation and bidding his viewers a great day. Through his unconventional approach to donating, Zero Gaming encourages others to consider unique strategies for making a positive impact in the gaming community.


  • Adopting a random number generator to determine donation amounts.
  • Helping the poorest individuals in the gaming server.
  • Donating to individuals with low funds raised.
  • Encountering rich players and making substantial contributions.
  • Assisting new players and encouraging gratitude in the community.


Q: Why did Zero Gaming use a random number generator for donations? A: Zero Gaming wanted to inject an element of surprise and excitement into his donation process. Using a random number generator added unpredictability to the donation amounts, making the experience more engaging for himself and his viewers.

Q: Did Zero Gaming donate to every player in the server? A: Zero Gaming made an effort to donate to as many individuals as possible. However, due to the server's large population, it was not feasible to donate to everyone. He prioritized those with low funds raised and individuals who had not received donations before.

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