Discover 9 Hidden Lucrehulk Core Collectibles in Star Wars Jedi Survivor!

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Discover 9 Hidden Lucrehulk Core Collectibles in Star Wars Jedi Survivor!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Collectible 1: Front of the Facility
  3. Collectible 2: Across the Platform
  4. Collectible 3: Elevator
  5. Collectible 4: Other Side of the Elevator
  6. Collectible 5: Scavenger Droid
  7. Collectible 6: Jumping Across the Area
  8. Collectible 7: Bridge and Turrets
  9. Collectible 8: Green Wall and Door
  10. Collectible 9: Hangar Rafter
  11. Conclusion

How to Find All Nine Collectibles in the Lugarhole Core in Jedi Survivors

In the popular game Jedi Survivors, there are nine collectibles hidden within the Lugarhole Core. These collectibles can be challenging to find, but fear not, as we have prepared a detailed guide to help you locate and acquire each one. From the front of the facility to the hangar rafter, we will cover every step necessary to ensure a successful collection. So grab your lightsaber and let's embark on this exciting quest!

1. Collectible 1: Front of the Facility

Our journey begins at the lucra whole core meditation site located in the front of the facility. As you spawn in, take a left and head down the ramp. Enter the room on your right, and at the back of the hallway, you'll find the first collectible.

2. Collectible 2: Across the Platform

After grabbing the first collectible, turn around and make your way back to the ramp. This time, take a left and jump across the platform. Clear the enemies in the area if necessary. Use Force lift on a nearby platform to reach higher ground. Jump across and then use Force slam to pull down a structure. Climb on top of it, and inside the room, you'll discover the next collectible.

3. Collectible 3: Elevator

Upon acquiring the second collectible, head back outside and return to the platform. Locate an elevator and use Force slam to bring it down. Hop on the elevator, which will ascend upon boarding. Upon reaching the top, take a left and enter the open door. At the back of the room, you'll find the third collectible.

4. Collectible 4: Other Side of the Elevator

Instead of going left like before, turn right this time and proceed. Drop down from a small ledge, and below, you'll find the fourth collectible waiting for you.

5. Collectible 5: Scavenger Droid

Head towards the right side and follow the path to find a scavenger droid. Be quick, as it tends to escape. Defeat the droid to obtain a treasure that will serve as the fifth collectible.

6. Collectible 6: Jumping Across the Area

Having obtained the treasure, jump across the area from a little ledge. On the ground, you'll discover the sixth collectible.

7. Collectible 7: Bridge and Turrets

Return to the bridge and take a left. Eliminate the turrets with a force slam. Jump across the bridge, being cautious of passing trains. Use Force lift and force slam on a chest present to acquire the seventh collectible.

8. Collectible 8: Green Wall and Door

Head back to the bridge where the scavenger droid was defeated. Proceed to the end and find a room behind some pipes. Open the door inside, and at the left side of the room, you'll come across a holding a collectible. Be careful of the turrets present.

9. Collectible 9: Hangar Rafter

To reach the final collectible, go to the hangar rafter via the meditation site. Follow the main hallway, clear enemies along the way, and take a left at the end. Proceed through another door and make your way to the back of the room. You'll find the ninth and final collectible glowing in a blue hue.


Congratulations! You have successfully retrieved all nine collectibles in the Lugarhole Core. Each collectible adds to the excitement and immersion of Jedi Survivors, enhancing your gaming experience. We hope this guide has been helpful in your quest. May the force be with you in your future endeavors!


  • Nine hidden collectibles in the Lugarhole Core of Jedi Survivors.
  • Detailed guide with step-by-step instructions.
  • Enhanced gaming experience.
  • Uncover the secrets of Jedi Survivors.


Q: Are the collectibles necessary for completing the game? A: Collectibles are not essential for completing the main story but enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Q: Can I find the collectibles in any order? A: Yes, you can find the collectibles in any order you like. However, following the guide will ensure a systematic approach.

Q: Are there any rewards for collecting all nine items? A: While there may not be a specific reward for collecting all the items, the satisfaction of completing the collection is a reward in itself.

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