Discover the Fascinating World of Personal Name Choice

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Discover the Fascinating World of Personal Name Choice

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting a Name 2.1. Robin Debake 2.2. El Lanus 2.3. I'm a Hog 2.4. Tessa Stickles 2.5. Anita Dump 2.6. Nameless 2.7. Joe King 2.8. Anna Sasson 2.9. Nameless Again 2.10. Anna Assassin
  3. The Unfortunate Encounter
  4. The Unexpected Twist
  5. On the Run 5.1. The False Arrest 5.2. The Apology 5.3. The Assassination Offer
  6. Becoming an Assassin
  7. The Chief Assassin
  8. Conclusion

Getting a Name

In a world where everyone gets a chance to change their name, the process is not always smooth sailing. This is the story of a group of friends who go through the ups and downs of finding the perfect name for themselves. From funny and embarrassing options to unexpected twists, their journey takes them on a rollercoaster ride of self-discovery and a brush with danger.

2.1 Robin Debake

One of the friends, Robin, eagerly awaits their chance to change their name. When the moment finally arrives, they discover that their new name is "Robin Debake." While Robin initially finds the name beautiful, they soon realize that it sounds similar to "robbing the bank," causing them to question whether they should accept it or try for another option.

2.2 El Lanus

Another friend, who goes by the name El Lanus, is thrilled with their new celebrity-like name. They consider themselves lucky to have received such a glamorous and unique name.

2.3 I'm a Hog

Unfortunately, not all the friends are as fortunate with their name options. One friend is given the name "I'm a Hog," which immediately becomes a source of embarrassment and ridicule. They quickly decide to pass on this name, unwilling to bear the burden of such a label.

2.4 Tessa Stickles

Tessa Stickles, another friend, is pleased with their new name and hopes that nobody shortens it to "Tess." They embrace their new identity, considering it a significant improvement from their previous options.

2.5 Anita Dump

Anita Dump is relieved to have finally received a normal name. This comes as a welcome change from the previous options of "I'm a Hog" and "Robin Debake," which they strongly disliked. Anita views their new name as an improvement.

The Unfortunate Encounter

As the friends introduce themselves to their classmates, the true challenges of their new names become apparent. Pink Shirt, one of the classmates, refuses to reveal their new name and wishes to remain anonymous. This creates a sense of intrigue and sparks curiosity among the group.

The Unexpected Twist

Amidst the excitement and disappointment surrounding the name-changing process, one friend receives an unexpected second chance. Having already declined their previous name options, they face a difficult decision when a new name, "Nameless," appears. Faced with the possibility of being nameless or accepting an undesirable name, they contemplate their choices.

2.6 Nameless

The friend decides to take a risk and decline the name "Nameless," believing that living without a name might be preferable to the offered option. However, they soon discover that being nameless hinders their ability to find employment, as nobody is able to address them properly.

2.7 Joe King

Joe King, known for his witty remarks, teases the friend by jokingly suggesting they use the bathroom to "dump" their name. He finds humor in the situation, lightening the tension among the friends.

2.8 Anna Sasson

Anna Sasson finally receives a new name, which she appreciates as more normal compared to the previous options. She embraces her identity as Anna Sasson, feeling grateful to have avoided the less desirable names.

On the Run

Just when the friends think their name-changing journey is over, they encounter a dangerous assassin. This encounter leads to a series of events that test their friendships and challenge their perceptions of themselves.

5.1 The False Arrest

Mistakenly, one of the friends, now Anna Sasson, is wrongfully arrested by the police. Despite her efforts to report the assassin, she finds herself taken into custody instead. Frustrated by the incompetence of the officers, she longs for someone with more intelligence to understand her situation.

5.2 The Apology

After realizing their mistake, the police offer their apologies to Anna Sasson. However, she still worries about the assassin who remains at large. She feels vulnerable and uncertain about her safety.

5.3 The Assassination Offer

To Anna's surprise, she receives an unexpected offer from the Chief Assassin herself. Impressed by Anna's ability to defend herself, the Chief Assassin invites her to join their team. Anna, intrigued by the prospect, contemplates whether becoming an assassin is the right path for her.

Becoming an Assassin

Anna hesitantly decides to become an assassin, embracing her new identity as Anna Assassin. She begins training and honing her skills, preparing for her first assignment. The shift from an ordinary person to an assassin comes with its challenges and uncertainties.

The Chief Assassin

Anna meets the Chief Assassin, who congratulates her on her first successful assignment. Together, they discuss future missions and plans within the organization. Anna realizes that being an assassin is not just about fulfilling contracts, but also about trust, loyalty, and a commitment to the cause.


In this thrilling tale of name changes, unexpected twists, and becoming an assassin, the friends learn the importance of embracing one's identity, no matter the challenges it may bring. Through their journey, they discover newfound strength and courage, leading them down paths they never imagined for themselves.

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